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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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election anger protests over the outcome of the election turned violent overnight. we'll tell you what president elect protesters. >> and usf students discover threatening messages linked to the election why they're on edge this morning and what the university is now doing to make them feel safe. >> then deadly encounter at a tampa gas station. a man is dead and now police are looking for a killer on the run. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for joining us on this friday morning. let's get a check on your friday forecast. a bit of a chill in the area.
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the difference when you walk outside. 50 right now in brandon. much cooler than yesterday. 56 in brooksville. so in our metro cast which kind of shows you what it's going to look like outside 60 at 8 p.m., beautiful blue sky not a cloud through the morning hours maybe a quick high, thin cloud throughout the afternoon. 75 degrees at lunch time, by 4 p.m. temperatures will be coming down to about 77 degrees, but isn't that a gorgeous sky. perfect of course for veteran i expect a high of 78 degrees, sunny and pleasant for all of the festivities that honor or veterans and at 5:38 i have an 8-day temperature trend for you. kicking off nicely, a good drive all you veterans thank you again for serving, southbound i-75 in southern sarasota county we've got a crash but off to the side of the roadway. taking a look at travel times all of the
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is because that travel time goes over to manhattan so some lights to go through. let's take a live look here you can see beautiful drive across the howard frankland. that's a look at weather and traffic. breaking news this morning, protesters across america angry over the election of donald trump, you see them here taking to the streets for a third night in a row. >> and now is reacting to the backlash. and even if this -- at this hour pro tests continue. >> yeah, that's right in portland what started as peaceful demonstrations yesterday evening turned into full-blown riots by some people and officers have had to respond with riot gear and tear gas. take a look. that happening just the past
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anarchists, businesses and property have been vandalized and in some cases people not involved in the protests have been trapped in traffic and have been targeted. . >> and when we just sitting there they were walking by beating on my window, spitting on us, one of them slashed into tire and tried to break the window >> meanwhile protests across the country from new york to los angeles have remained peaceful and overn trump treated by the protests calling them unfair and incited by the media. trump campaign manager implores protesters to give trump a chance i just checked portland pd's twitter feed they've been updating all night and saying that 26 people have been arrested in conjunction with the
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meeting with president obama and president elect donald trump and how peaceful it was would send a strong message but clearly not. all right. thanks. >> people clearly still very upset including people here in the bay area. choke out these protests, this is eagle 8 video as hd flew over the anti-trump protests in ybor city that's where hundreds were carrying signs blocking 7th avenue angry over the proposed policies. some of them claimed the whole elec p . >> we don't want regressive policies and we don't want regressive people in office and we need to examine things like the electoral college >> the protests in ybor city remained peaceful appeared no one was taken into custody. well, the transition of power from president obama to president elect donald trump is in the works. the 2 men met at the white house in what was described as productive and cordial. >> i want to do everything we
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if you second seed then the country succeeds. >> it was a great honor to meet with you. >> after meeting with president obama mr. trump headed to capitol hill, there he met with congressional leaders. in the coming days and weeks we're anticipating learning more specifics about the president elect's agenda in his first 100 days. time now 5:35, this morning usf police are investigating a series of ria campus the most recent the threat involving the election. now, as you can imagine students are on edge. we're joined now live from the campus in tampa. what are police, and what's the university doing about the situation? >> well, students are feeling uneasy and police here at usf want to make sure that all of the students feel safe. that means that they are beefing up campus police patrols around the areas where the incidents took place.
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of incidents at usf in which racial slurs have been written on dorm walls and a recent threat to kill former secretary of state hillary clinton if she had been elected president. the university's assistant vice president for housing and residential education worked to organize a meeting for students to assure them that this matter is being taken seriously. >> a safe and welcoming community and anything that counter acts that is troubling to us. >> now, the person behind the to the buildings. police are investigating, but because of the lack of physical damage, they say there isn't much that they can do. now, the president of usf did send out an email to their students this week. she didn't specifically address these racially charged incidents but did encourage students to get along in light of what she called a lively presidential election. you can find a full transcript of that email on our website
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country including right here in our backyard. thank you. well, right now tampa police are searching for the person who killed a man at a gas station. it happened at the sunoco gas station in the 2,300 block of nebraska avenue. that's where we are this morning, and investigators are telling you the victim died as a result of upper body trauma. >> good morning. that's all they're saying right now. it's quite vague. the man was found right there in that p here at the gas station with what's being described as upper body trauma. now, this is video taken from the scene. you can see the parking lot and gas pumpses roped off by crime scene tape. the call came in around 7 last night. police arrived and found the man suffering from some sort of injury to his upper body, he was taken to tampa general hospital where he later died. investigators tell us he was murdered and they don't yet know a motive and haven't
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victim as well, but we will remain here on scene and the moment we get any new information we will certainly let you know. back to you for now. >> all right. we'll look forward to those updates. thank you so much. well, the time right now is 5:38. what a wonderful day. >> it really -- a little chill in the air this morning. it does warm up nicely. here are the temperatures right now 58 in zephyrhills we're at winter haven, 4660 in bradenton. so we quickly warm up once the sun comes up to 64 at 9, 73 at 11. 78 at 3 p.m. and back down to 73 at 6 when we wrap up this week. 78 is actually below the average of 79, we go up to 80 tomorrow, 81 on sunday, and i do add in small rain chances monday, tuesday and wednesday, but don't forget we have the historic super moon monday
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brighter and bigger, but it's actually the biggest full moon we've seen so far this century. so at 5:38 we'll check in with traffic on the 8s. hopefully that doesn't lead to any crazy traffic situation. we're looking great on the roadways. you're not going to see think delays at least not yet. we do have a crash off to the shoulder should be wrapping up it's not slowing you down at all this is in southern around laurel road is where it's located. checking out travel times bay area bridges looking fantastic. here's a live look at the howard frankland. here's i-4 looking very good and even through lakeland up to speed. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. a bay area coach accused of crossing the line with a student. >> still ahead what he did and why detectives are worried there may be more victims. >> and stuck in a storm drain,
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birds. the amazing rescue effort to save a pair of trade american bald eagles. >> then saluting our veterans i'll introduce you to a ward war 2 vet who is celebrating a major milestone today.
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. a polk county man is dead deputies say it started when a woman asked her son to move a car into the backyard. now, according to investigators john got angry and reportedly yelled i'm going to kill mom to his younger brother. that's when she called 911. when deputies arrived they found the 2 fighting in the yard. the
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there. >> when john jumps he points his gun at one of our deputies when he does that it's the last thing he does. our deputies shot him and he was deceased on the ground. >> the sheriff says she was hit twice by stray gunfire fired by her son. she's at lakeland regional medical center this morning and expected to recover. new this morning a fire breaks out at a home in st. petersburg. this avenue shortly after midnight. no one was home at the time but the flames destroyed the home. investigators are now trying to figure out what started the fire. and this morning detectives are concerned about the possibility of more victims involving a martial arts coach accused of having sex with a 12-year old student. hillsborough deputies arrested this man nelson nasadio. he owns undisputed fitness. deputies tell us he had sex with
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for months. they claim he admitted to the crime during a recorded phone call. in an alert this morning the federal government is cracking down on a deadly synthetic pill called pink. it also known as u 4,700 is a very powerful narcotic. doctors say something as simple as skin contact with can cause cardiac arrest. it's connected to 50 deaths in the united states so now, the dea is banning the drug. well, bucs player mccoy is breaking his silence about the teenager accused of breaking into his home and getting into a scuffle with his dad >> i ask that people pray for the kids trying to break into my house. probably need some guidance. ain't nothing to be upset over. it happens. >> he made those comments after practice yesterday. that break in happened last thursday you might remember right before the
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the 17-year old was arrested, investigators believe he's linked to another recent burglary. well, 2 american bald eagles stuck, poor guys. >> yeah, you've got to see these pictures. they were caught in a storm drain near orlando, look at these guys. this happened in orange county and you can see the eagles there on the street stuck in the grate. crews with the fire department and fish and wildlife agency blocked off the street to try and get help second did suffer serious injuries and is now at a rehab center. today americans honor veterans for their service recognizing the brave men and women of the armed forces. and on this special day a very special birthday for a world war ii veteran a member of the greatest generation who turns 100 years old today.
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>> i like to take a lot of pictures. >> such a pleasure and honor to sit down with alfred who turns 100 years old today on veterans day. we talked about his marriage, children, his business of running a successful furniture company for years in downtown tampa. . >> i had the radio and the radio blanked out because of the world war. >> and his time serving our country as a old boys. >> as he reflected he told me overall his life life has been ex sill rater. >> what are your secrets to staying so young? >> i've been asked that quite a number of times. first thing i say is yes, dear. >> yes, dear, i had to ask his
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her in fact, is the fountain of youth. is that true? >> yes, yes. isn't that true? we met 066 years ago. in a war veterans picnic on treasure island. >> was it love at first sight? >> i guess . >> because here we are. 66 years later. . >> by the way, i've posted this story on my facebook page, if you can please wish him a very happy birthday. 100 years -- >> yes, happy birthday and thank you for your service. >> and of course all of us here wish him the very best. >> it's great to see stories like that. that's somebody who has seen so much and done so much you really have to when you see somebody like that stop for
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but say thank you. >> absolutely. >> well all across the country today even here in the bay area many businesses also saying thank you paying special tribute to our veterans. everything from free doughnuts drink are available. for a full list head on over to that's where you're going to find that list for deals for veterans. and we have a very own special veteran here to thank this morning. thank you. >> thank all of you out there too who i started my broadcasting as a broadcast reporter. >> there you are with your mom. >> that's when i was activated. >> so this is broadcasting here? >> yes, doing radio. i don't know why my hair is a different color. this is me practicing grenades. the military changed so much, now, women can serve in combat and alfred was alive
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vote. >> thank you. it's going to be a great day for you. we couldn't have dialed up a better day for veterans day we've got parades, anytime you go out throughout the day today. so 60 degrees kind of a chilly start but a clear sky so we warm up to 75 at noon, 78 at 3 p.m. which is about average for this time of the year. it is chilly. crystal river brooksville 46 de. you'll certainly need long sleeves there. 57 plant city, 61 i my weather watcher in brooksville a little warmer but still at 52 degrees and everybody is cooler than this time yesterday. lakeland, plants city, tampa 5 degrees cooler, brandon 9 degrees cooler than yesterday at this point. so during the day today and tomorrow feeling like fall, cool morning sunny afternoons. sunday we get this cold front to stall and an area of low pressure to develop off the south carolina coast. now, it doesn't have much of an impact on us on sunday but notice how
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wednesday, and that's going to lead to small rain chances but today not a chance, 78, 80 on saturday and 81 on sunday. how about traffic? . >> we look great on 275 right now coming from st. pete across the howard frankland about 8 minutes, and then from downtown st. pete to downtown tampa only a 21-minute commute right now. sun coast parkway looks good so does the veterans look at 275 starting to see a little bit more vehicles on the roadway here 275 heading into tampa but still speeds of 60 miles per hour, looks great. well, one heartbroken clinton supporter had to walk it off. >> yeah and the clinton couple themselves decided to do the same. coming up what or who a hiker found in the woods. recognize anybody in that picture. i think you do.
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upside down. don't forget to connect with me on social media this morning. find me on facebook. i am dedicating my facebook page to all our veterans out there. so a big thank you to all of you. if you're watching right now and want to share a little bit about service with us, do that on my facebook page, likewise if your celebrating honoring thanking a relative, friend who has served our country let me know who
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. leonard cohen died at 82 years old. >> ? . >> that is the legendary singer most famous song. he also wrote hit songs for james tailer and nelson. he was already a celebrated poet when he moved to new york in 1966 to break into the music business. and you may see this on your social media this morning after the election one heartbroken woman went on a hike and bumped into hillary clinton herself. check it out. this is her and
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york. that's where bill and hillary clinton have lived for years. she says she spotted them walking her dog and told mrs. clinton that taking her daughter with her to vote was one of her proudest moments. where's bill? guess who's taking the picture. >> pretty cool z. when you look at this you have to think what a different day they had yesterday hillary clinton and donald trump. donald trump having all those meetings, hillary clinton -- >> taking a walk. >> walking it o
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. a beautiful day today sunny, cool this morning but 78 and nice this afternoon. 80 degrees on saturday, lots of sunshine just a few clouds on sunday comfortable at 81. how's traffic? >> definitely seeing more
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this is southbound 275 right near downtown as you pass through downtown. still looks pretty good. i just found out about an accident in manatee county in
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. right now on news channel 8 today >> protests against president elect trump turn violent overnight hundreds rioting in the street in organ as police >> deadly confrontation a man killed at a tampa gas station os murder. >> then running in a pop -- is a popular outside activity but women sometimes feel vulnerable. 8 is on your side with some safety tips. well, good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning let's get


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