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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  August 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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preventing concert overdoses. tampa city council is expected to discuss the findings of an investigation of the sunset music festival. ahead in a live report, what this could mean for future concerts in tampa. also this desperate search for survivors in italy continues. you're looking at a live picture here. we just lost it. it was amatrice. more than 24 hours after the devastating earthquake, there's still lots of hope including this. check this out. an amazing rescue, a 10-year- old girl pulled from the rubble. that's straight ahead. plus, zika virus in your backyard. why some residents are concerned about the chemicals being used to spray their areas. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo.
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thank you for joining us. we are tracking the tropics. many of you keeping a close eye on these storms in the atlantic. >> this morning, we have hurricane gaston and also invest 99l which could become a tropical storm. so let's turn it over to meteorologist leigh spann for the latest because it is busy out there, leigh. >> it. and this is the time we expect it to be busy. this is when the most hurricanes and tropical systems are formed over the many, many decades. hurricane gaston, just after midnightam hurricane of the season. not an impact to anyone which is good news. we do have en9l. and it's already bridging some heavy rainfall to puerto rico and the dominican republic and has an 80% chance of developing in the long term. let me show you the latest on gaston, 75 miles per hour winds now making it a hurricane and expected to weaken and then restrengthen. but again, staying out to sea. those are the best kind of storm, right?
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basically a tropical wave. pretty sure it's going to head toward the bahamas. between now and when it reaches the bahamas, it's not in a very good area to strengthen. that's good news. the bad news is, it enters an area where it could strength and that would be just off florida's coastline pool. early next week sunday, monday and tuesday, depending on the strength and at the verbal track of this system, it will determine its effects on us. at this point, adding in a higher rain chance with and the model is a little more -- has this storm stronger as it head out of the bahamas and into the eastern portion of the gulf of mexico. on the other hand, on the weaker side, the american model has it barely even a tropical system into the bahamas and only once again increases our rain chances sunday, monday and tuesday. stay tuned, right? at least i have an eight day temperature trend.
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and look at this, i-75, this is through bradenton and sarasota. state road 64 to fruitville road. that's a nine minute commute. and then down in sarasota, coming up from clark, to state road 70, either direction, you're look at 10 minutes on your drive time. all right, let's take a live look here. a little bit of police activity lingering out here eastbound i- 4 around county line road. but nothing to worry about as far as your commute. you're still moving at great speeds and look at this, 275 at bird street. a grea tampa on 275. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. happening today, tampa city leaders expected to the talk about a spring music festival that left two people dead and many injured. we told new may when dozens of people fell ill at the sunset music festival held at raymond james stadium. 8 on your side's ryan hughes is live at tampa city hall this morning. ryan, emergency officials will go over plans on how to prevent this in the future. >> reporter: gayle, good morning once again.
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deaths and the illnesses of more than 50 other people at that concert is. city leaders will meet here at city hall later today and map out ways to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening again. now this is video from the sunset music festival. at time, fire department officials allege that organizers knew that concert goers took drug bus looked the other way. two people died, as we mentioned, 57 were taken to st. joseph's hospital. leaders want to make sure local hospitals with the impact of a similar event. dozens of people had to be hospitalized. they plan to make sure there's not a repeat. mayor bob buckhorn was outraged right after the incident. listen here. >> this was not happenstance. these types of festival attract this type of drug use. >> reporter: there's one option on the table at this point, shut down the festival altogether. we will learn exactly what findings the police department
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with at a city council that gets underway here in a few hours. gayle, bah to you. >> and often big cities bring in big festivals. hopefully they can get the problem under control so people can have some fun. thank you, ryan. donald trump will be campaigning in new hampshire today. this after he held a huge rally wednesday in tampa. news channel 8's candace mccowan talked to trump one on one. she joins me now. trump is attacking clinton about the clinton foundation and her time as secretary of st >> reporter: yeah, good morning. reports showing that the foundation received donations from some who then met with clinton during her time as secretary of state. listen to what he had to say. >> they're not going in to say good morning, madam, secretary of state. they're looking for action. they're looking for things. big things. tremendous things. and they're getting them. 100%. >> reporter: clinton's campaign
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playing politics but that didn't stop trump from taking the argument to a crowd of hundreds wednesday. he continued the call for a special prosecutor to investigate clinton. and he attacked her immigration stance telling the crowd that hillary rodham clinton wants to have an open borders so people can come in and take your jobs. well, of course, presidential candidates are always the talk on social media. one attended, attended tampa rally with trump. was great, let's win many november. and others ee trump. now trump touted a new poll from florida atlantic university showing him ahead of clinton by two points but if you average all the polls here in florida, it still has clinton ahead of trump by 3.6%. >> one poll has her ahead by 14. a lot of polls. when you average them, she's still ahead. >> reporter: yes. >> thank you. >> you can get more on w fla.comful let's switch gears now and talk about hillary rodham clinton. ----
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talk about hillary rodham clinton. -- let's switch gears now and talk about hillary rodham clinton. the clinton foundation recently said it would ban donations from corporations and foreign countries if hillary rodham clinton is elected president. many questions this morning about the death of a man found in a ditch in sarasota. sarasota police tell us two men walk ago long the 1700 block of east avenue found his body wednesday night. right now, it's unknown just how long the man there. an autopsy is scheduled to determine his cause of death. >> as the number of confirmed zika virus cases in florida continues to grow, researchers are working to find a vaccine that can contain this virus. right now, two companies in the u.s. are doing human testing on two possible vaccines. one says they have developed a dna vaccine that could be on
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and another problem, county residents are raising concerns and questions about the chemical being used to fight zika virus. the chemical has been banned in europe and in puerto rico. well many residence believe it could be more dangerous than 2 zika virus itself. the u.s. -- than the zika virus itself. the epa says it's safe if used in small doses and higher quantities though it could cause difficul let's get a check on the weather. >> good morning. we still have about an hour and a half before the sunrises. at this point, most of the skies are clear. i wanted to show you a wider view. there's a good amount of rainfall. if you have plans to head south of lake okeechobee, there's a train of rain coming in. there may be extra clouds around north port and southern seattle. so i wanted to let you know about that -- southern sarasota. so i wanted to let you know
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by 10:00 a.m., 84. 2:00 this afternoon, expect 90 and then 92 at 4:00 p.m. as rain chances increase to about 40%. so 92, a couple degrees above the average. we will be at 92 today, tomorrow and saturday. and as we trend down, down to 90 by tuesday and 89 wednesday, that's because the rain chances will be ramping up. and of course, how high the rain chances ramp up will be determined by the tropical wave and where it heads and how much impact it has on florida. in the meantime though, let's check on traffic on we've got a great drive. >> good. >> it's so nice out there. enjoy it while you can, folks. it's starting to get busier. this is 275 close to bearss. and you can see we have cars out there. more cars than we did half an hour ago. but still, 65 miles per hour. that's your average speed on 275 in hillsborough. and also i-4 at county line road, we still have one remaining police vehicle here on the right shoulder. we did have a few out here but no delays.
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but i just want you to know about it. look at st. pete, 175, to the howard frankland bridge, only eight minutes on 275. and from bearss avenue into downtown, heading into the junction, just nine minutes. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to gene and gayle. right now, rescue crews continue the search for survivors from wednesday's powerful earthquake in italy. 247 people are confirmed dead. but there is still a lot of hope. take a look as rescuers pulled this li rubble. the 10-year-old girl was trapped more almost 17 hours. this is in one of the three cities hit the hardest. the city was busy with tourists enjoying the last days of summer. all right, and these are live pick which you ares from amatrice, italy where the search continues this morning -- pictures from amatrice, italy where the search continues this morning. you can see the destruction as
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this story. but the 10-year-old rescued, i mean, it's a sign of hope that many people need. >> and i don't know if you noticed, some of the rescuers in the background were blowing her kisses. such an emotional moment, even for those working as part of the rescue effort. incredible. still ahead, a peace agreement that's been years in the making. decades. and an important 8 on your side consumer alert. moms, if you have one of these at home, stop using it. thousands of strollers are you which mod -- recalled. we will show you which models just ahead. first, the florida department of law enforcement turns over its investigation of omar mateen. what's next after the break.
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we're back, the florida department of law enforcement has turned over investigation to a local prosecutor. you will remember mateen killed 49 people and injured another 54 at pulse nightclub this orlando. the office of the state attorney will determine if officers' use of force was appropriate. meanwhile, the fbi continues its investigation into the death of the 49 victims. and we are learning that florida hospital will not bill survs pocket medical expenses. in south florida, firefighters made the purrrrfect rescue. the firefighters almost in the sewer. look at him trying to save that tiny kitty cat. minutes later with the help of a lasso, he is able to bring up the kitten. the cat is safe and sound. we did check this morning and according to the fire department's facebook page, the cat is now looking for a forever home.
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lasso, ouch, i feel like that hurt. >> i bet it was gentle. better than the sewer. an alert for iphone 6 and 6 plus users. if a new report is true, your phone might have a design flaw and it could die at any time. >> meredyth censullo is here to tell us why our phones might be toast. what? >> reporter: yeah, sorry. if you're like me, my phone is my life. it's my commuter, my schedule, my camera. all right. but if you have you could lose touch at any time. here's why. it's called touch disease. some iphone 6 and 6 plus users report over time the touch screens become unresponsive. and a flicker -- unresponsive and a flickering gray bar appears at the top of the screen. after that, the phone may be unoperational and unlikely to make a full recovery. now the issue appears to affect iphone approaching two years
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problem with two chips that govern responsiveness. if the chips become disconnected, the phone no longer responds to touch. he says there's no download patch for the problem. and you may have no choice but to pay for some major surgery. >> so i mean the only option you really have is to find a company that will do a board repair and replace the chips or do an out of warranty swap at apple. >> and 6 plus phones are not prone to the fault because the same two chips are connected to a different component in these models so. basically find out when your phone was made. apple has not addressed or acknowledges that there's an issue yet. >> so the phones came out about two years ago. the timing is interesting. >> right. >> and there's a new one coming out. >> yeah, the 7. you can follow
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#8alert. the award is given to honorably discharged veterans of all ages and eras. the ceremony will be be at the bradenton national guard armory 95 1:00 p.m. registration starts at noon. veterans are asked to bring proof of service. a big step toward peace in colombia. you see the president announcing the government's peace agreement with the bigg world's longest runed armed conflicts. it was sign yesterday in havana, cuba but it must be ratified by voters in colombia. and the morning medical report. one more good reason the watch your weight. scientists have identified eight more cancers linked to excess weight. obesity increases the risk of stomach, liver, ball bladder,
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types of brain tumors. excess fat leads to an overproduction of hormones that can cause inflammation and drive cancer growth. also, a good reminder of why it's important to sneeze into a tissue. >> oh. >> how is that for gross? you can see how quickly all those germs went flying away from that person. scientists say the largest droplets typically settle within three to six feet. this is disgusting. smaller ones may linger in the travel up to 26 feet. >> you have to sneeze into the elbow. >> into something, just not in the air. oh, there it is again. sorry. some of that might have landed in your coffee. let's get a check on the weather with leigh. >> yeah, don't sneeze and leave the room. all right, today, it's going to be a little bit humid when you walkout side. i mean, it's late august. 80degrees at 8:00. 88 at noon. we can start to see showers popping up at lunchtime.
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around 40% at 4:00 p.m. when a high temperature of 92 degrees. right now, stepping out the door to 77 in sebring. auburndale, 75. brooksville also 75. toasty in sarasota at 79. and my weather watcher wendy in brooksville says it's 74 at her house. this looks at how much water is in the column of air all across the atlantic. and this bright green color, it's tropical moisture where systems are. so we have hurricane gaston, stays out i am going to keep a closer eye on invest 99l. notice all the moisture there but notice the dry air right here. which is one reason why i don't think we will see much development in the short term. unfortunately, it reenters an area where it could really strengthen not far off florida's east coast. and you see west palm beach getting heavy rain this morning. for us, it's mainly going to
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heading toward the west, toward our coast. and 40% rain chance today, tomorrow and saturday. and i do bump the rain chance up sunday, monday and tuesday with the increased tropical moisture. and how about traffic on the 8s? got flashing lights there. i'll tell what you, i thought this was going to clear up and i saw an ambulance show up. we have a situation here on the right shoulder. this has never been in lanes. we had a few different emergency vehicles, some police vehicles, two left the scene but just arriving now is an now four vehicles on the right shoulder. eastbound county line road. meanwhile, not causing any delays. let's go ahead and take a look at gibsonton and sarasota, great drive on 75 coming up through the gibsonton area. and 301 to big bend, seven minutes. state road 64 in bradenton, over to fruitville road, down to sarasota, that's only going to take nine minutes on the drive. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle.
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consumer alert. more than 25,000 safety first strollers are being recalled in the u.s. and canada because of a fall hazard. the stroller foaling mechanism can disengage when used with an infant car seat. the recall involves step and go travel systems sold under the safety first brand and made by doral juvenile. customers can contact safety first for a free repair kit. today is one special day for man's >> coming up, if you have a dog, today is the day to treat your furry friend. although in my home, that's every day. >> yes. >> if you don't have a dog, go out and get one. how to celebrate national dog
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happening today for dog lovers out there, yep, today is bring one home. it is national dog day. and no, it's not just about celebrating man's best friend but about adopting a new friend too. for the pricing, well, it's going to cost a couple trips outside to do what they got to do. might cost cuddle time on the couch. but the animal cruelty prevention society says the following the first year of
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sorry. but it's worth every penny. >> sure, brings down your blood pressure, makes you happier. you won't be spending that on medication. current events and social issues are happening outside the classroom. what about inside? >> we get schooled on diversity as a classroom subject. but first, leslee lacey has a close eye on police activity on i-4 near county line road. and we will have traffic on weather and traffic on the 8s is just three minutes
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priority: you time for weather and traffic on the 8s. 78degrees at tampa international airport with a north to northeast wind at 6 miles per hour. hot, humid day at 92. mix of sun and clouds. rain chances start at lunch and head up to 40%. investigating when is going on out here.
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right at county line road. search light out there too. we are checking this out but it's not tying up any lanes and traffic looks great through
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breaking overnight, tornadoes rip through the heart land. the devastation left behind in indiana as people begin the process of cleaning up. u if and we continue -- cleaning up. and we continue the tropics. overnight, gaston strengthened to a hurricane. but it's invest 99 that could impact florida and the bay area. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i am gayle guyardo. it is busy in the tropics this morning. let's turn things over to leigh spann. >> yeah, this is the time of year when we expect the tropics to get active. specifically now we're going to focus on hurricane gaston. became the third hurricane of


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