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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a meeting between the current and future presidents today plus the names being coer protesters marched in the streets angry over donald trump being elected president here expect also, moms and dads no there isn't enough time in the day. coming up i will show you ways to save time with daily chores that parents have to do every day. we have cool air coming our way.
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area. it is just now south sarasota county. any clouds around this morning will certainly scour out soon. notice we're at 52 in inverness and brooksville. the further south you go the warm a gets -- the warmer it gets. if you are headed out the door we do not have any accidents. nothing will slow you down. pasco county is up to speed. everything is up to the shoulder. we had another accident northbound i 75 run on us 301.
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here's a live look at traffic. this is to 75 near hillsboro getting busier, but still good speeds. today president-elect donald trump will head to the white house to begin planning a peaceful transition with president obama. the president begin the transition with the phone called donald trump congratulating him on the election win . the obama administration has been working for nearly a year on a change in power. the president says despite their differences transition just as president bush did for him. i have instructed my team to follow the example that president bush's team set a years ago and work as hard as we can -- 8 years ago , and work as hard as we can to make sure this is a successful transition for the president- elect. now president-elect trump must make critical decisions in
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needs to set policies for every aspect of our nation. >> we're joined now from the tampa new center with more. president-elect trump's transition team has spent the last several months quietly building a short list of potential cabinet members. florida attorney general, pam bondi name has come a us attorney general along with former new york mayor rudy giuliani and new jersey governor chris christie. giia department of homeland security. new gingrich a possible choice for secretary of state, force lucas, cofounder lucas oil also possibility for secretary of interior, but former alaskan governor sarah palin and donald trump jr, have also expressed interest. republican national committee chair ryan previous is the front leader for chief of staff. campaign manager kelly ann conway said just before the election that donald
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then on his cabinet picks. are you actively vetting people as we speak right now for positions? >> yes, we're going to win so we have to get ready to form a government. conway by the way we also have a place on the donald trump team as a strategist or a. donald trump polarizing stance on some issues could make some hesitant to join his team, but there seems to be no shortage of people willing to .
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the election of donald trump and have been protesting throughout the country overnight . this is what it looks like a few hours ago in los angeles. you can see protesters marching along the freeway blocking traffic. in chicago protest the starter with hundreds grew to about 10,000 people. they tried to get into the trump international hotel and tower along the chicago river downtown. police have been guarding his hotels since hundreds of students from university of texas skipped class to march against donald trump. they marched through downtown trent -- chanting donald trump has got to go . in des moines, iowa even these high school students showed the disapproval of donald trump. they allow the protesting they do have a right to be heard. donald trump promises to have a very busy first day in the oval office from beginning
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begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. among the other things donald trump promises to address on his first day, plans to build a wall along the us- mexico border. is also asking congress to send him a bill to repeal and replace the affordable care act, also instructing his generals sent him a plan within 30 days to soundly and quickly . is also said he will get rid of gun free zones on school campuses and military bases as soon as his first day in office. he is also vowed to reverse president obama's recent efforts to normalize cuba -- relations with cuba . he has promised that the president's relax rules would change. >> ryan hughes is live in at
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flight to havana begins that month -- next month. is that in jeopardy? >> good morning, that is unknown at this area. there is a large cuban -- cuban population in this area but the big issue is will his presidency rollback traveling between the 2 nations. some think he could reverse changes with the simple stroke of a pen. that president's barack obama was overtures to cuba give us nothing in return. >> they never gave anything up in exchange for what they got. you don't reward bad behavior.
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many people are looking forward to the southwest airlines flight that takes off on december 12 we continue following breaking news this morning, live picture here from canonsburg, pennsylvania were 2 of the city's police officers have been shot. police say they have swat team members at the scene right now. for whatever reason it looks like this chopper shot is following that police cruiser with lights that road. at this moment we have not been alerted to a suspect identity or anything like that for information as to what led to the shooting. as soon as we learn more information on the shooting 2 police officers in canonsburg pennsylvania will give you updates on air and 608 -- 6:08 on this thursday morning and cooler air coming our way.
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south so if you live south of i- 4 you will have to wait on getting the cooler air. by about 8 am it will be 65 degrees although cooler to the north and warmer to the south. as the morning goes on the clouds scour out. 81 with bright blue skies. once we had to the evening hours temperature start falling quickly. you will notice friday and saturday temperatures are cooler in the upper 70s and then ne chances. today's high of 81. 78 tomorrow, 79 saturday, beautiful on sunday at 80. were checking now on traffic -- with traffic on the 8s. >> the commuters remain good. we keep our fingers crossed that that continues. we have had our little issues but nothing that before you down. we are looking in polk county, it looks fantastic, no delays
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like at fowler avenue we also have a great drive. no issues on the howard franklin bridge at least, not yet. a bay area man is behind bars for some scandalous behavior at a local mall. our 8 on your side warning this morning ahead of the big shopping time of the year. plus the favorite author trend of mommy hexes the tampa bay area.
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time now 6:13th. a dade city man is in jail this morning accused of videotaping up a woman's dress. mary mcguire joins us live from the outlet mall and pasco county. ry this is not the first time this man has been arrested for this type of behavior. >> his most recent arrest happened here for one search of the sheriff's website and it is clear he has a history of this kind of behavior, 10 arrest since 2009 including indecent exposure around children. this latest event happened last week at the billabong store inside the temper premium outlets. that is when the sheriffs office said this man took
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the help of surveillance video, marcus grant hill goes by the name boorat was arrested. this has shoppers feeling uneasy . >> you look around and you see how society is getting evil. it is supposed to be good now in good is evil. we have to turn things around. we're going to go way down the hill. the victim tells us this guy was working as a landscapert was seen inside the woman's restroom that very same day. you want before judge on wednesday and his bond was revoked. you will not get out anytime soon, but the story is a good reminder as people head out to the malls around our area during this holiday shopping season. always be vigilant. if you see something, say something the attorney for the fired white officer who fatally
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claim several pieces of evidence was never tested. a crime scene investigator testified that about 2 weeks after the shooting in april 2015, 2 additional bullets were recovered from the scene. the investigator testified the taser used by slater was never checked for fingerprints. happening today, help for manatee county residents who endured storm damage during hurricane hermine , fema recovery center will they may need. it will be at the gt brave park in bradenton. it is open from 9 am until 6 pm each day . the loan application deadline for hermine damage is november 28 . we have posted all of this information on our website. of annual mother of all baby showers takes place tonight at the glazer children's museum
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life easier for parents all over the world. >> she is the woman of the toy -- behind parent . i got a first-hand peek at some her favorite hacks. >> hello everybody welcome to our live check -- chat. she seems to be everywhere but starting out with very simple id tricks to make life easy as for parent -- easier for parents . >> i think to myself why didn't i think of these. it has me coming up with my own hacks. it is really all about making parenting easier and quick frankly less expensive, less stress for more fun. after trying some of these parent hacks she invited door
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of all baby showers. she showed me the trick we are thread a rubber band through the button of your pants to buy yourself some extra room during pregnancy. >> you can use this for a play matt, changing mat. you can take it to dizzy -- disney. out the top and use it as a punch up. glow sticks serve as a your sweet cake. >> you can stick this in there so when you're kid is eating or drinking you can get all the crumbs in here and after a day or week you can throw it out. >> we have more hikes for you on at tonight's big event you will see all of the vendors. these
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other moms to help raise their children. go to were we have posted all the information you need for all transfer the mother of all baby showers. >> i like that cupcake holder idea. good morning, it is a beautiful start to the day. we're justin brighter skies, famous tate appliance & bedding center and brandon, 52 degrees but we have cold front pushing south of i-4 . 65 degrees at 8 am, dryer less humid air. pleasant all afternoon. 76 at noon, 81 at 3 pm. it is still technically above average but barely a cloud in the sky. you can see what a difference the cold front is making from low 50s in places like inverness in brooksville. we just dropped to 64 in tampa, 64 apollo beach, look at
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spotted 66. the cooler air is coming. many in plant city are beginning to feel it. she dropped to 61 degrees. brooksville, inverness you are 11 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. during the day you will have no clouds. it is sunny, pleasants, low 80s this afternoon. you will notice the cooler air this is the sunsets. tomorrow we will be a few starting in the 50s. great weather for veterans day. notice, there is another cold front. we will not have much of an impact on saturday, but it will add in the 10 percent rain chance sunday, monday, tuesday. we're looking good on the bay area interstates. it continues to be a good drive. if you're headed out the door i- 4 through lakeland looks great on way through plant city and down in ybor city we're still up to speed. no slowdowns.
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right at the wesley chapel area looks good. overall we have nice drive. to spike it -- despite it looking good we do have a crash that should be wrapping up soon. howard franklin bridges to looking good as well as the courtney campbell. it is up to speed. the gandy, skyway, bayside always a nice drive across i- 4. investigation into brad pitt's behavior towards his kids now over. still ahead, when investigators discovered pandemonium, how these tiny
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the la county department of family services cleared brad pit -- brad pitt from any abuse charges. angelina jolie now has custody of their kids. look at these pandas. he tumbled off. it happens to the best of us. these bodies are having a real good time one slaps the other in the face. they must be girls. it gets a little rough there for a 2nd but they do end up making up just like friends do. president-elect donald trump headed to the white house later today. what he and president obama are expected to discuss. plus, road rage caught on camera. check this guy out when one of
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us a live look outside downtown tampa. the sun is starting to come up. how the weather is looking, how is appealing out there? we will tell you coming up with weather and traffic on the 8s
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it is 6:28 and not a bad way to get thursday started. the veterans for camera looking toward the sunrise. it is gorgeous out there and 61 degrees. loosen the kids up to the bus stop it should be comfortable. we do have a few clouds as a cold front sinks to the south. low to mid-60s this morning, beautiful this afternoon, sunny , comfortable low humidity with temperatures around 81 when the kids come home. we are seeing more vehicles out on the road. here's a shot of i 75 route around fowler avenue -- right
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shakeup in ellis county where we have crash south on us 19 right at drew street. keep that in mind. that is before you get to highway 60. it is off to the side of the roadway and i am not seeing any
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president elect trump is headed to the white house. details of the meeting he relationship with cuba una trump presidency. why some cubans are worried. >> a warning for women shopping this holiday season what investigators caught one man doing at a bay area outlet mall. good morning and welcome to new channel 8. >> thanks for joining us this thursday. prefriday and as we head to the week we have cooler weather.
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front. 62 in palm harbor and brandon 59 degrees and you can see the bigger difference from 52 in brooksville to 62, 10 degrees warmer in arcadia. wesley chapel in the 60s. clearing skies and here is the metro cast. a couple of clouds, 65 degrees at 8:00 a.m. lunch should be great at 7 of time it is 80. we will have a temperature trend and tell you more. congestion building in the traffic. heading towards the howard frankland bridge. pierce avenue to i-4, 15 minutes for a commute.
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pierce or fouler. this is i-75 away from fouler. in the last ten minutes this is busier. keeping an eye on that. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to jean and gail. happening today. donald trump will walk through the doors of the white house as president elect for the very first time. as he prepares to take office trump will meet with president obama at the white house. >> this is a critical step meredith, the hope is to make this a smooth transition. >> that's right. president trump makes the visit on the invitation of president obama. the troubled relationship to the president and president
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trump's repeated allegations that president trump was not born in the united states. president obama has mocked defendant's and campaigned for hillary rodham clinton but both want that smooth transition of power. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> it is no secret that president elect and i have some pretty significant differences. but remember 8 years ago president bush and i had pretty significant differences. >> we have not 24 hours. when he tweeted that he wants the country to come together. vice president-elect mike pence and the future first lady melania trump will also visit the white house today. mr. pence will meet with v p joe biden and michelle obama will welcome mrs. trump. gail. it has got to be a relief to a lot of americans to hear this tone of cooperation so
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today. and donald trump's election victory sparking protests across the nation. check this out from los angeles. crowds gathered on a freeway blocking traffic and some carrying signs reading no trump and not my president. police are working into clear it out. earlier though protestors burned an effigy of donald trump. some of the protestors are latino and afraid that family and friends may be deported with donald trump in office. others don't believe that donald values and are afraid his presidency is a step backwards. similar protests in portland oregon. that is where large crowds marched through the streets. some demonstrators got out of handsetting fires to trash cans and dumpsters. police are in force to keep the protests peaceful. the new presidency on the horizon, of course some uncertainty. two years of working to normalize relations between the
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donald trump vows to reverse president obama's relaxed rules for travel and trade with cuba. ryan hughes joins us like. flights are supposed to start heading to havana to tampa in a few weeks but could this change with donald trump being the president elect? >> good morning. as you mentioned that is uncertain just as that first southwest airlines flight is expected to go from tampa international airport and head to havana. as well. listen here. >> i think you go there and families reconnecting and organizations and groups reconnecting and that's how the people will rise up. >> mario nunez can trace cuban roots back more than one hundred years and fears that donald trump could reverse that. he would like to see open
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others worry that president obama's oversures to cuba gave us nothing in return and castro's measures were not harsh and not relaxed rules. that is all unknown and as you know people are really looking forward to that daily service from tampa to havana. it will be interesting to see how it plays out with donald trump being a businessman of course you have a lot of companies and a lot of businesses interested in these relations, the airlines and travel century and how we will have to wait and see how he does that ryan, thank you. investors watching the stock market. the dow jones will start up 257 points and stocks rebounded after initial concerns about the election's outcome sent futures plunging tuesday and analysts predict more up and downs and president donald
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in question. during his campaign donald trump said one of the first things he would do as president is to repeal the affordable health care. well obama care supporters fear that happen. the arrest of a bradenton free man. the murder charges. in 2013 hoode was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. the community rallied around her and raised $30,000 for her to set her disease in remission. a st. pete crossing guard was killed while putting cones in the street. david roundtree was a kind man that loved children. tuesday afternoon charles walton was driving air radically when he slammed into
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>> he was one of the good men. i loved him for 23 years. friends and parent that trusted their lives to roundtree came to pay their respects at a growing mem. as for walton charged with dui manslaughter. 6:38 is the time and time for weather and traffic. we are seeing the sun coming up on this thursday and it is a beautiful sunrise. we have a cold front to the south which means the dryer air has come skies and 63. temperatures climb up though now that sun is coming up, 68 at 9:00 a.m. getting up to 76 at noon with a high of 81. but with the lower humidity and the bright blue skies it will be on comfortable afternoon. back down to 74 by 6:00 p.m. there goes the cold front. you might notice it gets a little breezy as the dryer air arrives around midday. all of the clouds go away and like i said a gorgeous afternoon.
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effects happen. 78 degrees and 79 on saturday and 89 on saturday are sunday. emogi man is dreaming of the week. he may not be the only one. >> he is not on i-75. >> our friends in tampa must be heading out the door because i- 75 in the new tampa area heading southward towards i-4 is sticky. you are hitting the brakes already. 275 is the about the same and westbound i-4 getting busy. we do have a collision at the seminal heights area. it is off to the shoulder so that's good news. a look at weather and traffic. back to gail. the pinellas county fair kicks off from today through sunday and happening at the 2016 england brothers park in
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while there you can have fair food and ride rides and listen to band and see work of 4 h students. what is your favorite food. >> anything fried. >> i like the donuts. >> you put powdered sugar on it. >> yes. it is messy and a good time. the feds are investigating a death at universal orlando. >> a man's body was found and his connection to the theme park. and road rage caught on a man confesses and explains why he attacked a motorcyclist in the middle of traffic. the bad behavior one man was caught doing at a bay area mall that landed him in jail. you are watching new channel 8 today on this thursday morning. it is 6:40.
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law office
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catania and
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alert about strangers invading your personal space. a woman in pasco county caught a man trying to shoot video up her skirt. new channel 8 mary mcguire joins us from the premium outlets where it happened. mary unsettling developments especially for women that may be shopping alone after all the holiday season is upon us. reporter: this is a creepy story, gene especially when you think about the fact this happened at a crowded mall with lots of people around. th villavon store where the sheriff's office says this man took photos underneath an employee's skirt. now with the help of surveillance video. the man that goes by the name bo orat went before a judge on wednesday and his bon has been revoked. shoppers are concern. >> something is not working with our system. something needs to be done more
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person. before someone is hurt. now one search on the website marcus grant or boo rat has a history of this. ten arrests since '09 including indecent arrest. working as a landscaper at this shopping center and caught inside a female bathroom the same day that this incident happened but this is unsettling for shoppers. heading out to the big malls in our area looking a good reminder to stay vigilant about your surroundings while you are shopping. mary, thank you. right now the search for a serial robber in lakeland. newly released surveillance video shows the heist at the subway restaurant. the robbery happened two weeks ago. investigators believe the robber hit an exxon and marathon statement before robbing the p yz liquor store.
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$10,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. police are looking out for a serial robber, looking for the person seen right here running into a 7-eleven and jumping over the counter. police say that he had a knife and stole money from the collection. they believe the man is connected with two other robberies at a walmart. investigators do not believe the clear water robberies are related to the lakeland ones. you got to see this road rage incident caught on cam. it happened in miami beach. you are lo video. the guy in the car in front of him comes out and attacks the biker. knocks him to the ground. they exchange belows and police arrested the attacker, 27-year- old kevin machin he claims it started over a post on instagram and there's a woman involved. >> i told him to come meet me and fight, he never showed up like a man so honestly all i
6:47 am
i seen him and bodda bing, bodda boom. >> the man is hoping to work it out without serving time. a gruesome discovery. a man was dangling in the rafters of the men in black attraction. people believe that he died working inside the ride but they don't what happened but insist the death has nothing to did with ride safety. the occupational health administration is investigating. sharing services. uber and lyft is legal in hillsborough county for now. the ptc approved a temporary agreement and allows the services to operate within the county. the deal requires stricter background checks and vehicle inspections and insurance for drivers. the insurance part is nothing new. uber had that requirement for its drivers. today is a big day for starbucks fans.
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to celebrate customers will get one free at participating locations. i have great hope that people will be calm about this. >> why do they got to be red? why can't they be green. why do we have to discriminate on the color of the cup. you know someone will argue about that. 6:48. lee has a check on weather and traffic. everyone c beautiful sunrise happening right now at insbrook resort. 61 degrees. this morning there may be a couple of clouds and a few spots at 61 degrees. 81 at 3:00 p.m. and comfortable. look what a difference this cold front is making from 50s in brooksville and the further
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spreading south. 63 in tampa and 67 right now in sarasota. dora and inverness at 54 degrees. 13 degrees cooler at inverness than yesterday. tampa 4 degrees cooler and bradenton you are a degree warmer. this cold front will pass on through and that's going to allow the dryer air and the pleasant conditions all day. a little cooler tomorrow morning and all day tomorrow. highs in the upper 70s mo rainfall and next week as that front lingers around 10% rain chances for sunday, monday and tuesday. pretty much congestion is the name of the game. not too many crashes. just typical slow and go traffic. heavier than normal. looking at 275 at fowler avenue and it is slow and it starts to slow down around pierce.
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are going out the door now otherwise a little longer. towards the howard frankland bridge a good drive. fouler heavy and southbound i- 75 coming away from the new tampa area is also very slow and you can see that it is southbound and not northbound. westbound through plant city getting heavy, just a little bit of a slowing start and starting to build on the howard franklin. and a crash at central. that's a look at weather and before you walk out the door is negligee including details on how you can help fight heart disease and save a light. the transfer of presidential power begins today. what is happening at the white house to get ready for donald trump to take office. it is 65:00 and you 65:00 --
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watching new
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well today president elect donald trump heads to the white house. >> he will meet with president obama to begin planning a peaceful transition of power. >> and president obama says despite their differences they will work together on a smooth transition. vice president-elect mike pence and future first lady melania trump will also visit. election of donald trump. in los angeles protestors blocked traffic. in chicago thousands participated including students that skipped class. concerns about u.s. relations with cuba under a trump presidency. >> flights to havana are set to begin. >> and good morning. many people wondering what is going to happen with american and cuban relations especially
6:55 am
many wondering if the flight will eventually get off of the ground. let's go to some video right now. many people in the bay area can trace their cuban roots back decades some fear that donald trump can reverse course on simple traces. that could affect the ease of flying between florida and cuba. others about president obama oversures to cuba gave us nothing in return some say. breaking overnight. investigators are not saying how the officers were shot or how they are doing. we do know crews are searching for a gunman. they are telling people to stay in their homes and schools are delaying the start of the school day by 2 hours. a break in the shooting
6:56 am
lavonne teenman has been arrested, 21 years on the. a man accused of videotaping up a woman's dress. marcus grant has been arrested that goes by the name of boo rat. a judge revoked his bond after him hearing he has this type of behavior. the tampa heart walk is two days away and making the final push to raise money for the american heart association. warm phone bank with great incentives to get you excited about donating to this very important cause. and by the way kia is matching the first thousand dollars we raised. go to walk. happening this saturday, november 12th at raymond james stadium at 8:00 a.m. how will the weather be? >> cool and comfortable like it
6:57 am
coming up from the veteran's board camera. cooler in inverness at 50 and 63 in clearwater and 63 st. pete and lake land dropping a bit. 76 at noon and 83 at three in the afternoon. for veterans day 78 degrees. it is slightly cooler. saturday starting in the 50s and warm up to 79 degrees. looking at traffic right now. it is starting to get even slower. 23 minutes bears avenue southbound on 275. let's go ahead and move over. a great drive moving towards the howard frankland bridge. plant city from highway 39 starting to hit the brakes
6:58 am
intampa slowing down. a crash at hoover to the side of the roadway and a slow-down in both directions. a couple of traffic lights as well. sly a crash and now take a live look and it looks better than 30 seconds ago. pockets of congestion and i-75 at fowler. what i showed you was 275 at fowler but it is quite heavy there as you move down downtown tampa. donald trump headedth president obama. a preview coming up on today. thanks for joining us. we will stay on top of the breaking news and traffic so
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites.
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like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. good morning. breaking overnight -- >> we reject the president-elect! >> protests over the election of donald trump erupt coast to thousands marching on trump buildings in new york. >> hey hey, who ho, donald trum has got to go. >> and thouin chicago, demonstrs blocking traffic in los angeles, oakland and portland, oregon, even burning an effigy of the president-elect in new orleans. white house welcome. president obama and the first lady set to meet with donald and melania trump this morning. once bitter rivals, the president now promising


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