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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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breaking overnight, fire breaks out at a condo. investigators now try to figure out what sparked the flames. keeping the the zika virus at bay. tampa's mayor goes on the offensive as the in our state. and the road to rio ends in a spectacular show. the summer 2016 olympics are now officially over. still ahead, the guest appearance of a video game character looking ahead to the year 2020. already talking about that. good monday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. >> i'm gayle guyardo. ed is in for leigh spann this
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clouds along the coastline. and we can't rule out a stray shower developing this morning. but i think most of us are going to stay with rain-free conditions for the morning. so high pressure in firm control. it limited the rain chances yesterday. i think it will do the exact same thing today. otherwise, warm this morning. how about 48 at clearwater beach this morning? 76 for macdill. 75 in lutz. and generally a mix of 70s and 80s with a warm 81 degrees in tampa. and it's going to be a steamy afternoon we will see the temperatures are going to be a bit of above average for today, not many thunderstorms to cool us down. time for a quick check of what's happening with the roads. good morning. >> below average actually. >> yeah. it's a good drive. and now we have an accident reported by the florida highway patrol here. and this is supposedly southbound out on the pinellas side of the howard frankland bridge. taking a look at our cameras. this accident could be in between the cameras.
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that's near pinellas. and the accident is not too far away and it is in lanes. and another look a little bit closer to the tampa side. so the howard frankland bridge, traffic is still moving at great speeds across it. if i see a slow down, i will let you know about it. that's a look at weather and traffic. and now back to gene and gayle. breaking news overnight, a fire at a condo complex in palm harbor. the flames broke out shortly after midnight. that's located on coral landings boulevard. ne fire crews report the condo is unlivable. you can see through a burned out window there. some of the damage. crews were able to keep the fire contained and no other units were damaged. investigators aretrying to figure out what caused -- are trying to figure out what caused the fire. and local leaders plan to address concerns over the zika virus. several non-travel related cases have been confirmed in the miami area in the past couple weeks and that's driven
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spread to the state's west coast. ryan hughes is joining us live this morning. ryan, how is mayor bob buckhorn planning to address this? >> reporter: zika virus is easily transmitted by mosquito asks they plan to use this home as a backdrop to show residents how to clean up proper theties to rid them of mosquitoes. and the mayor will -- properties to rid them of mosquitoes. there haven't been any non- travel related cases been reported in miami-dade county. gigi maines lives in hollywood, florida and she is pregnant and she is headed out of town. she is on her way to virginia where she will stay with family members until her child is born. she says this is her only option right now. >> he's our life. and he comes first. and same with this baby. and i want to give that baby the chance that he had. you know?
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life. >> if we have to move away and separate for six months, i mean, you know, pennys in the long run. >> reporter: no local transmissions have been reported in hollywood where the couple lives. the centers for disease control advises pregnant women to the avoid travel to the miami area. 8 on your side will be at the event with the mayor. should be interesting details. back to for now. >> it is eye opening just to see to the extent that some will go to the, leaving you do what you got to do. ryan hughes, thank you. happening today, it's the first day of class for students in sarasota county. this means you will want to slow down and be cautious approaching those school zones. news channel 8 is live at fruitville elementary. law enforcement will be onhand watching for drivers breaking the law. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you. you know, officers will not
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welcoming back students and looking for people breaking the law. you know, the citation cans add up quickly between $150 to $450. now remember you must stop for all school buses as students leave and board the buses when the buses are stopped and when the red lights are flashing. and that includes drivers on the other side of the street unless there's a raised median that divides the road. each year drivers are caught speeding by these buses while off. and putting our students' lives in a dangerous situation. here are some other important tips that you will want to remember. allow yourself plenty of time to travel. we know there will be traffic out there today. and watch for other cars, pedestrian, cyclists and again, school buses. and pay attention to crossing guards and always slow down in school zones. remember there are plenty of students who are walking to and from school. and like over the past several
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and community people out here and law enforcement officer, they are out here -- law enforcement officers, they are out here welcoming students back. but just to remind everybody to be safe. >> and it's a great reminder because people get out of the routine over the summer months of slowing down in those specific zones. thank you. and talk about a mess this morning for a sarasota homeowner. look at this. you can see here, that's an suv flipped on the side just inches away from a home behind that fence this all happened near wood street. investigators believe the suv driver lost control and then hit a light pole and a car before smashing through a fence and flipping. the driver only suffered minor injuries and was cited for careless driving. a fire at a tampa mosque is ruled an arson. at first, fire crews thought an electrical issue sparked the fire at the mosque. and now they believe someone
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investigators discovered gasoline was poured on an air conditioning unit there. the fire did cost about $25,000 in damage. crime stoppers is offering a $3,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. a bradenton man turns escape artist. he vanished from the back of a deputy's cruiser despite being handcuffed. deputies are searching for the escapee. they arrested him after a car crash, handcuffed him and put him in the ba p. minutes later, he was gone. he was wanted on vie -- patrol car. and just minutes later, he was gone. now he can add escape charges to the list. and a final good-bye to a much loved teacher killed by a drunk driver. over the weekend, family, friends and colleagues attended a funeral for caroline sign. she taught in st. petersburg. she and another music teacher were hit by a man police say
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drunk. the other teacher is in serious condition but stable and friends say he is slowly recovering. he taught in tampa. a four-week-old kitten found on the side of a new port richey road is recovering from a delicate operation. she is just four weeks old and only weighs 12-ounces. she was found abandoned on pennsylvania anu richey. no one knows how she got there. the time right now is 6:08. it's back to school for our friends in sarasota county. and looks like a great day. >> yeah, the forecast for sarasota county in a few seconds from now. but it's a warm start for just about everyone out the door this morning. a quick check from the towercam in downtown tampa. 81degrees. s will quite humid as well. and you see -- degrees. quite humid as well.
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county. there's the back to school forecast for today. and it does include as you're off to class 81 degrees, sunshine, just a few storms possible after school as the temperatures hit 92. right now, the satellite and radar picture is quiet and the tropics are busy. we have fiona, and a couple other invests. i just posted that track on our facebook page. and let's take a check of what's happening on roadways. and leslee, a close eye on the howard frankland bridge. >> yep. and i have something to show. all right. we've got it coming up. another issue too. look at this. this is actually in pinellas county. over here in the tarpon springs area. and we have a delay here northbound. we have an accident on u.s. 19 at tarpon avenue. and the howard frankland bridge, look at this, starting to see a slow down southbound. let me show you the accident.
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that's where the crash is. we have a delay southbound moving across the hump. there we go. see? i was telling the truth as i always do. keep that in mind. looks like the left lane is taken away. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. >> that's a lot of lights. thank you. president barack obama gets back to work. still ahead, one of the first items on the agenda. first, what's going on in school with children. a new app that's parents, teachers and students stay connected. you're watching news channel 8
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8 is on your side is helping you get schooled this month. and school is in full swing for most students across tampa bay. there's no doubt, heavy loads, extracurricular activities can become overwhelming for students to keep track of. and now many schools are turning to technology to help teachers, parents and students stay connected. a high school in hillsborough found an easy way to keep everyone plugged in to what's going on at school. >> i have it for golf and ag. here's one right here. >> reporter: from extracurricular activities to staying on top of a packed
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student lance relies on remind 101. >> pretty much anything that you have that's important for that day or night, it will text you, let you know. >> reporter: 35 million students, teachers, parents and coaches are signed up for remind 101 nationwide. it's a free online service that you can download on to your smart phone so everyone can stay connected with no phone numbers exchanged. >> we remines. >> reporter: this teacher explains it's such and convenient to use and likes the feature that allows teachers to attach photos, videos and voice clips to any message. >> it's extremely helpful. not only am i able to sendous quick messages but you can attach files as well. -- able to send quick messages and you can attach files as
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allows you to access your message history at any time. so for many schools, gone are the days of print-out, sticky notes and emails. remind 101 is part of i keep safe, a certification organization that specializes in student data privacy. >> so important. >> very important. and important to remember that no phone numbers are exchanged. >> and the parent cans check in on the app and see what the teacher and ud back and forth. >> total transparency. >> thank you. across america, a shooting at a house party leaves more than a dozen people injured. there were about 100 guests at this party in bridgeport, connecticut when gunfire erupted. police believe two people many the hedges started shooting. 13 people were injured, 12 only suffered minor injuries but one person is in critical condition this morning. investigators are looking
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he died after jumping. the owner of the sky diving company believes the man waited too long to deploy his parachute. witnesses describe him as spinning out of control before he hit the ground. it is back to work for president barack obama. the president and his family returned to washington, d.c. overnight after spending two weeks vacationing in martha's vineyard. one of the things on his ag is to tour the flooding in louisiana. well, the road to rio comes to a spectacular end with closing ceremonies. >> yeah, the games were filled with lots of memorable moments that captured the attention of the world. overnight, the #closingceremonies was trending and meredyth censullo has some of the best social media posts. >> reporter: well, olympic ceremony planners must pay attention to social media because that shirtless guys,
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ceremonies and he returned for the closing ceremonies. so thank you very much olympics committee. the strange dancing vegetables got a lot of play online. they were broccoli? whatever. eat your vegetables, kids. also, super mario entrance here from the japanese prime minister, the 2020 summer games will be held in tokyo and a lot of people were excited to see that. and every athlete seemed to flipt she won five medals including four gold. gene, a rot of interesting moments last night and throughout the 2016 games. >> maybe none more interesting than the dancing broccoli. that's-- who said they weren't fun? >> i like the repeat performances from shirtless shiny guy. >> that, got to bring back the guy. thank you. all right, here's a look at the medal count right now. and that's it.
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121 toe for the u.s. we beat everyone in this one. 46 gold. 37 silver. 38 bronze. and china with 70 in total. and great britain in third place with 67 medals in total. let's get a check on the weather. >> yeah, i did the math, that's 133-pounds of hardware they are bringing back. congrats to team usa. just a few thunderstorms xerox copied today. overall drier air still lingering from yesterday. the coverage of rain not great for today. temperatures willstay red hot into 90s, feeling -- will stay red hot into the 90s, feeling steamy. and we have tropical depression fiona and two other systems. at 8:00, a stray shower along the coast, 81. isolated showers at noon and 92 by 4:00 p.m. with the shower chances inland. 80 many crystal river. and 76 in venice. and high pressure over the gulf
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onshore flow. a stray shower will be possible in the coastal communities. or all, the high along with dry air is going to limit our rain chances to only 20%. i think that chance will favor the inland communities into the afternoon. fairly dry start tomorrow as well. by tomorrow afternoon, a bit of a change in the weather pattern. more of a northeasterly flow. storms will push back towards the coast late in the day. in the water northwest winds around 10 knot, light tomorrow, 40% as well as the temperature, 93, hot for your tuesday. quick check of the roads with leslee lacey. >> thank you. and good morning everyone. we're checking out pinellas county because it's the hot spot. and we have a collision, u.s. 19 right at tarpon aver. now i have been seeing delays -- tarpon avenue. and now i have been seeing delays northbound. maybe they have this off to the shoulder but be aware of it. you may see a lot of activity.
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frankland bridge, no delays but nonetheless, we have a collision. hard to see. you can see that the emergency vehicle lights are actually reflecting off the water here. looks like they have it on the left shoulder southbound past the hump. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you so much. well keeping cool can be a challenge but imagine if you're an elephant. >> got to be rough. you don't want to miss how a baby elephant thrilled crowds. and a test drive that ok check it out. up next, what happened to one woman before she even made it out of the dealership parking lot. you're watching news channel
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? ? ? ba da ba ba ba ? talk about a test drive gone wrong. a woman test driving a mercedes crashed before she even got out of the parking lot.
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dealership. ouch. this is in arlington county in virginia. the woman and three people were inside the suv. and veries believe this woman hit the gas pedal and hit four vehicles before flip -- and investigators believe this woman hit the gas pedal and hit four vehicles before flipping on its side. >> takes parallel parking to a whole new level. >> yikes. all right, check this out. a baby elephant in germany found a fun and cool >> this will make you smile. stop what you're doing and look at this. here's the small for the day. there he is. a little clumsy but he's a little guy. he is almost three weeks old. he is thrilling crowds at the zoo in germany by playing in a small pool of water. he's like, can you get me a bigger tub? >> yeah, growing boy. >> he splashed around while trying to cover himself with water. he gave himself a shower.
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old. >> yeah, typically, still got to bathe them. he's like, i got this. it's hot. i'll take care of it, mom. >> that's cute. a mom and her 6-year-old son stuck in a car dangling over an overpass. >> the daring rescue as crews work to free them before that car falls down. first, weather and traffic on the 8s is just three minutes
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we're expecting a good amount of sunshine and only a few showers and thunderstorms. the rain chances only 20% for today and the rays play host to the red sox tonight at the trop. 84degrees, maybe doing tailgating before the game at 7:10 tonight. let's check in with leslee. >> go rays. look at this, this is southbound on the howard
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accident. everything is on the left shoulder. we're not seeing any significant delay but i want you to keep in mind.
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fighting the zika virus. as more cases are reported in south florida, one bay area city is taking extra steps to make sure the virus does not spread in our area. and it is the first day of county. but that means more cars on the roadways. we're live with an important reminder for all drivers this morning. also, a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a car dangling off a bridge. you have to see this. a mother and her 6-year-old son were inside. we will show you what first responders did to bring them to safety. well, good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez.
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on this monday morning. >> yeah, looking at the sun starting to make a slow appearance. the sunrise about a half hour away but getting beautiful colors. that's look over polk county. your temperature is 76. not seeing too much out there. mostly sunny sky, once that sunrises this morning. 81 right now in tampa and 79 degrees in st. pete. and it's already a very warm start out there. and expected to be a steaming summer afternoon. 92degrees. it will feel warmer than and only a few showers and thunderstorms to cool us down. the rain chance today only around 20%. coming up, a detailed look at the tropics, things active in the atlantic. but first, a quick check of the roadways. it's heating up. seeing more vehicles out there. we did have an accident on the howard frankland bridge. hard to see the remnants of it but it's about all cleared up. a little left on the left shoulder southbound. all the white lights that's headed southbound on the left
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towards pinellas county. let's go ahead and look at the maps here. looks like we're looking better on u.s. 19, absolutely no delays. you might see left overs of an earlier crash at tarpon aver. again actioner that crash -- tarpon avenue. again, the crash on the howard frankland bridge. the exit ramp to hillsborough avenue, seeing a delay and that's where an accident is wrapping up. and then down here in southern sarasota county, by toledo blade boulevard, fhp says we have a crash in lanes but no delays. that's weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. happening today, students in sarasota county head back to class. it is the first day of school. >> and that means more traffic on the roads and law enforcement officers are going to be out there, especially in the school zones maybing sure that everyone is pay ago tension. we are live from sarasota county. and-- paying attention.
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everyone is paying attention. >> reporter: good morning, gene and gayle. you know, in a few hour, buses and parents dropping their students off will be arriving here. we can tell you that the sign just came on here. just a few moments ago. again, extra law enforcement officers will be out also watching people breaking the law. and here are a few tips to remember. allow yourself plenty of time to travel. and watch for other cars, pedestrians and cyclists. pay attention to crossing gu a school zone. and pay attention to school buses as well. remember, you must stop for all school buses, watching for the kids getting on and off. that includes drivers on the other side of the road unless there's a raised median that divides the roadway. every year, drivers are caught speeding past buses while children are getting on and off. and that puts students in dangerous situations. and numerous complaints of near
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basis. and anybody who is caught violating any of those traffic laws, they can face hefty fines ranging from $150 to $450. gene-- >> that's steep. and most importantly, we want to make sure the kids get to and from school safely. thank you. the zika virus appears to be spreading in south florida with several new cases confirmed in miami beach over the weekend. now bay area les need to protect citizens here. 8 on your side's ryan hughes is live in tampa this morning. ryan, mayor bob buckhorn plans to talk about concerns this morning. >> reporter: exactly, gayle. good morning once again. the mayor and code enforce. leaders plan to discuss ways people can prevent mosquitoes from breeding on their properties. like this home which will be used as a backdrop during today's announcement.
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residents if the zika virus. there haven't been any non- travel related cases confirmed in the bay area but several are reported in miami-dade county. and that has leaders on high alert just in case the virus which is transmitted by mosquitoes makes its way here. 36 cases have originated in florida to-date. 488 people in the state have zika virus due to travel to country where is it's prevalent. pregnant women are most at risk because the virus unborn baby. and 8 on your side will be at event at 10:30 with the mayor. it should be interesting information. back to you for now. >> i will be looking forward to up the dates but at least leaders here are really trying to stay ahead of the game. thank you, ryan. hillsborough county deputies are questioning the man who walked to an apartment complex after being shot. we're told he knocked on a door and told people inside that he was shot.
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sunday morning on english hills court. that man was taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. investigators are trying to figure out where the shooting happened. the body of the mayor of chiefland was found sunday morning after a joint search effort on the river. the mayor did not return from an afternoon dive friday afternoon. his body was found near usher landing. he recently won re-election and served a lot of us take road trips on the weekend so it's possible you might have been stuck in a traffic nightmare near orlando. >> a car veered off 408 east of downtown orlando and was dangling off the overpass. you never believe who was inside. meredyth censullo is in the tampa news center with video. >> reporter: yeah, an orlando area mom charged with careless
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408, she crashed and teetered off the overpass with her 6- year-old son inside. here is the video from fdot. you can see the car perched over the overpass wall 20 feet above the road below. local fire-rescue arrived on scene and used webs and slings to secure the car and keep it from falling any further. then the mom and child were pulled out. they are going to be okay. they were treated hospital. but they are fine this morning. but as we mentioned the, mom charged with careless driving. paramedics say the two were remarkably calm considering they were hanging upside down in their seat belts. >> yes, i'm sure the mom was doing everything she could to stay calm and not scare him. thank you. right now, gas prices are up. about a half cent. but still, that's higher than we have seen in the last couple weeks.
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up to $2.17. and that's still 54 cents lower than a year ago. and we checked this morning and the average price in florida is $2.09. in tampa, lower than that at $2.03. let's get a check on weather and traffic on the 8s on this monday. >> and starting off quiet here at home. one area where it's not quiet though, the tropical atlantic. we have three systems we are tracking the morning. let's take we have tropical depression fiona. it's continuing to weaken but two other systems invest 99 and invest 90, both looking healthy this morning. there's the latest on fiona. it's having a very hard time holding together. and it's going to make a curve toward bermuda and it will be no threat to the u.s. this system, invest 99 we will keep a close eye on as the models generally take it in the direction of the lesser antilles and puerto rico and
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bahamas. has a 40% chance of developing interest a named system in the next five days. here at home, high pressure keeping us quiet and warm this morning. 18 in tampa. 79 in st. pete. and over the next couple day, very warm, low to mid-90s through wednesday. and those temperatures will slowly start to ease back by the time we hit next weekend and add more moisture as we transition back to the tip cal summertime pattern. and seeing the typical well, we appreciate no water so thank you very much. >> yes. >> we have traffic building. a couple issues going on. and here's congestion, ybor city, 75 to 275 westbound, about a 10 minute commute. and 275 bearss avenue to i-4, a slow down there. and getting busier, that's about 16 minutes. in pinellas county, the accident wrapping up on the howard frankland bridge. just a little tiny bit of slowing. nothing major here.
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almost disreceiving because it's a long shot. but-- it's a little deceiving because it's a long shot. the outpouring a mom received that made her just tear up. and blanketed in dust. the storm that moved through arizona that left a big mess. first though, a deadly crash that killed several people including a former aide of new york's governor. it's 6:40.
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across america, a 10-year- old boy critically injured in a multi-vehicle crash in new york has died. this was the scene sunday morning on the long island expressway. a former aide of new york
6:44 am
investigators say the boy's father who also died was behind the wheel of the subaru that lost control and hit two other cars. at least seven other people were injured. in ohio, nine people were hit by a car that plowed into a crowd at an outdoor concert. this morning, two of them are in serious condition. a 74-year-old woman was leaving the community concert and accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes and drove on to the dance fl charges including reckless driving and vehicular assault. lots of cleaning this morning in phoenix. this huge dust storm rolled through the city sunday. and you can see as we look closer here, a dust cloud covering parts of the city. at time, visibility was down to just a quarter of a mile orless. the storm delayed several flights. this morning, operations there are back to normal. and in central california,
6:45 am
this large fire. the chimney fire has grown the to more than 27,000 acres and continues to move toward the historic castle. 48 structures have been destroyed. and officials say the flames are just 35% contained right now. no word on what caused the fire. and also in california, the quest to get a better view of the ocean turned deadly. investigators claim a woman who just moved to california fell to her death at a cliff. two people with she climbed over a three foot wall and tripped on her flip flops. she fell 100 down the cliff. investigators are calling the fall an accident. in an 8 on your side medical report, a debilitating disease with few treatment options may soon have one more. it causes bones to weaken and can lead to fractures and even death. but a drug may be about to
6:46 am
when injected daily, it reduces the number of fractures in patients. doctors say it also increases the density of bones. >> the ability to improve bone quality is a new concept. and that's what this agent does. >> the 18-month drug trial involved 2600 women q. the results were published -- women. there's still no word on when it will be available. this a most make a wish kids dream of a vacation or meeting their favorite superhero or athlete. landon wished for a blessing from the pope. he suffers a rare genetic disorder that causes his skin to change color or and causes non-cancerous tumors. his wish was granted. he says he couldn't be happier.
6:47 am
i want to see the pope and i wanted to see if this will help. getting blessed by the pope. >> so sweet. the family will fly to the vatican to fulfill his wish. a heart warming story of people joining forces around the world to help a little girl with autism. she is from utah. her favorite shirt is this one. so cute. it's covered in flowers but she grew out of it. so her mother tried to find the and that's when she put a plea on facebook for help. >> so far, we have about 12 that have arrived at our house. we have probably about 140 more that are on their way. it's been beautiful to see how kind people are. >> wow. that's great. >> yeah, great to hear. the executives at target saw the mother's post online and now they have tracked down the fabric and they are making
6:48 am
she can wear them into adulthood. >> she's going to have that shirt for life. >> yes, she is. >> so cute. 6:48. people headed to school and work. >> yeah, we're moving along this morning. and weather-wise, pretty nice out there. mostly sunny skies as we get closer and closer to sunrise. that happens at 7:04 and very warm from hula bay restaurant in tampa, 82 degrees to start off your day. and we will see building clouds through middle perhaps a stray shower along the coast for the first half of the day. and by the afternoon, the rain chances shift inland but they'll stay low, only at 20%. warm 81 in tampa. 76 for our friends to the north in tallahassee. warm to the south as well. and we had an onshore flow which is keeping temperatures warm overnight here in the 78 to 79 range. and so far this morning, it is a quiet start. high pressure if the gulf is the main player and the forecast going to keep that
6:49 am
that's going to drive showers that form inland east of 75 during the afternoon a. so many spots will make it through the day rain free. and tomorrow, different story. moisture increases and more of a northeasterly flow so storms will drift back towards the coastline. rain chance up to 40% on tuesday. highs warm at 92 and 93. quick check of the roads with leslee. a look at travel times. new tampa, slow southbound 75. we're at 13 minutes. and check this out, bearss avenue to i-4, southbound on 275, typically slow this time of the morning. almost at 20 minutes. and let's take a live look at traffic here, this is westbound i-4 leaving ybor city. really starting to stack up as you move in to 275. this is the heart of the junction, i-4 westbound. let's take a look. this is the traffic i showed you through new tampa, westbound i-4, 275, the howard frankland bridge not too bad
6:50 am
and we have some slow and go traffic on the veterans expressway. you can see it here away from linebaugh down to hillsborough avenue. this is dale mabry highway at waters avenue. it does look better. so perhaps it's off to the shoulder. that's a look at weather and traffic. >> thank you. a hillsborough deputy took the oath to protect and serve to the next level when he helped out a fawn. the corporal jeremy davis found the ju to the animal clinic and workers will rehab him. when he is better, he will be transferred to a zoo for a permanent home. >> that's a great story. looks like a shirt going on and everything. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. including the students headed wac to class today. -- headed back to class today. and the battle against zika virus in the bay area. the plans one mayor is making. you're watching news channel 8
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the last group of students in the bay area head back to class today. >> yeah, the first day of school for kids in sarasota county. so welcome back. news channel 8 is live from fruitville elementary. big day. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. big day for hundreds of students going back to school. want to remember before you head out the door this morning. you will want to allow yourself plenty of time to travel. and there will be more traffic on the roadways. watch out for other vehicle, pedestrian, cyclists and school buses. pay attention to crossing guards and all times drive slow in school zones. vie alligators can result in fines from $150 to $450. reporting in sarasota, news channel 8.
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he is set to reveal plans to keep the mosquito borne virus at bay. it comes just days after officials classified miami beach area as a zika virus hot zone. that's in addition to the winwood neighborhood in miami. we will be at mayor buckhorn's news conference and bring you the latest on news channel 8 at 11:00 a.m. and breaking overnight, a condo the fire in palm harbor. the flames broke out at a unit on coral la the fire did cause damage. investigators now trying to figure out what started the flames. the search is on in man key county for a man who escaped from the back of a cruiser with handcuffs on. they are looking for him he was arrested after a car crash and put him in the patrol car but minutes later, he was gone. a mom and 6-year-old boy are safe after a daring rescue in orlando. the car veered off the 40 and
6:56 am
overpass. crews used webs and slings to keep the car from falling 20 feet to the ground. and they managed to get everyone out safely. the mom is now charged with careless driving. the 2016 summer games in rio are officially over. it was spectacular there. and it came to a spectacular close with music, dancing and fireworks. during the ceremony, the video game character mario made appearance. he popped out off a green pipe. underneath the costume, gentleman abandoned on pennsylvania avenue's prime minister. a spoil 'er alert. >> the noise it makes when he comes out of the pipe. >> today matt lauer with an interview with olympic swimmer ryan lochte where he explains why he lied about being robbed in rio. and you will want to tune fhp as the "today" show reveals a new puppy with a purpose. cute one.
6:57 am
warm out there. maybe if you're taking the dogs on the walk. 81degrees, calm wins, starting off at 72 in apollo beach. and 79 in st. pete. another warm one, to 92, storms develop east of 75 as we go into the afternoon. overall rain chances slim at 20%. warm moisture tomorrow. all right, traffic right now. we have an accident, sam allen road. it's tying up lanes. and also injuries involved an away from plant city. we've got slow and go action there. and starting to see a slow down southbound dale mabry highway. an accident around waters avenue. and look at the howard frankland bridge. showing you this crash on the shoulder. let's look now live at the cameras. and you can see well before the hump, slow but not bad. still only about eight or nine minutes southbound. most traffic on the right heads northbound into tampa on the howard frankland bridge.
6:58 am
minutes too. just remember to today is take your cat to the vet. right? >> yeah. >> it's funny because people forget the take their cat to the vet because they are self sufficient. they bathe themselves. they go potty all on their own. >> yeah. >> they cannot drive to the vet. >> you got to take them. >> i think mine could. they like to hide things too. i dog is hide it. >> whatever she said. take your cats to the vet.
6:59 am
7:00 am
? ba da ba ba ba ? good morning. it's a wrap. rio throws a massive party to bring the olympic games to a close. five-time medalist simone biles leading team usa after an historic medal haul. another u.s. athlete is still making headlines. ryan lochte opening up in an exclusive interview about that gas station incident he initially described as armed robbery. >> i overexaggerated that story. if i had never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> this morning why lochte and three of his teammates could face more disciplinary action. a softer trump? donald trump's new campaign manager suggests he could be


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