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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. a suspicious house fire in hillsborough county, why investigators are looking at the house next door and how it could relate to protests against president elect donald trump. . >> sitting out the national anthem, bucs wide receiver mike evans creating a lot of controversy this morning for his decision to sit during the national anthem during sunday's game. how fans are reacting this morning just ahead. >> also this morning cell phone addiction, many people can't just seem to put down their phones. some say they can't live without. 8 is on your side this morning with expert advice to break free. well, good morning, and
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let's get a check on the weather. good morning. we're going to wake up, it's going to feel warmer and be cloudier than yesterday morning. 68 in bradenton, 68 in sarasota, look what a difference tampa is 4 degrees warmer -- excuse me 7 degrees warmer. st. pete is 4 degrees warmer and it all has to do with the fact that clouds rolled in overnight. when that happens it sort of traps the getting maybe some sprinkles throughout pasco county out ahead of this cold front now. going to bring that rain chance up to 20% through the afternoon through our area. it's not a huge rain chance and very light if you do see rain. so at 6:08 we'll go more specifically hour by hour through your monday. we've got a pretty good commute, a little bit of issues here and there. let's take a look at what is going on out there just a little bit of fog
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you downstate road 54 looks good just some lights to go through same thing with u.s. 19 and palm harbor not seeing any delays andrews accident state route 52 at i-75 off to the side. we're following breaking news this morning, a vacant home in the mango area was spray painted with anti-donald trump graffiti then the house next door was set on fire. >> this lt violence has neighbors pretty alarmed. ryan hughes is live in hillsborough county this morning, and, ryan, what's the latest on the investigation? . >> well, good morning to you both. once again i talked to a fire marshal who was here on scene a couple of hours ago. he said this is all under investigation. this home over my right shoulder separated with a swear word and the word trump, you can likely imagine what it said and right here it says burn everything with an arrow pointing to that mobile home and
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let's go to video of the scene. it shows the message denouncing president elect donald trump along with the wordy mentioned it says burn everything with that arrow pointing to vacant home next door. that was set on fire. crews got the call around 1:20 in the morning. the fire wasn't too bad and they managed to put it out quickly. neighbors woke up to fire trucks. one woman quite rattled by all like timber wood and it could have went up in smoke and really really really scary to think that, you know, you might wake up every night to that. . >> and behind me you also see 3 letters blm, most likely standing for that group black lives matter but we haven't confirmed that. we'll be out here if the investigation changes we will let you know. >> unsettling for those
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making headlines this morning not for what he did on field but for what he did before the game. wide receiver mike evans did not stand during the anthem becoming the first bucs player to make that decision. we're joined now live from the stadium, so why did evans decide to take a knee? >> well evans tells us that he decided to protest the anthem here at raymond james stadium at that game yesterday to protest the election of donald trump. adding that to do so. he explained his controversial stand after the game saying it was a different -- it was different from that of san francisco 49ers quarterback not standing to protest what he called the oppression of african americans when the president elect employed a campaign filled with a tone of racism and sexism the bucs leading receiver was shocked. >> when he ran i thought it was a joke, and you know, it's --
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. >> evans's actions did come under a lot of fire on social media one tweeting hey look up the definition of the word democracy and remember this pic while kneeling and exercising your right to protest. late last night the bucs did issue us a statement about the protest. they said that they encourage all of their players to stand and respect the flag during the national anthem but they also to exercise their first amendment rights. they play their next game in kansas city. . >> there is a lot of backlash this morning on social media. all right. thanks. and it is another day of transition talks for president elect donald trump as he makes his first presidential picks. he's named 2 key staff members to his white house leadership team. we're joined now from the
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has picked 2 top advisers for key jobs. trump's chief of staff will be ryan priebus. he is popular among different factions of the party and worked to unite the gop after its divisive primary. also trump has named steve bannon as chief strategist. bannon served as trump's campaign ceo. he's a conservative and them systems of speaker paul ryan. work as partners, trump's senior advisor says trump's administration will run very differently than typical washington. . >> finally the voters got what they wanted, what they've been begging for for 30 years which is give us the opportunity, a person who actually represents the outsider non-washington business experience type of profile, somebody who goes to washington owing nobody anything . >> priebus will appear on the
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appointed role in the trump administration and of course the today show coming up right after our show. >> and we will be watching. thank you. president elect trump may be softening on some of his campaign positions. in his first prime time interview since the election trump endorsed some aspects of only care including the provision that requires coverage of people with preexisting medical conditions. on immigration he said the border wall fence in some places but will still deport millions of immigrants with criminal records on the issue of same sex marriages he said he was quote fine with that, he also praised president bill clinton and said he had consider calling him for advice. >> he's a very talented guy, both of them, this is a very talented family, certainly i would certainly think about that. >> trump is also keeping his
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rights and would help overturn the decision. well, one thing not changing is the president elect's battle with the new york times. over the weekend trump tweeted that the new york times was losing subscribers because of the quote poor and highly inaccurate coverage of the trump phenomenon. the times quickly responded that it has gained a lot more than it lost since election day. and hillary clinton blaming the fbi for her defeat in the presti call saturday the former secretary of state said her campaign was winning against donald trump until fbi director james comey's letter to congress. on that call she also urged supporters to move forward and keep fighting for their beliefs. time for weather and traffic on the 8s. >> even though we had clouds overnight time i'm still getting a lot of great pictures of the super moon. this is in inverness that just came in this morning. isn't that beautiful? you can see the clouds there but
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right now a little bit of light sprinkles happening in pasco county and northern hillsborough county but barely any out there. we'll keep that 10% rain chance and going up to 20% after 11:00 this morning. it is warmer this morning that kind yesterday up to about 77 degrees at 3 p.m. back down into the upper 60s by 7. so watch for a few light showers today and the clouds around as a cold front comes through. it's going to be cooler tomorrow in the 50s mid to upper 70s by the afternoon and mostly dry for the lots of sunshine. also western portion of the caribbean we have an area of low pressure, it's about a 60% chance of developing, yes, hurricane season continues all the way through november 30th, and so we continue to track the topics. we'll check in now with traffic on the 8st. i'm tracking a lot of good traffic. a great drive in and out of downtown tampa. great
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pasco county good drive on i-75, state road 52 right at i-75 kind of a hot spot for traffic crashes we do have one but it's off to the side of the roadway, it's not tying up any lanes, also i just found out about a crash i-4 around county line road in between polk county and over to the plant city area but off to the side of the roadway. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. well, your side help residents reunite with $1.3 million: tonight our shannon behnken is at it again helping people reunite with that unclaimed cash. our unclaimed cash phone bank starts at 5 p.m. many residents of the bay area have unclaimed money or perhaps property and may not know about it. there are millions of dollars up for grabs. the phone bank runs through or 11 p.m.
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. new information on the shooting in tampa sunday night.
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at officers who were patrolling the neighborhood in plain clothes and were in an unmarked car. officers arrested that man. he's now facing several charges including 2 counts of aggravate assault. thankfully no one was injured. the florida highway patrol is still trying to determine a fatal crash on interstate 275 over the weekend. the car hit a barrier wall and fell 70 feet from an overpass. the driver died at the scene. his female passenger take a look at this picture of a crash in sarasota, the driver of that suv got several citations after crashing into the front of a cafe and breaking a gasoline. you can see all the damage to the business. parts of washington boulevard and main street were closed while the gasoline was repaired. the cause of the crash is still unknown. and this morning an investigation is underway into what appears to be a deadly
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madeira beach. a good samaritan found a man unresponsive about 5 miles off the coast. the person rushed the couple to shore for help. the wife die the husband survived and is in the hospital this morning. this morning 8 is on your side with a rising problem about cell phones. it seems like they've taken over society and the way we live. everywhere you turn and there they are, glued to each and every one of us. news channel 8's ryan hughes talksa . >> ring tones, and vibrations are part of the fabric of society, our country is teeming with cell phones. scott anderson helps people overcome all sort of addictions. one that's on the rise has to do with something every one of us keeps close, a cell phone.
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immediate convenient. >> he tells 8 on your side 18 to 35-year olds are most consumed by cell phones some are obsessed as hooked as checking their phone as some are on alcohol or drugs. he explains that social media sites easily accessible by a swipe of a finger help people feel better about themselves it's a feeling they can't let go. >> it fulfills voids and needs of people these days. >> according to a study 67% of looking at their phones when it didn't even ring or vibrate. the average cell phone user checks the phone 35 times a day, 61% of users admit they sleep with their cell phones under their pillow or next to their bed. 51% explain they check their phones during vacations. >> it's the world we live in now. we have every kind of information, you know, in our hands, so it's very easy to be distracted by it. >> for some people it's more
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not talking to their spouse. >> of course not everyone who checks their phone at dinner is addicted buy anderson sees it still as a serious problem. . >> i believe it is unravelling the social fabric of our society. . >> so what can you do if you or someone you know is hooked on their phone? scott anderson tells us addiction can be treated through therapy sessions that determine the underlying causes and attempt to modify behavior but like any addiction, the first step is being willing to recognize that you do have a problem. >> interesting something that's meant to design and connect people is actually keeping people from having real personal relationships. don't bring it to dinner. >> right. >> if i'm going to dinner with you it's not about eating it's about having a nice time getting to know you et cetera,
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who play viral videos and put the volume at full blast. they're walking around, i don't need to hear it. >> i always give my phones to my kids. however you were saying earlier maybe there's an app to help you not use your phone any more. i think that would be counter productive. we've got this beautiful picture of the super moon. what a great shot. full this morning so last night and tonight it will look full and appear 14% larger and 30% brighter because it is actually closer to earth. the earth and moon are very close to each other. they haven't been this close since january of 1948. you better catch it now. it won't be this close again until 2034. sadly we do have extra clouds around. not as cool though. 67 degrees this morning. front is going to
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75 at noon, 77 degrees around 3 p.m. right now plant city, zephyrhills you're at 64, 67 bradenton, i even checked in with rich he's warmer than yesterday at 62 degrees. hear comes this weak front it's going to sink south. again maybe a few light showers along with the extra clouds through the day today. overnight it starts to get cooler, but the clouds will still be around in the morning, but by the afternoon 76, then it's beautiful for wednesday, thursday, and friday. how's traffic? >> we still got a pretty good drive overall on the interstate, little patches of fog here and there. here's i-75 at fowler. it's looking a lot better than s ago. there we go, i just must have gt it out of there i-4. let's take a look at traffic state road 52 and i-75 saint off to the side of
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this accident is highway 60 just east u.s. 19 but i'm not seeing any delays so that's some good news. over here in sarasota this accident that was tying up the roundabout at south gate circle that has cleared now. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. giving hover boards a second chance. >> still ahead why last year's hot holiday gift is making a come back. >> and to give a gift card or not. what people really
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kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps
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u love.
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. a holiday hit blamed for overheating and catching fire could be making a come back this holiday season. we're talking about hover boards. both walmart and target are
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black friday deals. you might remember last year thousands of hover boards were recalled following reports of fires. makers claim they fixed the problems. well, gift cards are popular during the holidays but it seems we like giving them more than actually receiving them. a study found just 27% of americans want to get a gift card, however half of us plan on giving them as a gift this holiday season. many people say they prefer getting an actual it i i think it's because there's a lot more thought that goes into getting you something that you really picked out just for that one person. >> some people are so hard to shop for like my nephew. i get him a visa or mastercard one so expend it anywhere. >> i'm picky so give me the card and i'll buy what i want. president elect donald trump is changing his mind on key issues he used in his campaign. >> and a look at the changing
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sit-down interview on his plans when he takes office. first let's take you live to beautiful downtown tampa, a bit hazy out there, not good news for the fans who want to see that big bright moon. weather and traffic on the 8s is just 3 minutes away. ? my hero zero. ? ? such a funny little hero ? ? but till you came along ? ? we counted on our fingers and toes ? ? now you're here to stay ? ? and nobody really knows... ? zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen
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. at 6:28 the sun is starting to come up and that's giving us a little bit more fog that's developed in the brandon area. visibility less than a mile. it's not terrible, but it is a little thicker now than it was say 10 minutes ago. so remember that for the kids going at the bus stop this morning. 67 degrees they'll come home about a 20% rain chance and 77. how's traffic? >> we're taking a look at i-4, slow and go traffic.
6:29 am
deceiving when you get down to the road it's lighter. westbound i-4 a bit slow, why you say, it's all due to this accident right near county line road, folks, a little bit of a
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. right now on news channel 8 today. >> breaking news this morning a house fire in hillsborough county with some suspicious graffiti found nearby, what investigators are saying asne elect donald trump in his first sit-down interview since winning the election, what he said in that interview that could signal a change on some key issues like health care and immigration. >> then bucs superstar mike evans refusing to stand during the national anthem the message he was trying to send about the election and the backlash on social media this morning. well, good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for waking up with us
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a little foggy out there. we've got the latest on your wake up weather. we have some extra clouds around as well and clouds overnight helped to trap the heat so significantly warmer than this time yesterday as well. tampa 67, 68 in sarasota and bradenton. 64 in plant city. this just gives you that perspective. tampa is 7 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. 5 and here's a look at the clouds. the sun is trying to come up. 63 in tampa. using our metro cast that's what you'll notice yeah some breaks in the clouds but certainly clouds around all day. 67 degrees at 8 a.m. by lunchtime 75, there you see the passing clouds this is all of the cold front 76 at 4 p.m. the cold front comes through tonight. so the 8-day temperature trend i'll let you know how much cooler it will be.
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i saw the sun trying, can't compete with the moon sod sun, let it go. let it go. beautiful moon. let's take a lt traffic right now westbound i-4 we've got a little bit of a back up coming away from the exit due to a crash. let's take a live look. you can see the patchy fog leigh was talking about. over to the left that's your back up. we continue following some breaking news this morning, a fire breaks out nearby some suspicious graffiti found. >> it referred to president elect donald trump, and news channel 8 ryan hughes joins us now live in hillsborough county. so, ryan, what happened and is the graffiti linked to the fire? >> well, good morning once again. that's still under investigation over my right shoulder you can see part of the message a wear word and the name trump, next to it here it says burn everything with an arrow
6:33 am
started overnight. let's go to some video if we could right now. it shows the message denounces president elect donald trump along with the wordy just mentioned and says burn everything with an arrow pointing to the vacant mobile home. that place was apparently set on fire. crews got the call around 1:20 this morning. it wasn't too bad and they managed to put it out quickly. neighbors >> i was just truly broken, heartbroken i feel like this is not going to be a good 4 years, you know if we're going to have a civil war if this keep on, you know, just nonsense. . >> you can also see the letters blm over my left shoulder likely denoting the group black lives matter but we haven't confirmed that. we're told by fire
6:34 am
homes are vacant, so the good news in all this no injuries reported. back to you. >> well that is the good news. all right. thank you so much, ryan. and right now is donald trump backing away from his most popular campaign promises? the president elect may reconsider parts of obama care after previously promising to get rid of it. we're joined now from our news center, and this is just one of those campaign promises that maybe he's reconsidering a bit o softening his stance on obama care saying he's going to look at keeping certain aspects of that health care plan in an interview with cbs 60 minutes the president elect says he favors keeping the laws that rule that -- bar turning those away with preexisting conditions, he's also looking to keep the allowance that those up to age 26 can remain on their parents's insurance and he says he will repeal obama care and
6:35 am
but he will not leave anyone without coverage. . >> we'll repeal it and replace it. we're not going to have like a 2-day period and not a 2-year period where there's nothing. it will be repealed and replaced and we'll know, and it will be great health care for much less money. . >> now, on immigration trump says his priority is to deport about 2 to 3 million undocumented immigrants those with those that are involved in gangs or drug dealers. he also says that that wall that he plans to build, well, some of it may end up being a fence. trump says he's fine with the supreme court's marriage equality ruling but that he would appoint justices who are pro-life. mr. trump said the determination of the legality of abortion would be made at the state level ultimately. >> okay. interesting there. thank you
6:36 am
staff picks. >> yeah the head of the republican national committee or rnc as many refer to it will be trump's right-hand man we're talking about the big chief of staff job going to rnc chairman priebus. now, his chief strategist former campaign ceo steve bannon. trump's campaign statement referred to the 2 menace quote equal partners. >> we are very grateful in trump world to both bannon a continue to work together. >> priebus is among the longest serving chairman of the republican party. an bannon helped orchestrate trump's rise to victory. more protests, for a 6th night demonstrators took to the streets across the country. police moved in on demonstrators who were destroying property and setting fire in portland.
6:37 am
arrested 71 protesters. and this morning the bucs are celebrating a big win but that's not what has people talking in the bay area. mike evans coming under heavy credit similar for protesting the election of donald trump by deciding to not stand before the national anthem. we're joined live from the stadium this morning. did the team have anything to say about this? >> well, the bucs did issue us a statement late last that protest but evans had plenty so say himself to our cameras after the game he explained his stand after the game saying it was a different from that of sf out 49ers quarterback not standing to protest what he called oppression of african americans and police brutality. >> i'm doing it for a different reason for how, you know, what a reality star can be the president that's not a good look for america i think. i'm not
6:38 am
been punked then i'll stand again but i won't stand any more. >> late last night the bucs released an official statement regarding the protest which head in part the buccaneers are deeply committed to the military and honoring the great men and women of that dedicate their lives and made great sacrifices. we encourage all members of our organization to respectfully honor or flag during the playing o constitutional right to freedom of speech which is crucial to the american principles we cherish. now, this protest did take place on the buccaneers annual as you lawsuit to service game so there was a lot of military personnel and veterans in the crowd watching as this protest took place. evans has said that this will not be the last time that he decides to protest the anthem. he plans to do this in the future. they next play in kansas city next
6:39 am
>> yeah, with all the veterans there and military personnel it makes it even more controversial. thank you. time now 6:38. leigh spann's got a check on our weather. >> we have patchy fog out there, it's not widespread but i want you to be aware of it. we have general cloud cover because of a cold front coming south into our area. you might even have to use your wipers once or twice in pasco county so a little bit of drizzle. the the moon appears 14% larger and 30% brighter but this is the closest it's been to earth since january of 1948 and won't be this close again until november of 2034. during day today clouds will hang tough. we keep in a 20% rain chance. 9 at 9 a.m., 75 at noon, 77 at 3 p.m. our high of 77 is below the average of 78 but tomorrow even
6:40 am
>> wednesday sunny and 78, beautiful, on thursday and friday. well check in now with traffic on the 8s. >> little patches of fog here and there and one area, well, we've got an accident on the edge of polk county. we've got a crash i-4 this is the exit to the western polk park parkway. there's 2 sides to enter this is on the western side. you can see activity out there they're hooking up a tow truck a people are continuing now, where do they go? they're going to be backed up here as you can see pretty extensively and that is what you're looking at here. everybody has to keep going and now county line road the exit is backing up so allow for extra time. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. bruce springsteen's stranded on side of the road. >> who came to the rescue of the boss. >> and gunfire erupts outside a
6:41 am
killing a baby and 2 others coming up what investigators believed happened. it's 6:40 on this monday morning you're
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
. right now a baby and 2 other people are dead after a shooting in jacksonville. investigators say 2 women, a man and that infant were in a car when they were shot. shortly after hospital with a gunshot wound. investigators are trying to figure out if the shootings are related. and this morning we're learning more about a shooting in east tampa, police were patrolling the neighborhood in an unmarked cruiser when someone shot at them. no one was hurt, and investigators are arrested mitchel who you see here, he's now facing aggravated assault charges. police also tell us mitchel has a long criminal
6:45 am
an atv crash in polk county killed a 5-year old boy and injured his father. the crash happened as a 32-year old was riding in a strawberry field with his son. when herd turned the vehicle the front tire support broke causing the atv to flip. the 5-year old was wearing a helmet but it did not save his life in the fight against zika researchers in miami are spin prevent the virus from spreading. this method involves using mosquito inn flexed with a naturally occurring bacteria. these back at the would carrying mosquitoes could affect mosquitoes carrying the zika virus. law enforcement officials are worried about what's being called ghost gun kits. they allow people to assemble semiautomatic rifles at home.
6:46 am
markings for the weapons making then untraceable. officials worry about the kits since they can be purchased online without a back background check. across america this morning firefighters across the southeast are battling wildfires in several states. fires are burning in georgia, tennessee and north carolina. in georgia more than 20 fires are burning, one of the largest is in the north georgia mountains. so far it has burned more than contained. protests over the north dakota access pipeline are escalating this weekend a truck driver trying to get to the construction site pulled a gun on protesters blocking him. you can see in the video the driver holding that gun out the window as protesters surround the truck. no one was hurt. protests over the pipeline haven for months now. protesters fear the pipeline coa 's water
6:47 am
sites. new zealand is assessing the damage after a powerful quake there it caused some significant damage to roads and homes. 2 people died, self others were injured. in video from one man you can see plants shaking inside his home as the quake shook the area. well this is pretty great for some bikers in new jersey they had the surprise of their life when they stopped to help another motorcyclist stranded on side ofhe was bruce springsteen. the group didn't know who the biker was until they stopped to help that's when they realized hey that guys looks familiar is it, yep, it is it's the boss. spring taken's battery went dead. the group gave him a ride to a nearby restaurant where they shared a round of drinks. he also took their phone numbers and promised to get in touch with them next time he was in the area for a concert, how great that? >> see kindness pays off.
6:48 am
him with that big jacket and the hat. >> i would have said hey kind of looks like, nah. coming up let's get weather and traffic on the 8s for you. all right. so we have thick fog out there. it's gotten thicker in a lot of spots including brandon, plan city, . we also have cloud cover that cover is going to stick with us all day today. 67 chance for a few sprinkles about a 20% chance all day. 75 at noon, 77 at 3 p.m., because a cold front is on the way it's just because we have the clouds out ahead of the front we're significantly warmer now than yesterday morning. clearwater 63, zephyrhills you're 64, 68 in sarasota i checked in with my weather watcher she's at 62, look at this, 7 degrees warmer in tampa than yesterday,
6:49 am
and clearwater, maybe get a little bit of a drizzle happening now in pasco county. at some point you could see a quick light shower this will take you through mid-day then the cold front comes in so during the afternoon i'm putting the rain chance at about 20%. the clouds are going to linger behind the cold front overnight tonight and clear out tomorrow and then we are home free, nothing but sunshine tuesday afternoon through saturday. . how 's traffic? >> looking slightly better and this is what i mean by slightly better. here is western part of the polk parkway on the western side of lakeland you're looking at westbound traffic and just a few moments ago they had the entire ramp blocked and so you had to go down to county line road. now, you can get by on the ramp and i saw a man come out here and moves the cones out. the activity and the accident now pushed off to the shoulder, but still very slow as you get by. you might just want to go down to county line or take kathleen
6:50 am
the back up. look at that, pretty significant. it's been a little foggy in the area as well. but here's the back up. so kathleen, looks great, it's e you a while and even after you pass that crash it's still backed up because a lot of people are actually getting off at county line road. so keep this in mind a bit of a back up there eastbound not affected at all that's just westbound i-4. all right let's move over here east of u.s. 19 seeing any significant delays, a good drive on the howard frankland bridge at least right now. that's a look at weather and traffic. it was a somber and very different open to saturday night live this weekend. you're looking there as hillary clinton in a white pant suit playing the
6:51 am
taking a more somber approach after the results. the song ended saying quote i'm not giving up and neither should you. very interesting. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including the buc's player who refused to stand for the national anthem. >> and suspicious graffiti in hillsborough county, what investigators found when they arrived you're watching news channel 8 today.
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. a tampa bay buccaneer took a stand in protests of the election. >> wide receiver mike evans decided not to stand during the national anthem before the game against the chicago bears. we're joined live from the stadium.
6:55 am
yesterday here at the stadium to protest the election of donald trump. evans explained his involve shall stand after the game staying that it was different of that than san francisco 49ers quarterback's protest. not standing to protest what he called the oppression of african americans and police brutality. when the president elect employed a campaign filled with a tone of racism and sexism the leading receiver says that he was shocked. he claims that this was not a one time at future games. a vacant home in the mango area was spray painted with anti-trump graffiti and says quote burn everything pointing to a vacant mobile home next door. that home was set on fire. no one was hurt. the investigation is now ongoinp may reconsider parts of obama care
6:56 am
it. he's softening his stance on marriage equality and the border wall may be a fans and fine with the supreme court's marriage equality ruling. some new details on a shooting in tampa, police accused mitchel of opening fire on officers who were patrolling the area in an unmarked cruiser, no one was injured. mitchel now faces several charges including 2 counts of aggravated assault. there are questions this morning about what investigatore madeira beach. a good samaritan found 2 unresponsive about five miles off the coast and rushed them to shore. well how about finding some money back in august 8th on your side help residents reunite with one pinellas $3 million. tonight shannon behnken is back at it again. our unclaimed cash
6:57 am
newscast. bucs fans are celebrating this morning. they won for the first time at home this season. they beat the bears 36-10. they're 4 and 5 and second in the nfc south. >> i was there yesterday. got to watch that win. we got this great picture of the super moon but you also see the clouds out there. of course it will still an super moon tonight, hopefully we'll get the clouds to clear out. this morning we have fog that has developed along i-4, plant city this is the way it looks from the famous tate in brandon. certainly not as cool as yesterday morning. we warm up to 75 with a mostly cloudy sky by lunchtime, 77 at 3 p.m. and there is that 20% rain chance today as a cold front comes through. so after the morning clouds tomorrow lots of sunshine for the rest of the week. looking at traffic right
6:58 am
20 minutes southbound down to i-4 but of course the biggest issue is on i-4 out in polk county. coming away from lakeland you'll be hitting the brakes around kathleen road. it's heavy from kathleen all the way through county line. let's take a live look out there. you can see on the left now, eastbound looks great on the right. left is westbound and moving over to the other camera now, they've got it completely closed again. you can see the cones onhe they were allowing people to come off and get on. so no more. >> thank you for joining us on this monday morning >> of course we'll stay on all the stories throughout the day
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. trump's challenge amid protests for the fifth straight night. the president-elect speaks out in his first interview since the election, opening ubo campaign promises, from immigration -- >> probably 2 million, could even be 3 million. we're getting them out of our country or we're going to incarcerate. >> -- to abortion. >> i'm pro life. the judges will be pro life. >> to that wall. >> i'm very good at this. it's called construction. >> mr. trump also delivering a message to his supporters being accused of racism and hate crimes. >> i will say this. i'll say it right to the cameras. stop it.


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