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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  August 22, 2016 11:34pm-12:38am EDT

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what goes on in those labs?" "please, please, can't talk about it. please." >> steve: it's secret. >> jimmy: later this week, we have barbara streishand will be here. [ cheers and applause ] >> stve: oh! >> jimmy: barbara! >> steve: yeah! >> jimmy: alec baldwin is here. [ cheers and applause ] we love alec. florida georgia line this week. it's a big week. [ cheers and applause ] but, first, we have a fantastic show tonight. he's one of the best actors of all time, and the star of the big new boxing movie opening this weekend called "hands of stone." robert de niro is on the show! [ cheers and applause ] ?
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that's the secret move. i gave away the ending. >> steve: that's the ending of the movie. >> jimmy: that's the ending of the movie. he does this dance and this. this is fun, oh, fun -- knockout. >> steve: knocks him out. hands made of stone. >> jimmy: you don't even know if they knocked him out. they go to the credits. they go to the credits. >> steve: they freeze frame. >> jimmy: you just picture in your head what would happen. >> steve: you decide the ending. j it's a true story, and robert de niro is great in everything, isn't he? he's fantastic. so, we'll talk to bobby d. >> steve: that's what you call him. >> jimmy: i don't say it to his face. >> steve: not to his face. >> jimmy: no, not to his face. >> steve: what's bobby d doing? >> jimmy: plus, he's one of the greatest golfers in the world. he was the 2015 pga player of the year, i love this guy. jordan spieth is stopping by! [ cheers and applause ] and we have great music from
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>> jimmy: oh, yeah! "in the name of love." a good jam. it's going to be fun tonight. i'm so psyched. guys, it's late august, and you know what that means. it's back to school time. yeah. [ audience groans ] that's right kids. sorry, you gotta go back to school. you got to start hitting those books and giving those teachers dirty looks. look, i don't want you guys reading any stinkers, so i want to help you out. i'm about to show you some books to avoid at all costs in case you're in too >> steve: right. >> jimmy: getting ready for school. >> steve: sure. >> jimmy: and you see these titles -- avoid them. at all costs. that's right. it's time for my latest installment of my "do not read list." don't read. ? do not read do not read do not read these books these books ? >> jimmy: i love doing this segment, because these are all real books, okay? seriously. what i'm about to show you, every book is 100% real. they're actual books. you can find them on amazon. you can check them out at your
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hey. >> steve: you're saying don't read them. >> jimmy: i'll let you make the decision. they are real. let's see what's on my do not read list. this first one is a how-to book. >> steve: oh, good. love 'em. >> jimmy: you love how-to books. >> steve: how-to books. diy. >> jimmy: well this is fantastic. this is "ten ways to destroy the imagination of your child." [ laughter ] >> steve: oh, good. i've been looking for that. >> jimmy: i think my dad read this to me. [ laughter ] next up is a mystery book. >> steve: oh, mystery. love them. >> jimmy: this is called "ho-ho-homicide." [ laughter ] it's got two things everyone likes, christmas and murder. [ laughter ] ?
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what's that? >> steve: who killed him? santa? >> jimmy: no, the two prostitutes. >> steve: really? [ laughter ] they're just visiting the north pole? >> jimmy: i didn't get to the -- i didn't get to the end of it. next up is a crafts book. >> steve: oh, crafting. i love crafting. >> jimmy: crafty, yeah. this is "toilet paper origami." there you go. delight your guests with fancy folds and simple surface embellishments. take a look at some gems. >> steve: i would fold my toilet paper. >> jimmy: look at this. this is a fandangle. [ laughter ] if you want to call them out while you're in there. "i love your fandangle, gary!" >> steve: a little help here! i'm out. >> jimmy: took me a few hours, but i got it figured out. or you can pull this out. this is the swanky hanky.
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[ light laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, spanky, yeah. we'll cut this out. we won't air that. >> steve: kids don't need to know that. >> jimmy: we won't never air that. >> steve: never. need some more toilet paper. >> jimmy: "like your swanky hanky." "thank you. took me four hours, i'd rather you not use it. took four hours of folding." [ laughter ] use a towel. [ laughter ] next up is an encyclopedia. >> steve: oh, i love an encyclopedia. >> jimmy: i lonc 24/6. >> jimmy: this one's called "the little encyclopedia of dishcloths." >> steve: oh! >> jimmy: perfect for anyone who's ever said, "you know, i know a few things about dish clothes, but i'm hungry." >> steve: for knowledge. >> jimmy: my brain's hungry for knowledge. i'm hungry to know more. >> steve: i got to read about them dishcloths. what do you got? >> jimmy: well, you know i'm talking about this right here. classic granny square, fast favorite. faucet angel. nubby, nubby mesh. >> steve: love it. >> jimmy: everyone's favorite,
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spanky hanky likes that too. >> jimmy: no. swanky -- >> steve: swanky. >> jimmy: swanky. >> steve: swanky hanky. sorry. >> jimmy: no spanky hanky. "you've been in the bathroom a a long time there, greg." "just call me hank." >> steve: "just call me hanky." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "we shouldn't have invited spanky hanky over. what do you want with it?" >> steve: "what is he supposed to do?" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "swanky. looks fantastic. fashionable, hair combed." >> steve: "velvet jacket. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we're down to our last one. this is a children's book. this is good. anyone with kids out there this is a book called "rhymes with duck." >> steve: oh!. >> jimmy: you got truck, luck, buck. >> steve: cluck, muck -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what else rhymes with duck? >> tariq: i got one. >> jimmy: what's that? what is it?
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>> tariq: f -- >> jimmy: yeah? >> tariq: f -- >> jimmy: yeah? >> tariq: f -- >> jimmy: you got one? [ laughter ] you got one? forget it, tariq, don't worry about it. that's all i have for this edition of my "do not read list." [ cheers and applause ] do you have a book that you think should be on our next "do not read list" i would like to see it. send your titles to our blog at we'll be right back with more of "the tonight show." [ cheers and applause ] ? ? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn?
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, guys! welcome back! you know, i always say -- oh, i love you. i always say that out show is lucky to have the greatest band in "late night," the roots there, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] but it isn't always fun and games. from time to time, we put the roots to the test. we pick people from the
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make up songs about them on the spot. it's time for "freestyling with the roots." here we go! [ cheers and applause ] ? time to freestyle with the roots ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, roots, you ready to do this!? [ cheers and applause ] let's pick someone? raise your hand if you want the roots to make a song up about you on the spot. [ cheers and applause ] how about you? how ou yeah, absolutely. absolutely. perfect. hi, beautiful. how are you? nice to see you. [ applause ] ah, what is your name? >> nila. >> jimmy: nila, all right. now, a lot of people are going on road trips during the summer. if you go on a road trip, where do you want to go? >> italy. >> jimmy: oh -- [ laughter ] that's a long road trip, but
11:56 pm
places. "okay, yeah, go to italy, of course." take a road trip to italy. all right. what three other people would you want in the car with you? >> you -- [ cheers ] questlove --e >> jimmy: hey, questlove! >> and bob de niro. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: me, questlove, and robert de niro. you can call him "bob." >> yes! [ applause ] >> jimmy: i love that. okay. guys, nila is here. isn't she the coolest? if she went on a road trip, she wants to go to italy. and the passengers she would me -- [ laughter ] you, questlove, and bobby d. [ laughter ] robert de niro. so, speaking of road trips in this next one, could you -- this one -- could you do a a willie nelson, like, "on the road again" type of song? >> questlove: hang on. >> jimmy: tariq is seriously writing. here we go. i can hold this. ? [ clapping ] ? ? hey y'all nila came out to the show
11:57 pm
? i said so how does it go ? my friends ? ? she said she would love to visit she'd love to see italy ? ? that's one place she had never been ? [ clapping ] ? ? well when she took that italian trip ? ? she said jimmy questlove and bobby de niro she would like to go with them ? ? hey nila how you feel-a ? ? ? it's a big deal you're here on the show well welcome back again ? >> jimmy: i'll, i'll cut through. i'll cut through -- i'm gonna cut through here. [ cheers and applause ] excuse me for a second. i'm just gonna walk through here. hey, how are you doing? >> hey. >> jimmy: hey, i like your head. how you doing? hey, buddy. nice to see you buddy. >> you too. >> jimmy: oh, you are. you are. how you doing, pal? how are you? >> what's up, jim? >> jimmy: nice to see you. you can call me jim, i guess, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jim. >> jimmy: yeah. how are you doing? how are you? >> good, how are you? >> jimmy: how are you doing? how you doing, buddy?
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[ cheers and applause ] this side! this side! [ cheers and applause ] this is the side that i want! [ cheers and applause ] here you go. all right, very good. what is your name? >> danielle. >> jimmy: danielle. very good, danielle. danielle. the olympics just ended yesterday. what's your favorite olympic event? >> gymnastics. >> jimmy: ooh, gymnastics. those girls are amazing. [ laughter ] if you could pick anything to be a new olympic event. it doesn't have to be a sport, just be something you're good at it, what would it be? >> something i'm good at? [ laughter ] i have no idea. golf? >> jimmy: yeah! are you a golfer? >> not at all. >> jimmy: that is an olympic event. that's an olympic event. >> that was the first thing that came to my head. >> jimmy: it's something that's isn't if you can pick -- >> oh, i'm sorry. >> jimmy: we can have golf, two. i mean, that would be two rounds of golf. i mean, it's already is an olympic event, yeah. also is riding strange horses, but i didn't know until this evening, so yeah. [ laughter ] if you could do anything, what do you love doing? >> um. >> jimmy: yeah. >> beer pong. [ cheers and applause ]
11:59 pm
? the truth! the truth has been spoken! [ laughter and applause ] beer pong! that's what i'm talking about! we got to have our own olympics next year. guys, we have danielle here, and her favorite event is gymnastics. she loves gymnastics, but if she could have any event, any olympic event happen that she's good at, it got to be beer pong. i mean, come on. it takes skill. it takes skill. are this weekend, and our pal, drake, nominated for six awards. can you guys do drake kind of song? is that tough? ? ? you you you ? ? [ clapping ] ? yeah danielle dan danielle i wouldn't lie to you ? ? you i wouldn't lie not like ryan lochte i can't swim ? ? yeah yeah ? ?
12:00 am
she said it's gymnastics i said fantastic ? ? i can't back flip yeah yeah yeah but i'd wait my whole life long ? ? just to get a one time and play game of beer pong with my friends ? ? ? one time in the beer pong just to play a game with danielle ? ? okay when does that begin ? ? >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about! [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much. ah, it's so funny. danielle. thanks to these guys! thanks you to the roots! [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with robert de niro!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest this evening is a multiple academy and golden globe award-winning actor who stars in the big new movie about the legendary boxing career of roberto duran. it is called "hands of stone." it's in theaters this friday. it's always a great honor to have him back to our show. please welcome mr. robert de niro! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: oh, a standing ovation. they love you, they love you. new york, you're a local -- local guy. yeah, i guess so, yeah. thank you so much for coming on the show again. i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> jimmy: you just went to the sarajevo film festival?
12:06 am
>> i guess that's what it was, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: more or less that, yeah. something of those lines, yeah. that's a treat. but you brought the family with you? >> i brought my two sons -- two of my sons. it was just for a -- 24 hours, but it was a very interesting place to go to, and i'm glad i did. >> jimmy: yeah. did you turn it into a -- like a vacation at all? >> well, i was doing -- world. i was in a boat in the mediterranean, so i just went over. >> jimmy: is that you -- is that how robert de niro vacations? you go on a boat? [ light laughter ] >> if i'm lucky to get a boat, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how big is the boat? >> how big? it was pretty big. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pretty big boat, there. it's pretty big. [ laughter ] pretty big boat. because i would like to, i'd like to go -- i'd like to go on a boat trip with you. that'd be fun. >> we might do that one day.
12:07 am
she wants to go on vacation with you, too. we'll all go on a trip together. there she is. [ cheers and applause ] she wants to go with you. come on. we'll get on a boat together, yeah. i always wanted to do -- 'cause i have -- i have just two little kids. i have a three and a year and a a half, but i want to do an rv trip. >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: have you done that? >> no, but i've thought of doing it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we're like twins. [ light laughter ] well, if i decide to do it, i'll give you a call. >> okay. >> jimmy: i'll pick you up at the dock. [ light laughter ] i want to talk about the -- there's two things i want to discuss. one is -- you're co-directing a a broadway musical? >> yes. "a bronx tale." >> jimmy: i love "a bronx tale." [ cheers and applause ] calogero, loved it. >> yeah, with jerry zaks. and chaz palminteri, of course. not in it, but very much a part of, you know, the whole creation of it. >> jimmy: tommy mottola and the dodgers are producing. >> yes. >> jimmy: who did "jersey boys" and -- >> yes. >> jimmy: alan menken did the
12:08 am
academy award-winning, but he also wrote the songs for "sausage party." [ laughter ] he probably doesn't want to write it on his resume, but still. [ light laughter ] but i love this story, and i think -- and i love that -- of course. who else could co-direct it? i mean, i want, because you saw this as like -- chaz was a a one-man show or something? >> well, it was a, i saw it when chaz did it as a one-man show about -- over 20, 23 years ago or something. he was doing it then. he wrote the script. i did the movie. then i've always thought it would be a terrific musical. >> jimmy: of course, all the great music of that time. >> yeah. i mean, it's not -- the style of it is different because there's certain things, rules, if you will, that you have to adhere to in doing a musical. it's not -- we tried in the beginning to make it something else, but we had to go through, like, a process -- >> jimmy: it's a long thing to make, i don't think people realize. >> years. >> jimmy: how long. yeah. years? >> yeah, what i've heard is around five years, and
12:09 am
you know it's a process and you can't put it out there 'till it's ready to be put out there. >> jimmy: well, this is going to be ready december 1st at the longacre theater, and that's awesome. congratulations on that. i'll be there for that. [ cheers and applause ] i love "a bronx tale." and chaz, and you, and tommy so speaking of love, "hands of stone." you're fantastic yet again. i don't know if anyone's ever told you, you're a good actor. [ laughter ] i just wanted to make it official, yeah. [ light laughter ] but it's the roberto duran story, and, man, i did k his story at all. i knew he was a great fighter, and then there's a whole thing, a scandal about the "no mas" thing, which he says he didn't say, but -- against sugar ray leonard. and usher plays sugar ray leonard. >> yeah. he's terrific. >> jimmy: he is fantastic. >> he and edgar, they both worked very, very hard. they're both terrific in it. >> jimmy: and were you a big boxing fan, or no? >> you know, for "raging bull", i worked on it, and so on. and i, in fact, met -- when i was working on "raging bull," i
12:10 am
i was very impressed with him, because he was kind of a very elegant -- people call him like a banker. he did not look like the trainer that we're all used to seeing in, you know, for real, and even in movies. >> jimmy: but he was the first trainer to ever be inducted into the boxing hall of fame, right? >> yes. >> jimmy: that's amazing. >> i'm not sure about that. if he was, he was. >> jimmy: well, yeah. no, i -- [ laughter ] i said that. quote me. quote me on that, he didn't say it. [ laughter ] i do his wikipedia page, so i just mak u >> good, good, good. >> jimmy: he also just won gold in the olympics, as well. yeah. [ laughter ] i'm just making things up. >> good, good. >> jimmy: but he's -- i like the way he has this kind of -- he's not a screamer, you know, yelling. he's more of a thinking man. >> yeah. >> jimmy: trainer. >> yeah, exactly. more -- not cerebral, but just a guy who is more of a thinking man's trainer, if you will. even when i -- my first -- when i did meet him, i was very impressed with just his
12:11 am
here's robert de niro and edgar ramirez in "hands of stone," in theaters friday. check this out. >> what, you work for him or what? >> are you out of your mind? what am i doing here? i don't need this. >> yeah, because he's gringo -- >> listen, you stupid little schmuck. you want me to leave here? i can leave you in the corner by yourself. now, behave yourself, act like a grownup, and stop being a a baby. >> i'm nervous, okay? >> i know you're nervous, but look at him, he's -- >> you're making it worse, okay? >> oh, i'm -- you're making yourself worse. >> okay, relax, though. >> no, you relax. you get out there, and you show me what you can do. you pace yourself. you be the boss! you be the boss! [ cheers and applause ] i auditioned for that role. i didn't get it. our thanks to robert de niro! don't miss "hands of stone" in theaters this friday! golfer jordan spieth joins us after the break. stick around, everybody!
12:12 am
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is only 23 years old and already one of the best golfers in the world.
12:17 am
fedex cup at the barclays tournament on golf channel. please give it up for jordan spieth! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: oh, jordan spieth! >> hey, jimmy! >> jimmy: how you doing, buddy? >> i'm doing great. how about you? >> jimmy: i'm doing good. thank you so much for coming on -- >> i'm happy to be here. >> jimmy: really? >> love the show. >> jimmy: good, well, i love you back. i'm happy you're on the show. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you come on all the time if you want. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, we have a lot in common. one is that we both golf. [ laughter ] some are better than others in a lot of things -- [ laughter ] but i don't want to brag. but, our grandfathers got us into golf. is that true? >> yeah, yeah. so, cool story. my grandpa, mom's dad -- >> jimmy: do you call him "grandpa?" >> gramps. >> jimmy: gramps.
12:18 am
>> he used to build my first set of clubs. he'd order from catalogs, different -- different heads, different grips, shots, whatever it may be, put it together, and we'd go up there every year as a family for a a reunion. >> jimmy: where, in texas? >> actually, he's in north carolina. >> jimmy: north carolina. >> so, we'd travel over there. >> jimmy: is he a big golfer? >> he was, yeah. he liked it. he was in the military. and then, he just kind of loved the game of golf. and, you know, i -- it's actually -- i love the game -- started my love for the game when he built me this 5 wood. and there was a little creek behind the house i used to try to clear. and i think i may have been 6 or 7 years old, and i finally hit it over. it was one of the coolest moments, and kind of i fell in love with the game from that on. >> jimmy: i want to make grandpa proud. here's a picture of you and granpa. [ audience aws ] i mean, come on. >> in the troy aikman jersey. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly, yeah. come on. that's super cute. my grandpa was -- i was in the backyard, and we had tomato plants and then, the garden.
12:19 am
holding up all the tomato plants, and one had, like, a a funny end on it. and i go, "what's that thing, grandpa?" and grandpa goes, "that's a a golf club." [ laughter ] come on. >> that's amazing. >> jimmy: and so, he pulled it out of the dirt and introduced me to the game, and i swear -- [ laughter ] >> that's how you -- >> jimmy: and that's how good his game was. [ laughter ] he using clubs as other things. but he said, "if you play this, you'll play the game for the rest of your life." and he's right. you know, and i still play. i'm not good or anything, but you got to see my tomatoes. [ laughter ] it's unbelievable. they're fantastic. but even your putter has -- this is interesting. you brought this. this is your original cover? >> no. >> jimmy: no. >> but it's the putter i've used for -- some seven, eight years now. used to be all black, and now it's kind of rusted and chipped up, and -- >> jimmy: yeah, look at this thing. it's like rust on the inside of it. do you still use this? >> yeah, i still use it. that's -- i got -- there's been a couple nights i've been happy enough, i've slept with it. [ laughter ]
12:20 am
>> jimmy: i'll let you hold this, yeah. [ laughter ] come on here and ask me to hold your putter. >> threatening to break it, too, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you slept with it, yeah. now, but the -- this is a new grip on it? >> yeah, it's a brand new grip. >> jimmy: you eventually have to change your grip. but, i mean, you're one of the best in the game. and i watch, and i go, "oh, my gosh." you get nervous when you play? it's silly question because i'm you do get nervous. >> yeah, of course, yeah. but not as nervous on this show, like, you know, here, but -- >> jimmy: on our show? >> yeah. >> jimmy: not anymore, though, i got it now. [ laughter ] >> i've been lucky to meet a a lot of cool people playing golf. >> jimmy: you ever play with bill murray? >> i have, i played with bill murray a couple times. he's probably up there with -- he's one of the most fun people i've ever played golf with. the guy just works over a a crowd. i played a few rounds with him. he's just the ultimate entertainer. he's corky, he's goofy -- >> jimmy: yeah, he is. >> and you love every part of it. i mean, the guy can, for five and a half hours straight in a a pro-am, on every hole find a
12:21 am
i mean, he, most recently, took a guy who said, "hey, bill." you know, everyone reaches out to him -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> and whatever, and gave him a a cigar. and he walked over to my manager's 9-year-old son, gave it to him. >> jimmy: what a nice guy, yeah. >> his 9-year-old looks at it for a second, and he's like, "what the hell am i supposed to do with this?" he gives it back -- he gives it back to bill and go -- you know, in front of a group, bill says, "wait, are you trying to quit?" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: quitter. a 9-year-old kid, yeah. >> just stuff like that. >> jimmy: he really does cool stuff. >> cool, yeah. >> jimmy: oh, i love him. i saw clips of you doing fun stuff. you do a lot of stuff with kids. but also this thing is a clip of, you chipped a marshmallow up in the air and then, caught it in your mouth? >> yeah. it was the second try, and i miraculously, like, somehow caught it and fell over in the process. >> jimmy: i have a clip. >> it was pretty fun. >> jimmy: jordan spieth chipping a marshmallow into his mouth.
12:22 am
[ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: that's the greatest. that's the greatest! that's what you should do! [ applause ] >> jimmy: well, i wanted to -- i wanted to give you good vibes for the barclays coming up. so i was wondering if you want to chip a marshmallow and i'll catch it. >> okay. >> jimmy: is that all right? >> we can give it a shot. >> jimmy: i got this guy here. this will work? >> yeah, this will work right. >> jimmy: all right, good. that's perfect. i don't know what degree wedge that is. i don't wh - launching wedge. where should i stand? here? >> i think you should go back a a little ways. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. don't hurt me! don't hurt me with the marshmallow. >> i'm like the putt. i have washed my hands. >> jimmy: no, i know. yeah, yeah, yeah. thanks, yeah. please, jordan, please. i held your putter earlier. we're good. [ laughter ] it's the least of our worries. >> all right. >> jimmy: all right, buddy. here we go. good luck to you, man. [ drumroll ] >> oh, it's low. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: my mouth is up here! >> that's my bad. >> jimmy: want me to lay down?
12:23 am
>> jimmy: here we go. >> yeah, you might have to do that. >> jimmy: oh! [ audience ohs ] >> one more, one more. here we go. here we go. >> jimmy: replay that. my tounge touched that one. >> all right. >> jimmy: if you do that again, i think i can do it. [ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: try one more time. ? >> jimmy: i'll take that one everyday. thank you, brother! jordan spieth! show a replay of that! catch him playing the barclays this weekend on golf channel. we'll be right back m bebe rexha! ? [ cheers and applause ] it's a golden opportunity to discover that in a lexus suv there are no adverse conditions.
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: she is a rising pop star whose debut solo album is out this fall. we love her. he is an internationally-acclaimed d.j., musician, and producer who is making his u.s. television debut with us tonight. performing "in the name of love", with a little help from
12:29 am
[ cheers and applause ] ? ? if i told you this was only gonna hurt if i warned you that the fire's gonna burn ? ? would you walk in would you let me do it first do it all in the name of love ? ? would you let me lead you even when you're blind ? ? in the darkness in the middle of the night in the silence ? ? when there's no one by your side in the name of love ? ? in the name of love name of love in the name of love name of love ? ? in the name of ? ?
12:30 am
? if i told you we could bathe in all the lights ? ? would you rise up come and meet me in the sky would you trust me ? ? when you're jumping from the highs would you fall in the name of love ? ? when there's madness when there's poison in your head ? ? when the sadness leaves you broken in your bed i will hold you ? ? in the depths of your despair and it's all in the name of love ? ? in the name of love name of love in the name of love name of love ? ? in the name of ? ? ?
12:31 am
? i wanna testify scream in the holy light you bring me back to life ? ? and it's all in the name of love ? ? i wanna testify scream in the holy light you bring me back to life ? ? and it's all in the name of love ? ? in the name of love name of love in the name of love name of love ? ? in the name of ? ? ? ?
12:32 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. martin garrix! [ cheers ] bebe rexha! available now. we'll be right back, everybody! [ cheers and applause ]
12:33 am
12:36 am
? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to robert de niro, jordan spieth, martin garrix, bebe rexha, and the roots right there, ladies and gentlemen, from philadelphia! [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thanks for watching. have a great night. hope to see you tomorrow. bye bye, everybody! [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] ? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it'slate night with seth meyers." tonight henry wingler, from mrrobot, actress, grace gummer. music from jon bellion. featuring the 8g band with john bruster. ? [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] it is so good to be back. let's get to the news. the olympics wrapped up over the weekend with the united states coming out on top in all medal counts.


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