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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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. protests against president elect donald trump turn violent overnight. hundreds riot in the streets of portland police move in. we're following this breaking story this morning. >> a man killed at a tampa gas station, now the search is on for his murder. we're live with the latest. >> and today is veterans day. we honor the men and women who served in our armed forces we'll show you how local businesses are thanking them for their services. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> happy friday you made it to the end of the work week. most of us least.
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it will be a little chilly when you step out the door this morning especially in citrus counties where we're in the 40s, 48 in zephyrhills, a little bit warmer in the lakeland polk county area. everybody is cooler than yesterday. significantly so. lakeland 7 degrees cooler, plans 5 degrees cooler. of course it is veterans day and it should be perfect d the festivities 78 degrees sunny pleasant low humidity. now, 78 degrees is technically a degree below the average of 79 degrees but it's basically right at the average, and tonight just a little bit below average as well as we drop down to 58 degrees. so at 5:08 i have an hour by hour look at your friday this veterans day and our own veteran is going to get you out the door. thank you to serving out there. let's take a look at
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state road 54 about a 10-minute commute there. also up to speed in palm harbor on 19 itself looking very good all the way up in pasco and down into pinellas county no delays. all right moving over now manatee and sarasota county still up to speed and let's take a live look at traffic out here at i-75 and fowler, it looks great. that's a look at weather and traffic. we're following breaking news this morning an anti-trump rally has turned violent.ta are battling with protesters on the streets of portland organ. police have detained some of the protesters and told them more will be arrested if they do not stay in a designated protest area. you can see lots of smashed windows even some fire out there. over the past few hours they have even vandalized bus stops and damaged cars as well. people also marching in more than a dozen cities across
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>> some of the demonstrations grew in size overnight. this was the scene in union scare in new york city. some held signs that read divided states of america. other expressed anger and frustrated by leaving comments on post it notes in the subway and here in the bay area hundreds hit the streets of downtown tampa and ybor city. there were around 100 people in downtown tampa and 200 joined the rally in ybor. president elect trump and his administration. . >> i think the best thing to do is just ban together all lgbt people, religious minor rate tees everyone try to ban together and unite and protect each other. >> police tell us there were no arrests and no reports of property damage. the president elect is responding to the protest, donald trump wrote on twitter
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successful presidential election, now, professional protesters insighted by the media are protesting. very unfair t. well, president elect trump has his work cut out for him. >> also to member of his own party as well. we're joined from the news center, good morning. what's the next step in the trump transition process? >> well, president elect trump met with president barack obama for well over an hour yesterday. he later remarked that the meeting was an honor andee senate leader. he traded barbs with both men during his campaign for president, you'll remember. now, the president elect says he's looking for common ground with men who will lead congress. . >> whether it's health care or immigration, so many different things. >> so what is next? the jockeying continues for high level positions in the trump administration. sources tell
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presented the president elect with any names for top posts but his team has a working list of 3 to 5 names for each cabinet position and team trump needs to fill, get this, 400 -- rather 4,000 positions, one thousand of those need senate confirmation. so a long road before we get there. >> lots of work ahead for the team. thank you. story where the harmless college pranks or something far more serious. someone scribbled racial slurs in several usf dorms and a threat to kill if hillary clinton became president. we're joined now live from the campus in tampa. what does the school have to say about all this? >> reporter: well the university's president did send out an email to all students
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racially charged incidents that did happen here but did encourage students to get along after what they called a very lively presidential election. students are still on edge though after a number of incidents at usf in which racial slurs were written on dorm walls. there was also a recent threat to kill former secretary of state hillary clinton if she had been elected president. tyra walker knows one of the resident assists who she believes was targeted by this graffiti. >> did makes me because i just feel that we should be so above racism and nasty remarks and the fact that this is still going on close to where i stay is frightening for me. >> this is supposed to be our home and you don't want that type of thing going on in a place that's supposed to be your home. >> reporter: now, university officials are beefing up campus police patrols also reassuring students that they're taking this matter seriously, but this
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there was no permanent damage done by this graffiti, it was done by a dry erase marker police say they're investigating this incident but don't expect criminal charges to come from all this. >> still a very scary situation when somebody lashes out like that. all right. thank you. and right now tae are searching for the person who killed a man at a tampa gas station. he was found unconscious at a gas station then died shortly after. we're joined live from that scene. good morning. that's a very targeted or a random act? >> well, good morning to you as well. at this point it's unknown if the victim and the suspect knew each other and also unknown many of the details of thes case are unknown as well. the man was found dead in that parking lot right there. now, we shot video of the scene and as you can see the parking lot and gas pumps are roped off by crime scene tape. the call for help came in around 7 last night. when police got here
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upper body. he was taken to tampa general hospital where he died. investigators tell us he was murdered and they don't yet know a motive and haven't identified any suspects at this point. we're still waiting for the name of the victim as well. we will certainly stay on top of this case, and bring you the latest developments from here once we get them, back to you. >> okay. we'll check back in a bit. thank you. now, let's turn it over for weather and traffic on the 8s. >> you might be a le door this morning. it's significantly chillier than this time yesterday. we warm up nicely. hour by hour we get out of the 50s, some of us in the 40s this morning quickly up to 64 at 9 a.m. sunny skies, low humidity, 75 by noon, so look at that quick warm up, 78 around 3 p.m., but once the sun sets we start seeing those temperature tumble again down to 70 by 7 p.m. so lower humidity, pleasant afternoons for both today and tomorrow.
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a small rain chance, a couple of showers, 20, 30% chances with a stalled cold front monday, tuesday and wednesday, and speaking of monday monday night is when we have the super moon and it's going to be the largest so far this century meaning it's super close to the earth. 78 degrees today, 80 tomorrow then up to 81 on sunday. we're going to help you get through your commute. that's right it's a pretty good one. we do have an issue county. as we move over here to the maps here's what's going on folks if you're traveling northbound on county road 557 right at i-4 we've got word of an accident that's tying up some of the northbound lanes and looks like injuries are involved. now, traffic is light because it's very early in the morning. not seeing any congestion or anything like that. but we've got a great drive on i-4 and all the way down into lakeland and ybor city it's looking very good. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s.
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s the 2016 heart walk is tomorrow. fuccillo kia is again generously matching the first $50,000 re raise so every dollar you donate really counts as 2. the walk is tomorrow. just got -- go to for details. time 5:10. from the river walk to bay shore boulevard. >> running in tampa can be beautiful but it doesn't coming up the risks that come with women and how to protect them. >> plus a tragic family drama playing out in polk county a mother shot, her son dead, how it all started with a simple
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. we're back. a polk county man is dead after a deputy involved shooting. the sheriff tells us it all started when john patrick threatened to kill his mother after she asked him to move a car. deputies were called to the scene. they claim he then pointed a gun at one of them that's when another deputy shot and killed him. deputies
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she's recovering now at lakeland medical center. and lakeland police are offering a $10,000 reward for the capture of an armed robber who has hit business after business. you can see him here. the man robbing a subway restaus also accused of hitting 2 gas stations and a liquor store. you can see the robber in the photo there pointing a gun at the store clerk. if you recognize the man, call crime stoppers. across america this morning firefighters have around the clock to put out this brush fire. it began around 9 p.m. our time. no evacuations have been issued but there are several residential developments in the area. there is still no word on what started that fire. in north carolina the governor has declared a state of emergency. crews are battling more 20 active wild fires. they're forcing the evacuation of residents in at least 5 counties.
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the fire in burke county east of ashville. crews in alabama georgia and south carolina are also battling wild fires. and we're learning more about the deadly shooting of a police officer outside of pittsburgh. they were responding to a domestic disturbance call when police say they were ambushed. the suspect and his pregnant wife were found dead inside the home. the officer, a fr nearby hospital. the second officer is stable but remains in the hospital. whether you're just getting fresh air or training for a big race running can put you at risk. from cat calls to actually being followed harassment on the road can leave women feeling very vulnerable. our own resident runner joins us now with some important tips to help keep you safe.
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found 43% of women experienced harassment at least sometimes on runs and that compares to just 4% of men. i talked with one local runner who was doing everything right and it still left her in a scary situation. >> they're alone, and sometimes it's really dark out. >> when she trains for marathons she's covering a lot of ground and that means there are plenty of opportunities for some unwanted attention. >> what are some of the ways that you have been probably one of the scariest it throws your rhythm off. you can trip, fall. >> on one run she took steps to say safe running lapse in a well lit parking lot, but something caught her eye. >> it was a black pickup truck and he kept circling the parking lot. i'm like this just feels weird. he wasn't parking, he was just going really really slow. and i'm in the middle. i can't go anywhere. >> when sho
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phone call that driver left tampa police sergeant is a runner too. she says that women needs to follow her lead and trust their gut. if it doesn't feel right call police. >> i run in more of a subdivision so if i needed assistance it would be easy to divert off a road to a house. >> the sergeant also urges women to stand tall while running shoulders back, head up. >> run with antt you're running look confident. >> put technology to use too. gps watches track your miles and pace. >> but when i start it, it will track where i'm at. >> and that can let others know where you're running if you don't return and don't forget to use your phone and snap pictures of suspicious cars or people. >> cat calling and stuff, bad manners is not a crime but following, stalking harassing is.
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to call police and also gave me four more important tips. so you'll want to hear these, stay away from routes with high hedges an isolate areas and as much as we love our music take out those ear phones listen for footsteps or traffic and be aware of your surroundings. next have a safety plan in mind of what you would do if someone approaches you and finally the sergeant herself runs with a whistle to let if she's in trouble, even possibly scare off an attacker. this is good information. stay clear of scary turns in the read. i read the entire survey and it runs the gamut from cat calling to being approached by people and something you have to keep in mind. >> is there any way on your smart watch to program a phone number to call if there's a real emergency. >> no it doesn't work like that. i love that she says stay away from hedges because you might be
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you're keeping yourself out of view and that could be a bad thing >> and someone might be hiding in those bushes but be aware of everything that's around you. this will be a nice cool morning though if you're going out for a run. this is the kind of whether that us runners really like. 60 degrees at 8 a.m. 75 at noon, 78 sunny, low humidity around 3 p.m., might need the long sleeves on if you go out f in zephyrhills, 58 in winter haven, certainly cooler than this time yesterday. brandon is actually 9 degrees cooler than we were just this time yesterday. plant city about 5 degrees cooler. so feeling extra chill today but a few high, thin clouds, mostly sunny very comfortable in the afternoon. the way our fall weather is supposed to be. now, tomorrow going to be a cool morning for a walk or a run but specifically the walk with
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so please join us. we'll see an afternoon high near 80 degrees as this weakening front comes in. it doesn't have much of an impact on saturday but notice we add in the 20% rain chances monday, tuesday and wednesday. well, we've got a couple of problems out here, but some good news, fhp tells me this accident i was telling you about northbound county root 57 right at i-4 that has cleared from the roadway, so that's goew the sun coast area. this is southern sarasota county southbound i-75 at laurel road we've got a collision but off to the shoulder, not blocking any lanes. let's take a live look at i-75 at fowler and plant city great drive right now. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. today our nation is saying thank you to veterans and active military members.
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and offer thanks. coming up veterans day deals discounts and events how to spend your friday and where to head, that's next
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. veterans day many events planned in the bay area and all across the nation. the
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honoring veterans and active military members today with discounts and deals that includes ihop giving away free pancakes. mcdonalds a free big mac. and there are many, many more deals so check out the whole list on our website cheese or pepperoni, police officers took time to improvere slice of pie and conversation with a cop. the event gave people a chance to voice concerns or just hang out and get to know the officers. they do that from time to time. i think it's a really great idea. >> or just get a slice of pizza. >> exactly. well, it's a investigation day for veterans of course and active military members as well. >> and an extra special day for a vet in our own bay area community coming up he has seen
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we got the chance to sit down with him on news channel 8 today. >> first a live look outside on this friday morning. we're headed into the weekend with some cooler temperatures, we've got your weather, and a look at
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it's 5:28 and a little chilly this morning. 60 degrees low humidity comfortable when they come home from school and time for the weekend, a cool morning on saturday which is going to be kind of chilly but great weather for the heart walk at raymond james stadium, 8 a.m. 59 degrees, warm up to 80 on saturday afternoon. traffic looks very good
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seeing delays in either direction. earlier crash northbound county road 557 that that is cleared from the roadway, it is gone. we still have this one off to the
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election anger protests over the outcome of the election turned violent overnight. we'll tell you what president elect protesters. >> and usf students discover threatening messages linked to the election why they're on edge this morning and what the university is now doing to make them feel safe. >> then deadly encounter at a tampa gas station. a man is dead and now police are looking for a killer on the run. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for joining us on this friday morning. let's get a check on your friday forecast. a bit of a chill in the area.


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