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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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and husband gunned down and left to die, the emotional plea to find his killer. >> and after disappearing more than 60 years tropical bedbugs are back. where they're making their mark here in florida. good evening. i'm keith cate. >> and i'm jennifer leigh. attention k-mart shoppers and sears fans should listen up, too. this may be the last holiday season for the two veteran retailers. ratings two years. one thing we know for sure, the tyrone square sears store is closing in january putting an end to a long time institution in st. petersburg and more closings could be on the way. peter bernard is on the night beat for us in st. petersburg. you're at the mall. how many people will lose their
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store that will lose their jobs, another 12 at the auto center. sears and co-owned k-mart are in dire financial condition. this store is already starting discounts. it has stood as a beacon of retail for multiple generations, but now the tyrone sears store is discounting inventory. come late january it will close and be torn down. >> i remember when they built it, so i've lived here on and off for decades and we were all sears employee asked we not show her face. she tells me news of the tyrone sears closing sent coming as a shock -- isn't coming as a shock. >> it's sad, but it's kind of inevitable at this point. we've thought about it a long time. it's going to be interesting to see how it coincides with christmas. >> reporter: sears is closing stores across the country. blue light specials will stop at dozens of k-mart stores closing to stay afloat. a sears spokesman denies this
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admits we are absolutely focused on restoring sears holdings to profitability. we are an asset rich enterprise with multiple resources at our disposal. customers are disappointed to see this store go. >> is it part of the family -- it is part of the family. my mother is die hard kenmore. >> reporter: man hank kettleman was a repairman. >> maybe six people were in the entire store the last time we were there. i guess everybody is going to wal-mart or shopping online. >> reporter: ratings company believes bankruptcy is almost certain for sears in the next one to two years. some suppliers are limiting deliveries fearing they won't get paid. for some stores this holiday season is the last. >> we know people will lose their jobs, but i suppose if there was any silver lining, it
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>> reporter: you can save right now. they've got some store discounts already, but the employee we talked to said as we get closer to the store closing, those discounts are most likely going up, but they've already started if you want to check. new tonight a deadly crash on u.s. 27 in polk county is under investigation. a pickup truck slammed into the glad bed trailer of a semi as it cross -- flatbed trailer of the passenger of the pickup truck died at the scene. her husband was airlifted to orlando. a clearwater doctor is behind bars after he fraudulently prescribed himself more than 6,000 oxycodone pills. alfred chapman is accused of using the names of five people, one of whom was dead to foreign other doctors' precipitations and then fill them. this happened after his license was suspended in june. he now faces a seven year mandatory prison sentence for
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gunned down lake wales store clerk is begging for answers. arzena hofsa made a plea to the hub for help to fine her husband's killer. he was gunned down two weeks ago outside of the q -- to the hunt for help to find her husband's killer. he was gunned down two week ago outside of the qp. >> police help police find the people and hold my heart for >> investigators found his cell phone. a 5ed no reward is offered -- a 5,000-dollar reward is offered if you have information. please call crime stoppers. these are hundreds of protesters in an anti-trump protest in miami. this is the third straight night protesters are in areas that overwhelmingly supported
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the streets since president elect trump won the election tuesday night. demonstrators were out in ybor city. we saw a couple dozen people out in the street earlier this evening. rudy guiliani, newt gingrich and others will join three of trump's children ivan car, donald, jr. and eric as key advisors. vice president elect mike pence will replace governor chris christie taking over the transition. fl appointed to the transition team today, the first high ranking republican in florida to endorse trump in february. she came under fire during the campaign over allegations she did not pursue an investigation into trump university in exchange for a campaign donation. bondi denied those allegations and continued to support trump. an 8 on your side warning, after 60 years in hiding tropical bedbugs are reemerging
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of normal bedbugs. it's basically a creepy crawly cousin of the bedbug only worse. jenn holloway is live in our tampa news center with more on where this little critter is rearing its ugly head. this is gross. >> my skin is crawling already. this takes the old saying don't let the bedbugs bite to an entirely new level. tropical bedbugs are apparently creeping back into the sunshine state the first time since the 1940s. it's one of the nastiest kinds of bedbugs spreading misery fast, far and wide. plus they're attracted to humans. >> they are stimulated when we go to bed at night. we release a pheromone and that attracts them. >> reporter: it's confirmed they were found in south florida on a home in merritt island, but bedbugs problems are becoming more and more frequent along with the misery left behind after they leave their calling card. swollen, red, itchy splotches
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munch, the more they reproduce. >> you get a female who gets a blood meal from someone, she can lay thousands of eggs and may not need mother blood meal for some time, for weeks and weeks and weeks. >> reporter: unfortunately these pests are almost impossible to find and hard to kill unless sprayed directly and repeatedly. so this newest bedbug edition, the tropical bedbug, only makes this problem even that much more difficult. i spoke to a local pest control company this afternoon university of florida researcher they have been consistently sending in samples of the bedbugs they're finding in the bay area. even they can't tell the difference because they are so small and so similar, but luckily so far no sightings in our area. >> that's not making me stop itching or feeling like i've got crawling skin, but i'm wondering did you find out how the bugs may have returned to our state? >> possibly. the entomology department at university of florida says it
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through port canaveral, but we aren't sure. >> jenn holloway, thank you. tampa police are still trying to track down the person who killed a tampa man at a convenience store. we brought you that story as breaking news last night at 11:00. 56-year-old gregory walker died near the sunoco station after nebraska avenue. at this point tampa police don't know who did it or why. across the bay area ceremonies were held to honor our veterans military. an event was held at the military court of honor in largo this evening featuring bands and activities as well as remarks from outgoing congressman david jolly, but it was the veterans' own word about their service to the country that put this past week's election in perspective. >> therefore, i believe it is my duty to love the country, to support the constitution, to obey its laws, respect the flag and defend it against all
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every year to thank local veterans for their service. this was just one of many events across the bay area today. we are now less than 10 minutes away from the friday night blitz. >> coming up next dan lucas and paul ryan will have all your high school football skylights, highlights and scores. is that monday you'll want to tall -- >> monday you'll want to call our better call behnken phone bank to see if you have any unclaimed cash waiting for you to claim from 5:00 through our 11 p.m.
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way.
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. nice weather to be outside and monday night hopefully a nice night to check out the supermoon. this one will appear to us 14% larger and 30% brighter, the largest supermoon this century
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25th, 200 -- 2024. a few extra clouds with a cold front sagging into the central portion of the state and essentially falling apart. beautiful sunset tonight from andrea walker over tampa bay, great shot from her. carol bradley also got a beautiful shot from lakeland, i believe, and finally tony cologne, sunset in dunedin, gr great sunset and sunrise photos. 80 saturday, 81 sunday, temperatures dropping below that, a cold front here and a higher rain chance. at 8 a.m. our metro cast says 59 degrees, kind of cool, temps slightly below average, 76 degrees at noon time, sunshine, very similar to today. note the high clouds in the
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noon, 78 degrees at 3 p.m. for a high temperature, could be near 80 degrees plus in some of the inland spots. 57 degrees riverview right now, seminole 56 new port richey, 60 in odessa and it's fairly cool, upper 40s in brooksville, clear skies, light winds, temperatures really fall especially when the dew points are low, low humidity. got quite a few high clouds streaking across the northern part of the state, mostly clouds de and southern portion of the state. we will have clouds tomorrow with that pretty good stream back to the west. fire up the marching band. there we go. usf and memphis, memphis, tennessee, 54 degrees saturday at 7 p.m., a little cool up there in memphis, clear skies, a tad breezy in gainesville, south carolina, and the florida gators 72 degrees for that game. miami plays virginia in
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ucf the knights playing cincinnati in orlando, 75 degrees under mostly sunny skies, florida a&m playing morgan state, picture perfect weather in tallahassee, 75 for this game and finally on sunday at the bucs playing the bears, few clouds, light breeze, 1:00 game time, 76 degrees, fantastic weather at raymond james stadium. note the high clouds that will be streaking across the area, surface front sagging into the of shower activity. going to stay dry in the forecast and it's been quite dry of light. many folks have not seen rain in a month. watch for patchy fog early in the day with those temperatures cooling down. rain chances are very low, nonexistent the next couple days despite that front. high temperatures near 80 but dropping into the upper 70s. rain chances come up a little bit. that's a lot these days 20% monday and tuesday. a few added clouds and next week looks great, upper 70s,
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>> fantastic weather today. i think we can do it again tomorrow. >> thank you, steve. we're on a roll because we're nearing the friday night blitz, playoff time. >> dan lucas and paul ryan join us with all your high school
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we are the clearwater tornadoes and this is the friday night blitz! [ cheering and applause ] >> all right. they are pumped in clearwater tonight. welcome to the friday night blitz, dan lucas, paul ryan >> put up or shut up, baby. 42 bay area teams made it to the second season, each with eyes on the ultimate prize, a state title. that number is likely close to half tonight as many local squads square off against one another. >> plant panthers 9-0 on the season hosting winter haven who got in on a three-way playoff,
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early. pritchard and franzen 3rd and goal, gets in for the touchdown, 10-0 panthers. in the 2nd quarter the panthers score and score and score. they're still scoring. this was a 3rd downplay on the blue devils 43. franzen just wanted a 1st down. 16-0. winter haven quarterback william tate, a nightmare 1st half, several drops receivers. panthers build up 42 points in the 2nd quarter. it was 59-6. >> gee. next up for plant either wiregrass ranch or lakeland. the dread knots fire the first shot across the bow and the bulls don't have allstate insurance. davis rips off an 80-yard touchdown run sped up for your viewing pleasure, lakeland on top 8-0 in the 1st. that means it's time to get naughty. always love to see that guy out
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the ensuing kickoff lands in the hands of jordan minor set up for a major return all the way to the crib. >> look how fast he is. >> lakeland has a pretty good returner, too willy baker and he's got the oven set for 98- yard, that is. >> miles per hour. >> yeah. back to back kickoff returns for touchdowns, three straight scoring plays. after a 65-yard davis run put lakeland in the red zone on itse robinson. the knots win this 43-20. lakeland versus plant next week in the regional semifinal. >> class 6a clearwater and port charlotte have a combined record 17-1, tornadoes a perfect 9-0 but a fumble early. it's a port charlotte touchback instepped of a clearwater touchdown. pirates punt and here we go. jones outraces the coverage and takes a little breather, then
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for a 60-yard punt return. >> easy game, baby. >> 7-0 tornadoes. pirates looking to regroup go back on offense. paul barnes going deep and it's a mistake to byrd. >> what do you mean a bird? >> byrd is flying in the port charlotte territory and the tornadoes cash it in. austin day to brandon demeter for the touchdown, clearwater moving on wins 27-16. >> the playoffs look just as sweet from high above the field thanks to two huge match-ups, third ranked armwood beginning against auburndale and the st. petersburg greens hoping to continue their magical season by beating tech. let's get to our friday night blitz sky lights. >> reporter: flying in eagle 8 hd in a dark tampa showing pride for veterans day, playoff
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armwood high school as the hawks take on the bloods in auburndale. jerome ford has it and can't get the corner, bloodhound ball. guys gets caught, pushed back into the end zone but no safety. auburndale punts, wells blocks it and armwood is in business. brian snead makes a cut or two and gets inside the 5. snead lowers his head and the boom, touchdown hawks. chea the move. it's brian snead time. he outruns some hounds and he's in again. armwood goes for two and it's snead on the catch. now fly past the nearly super moon for a super match-up with the st. pete green devils visiting the titans. he's down to the 2 and it's gardner again, takes it and
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zone. titan band gets funky. now johnson squeezes through a hole and rumbles for a gain. johnson gets another crack and he hits the seam for another good gain for tampa bay tech. trent wyatt pulls the old sleight of hand and kicks up some dirt and he scores. titans line up to kick, but it's a fake and levi jackson punches it in for two and that wio playoff eagle 8 hd skylight. >> how big was that two point conversion? 48-45 tampa bay tech wins in overtime. >> plant and makeland game of the week next week. time -- lakeland game of the week next week.
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clearwater central catholic
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season long in class 3a. can they get over the hump? >> there's only one way to find out. let's look at the video because we have some. the marauders marching through the fence, highlights in the 2nd half. rashad stewart breaks the plane and makes it 42-3, but rams don't quit. leclaire has hands like a concert pianist, so soft. this symphony concludes in the end zone. a fake for the touch. i think 's though. the marauders move on thanks to a 42-17 win over john carroll. >> we have some powerhouses in class 2a. this is one of them. cambridge christian hosting admiral farragut. lancers take the opening kickoff and march right down the field. caleb young who is one of five guys who plays quarterback on this team scored to make it 7- 0. blue jackets turn it over on their first possession. three plays later young headed
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going. miller strikes to roland in the end zone. jackets down 14-7. 2nd quarter now pierre behind the big boys, kneel grab you and -- they'll grab you and push you. in point after is no good. miller to roland again. it's a six-point game but not enough. cambridge pulls away to win it 38-14. >> guys, time for another commercial break, more friday night blitz on the other side. we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of
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publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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we're saving the best for last. earlier we showed you armwood in class 6a. our game of the week hillsborough and lake gibson. >> the one blemish, that loss to armwood. which team is moving on in the next round of the playoffs? let's find out in our friday night blitz game of the week. the late gibson braves coming to this game of the week match- up with a stingy defense only giving up six points a game. so can the terriers give them their first loss of the season? i don't know. so to the highlights we go. from the coin toss right down to the last second of the game oh, baby, this game was
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it was both squads' defense that took control of the game. in the 2nd quarter thomas from the gun and oh, my groceries, he slings it deep to a wide open link. no one will catch him. now it's the terriers' turn and tyler thomas rolls right and whoa, easy peasy, lemon squeezy. the terriers are back inside the red zone some of the okeydoke and leave the braves' secondary, but they were doing the man kin challenge. just like the sun -- mannequin challenge. just like the sun rises in the east, back comes thompson. late in the 4th quarter and here comes jones toting the rock high and tight, terriers biting at his ankles with all their might, but the braves win
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anthony allred, news channel 8 sports. >> all right. how about a little friday night blitz college style florida state hosting boston college, cook chasing the fsu career rushing recorded needed 127 tonight got 108, scored a touchdown. noles win it45-7. do the quick math. 19 yards cook needs against syracuse next week. >> money on cook. one more play for you, the play of the week. for the first time ever it's not one play, back to lakeland, back to back kick return for touchdowns, jordan minor gets the first one for wiregrass ranch, looks like this game was going to be exeat ever it, but the momentum -- competitive, but the momentum stifled immediately, 98-yard to the crib sped up because we don't have time to show you the whole highlight, both of those our plays of the week. congratulations. >> some contenders for team of
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tonight. congratulations to jesuit for being our team of the week last week. >> good night, tampa bay. >> friday night blitz brought
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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