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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  August 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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florida tonight. there are five new cases transmitted by mosquitoes in our state. but, for the first time, they are linked to a different area. we are talking miami beach. that is outside the original one-mile radius in wynwood where officials had been saying all of the local transmissions were happening. the cdc is telling pregnant women not to travel to the south beach area and the push for more urgent than ever. rod carter, there is still so much we don't know about this problem. >> reporter: you know what keith? passing legislation for funding for zika research to get some of the answers that you were just talking about, as pesky as the mosquitoes causing all the problems. two u.s. congressmen from the area came here to usf to tour mosquito research lab. it comes days after congress
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at all. this is perhaps the only place people want to see mosquitoes. under control, being studied. >> one more remarkable research asset at the university of south florida. >> reporter: today, u.s. representatives david jali and kathy castor got to see firsthand the research going on at usf. the research that could help in the fight against zika. >> we have to understand the urgency involved. we have to stay ahead of the issue. in some ways, it is a race against the clock right now. first speaker. >> reporter: that is why usf held its conference to talk in- depth about the virus. it comes amid a six month long congressional night over funding. leaders have fete to approve a proposed billion dollars funding package. now they are at recress. >> what is the holdup? >> it is unconscionable. it is a lot of politics. it shouldn't be an issue. it. >> reporter: though congressional leaders on the whole cannot agree, the florida delegation does and they both
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flowing, but, it is a rob peter to pay polishings. >> they have to swift money. take it from alzheimers research. >> we have to make sure the money doesn't end. that is the importance of congress acting. >> reporter: welshing congress will not act any time soon. they are in recess until september. so, nothing is going to happen before that. >> back to south florida for a minute rod. we heard about cases are happening. who is to say this will not pop up somewhere else? >> reporter: it is interesting the governor took some beating from reporters on that question and didn't really answer it. later in the day, they sent out a release saying the cdc says it is possible that other neighborhoods in the miami-dade county area could be affected by zika. could have active zika transmission. and it is not just apparent yet. stay tuned. >> that doesn't make you feel
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rod carter, live in tampa, thank you. now an update to the tropics. things a getting a lot more active as we enter this, the peak of hurricane season. steve jerve is live in the forecast center with the latest tropical storm, fiona. >> absolutely, fiona is out there. not really a factor for us. but it is a reminder that the 2016 hurricane season is heating up. especially out in the atlantic where we expect it to this time of year. we talk about the peak of see the biggest increase of tropical activity. crosswalking into the mountain where september 10, august and september, 61% of all storms occur. 40 miles an hour winds for fiona. not impressive. never has been. a smaller storm fiona continues. also, that area south of there over the next five days. about a 50% chance of
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off of africa. so we are watching the tropics all over the place. you can see the forecast track for fiona well off the shores of the united states. in florida. and likely will turn north and eventually weakening some. the other area we reference, i will take a look a little later on. talks about computer models that are a 50% chance of moving into the west. back to you. >> all right, thanks steve. now we have a warning for usf students. university police are on the hunt for a man exposing himself authorities are investigating three separate incidents which may be related. newschannel8's chip osowski spoke with students who are on high alert right after moving in. >> reporter: university police first got if call thursday around 6:00 p.m. a man exposing himself outside the juniper poplar dining hall. three hours later, another call. this time, outside of the fresh food's dining area at the argo center. 14 minutes later, officers
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running naked in the beard drive parking garage. most students are understandably concerned. >> it is wear. it is like the first week of class and that is not something you want to hear the first week that you are here. parents will be worried. they just moved in. it was the day of move-in. >> it was really weird. my mom would be freaking out right now. she always expresses her concerns about safety around campus. it is the the first day. >> reporter: many plan to ed the university's advice. watching for anything that looks suspicious and reporting it. at usf, i'm chip osowski, newschannel8. >> the university did send out an e-mail to all students alerting them to the situation. the man is described as being in his 30s last seen wearing a blue t-shirt and gray shorts. now, an 8 on your side investigation. humane or insane? >> the law says in florida all
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vaccinated and get a booster in florida. but that is not happening in hillsborough county. when it comes to rabies, in some cats it is just one and done. >> that is okay in hillsborough county if they are feral cats. steve andrews tells us there are two sets of rules here. one for feral cats and one for owned cats. >> reporter: yeah, we have a problem here. we have a state law that is supposed to apply to all cats and dogs but hillsborough allows a one and done for life rabies shot for feral cats but has a different standard for pet owners. how is that legal? state law requires all dogs and cats be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian. the owner of every dog and cat will have the owner revaccinated after 12 months. that law does not apply to all cats. >> there is the keyword right
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animal coalition of tampa sees it, care givers for feral cats are exempt from state rabies laws because they are not owners. in an effort to curb the illness in cats, they initiated trapping, neuters, vaccinates, clipping the ear, and returning the animals to their areas. one vaccination for life. how is what state law requires? >> reporter: i think the whole issue of community cats not only in the state of florida, but, nationally, is one where the laws are perhaps not always kept up with the current practices. >> reporter: locally, the law is more lax. in hillsborough county, there's a loophole. if i clip the ear of this cat, he's a feral cat.
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vaccinated every year. >> that immune system is the same whether it is an owned cat or a care giver cat. >> reporter: veterinarian christine laten wonders how the law could apply to some but not others. >> how can we treat one cat one way and another cat the other way. it is the same animal. the same species. >> reporter: if feral cats are not vaccinated annually, why are owned cats required to i'm neither for or against the community cat program. but we have a law that applies to come, but not others. it doesn't sound fair and it doesn't sound legal. >> the mail has already come. it is too late. [ laughter ] >> how can you expect these care givers to trap these cats and have them revaccinated every year? >> reporter: i'm not saying they should. but why is it okay to allow
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owned? it is inconsistent and i would see a lee challenge coming to this come time. a legal challenge. >> and you will be here to report on it. >> reporter: if it does, i will. absolutely. >> thank you steve. well, an elderly man attacked in his own front yard. >> now an arrest in the case. what investigators think sparked the brutal beating. >> so, you signed up for the federal do not call registry, but you are still getting the annoying telemarketer calls. coming up, we will tell you why and what's being done about it. coming up. you're watching newschannel8, the station that is always on
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>> new tonight, an arrest in the vicious beating of an elderly tampa man found unconscious in his own backyard, police charged this guy, 47- with the attack on 81-year-old alfred watton. this started as an argument about payment. cordero did lawn work for him and they fought over how much money he should be paying for the services. and in polk county, the city of mulberry will soon have extra money to fight off mosquitoes. the money will be used to clear water ways, clear breeding
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they dropped off 100 good goody bags to the lakeland police department. they were reminded how many times they have been lifesavers. the officers say they are very thankful and grateful for the support. >> that's a good looking list of stuff there. well, it is supposed to be the solution to unwanted phone calls. >> but is the do not call registry even working? 8 on your side takes a closer ok
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>> you probably get the calls all the time on your phone. telemarketers. people claiming to be from the irs or others who want your money. the federal do not call registry was set up with the intention to stop this. but, the question now, is it evenworking? lately, the complaints to the do not call registry has been skyrocketing. >> yet the calls keep oncoming. jeff patterson is looking into this ongoing annoyance. jeff, there is not one person out there frustrated by the phone calls. >> reporter: i get the calls, you get the calls. we all get the calls. on work phones, on cell phones, on home phones.
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make it stop? >> we continue to get calls during dinner. >> reporter: david connor put his phones on the federal do not call registry to stop unwanted calls. >> so you signed up. is it working? >> no. no. we get calls all the time. >> reporter: shannon comboch is still on the list and gets calls too. >> is that annoying? [ laughter ] >> yeah. i went and put my number on the list. >> reporter: the federal trade commission runs the do not website admits they don't investigate individual complaints anymore. they analyze complaints and spot trends. >> we are starting to see a significant increase in complaints. >> reporter: congressman david says scammers have the upper hand now because the technology allows them to disguise
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actors are out-pacing the government. >> reporter: he would like to see it expanded to include political calls. >> if somebody is not allowed to call you to sell you a vacuum, they shouldn't be able to call you for a vote. >> reporter: he intends to look into it. >> recent complaints, i intend to go back and see where can resources be placed? >> reporter: if you do get the calls and i think we all do, here is what you should do. sign up for the federal do not call registry. it does limit some calls. the ftc recommends don't engage with a live person. don't hit any buttons that say remove me from this list. just do this. hang up and let it go. >> don't answer at all. >> i don't even answer my phone
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thank you jeff patterson. well, radar tower now complete for the brand new max defender 8. eagle 8 hd flew above the site in river view. you can see the crews hard at work putting the tower together. baron services will be here next week. the radar is starting to be operational. the dish inside it. a great scene. we are very doing training here in the coming weeks. our temperature, 86 degrees. a west wind at 7 miles an hour. you can see the sunset is looking pretty nice at the moment. not much in the way of rainfall. temperatures still pretty warm. as we look at venice now, a pretty good area of cloudiness.
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one-hundredths in the south part of sarasota county. same number at the lake club lakewood ranch. about one tenth of an inch of rain. bucs forecast and jacksonville playing in jacksonville. 7:30 on saturday. 86 degrees for that game. about a 20% chance of seeing a shower there. weekend weather 91 degrees. rain chances actually slightly below the average given our time of year. 20 and 30% for sunday and saturday. as for temperatures, they will be hot. we have 93 for a high today. you can e 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. we wait for the thunderstorms to cool us off. there just won't be as many of them the next couple of days so expect to be quite warm. there are a few showers and storms continuing to develop. especially north of dade city. eastern sections of hernando county. that area east of brooksville. right along 75. that will be awesome for the traffic there. right around spring lake. and then further south, near wesley chapel. things start to clear up a
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showers. looks like around north of carolwood at the moment. little outflow boundary. thunderstorms, southwest part of de soto county. 82 degrees for the evening. rain cooled air. spots that have not seen it are pretty warm. it 188 in palm harbor, pinellas park, largo, 89. sun city center, 85. wimauma, 91 degrees in lakeland. 83 bartow. the changes, an area of high pressure building into the south and wewi more of a northwesterly flow. that should move showers inland to the east as the day goes along. you miss this at the top of the newscast, there is fiona there. no effect on us. the other area, about a 50% chance of five days of development, put the computer model forecast on it. you can see that general westerly track makes it interesting for us long term. anything that moves directly west. but it is a very long way away.
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that will change. stay tuned to newschannel8 this weekend. now, for the high resolution computer model the next couple of hours, showers and storms could develop. i talked about that convergence that could happen at the east coast sea breeze and the outflow. so we will watch for that. some of the showers could push a little further back to the west. saturday morning a plot of sunshine to start the day. we will see showers move from west to east as the day goes along with the change in pattern. that could bring a slight chance of seeing a more thanking coastal shower. probably all the way into the earlpa but overall, the rain chances are slightly below normal. they are there each day. but they are not as widespread as they would be on a typical summer day. certainly the temperatures will be there. that won't be a problem. 90, 91, 92 degrees. by the end of next week, perhaps more of a typical easterly flow. there will be showers but not as widespread as usual. >> sounds good. radar tower looking good. >> awesome. love it. well, sport is coming up
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jacksonville when we come back.
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind?
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can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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>> reporter: and welcome to jacksonville where the bucs will take on the jaguars tomorrow night in preseason game number two. of course, we spent much of the week here. they had a couple of practices with the jaguars. after a so-so day one, you know, the second day was exactly what the coach wanted to see. dirk koetter hopes the offensive production thursday can now carry over into tomorrow. if you think last week's game against the eagles, the bucs touchdown, the one touchdown came on a no huddle drive. other than that, not much happened at all offense ily. so it will be able to move the ball at practice against the jaguars was a good thing and
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same thing against the browns next week. >> competition against different looks is always good. and, you know, jameis going against his old florida state guys, getting a healthy competition. they were talking a lot today, back and forth, i think gus, coach bradley would agree that any time you are going against somebody different after 13 or >> reporter: the always competitive jameis winston was upset about his fumble last week in the eagles game. he took dirk koetter's challenge personally. he wants another crack at that defense tomorrow night inside the red zone. >> i think all of our wide receivers are going to be good red zone threats. we just have to throw them the football.
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cam, mike. and vincent. guys that are 6-4 plus. we have to find a way. i have to find a way to consistently get them the football and score some points. but when that guy austin is on, it is hard to stop him. >> and, a little reminder. tomorrow night, newschannel8 your official bucs station presents the bucs and the jaguars. we are going to broadcast that game on great 38. find your cable provider there on the screen. final the channel lineup. over at the rays trying to win their fifth straight game. gets a little more difficult. they take on the texas rangers who are in first place by a mile. that will get that start tonight. the way the rays have been swinging the bats, maybe they are onto something. >> maybe. we will see. >> guys back to you. >> all right, dan lucas thank you. >> and that's the news for now. thanks for watching. nbc nightly news is next. >> and you'll be back after the olympics. >> back after the olympics.
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developing news tonight. zika strikes miami beach. a new alert from the cdc, from one of the busiest tourist areas and lochte says he's sorry for his behavior as his robbed in rio story falls apart. but what his fellow swimmers reveal to the police. and paul manafort resigns amid a wave of campaign headaches and questions about ties to russia. tonight the inside story on how it all went down. nothing left, families wiped out by ragesing fires and floods, as first


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