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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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open. you can see where the car went through right there. a spokesman says the video the pee dee released today raises questions. get the driver intentionally drive into the crowd or was he simply trying to get out? the video captured by a nearby surveillance camera shows the fight breakout. punches are exchanged. you see the front end of a black sedan on the left side of your screen. take a close look at the tires. it appears the man behind the wheel is trying to leav appears he got hung up on the curb. he was turning the tires and we believe the engine was gunning. i don't know if he had it in neutral or dry put it would appear he was trying to get up over the curb.>> reporter: those who were there described the malay. >> it was chaotic. it happened really fast. >> reporter: the car then barrels into the crowd. most were able to escape to safety but michael silhol a
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the driver gets out of the car and takes off on foot. the victim leaps over the car and stumbles to the sidewalk outside the bar where he collapses. tampa police tell me they have a pretty good idea of who they are looking for. after all, they do have a car, but they still want to talk to the driver to find out what his intentions were. dpd spokesman steve haggerty says at the very least, he will because of the damage to that building and the injury to that individual. >> sounds like it's only a matter of time. chip osowski live in ybor city. investigators are still piecing together a bizarre and brutal death on i to 75. a man crashed his motorcycle and was launched onto the other side of the highway. an off-duty officer ended up running him over. jamel lanee' joins us live from pinellis county where we are learning more about the motorcyclist.
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>> reporter: it is set all the way around. we learned that a guy who loved riding his motorcycle died just doing that. >> it's going to be hard. a lot of hugs, a lot of tears. we are a family at work and he was part of our family. it's just like losing your family.>> reporter: jason and his staff learned about their rk riding his bike on i-275 when he crashed just before midnight.>> you start the morning with facebook and texting and all that. got the news this morning. >> reporter: schubert was a cook at the roadhouse for nearly 6 months. >> he had three kids, and worked to support them. he always gave everybody a
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it's a terrible loss. >> reporter: troopers say he lost control approaching downtown tampa. >> what we can say is that the vehicle departed the roadway, hit the barrier wall, the rider went over the barrier and into the northbound leaders.>> reporter: moments later, he was hit by a pinellis county deputy who was heading home. >> his bike went over the wall and by chance, the car was an off-duty police deputy. >> reporter: schubert loved riding his bike and tragically died doing what he loved. >> everybody is trying to another and go from there.>> reporter: and you know what? we just learned from highway patrol that schubert did not have a license to ride the motorcycle. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> what about the deputy
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sheriff's office and they say she has taken this very hard. she is not only you what she might take some time off to cope with the started -- with the tragedy. we have new details on that false robbery report at usf. campus police arrested 19-year- old fatou gueye after she admitted she lied. the foreign-exchange student has not explained why she didn't tell the truth but she is now claiming that she and for other students received threatening letters in their dorm rooms on election day. five usf students were robbed at an off-campus apartment with guns. they grabbed a wallet containing $300 and took off. deputies smelled marijuana when they entered the apartment but detectives are not saying if this was drug-related. caught on camera creeping around unlocked cars, pinellis county detectives are looking for an opportunistic thief. surveillance cameras captured
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locked. he found 12 of them that were not. he took gps devices, sunglasses, loose change, a 32 inch tv and a good reminder to lock those car doors. and check out these trailer thieves in polk county. look at the bottom of your screen on the left. the guys quickly hitched up a trailer to their pickup truck in winter haven and drove off. the trailer had $800 of ceramic flooring. the shirtless suspect has tattoos on his back. investigators are hoping someone recognizes him. tampa tonight learning about democracy. in an emotional moment, they raised their national flag over a park in ybor city. jeff patterson is joining us live in ybor city with some revealing thoughts from these cubans. >> reporter: good evening. there were a few tears shed here today as this group of cubans raised their national flag over jose marti park. first, they took down a
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a poll in jose marti park. they came with a new flag, raised it and broke out into the national anthem.>> ? >> reporter: it was a moving moment. >> it was a great experience. >> reporter: he shed a tear as he tried to put the moment into words. is a group of visiting tampa, all labeled dissidents by their government for their views on democracy. >> the seminar covers democracy, human rights, the way our system works. >> reporter: when i traveled to cuba over the past two years, i saw new construction, more american visitors, and this man says he had high hopes when the changes were first announced.>>
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i keep thinking in this way. >> reporter: but lately he claims there has been another change, the cuban government is no longer allowing new businesses to open and thrive. >> they are losing the control. they close the door. they throw the key. >> reporter: this group of cubans in addition to hearing about democracy heard about jose marte and what he did here in tampa for their cause in havana to spe spanish repression. it's a stunning moment. >> we have both been on both sides of this and there is always concern in their voices about what they might say.
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government's reaction to what they were saying in tampa? >> reporter: they didn't seem to be. i talked to them for a while and they were very open in their answers to me. they have been fighting oppression in their country for decades.>> jeff patterson in tampa. a couple of boaters with a lot to be thankful for. they are speaking out for the first time. >> their message to the good samaritans who saved them from this burning boat. plus, fed up with a broken system, why a program meant to fix problems with veterans healthcare is causing more issues for doctors. temperatures are cooling down rapidly with atmosphere in place. we top out at 84 degrees today. the forecast still looks dry despite a cold front headed our way.
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earlier this week, a group of boaters were saved by a family after their engine exploded. now they are publicly saying thank you. on boating when a fire quickly tore through their boat. they were too far from shore to swim but just in the nick of time, they steered their small boat over and rescued them. >> god send them to off. that is a wonderful family. >> they acted like a guardian angel. >> they haven't seen the witmer's since the family but
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the next week. the cross bay ferry between tampa and st. petersburg is about to become a viable option for commuters. the ferry is offering rides seven days a week. they are also introducing a commuter value pass with deep- discount bond weekday ticket prices and beginning this weekend, the ferry will now serve beer, wine and cocktails. a program aimed at helping veterans is hurting health professionals. >> what has gone so wrong with with is ready to give up.
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you are spending $10 billion to help our veterans get metal call -- get medical apartments quicker. to help prevent waiting lists and provide veterans with more timely medical services. you may recall in our previous reports that veterans were actually dying while waiting for appointments. while the choice program has helped, steve andrews has found that healthcare providers waiting for what they are owed. >> reporter: exactly. it's a problem i told you about in january. a problem that has not gone
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petersburg area are looking for a good eye surgeon, they may not be able to call on doctor lawrence goldberg much longer. he says he is done with the veterans choice program. >> my big problem is i'm about six months out on the last cataract i did. >> reporter: doctor goldberg contends that the company that administers the veterans trace program in eastern half of the country is to blame. >> i have never in 34 years of practice had to deal with an insurance company like this. >> reporter: back in january, target 8 reported the va was $134 million behind on payments to healthcare providers throughout florida. >> a couple of months would be fine but this is getting kind of ridiculous. >> reporter: in february, doctor goldberg sent an email to the secretary director complaining he had not been paid in over six months. he and his staff were spending endless hours on the phone sending and re-sending countless pages of unnecessary
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wrong. >> reporter: he claims when staff reaches out to healthnet, it's even worse. >> two hours on hold before they can talk to a live person. taxpayers paid $10 billion to pay for the program after veterans were dying waiting for medical treatment. now we find the va is as much to blame as anyone for slow payment. this 300 page report president states "the va has an antiquated, slow, and inefficient claims processing system. >> it seems like the problems are not getting fixed. >> reporter: the report also found the design and execution of the choice program are flawed. high reached out to healthnet today. it responded promising to check into the situation to determine why the delay in paying doctor
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providers a little quicker but they are not paying them in a timely fashion. what happens if you don't pay your doctor? >> i was thinking the same thing.>> that was a pretty blasting report on the commission of care. are they offering any ideas?>> reporter: it did. these are changes that don't need to be approved by congress. the commission on care recommended the va establish high-performing, integrated health networks that included both the va and community-based providers who meet stringent criteria whether the president for prest- and not everybody is on board which is always the case. >> just another hiccup for veterans. they are the ones that get hurt in the end. >> if you have a problem you would like steve to investigate, call our target 8 helpline at the number on your screen. today is the great american
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part. meteorologist ed bloodsworth visited collins elementary school in riverview today. he got to talk to children about what his dark -- what his job is like. it's a collins even got to check out eagle 8 hd. thanks to the kids for listening to eagle 8 hd. saturday, 68 degrees on sunday. note the differences. there is a cold front coming through. partly cloudy skies with a some rain chance, much cooler and breezier. a chilly start to the day. especially monday morning. we look ahead to thanksgiving. it's a week out now. 79 degrees with mild temps. a slim rain chance, a second front after that. might have more impact a couple days later. 70 degrees with that northeast wind. we see a beautiful post sunset.
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northeasterly wind. veterans ford 61 degrees. must declare conditions before sunset and that will be in place throughout the overnight. 60 degrees at 7 am, temps close to average, 81 degrees at 4 pm. our current temps now, 67 degrees temple terrace, 60s with drier air and cooler air mass still in place. 67 degrees new port richey and seminal. 70 degrees clearwater beach, arcadia 65 degrees, both at 68 degrees. this is the water vapor imagery. when you see this red you know you have extremely dry air in place, the higher amounts are yellow and orange. that is definitely in place and part of the reason for gorgeous, clear skies. high pressure to the north. that high she sees and we will see more of a north easterly flow. that will lift moisture levels at the lower levels but right now, snow occurring. denver all the way to rapid city.
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were 24 hours ago. that's quite a temperature shift in denver. this area of low pressure and snowstorm is headed into the midwest. rapid city, minnesota, and sections of eastern south dakota. estimates say maybe a foot of snow. arrowhead 3 to 6 inches of snow. nothing like that here. in the tropics, a 70% chance of this blob developing into something potentially but computer models still don't know what to do with this. unlikely that it would move north with pressure in the utmost -- in the upper atmosphere. we will continue to watch it. high pressure shifting to the east with a north easterly flow pattern. that helps build low-level moisture and pops a few fairweather clouds but overall, a dry morning to start. close to our average of 60 degrees. friday afternoon, basking in sunshine. high pressure will continue to move to the east and that will open the door for this cold front sliding our way.
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this really as we get into sundays when the changes come saturday night and sunday. they cooler start on sunday morning but this evening is fantastic. temps in the upper 60s. 60 degrees our forecast low. 79 degrees our high on saturday. as a get into sunday, much chillier and breezier. 68 degrees for a high and a cold start to the day on monday. that low temperature dipping into the upper 40s on monday. plenty of sunshine all the way gobble ] >> you are getting pretty good at that. >> thank you. coming up, the bucs prepare for their toughest test of the season yet. more bad news for lightning captain steven stamkos and how
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sports on news channel 8 is brought to you by your gulf coast honda dealers. they say you don't know what you have until it's gone. well, the lightning know what they have in steven stamkos as his $16 million contract indicates but the captain can't seem to stay healthy. he is about to go under the knife. that is first reported by bob mckenzie. he is in vail, colorado where he will undergo surgery to repair a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee. the surgery will be performed by a specialist. the lightning consider him out indefinitely but the recovery timetable for this surgery is pretty grim. he could miss 4 to 6 months. even the most optimistic come
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regular season if not the playoffs. that's if the bolts make it to the postseason without him. can you name the nfl team i'm describing? 17-2 in its last 19 games with 10 consecutive wins at home. this team leads the league in forced turnovers with 22 and tops the turnover margin at +14. what is your guests? new england? seattle? denver? now, that's the kansas city chiefs. needless to say, the buccaneers are going to full on sunday but don't count them out yet. over the last month and a half, tampa bay has vaulted up the rankings in the turnover margin category. the bucs are now dead even on the season, digging out of a dead hole by forcing interceptions in their last five games including four last sunday. the winner of the turnover battle may win the football battle in kc but that will be easier said than done. >> we've got to continue to
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and the ball carriers. but their track record says it's going to be tough to get the turnover production we've had over the last four weeks. we're going to work at it and do everything we can. >> we have a streak going. they wanted to end that, especially being home. it's going to be tough but you know me. it's going to be fun. i love games like this. >> today's injury report came out. good news, not practice for the second straight day from kansas city. that could be big keeping the turnover ratio in their favor. finally tonight, the perfect cure for late-night cravings. sprinkles opened its cupcake atm in hyde park. the place discusses -- dispenses cupcakes 24/7. select what kind you want, pay with a card and outcomes that cupcake. >> sweet magic. >> melting in your mouth.
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don't go anywhere, nightly news is up next. >> and we will have news at
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thoonight, romney surprise. a stunning turn. events as two bitter rivals prepare to meet as hillary clinton opens up about her devastating loss. "your money." why the price you p for everything from your credit card bills to your mortgage might be about to go up. fire and ice. dozens burning across the south as the first blizzard of the season's about to hit. caught on camera, outrage as video shows an officer punching a woman in the face. what police are saying about it tonight. and thanksgiving text message mixup. how a grandmother's


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