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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  August 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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? ? ? ba da ba ba ba ? right now on news channel 8 at 7:00. >> good evening. years on the run have come to
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deadly crash on inter275 back in 2012. christopher ponce is in custody in spain and will be brought back to the united states. chip, do we have any idea when he upon return to tampa? >> reporter: it could take months. it could be longer than that. we spoke with one legal expert who told us it could take longer than a year if he fights ex tradition back here on the united states. it's difficult to imagine wade angel's pain knowing the man accused of killing his son was a freeman. >> i see reports all the time about people who were on the lam for much longer. i was prepared for the longhaul. >> reporter: in a small city in spain, a suspicious christopher ponce was spotted in a bus station by officers.
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questioning. at that time they found a fake mexican passport on him. >> reporter: when will he return to the u.s.? brian is a legal expert and attorney not affiliated with this case. he explains it could be a while. >> due process -- the treaty with spain requires that he be taken to a judge in spain, he can contest it. >> reporter: he's waited years to utte >> gotcha. >> reporter: and the last time he novembers a hills borrow county jail cell, he was being held with bond. the u.s. attorney's office doesn't usually discuss open cases, but one could argue he should be held without bond when he returns to tampa. a deadly case of road rage
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dead. the man killed today has a history of anger issues behind the wheel. he killed another man years ago in another road rage confrontation. >> reporter: at first, nobody knew what happened in hillsborough county. then as the story unfolded, the details unveiled a sinister past. 40 year old gary durham stranger to time behind bars. he killed a 48 year old cancer survivor, tim gibbs, back in 2001. fast forward years later to another case of road rage. only this time, the killer would be killed. and at the heart of it all, anger. >> just drive on and mind your own business. it's not worth losing your life.
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the city of montha goredda is in mourning over the death of a librarian. during a demonstration, an officer was supposed to shoot blanks at her, but the gun was loaded with real bullets. the police chief says no one knew the gun had live ammo. imagine being trapped in muddy creek waters for 8 hours not being able to water moccasins swim nearby. it happened to a man. he lived to tell about it. >> reporter: good evening. it's hard to imagine right here is the creek that he accidentally slid into and laid in for 8 hours. >> there you are, boys. >> reporter: every night, 78 year old bob feeds the turtles in the creek behind his home. >> i sit down and there's nobody around.
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that's because last week he ran into trouble. when he tried to grab it, he went sliding head first down the bank of the creek. >> i went back down again. >> reporter: he was stuck in the muddy water. >> the only thing that scared me was the water moccasins. it's been three hours. 5 hours, then i said oh, my word. >> reporter: finally, 8 hours >> we were spraying the ditch and come down about 8:00 in the morning and found him lay nothing the water about shoulder deep in mud and water. >> reporter: ed white who works with the city of lakeland didn't know what it was at first. >> i said what in the world are you doing here? >> i said waiting for somebody to pick me up. >> reporter: he couldn't be more grateful. >> i was really happy to see
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>> reporter: he is so thankful for the rescue, he even bought the two workers gift cards to red lobster to thank them. pasco county sent out a warning to stay away from flood water. there is a risk of contamination. they are stepping up efforts kill mosquito larva before they hatch. several counties started the school year today including hillsborough county. we found students showing up in fresh new outfits at robinson high school at tampa today. some teenagers in pinellas county had a fresh new school to go to. this is opening day for largo high school. students we talked to said the
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campus than a high school. and in manatee county, 45,000 students kicked off the school year. we found kids learning their way around the high school today. they are switching to a 7 period day. that's how it was when i went to high school. >> 7 periods? >> less time to get in troue. >> 's good idea. school's back in. fortunately for the kids in the morning, there was less rain >> i thought of that. >> reporter: lots more sunshine for the next couple of days. as we look outside here at freedom plaza, big thunderstorms have been firing around the central parts of hillsborough county. it's 76 degrees. air is cooler where the storms have developed. the sea breeze, little bit of outflow boundary collision there. as we go from north to south, we can see activity in citrus. and then the central parts of
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land of lakes got downpours. across hillsroh , that's concentration of lightning ound s city center and drifting over downtown now. quite a few thunderstorms continue to lift quickly to the north. but a lot of lightning strikes here. watch for the local flooding caused by the downpours. that's in manatee in sarasota. we'll have more on up. still ahead. >> local blood banks are taking steps to protect their blood supply from e zika virus. find out what measures they're taking coming up. >> if you've ever been arrested in pinellas county, it's
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the zika virus is causing a lot of concern throughout florida, especially at local blood banks. now they are taking new precautions to protect their supply. mary mcguire spent the day to get a look at how zika testing protects the patients. >> it's 20 minutes. you're sit nothing a chair. you can watch tv. >> reporter: rod millington donated blood several times over the past couple of years. >> you feel good donating. >> reporter: after one pint of his blood was collected this afternoon, it will go through a set of new screening tests for a variety of pathogens. >> we're always concerned about the latest pathogens going on. lucky for us, we have pathogen activation.
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the intercept blood system looks like an office printer but it does so much more. these tests reduce the risk of tainted blood making its way into transfusions. as fears over the zika virus continue to spread, sun coast is banking on these safeguards to ke their blood supply immune from it all. the new test was just implemented here at sun coast i'm mary mcguire, news channel 8. should you plan a road trip ovthmonths? we'll tell you where gas prices are headed. >> plus find out where you could find girls in bathing suits and our own anthony all red on the river walk today. . >> this thursday at 7:00. and here is a look at the
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2016 rio summer olympic games. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where e the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to wo, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china?
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[ audience laughter ] z22qrz zy6z
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on wall street today, the
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the s&p was do 36. you can expect more good shows on show up on netflix in 2016. the on demand network is sinking a lot of money into programming. netflix revealed it's going to spend $6 billion on programming next year. at least one tv executive admitted cable providers need to raise the bar to keep up. there's no need to stress about gas prices for prices below $2 a gallon through the fall and winter months. right now, aaa reports a nationwide average of about $2.12 a gallon. many stations here in the bay area are already below that $2 mark. we never know exactly what apple is up to and one of its latest patent is puzzling.
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steering device with pivot points. apple is not saying how or if it plans to use the device. the girl scouts celebrated national smor es day with an announcement that's sure to make you happy. it's introducing two new cookies. one is a graham cookie dipped in a cream chocolate. only select markets will carry the new cookies starting in 2017. the hillsborough county sheriff's office may be looking for you but not for the reason you think. it may owe you money. crime doesn't pay, but it mit pay you back. >> reporter: on the hillsborough county sheriff's
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they may be owed money. the amounts range from $2,500 down to 2 cents. literally. 2 cents. >> whether somebody's going to run down here to get 2 cents, probably not. >> reporter: the refunds fall under three categories: cash bonds that have been released by the court but not claimed; inmate funds, and checks. >> we try to use every social media platform we have to give the widest range and broadcast to people. >> reporter: if you think you're owed money by the sheriff's office, you have to come claim that in person by september 1st. rod carter, news channel 8. there are plenty of ways you can leave money behind. tomorrow, better call behnken hopes to reunity with your
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find out if there's money waiting for you. there are millions in unclaimed cash and not just jail money. next year's calendar from the hard rock casino is going to add beauty to the river walk. anthony allred was more than happy to cover today's photo shoot. >> reporter: you may have seen them hard rock calendar. if you're really lucky, you may have seen them bartending or dealing cars at the tampa casino. now the bikini models can be seen striking a pose right at the downtown river walk. >> we've shot at a lot of different locations. this year with the river walk being completed, perfect weather, we decided let's do it downtown and show our support
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calendar, 100 employees tried out. the hard rock picked 20 to be in the calendar. 12 get their own month. and the center fold gets a thousand dollars and a free round trip to vegas. >> calendar will go on sale at the beginning of january. 100% of the proceeds go to charity and it's $12. >> reporter: in tampa, anthony allred -- >> i likey. >> reporter: news it was a dusty day in phoenix yesterday. check out this video of a haboob sweeping across the city. it brought 45 mile-per-hour winds, low visibility and a temperature drop of 20 degrees, which i'm sure was welcome in phoenix. also makes for quite a mess to clean up later. here in venice, our temperature
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part of hillsborough county, other parts of the bay area too. 2.11 inches. 6.42 inches above normal. but compared to the same time last year, 28.4 inches, so it was wetter last year. this season is above normal too. thursday night, friday morning, keep in mind we have the meteor shower going on. best observation away from cityi around your neighborhood. but this is going to be an active one. if you want to check that out tomorrow night. thunderstorms continue to break out. some off shore. they're not doing any kind of good job of moving toward inland areas. they continue to produce a lot of rain. watch for local flooding especially along the intstates. 81 degrees at 9:00 p.m. lingering rain still possible. partly cloudy still on the warm side. this area of low pressure is
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it's hoping to generate showers, but it's having less of an influencer. that's the reason we've seen rainy days and mornings. that will essentially dissipate into the late evening hours. general drift to the east. but showers are possible for the next couple of hours so make that port of your plan. quiet overnight. sunshine early to start the day. then back in the routine. a much we've been very unclassic of late. rain chances 50% for thursday. very much what we expect for this time of year. drier air aloft for friday and saturday and sunday. down to 30% rain chance. we're going to see a lost sun. temperatures are going to shoot back into the 90s. the heat indexes were back up into the hundred degrees today. evening showers and storms monday, tuesday, wednesday,
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>> yeah, today. you got spoiled there for a couple of days. >> i had that false hope that you so often deliver. >> that you woke up in november. >> it's coming. it's coming. we're putting together a max defender 8 special to show you how the newest fastest radar in the world will work. it's coming up saturday at 7:00 on news channel 8. >> >> #awesome. we're on your side to help get the kids back in school. >> it's not just students getting ready to head back to class. i'll show you how teachers are getting prepped for the new school year. >> get schooled tomorrow morning on news channel 8
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during the summer olympics, we're taking time every night to recap what's happening in the games and share stories that are happening with the athletes. right now josh benson is here with a preview. >> we have a ton of great stories to share with you. we're going to introduce you to a fighter hoping to finish her career as a greatest competitor it's all coming up. . >> looking forward to it. steve jerve, one more time. hot with a side of steamy? >> right. i want to show you the radar one more time. there's a chance for thunderstorms. brooksville north into southern citrus county. still good thunderstorms around eastern hillsborough county. nc
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now, special coverage of the summer games in rio on news channel 8. this is the olympic zone. i'm josh benson. vyone. >> i'm je hollowayining us. this is the olympic zone. >> celebration is in order for team usa. it was a night filled with hugs, tears and a lot of gold. two big seats. the u.s. women's gymnastic team as well as michael phelps. >> let's take another look at the night. >> this group will make a name for themselves tonight one way or the other. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: that is why they put madison on this team. >> it's like a steam roller. they come in and they just pile


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