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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  August 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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now four headlines at 4:00. number one, several storms that were tracking -- that we're tracking in the tropics as things heat up. today the governor is in tampa bay th fight zika virus. preparing for donald trump. the presidential candidate is scheduled to be in town tomorrow. and number four, tv rating, what they're not telling you about children's programming. good afternoon. i'm josh benson. >> and i am stacie schaible. and right now, storms are brewing in the tropics. >> thank you, stacie. we are watching a couple areas in the thereabout. of course, -- in the atlantic.
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of fiona. you can say good-bye to fiona. we have tropical storm gaston strengthening in the atlantic and we are watching closely invest 99l which currently has a 60% chance of development. gaston moving off west, northwest at 21 miles per hour. expected to strengthen into a hurricane but we're not expecting this to impact florida and likely not even the u.s. as it makes the open atlantic. and what we're watching more closely is the tropical wave, invest 99l, you can see the spaghetti models bringing the storm to the north and west. and by the weekend, you can see it's moving in the direction of florida. so it's still a ways away. right now, not a tropical depression. not a named storm. but there's a 60% chance of development, especially towards the end of this week. and we have the hurricane hunters out today investigating
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was, it's still very disorganized. just a tropical wave. did see wind gusts up to 37 miles per hour within this storm but again, at this point, it's just too unorganized to become an official system. connerton at land o'lakes, the local look, 98 degrees. a full look coming up in the full forecast. and some new concerns right now about a case of the governor rick scott revealed today that person has not traveled to the miami area or outside of the country. and as news channel 8's jeff patterson shows us, officials are working to the find out how the person contracted zika virus and if they could spread it. >> reporter: it's places like this where mosquitoes could breed. the governor is urging everyone to dump standing water as the state now looks to find out how the latest case of the zika
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county was transmitted. >> now just because we have one case here doesn't mean we have local transmission. >> reporter: governor rick scott met with local officials in pinellas county and then pasco county to brief them on the latest information about the zika virus in florida. there are now 42 non-travel related cases of zika virus in the state and one case is in pinellas county. meaning a person in pinellas county has the virus but has not traveled to miami or out of the next step for state and local officials is to do detective work to try to find out where they contracted the virus. the governor maintains there are still only two areas in the state where zika virus is being locally transmitted. one in the winwood area north of miami and the other in miami beach. the state has not discovered any mosquitoes with the zika virus in pinellas county but they are stepping up their
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>> the zika virus can make anyone sick with flu-like symptoms, but even if it doesn't, if the mosquito bites a person, it could then spread to other people. and today 8 on your side has answers from a professional. dr.jill, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> it's a scary topic. >> it's scary. >> are advising patients not to get pregnant? >> not all honestly, stacie, if you're an area with active zika virus transmission, i would tell my patients to consider delaying pregnancy until we have more answers. there's so many unanswered questions that we need more time. now an example of someone i wouldn't tell that to, let's take a 38-year-old woman who is in a new relationship and wants to start a family. her issue is time. she doesn't have a huge amount of time until her riffings go
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but if you're young and you don't need to get pregnant right now, talk to your doctor. every case is individual. >> and seems to me there's two the kinds of prevention, mosquito spray and birth control. >> absolutely. so for one, what can you do today? protect yourself from the mosquitoes. make sure you're wearing repellent, wearing long sleeved clothing. i know that sounds crazy in florida but keeping the sun off your skin might keep you cooler. and the governor is being aggressive about spraying for mosquitoes. that's important. and your partner has to be careful about not spreading zika virus to you because it's sexually transmitted. if you are of child bearing age and you live in an area where there's zika virus or a concern that the area is going to and have zika virus, get on birth control. you don't want an unintended pregnancy right now. >> that's all good advice.
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pregnant already and worried. >> that's the scary one. one, don't worry right now because you can't change the pregnancy. but follow my direction. make sure you to protect yourself from the mosquito, abtape from sex or use condoms -- >> even while pregnant. >> definitely while pregnant because you're most at risk. >> all good advice. >> it appears to not be going away any time soon. >> you got it. >> thank you. >> over to you, josh. >> president is touring flood damage in the baton rouge area and meeting with victim, some that lost everything. the president hugged people amid the piles of debris. he is telling them and their nation that the country and their government are there for them. flooding rains destroyed an estimated 60,000 homes. and now your vote 2016. republican presidential nominee donald trump trump is gearing up for two events in the bay
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fairgrounds tomorrow afternoon. thousands are expected for a speech at 1:00. and he will have a private meeting at the fairgrounds as well. and he will not only focus on policy but drumming up grass roots efforts as well. >> what do you think is important for mr. trump to get across tomorrow? >> i don't think there's one specific message more than another in terms of an issue. i think it's important we continue to encourage people to get out to vote. >> the trump campaign ll they have signed up 30,000 volunteers in florida. doors open for tomorrow's event at 10:00 a.m. also on voters' minds today, next week's florida primary. >> and while former governor charlie crist isn't on the ballot until november, the republican turned democrat could be a factor in other races. mike vasilinda explains. >> reporter: as governor charlie crist had sky high approval ratings, he hugged president barack obama and now
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the other, he's the boogeyman in conservative circles. in the gop pri my, opponents are slamming each other over their ties to crist. >> thomas kept collecting her government paycheck. >> reporter: and in fort myer, he is the object of shame in the heated state senate race. >> voted for the tax increases and all those to bah ma stimulus dollars. >> reporter: why is he such a big target? we scientists. >> main stream republicans here. and they were offended by his -- what they might call being a turn coat. >> reporter: and like it or not, the former governor could be a factor in the coming week's primary and he's not even on the ballot. mike vasilinda. adults use social media very differently than teenagers. that's why one woman wants classes to bridge that gap. we will show you why she is
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now your consumer watch. right now, fried chicken- scented sunscreen. at claiming it smells like chicken but has enough protection to keep you from getting extra crispy. it had folks flocking to kfc's website this week. they gave out all of the sunscreen within just a few hours. and americans love a bar din and they are going to outlet malls to get the bargains. 26% of americans shopper visited at least one discount shopping center in july. that's up four points from
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malls fell to the lowest point since june 2015. and target plans to focus more on technology. the aim is to enhance the customer experience in stores. target plans to devote more resources to the website including offering the choice to pick up more online orders in store. it's also looking at the supply chain to make sure stores are well stocked. well, target is a good choice for a lot of back-to- school shopping, no doubt. but getting out of any still on budget, that can be a tough task. luckily today, 8 is on your side has -- luckily today, 8 on your side has some answers. you had a god point, the olympics have been on and people have been blewed to the tvs and now let's get back to school and get stuff at the store. -- have been glued to the tvs and now let's get back to school and get stuff at the
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there's a lot of great marketing and you probably get more than you need. you can always go back if you need more but take care of the budget by not over doing it. >> and check what you have first before you leave for the store. once you're in the store, they've got you. >> yeah, and if you don't know what you already have, you will buy it all again. so look, you know, in the closet, in the drawer, in the backpack from last school year. and see >> it's nice to have new stuff. but-- >> a pencil is a pencil. >> and you suggest buying in bulk as well. that's smart. >> yeah, definitely the way to go. what you need buying more of it, you might find thing, especially now that school is getting back and starting, bigger packaging of items, you might take care of a better dollar amount.
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trying to set limits. i know that's tough but when people go to the the store, they should have a limit in your mind. >> you really need to. if go in thinking, gather everything, it adds up. set a limit on yourself. it might keep you from looking at the bigger ticket items for school that you don't actually need. maybe last year's backpack will work. things like that. >> hard to believe it's already school time. >> i know. >> thank >> send it back to you, stacie. and more back-to-school tips. like many communication tool, social media is used differently by teens than adults and. that's why one tampa area mom is appealing to schools to educate parents. as news channel 8's meredyth censullo finds out, it started
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an online scare. >> reporter: nicole stone has the passwords to her daughter's social media accounts. >> i put her stuff on private but i caught her taking it off of private. because they want to be internet sensations because that's popular now. >> reporter: she started using an app to monitor her daughter's activity but that didn't stop strangers from communicating with her kid. >> i don't know if all children are doing this but her and her friends do group chats and do multiple friends. and she was talking to somebody she's never physically met before. >> reporter: nicole's response, take the phone away. but she struggles with that decision. >> what do you do? you allow them to be like socially awkward because they don't know what's going on with everybody else. and have no -- i mean, this controls them. their social world. >> reporter: nicole wishes her daughter's school taught classes to parents on social
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herself, how to use every platform just to keep tabs on her child. >> you have to be, 100% have to be. if you're not, you're just letting the world be exposed to your child, not your child being exposed to the world. >> reporter: meredyth censullo, news channel 8. >> and news channel 8 checked with hillsborough county schools where nicole's daughter is enrolled and the school system does have a one-hour cyber security class that parent cans take. however, it's up to the school to schedule that class and let parents know it's available. summer marchs on. >> yes, it does. >> a lot to talk about. >> just this pattern for the next month or two? >> you know how it is in florida, for another month or two. october is when we start to finally see relief. until then -- >> buckle up. >> and you can see the rain
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next couple days. about a 40% chance of rain each afternoon. no surprises through the end of the week. at 9:00 p.m., we could see isolated showers around. partly cloudy sky, temperatures in the mid-80s. when you wake up tomorrow morning, we will be in the upper 70s. we started off today around 81 in tampa. so it was already steamy. and by the afternoon hours, we will top back out in the mid- 90s. bringing in a good 40% chance of scattered storms. and a good am tomorrow. at this point, the activity isolated on the radar. you can see a lot of lightning to the north in citrus, hernando county. picked up over 600 strikes in the last hour. so we are tracking heavy rain moving into the gulf of mexico through sugarmill woods and pine island, expect to see rain at your doorstep at this point. and tracking some more spotty showers towards keystone. and a shower toward new port
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and th's ving into eastern hillsborough county. so places like tampa, south tampa, we could likely see rain in the next couple hours. to the south, all is quiet on the radar. no rain just yet. a weak front to the north. don't get excited about that. no cooler air headed our way. showers and thunderstorms move out towards the coast as we head through the evening hours. by 9:00 p.m. or so, i think most of the rain will be over with though so after sunset tonight and then quiet into the overnight hours. a few though. but when you wake up tomorrow morning, it won't feel as bad as this morning did. we will be in the upper 70s to start the day. wednesday afternoon, scattered storms develop. about a 40% chance of rain, that's typical of what we would expect to see this time of year. again, in the late afternoon evening hours. thursday morning, comfortable temperature, mid- to upper 70s, partly cloudy skies, and heat back up into the low to mid- 90s. this northeasterly flow is really a warm flow for us.
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temperatures above average i would say through the end of the week into next week. at this point, we're still at 97 in fish hawk. 95 in zephyrhills. 94 in wimauma. 77 in inverness where we have seen nearby rain. about a 40% rain chance each afternoon into this weekend. and coming up at 4:30, another look at the tropics and what we're track out there. guys-- >> okay, thank you for that. guess which actress is getting paid more than else. >> we need a july roll. jennifer lawrence. she is the highest paid actress in the world. the hunger games star made $46 million before taxes over the year. she also had a nice payday from passenger, a movie that's coming out this year. this is lawrence's second year in a row at the top of that top paid actress list. >> poor lady. >> yeah. the current television rating systems is not accurate. and does not help parents judge
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and that is the conclusion of a new study. scientists believe violence is glamorized on tv. parents are encouraged to watch with their children and talk about risky behavior. >> good advice. coming up, a bay area hero rescues sea turtles from a drain. we are going to talk to the 4- year-old coming up at 4:30. and a frightening surprise when a car crashes into a jewelry store. we will show yo happened and exactly what happened. and then in first at 4:00 sport, the bucs welcome the cleveland browns to training camp. find out why the coach was upset. and developments on all of today's biggest stories with jenn holloway, julie phillips and me every night on great 38 at 8:00.
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dan lucas -- >> what you got for us? >> cleveland browns spending the week with the bucs and that means rg3. >> and it worked well for the bucs last week. >> they played okay and won the game. >> they like the heat. >> let me tell you, the great chris thomas once said, it's even hot in fargo this time of year. trust me, it's hot in browns' camp in cleveland as well. for the seco training camp, the bucs hit the field with another nfl team. and as i mentioned, it's the buc's playing host to the cleveland browns. and like last week in jacksonville, dirk koetter not the happiest coach on day one. there were good plays. jameis winston to bernard. look at that. buc's fans will take that. typify toes. and keeping it inbounds.
4:26 pm
drop and jameis winston is going to tip a pass here. koetter mum by the end of the workout. >> what didn't i like? no juice. no one wanted to practice ted. we had balls tipped, throws, bad protection. overall, just a bad day on offense. i wasn't on the offensive field. coach smith said over there. but-- and these joint practices when i only get to see half, i would want know the rest until i get in and watch it. >> you heard the defense mentioned. the first team today, nabbed a couple interceptions off the brown's quarterback. this side of the ball has received praise throughout camp and we're beginning to see why. the defensive tackle, seen it all in his time with the bucs and has hopes for the season.
4:27 pm
know, and got a lot of experience. really good player. and got a lot of nastiness to them. guys that develop, really having a good camp. coach smith's scheme is great, man. it leaves opportunities for everybody to make plays. >> the buc's defense held th last saturday. and that's after a good showing against the eagles keeping that offense to less than 200 total yards. the numbers are telling the story so far. >> how good is the defense? >> it's hard to tell in the pre- season because we have first team, second team, third team. but last week, they came up with four intersections. the week before, four quarterback sacks so they're doing what the scheme, as we
4:28 pm
it. the offensive line is getting the pressure. >> defense wins ball games. >> that's right. >> i think it's going to be a great defense this year. >> like to hear that. we'll be back. for a limited-time only, bright house networks invites you to check out two of our most popular services for one low price, tandard tv and lightning 50 internet for only $94 per month for 12 months! our standard tv service includes your favorite broadcast networks, plus amc, cnn, espn, food network, mtv, even kids channels like disney channel and nickelodeon. what's more, your standard tv service includes a wide variety of free tv everywhere apps that let you watch tv in more places! with lightning 50 internet,
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it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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now four headlines at 4:30. number one, president barack obama is visiting louisiana today. that area hammered with trillions of began gallons of rain. 13 people have died and more than 60,000 ho many have questioned why this trip hasn't happened sooner. an american soldier has died and another injured during an operation in afghanistan. the deadly road side bombing happened a day after 100 u.s. troops arrived -- arrived in the area. they're there to protect it from the taliban. wells fargo accused of charging illegal late fees to student loan borrows and now it
4:32 pm
wells fargo charged late fees to customers who made payments on the last day of the grace period. the bank set aside $410,000 to refund customers. and number four, a man is recovering after falling into the small space between these two buildings in pittsburgh. rescue crews had to bust through a wall to get them out of there. we're told the man was trying to impress his girlfriend by jumping between the two roofs when he fell in the space in between. he fell three stories bu expected to be okay. >> yeah. breaking news in miami-dade county right now. a big fire at a florida light and power substation. take a look at this. this is near the airport, miami international. and we're told it started with a big explosion but we're not sure what went wrong. you can see the thick black smoke rising out of the flames here. we will stay on top of the story and find out more information for you and bring it to you as soon as we have it. and now tracking the tropics.
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right now. and what we would expect this time of year. into september, that's reaching into the peak of hurricane season. we did have fiona. the remnants of fiona out in the atlantic. we still have tropical storm gaston which continues to strengthen. and invest 99l, 60% chance of development within the area but that's what we're watching closest at this point. here's a look at the track of tropical storm gaston. expected to strengthen fairly rapidly likely to hurricane in the next 24 to 48 hours. and winds already at 65 miles per hour. and moving quickly off towards the north, northwest. and this will likely stay at sea and it's not going to be impacting florida. what we are watching more closely is invest 99l. this is an area of investigation. not a named system. but you notice when we look at the spaghetti models, they are brining it towards florida into the weekend. we will watch this closely for
4:34 pm
forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. well today four people face a judge accused of using a dating website to lure their victims. >> that's right. all four are officially facing first degree murder charges. police tell us the 27-year-old victim adam hillary met an 18- year-old on the website plentyoffish. it's a dating site. after the date, investigators claim she returned to the apartment with three men who robbed and killed them. the judge denied bond of them. and elected fors are demanding answers about the skyrocketing cost of epipens. they are injections used to reduce symptoms of allergic reactions and they are often used for children. u.s. senators want to know why the price is up 400% since 2008. congressmen are sending letters to the maker. the company has declined to comment. also on the minds of the vote today, solar energy.
4:35 pm
florida, environmentalists are hoping to shine a light on amendment four. matt galka explains. >> reporter: the florida conservation voter, a coalition of environmentalists are rallying around amendment four, providing tax breaks for people installing solar. one way the group is trying to ensure victory, launching a website that shows your closest early voting location in relation to your address. solar. but the primary is typically an election with lower turnout. so that was why we wanted to make it as easy as possible. >> reporter: the mendment on the ballot needs 60% to pass. i'm matt galka. a 4-year-old hero. he used his superpower of observation to spot sea turtles dangerously trapped in a storm
4:36 pm
tiny rescuer. >> reporter: this 4-year-old was on his way to buy toys when he noticed something strange swimming inside of the storm drain. under the hot florida sun on monday afternoon, he saw something in the drain that didn't belong. >> i looked down and i saw one turtle. >> reporter: when the family looked down, turned out there were three turtles in there. they hatched nearby and wandered over and got trapped. so they called wildlife if i recalls and four men st turtles. he is considered a hero. >> if he hadn't seen them, they would have died. >> reporter: if you happen to spot sea turtles in distress, contact fish and wildlife. take a look at this video. wow, some people got out of the way just in time. some were pushed to the ground.
4:37 pm
elderly customer who misjudged the parking spot. believe it or not, nobody was seriously injured but the crash did scare everyone involved. the world's highest and longest glass bridge. and now it's open in southern china. the 19-foot wide bridge stretches more than 1400 feet over a 984-foot deep valley between two cliffs. we're told visitors were waiting hours just security for your house doesn't need to be expensive. we're going to test three new damage ets coming up. and stick around for these 8 on your side stories. >> reporter: today on better call behnken, i'm at the bellview construction site where neighbors across the street say water run-off is reeking havoc on their homes. and coming up, i have video that shows exactly what they're dealing with. it's one of the busiest roads in tampa bay, dale mabry
4:38 pm
volume 24 hours a day and after a young cyclist is killed, parents want to know if there's anything that can be done to slow people done. i'm melanie michael and i'm getting answers. this road cost almost $2,000 every foot of the way. you paid for it.
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welcome back. how do you protect your home and keep intruders out while staying on a budget? >> yes, home security systems are great but they can be expensive. between installation and fees and monthly monitoring but now there's a cheaper way to do it. and we find easy to use products that hook right up to your smart phone. he shows you how to protect your home for less. >> reporter: real life criminals caught in the act.
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smashing through windows. ransacking homes. their every move recorded by homeowners. it's the latest home security craze, small cameras and simple apps that sense motion in the house. video taping intruders, alerting you instantly, no matter where you are. even allowing to you scare the crook off. all from your phone. >> bye, have fun. >> reporter: great for mom, always on the move. so i'm walking up to karen's house right now. and this home is nice. she is giving us full access to test the products. she is not home at the moment. she is running errands and she's stopping for coffee. all she knows is that i'll be breaking into her house today and maybe even breaking a couple windows too. let's not talk about that. she doesn't know when it's going to happen or how the
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pocket. hook it up to the doorbell and download the app. we have done stories about burglars who ring your doorbell to see if you're home and if you're not, they break in. hit the doorbell. and right away -- >> someone's at my door. >> hello? >> hi, here to make a delivery. >> i'm busy right now. i don't need anything. please go away. >> reporter: that sounds like an intercom. i would walk somebody is here. but what if an intruder breaks in through a window. this next product comes with a small camera you can put anywhere inside your home, giving you full view of any room. i'm in the backyard now. and i'm going to break in through the window right here. here goes nothing. [glass breaking ] >> reporter: now i'm inthe
4:44 pm
to take this. >> reporter: not so fast. >> i'm getting a motion alert from my living room. >> reporter: karen is watching my every move. remember, she's miles away: he's walk through my living room. >> reporter: and she can speak to me. >> get out of my house. i see on video, i'm calling the police. >> reporter: and it's recording every frame. so police can use it as evidence later. but this next product called canary may be what happens when i climb inside the house again. with one touch, karen can sound an alarm. >> whoa. there's the alarm. listen how load that is. it's hard to believe all of this noise is coming from this device. it sounds like a real home alarm system. >> reporter: but that's not all. >> it will connect me to police if i press this button. >> reporter: that's right. a direct line to 911.
4:45 pm
bad guys out. >> all the cameras are about $200 but the apps are free. important to note here, the cameras, they are not just for security. you can use them as nanny cams or watch your pets while you're gone. i might know somebody who does that. >> do it all the time. i know what they're up to. stay off the couch. i'm watching you. >> mine are definitely on the couch. >> they're about $200. and some people ou whole house. and now making outdoor versions of the nest even. so you could really get -- and then record it monthly too. >> come install that for me too. >> yeah, buy it for her too. and lots going on in the weather department. got our typical summer storms and a lot going on in the tropics. typical summer rain chances, about 50 to 40% chance of rain each day. and a northeasterly flow. it makes it feel hotter,
4:46 pm
hours. highs running above average. and multiple areas that we're watching right now in the atlantic. and the 5:00 advisory just came in on tropical storm gaston. expected to become a hurricane before too long. and possibly even a category two hurricane by the weekend. and notice the curve towards the north, moving towards the west, northwest. so not going to be impacting florida. and likely not impacting the u.s. for that matter. but we are watching more closely as invest 99l. now the hurric out investigating this area today. and they found it's very disorganized and really just a tropical wave which is why this is not a named system or even a tropical depression. just doesn't have the organization yet. but this does have about a 60% chance of development over the next several days. and notice the models bringing it off towards the north and west, in the direction of florida. especially south florida. we will be watching. but at this point, still a ways away and a good bit of
4:47 pm
development with the system. at this point, looking at typical conditions tomorrow, upper 70s to start the day. mid-90s by tomorrow afternoon. good 40% rain chance back into the forecast. and today feeling extra hot outside. notice our heat index values. above 100 across the board. this is what it feels like when you factor in the humidity. humidity at new port richey, 90 degrees, no rain at this location just yet. but we are seeing activity on the radar. showers and storms out of hernando, citrus county. and a storm to the north and west of wesley chapel. and showers towards fish hawk and hopewell and eastern hillsborough county. and for the rest of the evening, the isolated activity will move into the gulf of mexico and then into the morning hours, just a few clouds to start the day. no rain expected. just going to be afternoon storms through the end of the week. a classic florida forecast for you. and notice rain chances possibly going up more as we head into the end of the weekend. and into the start of next week.
4:48 pm
quick look at the breaking news out of miami-dade county. this fire is raging. it's a big fire at a florida power and light substation near the miami international airport. and this started with an explosion. you can see the thick black smoke coming from the flames. we will stay on top of this story and figure out what happened here. how this fire started. and if anybody is affected in the situation. we will have that for you coming up. stay with us. we'll be right back with more
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welcome back. go hard or go home. that's the mentality you need for the six pack abs. who really wants to spend all that kind of time in class in well, whether you dread it or not, working out takes a big chunk out of your day. that's why shorter classes are becoming the trend. it started with higher intensity interval training. and now even classes like
4:52 pm
sessions but do you get the same benefit? so 8 on your side has some answers for you. good to have you here today. >> thanks for having me. >> and congratulations again. >> seven months along. >> yes, closer and closer. it's a workout just carrying him around. >> and people are saying, i'm so busy, i don't have the time to work out. but they see something that's maybe a half hour. so do you still get results from a shorter class 30 minutes? >> yes. absolutely. as long as you're moving your body for at least 30 minutes, you will get the wednesday fits from it. so at least 30 minutes of activity. and say you want to go on your lunch break. if you're in and out within an hour, it makes it easier to get it done. >> and how about a week as a whole, do longer workouts fewer days a week, give you the same results? >> on the weekend? >> like shorter amounts, like
4:53 pm
time. >> i would say try to focus on three to four workouts a week. whether they're 30 minutes to an hour long but at least three to four times a week. whether they're shorter or longer and it's also how much you're exerting yourself. because you can go in and walk around and not get a lot and say you're working out but not doing much. >> your mind says you're doing a lot but you're not doing anything. >> you got to be effective. >> and if you want to lose weight, maybe that's your goal. how much should you be out? >> i would love to drop 10- pound, should i be working out every day? >> every day would be amazing. but in reality, the schedules are so busy so getting that shorter workout, shoot for three to four times a week. and what you're intaking, diet is key but three to four times a week is a great goal. >> and you nailed it, die set a lot of it. >> yeah. >> sorry to break that news to you. thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me.
4:54 pm
also today, stuffy noses, sneezing, congestion, coughing, all science of a summer cold. doctors are starting to see an up tick in cases and they suggest keeping your hands washed and covering your mouth with an elbow when you sneeze. and if you want to be mentally fit into your 40s, get a good job in your 20s. that's main finding of a study from ohio researchers looked at data on more than 6,000 people and those who were unhappy with their employment early in their careers were more worried, had more depression and were more likely to have trouble sleeping. >> we have all kinds of problems. we have the answers today. >> now we just have to do it. >> yeah. what do you get when you combine a gopro with a hot wheels car?
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
>> now let's see what is trending. >> beginning on what can happen when you strap a go pro to a hot wheels car. >> that is pretty cool. a group of amateur film makers
4:59 pm
viral. the carefully edited video sends it down roads and even a pool. they pull off a righteous jump. yep. that's what they called it. if only there was loop. oh, there was a loop. that is pretty cool. the film makers say the car only fell off the track a few times and the underwater sequence was the hardest part. otherwise, it was smooth sailing. barbara dealing with an iphone problem. it is mispronouncing her name. >> she wants that fixed. >> newschannel8 at 5:00 is coming up next. >> right now on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> zika in your backyard. what we know about a new case that may have been contracted here in the bay area. >> death on a dangerous road.
5:00 pm
hit and killed the same bicyclist. >> president obama has a message for flood stricken louisiana. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us tonight. let's start with a look at the tropics. we are keeping an eye on a tropical disturbance that could affect florida. steve jerve joins us now. >> getting close to the peak of hurricane season. we are seeing the tropics in the atlantic line up. first, we have developed as a tropical storm. 65 miles an hour winds. it is forecast to stay likely out to sea as a category one hurricane. as we see in the atlantic, it is not the best environment for storms to strike with dry air coming off of africa. we have the remnants now of fiona well to the north. and gaston, about a 55% chance of developing.


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