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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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fighting the zika virus. governor rick scott will be in the bay area for important meetings about the virus. plus a new warning for pregnant women. plus, a fatal crash in hillsborough county. and tracking the tropics. there is a lot of activity in the atlantic the this morning. overnight, tropical storm gaston gained strength and is not the only tropical system that we are tracking this morning. the latist advisory just ahead. -- the latest advisory just ahead. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. a big day for burger lovers
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a live picture here of goody goody the burgers. remember those? >> yes, i do. after 11 year, the iconic restaurant back. we will have much more on today's grand open manage minutes. but -- opening in a few minutes. but first, let's check on weather with ian oliver. all kinds of activity in the tropics. late august towards what is typically the peak of tropical season, september 10th. and tropical depression fiona, that is decaying over the next 48 hours. tropical storm gaston developed last night. that's expected to quickly become a hurricane. and we are closely watching invest 99l with the best chance to have an impact on the southeastern united states over the next few days. first, tropical storm gaston on, the newest named storm, the seventh of the season.
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and 99l hasn't developed into a tropical system yet. good agreement in the the tracks here, taking it towards the bahamas. by next week, somewhere off the coast of the southeastern united states. no cause for concern just yet but we will be tracking it closely through the rest of the work week into the weekend. >> all right. well, traffic is looking good. we have overnight construction but another than that, lookin great. i-4 through lakeland, no delays. and wesley chapel in and out of pasco county, up to speed there. here is the construction, northbound 75, the on-ramp from university is blocked so take fruitville or clark. and a couple lanes taken away westbound and then eastbound under the interstate. that should wrap up in about an hour. back to gene and gayle. happening today, governor rick scott will host two round table discussions to talk about the zika virus. so far, 37 locally transmitted
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confirmed in florida. mostly in miami-dade county. news channel 8's jamel lanee' joins us live. jamel, doctors say it's a matter of time before we could see cases in our area. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. that's right. doctors are telling women either to avoid getting pregnant or if you are pregnant, to use protection. that's how cautious they want people to be. governor rick scott is making several trips across the state and he will florida department of health in clearwater. now florida has become a hot spot for the zika virus. more than 35 cases have been reported in south florida. over the weekend, several non- travel related cases were reported in miami beach and some cases were reported on south beach. the centers for disease control is asking pregnant women to avoid the areas in south florida, maybe even consider traveling or reconsider
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pregnant women are in serious danger if they contract the zika virus. they risk delivering a baby with severe developmental problems. and local doctors are telling women to avoid getting pregnant all together. >> i've never said that before and it's obviously bad for business but if you can delay, delay. it's better to wait until we know more information. >> reporter: again, the governor plans to at 10:00 this morning. afterwards, he will travel to pasco county for another round table discussion at 1245:67:89 and afterwards -- at 12:45. and afterward, he will head to miami-dade for several other discussions. >> can you imagine the couples trying to start a family or doing in-vitro fertilization and all of a sudden being told to put the brakes on everything. thank you. right now, all northbound
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back open involving a 21-year- old cyclist. the cyclist was riding in the median when he traveled on to the road. he was hit by an suv and a car. you can see here the bike on the sidewalk. a witness tells us that cyclist was dragged at least a block. residents say speeding is a problem in the area. >> people driving up and down here 50, 60 miles per hour, if not faster. they act like it's a driveway. it's not an interstate or like -- it's bad here. there's a lot of accidents here on this corner. >> right now, we are still waiting to learn the victim's name after state troopers notify his family. sarasota police need help tracking down a pair of crooks who stole about $600 worth of security cameras. look at this surveillance video. you can see the two guys walking around surf and sand. one of them sitting in front of the camera there. there's a good shot. he grabs it and turns it off. if you recognize either of
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police department. prosecutors say robert whish forced a young woman into a life of prostitution using drug, alcohol and beatings to control him. and now he will spend 10 years in prison for his crimes followed by a 20-year probation. he was sentenced monday for his crimes. it came after tearful testimony from the young woman that he held against her will. happening today, i know it's early but it's time to start planning your lunch. if you have hamburger, you have probably heard of goody goody. you are in for a treat today. the iconic tampa restaurant is back. >> yeah, a true throw back. goody goody opens this morning in hyde park village more than a decade after it closed. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live outside the restaurant. ryan, this is a big day for the tampa restaurant scene and bringing back great memories for locals here like myself.
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as you know goody goody was bought but a new owner bought the rights to the recipes and original sign and now it's back. it is set to open at 7:00. we got a sneak peek inside yesterday and it still looks like the gold ole days and smells the and the menu has undergone some tweaks here and there but the originals remain. goody goody burgers with secret sauce, identifies and the famous butter scotch pie. the restaurant and menu bring back a taste of the olden days that he wants to recreate. >> it's a time when people enjoyed being together and sitting in the car and eating or sitting inside and having breakfast, lunch and dinner and you talk to one another. didn't text.
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of some of the first burgers cooked in their new joint. and of course, the famous butter scott pie will be onhand. back here live, in the next half hour, the owner is committed to getting produce and vegetables, all of that, from the united states specifically the tampa bay area. i will explain in the next half hour. should be a fun day on tap. >> with our schedule, since we wake up early, they need to fire up the grills almost lunchtime for us. >> i love the throw back in the design and decor. it will make you feel like you're going back in time and bring memories for many. and a lot of memories to share with that good food. ryan, thank you. you might have to line up outside of the goody goody to get in and get a burger today. i did see that he said he hope up at 7:00. and i believe that's when our show ends so something to consider over the next few hours. temperatures right now, still very mild.
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tuesday. upper 70s, low 80s. it's 83 degrees right now in tampa. 79 in plant city. 80 towards bartow. just 74 though as you head up towards brooksville. forecast temperatures up around 90 already at lunchtime. 93degrees the forecast high temperature. and that's a couple degrees shy of the record high temperature for this afternoon. and rapid refresh model shows widely scatter showers and thunderstorms around the second part of the day for the afternoon and evening. if you catch one, you get the cool down the above average heat we're expecting today. rain chances climb for the second half of the work week wednesday, thursday and friday and back up to around 40%. but those high temperatures holding steady, we're above average through the remainder of the work week into the first part of the weekend. looking at traffic right now, kicking off nicely. and thank you for not having slick roadways out there. we have dry roadways, that's nice. let's take a look at travel
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i-4 between each rain chance of the polk parkway, 13 minutes, that's it. and a good drive through pasco county. wesley chapel area looks good. state road 52 to 275 is roughly 11 minutes. and we have overnight construction, the diverging diamond intersection underway here at the sarasota county and manatee county line. we have lanes taken away eastbound and westbound on university. and also the on-ramp from university to northbound i-75 is blocked. should re-open in about an hour maybe less than that. in the meantime, you will need to clark and fruitville to the hop on the interstate northbound. that's a look at weather and traffic. now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. are you smarter than a fifth grader. parents frequently look up answers to math or science homework without tell thing their kids. where they're -- without telling their kids. where they're turning to find the answers. and the first child
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today. first, donald trump changing what he says about immigration. and hillary rodham clinton answering questions about her
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in your vote, the campaigns for donald trump and hillary rodham clinton are fighting hard for florida votes. clinton is in tallahassee this weekend. >> donald trump returns to tampa tomorrow afternoon with a stop at the state fairgrounds. meredyth censullo is in the news center this morning with a preview of what's happening today. >> reporter: new numbers will be release at 6:00 a.m. that could indicate if the election were ld would be on top. trump or clinton. the poll by nbc news and survey monkey for the past two weeks clinton has led by two points. we are getting indication that trump may be looking to change his tone on one of the most controversial topics on the campaign. he is team has been softening his stance to remove the estimated 11 million
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u.s. trump is struggling to win over mayorty vote, not just -- win over minority vote, not just hispanics but african- americans. clinton is facing new questions about the clinton foundation. bill clinton says he will stop raising money if his wife is elected. the conservative watchdog judicial watch has information revealing some big foundation donors got access to clinton through a and there's more turmoil over her personal emails. clinton is under fire from collin powell after she told the fbi he recommended she use personal emails. powell said she set up her email account before he wrote to her and that he never had a server at his home. again, those new poll numbers will be released at 6:00 a.m. and i'll have those numbers for you in the 6:30 half hour.
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sides. thank you. well comedian amy schumer takes aim at tampa and tampa gives it back. so many are reacting to her insulting comments about tampa bay on our facebook. here's the deal, in her new book "the girl with the lower back tattoo," she calls tampa a horrendous city and writes that no one who lives here has ever read a book amount i local bookstore is react -- bo is reacting. tampa mayor mob buckhorn hopes to change her view of tampa during an upcoming visit. >> certainly she is entitled to her opinion, as misinformed as it may be but if she got to know us like we know each other, she would probably want to move here. >> her comedy tour comes to amalie arena october 16th.
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>> people love her though. the family of a florida toddler is counting its blessings this morning. some saying it's a miracle that the child is even alive. you see crews trying to rescue the 2-year-old trapped in a tiny air pocket after the boat she was on capsized. this happened friday night in brevard county as parents and rescuers could hear her crying but could not find her. police helped pull her out and she was unharmed. thanks in part to jacket. thank goodness she was wearing one. we know the death of a 2- year-old lane graves at disney was a horrible accident. in the final report, the florida fish and wildlife commission says the boy did nothing to provoke the alligator, pointing out that he was trying to scoop wet sand into a small plastic buck whet the gator struck. and the report points out that a man alerted staff about gators in that lake about 45
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>> terrible. the wildfires in california continue to make headlines across america, especially this growing fire. take a look at the intense flames and smoke. this fire now covers more than 33,000 acres. this morning the so-called chimney fire is threatening more than a thousand structures in the area. nearby communities have been ordered to evacuate. firefighters say the fire remains 35% contained right now. later this morning, we will hear fr the world that received a double hand transplant. the 9-year-old seems to be doing just great. doctors are expected to give an update on his amazing progress today. he lost both hands and feet when he was two years old to a life-threatening infection that led to a kidney transplant. what a fighter he is. ian, how it is looking out there? >> a warm start to our tuesday and it will finish hot this
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chances, just like the last few days. a little better than the last couple days. 83degrees in tampa. 75 in apollo beach. 79 in lakeland. and cooler north and east, inverness at 37. and 74 -- at 73. and 74 in brooksville. quiet on the latest satellite and radar. we have high pressure in the gulf of mexico. that's been stifling our rain chances just a little bit. by around lunchtime, isolated showers possible. and this afternoon widely scattered showers and thunderstorms xerox copied. about a 30% rain chance this afternoon. but we will get back toward -- thunderstorms. about a 30% rain chance this afternoon. and widely scattered storms this afternoon, near record heat. the high temperature 93 degrees. just two degrees shy of the record. and we will hover in the low 90s the rest of the week with the rain chances bumping up a little bit for the next few days. leslee-- all right, the roadways right now.
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pinellas county from the 175 to the howard frankland bridge, leaving say the downtown st. pete area up to the bridge, just eight minutes either direction. and 275 coming out of pasco. once you hit bearss and then down to i-4, just nine minutes that way. and let's take a look on the veterans expressway. great drive up from state road 54 to ehrlich, that's just i-75 minutes. sun coast parkway up to speed as well. that's a look at weather and traffic on back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. gayle, how good will you score on your daughter's homework? >> thanks to google 55% of us frequently look up answers to math or science homework questions without telling hurricane joaquin children. i at least reveal that i do that. 79% of -- telling our children. i at least reveal that i do that. 36% turned to their significant other.
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>> whatever it takes. >> at the end of the day, you're just trying to help them. you have to wrap your head around it. you forget that stuff. we sit there a longtime. you got know what you're doing though. >> it's tough. i remember homework. it wasn't easy all the time. if you have time to actually sit down and have breakfast, maybe you want to go to your nearest ihop. $1 for a short a great cause behind it. and we think you should order two short stacks and blow your diet. we will tell you where the
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many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep?
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you might know this but today happens to be gene's favorite day. >> i'll pay full price. today it's only going to cost a dollar to get pancakes at ihope and the more you order, the more you contribute to a great cause. isn't that nice? from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. today, ihop restaurants offer a short stack of butter milk pancakes for just a buck. and get this, all the proceeds will benefit no kid hungry. that's a special campaign. today's goal is to serve 1 million pancakes to make an impact in the lives of hungry children. go over there, get your fill and enjoy the pancakes and help out a good cause. >> such a great cause. some state troopers are proving they can have some fun.
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lip syncing skills at the indiana state fair. you got to see this. ? tell me more, tell me more ? ? did you get very far ? >> how did they pick who got to be the girl? >> i don't know, leslee lacey is dancing in her seat over there. >> she loves herself some john travolta. i love the hats here. the four state troopers lip sync summer nights from th movie "grease." the video was posted online and, yeah, it's already a big hit. >> leslee is going to have black spandex stuck in her head. weather and traffic on the 8s is just three minutes away.
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rain chance still limbed to 30% for widely scattered showers and thunderstorms this
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zika virus alert this florida. the virus is spreading and many fear the bay area will become a hot zone. how governor rick scott is bringing a message of prevention to our area. and monitoring your children on social media. it 8 is on 8 on your side this morning with one mom's story who has made it her mission to protect her daughter online. a look at some of her strategies that could help you. and tracking the tropics. we are waking up to a new tropical storm swirling in the atlantic. gaston. and while we keep an eye on that storm, another system could move closer to florida. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. ian oliver is in for leigh spann this morning.


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