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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now a state law enforcement agent is accused of abusing his trust to molest children. there may be more children out there. we're starting the day in the 40s and 50s. we will let you know how quickly will warm up in when we can see colder air. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. thank you for waking up with us on
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leigh and see when the cooler air is coming in . you will really feel it when you walk outside. it is 44 degrees in zephyrhills. 48 north port. polk county 53. clear skies significantly cooler than yesterday. you thought yesterday we were cool. there is the cold front. finally cleared the skies out late yesterday afternoon. in yes it is cool with 61 degrees at 80 him but it warms up nicely, 74, picture-perfect lunchtime and then 77 at 4 pm. i will have your ata temperature trend and let you know when the 2nd batch of cooler air comes in. it is a nice drive out there. we're kicking up nicely. it is a cool drive. you might want to turn on your heater but look at this -- the cameras acting upsala sick a
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great drive on i-4. the bay area bridges up to speed. a little bit of construction lingering. one of the northbound lanes on i 75 right around fruitville road is taken away. that is a look at weather and traffic and now back to jean and gail. we're following breaking news this morning: a usf student terrified after she was robbed on campus. we're joined now live from usf. it is pretty concerning that the loose this morning. >> reporter: that is certainly right. police are still searching for those 2 suspects after a student says she was robbed while walking between buildings. this all happened around 9:15 last night when she was walking near the interdisciplinary science building. she claimed she was approached by 2 white males in there -- their early 20s who took her jewelry. thankfully she was not injured in the incident and was able to give a pretty good description of the
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having shoulderlength blonde hair and was wearing a white shirt and khaki shorts. the 2nd male was described as having blonde hair as well wearing gray sweatpants and a dark lucier. it is very important for students to remember to stay vigilant on college campuses especially when they might be up late studying. coming up i will have tips straight from police on what they think students need to know to stay vigilant on campus. right now a state law enforcement agent assigned to investigate online predators and sex offenders is now facing charges that he himself sexually abused young boys. investigators worry there could be more victims. ryan hughes joins us live in tampa. the agent works in the bay area? >> reporter: good morning, once again agent chuck mcmullen was a part of the cyber crimes unit at the florida department of law enforcement office here in
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news before as an expert on sex crimes. listen here. >> we will do our part, our investigative efforts -- efforts to find those people and arrested them. that was chuck mcmullen when he appeared on news channel 8 years ago. he is now accused of molesting children who had already been picked to mise. investigators arrested him after threat -- 28-year-old boys told investigators he as well. when agents went to talk to mcmullen they tell us he cried. >> from a law-enforcement standpoint it is a difficult case to work because of the individual, but in the same token we are prosecuting and doing the case exactly -- nothing different -- than any other person. >> reporter: at the time of his arrest he worked as a special
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squad. he held the same job title here in tampa. again, there could be more victims out there and that is why the florida department of law enforcement wants anyone with information to come forward. the agent remains in jail in the panhandle. his bond is set at $1.5 million. >> is so hard for victims to come forward, but hopefully if there are more out there they will do just that. tampa police still searching this morning for the driver who plowed into a crowd of people and then slammed hymns -- his monkey bar. 2 men were fighting around closing time and that is when police say one of those men got into a car then drove it onto the sidewalk crashing into the bar hitting one of the people standing outside the bar. witnesses described the scene. >> it was really chaotic. it happened relief last. it was the blink of an eye. >> we are used to a good type of his is here and you hate to
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>> the man hit by the car suffered a leg injury but refused treatment. when police catch up with the driver he faces felony hit and run charges . a trio of thieves are targeting elderly woman at local stores. take a look at the surveillance videos. they work together one distracting the victim while the other takes the wallet. in this case that the was headed straight to a cbs -- thieves headed straight to a cvs store $1000 in gift cards. a pasco county assistant principal's job is on the line because of a treat she ate to celebrate her 50th birthday. she ate a marijuana laced cookie. deputies tell us she went to the emergency room after eating the cookie sunday. investigators claim her daughter got it from a coworker because her mom wanted to try it for her birthday or deputies arrested both women. donna is now on paid leave from the high
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happening today: state legislatures are meeting to investigate the storm spill that sent sewage into tampa bay . this happened during hurricane hermine . st. petersburg and other communities discharge sewage into the bay when their treatment facilities became overwhelmed by all the rain from the storm. the state senator is leading the meeting. he has not been happy with some of the answers from of this this morning concern about stamkos . he left the win limping after getting hurt during the game. look what happens to his left leg. he limped off the ice and did not return to the game. the team is labeling it a lower body injury but there is no word on his prognosis. stamkos to school -- scored a bowl before that --
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they had a 4 - 3 win over the red wings. they are off today for tomorrow night had to new orleans to take on the sabres. it has been a much cooler morning but that is because we have that much clearer mornings. no clouds on top until after lunchtime yesterday. lots of clouds in the sky. notice the flag is not waiting because there is not a lot of breeze. it is 55 degrees at this location. once fast the temperatures rise. 60 7:10 am. lunch break -- 67 at 10 am. lunch break is great at 71. we will keep the rain chance out of the forecast today, tomorrow and friday. saturday is a 10 percent rain chance with one of our strongest cold fronts we have seen in a while which will drop our temperatures drastically. high 60 sunday, 69 monday. we
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. it is a little cool but not too bad out there. let's take a look at traffic. we have pretty good drive -- i do have an update for you. it is a the drive on all of the bay area interstates converging into tampa. we do have a little bit of overnight construction. this is going on in a few different places. and ybor city a water main -- in ybor city has caused some enclosures. this construction here northbound i 75 that was blocking a lane at fruitville has cleared in sarasota. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to you. from the west coast to the east coast, pipeline protesters continue taking to the streets. >> is the fight against that
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we will tell you. plus the president-elect leaves his manhattan tower for a state dinner. why some says that the surprise move sends the wrong message. that is next on news channel 8
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president-elect donald trump cause quite a stir last corps he would be staying in for the night but then donald trump slip out to go to a dinner at one of his favorite spots. we're joined live from our new center with the story. >> why is it a big deal? >> i will tell you why. it is move has some wondering if he is really ready for around-the-clock coverage and scrutiny that comes with being president of the united states. a short time after being told mister trump was in for the night, reporter spotted his
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who happen to be at the steakhouse 21 tweeted that photo right there of donald trump arriving with his family. in nbc reporter managed to get inside while the president- elect was dining. >> [ video playback ] >> so why is this important? the point of a pool of journalists is to act as be transparent about his or her schedule. the press also wants to know where the president is in case of an emergency. donald trump has refused to travel with the press corps since election in the media covering him have not been offered briefings on his transition efforts. those briefings allow the public to stay up-to-date on the new government. >> so far the donald trump team has not issued a statement
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that is not surprising and there has been no indication of when he will next appear in public. maybe we will get some answers today.>> supper slip, i like that. s president-elect donald trump chooses his administration , florida governor rick scott stated he is not interested in a position on the team. he spoke several time with donald trump since his victory but he says it was just to congratulate him, the meetings were not to discuss a seat in his cabinet or inner at the conference held at a resort near disney world, scott explained why. >> i have 781 days left in the shop. i will finish this job. it is a great job. we're doing well with jobs. we have added 1 million in jordan 22,000 jobs. i want to keep doing that, keep improving education. i want to finish the shop. >> yesterday also, governor
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promises made to voters during the election. the governors agreed there is the opportunity for disrupt the changes to be made in washington with the election of donald trump particularly with republicans now in control of the white house, congress and soon the supreme court. facebook, google and other social media sites are now cracking down on fake news. this comes after the sites were criticized for being a place were fake news stories are shared especially during the election season. critics claim >> now the facebook ceo doesn't agree with that. he says that is a crazy idea but he still doesn't want this type of content on facebook. facebook and google are now banning fake news websites from using their sites to sell ads. across america protesters gathered to rally against the controversial pipeline and standing rock north dakota. from the west coast to these close more than 200 raleigh's to place to stop the federal
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of action organize by the standing rock sioux tribe which is trying to block construction of the pipeline on their land. here are some pipeline protesters in st. petersburg. this was just yesterday. they are standing up and speaking out about the 1200 mile pipeline. it would go under the missouri river watershed, the standing rock reservation source of drinking water. caught on camera, people a phoenix?station didn't seem coming -- didn't see it coming. way for. in her returns -- it overturns . the truck was trying to make it through the intersection before the light changed. the truck was going too fast for the load it was carrying. dramatic video out of tulsa where police sniper shot and
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happened in october but the video was just released. he broke into his estranged wife's home and held her daughter hostage. when police arrived he won onto the rock man pointed a gun at them and that is when the police sniper fired. you can see an officer running out of the house with the child was not injured in his arms. time for the medical report. >> a new study repeals -- reveals dipped dramatically. between 2000 713 teen births drop by 15 percent. that was in urban areas. in rural counties it dropped by 37 percent still leaving those areas with the highest birthrate. a robot is helping a high school student from going to school. a medical condition is keeping him from class but using robot
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are an app at home. cameras allow him to see into the classroom and interact with the teacher and students. >> you can hear everything. you can get a full picture of the class. it feels like i'm renting classroom. >> the school system believes this technology is a way to make sure students that are homebound don't fall behind in class. some exciting news to share , our 2nd better call help to reunite thousands of years with nearly 3/4 dollars . most of the money came from all accounts, insurance policies or an inheritance. there is still a lot of cash out there to be claimed. to find out how you can claim your class tranix cash visit us online tranix cash visit us let's check in with leigh. maybe she's got some money for us . >> i am accepting bribes to keep this nice fall weather around. it is cool in the mornings but
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morning wanna make sure to remember to bring it home from work because by the time you leave it will be the perfect fall day. 74 at noon warming up, 78 degrees around 3 pm. it is call now. 43 in inverness. 43 books will. it is 48 in wimauma also 48 in north port. everyone is anywhere from 3 to 11 degrees cooler time yesterday. long-range forecast: clear skies today, tomorrow and friday with the general warm-up. friday will be mild. then we watch a cold front coming through. notice only about a 10 percent rain chance when it comes through saturday night. the big impact will be the introduction of some of our florida winter weather. traffic looks great on the suncoast parkway in both directions and veterans parkway
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pretty good drive overall. we're looking very good coming away from plant city on i-4 even down and heber city things look good. we do have a little bit of work going on just a quick reminder, and ivor water main break at 10th avenue -- and ivor city water main break at 10th avenue. on hillsborough we're down to one lane. they are continuing to repair the roadway. there was a broken water make will probably not be done until tomorrow afternoon. this morning a chance at getting airline tickets on the cheap. >> some pretty good deals or still ahead. which airlines is offering a flash sale and why you need to act fast. an exclusive behind-the- scenes look at a photo shoot featuring the women of tampa fire rescue. coming up why this calendars more than just about pretty faces. you're watching news channel 8
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now, you have until 1159 tonight to cash in on jetblue's flash sale. they are offering one-way flights for as little as $34. travel dates december 1 through march 9. there are travel restrictions and
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tampa firefighters of taking off their uniform but it is for a good cause. >> they are shooting the calendar to benefit children who have suffered serious burn injuries. this is access to the chute that took place in the middle of tampa. several firefighters participated. they told us a photo shoot is not just about the calendar. >> to me glamour is in the heart so it is nice that a picture can be taken, but it is most important. >> i think that is a cool way of putting it, glamour is in the heart. the calendar goes on sale march 4 the presales are underway. you can get more information on our website, . >> they were right there crossing the new center. >> i am sure they stopped traffic. >> it is all for good cause so maybe it's a good christmas
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give up the 9-to-5 and maybe work from home, but which jobs are legit? >> new, 8 is on your side with the top scam free jobs that you can do from home. >> first, live look outside on this wednesday morning. >>stamkos leigh have weather and traffic on the 8th coming your way in just 3 minutes hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma!
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oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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5:58 on this wednesday. the skies clear and it 57 degrees at tampa international airport. you will notice the chill but we have a lot of sunshine this afternoon. 78 but another cool night tonight. traffic looks fantastic out in the lakeland area. here's a look at i-4. no complaints. here's a look at the howard franklin. it will take you 6 minutes to cross it. you are looking at 7 on the
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quick reminder we're down to one lane in hillsboro avenue. if you're headed eastbound which will last through tomorrow about 5:00 from 22nd to 30th street.
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breaking news overnight, a usf student rob while walking through campus. -- robbed through campus. donald trump makes a big request, top-secret clearance for his son-in-law. it has never happened before and why some say it is a bad move. if you ever thought about working from home, good news, business is booming. how can you tell if the work at home cake is a real deal or a scam. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for joining us on


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