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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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tragedy at a police station. a civilian killed during a shoot, don't shoot treating scenario. a witness describes the chilling scene. a gator snatches a dog at a park. the dog's owner is warning others about the danger. many golden victories for team usa in rio. paul ryan explains how these metals are made. thank you for joining us. police are calling it a horrible accident. an officer shot and killed a woman during a training exercise . today, we learned more details about what happened in the moments leading up to this tragedy. john rogers spoke to a witness and he joins us now live.>> reporter: i do want to bring it up that this is breaking news. we got this moments ago. police officers confirmed the name of the officer in this
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the officer's name is lee call. he has been an officer since 2014. as you mentioned, i did speak with a man who was the last person to ever speak to this woman before this shooting. he said when the bullets were fired in this parking lot behind me, everyone thought it was part of the exercise. >> on tuesday night, mary knowlton joined the group at a citizens academy. they were brought outside for a >> she was randomly selected and was very excited. >> reporter: her friend said she played a cop while the officer impersonated a villain. these pictures from a previous academy in march show she had to decide whether to shoot. the group was told the guns fire blanks told with a colored detergent. when the officer fired, they were actually real bullets. >> within seconds, there were
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she looked straight towards the crowd and then she buckled and she was on the ground.>> reporter: tom lewis said the revolver is specifically used for these training exercises. >> we were unaware that any live ammunition was available to the officer at the time. >> reporter: there are protocols to prevent this. he could not go into details now that fdl he is investigating. the officer is on administered of the. his son steve is ot we forgive you. i know my mom forgives you. nobody means for this to happen. >> reporter: it is a horrifying story. this officer's name is lee. he has been with the department since 2014. he is grief stricken. aside
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accident, this woman was beloved in the community and well known at this police permit. i am told that this officer is on administered of leave and he has some officers assigned to him to make sure that he is psychological stable. >> we can only imagine what he is going through tonight. >> reporter: john rogers, live in punta gorda tonight. a pinellas county woman lost a dog to a gator at a park and now she wants to warm other pet owners about the danger. jamal dunay joins us live petersburg. this has been an ongoing nightmare for this woman.>> reporter: it has. the woman only had tears in her eyes when she was showing me where her dog slipped underneath this fence, never coming out. now, all she hears her his screams. >> he was just a puppy.
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i know he shouldn't have got out of his collar, but he did. if we had good fencing or no gators, my dog would still be here.>> reporter: she can pull back the tears. her jack russell terrier, bolt, got caught in the jaws of a gator while chasing a rabbit. he slipped right through this fence where the gator was waiting in the embankment. >> you can't imagine what it is like >> reporter: the water is feet away from the trail. the only thing in between is this fence which is poorly constructed with huge openings underneath. she hopes the county will look at the fence. >> this whole fencing isn't safe enough to keep these gators away from us, our pets and our children. >> reporter: the county says the gators already preserved. is their natural habitat and they insisted is safe. no other complaints have been filed. signs are posted at the park to
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she does not want to see what happened in orlando happen here. >> now they're putting up the fence after the child is gone. was put up the fence or get rid of the gators now before something else happens. >> she also filed a complaint with florida fish and wildlife to remove the gators but they cannot remove the gators unless they have a request from the county. she will definitely be in front of county commissioners to voice her concerns. you can certainly feel her pain. an ex-con dies in a road rage shooting in hillsborough county after serving time for his own road rage incident years ago. ?fdurham wenson iniv in 2001. this morning, deputies say he got out of his car and started fighting with a driver behind him. this time, the other driver
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>> i know that being five minutes late for something is not worth losing your life. we would encourage the public if they are in some type of traffic incident, to take a deep breath or don't engage with anybody. just drive on and mind your own business. it is not worth losing your life.>> the shooter in this case, gary padgett, stayed at the scene on administered cpr. by now, he is not basing any criminal charges. we have breaking news. in new york city. you are looking at it live right now as the man hangs there . we are hearing that there are some officers there on a ladder . some other officers are in a building. they are trying to coax this guy to come inside. i don't know how the windows open. this guy climbed appear and we will continue to watch for this as he makes his way up the building. there is no indication on who he is, what he is trying to
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a lot of attention. media everywhere is keeping an eye on this man. he is using some sort of a suction cup to climb his way up. we will continue to watch this and we will bring you an update as soon as we learn more about him. it is rather strange. the secret service has spoken to donald trump about his second amendment comments. trump insisted he was not trying to provoke violence an something second amendment people can do to stop hillary clinton. in the meantime, clinton is dealing with more fallout may newly released batch of emails. josh benson is joining us now with the latest on all of this. >> reporter: in emails, there are a few examples of the clintons a department helping global initiative donors. those are potential violations
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day hillary clinton was in iowa, promising help for young entrepreneurs. linton and the wealthy are the focus of conservative initial watch your today, wells were released as a proof clinton foundation worked with secretary of state hillary clinton in potential violation of the law. one example of alleged conflict after a billionaire contributed to bill clinton's initiative, hillary's top state permit aid connected the donor to a state apartment specialist in lebanon where the billionaire did business. gop vice president shall nominate >> reporter: that is the old pay to play system. the american people are sick and tired of. >> donald trump is campaigning in coal country. >> we are going to put the minors back to work. >> reporter: he got hit by clinton for his urging unreactive it's to take on clinton.>> his casual inciting of violence, every single one of these incidents shows us that
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president and commander in chief . >> reporter: trump is turning of republican women according to the numbers. 13 point decline in support since the convention. here are the clinton leads over trump with women voters in three battleground states from the nbc news wall street journal . clinton has in august lead but both candidates were wounded. the next big thing that could change the race debates. clinton is in for all three. trump is still negotiating. >> thanks a lot, josh. the hillsborough county sheriff's office could owe you money. >> we will try to track down the people on the list to give them the good news. we will show you what happened. we go to rio where our own paul ryan gets up close look at the coveted olympic metal -- gold-medal. we have showers on the radar. we will look ahead to the
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in florida, people are working hard, just to get by.
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in the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message
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the hillsborough county sheriff's office may be looking for you. they may actually owe you money. rod carter is joining us live from the sheriff's office some details on efforts to return some unclaimed cash.>> reporter: crime doesn't pay. it might pay you back. on the hillsborough county sheriff's office website, a little tab at the top tells people they may be owed some money. a simple click and a list of names pop up. the amounts range from $2500
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>> whether someone will run down here to get $0.02, probably not. >> reporter: the refunds fall into three categories. cash bonds that have been released by the court but have not been claimed, inmate funds that have been released by the jail and unclaimed and uncashed checks >> we try to utilize every social media platform that we have to give the widest range and broadcast of information that allow people to come get their money. >> we try to track down some of those folks. we randomly chose a couple of names off the list. then we set out to find them. we went looking for the man the sheriff's office owes $0.02 two. a woman answered the door and told us he did not live there anymore. >> reporter: then it was off to howard avenue in search of a woman who was owed $750. we did not find her but we did find someone who knows her and put us in touch.
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whole situation. >> she did not want to go on tv because the money is from a dui three years ago. she is embarrassed about that. this money is a good ending to a tough situation. >> it will come in handy at this time of my life. >> reporter: if you think the sheriff's office owes you money, you better hurry up and figure it out. there is a september 1 deadline to claim that. you will have to come down here to after that, the money goes back to the state of florida who will then try to track you down.>> is that all there is to it? >> reporter: you have to prove who you are and that you are actually owed that money but you have to come to the sheriff's office in person. >> rod carter, live in hillsborough county. this is statewide here.
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funds. on thursday from 5 pm until 7:30 pm, you can call the number on your screen to find out if there is money waiting for you. the office of financial regulation tells us there are millions in unclaimed cash. the telephone number is on your screen. 8 on your side special coverage of the rio olympics. >> last night was a golden night especially in the pool for us athletes in rio. michael phelps won the 200 m butterfly proving that it was not wise taunt him. katie ledecky got her second gold medal of the games and women gymnastics team came in first. >> paul ryan is in rio and he got a close-up look at this coveted olympic bling. >> reporter: there were 2488 metals cast for the summer olympics. 812 gold like this one. each weighs 500 g. it is a
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brazil is preaching sustainability this year. each metal was made with sustainable process mining overweight casting. on one, you see the laurel which is a victory -- a symbol of victory. the other is nike, the greek goddess of victory. these gold medals aren't all goal. they are 494 g of silver and then they put them in a cold bath. it is just 6 g of gold in the gold-medal. in case you are wondering how much these are worth on the black market, melted down, you won't get rich off of it, just $587. i would rather on the money. >> he better start training. you can catch paul ryan's lab reports of a morning here on news channel 8. he will be in rio throughout the games. >> i hope he gave that medal back. bucs fans want to catch this year's first preseason game against the eagles this game has been moved from channel 8 over two great 38.
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pm. i needed my sunglasses today. >> it was nice to have the back of the picture. it gets hard if you live in florida. the rain came down the past few days. we are seeking the radar start to come to life with the afternoon heating and the sun is out. there are plenty of clouds and connor 10. that is the view from who will obey tonight. the current temperature is 85 with a southwest wind at 8 miles per hour. as you can see, we have added a few clouds since that time left -- time lapse. in new port richey, 85 degrees. we are seeing a mix of clouds and sunshine and a few clouds are starting to build. in rio de janeiro in brazil, 61 degrees at 7 am for tomorrow
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at 4 pm. that is the way the folks in rio measure temperature. a good meteor shower is coming up thursday night into friday morning. this is the perseid meteor shower. it will be a good one this year. up to 200 meteors per hour. it is best to get away from city lights. what causes this, the earth is passing through the tail of comet swift tuttle. it will be a good one this year . 91 degrees our forecast high. you can see the temperatures are slightly above normal. the last five days, below normal thanks to the clouds and the showers that have been in place. now, with the sunshine back into a typical florida pattern we have seabreeze shower activity. back to the west you can see the remnants of a line of showers i looked impressive a couple hours ago. it continues to push to the east but weakening at the same time. we are seeing the seabreeze come to life with the southwesterly flow. have east coast seabreeze
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showers and thunderstorms developing in this area. we can see safety harbor lighting up here and north of hudson up in pascoe county. showers look like the northern sections and further south near hillsboro county. if you lightning strikes going along with this. a few showers as well further down to the south in the interior of manatee county. that is enhanced by the heating of the day and you can that is the east coast seabreeze moving our way. the forecast at 7 am, 77 degrees. mostly sunny skies. 92 degrees in temple terrace. 85 in clearwater beach. 92 in bartel. the feels like temperatures are back. 100 degrees plus in some of those areas. that is our area of low pressure still causing rain across the northern part of the gulf of mexico.
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line. it is weakening though as it pushes off toward the east. we will continue to watch the possibility of seabreeze showers and storms on the visible imagery. you can see the counterclockwise rotation and the energy rolling off of that. the further away gets the less of an influence it has. i will be the chance of showers in the forecast throughout the evening. some of them in areas are pushing the possibility of the seabreeze. for thursday, a 50% chance of showers and thunderstos, 40% chance for friday. by the weekend, the rain chances are a little bit lower. we can think some drier air aloft moving into the area. we will see more sunshine. it will mean hot temperatures. it was pleasant for a while. 81 degrees for high yesterday. now, it is back to summertime.>> system
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you how the fastest radar in the world were work. it is coming saturday at 7 pm on news channel 8. >> it is a big deal. hundreds of people are having problems with a kind of chair breaking when they sit in it. which brand is under recall? the girl scouts are adding new kinds of cookies. here's a look at the medal
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here...
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and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. more than 280,000 swivel
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is the hansen baseball reversal dining and lounge chair. there are more than 400 reports of the chairs breaking when in use. they are sold at home depot stores. if you have the chair you can contact the products to be for a free repair kit. the girl scouts will offer two new kinds of cookies. the cookies are based on s'mores. one is a gram sandwich cookie with a chocolate and marshmallow filling seen on the left side of your screen. the other is a gram cookie double dipped in a cream icing and coated in chocolate. that is on the right side of the screen. >> the right side looks like the more delicious, but i will try both. >> is to national s'mores day today? >> what? >> tellme's more.>> there is a new worry dealing with mosquito fears amid all of the standing
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preview of tonight's big events. ? ? ?
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thanks for being with us
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keeping the zika virus out of the local blood supply. a medical technology being used to protect people here in the bay area. >> good evening. i am jen leigh i am josh benson multiple people in south florida have been infected with the zika virus through local mosquito bites. in response, blood banks are taking new precautions to protect their supply. mary mcguire spent the day at the sun coast blood center in sarasota. she joins us to let us know about these tests. >> reporter: many of the people receiving blood from centers this already have weakened immune systems from diseases


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