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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  August 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the skyrocketing price of life saving epipens has people concerned nationwide. one local community is stepping up to help. marco rubio is campin in the bay area later this morning. we will show you when and where and how you can early vote this weekend for florida's primary. tracking the tropics. the tropical system moving through the bahamas bringing wind and rain. where it is headed next nd what it means for the bay area. good morning, everyone, and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm melanie michael in for gayle. >> and i'm gene ramirez. a lot of people are waking
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happening in the tropics, leigh? >> reporter: exactly. people are concerned about 99l, and that's a tropical wave struggling at best. gaston is also out there, and the next 24 to 48 hours, we don't have to worry about either too much. here is gaston, and you can see it will strengthen and stay out to sea. literally not a soul has to worry about this except for the shipping issues, and this is the low, and it's very unorganized at this point. we disorganized for sure, but over the next 48 hours as it heads through the potential, it will get stronger. if it stays on the southern path over cuba, it will basically never develop, and that will interact with the land. more than likely it will head between cuba and florida this is tomorrow evening. once it gets into the gulf of mexico, very warm water. the fuel for the storms to develop. we will be paying close
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for us, most of the computer models will take it sort of off our coast, but it's basically an increase in rain chances. the brand new forecast model the from the european model, and the storm is going well into the gulf of mexico. the last 10 minutes, the forecast is going up the east coast, and it's really hard to tell the american computer model that is more in line with the rest of them. a weak system south florida into the gulf of mexico. key kind of thing. at 4:38, 8-day temperature trend for you, giving you an impact on what we could see next week. in the meantime, off to work this morning. >> that's right, a good drive, and focusing on the news for traffic. no slowdowns, state road 54 looking good. u.s. 19, the suncoast parkway, and you're looking at 14 on 19, and that's state road 54 over
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howard frankland bridge. a 10 minute commute across the bridge itself here, and a 4 minute commute agross the gandhi bridge. back to gene and melanie. the pharmaceutical company that sells the injectors used to treat allergy attacks is under fire. the price of two epipens skyrocketed 400% in 4 years and now a out, selling the devices with absolutely no markup, and ryan hughes is joining us live at the canadian medstore in tampa. ryan, the epipens are available there for just $180? >> reporter: good morning to you as well. it's an incredible savings. currently the things returned around $600, and some families can not afford it, but the company based in the bay area is coming to the aid of those in need. >> folk in the the community
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>> reporter: it's a big help in deed. since 2008 the price of the epipens manufactured by mylan has soared from $100 to $600, and some families were left struggling, and the founder of the canadian med store based here in the bay area decided to sell the devices for $180. he gets them from international pharmacies and assures 8 on your side, they are safe. they are not regulated by the food and instead policed by the equivalent administration in foreign countries. businesses like these are called facilitators, and the fda has concerns that the customers could be getting drugs that are counterfeit or expired, but many people are willing to take the risk to save a lot of money. >> it's concerning but important to point out that it does not mean the drugs are counterfeit just that they have not been checked by the fda so they don't know for sure.
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vote with just days to go before the primary election, marco rubio will be in the bay area today, meeting with supporters at courier field around 11:15 this morning. senator rubio wants to explain why he is running for reelection and the importance of the reelection itself. some early election sites will be open through sunday, and others will only be open through tomorrow, and by the way, there's a list, and just search early voting. 4:35. governor rick scott is planning a trip to washington to demand what he calls urgent action on the funding to fight zika. he made the announcement at a veterans' event in bradenton. the state has already used most of the money set aside for the fight against the virus. thanks to zika concerns,
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control. they are getting 200 calls a day from people worried about the spread of the zika virus. standing water can be dumped but plants like you can see here pose a problem because they naturally hold water in them. it's suggested natural products including lemon grass oil to kill the larva in smaller spaces like in plants. an 8 on your side warning to share with you. funny money is going around th businesses have been tricked by the counterfeit cash. what's it all about? it looks so real, we need to be on the lookout for this? >> ever. >> reporter: definitely. the money is going around, and this could actually end up in your pocket, you the consumer. one man told us the money looks
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it. mark tesario was selling his iphone 6 plus app on a popular app called offer up. they met in the parking lot of a burger king, and the man pulled out the cash, but his intuition told him something wasn't right. he checked with a special marker designed to indicate fake money, but it didn't indicate it was fake. the bill even felt very real, and he noticed something was funny about serial numbers when he got in his car. that's when i noticed the serial numbers were all the exact same, and that's when i got out of the car, and to go get him, and he took off on the motorcycle. >> reporter: and needless to say the man got away with the iphone, and several scores over in the brandon area, they are not even taking the money anymore of these 50s or 10s because they have been duked, and the secret service is
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our area and in citrus county. a man was just arrested on counterfeit charges, and i will tell you more about that in the next half an hour. melanie? >> something we all need to be on the look out for. father was arrested for driving drunk with his 5-month- old daughter in the car, but they found knives, meth, and a pipe in the truck. the baby was not hurt, but now she's protective services. time right now, 4:38 on this friday morning. leigh, how are we looking? >> relatively comfortable for late august if you can believe it, but it's going to be a very hot day. at 8:00 a.m., it's 79. 10:00a.m., it's 75, and we get to 91, and by the way, 90 is the average high, and we warm up hitting 93 around 4:00 p.m. with the 30% rain chance, and
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out to the gridiron, and there could be a lingering shower, especially near the coast and halftime. 84 at halftime, and the final play of mostly dry at 82, and you can head to raymond james, and the buccaneers are playing the browns it gets hot, and if you're tailgating before the game, you may have showers, too. we are trending down from 93 today, all the way to 88 by wednesday, and that's because of an increase on the 8s, and a lot going on for friday evening for sure. >> i'm looking forward to the game. a very special person will be playing tonight. we will hear more at the 6:00 hour, but right now we have a great drive. let's look at i-4. no delays, here to 375. and then the veterans expressway, just a 10 minute commute.
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bridge, no delays. traffic is light everywhere. you come into pasco with 10 minutes on your drive this is 275 at byrd street. very light out there. tonight many fans will get their first look at the renovations at raymond james stadium. we took a tour of the new hall of fame club and tried the food concessions there. you have to do that. but the feature everyone is talking about is the new de boxes reps want the -- the bucs' reps want everyone to have the best experience possible. >> a second round of renovations will take place after this season. the game against the browns will kick off at 8:00 p.m. it's nice to see when they put
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>> the only problem, we didn't get the concessions. >> what's up with that? prince fans will soon have their graceland. >> how fans will be able to tour his home studio coming up in the future. inassaults with donald trump -- insults with donald trump and hillary clinton are now intensifying. how trump is justifying his insults. you're watching news channel 8
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your vote in the race for the white house. it's a war of words. clinton accused trump of racism saying he built his prejudice and paranoia. 24 hours before that donald trump called her a bigot. >> reporter: you are saying she is a personal bigot? >> of course she is. they are her policies. she came out with the policies over the years. >> the last thing we need in the situation room is the loose cannon who can't tell the different between fact and
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racially tinged rumors. >> clinton is leading trump by 10 points in a new poll. >> time now, 4:44, and in a few weeks, hillary clinton's private e-mails uncovered by the fbi could be released, and a federal judge ordered the state department to provide the e-mails by september 13th to legal watchdog conservative group judicial watch. it's specifically for documents related to the attack on u.s. consulate in benghazi. john kerry and the foreign minister are in syria to push for a weekly stop in fighting for deliveries. russia has agreed to a humanitarian cease fire for that. help for flood victims in louisiana is coming in from all
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delivered to baton rouge including food, bottled water, and clothing. the need is such, that some people waited 3 hours to get the supplies. >> it's really a blessing from everybody who is reaching out. we just want to thank them so, so much. people don't have anything. >> she was really moved by the help they are receiving there. volunteers were able to out. residents are cleaning up damage left by an ef3 tornado. and mike pence toured the damage. only minor injuries have been reported. the stakes were high at a texas steak house as tempers were heated. a fight broke out with a customer and a server. police say the fight broke out because the customer was
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punched the server repeatedly until the server broke free and pulled out a gun, firing three shots into the air, and witnesses tell us it was chaotic. >> he was the one that threw the first punch, and he was a larger man, so, you know, he was on top of the waitor, beating him up pretty bad. i believe he also hit him with the computer there at the hostess stand. >> my goodness. no one was hurt in the shooting. police say the seer customer ran off before the cops arrived. >> wow. a michigan copilot was flying with a blood alcohol limit more than four times the legal limit to drive a car. the pay lot call odd officials after suspecting the copilot was drunk. at the time, the two were the only ones were on the plane. >> that does not make me feel good about the next plane i
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departing today. the resupply mission successfully brought 3,000 pounds of supplies, hardware, and tools to the international space station when it launched last month. the dragon is scheduled to detach and return to earths with a splashdown near baja, california. >> that would not be a bad landing, right? fans of prince are getting their purple ready today. >> late star's family is opening up paisley park. the tours begin on october 6th. ticket information is on that would be neat to get a glimpse into the life of a legend. >> look who is wearing purple. >> it's like i knew. temperatures this morning are quite warm, notterribly
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before we hit 93, and steamy at 4:00 p.m. with the 30% rain chance. outside right now, i said it's not terribly humid, but it's warm. 77 in bartow, and brooksdale you're at 84. i want to focus in on invest 99l, and it has had a tough time of strengthening. i'm just fine with that. i will show you why it's running into a lot of dry air. the dry air will keep the storm from developing, and also keeping e developing is what we call wind sheer. basically strong winds that rip the storm apart, and when you look at the green color, that's a lot of winds, and it has been battling that for the last 48 hours. here's the unfortunate part, over the next few hours as it heads between cuba and florida, notice the red color, those are calmer winds, and we have the the better chance of it developing unfortunately, and that's one of the reasons why we are keeping an eye on this.
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it looks very, very weak. the impact today, is none. scattered thunderstorms moving east to west. 40% chance on saturday, and as the tropical moisture arrives, the rain chances going up 50% on sunday, and 60% on monday and tuesday. leslee, how about traffic on the 8sin. >> we have a good drive on i-4. no delays. talking about the veterans expressway, and about a 10- minute commute, and now have a little problem on northbound by lutes lane fern road, and it's by the exit. a little police activity up there, but no delays. apparently the right lane is taken away. that's the veterans exstressway. -- expressway. i-4 looking great, and 275, no delays. back to melanie and gene. >> look look good. >> shopaholics taking heart.
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until you drop. >> is that every weekend. >> i think it's pretty much every day of the week. >> we will tell you why it's okay to go on a spending spree this weekend. upgrading your tv in time for football season. 8 on your side will help you get through confusing terms, and i don't know what they mean either. find out what you need to know before you buy. >> fancy pictures, maybe?
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many options, the tv tech terms can make the shopping experience confusing. to simplify it, when it comes to size you can get more tv for dollar these days, and and consider your space. seating distance should be two times of the screen's diagonal, but bigger is not always better. >> often a big tv will exaggerate the flaws in the tv. >> if you do want a large tv, quality. if you're looking at curved screens, the shape does not improve the viewer quality, and most importantly keep the injuries out of the living room and secure the tvs properly when setting it up. time now, 4:54, and if you need an excuse to go shopping this weekend, go to macy's. it's the 3-day shop for the cause. customers will get a 25%
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a $5 donation to participating charities. customers who donate their $5 can enter a chance to win a $500 gift card. >> there's your chance to get a little cardio in and do shopping. kids and social media go hand and hand. >> some schools are embracing social media to communicate. 8 on your side has a look at how one bay area school district is using instagram, twitter, and bo students. weather and traffic on the 8s in 3 minutes. that's live picture of downtown tampa. looking mighty fine on this friday morning. closed captioning brought to you by: you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove.
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it's 4:58. expect a hot day today. 93. only a 30% rain chance that
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the bay area bridges looking great. up to speed on the howard frankland and courtney campbell causeway it will take 7 minutes to move across the water, and the gandhi bridge has a 4
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funny money in the bay area, where investigators are finding fake bills and why some stores are changing the way they accept cash. ryan lochte facing more trouble. why the u.s. olympic swimmer could be headed to face the music for lying about a robbery in rio. >> checking the tropics this morning. invest 99 is bringing wind and rain to the bahamas, and we are looking at where it is headed next and what it means for us. i'm gene ramirez. >> reporter: and i'm melanie michael in for gayle. the important word here is it's friday. good morning, leigh.


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