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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM Saturday  NBC  August 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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for the third time in three day,, a law fo in the bay area is almost hit. >> thanks so much for joining us this sunday night. it has been a very dangerous weekend for law enforcement officers. saturday night a hillary deputy was nearly -- hillsboro deputy wasser in are lie hit pay drunk driver. another troopers car was hit on a bridge. the driver in this latest case is being held.
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>> reporter: alfredo rodriguez jimenez is being held here on a dui with property damage. and this is just the latest in a string of close calls for law enforcement officers this weekend. any law enforcement officer will tell you there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. a number of incidents this weekend prove that's true. saturday night, a hillsboro deputy pull over a car on 15th street north of pickup truck rear-ends that car, pushing it into the got a's cruiser. the deputy it was not injured, but the driver is arrested on the scene and charged with driving under the influence. hours early we are be be a st. paul police officer on her way home from work -- st. petersburg police officer on her way home from work stopped to help a driver on a bridge, when another car plows into her
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amazingly, to one was hurt. and earlier, a 30-year-old woman sideswiped a prisoners transport van. >> the officers had to run to get out of the way, and then she took off from the scene. we were able to stop her a couple of blocks lair, but then when we arrested her, the car roed injuring him. >> she is now being held at jail, with charges of possession of marijuana, aggravated eluding, and aggravated assault and battery on a police officer. jimenez is being held here at the jail on bond. this blood alcohol level was more than twice to the legal
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second dui. >> happening right now, a portion of interstate 275 just reopened moments ago atary deadly crash this forecast just before noon. this is near mile marker 16 on the skyway bridge in st. petersburg. we're trying to gather more information. as soon as we do get that information, we'll pass it along to 0 you. >> tonight hillsboro county deputies are investigating shooting at an apartment complex on english hills court. a machine walked up to an apartment, knocked on the door, and told the people inside he had been shot. got a say his injuries are not life-threatening. right now, there are nearly 500 cases of the zika virus here in florida. most of them in united states and broward counties, part -- miami-dade and broward counties, but key centerly
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related to transmitted by mosquitoes right here in the state. the mayor will be outlining steps tomorrow to tell you how to protect yourself here in the tampa area. we'll have that information off our newscast at 11:00. a funeral for a music teacher was held today. caroline she and another teacher were in tampa when they were hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light. hankins at last check, is still in critical condition. tonight we have new information on that deadly suicide bombing in turkey that we told you about yesterday. now, the death toll has rivet been tonight. it's at 51. today hundreds of people gathered inis tan a bull to protest that bombing, some even accused the government of
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turkey's government blames isis and claims it was carried out by a suicide attacker between 12 and 14 years old. it is not clear tonight why a wedding was target. across america, people in western michigan are cleaning up today after a tornado touched down and left behind a trail of deconstruction. check it out. roads and powerlines ripped up as the storms swept through. we're told the damage go it is on for miles. now more than 19,000 homes and businesses were without we but out of all this, no injuries have been reported. >> you know the cleanup does continue in louisiana, as well, after last week's historic flooding there. they are going door-to-door, looking for survivors, or body trapped in water. at least 13 people have died in this flooding, and an estimated 60,000 homes are damaged, and 102,000 people have now registered for federal assistance so far.
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rouge on tuesday. the president is due back at the white house tonight after spending 16 days on martha's vineyard in massachusetts. while kay caseling there, he received updates on the flooding situation, and received a lot of criticism for not cutting his vacation short, but today louisiana's governor said he asked the president to delay his visit so that police and resources needed to accompany a presidential visit could actually be used for the rescue and assistance over the weekend. >> were displaced by the flooding, but so were are many, many animals. in fact, 18 dogs from a louisiana shelter ended up right here in tampa bay at the humane society. 16 of the 18 are now in forever homes, we're happy to tell you. there was a line out the door on saturday wanting to help these cuties get a home. so if you're think okay adopting a pet or getting one soon, there are still two displaced dogs that could
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pooh bear is one of them, a one- year-old chihuahua mix. he's a little shy right now. he's still available. and we have another dog, belle, and she's a chihuahua mix, as well. >> okay, should i call my husband and tell him i'm bringing home another dog? >> no, you know what the answer would be. >> maybe you can talk him into this. of course does not just extend to adoptable puppies. corporate jeremy davis shared an injured behind fawn from the road side. he took that baby deer, and they are going to rehabilitate the fawn and transport it to the zoo, or per hatches to melanie michaels home. >> well, that would be a first, telling my husband i'm bringing
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coming up, we'll look at whether or not the changes to donald trump's staff will lead to a different strategy on the campaign trail. >> and just like yesterday, only some isolated storms inland this morning. rain chances still low tomorrow, and the tropics still busy. we'll get you updated on your
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and now to your vote and the coverage in the reaction for the white house. there have been had a lot of change, in the trump campaign this week. >> but are we going to see a big change in the way the republican presidential campaign is actually run? news channel 8 takes a look. >> reporter: donald trump on the ground in louisiana, working to get supplies to those in need. it's a press opportunity, but is it the start of a new trend? >> in 2012, the ex-it polls showed that only 5% of the
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2012, were truly persuadable and could go either way. the rest were locked in by this point. >> reporter: with paul manafort stepping aside and new faces coming on board, the campaign has serious numbers to overcome. polls show he is trailing clinton by 5 near florida. the number is even larger in other states. outspoke were trump supporter governor rick scott is convinced trump will win for the same reasons he won as governor. what do you think needs to be done for him >> this selection going about jobs. he's the only person in the race, there's two people, that has created private sector jobs. >> reporter: trump is now spending money in florida on television ads. he spent $4 million to clinton's $60 million. we now have just 78 days to the november election. >> less than an hour from now, donald trump will attend an event in ohio, and then take a break from campaigning until
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campaigning with cher. two weeks of competition that comes to an end tonight. boy, have there been some exciting moment. >> there really have been, the olympics goring to have their closinger is morning coming up here shortly, in a couple of hours, but not before team isa wins more hardware. specifically gold hardware. we'll look at some of our wins today. that's coming up. wever celed our grill like this. for a short time, choose two or three grilled favorites on one plate - like chicken bryan and linguine positano
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at carrabba's, we've never celebrated our grill like this. for a short time, choose two or three grilled favorites on one plate - like chicken bryan and linguine positano starting at just $15.99. carrabba's. this is how you do italian. we will, the 2016 olympic games in rio are now down to the final hours, and team us is a adding a few more med inials to its sizable haul, in women's boxing, and a surprising bronze in men's volleyball.
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bravery of muhammad ali, claressi shields accomplished something even the greatest never did, winning back to bark olympic gold medals in boxing. >> i want to let it be known that i'm not just a great female boxer, but i'm one over the greatest boxers to ever live. >> reporter: she brought her london gold to remind the worlds. gaylon rupp won bronze in second ever marathon. >> maybe this is my best event. >> >> reporter: no doubts a about kyle snyder's best event. he won gold in wrestling. team usa defeated serbia to win gold on the court. and in volleyball, the men won a bronze. in the final hours of these games, one last flourish of style and color in rhythmic
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closing ceremony. >> and, of course, a couple of weeks a ago in the opening ceremonies, michael phelps carried the flag for the u.s. >> and tonight one of our favorites around here, simoni biles. a big honor for a 4'8" powerhouse of mary has a breakdown of some of the most notable social media moments over the 2016 rio games. >> reporter: good evening. there were so many fun moments on social media, it was honestly hard to just pick out a few, but who could forget the
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simone bil es kiss by zac effron. he found out about her crush on him, and flew to attend the olympics. and ryan lochte apologized for his actions, saying he overexaggerated the olympics robbery story. and michael fells ledecky both won many gold medals. this is a picture of her years ago asking for his autograph. and here is side by side picture from this year with the roles reversed. the final medal count has the u.s. on top by a mile. 121 overall, 46 gold, 37
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with 70 total, and great britain brings up the third place spot with 67. what a showing by the u.s. a fantastic olympics. we've had a couple of fantastic beach days this weekend. this is a look at saint pete beach. have that onshore flow. temperature right now a comfortable 84 degrees. all of the activity the last couple of days well away from the beach with that onshore flow. we do have some cloud cover across ou south and east. a few thunderstorms there in portions of hardy, and portions of desoto county. even parts of those counties, and also into highlands county, out towards placid, to the south and east of there. this wraps up the inland activity over the next few hours. by 11:00, looking at mostly clear skies to take us on through the overnight hours. could see a small chance for a
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morning again with this westerly flow. as we head towards the lunch hour, that's where we'll see some isolated showers developing along i-75 back towards the coast, and just like the last couple of days, those will push inland at time, heading into the afternoon. a limited rain chance heading into the day time. dry steakle air above us. that's what this blue slading indicates there. notice those greens creeping back in, moisture returning, and our rain chances rising by tuesday afternoon, back up to around 40%. 30% both wednesday and thursday, and then 40% to take us on closer to next weekend. so your forecast for tomorrow, just a 20% rain chance, that will be primarily inland for are the afternoon. high temperatures around 92 degrees. still busy in the tropics. fee tow in a -- fiona still a tropical system just barely. by the middle of the week,
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closely. fiona heading towards bermuda as a tropical depression. these are the lotting spots for 99-l. this is where we could see the potential for development towards the middle part of this week. in tampa, we're at 90 degrees, high temperature now at 91. also something to check out, we happens one year from today. mark your calendar. it will be the first time just america sees a total solar eclipse since the revolutionary war. we drop down to the upper 70s. extendled forecast, a 30% chance of rain for wednesday and thursday, back up to normal weather conditions heading into next weekend with a my around
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revolutionary war? >> close, only in the 48 states. >> i will not live to see that again i wouldn't think. coming up in sports, the rays take two out of three games for the team that's headed for the post season. >> and despite a win last night over the jaguars, the bucs have some cleaning up to do. we'll look at something that
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well, the two preseason games now in the books, training camp is going to look a tad different tomorrow at one buc place. head coach dirk koetter will slide jenkins back into the first team. now, while there was never one
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the hands by brait saturday night, which lid to a jaguars interception was a contributing factor. the bucs offense had another slow start, and that has the coach a little concerned. that was jameis winston's 7th consecutives. a attempt to start the game. zero complexes. >> jameis is such a great competitor. he didn't come out should have hit that first route to start the game. that interception, cam has to make that cam. >> i just missed throws that were wide open. the first pass to v-jack, wide open. just got to make the throw, but when you do stuff like that, it just feels good to have a win, you know. >> and with doug barton out of the line-up saturday night, the young running backs had he an excellent chance to show what they could do. the bucs finished with 158
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backs peyton barber, and storm johnson. >> i know a lot of things go into making that happen, but how did it feel to just get in there and really contribute? >> we work on the preparation all week, and then you go against a team all week, and you watch film and stuff. it really helps out a lot. so it felt like a real game preparation-wise, and we just went out and executed. going up to the line and opening holes, and making it happen. >> the rays taking on the deshields ruins his quality start. that's a big term this summer. a two-run shot, 2-0, but the rays open up the fourth inning with two runs, and then bobby wilson lays down a bunt. rays up 3-2. we're still in the 4th. logan forsyth back from that little tweaked back, a three- run opposite 0 field shot. 8-4 your final. the rays take two out of three
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al west. the rest sox come into town, and the cleveland browns are coming to town. >> the bucs won! >> rod is holding on to that. >> everybody is give member a
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a final look at our forecast. >> we'll get more dry condit h week tomorrow. similar either is up here with the onshore flow. all of the activity, again tomorrow afternoon, we will in land, so we'll be cooking back up to around 92 degrees, the forecast high temperature tomorrow. today, we were up to 91. moisture returns on a tuesday, though, a 40% rain chance for tuesday afternoon. and then things get back to normal by the tail end of the workweek, sea breeze activity, afternoon showers and storms, what we might expect. >> cooking is right.
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>> typical summer in florida. >> nbc fightly news is next. night, making history, with the games winding down, more gold for team usa. the best olympic performance in decades. ryan lochte could face disciplinary from the u.s. olympic committee. isis blamed for an attack in turkey. many killed. the suicide bomber said to be a child. tornados touching down in two states while flooding swamps parts of texas after half a foot of rain with more on the way. and team spirit like you have never seen it. we catch up with two american brothers who may be the olympics most extreme fans.


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