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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  November 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> ellen: anyway. now, 4 headlines, number 1, election eve we're going to take you inside both camps as the >> number 2 firefighter, the unit is pulling its support from the solar amendment. >> number 3, handling your vote see how florida is protecting your vote from election provide. >> and here's number 4: . >> 14 fires departments from all over florida come to adventure island and it's not for fun. good afternoon everyone. thanks for being here. >> this is first at 4. and
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the candidates are still focussing on the sunshine state and we'll preview a democratic rally coming up in st. pete. >> but we begin live at the trump rally in sarasota right now. >> reporter: good afternoon. thousands piled in this morninge donald trump in fact the arena was not large enough to accommodate the crowds. this was his last stop in florida. now, the race is neck in nec clinton barely towards the finish line. he primary today stayed on message mostly highlighting how he'd repeal obama care and discussed his economic platform. he only spoke very briefly about the latest news that the fbi does not plan to file charges against hillary clinton. . >> what's happening is a disgrace and our country is a
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our justice, hour country is a laughing stock all over the world they're laughing. . >> reporter: sarasota is actually very special for donald trump. the co-chair of his florida campaign is from here. he briefly had his florida head quarters here, also the city's republican party nominated him twice as statesman of the year. so it's very fitting he held the rally here. >> and we can a loaded scheduled to, right? >> he's all over the place. he'll be in pennsylvania, new hampshire and a late 11 p.m. rally in michigan tonight. a full slate for him. >> thanks. and the st. petersburg waterfront is the scene for a final campaign push by democrats who are bringing in star power. >> jimmy buffett is set to
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of a democratic party. you can see behind me the stage is set appeared the american flag is flying. several hundred people waited for the gates to open to the park for this last rally before the polls open tomorrow morning. among the biden supporters are a number of self proclaimed parrot heads who are here to see the show. >> i'm here to see jimmy, my life goal is to meet him however i'm also a lifelon also see the -- hopefully the first woman president elected also. >> reporter: the weather is perfect. besides hearing vice president joe biden and others many are excited to hear the music but politics are the main reason for this event. >> i've ban hillary supporter since day 1. i believe the country will be in big trouble. wish for the best. >> reporter: this event is set
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and now let's get some perspective on your vote 2016. . >> thank you for being here. >> i guess i picked a heck of a year to step away from the news business after 21 years, but i think i've spent my time wisely here. 6 weeks driving from coast to coast, it doesn't make me an expert on the mood of the country necessarily but i did end up with what i call some lessons from the road. >> in a crossed the content twice from the white sand beaches of florida to the rocky shores of california and back. to the bottom of death valley i can report the state of the nation is awesome, whatever your beliefs god or nature has created for us a stunningly beautiful home with natural wonders and open spaces. i saw man made wonders too, blue
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>> solar farms silently powering our homes. force don't think the government can get anything done visit the hover dam. and maybe we're not so divided, a stop in graceland reminded me that the democrats and republicans mostly agree on elvis. and widely despised every day i felt grateful parties who set aside the most beautiful places on the planet for us to enjoy forever. and though we nearly wiped out some of our fellow question sures millions work daily to protect our wildlife. we never did get around to talking about the election or even the
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face some real serious issues. we can't all drive around eating bbq all the time. our duty is to kick our issues pick our candidates and get out there and vote. >> i'm wondering when you told people you were from florida do they feel as we do on hinges. >> they're well aware this is a key state. absolutely people tried from time to time to engage me on the subject but hey i was on vacation. country too, nbc came out with their battlefield break down and pretty much is looks like clinton has a pretty big lead. he'd have to win a lot of states that are toss up states at this point. >> that's true. as we watch the returns come in tomorrow, you'll see a state like florida perhaps go to hillary clinton, the door shuts on donald trump at that point. the same is true of ohio and pennsylvania. so there are many more routes to the white house for hillary clinton than
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early night. >> it's going to be an interesting about 36 hours, i think. >> thank you for joining us. >> remember before you head to the polls check out sample ballots on our election guide. our website has put together everything you need to know on our website at and now, for your election weather. >> thank you. as we head into election day we've got some excellent weather for you. here's the view from lakeland, weather clouds around. winds coming out of the east northeast between 5 to 10 miles per hour. so a little bit breezy at times but not too bad. here's the view on crystal river nice day to be out enjoying pleasant temperatures this afternoon and our winds coming in out of the east northeast. breezy at times but not too bad. just a great afternoon. temperatures hovering right around average for this time of the year,
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where just about everyone is. 82 in bradenton, 77 in st. pete and 77 currently in crystal river. temperatures are going to stay nice and warm for the rest of this afternoon and early evening hours. . in place off to our north. we'll keep things quiet but we're tracking a weak front just off to our west right now which will bring us small rain chances but this won't be until after election day. overnight tonight we'll fall back to 65, stay mild, pleasant through the evening hours, haven't voted early will be headed out, expect mild weather temperatures in the mid-60s, lunch hour voting also looks great in the mid-70s and by the time the polls close it should be a gorgeous evening with temperatures falling back into the mid-70s. we'll have a full look at your work week forecast coming up in a few minutes. well, call it a november surprise the professional firefighters of florida, that group is rescinding its
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controversial. here's our capital bureau correspondent to explain. . >> the professional firefighters of florida plugged the plug at the close of business friday afternoon and say they are not urging to owe people to vote, they're just not urging people to vote yes. >> in my job i see a lot of fires that could have been stopped before they started. >> the board of the professional firefighters of florida made the initial endorsement then after hearing from more than happy the board unanimously rescinded their support and asked the tv spot and other advertising be taken down. . >> and it just become very controversial on both sides so we didn't go to a vote no position, we just withdraw or endorsement and took no position. >> the spokesperson for consumers for smart solar declined to go on camera and issued a statement saying that they're disappointed but
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well, a large number of people have already voted, in fact, the numbers are even higher than in the last presidential election. in hillsborough county 49% of registered voters have already cast their ballot. the number is higher than in 2012. the hillsborough supervisors of election believes people early vote because it's become more convenient. . >> when you're limited election day is the last day to vote, it's one day, so if you're that morning i hope you're not sick and you don't get shut out of voting. i think it's one of the reasons it is driving people to take advantage of early voting. >> some counties only experience add modest increase in early votes this year compared to 2012. in polk county 22.7 voted early. and now to worries of a rigged election system. we find
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here is safe and secure. . >> in less than 24 hours americans will finally head to the polls here at the hillsborough county supervisor of elections office officials have worked around the clock to make sure things run smoothly. with more than 300 precincts elections workers have the daunting task of keeping the voting system up and running and safe and secure. >> to be honest it did cross my mind that there is a with. >> she voted early and trusts the system to an extent. >> you don't know what happens after that. >> supervisor of elections tells news channel 8, don't worry, checks and balances are in place to ensure a pure results. >> after this election our board will randomly select one of the races randomly select precinct and we'll hand count them to once again ensure that the machines are counting
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that people should watch polling sites for fraud, but he tells us the only people allowed inside stations are registered voters, poll workers and poll watchers. deputies will patrol polling places and areas around them in case there are any problems. so far 242,000 people have participated in earthly voting in hillsborough county, 176 house mailed in their ballots. this man has is counted fairly. >> let it be done with the faith of the people. . >> now, all systems in hillsborough have been tested and told they're performing well. polls are open from 7 in the morning until 7 at night. anyone in line when the polls close will be able to vote. >> and don't forget news channel # is your headquarters for political coverage on election day. we'll be starting at 4:30 a.m. then when the policy open
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projections are made, you can also check for our news channel # app. and get the app as well for the very latest information. still ahead. >> when you cast your ballot keep your eye -- i voted sticker. how some local businesses are rewarding people. >> some good news about the
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he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message because i'll never stop working for you. i'm hillary clinton itary are very concerned about the things that mr. trump has already said he's going to ask the military to do. chris matthews: talking of maybe using nuclear weapons, nobody wants to hear that about an american president. well, then, then why are we making them? a foreign policy expert went to advise donald trump, and three times he asked, "if we have them, why can't we use nuclear weapons?" [scoff]
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you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. papa john's. and we got a gorgeous sunrise this morning, this photo was sent in on twitter. of course if you have some more weather photos go ahead and share them with us. we always love to see them. a nice view out currently. you can see a few clouds around today but overall the just a nice one.
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at 78 degrees with a nice breeze coming out of the northeast between 10 to 15 miles per hour. so as we head into the overnight hours tonight at 9 p.m. we'll be sitting in the low 70s, still pretty comfortable for us with a light breeze. we'll keep it mostly dry overnight. when you wake up tomorrow morning we'll start the day in the mid-60s so similar to this morning by the afternoon hours tomorrow we'll top out in the low 80s, so it' going to be another warm day. typically where we are this time of year in the tampa bay area. notice blue skies back tomorrow, plenty of sunshine through the day and another dry day. the last time we saw rain was october 15th. that was about 3 weeks ago or 23 days ago at this point and there's into the whole lot of rain in the forecast. so it could be a few more weeks until we pick up any more rain. some areas are seen showers but widespread definitely not, notice small
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weekend into the start of next week ends. nothing above 10% at this point. so right now high pressure is in place that's keeping this quiet and for the rest of evening it's going to stay breezy. that wind we've been seeing for a while now, a few clouds mild temperatures. tomorrow morning lots of sunshine to start the day, quiet commute for election day if you plan on voting early it should be great and notice it stays nice all the way through the day, a mix of sun and clouds. we're going to keep rain out of the forecast for tuesday. as we headnt weak front we're tracking and with it we're going to see small rain chances so there is a chance you could see a shower wednesday we're just not going to see a ton of them across the tampa bay area. so we'll keep a small rain chance in the forecast for wednesday and nurse with that front. now, as we head through the rest of this week it looks nice for veterans day. last year was great
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the walkers keep them cool. >> except for one -- that's because as you always say november is one of the dry east months. well, your consumer watch first at 4, some good news for avocado lovers. supplies have started to increase. a shortage prices up by double and in some cases triple because of a growers strike in mexico. election day will be a paid holiday for thousands of workers this year. ra election day a paid holiday. other companies including ford motor company, square publishing, just so you know there is not allow requiring workers get time off to vote. >> and maybe you've shown your sticker on your social media platforms but keep your i voted sticker. many chains will be offering freebies. just show
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give you free access. we've put a list of all the election day deals on our website at welcoming up why snoring may be a reason to see the doctor, that's at 4:30. >> and also ahead. >> adventure island is closed for the season but emergency responders from all over the state got the call to respond right here. i'll explain coming up. . >> then in first at 4 sports we'll take aoo the bucs will face this weekend. >> under a you can get developments on all of today's biggest stories every night on great 38 at 8. we'll be right
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adventure island water park is a cool place to have a lot of
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drop for a statewide firefighter competition. >> adventure island is closed for the season but what's going on inside the park could save you or a loved ones's life. >> starting at the head, head eyings nose ears mouth and throat. >> cliff arrived on the scene. >> i've got no pulse on the left. >> he and his crew found multiple trauma victims in desperate need of >> he's a construction worker and slipped with the saw and was walking with it and cut his arm and got a pretty bad bleed going on. >> even though it suspect real they take the training and competition very serious. >> you have to be fast thinking. we have to think quick on our feet, we have to be very dynamic like i said earlier digging through our bags trying to find the right medication making sure we start an iv.
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called organized chaos. >> and in this organized chaos the goal is to see which team can accurately triage the patients the fastest >> we're out here for fun. it's always a good time. definitely out to win but it's a good time no matter what happens. a lost these guys are great competitors, very smart. every time we do this it's a learning experience for us as well. so we're out here for a multitude of reasons. >> it's real life stuff. we never know what happens when the we have to respond on. hopefully they'll react on it as a learning experience. >> it lasts 2 days and after that they'll crown a winner who will have bragging rights throughout the state for a whole year. and now time to check on your first at 4 sports, the bucs are back at practice today after taking the weekend off the team is recovering from several
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on the field. he appears to be much healthier than the last time we saw him. evans is still under concussion protocol but did practice today. >> and neck up for the bucs the bears this sunday. the bears are just 2-6 this own, 0-4 on the road and if tampa bay is going to win this is a good week to do it. the bears will be even better rested than they are fresh off a buy week but the place of business we talked to say there will be no let down ready to go against chicago. . >> got no choice, that's our job is to prepare all week and play on sunday. so, you know, you can't get down because you you know, lost, you know, another game. so you know, that's with a we get paid to do. so like it or not we've got to come back to work. >> i don't think it's tough to get up for a game, obviously you only get 16 of them so you've got to be excited to play football every time you step on
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so that's something being takend come out here ready to play. >> first half of the season didn't feel like we wanted it, but that's why there's 2 halves. so we get a break, and we start the second half of the season at home. so -- >> there you go. we're going to have the interview with the head coach coming up tonight at 6 and we'll bri first at 4.amendment 1... stops. their. subsidies. with amendment 1, you don't pay for someone else's solar. to stop unfair subsidies, vote yes on amendment 1. my dad was a family doctor in pinellas county for 55 years. he used to even take me on house calls. both my parents taught me to help others. that's why i believe in public service. as your governor we got things done, and if you send me to congress we can do it again.
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and i'll take care of our veterans. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message because i'll put you, the people first. always have, and always will. ?
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get 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake! why are out-of-state billionaires attacking amendment 1? because amendment 1... stops. their. subsidies. with amendment 1, you don't pay for someone else's solar. to stop unfair subsidies, vote yes on amendment 1. now, 4 headlines number 1 the final day of a long general election campaign finds donald trump and hillary clinton stumping for every vote. polls have tightened in the waning days of this race and both are campaigning furiously today. trump is in sarasota, north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan. . number 2, janet reno the
4:31 pm
general of the u.s. died today at age 78 from complications of park kin son's disease. she hold that job longer than anyone. her time spanned some of the most tissue plant times but her straightforward style made her popular with millions. >> number 3 the young man accused of gunning down several people during a bible study in there was a closed door meeting with roof and his attorneys. selection should be begin on wednesday. >> number 4, we're getting our first look at damage caused by an earthquake that rattled northern oklahoma. look at attachment this roof collapsed. you can see bricks spilled onto the street as the 5.0 quake hit last night. a number of minor injuries are being reported.
4:32 pm
many ways awful campaign and tomorrow it comes to a climax. >> right now hillary clinton and donald trump are working to rally vote nurse key battleground states. trump is raising eyebrows by his bid to grab states like philadelphia that look like clinton's. >> clinton began her last day push in pennsylvania. >> i want to be the president for all americans not just some. he our new poland will not be prosecuted for her emails, no change after the fbi reassessment. >> hillary clinton is being protect by the a totally rigged system. . >> but in bucks county outside philadelphia a swing county in a battleground state kim craft decided. >>i kept saying i wasn't going to vote but i think i'll probably end up voting for
4:33 pm
the lesser of 2 evils. >> both of them are very flawed but to me she is way more flawed than he is. >> between events in pennsylvania today clinton goes to michigan, a state trump could turn red to win like florida where he started today. . >> i'm not a politician, my only special interest is you. . >> president obama went to michigan to prevent a surprise. >> the good news, michigan, is you are job. . >> more republicans early voted in georgia and arizona, more democrats in critical florida and nevada, but in pennsylvania where cruise got ready for clinton's rally tonight there's almost no early voting. to motivate democrats to turnout tomorrow hillary and bill clinton and the barack obama and michelle obama and a whole bunch
4:34 pm
. >> and early voting in florida shows a spike in latino turnout. turnout increased 129% from 2008. the hispanic early vote here accounts for 14% of ballots cast. black early voter turnout is down 7% compared to a turnout in 2012. and now for a little more spur speculative on your vote 2016, joining us now is dr. ed benton. >> a nice trend we're seeing is that thousands voted early this time around. what are we going to see for this election with that fact? >> well, with that many people voting early, it certainly will tilt the scales one way or the other with respect to the final outcome, but of course there's still thousands of people yet to vote, but with more latinos
4:35 pm
democratic than republican you would think they would go their way. it's not surprising that clinton has had a difficult time getting african americans out to vote unlike barack obama that was expected but she's had trouble with millennials. >> moving onto amendment 1 in the state of florida, that's been confusing, it's also been controversial, what do you think willpa >> probably not. i think enough people did see through the smoke screen so to speak. so it was not what it was pure importanted to be, and with more and more coming out and the flip flop from the firefighters here in hillsborough county also gives it sort of a negative twist as we go into the election tomorrow. >> and obviously another amendment a lot of people talking about the medical marijuana in this state on the ballot previously but how do you think it's going to do this time
4:36 pm
people, i think, even going back 2 years ago when it was on the ballot people were in favor of it but there was this fear that it could get into the hands of the wrong people but with the idea of it being used for medicine -- i think it will carefully control both the direction appeared use of it that in all likelihood it will get a thumbs up. >> do you have a feel way florida is going to go presidentially. >> i'll be wearing a purple tie tomorrow night. >> you and me both. >> seriously right now i think it's a toss up. it can go one way or the other, and according to what polls you listen to but i don't think such a very close margin of error, that it could go either way. >> we appreciate you being here. thanks so much for joining us today. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> before you head to the polls
4:37 pm
our web team has put it together for you on our website at and for the second advertisement a woman ridding in a golf according to around a neighborhood is caught on camera stealing her neighbor's hillary clinton sign. it happened saturday night and trump supporters have complained that their signs have been stolen. a police were was filed this time. now, making news around the world helicopter air strikes pound add town from mosul today after the first wave of 2,000 iraqi soldiers entered that town. they marched people, blue up suicide car bombs and shot at them. and in a first ruling of its kind israeli authorities seized the passport of an american businessman and barred him from leaving the country it's all because his son won't granted
4:38 pm
that court claims the father is helping his son live a life of luxury in the united states. they want to hold his passport until the son agree to say that divorce. brittain's prince of wales ended his tour today. they met with the crown prince before being gifted. prince charles was also presented with one of copies of the kuran in the world. and we experienced the outage after people living near a plant weren't told for weeks about an incident that released hundreds of millions of positive lultd water. >> and now the state's department of environmental protection is scrambling to act but not every someone happy about it. >> the business community pushed back against a proposed department of environmental
4:39 pm
require them to tell the public and media quickly about potential pollution had standards in the wake of the sinkhole incident. >> the governor ordered the rule change after a sing hole at the plant released contaminated water into the ground. the company told state and federal authorities the day after it happened but nearby residents weren't informed for weeks now, the responsibility could be placed on the companies themselves, something that most people in attendance at monday meeting weren't fond its obligations on the regulate public? this is something that the department has the paint to do. and the ability to do in a very cost effective manner. >> dep should be publishing the final rule before the end of the year but certainly be challenged. now, it's time for tomorrow's weather and traffic today on the 8s. . >> i hope your enjoying your afternoon.
4:40 pm
going on overnight northbound i-75 you'll see a lane closed here between i-4 up to fowler. they're doing some work and also on the exit ramps so keep in mind a little bit of construction overnight. and then also you've got one lane possibly closed right here the hump of the skyway bridge both directions overnight as well and it's usually wrapped up by about 6 a.m. that's a look at some of the construction, what about the of those polling places too. >> yes, there will. >> weather is looking great for election day, comfortable not many clouds, mid-60s as you get the day started. we look forward to seeing you tomorrow on news channel 8 today. >> and you can catch them every weekday morning with weather and traffic on the 8s starting at 4:30. >> still ahead. >> your snoring could be a sign of a bigger problem, we'll show what you you need to look out
4:41 pm
around for these 8 on your side stories. >> results for a tampa man who through a name mix-up received somebody else's hospital bill. i'll tell you how our investigation helped fixed this mistake. >> if you live on this street you pay for reclaimed water
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
an mated family is about to set a very impressive record. >> yeah, that story kicks off our hollywood minute. it looks like there's no end in sight for the simons. they were just renewed for its 29th and 30th seasons. . >> and loving makes its mark the film about the couple whose case
4:45 pm
overturning bans on interracial marriage earned an estimated $1,679,000 over the weekend. keep in mind it only played in 4 theaters that's easily top the inn dee box office. reviews are excellent and focus features may be planning a wider roll out. . >> and the edge of 17 doesn't open until november 1, '78 will you stanfield is already getting tells deadline the movie wouldn't have been made if they hasn't found him for the part. he compared her to a legend saying it was like as good task gets there was only one person who could play that part. and it's a gorgeous afternoon here, you can see sunshine and 76 degrees in brandon just a few fair weather clouds. winds fairly light at this location.
4:46 pm
week or so. we're staying in the upper 70s, low 80s all the way through next weekend into the start of next week. a weak front is going to move through the tampa bay area late wednesday and early thursday. what it does to our temperatures is kind of holds them steady. so we're going to stay in the upper 70s and low 80s through next week because of that. any rain, rain chances still looking low. it's been a while since we've nothing more than than a 10% rain chance. on our radar you can see completely quiet, just some clouds around, but no rain in site, dry you this that we're not going to be dealing with any of that overnight. so at 11 p.m. it will be close to 70 degrees in downtown tampa but through the overnight we'll drop back into the mid-60s a pleasant start to your morning throughout the day notice we're going to warm up nicely. if you're heading out to do some voting on
4:47 pm
in the afternoon. right now temperatures in the 70s for most of us, 77 in st. pete, 77 in plant city, coming in at 78 in brooksville and sitting at 80 in tampa. the humidity is in the 50s so it's really feeling nice and the humidity is not going to be an issue for the week ahead. actually in a very pleasant range there. so high pressure dominant factor with our forecast right now. that's going to keep us high and dry for tonight. overnight hours. when you wake up tomorrow morning you could see a few clouds but really going to be a nice commute to start the day and notice as we head throughout the day no rain expected. it's going to stay mostly dry, just a mix of sun and clouds through the day and into the overnight hours it's going to remain quiet as we head into wednesday there's that weak front that moves in and with this approaching front we'll keep in a small chance of rain, so yes, we could see a passing shower, but rain chances still
4:48 pm
you can see why right now dry stable air in place, moisture out in the gulf and we may tap into a little bit of this wednesday and into thursday. as that front rolls through but generally it's going to stay mostly dry with our dew points only dropping back as we head into next week. notice the rain chances still small even with that front and temperatures only drop back a little bit. it mainly prevents us from warming back up much more. we're in the upper 70s weekend but upper 70s, slim rain chances, the weekend is shaping up nicely and of course election day as well. i know our eyes are on that as well. >> we're in a good stretch
4:49 pm
this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care
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instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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well, snoring can make for a bad night's sleep for you and your bed mate but if it happens because you have obstructive sleep apnea it could be a sign
4:52 pm
we explain the link between apnea and your heart. >> obstructive sleep apnea can cause a number of health issues such as extreme fatigue, strokes and heart disease which according to the sleep foundation the connection between sleep apnea and heart disease is evolving rapidly. dr. guide says the number one certain is hypertension. >> it does increase your blood pressure, it increases your system, nll resting and sleeping your blood pressure or when you're sleeping at night should drop. when you have sleep apnea that doesn't happen. it tends to be elevated. >> another certain is af ib where a patient has an irregular heart beat. the doctor says patients who suffer from afib are 3 types as likely to suffer
4:53 pm
as your good cholesterol which is protective, that's decreased if you have apnea, [audio difficulty] levels, reactive proteinses, markers are increased and those patients don't have a high increase of cardiac events but if you have severe you do. . >> the doctor says weight lose can help but the most common is a machine called a cpap. . >> a lot ofeo sometimes they give up. they say i can't do it and they shouldn't because if you work with the companies they can make [audio difficulty]. some people use just under the nose. >> he says if patients stick with the treatment they'll be less fatigued which will increase their energy to decrease those heart related factors. and remember the heart walk is this weekend and news channel 7 has
4:54 pm
for the american heart association we want to thank these folks for their donations. fuccillo kia is again generously matching the first $507,000 that we raise. so if you'd like to donate or join my team it is certainly not too late just go to the walk again this saturday, november 12th at raymond james stadium. i'll 8 avenues family man. >> looking pretty good, the weather. >> here's something that will warm your heart it's a short film and being offered online
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under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, it's time for new leadership. i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember!
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carson and i have seen some terrible ads attacking our mom dana young. for things she never did. it hurts because mom is cool. she is caring, she works hard. whenever something is not right mom is on it. trust us we know from experience. mom put her career on hold for us. to raise our family. she is a role model for everyone in our community. i'm proud of you mom, we both are.
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what's trending online today. >> beginning with turkeys terrorizeing a town. >> there's a turkey between 4th and f. that's running around like chasing people. >> yup. this is in davis, california, other 911 calls claim turkeys have them surrounded and they can't get out the car. the problem has gotten so bad the government is coming up with a turkey management plan. >> also trending on facebook today if you don't see finding torre in movie theaters when you would have missed out on the newest an matt mated short. this one is called piper it's about a sandpiper it's best short film yet. we have good news for you who
4:59 pm
it's available to watch online for free. this is utah football doing the mannequin challenge it's trend on facebook. there's hundreds of these videos online apparently it's the latest group video challenge. as far as we can tell it started in high schools and gradually picking up steam. we've seen some pro teams even doing that. you can find all these mannequin videos by searching millibar mannequin challenge. >> wrong. >> to see what's trending get updates between newscast you can always go
5:00 pm
>> stuck with a big hospital bill. for a visit he didn't make. he knew he better call ben ken and shannon gets results. >> i'm jennifer lee. >> i'm keith cate. donald trump and hillary clinton head into the final stretch. election day is tomorrow. both candidates barnstorming the battleground states. donald trump in sarasota earlier today. >> it was his first stop of the day that includes five states. john rogers joins us with a wrap up of what trump said. >>reporter: he mainly stayed on message as he made one final push to win over voters this very important battleground state. wrote bars arena was not big enough to hold the crowd of thousands who came to see donald trump. >> we are going to win the great state of florida and we are going to take back the white house. >>reporter: the republican


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