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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. right now on news channel 8 today >> protests against president elect trump turn violent overnight hundreds rioting in the street in organ as police >> deadly confrontation a man killed at a tampa gas station os murder. >> then running in a pop -- is a popular outside activity but women sometimes feel vulnerable. 8 is on your side with some safety tips. well, good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning let's get
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yeah, you're noticing a difference when you step out the door. you'll need long sleeves in places. tampa is a little warmer at 61, clearwater 57, everybody is cooler than yesterday anywhere from 2 up to 7 degrees cooler than 6 a.m. on your thursday. and of course today is veterans day and it's going to be a beautiful day. parades going on 78 degrees quite pas and we'll be below the afternoon tonight as well. at 6:08 i go more specifically hour by hour through the day. a little problem spot out in the bradenton area folks u.s. 301 right at 1st street but fortunately people are still getting by there. this in hillsborough county 275, i keep showing you this because this tends to get busy quickly but still moving at pretty good speeds out here.
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not tying up any lanes. that's a look at weather and traffic. we are following breaking news this morning, an anti-trump rally has turned violent. take a look. riot police right now battling with protesters on the streets of portland oregon leading to the arrest of 26 people so far. protesters have set fires, vandalized bus stops and even damaged some cars. you see shattered doors and windows, but people also marched in more states that includes michigan, kentucky, and even here in the bay area. >> some of the demonstrations grew in size overnight. this was the scene at union scare in new york city, some held signs that read divided states of america. others expressed anger and frustration by leaving comments on notes in the subways. here in the bay area hundreds of residents hit the streets of downtown tampa and ybor city. there were around
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the rally in ybor. now, many called for people to unite against president elect trump and his administration. >> i think the best thing to do is ban together all minorities, lgbt people everyone try to ban together and unite and protect each other. >> police tell us there were no arrests and no reports of property damage. the president elect is responding to the protests, donald trump wrote on just had a very open and successful presidential election, now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting very unfair. well, he has his work cut out for him. >> he sure does. we're joined now from the news center, good morning, what's the next step in the transition process? >> well president elect trump met with president barack obama
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meeting was an honor. trump also met with speaker paul ryan and senate leader. he traded barbs with both men during his campaign. now, the president elect says he's looking forward for some common ground with the men who will lead congress. >> whether it's health care or immigration, so many different things. >> all right. so what is next? well the jockeying continues fos campaign sources tell nbc news that the trump transition team has not yet presented the president elect with any names for top posts, but his team does have a working list of 3 to 5 names for each cabinet position, and team trump needs to fill 4,000 positions, one thousand of those are going to need senate confirmation. so a lot of work ahead of them the next couple of
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working with the current administration to create a little bit of peace and u nature tee. now, to a developing story this morning were they harmless college pranks or something far more serious. someone scribbled racial slurs in usf dorms and a threat to kill in hillary clinton became president. we're joined now live from the campus in tampa. so what does the school have to say about all of of usf did send out an email to all students this week and she didn't specifically address those racially charged incidents but did encourage students to start getting along after a very lively presidential election. now, students are still on edge after a number of incidents at usf in which racial slurs were written on dorm walls. there was also a recent threat to kill former secretary of state hillary clinton if she had been
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assistants who she believes was targeted. >> it makes me really afraid because i just feel that we should be so above racism, and nasty remarks and that the fact that this is still going on and close to where i stay is just frightening for me. >> supposed to be like our home and you don't want that type of thing going on in a place that's supposed to be your home . >> reporter: now, university officials are beefing up police that they're taking this matter seriously. since there was no permanent damage by this graffiti it was done by a dry erase marker. police say they are investigating these incidents but there's not much they can do. time now 6:06 and right now tampa police are searching for the person who killed a man at a tampa gas station. he was found unconscious at that station near
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ryan hughes joins us live from the scene. that's a very busy area, was this man targeted or a random act? >> good morning. at this point it's unknown if the victim and suspect knew each other. the victim was found right there in the parking lot. now, we shot video of the scene and as you can see the parking lot and gas pumps were roped off by yellow crime scene tape. the call for help came in around 7 last ni they found the man suffering from some sort of injury to his upper body. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. investigators tell us he was murdered and don't know a motive and haven't identified any suspects and we're still waiting for the name of the victim as well. coming up on 6:08 on this
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and traffic. >> just starting to see the first glimpses of daylight. 58 degrees though, a little bit chilly this morning. certainly cooler than yesterday but watch this hour by hour forecast, the sun really warms us up quickly up to about 68 degrees by 10 a.m., 76 around 1, the afternoon high of 78 happens at 3 p.m. but you know that sun sets early now and we'll be dropping back to 70 by 7 p.m. pleasant afternoons, cool mornings, next week though i do add in a few showers with a stalled cold front monday, tuesday and wednesday, and speaking of monday monday night will be the full moon, it will be a super moon meaning it's very close to earth but it's going to be the largest super moon so far this century. that's kind of interesting. 78 degrees on friday, today. up to 80 saturday, 81 sunday and back to 79 on monday.
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traffic. >> i keep pictures that moon, super moon. well let's take a look at some traffic overall it's pretty super. we do have an issue 301 right at 1st street in the bradenton area. but overall if you are heading out the doorways you've got a pretty decent drive. enjoy it while you can. i-75 looks very good through tht area and if you're a veteran i want to say thank you for serving and you can tweet me i'm getting some tweets. story city says thank you for the traffic report i'm off celebrating veterans day today. and our own mary says thank you to all the veterans who have served protected our country especially my grandpa charlie. that's nice she's got someone that served too. now, from the river walk to bay shore boulevard. >> running in tampa can be beautiful, but it doesn't always feel safe.
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that come with running and how to prevent them. >> plus a tragic family drama playing out in polk county, a mother is shot, her son is now dead, how it all started with a simple chore. that's next on news channel 8 today. it's 6:10
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. a polk county man is dead after a deadly confrontation with deputies. it started when he threatened to kill his mother after she asked him to move a car. deputies were called to the scene they say he pointed a gun at one of the deputies and when another deputy od his mother was also hit twice by stray bullets she is recovering this morning. and new video from the pulse nightclub shooting. this is dramatic police body cam video from the night of the shooting. chilling to see as they were going through the building there. the video shows just how danger are you saying that seen was. deputies helping to get victims out. this is the latest
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the public. a search is underway in california for a mother who disappeared while on a jog in her neighborhood. she disappeared 10 days ago. her husband discovered her missing when he got home from work. he tracked her phone and found it near an area where she jogs. he also discovered her ear buds and strands of hair. there is a $50,000 reward for a her safe return. well, the case in california is a warning for women who l you hit the road alone everything from cat calls to actually being followed can leave women feeling vulnerable. our onlily spann joins us with important tips to help keep you safe. >> a recent study from runners world found 43% of women experience harassment least sometimes on run and that compares to 4% for men. i talked with one local runner who
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still left her in a scary situation. >> they're alone, and sometimes it's really dark out. >> when she trains for marathons she's covering a lot of ground. and that means there are plenty of opportunities for some unwanted attention. >> what are some of the ways that you have been harassed? >> well honking horns is probably one of the scariest it throws your rhythm off and you can trip, fall. >> on one run she took steps to say safe running l lit parking lot but something caught her eye. >> he kept circling the parking lot and i'm like this just feels weird. he wasn't parking, he was just going really really slow. and i'm in the middle. i can't go anywhere. >> when sho make a phone call that driver left. tampa police sergeant is a runner too. she says that women need to follow her lead and trust their gut. if it doesn't
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>> i run in more of a subdivision, so if i needed assistance it would be easily to divert off a road to a house. >> she also urges women to stand tall while running, shoulder back, head up. >> run with an attitude. when you're running look confident. >> put technology to use too. gps watches track your miles and pace. >> but when i started it, it will track where i'm at. >> and that can let don't return and don't forget to use your phone and snap pictures of suspicious cars or people. >> cat calling and stuff, bad manners is not a crime, but following stalking, harassing is. >> and that's why the sergeant says never hesitate to call police. the sergeant also gave me 4 more important tips first of all, stay away from running routes with high hedges and
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love our music take out the ear phones listen for footsteps, traffic. next have a safety plan in mind of what you would do if someone approaches you finally she runs with a whistle to let people know she's in trouble or scare off that attacker. good information. you can still enjoy your run and steer clear of the scary turns. >> i can't believe the statisticses you gave us many women are harassed when they're outrunning. >> exactly and i've looked at the entire survey and linked it to my facebook page. and it's staggering what women have dealt with. again, it's not a crime but it just leaves you with that sinking feeling that what if they turned around, you know it leaves you vulnerable. >> it makes you uneasy one of the things i've noticed because
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big trees, hedges to probing themselves from the sun and you could actually be putting yourself in danger. >> and one of the tips was no -- you know have in mind what you would do. she runs with a road id with her name and address she said i will rip that bracelet off and drop it so at least someone knew where i was at my last point. clear skies out there now perfect running weather here at 6:18 the sun here's a look in brandon, 56 degrees. a break down of the rest of the day we'll get up to 60 by 8 a.m. still feeling cooler. 78 with low humidity and sunny skies at 3 p.m. right now it's 48 degrees in zephyrhills, 57 in clearwater. 61 tampa, and my weather watcher rich is cool this morning at 52. look at this everybody is much
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during the day today a few high, thin clouds very comfortable afternoon. now, it's going to get cool again tonight, so tomorrow morning a cool start meaning great for a walk especially at the heart walk. warms up nicely again tomorrow, now, this weakening cold front doesn't have much of an impact on saturday's forecast but it will linger a 20% chance tuesday and wednesday. well, we're taking a interchange. we do have an accident. this is the exit and you can see it backed up here to i-4. i'm going to show you another camera and you can see it over here as well. now, the accident is clearly off of the camera shot a little behind it but we're seeing a little bit of a delay there southbound. also the maps showing a bit of a northbound delay as well. maybe people checking it out slowing down and looking at it. breaking news this morning a
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st. pete parking lot. it started with a report of a stolen car in pasco county. pasco deputies spotted 2 men driving the car and the chase was on when the thieves crossed into pinellas county deputies followed, eventually the driver lost control and crashed into a pair of palm trees in this publix parking area on 49th street south in st. petersburg. the 2 men were taken to the ho survive. no word yet potential charges, of course we'll bring you more updates as soon as they come in. some bay area police officers are showing a softer side. >> coming up where the men in blue took the time to share a meal with some of our tiny citizens. it's 6:20 and you're
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. this morning the music world is remembering leonard cohen also known as rock music's the man of letters. that's his most famous song. he also wrote hit songs for other artists. well, cheese or pepperoni, clearwater police officersoo with the community. residents stopping by the mlk center for a free slice of pizza pie and a conversation with a cop. nice way to just connect with the officers that we see in our communities and sometimes we don't go up to talk but this breaks the ice a little bit. well, it's a special day for veterans and active military
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community coming up he has seen it all and today is the day this vet turns 100 years old. we got a chance to sit down with him next on news channel 8 today. first a live look outside beautiful downtown tampa, sun is starting to come up, how is it looking out there, i don't know we'll have to ask leigh, she's got weather and traffic in
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. 6:28 going to be a little chilly at the bus stop for the kids today. low humidity but a comfortable afternoon when they come home from school at 78 degrees, tomorrow 80 degrees, a cool morning and 81 on sunday. we're seeing a little bit of a slow down south and northbound
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and so we've got a little bit of a slow down here. you can see this is -- they've moved around the picture this is 275 in hillsborough but i-75, i-4 you can see that slow down and this
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. breaking overnight election chaos angry protests out west calling them riots as they move in to stop the violence and make arrests. >> and usf students receive threatening message, and what the university is now doing to make them feel safe. >> and a deadly encounter at a tampa gas station, a man is dead appeared police are looking for a killer on the run. thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning. let's get you started with a check on the weather. good morning.
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we're at 61 in tampa but 54 in sarasota, the sun is coming up. by 8 a.m. it will be 60 degrees we may see a few high thin clouds out there. 75 at noon around 4 p.m. yeah, 77 degrees barely a cloud out there, great weather for veterans day, sunny and pleasant afternoon high of 78. now, at 6:38 i'll have an 8-day temperature trend for you and our resident veteran is going te the roadways. and happy veterans day to all you who have served out there. this is i-75 to the left southbound as you transition to i-4 we do have a collision you can see it up there to the right. so i'm going to zoom in here we've got a little bit of a delay southbound and northbound. keep that in mind. i'll come back and take a look at one in pinellas county. >> we'll check back in a minute.
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election of donald trump taking to the streets as you see here for a third night in a row that includes right here in the bay area. >> and president elect trump is reacting to the backlash, in the past 30 minutes donald trump has tweeted about this after protests turned dangerous. >> yeah, that's right in portland what started as peaceful demonstrations yesterday evening turned into full-blown riots. officers responded e with riot gear, flash bombs and tear gas. now, some of those involved in the rioting vandalized businesses and property, 26 people have been arrested according to portland police and in some cases people not involved in the protests and trapped in traffic were targeted. . >> and when we just sitting there they were walking by beating on my window, splitting
6:33 am
tire and tried to break the window. >> now, meanwhile protests across the country from new york to los angeles have remained peaceful. last night president elect trump tweeted about the process -- protest calling them unfar but check this one out in the past 30 minutes a new tweet, it says love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our country, we will all come ge so 2 very different tones from the president elect overnight. this most recent one more in line with the message of unity that we've heard from him since the election. . >> well especially the unity we saw yesterday with president obama and president elect trump. >> right, and i think that's why last night's tweet was a little surprising. lots of upset people including right here in the bay area. check out these protests,
6:34 am
hundreds there carrying signs, blocking 7th avenue. this protest remained peaceful though and no one was arrested. well, the transition of power from president obama to president elect donald trump is in the works. the 2 men met at the white house in what was described as productive. >> i want to do everything we can to help you succeed because then the country succeeds. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, >> thank you. >> after meeting with president obama mr. trump headed to capitol hill, there he met with congressional leaders in the coming days and weeks we are anticipating learning more specifics about president elect's agenda in the first 100 days. and this morning usf police are investigating a series of racially charged graffiti messages found on campus the most recent a threat involving the election. now, students are on edge. we're joined now live
6:35 am
good morning. what's the campus and police doing to address this issue? >> well, good morning the top concern for police is of course making sure that students feel safe and that means that they are beefing up campus police patrols near the places where the incidents took place. there have been a number of incidents in which racial slurs have been written on dorm walls and a recent threat to kill former secretary of state hillary clinton if she had been elected president. now, the staff education wants to assure students that this matter is being taken seriously. >> a safe and welcoming community and anything that counter acts that is troubling to us. >> now, the person behind the graffiti used a dry erase marker so there was no physical damage to the buildings here. police are investigating but because of the lack of physical damage, they say that there isn't much that they can do. now, the university's president did send
6:36 am
specifically address the graffiti that was found but encouraged all students to come together in light of the spirited presidential election. >> lots of concern there. breaking news this morning a police chase starting in pasco county ends with a crash in st. pete parking lot. it started with the report of a stolen car in pasco county. they chased the car until the thieves crossed into pinellas county, the men lost control of the car, and crashed into some palm trees in a publix parking lot on 49th street south. you can see it there. the 2 men were taken to the hospital. both are expected to survive. right now tampa police are searching for the person who killed a man at a gas station. this happened at the sunoco in the 2,300 block of nebraska avenue. that's where we find news channel 8 ryan hughes this morning. investigators tell you the victim died as a result of
6:37 am
they're saying right now. so of course the information is quite vague at this hour. the man was found unconscious here at this gas station with what's being describe as upper body trauma. this is video taken from the scene. you can see the parking lot and gas pumps roped off by yellow crime scene tape. the call for help came in around 7 last night. police arrived and found the man suffering from some sort of injury to his upper body. he was taken hospital where he later tied. investigators tell us he was murdered and don't have a motive and haven't identified any suspects. we're still waiting for the name of the victim as well. well, the time right now is just seconds away from 6:38 on this friday, veterans day, a lot of folks off work and school today. it's going to be beautiful. >> it really is. in fact, it's
6:38 am
begins to come up over the horizon. clear, crisp, fall-like. this is the veterans ford camera on this veterans day, 57 degrees just a slight chill to the area. it warms up nicely now that the sun is coming up. we'll get to 60 at 8 a.m. afternoon high of 78 at 3 p.m. and back down to 73 by 6. so the 8-day temperature trend today is below average at 78, we do to 80 on saturday, 81 on monday, tuesday and wednesday, and speaking of monday, super moon when the moon and earth are close together so the moon appears 14% larger and 30% brighter, but this will be the largest super moon so far this century. to get one this close this large and this bright again you have to wait until november 25th, 2034. so hopefully monday night when the moon is full we'll be able to
6:39 am
we're starting to head into rush hour so you start to slow down again but again a big thank you to all the veterans out there on this veterans day and an extra shout out to the vietnam veterans. let's take a look at what's going on traffic wise. a couple crashes that are working that we've got issues with. this one southbound 275, that is also known as the 9th street exit, all right let's go ahead and take a look you can see you've got the crash and no vehicles going by. all right le look at this other problem spot we're seeing delays, delays are growing now southbound i-75 approaching i-4 due to this crash and it is apparently right at the exit to the westbound section of i-4. that's a look at weather and traffic. after the election one heartbroken woman went on a a hike and bumped into hillary clinton herself.
6:40 am
york. she says she spotted the clintons walking their dog and stopped them and told mrs. clinton that taking her daughter with her to vote was one of the proudest moments of her life. you might be asking yourself bill and hillary, where is bill clinton, well who do you think is behind the camera >> he knows how to take a picture shooting up, down. >> yeah, it's all about the right angles. >> on a more serious goes to show i do different their lives are now. donald trump having all these high level meetings. hillary clinton taking a walk in the woods. a bay area coach accused of crossing the line with a student. >> still ahead what he did and why detectives worried there may be more victims. >> and stuck in a storm drain. check this out the amazing rescue evident to save a pair of
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. a man is dead after a family argument turned into a confrontation with deputies. deputies say it started when a mother asked her son to move a car into the backyard. according to investigators john got angry and reportedly yelled i'm going to kill mom to his younger brother. she called 911. when deputies arrived they found the 2 fighting in the yard. the sheriff picks up the story from there. >> when john jumps up he points his gun at one of our deputies and when he does that it's the last thing he does our deputies shot him and he was deceased on the ground . >> the sheriff says the mother was hit twice by stray gunfire
6:45 am
this morning and expected to recover. well, this morning detectives are concerned about the possibility of more victims involving a martial arts coach accused of having sex with a 12-year old student. deputies arrested him, he owns undisputed fitness and martial arts. deputies tell us he had sex with the girl at the gym and at home for months. they claim he admitted to the crime during a recorded phone call new this morning a fire breaks out at a petersburg this happened in the 4,400 block of fairfield avenue shortly after midnight. no one was home at the time but the flames destroyed the home. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. and bucs player mccoy breaking his silence about the teenager accused of breaking into his home. >> i was just -- i would just ask that people pray for the kid who tried to break in my house, just a lost kid and probably needs guidance.
6:46 am
it happens. >> he made those comments after practice yesterday. the break in you might remember happened last thursday right before the bucs played the falcons. his father suffered a father wrist. the 17-year old you see was arrested. investigators believe he's linked to another recent burglary. well, today is veterans day, a day set aside to honor the men an women of the armed forces. >> and on this special day i'm introductioning you to a world war ii veteran who's celebrating meet alfred. today is his 100th birthday i had the honor of spending time with him and his wife to talk about his service in the air force during the war. >> i was in command so we flew all kinds of airplanes whatever came along we flew. >> all right. he met his wife 66 years ago at a war veterans picnic on trees sure island. the rest is history. they built
6:47 am
furniture business in downtown tampa. we want to give him and all of our veterans a special thank you and happy birthday to you. and by the way, if you get a chance i uploaded a more extended story on my facebook if you want to watch and wish him a happy birthday. >> we want to honor our own special veteran. before you were a traffic reporter you served in the her with her mom here. >> what are you doing? >> i have dark hair. i'm practicing grenade throwing there. i started my broadcast career with the army. i was able to travel and you know work for afn and all over the world it was wonderful it was really a great place to learn how to do journalism. >> so much has changed. i
6:48 am
very different describe. women can now serve in combat. so i'm proud of the military. proud of our veterans. i want to give a shoot out again to those vietnam vets out there. >> thank you for your service. . >> thank you to all the veterans i know there's a parade in sarasota today, all kind of events going on. and look at old gory flying this beautiful morning. 56 degrees a don't you worry it's going to warm up very nicely. after this coolish start under a clear sky 68, 8 a.m., 75 at noon, not many clouds, about answer for this time of the year low humidity 78 degrees at 3 p.m. still some cool spots don't get me wrong 44 in brooksville, 57 in clearwater. 60 in sarasota, 52 in bartow and anywhere from 2 to 10 degrees cooler right now than
6:49 am
forecast feeling like the perfect fall days cool mornings mild afternoons, on sunday an area of low pressure is going to develop off the east coast with this weakening front so not much of an impact but notice how it gets in here for monday, tuesday and wednesday. that's why i added in the 20% rain chances. today and all weekend long looking pretty night. well the veterans expressway is flowing at good spes southbound. we're taking a look at these accidents, slow and go traffic westbound on i-4. i want to talk about this one in pinellas county at martin luther king also known as 9th street this is coming off the howard frankland bridge and you can see that the ramp is blocked. trying to clear this upkeep that in mind you can go down to the exit instead or around 4th, 4th is probably a better alternate for you.
6:50 am
you can see the back up here to the exit. the crash is off camera but it is creating a little bit of a back up here northbound and southbound. but it's looking better. it was much worse just a little while ago. as we move down here and check out bradenton 301 at 1st street that accident not causing any delays and see slow-downs, 275 coming away from fowler as you leave pasco. that's a look at weather and traffic on 8s. well, 2 american bald eagles stuck in a storm drain. >> they were caught in a drain near orlando. check out the picture. it happened near orange county. you can see them stuck. now, crews with the fire department and fish and wildlife agency had to block off the street to try to get them help. one was freed and flew away. the second bird suffered injuries but is at a rehab center. we're happy to hear it should be okay. >> i hope she's okay.
6:51 am
>> including a bay area university on edge this morning, the threatening message found on campus. >> and breaking this morning anti-trump protests turned violent out west and how the president elect is responding
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
angry over the election of donald trump. >> they took to the streets for a third night. some of them turned violent in the past few hours. >> police in riot gear trying to break up angry demonstrators detaining some of them. property has been vandalized, roads blocked, objects thrown at officers. protests in oakland, los angeles remained relatively peaceful though. and president elect donald trump tweeting calling them
6:55 am
in this most recent tweet he says quote love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud end quote. anti-trump protests were also held here in the bay area this is footage from a peaceful one in ybor city. hundreds of demonstrators angry over the president elect's proposed policies carried signs and blocked 7th avenue. no one was taken into custody. well, students at edge after a number of incidents are racial slurs were written on dorm walls. >> we have more from usf on what police are doing to keep students safe. . >> reporter: well, police at usf want to make sure that those students feel secure on campus. they're beefing up patrols around the dorm rooms where this all happened. now, in addition there was a recent threat to kill former secretary of state hillary clinton if she had been
6:56 am
was no permanent damage done police tell us there is no crime under the letter of the law. it is still very unsettling for students here. the certainly is on for a killer who attacked a man at the sunoco gas station in tampa. investigators are not releasing the name of the victim until they contact his family. detectives are working on identifying a suspect and a motive. a polk county man is dead after a family argumentur deputies. the sheriff tells us a 53-year old was shot and killed by deputies after pointing a gun at them. his mother was also hit twice by her own son's stray gunfire and is expected to recover. today americans across the nation are honoring veterans and active duty military members. here in the bay area businesses are offering tons of deals for the special occasion. all of that information is on i already got a tweet from one
6:57 am
eating breakfast for free. >> good. glad he's enjoying that. the 2016 heart walk is tomorrow morning. you still have time to join the news channel 8 team. last night thanks to all your help we passed our $100,000 goal to raise money for this event. in total we've raised more than $114,000, thanks to all of you, and to fuss fusses kia our matching sponsor. the walk is happening tomorrow at raymond james stadium. you can visit us at for more details. >>d this veterans day as seen from the veterans ford camera in tampa. 57 degrees, it is a little chilly. even cooler in places like zephyrhills, you're 47, 55 in lakeland, 54 in north port but warms up very nicely. pleasant lunch time, 75 at noon, 78 at 3 p.m. tomorrow morning for the heart walk a little cool at 58 degrees but look how fast
6:58 am
looking at traffic veterans expressway look at that nice drive, a lot of people have the day off so traffic is a bit lighter than normal. in fact, check out the bottom part, usually 30 minutes now just 10 minutes. we do have a couple of issues out here. let's take a look at the cameras here. we've got a crash that's tying up the southbound exit from 275 over to martin luther king which is 9th street and i-75 a little bit slow at the exit of i-4 crash. >> thank you for the traffic report and thank you for your service. and thank you to our men an women who have served out here. >> okay. we'll be here all
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like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. good morning. breaking news. anti-trump protests break out again in cities coast to coast overnight. one demonstration in portland, oregon turni police calling it a riot using flash grenades on the crowd. donald trump back to tweeting. what he's saying about the protesters this morning. making peace. >> if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> the president and president-elect meet for the first time in the oval office. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president. >> the first lady and first lady to be sitting down over tea. this morning, what was said


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