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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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how it's being taken by locals. one homeowner got a bill for $800 and knew she better call behnken. >> as cases of zika spread tampa's mayor is going on the offensive. bob buckhorn spoke in front of a pool filled with slime and mosquitos larva. >> how are the mosquitos? around us right now. we're at the pool in a backyard in tampa. the mayor light heartedly offered us mosquito repellant. but neighbors have been dealing with this eyesore of a pool for years. >> efrp get sprayed down? >> he was being light hearted but mayor buckhorn did urge people to use mosquito
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that's a breeding grounltd. buckhorn promised action. >> in light of what's going on we decided not to wait for the politician in washington, d.c. to act. we're going take action ourself. >> neighbors have been complaining about this problem for years. >> we cannot even sit on our porches outside f. mosquitos are that -- outside. the mosquitos are that bad. misters installed in her backyard so she could go outside. >> the problem is even though code enforcement knows about this home they can't go on the property without owner permission. >> we wish it was quicker. believe me we want to get rid of this eyesore as badly as the neighbors do. >> we asked if they can get
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>> ze to find a way to deal with situations like this and get in there and take care of the problems. nancy just wants to see this cleaned up. >> are you worried about your health because of that? >> well sure i was worried. >> the mayor told me he is going check with the legal department to see if there's any way they can get on the a property like this to deal with hazard. this house, this pool, now slated for demolition. hopefully in a few weeks this property will be just an empty lot. >> all of these things take time. we keep hearing about code enforcement issues that take years. is there anything that can speed up that process? >> yeah t mayor is looking into that. and i will tell you we're going to follow up on this with state legislators to see if there's
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state level because now that the zika virus is a concern statewide you can't let problems fester. >> becomes all of our problem. thank you jeff. and right now the tropics are heating up. storm chief meteorologist joining us now. steve i understand there's a new tropical depression that formed. >> just off africa, it's number seven. not surprising. going on here. where it is relative to us in the united states. there we are in the state of florida. we have a tropical depression fiona which shouldn't be an issue at all for us. about a 50% chance of development over the next five days. that one perhaps has the most interest for us. and number seven that formed off the coast of africa. this one never had a great
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it's moufing in a -- moving in a northwesterly fashion. but as we look at the spaghetti models from invesz for the short-term it may not become anything. about a 50% chns. and the -- chance. and the hurricane center said if needed they may investigate tomorrow. you can see the track for us of the most interest because it starts to move southeastern part of the united states. a week or way or so which is a long time in the tropics. >> steve will be back in 10 to 15 minutes with more. breaking news. a man who slipped out of a squad car window while handcuffed has turned himself in. hechs arrested on outstanding warrants. he rolled down the window and slipped out. moments ago we learned that he
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an auburndale man lured to his death through an online day dating site. adam hilarie was found shot to death on friday. he met 18-year-old haliey rose bustos on the dating stiet plenty of fish and took her on a date thursday evening. bustos returned a few hours later with these men intending to rob him. his family hopes others can learn from his death. >> in this. i don't want no one to feel the way we're feeling. >> police believe this man andre warner is the one who shot and killed him. the victim had a 5-year-old daughter. donald trump is continuing his feud with the host of morning joe. today on twitter he said when things calm down he'll tell the real story of the host and his girlfriend. he says she was off the wall
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cohosts were highly critical of him in the show. kelly anne conway says he does not hurl personal insults. he's trying to appeal to black voters, his message what do they have to lose? candace mccowan joining us live. donald trump is going be here wednesday or so? >> he's pe state fairgrounds around 1 p.m. on wednesday afternoon. he has to win florida to win the white house. he can't alienate any group so what disease he have to do -- does he have to do to win black voters. in the past few years george farrell created blakpac a political action committee with a clear goal in mind. >> our first goal is to elect
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donald trump. >> they heard trump's appeal to blacks. >> you're living in poverty. you're schools are no good. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> it's a little condescending and i can understand him not having the proper messaging. >> it's an uphill battle trump supporters admitting his appeal hasn't been the best. >> suppose someone asked to marry you and said hey what have you got lose, marry me. >> it's getting the messenger to deliver. >> it should be the same as with everybody. he's talking about trying to level the playing field. 77 days to go. >> i don't believe it's too
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i believe he will win 10% to 20% of black voters but not all of them. >> the rnc has said give mr. trump a couple of weeks by labor day the polls will be tied. if the election were held today trump would not come out on top. >> trump is so far behind how are they saying they're going turn it around? is it this kind >> we talked to adam goodman today and he said trump started last week by showing some vulnerability when he said he might change going forward. >> well he knows his stuff maybe we'll see a change. documents in the hillary clinton investigation could be made public earlier than expected. a federal judge is ordering the state department to look at 15,000 documents it got from
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the fbi is not recommending charges but the documents were part of the investigation into her private email use. the judge wants a plan from the state department by september 22nd on how they will be released. . former secretary of state colin powell is pushing back on the idea that he gave hillary clinton to idea to use a private account. he said quote her people are trying to pin it on me. the new that clinton said powell was the inspiration for her set up. the governor of louisiana is coming to the defense of obama. he said he asked president obama to stay away until disaster response efforts ended. the president faced a lot of criticism for not ending his two-week vacation to come
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became a focus of neglect after hurricane katrina. in may the federal government told u.s. public schools that transgender skunts -- students must be able to use bathrooms and locker rooms kiblt with their -- consistent with their gender identity. texas and several other states have challenged this. bill and seeing that it's $800. >> that's what happened to a spring hill woman. shannon asked the county how this adds up. ryan lochte behavior at the olympics is now hitting him in the wallet. which major companies are
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steerz eagle 8 hd coverage brought to you by your hyundai dealers. two major companies dropped their sponsorships due to lochte's behavior at the olympicings. he fabricated a story that he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint. they were confronted and asked for payment after lochte later apologized. >> i'm embarrassed for myself, my family. especially those guys. usa swimming. the whole olympic games. everyone watching. it's just -- i was immature and i made a stupid mistake. i'm human. and i definitely learned from this.
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$15,000 of lochte's fee to benefit youngsters in brazil. gentle hair removal also ended their relationship with lochte. >> that's going haunt him for awhile. there will be more to that sponsorship wise. we're watching these storms develop and you say how bad are they going to be? you never know. >> a lot of patience with the tropics. the xooter models -- computer models will show things and then a day later it's different. locally plenty of sunshine. shower, thunderstorm activity, a little drier. not seeing widespread but the temperatures are warm. 95 degrees at hula bay. in new port richey west winds at 10 miles per hour. fairly warm day. kicked in there. a 50% relative humidity for us.
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a north wind. 96 degree as hot day. 33% relative humidity. as i mentioned high pressure dominating and a little built of dry air aloft. that's why we're seeing fewer showers today. if you are out to the boston red sox game should be oo good crowd tonight. mainly dry and warm abou game time. a little bit of shade would help. temperatures meanwhile are warm the next several days. 93, 92, 92 you get the idea. the average high will continue on. this peak of summertime heat we're there right now. showers, thunderstorms, there are a few. northeast of inverness and a few showers developing in the inland spots. and southern portions of pasco
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right around the interstate right now. farther south a few showers as i mentioned breaking out in the afternoon heat p humidity. as i mentioned ed drier air in the atmosphere. just north of sebring at the moment. clearing skies, mild temps, mostly dry to start the day. our temperature 93. new port richey, odessa, 92. pinellas park 94. 101 in bartow. you rarely see triple digits in the state of florida but a powerful breeze today. that may be fairly close to accurate. pretty quiet here the the state. as i mentioned playing a small part in limiting the shower activity.
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that way. a few pop-up showers possible. taking advantage of any moisture to create a few showers in the forecast. as we move to tomorrow we can stee early part -- we can see the early part of the day looks good. rain chances below normal. little front sneaking in across the northern part of the state. don't get any ideas, will slow down and won't make its way through here. we've been in pattern. 40% wednesday, thursday, friday. basically afternoon, evening thunderstorms. basically typical summer. if you've been cheated. if you need help. she's on your side. better call behnken. >> investigator shannon behnken is looking into reports of unexplained very high water bills in hernando county.
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that have jumped from $100 to hundreds. when the water department failed to figure out where that went shannon decided to figure it out. >> i burned my hand looking that water meter. it's no laughing matter. it sound like the complaints we used to get from pasco. it's not clear what the issue is yet. but a growing residents are worried that something strange is going on. >> i 100% know i didn't use that much water. >> jenna bright is furious about this water bill and the 94,000 gallons they say she used in one month. >> how could you use 94,000 gallons in one month by one person.
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with the -- frustrated tw response. >> nobody seems to care. you get the run around. one person tells you one thing and then somebody else tells you something else. >> she's not the only one questioning water bills in hernando county. for weeks residents have been calling behnken including chris who received this bill for $536. >> within hours of the county a technician was at his house. his electronic equipment showed normal usage except for three days earlier this month when the meter ran continually with 1,000 gallons passing through every hour. >> that's why he's got the bim he's got. >> even the tech couldn't think of what would cause that without a major leak. >> that leaves chris
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they're going to shut my water off and i didn't use that much water. >> as for bright she's holding out for an explanation from the water department. >> i don't have $800 to give them and i won't pay for something i didn't use. >> a spokeswoman says she will make sure they reach tout all the residents. i have to give them credit they did send out a technician immediately. but there's a growing people with jaw dropping bills. >> you feel like it's unfair but at the same time they shut the darn thing off. are they working with some of these folks. >> they are working with some people. but i heard from a woman who called me in tears because they shut hers off. they told her they wouldn't but now it's shut off. so she fade off hoov the bill
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bill and still doesn't think she owes it. >> hopefully it won't go to that level. we'll stay on it. >> a reminder 1-855-behnken. danger on the roads right now. which cars are being recalled because they could cause a
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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excuse me. hundred day and mitsubishi are recalling cars. there is a problem with the brake pedal stopper.
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2014 out-lander sport car. they can delay acceleration in some conditions. sony has plans to reveal two new playstation 2 models next month. they will show off a brand new standard version of the playstation h console alongside an upgraded version that josh benson will be ri of come christmas time. i don't know if you're going get three of them. >> vision goes way back. like atari days. >> atari i understand. yeah. >> we have a lot coming up at 5:30. bay area parents challenging state assessment tests. a tiny child trapped in a boat in dark waters could have
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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30. parents from three bay area counties in a tal ha see courtroom today on behalf of their kids. challenging a state law that could force their third graders to be i'm jen leigh. >> and i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us. >> that story from the capitol tonight and state law requires that third graders who don't perform well on tests be held back and it is now under fire. parents from hernando, sarasota and another county are fighting back.


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