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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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election anger protests over the outcome of the election turns en saying about the protesters. >> and usf students receive threatening messages. >> then deadly encounter at a tampa gas station, a man is dead and now police are looking for a killer on the run. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for joining us on this friday morning. we're heading
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you're going to notice it's a little cooler out there this morning. a little warmer in lakeland at 55 but that is cooler than yesterday for sure. 58 in bartow, 58 in venice, so going through the day the sun is going to rise around 8 a.m. we'll be at 60 degrees, cool crisp fall start. nice warm up, barely a cloud in the sky by noon, 75 degrees and aroun today 77, we can't forget to thank our veterans, a great day for it, afternoon high of 78 degrees. at 4:38 i'll have an 8-day temperature trend for you. so far kicking off to this nice veterans day. travel times we've got lights on the surface roads to go through. u.s. 19 looks great through the palm
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jefferson, looks very good, not a lot of vehicles out there on the roadway, same goes for 275 here, that's a look at weather and traffic. right now protesters across america angry over the election of donald trump you see them taking to the streets. this happened for a third night in a row including right here in the bay area. >> and now president elect is reacting to the backlash. we're some of these protests turned violent in the past few hours. >> that's right. right now police in riot gear are trying to break up crowds of angry demonstrators. this video just came in on our news feeds. we took this live off of the feeds. you can see that going on there. earlier police referring to some
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objects thrown at officers. other protests have remained relatively peaceful. overnight donald trump called them unfair and insighted by the media. . they say give trump a chance . >> they could not have been more warm and welcoming to the trumps and i think america should loo . >> now, the president elect's tweet sparked an immediate backlash online serving as a reminder of the challenges donald trump faces matches his oath spoken personality to the office of the white house. we'll continue to watch these feeds. like i said, this is still going on this morning and we'll have the latest video coming up in just a couple of minutes well protests broke out here
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eagle 8 hd flying over an anti-trump protest in ybor city. you see some carrying signs blocking 7th avenue. some of the protesters claim the whole election process is in question. >> we don't want regress sieve policies and we don't want that in office and need to examine things like the will he rale college. >> protests in ybor cityai into custody. the transition of power is in the works. the 2 men met at the white house in what was described as productive. >> i want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. thank you. >> and after the meeting
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and meet with congressional leaders. we are anticipating learning more about the specifics about his agenda in his first 100 days. this morning usf police are investigating a series of racially charged graffiti messages on campus. now, as you can imagine students are on edge. we're joined live from the campus in tampa. it's got to be concerning for students and staff the university doing to address this? >> reporter: authorities here certainly want to make sure that all of the students feel safe and because of these incidents they're beefing up their patrols here on the campus. there have been a number of incidents in which racial slurs were written on dorm walls and a recent threat to kill former secretary of state hillary clinton if she had indeed been elected
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housing and education she worked to organize a meeting for students to assure them the matter is being taken seriously. >> a safe and welcoming community and anything that counter acts that is troubling to us. >> reporter: now, the person behind the graffiti used a dry erase marker so there was no physical damage to the buildings. police are investigating but because of the lack of physical damage they say there isn't much that they can do. now, the university's president did send out aai she didn't specifically address the cases of this racially charged graffiti but encouraged students to try and get along after what they called a live approximately presidential election. . >> sounds like a tense situation. right now tampa police are searching for the person who killed a man at a gas station. it happened in the 2,300 block
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where we find news channel 8 ryan hues this morning. investigators tell you the victim died as a result of upper body trauma. >> that's all they're saying right now at this hour. the man was found dead right there at that gas station with what's being described as upper body trauma. now, this is video taken from the scene. you can see the parking lot and gas pumps roped off by yellow crime scene tape. c police found the man suffering from some sort of injury to his upper body. he was rushed to tampa general hospital where he later died. investigators tell us he was murdered and they don't know yet a motive and haven't identified any suspects. we're still waiting for the name of the victim as well. of course we'll remain on scene and the moment we get any new information on this case, we'll certainly let you know. >> thanks so much.
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lot of folks are going out to enjoy veterans day. >> very comfortable today. you might think it's a little cool this morning because we have 50s and even a 40-degree temperature on the map. let me show you that, 49 in joy, 55 in lakeland, a little chilly. it warms up quickly once the sun comes up. already to 68 at 10 a.m. by humidity just the perfect fall day and cooling again pretty quickly during the evening hours. today's high is 78 now, that's below the average of 79, 80 saturday, 81 sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday i am adding in some extra clouds and rainfall but hopefully it will be clear enough monday night so you can see the historic super moon. now, the super moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter but this particular
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we won't see another one quite this large until november 25th, 2034. so let's check in on traffic. >> we've got a good drive. this is 275, very good drive thn . let's take a look at some travel times if you're coming through plant city also a good drive i-75 in and out of pasco county free and clear of any salon downs. a bay area coach accused of crossing the line with a student. >> still ahead what he did and why detectives are worried there may be more victims. >> and stuck in a storm drain you've got to see this the amazing rescue effort to see a pair of trapped american bald eagles. >> and then i'll introduce you
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. a man is dead after a confrontation. >> deputies say when a woman asked her son to move the car into a backyard. according to investigators he got angry and reportedly yelled i'm going to kill mom to his younger brother. that's when 911 was called. when deputies arrived they found the 2 brothers fighting in the yard. >> when john jumps up he points his gun at one of last thing he does. our deputies shot him and he was deceased on the ground . >> the sheriff says the mother was hit twice by stray gunfire fired by her son. she's at lakeland regional medical center this morning and expected to recover. a fire breaks out at a home in st. petersburg. this happened in the 4,400 block of
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the time but the flames destroyed the home. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. this morning detectives are concerned about the possibility of more victims involving a martial arts coach. deputies arrested the coach. he owns undisputed fitness and martial arts. deputies tell us he had sex with a giver at the gym and at home the federal government is cracking on a deadly synthetic pill called pink. it is very powerful. it's a narcotic. doctors say even something as sn contacted with pink can cause cardiac arrest. it's connected to nearly 50 deaths in the united states so far. now, the dea is banning the synthetic street drug.
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watch. they were caught in a storm drain near orlando. this happened near orange county and you can see the 2 on the street stuck. how did they get there i'm not sure but crews blocked off the street when one bird was freed it just flew away. today americans honor veterans for their service recognizing the brave men and women of the armed f freedom and on this special day a very special birthday for a world war ii veteran a member of the greatest generation who turns 100 years old today. . >> these are great. these must be great to look back at. >> i like to tyke a lot of pictures. >> such a pleasure and on who are to sit down with world war ii veteran alfred. we talked
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successful furniture company for years in downtown tampa. >> i had the radio and it blanked out. >> and his time serving our country in the air force. >> it's good to be one of the old boys. >> yes, they were moments but as he reflected he told me overall his life has been ex silver rating. >> what are your secrets to number of times. first thing i say is yes, dear. >> i had to ask his wife if that saying yes dear to her in fact, is the fountain of youth is that true? >> yes. isn't
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in a war veterans picnic on treasure island. >> was it love at first sight? >> i guess so. >> because here we are, 66 years later. . >> so happy birthday to you, and i've posted this story on my facebook page if you want to wish him a happy birthday and thank him for his service. and all of us here at news channel 8 best. >> love seeing stories like that. and really it makes you reflect and think there are people out there who have seen so much and done so much for us and for our country, that today is the day that we say thank you to all of them. >> absolutely. well, across the nation and in the bay area, of course businesses also paying special tribute to veterans today. that means there's everything from free doughnuts, some free drinks even some special deals on admission to events and facilities today. you can find
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deals for veterans on go on there and check those out. but we have our own veteran to salute this morning. check her out there -- is that you appeared your mom? >> that was when i was activated and back when i was a broadcaster. it went well. you're still here. i don't like throwing them. they're not as easy as you think. i remember when i first had to throw one. it drops right i that was a problem, yeah. so then you have to really lob it up. >> i was reserve but got activated a few times, it was kind of crazy, but i was a broadcaster with afm, armed forces network, now, it's american forces network. it was great. >> important part of the service because you've got to keep everybody informed of what's happening. >> yes, absolutely. >> thank you. great weather for you today.
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and traffic on the 8s. here's a break down of the day, cooler start, clear skies 60 degrees, 75 at noon, 78 just about average this afternoon for this time of the year. look at this, crystal river you're 48, 47 in brooksville, 54 in bartow, 60 in sarasota, but everybody is cooler than this time yesterday anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler. so long both today and tomorrow, feeling pleasant, fall like and mostly sunny. an area of low pressure develops along an off the east coast. sunday still going to be a comfortable day but this front is going to stall in the area. monday, tuesday and wednesday i'll keep it at at least a small rain chance but today not a chance. 78 degrees for you near average again. so the 8 days forecast a little chilly to
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80, and 81 on sunday. taking a look we've got a pretty good drive from st. pete, about 21 minutes on the interstate alone on 275. on the 175 over the howard frankland bridge that's only about 9 minutes. nice drive there. let's take a look at the sun coast parkway, 9 minutes, just 7 here on the veterans expressway, bay area bridges look very good if you're going to be heading across that howard frankland bridge that is only going to take you that's a look at weather and traffic. 1 heart broken clinton reporter had to walk it off. >> supporter. >> support supporter i'm sorry. >> what or who found in the woods. and how to turn that post election sadness and frown
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leonard cohen known as rock music's man of letters died at 82 years old. ? . >> that's the singer and songwriter's most famous song. he also wrote hit songs for other artists. he was already celebrated poet when he moved to new york in 1966 to break into the music business.
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writing music up until the day he passed. >> for sure is. well, after the election one heart broken woman went on a hike and guess what she bumped into hillary clinton herself. check it out. this is margo and hillary clinton in new york where bill and hillary clinton have lived for years now. she says she spotted the couple walking their dog and told mrs. clinton taking her daughter with her to vote was one of our proud east moment. asking where is bill clinton, behind the camera. well, going out for a walk or run seems simple enough for women but there are some dangerous. >> and new in our next half hour 8 is on your side with tips on how you can protect yourself while on a run. >> let's take you live outside on this veterans day, it's absolutely beautiful. weather and traffic on the 8s is just
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. time for weather and traffic on the 8s, a beautiful clear sky and a little chilly for you this morning. 61 degrees in some places. it's going to be a beautiful afternoon though i'm expecting 78 degrees, mostly sunny and this is actually really close to or normals. for the weekend, a cool morning for saturday and don't forget head out to the heart walk, like i said a will be warming quickly up to 80 degrees, a few more clouds on sunday. 81. we're looking good in the sun coast area. here's i-75, a good drive through manatee. also over in sarasota clark to state road 70 a good drive too. people getting used to that new southbound lane at i-75 at university. also a nice drive throughout the plant city area and not seeing any delays coming from lakeland all the way into ybor city.
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frankland bridge it's only going to take you 6 minutes, also may be about 6 minutes cross the gandy and the skyway is up to speed. coming up i'm going to take a look at pasco county.
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. protests against president elect donald trump turn violent overnight. hundreds riot in the streets of portland police move in. we're following this breaking story this morning. >> a man killed at a tampa gas station, now the search is on for his murder. we're live with the latest. >> and today is veterans day. we honor the men and women who served in our armed forces we'll show you how local businesses are thanking them for their services. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> happy friday you made it to the end of the work week. most of us least.


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