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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking news: a motorcycle crash i 275 making things michael -- biker . the us of student accused of crying wolf claimed that she was mugged. why she is facing charges. scat -- governor scott headed to the white house to meet with president-elect.
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>> it is a fall morning work there has been some areas of fog . this morning it is not too bad otherwise temperatures feel a lot like you did yesterday morning. 43 books will. we have some long sleeves you need there. 46 bartow, 59 tampa. the sun will rise this morning it will warm up really fast, 76 at noon. at 4:38 we have a date temperature trend. there has been some overnight stuff going on. right now we're not the delays in the junction. the junction looks very good. cures 275 and ashley. you can see traffic is moving
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there was an accident at 580 that is actually cleared from the roadways. have a really good tribe the junction and also 275. we are not seeing any delays into downtown tampa. a bad crash on i 275 near the i-4 junction, motorcyclist crashed on the interstate and was then ran over by an off-duty and ellis county deputy. now it is back open but there are questions about what happened. >> reporter: good morning to you both. the crash happened late last night along i 275 here in downtown tampa. this is an on ramp. it was closed for several hours as was a lot of the interstate but as you can see here live now it is
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the crash. we learned the writer was headed south down on i 275 when he hit a wall and he was tossed into the northbound lane. an off-duty pinellas deputy was headed home northbound on i 275 when the deputy struck the writer. the writer was subsequently -- rider. the rider pronounced dead at the scene. we're waiting to get information from highway patrol . want to get that information we will start let you know. right now on campus crime that never was. first brought you the report of a robbery at usf as breaking news yesterday morning. overnight we have learned that it was all a big hoax. mary mcguire joins us now live from the us of tampa -- campus in
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>> reporter: police here at usf are not releasing what they think motivated this girl to create this hoax, but the search for those 2 suspects that put this campus on edge yesterday is now off. this is the 19-year-old, a student at usf. she was arrested just after 9:00. she is facing one charge of false report of commission of crimes. in police. she claims 2 men follow her and struck up a conversation. in the end she claimed her backpack was taken and her necklace fell. later police found everything except for the 2 guys she says committed the crime and now we know why. students are shocked to see that one of their own made up the slack. >> i'm surprised that she lied
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about that. >> i'm kind of shocked that she lied. >> is not okay to lie in general. is very annoying and puts people on edge. >> reporter: usf police poured over video yesterday. where working to figure out if that was a part of the crucial evidence that did unravel this entire hoax. a case like to shake your head. input a lot of students on edge and a lot of police force will need to invest getting this crime and we find out -- investigating this crime and we find out it was all a lie. an explosion near the florida state campus in tallahassee. crews detonated a live world war ii era bomb found less than a mile -- air bomb found less than a mile from
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by a bomber on a training mission more than 70 years ago. the explosion was so loud it could be heard from miles away the. the search is on for a gunman who shot a toddler. the 20 month -- 21 month old will be okay. we're told he was targeting her dad. neighbors are upset and concerned. what is it come to in the daylight where people are now beginning to, and shooting innocent child. >> police tell us the gunman opened fire discharging 5th teen rounds, maybe more -- 15 around maybe more. you will definitely want to check your credit and debit cards statements for charges you did not make.
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at the bp station on lockwood ridge road found this on tuesday . investigators believe and organized crime ring is responsible for this and other skimmers found in the area. the owner is taking steps to prevent this from happening again. state legislatures have been updated on sword discharge during chen 25 -- hermine . stormwater improvement plan includes fisting -- fixing the immediate issues by next summer . some lawmakers are hesitant that the problems can be fixed so quickly. >> is a big project to take on in 7 or 8 months. i just don't want to expect -- i would rather have looks like patients and be pleasantly -- expectations and be pleasantly surprised that have high
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some tough news for lightning plans -- fans, the bolts will hit the ice tonight but stamkos will not be on the ice . he is out indefinitely this after suffering an injury to his knee during tuesday nights game. recovery could take anywhere from one to 3 months. 4:38 the time let's get a check on the weather. >> we have seen these cool crisp mornings. this is basically what we expect for middle of november. we go from the upper 50s at 70 only to 70 just at 10:00 this morning. 80 by 3 and back down to 70 by 6 pm. i left in a 10 percent rain chance as a strong cold front comes through.
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is typically our driest month of the year but so far we don't have one day of rain back on november 9. i mentioned a cold front. it comes through late saturday. look how surprised emoji man is . we're still chilly on monday . let's check in with traffic on the 8s. we did have some overnight issues the downtown tampa actually looks good right now. had an overnight crash that our bay area interstates. we do have a crash right on dale maybury highway. we're not seeing any delays but we're going to keep an eye on that. here's the situation in sarasota. what is going on is one of the northbound lanes is blocked and also the southbound interest ramp to i 75 on university.
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rick scott high-powered meeting with the president-elect . >> still ahead could he be up for a role in the trump
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happening today, florida governor rick scott is meeting with president-elect donald trump although he still denies he is interested in a cabinet position. we're joined live his meeting. what did he say? >> reporter: he tweeted that he is looking forward to seeing mister trump to congratulate him on his big win and to offer his health inventing the federal government. he has repeatedly said he does not want to leave his job as governor, but there have been constant rumors about him becoming head of the department of health and human services. with republicans now in control
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it 's louth to do away with affordable care act -- vowel away -- vow to do away with affordable care act. >> anytime the government gets involved with healthcare a goes up because they don't know how to fix it. >> governor scott is a former healthcare executive. >> the same agency that ve department of health and human services, reported this week that sign-ups for health insurance plans through the affordable care act continues to surge. more than 300,000 people enrolled week of elections. >> lots of names being tops -- tossed around . >> more rumblings about the president-elect's cabinet. nikki haley is reportedly being
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she is expected to meet with mister trump today as well at trump tower. she is south carolina's first female and indian-american governor. the police officer that fatally shot philando castile during a traffic stop is now facing charges. remember his death was live streamed by his girlfriend. >> [ video playback ] >> please don't tell me he is dead. please don't te >> those were the moments just after the shooting in july. you also see the officer. she said he thought he was reaching for a gun but officers argue he was complying with his commands. >> his dying words were in protest that he wasn't reaching for his gun. there simply wasn't no object threat posed to the officer. >> the officers charged with second-degree manslaughter and
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convicted he faces 10 years in prison for manslaughter and another 5 years each for the other counts. a food truck explodes into flames now 3 people are hospitalized with burns. you can see the flames shooting right through the roof of that truck right there. this happened on the george washington university campus washington dc were several food trucks were parked. the fire started in the back of the truck is a generator figure out what started the fire. a bizarre running accident during a college championship in pennsylvania, a deer crashing into a runner. video shows several deer running across the course and one runs right into justin. it knocks him out. incredibly he was able to get up and finish the race. good job. 2 teammates helped him out. his coach says he is doing okay
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>> that is a bazaar site. >> the deer would probably beat him in that race. >> a mysterious monkey once again spotted in the bay area this time in state -- saint pete. >> this is the same one we have been keeping an eye on. he is making his way further south. this is at least the 3rd citing last thing an eyewitness expected to see yesterday was this monkey. >> he said, look there is a monkey on the roof. we saw gators in the creek but we never saw monkeys. in 2012 florida fish and wildlife service captured the same species and st. pete. if you see this monkey please
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>> excitement is building for the college football playoffs in tampa. >> it is the first time they will host his big game and now we know little bit more about who performed. it happens to be a curtis hixon park january 6 through the 8th. headlines include eric paisley, florida expected to draw and a cloud of more than 80,000 people to our area. it feels like fall this morning. it is clear and cool right around 60 degrees at 8 am the look how fast we get 16 degrees
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comfortable and 80 by 3 pm. it is cold now. it is going to warm-up 44 brooksville. 46 urbandale. 46 n.. 46 n. my weather watcher has about 57 degrees at his house. not as cold as what they will be dealing with out at the upper midwest where some snow, possibly inches of snow possible. it will be mild, sunny between now and friday. >> here comes this first cold front, barely any rain, cool and breezy on sunday and monday . we get another little warmer as we head into the middle of the week. wednesday look at this, another cold front poised to come through on thanksgiving. say with highs near 80 for the next 3 days and then chillier next week. >> we are moving a pretty good speech of your.
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maybury highway. keep that in mind. headed out the door soon and then also some construction to be on the lookout for. we have some lane -- alain taken away right in sarasota and also a cell phone right leg as long as the interest ramp on i 75 southbound from university parkway. there is blocked as well. it should be wrapped up in about an hour. some types of ee necessarily mean you should throw them out. coming up the choosing your fridge that you do need to toss. why popular brands are being
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in the consumer alert, 3 popular brands of grated cheese are being recalled because of salmonella concerns. there voluntarily recalling their grated cheese brand. have any of those products in your home? take them back to the story brought them from for a refund extract apps designed to make our life easier behind the wheel may be putting us in danger. highway deaths climbed more than 10 percent compared to last year. phone apps may drive despite because they take our attention away from the road. >> we know that hands-free is
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your brain. >> the company stresses that there are safe ways to use this app. you can go into the menu and living notifications and sounds but still experts worry that is not enough. booster seat manufacturers have come up with the first -- perfect safety belt fit . the agency evaluated 53 new booster seat models, 48 of those earned the highest ratings. the evaluation focused on seat outfit year-old child. just go to our website for a complete list. >> that is great because back in the day there were always questions of recalls. she was diagnosed with cancer and her prognosis was grim but now she is cancer free . coming up, why she opted for a more holistic approach. that is next on news channel 8 today . >> first let's take you live
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. skies are clear. there is that chill in the air. jumped to 50 jumped to 59 degrees -- our clear sunny skies will continue. by the afternoon really ea yesterday's high of 79. your average temperatures will drop down to 60 degrees. i do have a big cooldown in store for you. i will tell you when it gets here coming up we are looking at an accident on dale maybury highway right at loose learned -- lutes for road. the
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university is blocked. one lane taken away westbound on university parkway right
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breaking news this morning, a biker crashes his cycle on i 275 near the i or juncture this accident. >> hillary clinton gives her first public speech after conceding the election last week . the confession she made after her first instinct after being defeated by donald trump. >> signs of hate and division found outside of the state petersburg church. the surprising invitation the pastors offering to whoever did this. >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today.


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