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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  August 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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blockbuster of the year, "suicide squad." >> have a great day. >> bye-bye. ? ? f0 tornadoes rip through indiana and ohio. amazingly, no serious injuries but take a look at these images, a lot of damage to clean up there. and now we have new information just shared by the national preventing concert overdoses. tampa city council is expected to discuss the findings of an investigation into the sunset music festival. coming up, what this could mean for the future of concerts in tampa. and u.s. goalie hope solo kicked off the team for comments made at the olympics in rio. some are asking would the pun shipment be the same for a male play senator the reaction from social media just ahead. good morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us. we are going to go straight
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latest on the tropics. >> that's right. obviously an active time as we head toward the end of august and beginning of september. we expect the atlantic to get active. we have two systems we are watching. we have hurricane gaston which has just weakened to a tropical storm just moments ago coming in at 11:00 a.m. it was a hurricane and now back to a tropical storm. and then we have invest 99l which the hurricane hunters have been investigating it. still not finding a center of about an 80% chance of development in the next five days. and now tropical storm gaston. you can see it's going to stay in the atlantic although it should regain category one hurricane state road 54 us this weekend. not an issue for anyone -- hurricane status this weekend. and not an issue for anyone. this tropical wave, they recall morning, the noaa hurricane hunters went through the storm center and found a wind speed
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then made their way back to tampa. so they'll use that data they checked in the forecast month els. -- they collected in the forecast models. here is the area of low pressure, haiti, what we know is that it's going to drift into the abahamas. once it get -- into the bahamas. it's f it's not a tropical system before -- bahamas. if it's not a tropical system before it arrives the latest models track this toward the central portion of the gulf of mexico. what that means for us that the point, just an enhanced rain chance next week. and it keeps changing so we need to keep our eye on that. thank you very much. and right now, clean-up is underway in indiana and you can see. why look at the devastation there. this in the wake of tornadoes. the national weather service gave us new information. they tell us it was a single long supercell thunderstorm
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producing six tornadoes in the state's mid section. there were 12 tornadoes in all. thankfully it's just property damage and power outages. no deaths or serious injuries reported. one tornado was an ef-3 with 165 miles per hour winds. and that was actually the one that hit the city and leveled a starbucks there. you can see the coffee shop. it collapses on itself. and then in the almost completely flattened. gop vice presidential candidate and indiana governor mike pence has left the campaign trail today. he is going to assess the damage in his home state. >> in 2013, this very same neighborhood was struck by a tornado. and as the mayor and i talked about that tonight, i could tell how heavy his heart was, that the very same neighborhood and in some cases, the same families were affected by another tornado just a few
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tornadoes. in the video, you can see a funnel cloud tear through a mobile home park. a giant cloud. it destroyed buildings and tossed bits and pieces high up into the sky. at least seven homes and barns were heavily damaged but no injuries. the storms did also knock out power. we are also getting new information about the deadly earthquake in italy. italian officials revised the death toll from 247 241. one of the hardest hit areas adjusted its figures. the majority of the victims are from amatrice in a region closer to rome where 195 people died. however, the death toll is still likely to rise as search teams continue dig through rubble there. also about two hours ago, a 4.3 magnitude aftershock hit the area. and another earthquake. a 6.8 earthquake there killed
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185 homes. the city is famous for the historic buddhist. it's one of the top tourist attractions. they were built between the 10th and 14th centuries, many of them now gone. and back here, in pasco county, a man in a motorized wheelchair is dead after he was struck by an suv in new port richey. it happened near massachusetts avenue and little road. state troopers report the 79- year-old was crossing the road when the suv he was on his way home from work when the man popped out of nowhere. right now, usf police are searching for this man. he is a person of interest in the case of the campus flasher. they believe he may know something about a man who exposed himself at two different usf dining halls. if you know who the person is, call usf police. and happening now, emergency leaders in tampa are getting ready to present their
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it's believed drug overdoses were to blame. take a look at the cellphone video. it was taken during the sunset music festival. emergency leaders said two people died and 57 were taken to st. joseph's hospital. that kind of response is damaging to the emergency services system so leaders want to make plans on how to deal with this kind of incident in future. one festival goer explained what these concerts are like back in june. take a listen. >> kind of like more closed eye, just like, kind ou it happens unfortunately at festivals where people, you know, just take it to a level of insobriety that's not healthy. >> so here's an option on the table right now, shut down the annual festival all together. we will learn exactly what findings the police and fire departments come up. we have a crew at the meeting right now and we will have an update for you on first at 4:00. rapper kevin gates attended a preliminary hearing on a
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camera kicking a fan at a lakeland concert last summer. he claims it was self-defense. he says the woman was tugging on his pants. the judge denied his request to drop the charge. his trial begins on october 4th. -- -- on october 24th. actress leslee jones is under attack again, this time it's hackers. the star's personal website has been taken down after hackers reportedly posted some of her personal information on the images of her passport and driver's license. last month, jones was bombarded with hate-filled comments on twitter when ghost busters premiered. and developing this morning, one of u.s. soccer's most well-known faces is on the bench. >> big news. hope solo is suspended from the u.s. national team for six months. candace mccowan explains why and the backlash. >> reporter: hi there. this is a story thaw didn't hear as much about during the
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big headlines. hope solo is now suspended for six months over comments she made after the u.s. women's team lost to sweden. she is noun for being outspoken and described her opponents as, quote, a bunch of cowards and saying the best team didn't win. she isn't only suspended but now her contract with the u.s. women's national team has been terminated. remember ryan lochte and his incident with police where he claimed to be the victim of a crime. that was comparing the two incidents. let's look at social media. courtney tweeting, seriously, ryan lochte gets to go on "dancing with the stars" and hope gets fired? suspension raise arings double standard questions. she's not the only person saying that. one saying, haven't they been talking smack in sports for years? hope solo and other female athletes are held to a different standard but others
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one says, six month suspension is not that big of a deal when you consider she is not a first- time offender. and he says, girl has serious issues. you know, in the past couple years, she has been charged with assault because of a domestic fight that took place back in 2014. well, solo took to at this timer herself, releasing this statement here where she says in part, with so much more to give, i'm sadden by the federation's decision. of course, a lot of people talking about this one. in studio, candace mccowan, >> yeah, a lot of buzz about that on social media. and a lot of people posting pictures about this. a unique event in the bay area that ends today. >> the final day of the beach at amalie arena. i was there in that big ball pit. it's interesting stuff. it's a 15,000 square foot environment featuring an ocean
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>> feels just like the beach. kind of. >> without the sand. >> but the kids like it. >> yeah. a utility worker goes above and beyond to stop a busted water pipe. >> yeah, a great moment caught on camera. you don't want to miss it. plus, finally good news for flood victims in louisiana. how some much needed financial aid is on the way there now. and parents are feeling separation anxiety with your child going off to college? you're not alone but be careful
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welcome back. today is a special day for those with a sweet tooth. >> and hopefully flexibility? >> no, no, i know where you're headed. >> it's the national banana split day. the ice cream shop day staple
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it's been around since the early 1900s. the mark the occasion, sprinkles in hyde park has a deal for kids -- >> oh, good. >> you're off the hook, stacie. any child who does a split will get a free banana split cupcake. i know leigh spann is limber. >> ky do a split. >> i've seen you do cart wheels. >> that's good. >> yeah,. >> back in the day, i haven't done them in a while. >> leigh came to started doing cart wheels and lost her necklace. >> she found at this time next day. >> hi to look for the necklace in the woods. >> i missed a fun party. >> it was an open party. and this deserves cart wheels. >> next birthday i want a split. it's heating up quickly out there. this is a look from the loews don cesar where people are eating ice cream. if they're on the beach today. 89degrees and it's not even
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actually coming in calm basically. so at noon, maybe a couple spotty showers. meaning dotting on the radar. most still dry and partly cloudy at 88 degrees. by 4:00 p.m., 92 degrees. and then 86 degrees by 7:00 p.m. the rain coming to an en, about a 40% rain chance during the middle afternoon hours. 88degrees in tampa right now. 89 in sarasota. 82347 sebring. and 86 degrees in brooksville. now i'll fa humidity. now it is still very hot out there, the humidity makes it feel like 100 in plant city. 106 in fish hawk. and this is down from this time yesterday. we ticked that humidity down just a smidge. obviously, still late august. but you might be able to notice a small difference. and we are continuing to warm up quickly this morning with an easterly breeze so the first few showers come through about 2:00 p.m., east to west, pushing toward the coast. again, about a 40% rain chance
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about 7:00 p.m. and doing the same thing tomorrow, mostly sunny in the morning, steamy, east winds bring in the showers in the afternoon. tomorrow, that's when we will pay more attention to the area of low pressure, this tropical wave as it heads towards the bahamas. it has a better chance of developing. this is one model, the one that's most aggressive with developing this system. the european computer model. by sunday, it's the bahamas and bringing a lot of rain to southern florida. still might increase our rain chances as well. this is tropical moisture spreading northward. this model keeps it near us enough to where i kept in a 50% rain chance for sunday, monday and tuesday and we will continue to fine tune that as the models come in. the wave calling it invest 99l. and more of the more of the hunters continue to fly in.
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thank you. across america this morning, some much welcomed good news for flood victims in louisiana. louisiana governor edwards announced grants to help rebuild damaged homes there. victims with more extensive damage will move into mobile homes. they explain the trailers are different from the ones fema set up after hurricane katrina. and aid keep louisiana the. the alabama crimson tide team now joins that list. they called on fans to help flood victims. the donations were shipped to baton rouge and it's home of alabama's sec rival, the lsu tiger, so good sortsmanship there. in texas, a utility worker is going viral for his above and beyond work ethic.
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is submerged in -- yeah, you see which end, in muddy water as he tries to clamp off a burst pipe in a woman's yard. the pipe was about five feet down. wow. and she posted this to her facebook page and says within hour, the commentses and asks came pouring in. he said he only took the call to pick up a little overtime. he never thought he would get this kind of recognition. and today through sunday, the national park service is celebrating its birthday weekend by leeing free. today is actually the 100th anniversary of the establishments of the u.s. national park service. and to celebrate, they are waiving admission fees to all of the more than 400 national parks across the nation through sunday. you can find a park online at this morning we get schooled on diversity as a classroom subject. social issues had many of us
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kids. but whether the issues belong in the classroom, that depends on who you and. >> it's critical to la ni?aing the problems. >> reporter: parents should be handling it at home. >> reporter: protests tied to race relation, controversy surrounding gender and sexual identity, chances are your kid were already exposed to it. >> it's a fact. it's reality. and anything that's real should be talked about. >> reporter: this grandfather of nine believes these are learning classroom. if. >> i don't think these issues should be interfering with education in the classroom. >> reporter: hillsborough schools explain current events do not affect the african- american studies program and lgbt topics are not studied because they aren't part of the florida standards. in pinellas, schools address the subjects in special programs that require parent permission. >> we know students are talking
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>> reporter: still, they are touchy topic, especially for different age groups. while he doesn't want it discussed with his third grader he recollects sees the value for high school students. >> get to learn how to treat others. and be productive citizens. >> reporter: for now, these are issues mostly discussed at home. >> getting curriculum changed and creating curriculum that's responsive to current events, there's a lot 60 red tape recognize that. >> across the country in california, they just included lgbt education. there kids will second grade will learn about different types of families and older students will learn about important figures and events like the same-sex marriage supreme court ruling but stacie, a hot topic. controversial topic. and if parents want to see changes to the official curriculum, they need to take it up with school boards and up to the state level.
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kids going back to school but we cannot leave out college student, especially parents of college students who may be dealing with separation act survivors in italy. it's normal for most parents to feel a sense of loss when their child heads off for the first time. but it may be tempting to contact them every day to get reassurance but it's probably not the best thing to do. the cleveland clinic explains it's important for parents to learn to practice some detachment and allow their children to >> maybe make some contact with other people that have been in similar circumstances so they can normalize, some of the sentiments you're experiencing, some of the feelings that your kid's might be expressing. >> he says it's helpful to have a game plan with your child before they leave on how often you will contact one other and how to reach each other in an emergency to give everybody peace of mind. >> and never show up unannounced. >> no.
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>> no. amazing in the pool, we know that. but turns out, she's not too bad on the diamond either. >> her first pitch before the washington nationals game. up next, think you've seen the real ryan lochte? he may take natter a reality
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ryan lochte could soon be going for gold on the dance floor. >> he is reportedly joining the next season for "dancing with the stars." he is still reeling from his exaggerated story of getting robbed at gun point in rio. lochte lost a number of endorsement deals because of that. the entire cast of the upcoming season of "dancing with the stars" is going to be announced next week. lochte was already in talks to
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story for lochte's fellow team usa swimmer. after taking off the medals, she threw out the first pitch at the washington nationals game. >> nice. >> what a pitch it was. the olympic hero says she has been practicing and it did show. she fired that over home plate. the 19-year-old starts her freshman year at stanford in september. across the pond, a face palm kind of moment for team great britain. yeah, the olympic team thought it would be cool -- >> mine's the red one. >> to give everyone matching red luggage. what happens, they return home from rio and there at the airport seeing the bags coming through the belt. hmm, which one's mine? good question. it was a mad house as hundreds of athletes tried to find their bag. good luck. got to check every tag. that's why you put the ribbon on there. >> they were tweeting, mine's the red one.
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else's. >> that's good. bowing to increased public pressure. the maker of epipens say they'll lower the costs. plus, it smells as bad as it looks. this ugly situation has some local business owners at their wit's end.
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after months of publ outrage and political hammering over its rise in price, this is not the right video but the maker of the epipens says they'll make it cheaper but there are hoops to go through. and about that video, would you want to eat next to that there? the story of how a couple's business dream quickly turned into a nightmare. and amazon has cool plans for grocery shopping. fast and easy they say. the details straight ahead. good morning. i'm stacie schaible. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us. lots of activity in the
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us. let's check in with her. >> yeah, good morning. this is the time of year that we expect the tropics to get active and right on queue. we have a couple issues out there. first of all, gaston now back to being a tropical storm. it became the third hurricane of the season just after midnight. i expect it to be a hurricane again, just going through a little bit of weaking. and then -- weakening. and then we have a tropical wave. in the short term, really going through an strengthen too much. long-term though, an 80% of developing. gaston with 70 miles per hour winds. by the weekend, it should regain the hurricane status. and may even be a strong category two hurricane. but the best news of all is it stays out to sea. we won't worry about gaston too much more. now a closer look at 99l, the tropical wave that's north. this is a different way of looking at the tracks that are a possibility but also the kind
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head over. so over the next 48 hour, it will be heading toward the bahamas by about sunday. and moving into extremely warm water and that's where as we head early into next week, sunday and monday, this has a better chance of developing. then these storms, excuse me, the models take the storm into the gulf of mexico. looking at 87-degree water. 88-degree water. and we know warm water is the fuel that these storms need to get even stronger. so something we will continue to pay attent at this point, guys. >> all right. thank you. we have breaking news to tell you about now. u.s. 98 is shut down in pasco county. this is right near trill road. two people are dead after a car and tanker truck crashed. the truck is overturned and that is blocking the road there. we are working to find out more. we will keep you posted. and in breaking news, a child protection investigator with the pasco county sheriff's
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fired. >> rod carter is live at the sheriff's office in pasco county with details. rod-- >> reporter: good afternoon. you know, the sheriff here just wrapped up the news conference a short time ago where he announced that christine mcrobby had been fired. they say she lied and falsified a report and she's not only been fired but she's been arrested. take a look at video. investigators say the investigator filed a report saying that she tested a couple for drugs not. it wasn't discovered until the family moved to hillsborough county and was investigated there. and that is when it was found that she lied about her investigation into that family here in pasco county. this family has several kids, a mother and father and the sheriff says she did that because she just wanted to end the case. >> she did make a statement that she falsified reports which state that the father
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that is the one thing -- that's the reason she was fired. the one reason she has been arrested. she said the reason why she did it is because she wanted to close the case quickly. that's absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: the sheriff telling us today that she is a citizen and not an actual deputy. but the child protective investigators work for sheriff's office here in pasco county. again, she has been arrested and charged with records. that is what makes the difference in this case. falsifying records is a misdemeanor but because she falsified dcf document, that made it a felony. >> all right, rod carter live this afternoon. thank you very much, rod. and new this morning, the makers of the epipens are caving to public and political pressure, slammed for months now for the severe price hikes. the company claims they'll now expand programs that lower patient's out of pocket cost by
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this will be done through a savings card that will cover up to $300 for a epipens pen two- pack. the company says they are doubling eligibility. they can order directly from the company and that will help lower costs. as the number of confirmed zika virus cases in florida continues to grow, researchers at the national institutes of health are working to find a vaccine that n two. companies inthe u.s. are doing human testing on two possible vaccines. they say they have developed a dna vaccine that could be on the market as soon as it clears human testing. residents are raising questions about the chemical being used to fight zika virus. they have been banned in europe and puerto rico. many residents believe the chemical could be more dangerous than the zika virus
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in small dozes. in higher quantity, it could cause difficulty breathe, dizzy, nausea and tremors. what a mess. the smell was overwhelming. the bugs, over everything. the stench came from a smelly material dumped on a field by a company that processing human waste and sells fertilizer. it went on for weeks, all while to open a restaurant right across the road. you might guess, they told steve andrews that clogged up the business plans. >> reporter: take it in neighbors, this smells as bad as it looks. a company called south waste which according to the state receives solids from sewage treatment plants dumped one load here after another. >> the smell is terrible. it's nauseating.
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>> reporter: regina and charlie hall are opening a restaurant called the smoke house express. but south waste created this outhouse express across the road. flushing away the business plan. >> people don't want to come to a food truck and eat when it smells like human waste. it's not appetizing. >> nauseating on a daily basis. the smell just will make you sick. make you want to vomit. >> reporter: charlie and regina photographed and video recorded this smelly to a state affidavit started around mid-june. they followed one truck back and contacted south waste manage. >> they just stuck to their story that it was a sod farm and they were dumping on sod farms. it's clearly not lake county. it's hernando county. >> reporter: so i went to try to get answers. >> can we and you questions? >> no, sir, have no comment. >> what was dumped? >> no comment. you can follow up with the department of agriculture.
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>> reporter: florida department confirms it was not permitted on the property to investigate this before it was spread. dep claims this company had no permit to dump the mound of mud here nor does the property have a permit to accept it. >> there's only two landfills this is allowed to go to. >> and ain't one of them. >> this is not a landfill. we were trying to make a business. for six weeks, i have tried to stop this. >> dep says they were not able to get the department claims it did and it's analyzing the contents right now. the department of ag told us the company gave up the license to sell fertilizer this past week. if you have a problem thaw think needs to be investigated, call our 8 on your side help line, 1-800-338-0808. the florida department of law enforcement has turned over its investigation of omar mateen to a local prosecutor.
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injured another 53 at pulse nightclub in orlando. the office of the state attorney general will now determine if the officers' use of force was appropriate. meanwhile, the fbi continues its investigation into the deaths of the 49 victims. some of the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting have learned that they'll not have to deal with the cost of the hospital care they received. officials at the orlando regional medical center say they'll not medical services. they believe the total cost they incurred could exceed $5 million. florida hospital also says they'll not bill any of the survivors for its services either. the audio from a sunken freighter el faro's black box is giving us new details this morning. the ntsb says the captain order the crew to abandon ship about 10 hours after leaving port.
11:40 am
atlantic. officials recovered 26 hours of information from the recorder including bridge audio from the final hours. that audio has not been released yet but the ntsb say they are working on a transcript. all 33 people aboard died. coming up, the two lands down under seem to have all the luck when it comes to food. >> yeah, yesterday we told you about the pokimon burgers. now domino's pizza and krispy kreme ar plus, donald trump pouncing and hillary rodham clinton on the defensive. the latest from the campaign trail. and nasa finds a new dwarf planet very similar to earth. and it's not that far away
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introducing carrabba's new family bundles. choose one of six favorites plus a large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99. it's carry-out without the compromise. carrabba's. this is how you do italian. we are back. domino's pizza is planning to become the world's first company to make deliveries,
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they started trial runs in new zealand and they put on a demonstration this morning. they said afterwards, they aimed to launch regular service or to launch a regular service in late 2016. there goes the pizza. don't drop that. domino's wants to bring the service to the u.s. but laws and regulations need to catch up first. i wonder if they get there faster than the driver? probably they don't have to sit in traffic. kreme has the peanut butter. that's a little bit of the overload. >> i don't think it's of kill either. i think the more recee's peanutter you can have, the better my life is. >> that sounds good.
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today the humidity was, maybe a touch lower than yesterday. a touch? >> i didn't feel it. >> we will take whatever we can get. >> yeah, a touch lower today. it was. just take my word for it. >> all right. we will. >> yeah, but still 93. so i guess it still doesn't mat their the humidity is lower at 52%. east wins at 6 miles per hour. the east wind is driving the showers already coming in off the east coast. we're just starting to see the first few pop-up ones around lake placid, south of sebring and highlands county and more moving through the area. by lunchtime, there would be the spotty showers but most of us would be dry and around 88 degrees. and conning to warm up to 92 at 4:00 p.m. and i think the best coverage of rain should be around 4:00. that's a 40% rain chance. and by 7:00 p.m., the rain is starting to come to an end where it's 86 degrees. and we touched 90 in plant city. 90 in venice. 88 in clearwater and tampa.
11:46 am
in fact, inland areas, quite strong, 18 miles per hour gusts here in lakeland. and again, that northeast wind bringing in the showers from the east coast. no place will get rain for very long. you might get near a shower but it's going to push toward the coast during the evening and then out into the gulf of mexico. and in fact, tomorrow's forecast is very similar. what happens after tomorrow, well, it will depend on what happens to in9l. notice what we do know the system heads toward the bahamas and then eventually towards southern florida. after that though, where it goes is more in question. i expect it to stay relatively weak and barely develop in the next two days and once it does make it past the bahamas, it's in an area where it could strengthen. and that's something we will pay attention to because a lot of models take it into the gulf of mexico. and if it's close enough, it would increase our rain
11:47 am
through the saturday up to about 50% chance for sunday and monday. and that may change again based on the track and eventual path of what the system becomes. overall, higher rain chances and certainly staying hot and humid with highs in the low 90s. >> all right. thank you. and in your vote, fresh off his visit to tampa, donald trump is turning the tables on had hillary rodham clinton calling her a bigot. she is expected to give a detailed response to that. >> and we have a preview of >> hillary rodham clinton is a bigot! who sees people of color. only as votes. not as human beings, worthy of a better future. >> reporter: donald trump's going after the african- american and latino vote by claiming democrats have done little to improve the lives of minority clinton's response comes this afternoon. she is expected to argue what
11:48 am
trump's shifting republicans toward disturb, extremist views. >> someone who is, you know, very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and pair moya. >> reporter: clinton insist her meetings with donors to her family's foundation broke no laws or ethical rules. >> there's a lot of smoke and there's no fire. >> reporter: she calls trump's shift on immigration desperate. instead of mass deportation, trump says he is in here illegally but want to stay. >> my priorities will never change. jobs, wages, and security for americans. >> reporter: his campaign says expect more details in the next two weeks. nbc news, washington. >> and trump is meeting with hispanic and african-american leaders in new york today. the campaign explains we can expect more details on the
11:49 am
this morning, amazon may be looking to step up the grocery game. usa today reports the online retailor could be planning a click and collect service for drive-up grocery hubs. possible locations may be in northern california and seattle. it will let customers buy online and drive to a designated order to pick up the order. it would compliment amazon fresh and prime now. uber is teaming up with an drivers in boston, chicago, seattle and new jersey individual retirement accounts, iras. drivers can sign up for the ira through their uber apps or online. accounts are free of any fees for the first year. the retirement accounts are being added to the rewards program that uber already has for drivers who are self is- employed. it includes discounts for auto repairs and wireless providers. which this out, a discovery years in the making.
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existence of a rocky planet orbiting the closest star to our sun. what does that mean in it's the closest to us. only about four light years away. if you look closely, it's the reddish circle near that bright star. yeah, you got to look closely. nasa says liquid water could exist on the surface. they hope to send robots to explore the planets in years to broke scott kelly's record of 520 consecutive days in space. when he returns on september 5th, he will have rocked up 534 days in space appeal to minority voters among the notable moments, his first space walk in may 2000. coming up, a couple of hugely popular '90s movies are getting sequels. >> and one stars the rock johnson. plus, believe it or not, the popularity of pokimon go is fading. >> i knew that would end. >> yeah.
11:51 am
released coming up. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat.
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pokimon go, the mobile app that took the world by storm this summer, it's starting to lose some steam. a data analysis firm shows the number of games players declining. the metric of the daily active users showed the game had a peak of about 45 million back on july 17th. one month later on a ugust 17th, the number active users was just over 30 million. some people give it a try and like, all right, got better things to do. >> moving on. the 90s movie, one is a 3rd inning stall. of the horror movie "the ring." this is title "rings." and here's the description. the new chapter, a young woman becomes worried about her boyfriend when he explores a dark sub culture surrounding a video tape said to kill the
11:55 am
she sacrifices herself and in doing so makes a horrifying discovery. there's a movie within the movie that no one has ever seen before. >> i'm already confused. one of those movies. >> and the other sequel, this one you will relate to, the hit. >> oh, yeah. >> it will start kevin hart and jack black. the video is johnson defending the movie. some are not happy about the sequel. he promises this is not a however, he does say that they'll pay homage to the original and the late robin williams. and johnson was just named hollywood's highest paid male star by forbes magazine. >> never easy to do a remake or a sequel of a movie that's a classic because people love the original one so much, you're not able to top it. >> and especially with robin williams. >> yeah, exactly. at least it's not a remake.
11:56 am
cast. it will be different. but have the feel to it. i love the rock. he's awesome. temperatures this afternoon, they're going to be hot. 92. heat index values up over 100 for several hours of course. and make sure to stay hydrated. 77degrees overnight. 40% rain chances today and tomorrow and saturday. those are just the typical august days. sunday, monday and tuesday, notice i have raised the rain chance to 50%. that's going to change based on the eventual track and th if it's closer, the rain chances go up. farther away, it's going to go down. but stay tune for the that. >> and we will have a rain chance. >> yes. >> thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. >> we will stay on top of the stories for you. i will see you back here on first at 4:00 and at no time at
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fro nbc news, this i "today" with kathie lee gifford andhoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rocfeller plaza. >> hello! we're so excited. it is thursday. thursday, august 25th. they're going to be with us today. >> they're going to be here, the two of them. those crazy boys. >> i like them. >> they'll be settling down. they'll be maturing or fermenting like a fine wine. >> they have a new tour and new


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