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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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. right now on news channel 8 today. >> a ding are you saying mistake is that could cost you thousands of dollars. 8 is on your side this morning with a warning about a ring of thieves who they're after. >> and on the run an inmate slips away from a work program in polk county. we're live with the latest on this manhunt. >> plus another chilly morning with temperatures in the 40s and 50s but could get cooler this weekend. we'll check in with leigh spann on how cold it will get and how long it will last. >> just in time for thanksgiving. good morning and
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the weather. still a cool morning. it's actually a couple degrees warmer than yesterday but i mean, we need a jacket when it's 45 in inverness, 47 in zephyrhills, right now winter haven you're 58, 62 in fish hawk and 61 in sarasota. look at the difference lakeland is 9 degrees warmer than this time yesterday, about 2 degrees warmer in inverness, 3 degrees warmer in bradenton. watch the metro cast we'll see the sunrise temperatures 61 degrees at 8 a.m. unlike yesterday i expect rainfall obviously. 76 at noon, blue sky as you round out your friday afternoon, 80 degrees at 4 p.m., but you're going to want to stay tuned at 5:38 to the 8-day temperature friend because that tells you how long it stays chilly. you've got a pretty good drive out there. we have a little issue coming off the howard frankland bridge, this is 275 around the kennedy exit you can see activity in the median. as we back up we had activity in the right shoulder it's in the dance. you can see blinking
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tying up any lanes and the roadway is very clear despite that little problem spot. this accident long gone u.s. 27 around i-4 but a little bit of construction lingering northbound and the southbound ramp to i-75 at university is blocked. that should reopen in about a half hour. now, an 8 on your side consumer alert beware lurking in parking lots. >> yeah, they may be zeroing on items that you left behind and that could cost you thousands of dollars. we're not talking about cash, sunglasses or lap tops, no, we're joined live in tampa. so tell us what these guys are really after. . >> reporter: well, they are looking to take your checkbooks and driver's license going to the extreme to take your cash. authorities tell us that thieves are smashing their way into cars to get ids and checkbooks. they then use those items to get
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they've hit tampa, clear water and safety harbor. listen to what they do to get tellers to cash those checks. >> whether it's shaving or whether it's make up or wigs a lot of times they'll try to do that to make themselves look like the person in that picture as much as possible. >> reporter: now, in one case bank cameras caught a woman in the act. police say she used a stolen id and checks to get away with cash. detectives aren't sure if they're dealing theft ring or several. they advice not keeping anything valuable in your car anything that you would be okay with losing. it's just amazing to think that these people will go to the extreme to dress up in a costume to steal this cash. it sounds like something out of an ocean's 11 movie. back to you. >> doesn't it. they got a good shot of that lady so hopefully they can track her down and it will lead them to others. well, another warning for
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video shows a man wandering around neighborhoods looking for unlocked cars. we're told he hit a total of 12 unlocked vehicles stealing gps devices sunglasses loose change even a 32-inch television. right now search is on for a polk county inmate who took off from a job at a county maintenance facility in bartow. ryan hughes joins us now live in polk county where joseph flanagin stole a truck and we leard truck. >> good morning. deputies tell us he jumped into a pickup truck. they later found that truck abandoned. now, the search is onto find joseph flanagin. now, they searched this area near a sam's club in lakeland last night. he took off from a county fleet management building in bartow around 3:30 yesterday afternoon that's when the all-out search began. this is video of the search from eagle 8 hd. deputies drove around in cars and used k-9 units hoping to
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he's back behind bars. here's another look at 45-year old joseph flanagin. documents show he was arrested in september for theft his third conviction on that kind of charge. he was set to be released in march. he was granted trustee status for good behavior which allowed him to work outside under supervision. now if caught he'll face new theft and escape charges. we will remain here in lakeland if we get any new details on the know. >> needless to say if caught he'll probably be in there for a little longer than march. >> exactly. this morning questions about whether ybor city is safe after jaw dropping video is released of a fight at a 7th avenue bar. it ended with a driver plowing his car into a plan on the sidewalk there. you can see it. it's unbelievable and he goes re front door of
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perception for so long. >> yeah, it's true, and a lot of work has been done to make ybor city more family-friendly. there's a popular saturday market and frequent festivals celebrating the area's history, but it's video like this showing a fight that leads up to that car slamming into a man before going through the front of the bad monkey bar that stops all of that progress in its tracks. tampa police are quick to point out that 38% from last year. and the crisis center of tampa bay which conspire heads an anti-violence program in ybor says problems like this one on the tape are rare. . >> people remember outstanding news items and don't remember all the other things that are going on ybor is a real gem for our community. >> now, as far as that hit and run goes tampa police say they
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not tracked him down yet. they say it's not clear whether the driver intentionally aimed for the victim or whether this was a u-turn gone very badly. but regardless he left the scene and that's a big problem. . >> hopefully they find him. all right. thanks. now, a family rescued from their burning boat is hoping to meet and thank the good samaritans to came to their rescue. they were on a suddenly exploded. you see the flames quickly spread. lots of thick smoke over that boat. just as they were wondering whether they should swim to shore the family came to their rescue. >> normally people once they see an accident they pass by, they're afraid and stay away, stay distant but this family came to us to help us. that's very nice of them. . >> yeah, they acted like, you know, guardian angel.
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thank them in person. very nice. coming up on 5:38. what's the forecast. >> it feels comfortable outside as long as you have long sleeves. cool. let's take you hour by hour to w you what happens when the sun comes up. we'll be at 70, short sleeves by 10 a.m., 78 at 1, afternoon high of 81, that should happen around 3 p.m. so by 6 p.m. as i ring the bell 76 degrees. rain chances slim to none. i left in a 10% rain chance tomorrow as a cold front comes through. a quick check of thanksgiving looks comfortable 79 degrees in the afternoon even though a weak cold front comes through with another 10% rain chance. talked about the cold front coming through saturday with that 10% rain chance look that it does to the temperatures and look what it dozen to emoji man. 67 and windy on sunday, 69
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going to be our chilliest start to our day. hopefully this nice comfortable -- >> emoji man has been too chipper any way. he needed to face a little something there. >> he's cold. >> nothing heating up out there on the roadways. we've got a nice drive on the sun coast parkway also on the veterans expressway looks very good. not a perfect drive there have been some incidents but nothing that's going to make you late to work or a activity lingering out there and it looks like 2 vehicles here one emergency vehicle and another disabled vehicle. it's in the median. no delays right by the kennedy exit off that bridge. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. happening today tampa's park is turning into a winter wonderland. the winter village is set to open today featuring an outdoor ice rink. tickets
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90 minutes of skating, but you can spend all day there. they have a cafe they set up a pop up market featuring local shops. >> it's a lot of fun a bunch of moms got together and took our kids. we had a blast. >> get into the holiday spirit. well, he called donald trump a fraud and phony but now mitt romney will meet with the president elect. >> what could be discussed when the 2 get together. >> and a male police officer caught on camera punching a woman in the face. coming up that. >> then the sobering impact of drug addiction in the united states. how many people die every day from overdoses.
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. donald trump will hold more meetings this weekend to discuss his team appeared one of those meetings is with mitt romney. the 2 will discuss the secretary of state position. he was the 2012 presidential nominee. the former massachusetts governor was a harsh critic of donald trump during the election even calling a news conference to label him a fraud and a phony. well after the election he called him to congratulate him on his working to find a national security advisor. we're told he's offered that position to retired general michael flynn. we're told he's working with him now on national security issues during the transition period. we don't know whether or not he's accepted that position. president elect donald trump is taking credit for stopping forward from moving a produce line from kentucky to mexico. he made the announcement over twitter. a ford spokesman says she's not sure when the decision
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impact on it. during the campaign trump had said he would work on policies to keep companies from farming out jobs to other countries. the latest challenge for nypd is facing how to protect new york city's trump tower. the president elect lives in the pet house and since he won the election police are ramped up security around the building. the police commission will give a briefing on their plans. a pinellas scoot school linian is suing the city of tarpin springs over an exploding toilet. this happened back in 2012. she says city workers gave the all clear after a toilet exploded during the day. a second toilet also exploded according to the suit sending a piece right into her leg. city officials declined to comment on the case. across america this morning gunfire breaks out at a
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for a 2-year old. the shooting left one woman dead and 6 other people wounded. police are now searching at least 3 suspects. there's no word yet on a motive or if the victims and suspected shooters knew one another. and new information this morning we're just now finding out the son of a long-time congressman has been found safe by police after a mysterious disappearance. c he disappeared from the university of houston. conyers is the youngest son of long-time michigan congressman john conyers. the confirmation that he's okay comes as a relief a day after family and friends made an emotional plea for his return. well, request, questions this morning about this disturbing video of an arizona police officer punching a woman in the face. check this out, right in the face. it happened when police were serving a warrant. the officer claims the
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punched her. body camera video released shows the woman struggling with officers as they try to take her into custody. the officer who threw the punch is on administrative leave while an investigation gets underway. and new information about the zoo where a little boy fell into that gorilla enclosure. a federal inspection just wrapped up. investigators found the barrier meant to keep the animals away from guests was not in compliance with safety standards. that barrier hasn't been installed in 1978. now, investigators want to know why. in this morning's medical report a shocking report shows 78% -- 78 people die each day from opioid overdoses. in the report titled facing addiction in america the surgeon general explains how addiction is taking a stunning toll on america. the growth of heroin use and the abuse of prescription pain-killers are fuelling the
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warns that addiction should not be thought of as a character flaw. about 20 million americans struggle with some form of drug addiction. well, despite some improvements obesity rates are still high among children in low income families. since 201034 states have seen a drop, however, more than 14% of these children are still obese. and people at risk for type 2 diabetes are also the least likely to be informed about the disease. rates are higher among americans with lower incomes and less education. researchers now urge policy makers to develop intervention that is specifically reach these at-risk populations. well, while we enjoy our florida version of winter colds just got hit hard by their first snow fall of the season and it really caused some serious problems. traffic wag was
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interstate came to a complete halt. one person did die and another accident involving a semi truck and at least 22 vehicles. the storm is now hitting the dakotas as it heads west. all right. the time right now is 5:48 and we're going to see cooler temperatures moving in. >> yes, the same culprit that is causing some of that snow fall is going to race through here saturday night. it's not going to bring anything close to snow fall but in the meantime pleasantly cool this morning, 61 degrees just like we have every day this week, up to 76 at noon, 81 at 3 p.m. cool this morning still 45 in inverness and brooksville, 55 in lakeland, 55 in north port. let me spread this out. there you can see where the cold air is funneling in. it's 21 in denver and there's the snow. and we're just kind of clear sunny skies all day today and basically tomorrow too. the
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front comes through. now, sunday and monday we'll be quite chilly and breezy. it just doesn't last long. we already see a warm up tuesday and wednesday ahead of a thanksgiving cold front that also isn't going to have impact on us. 67 sunday and 48 by monday morning. all right. looking at traffic right now we're going to talk about sarasota. we've already got some construction that has cleared up. the construction t the on-ramp from southbound 75 that's clear also the construction on university is clear, but down herea little bit closer to clark northbound on i-75 we still have one lane taken away but not seeing any delays. we did have an issue northbound 275 coming off the howard frankland bridge right around kennedy everything has been cleared. we've got a good drive here. look at this. we have a little bit of activity here in the median that is gone as well. now, we do have a new accident and i'm seeing a little bit of a slow down.
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. >> now, yesterday i just want to thank sergeant smith school for having me. visited with students at the school and also want to thank mrs. triplet for having us. they have a morning show so i went down there and explained what it was like to be a journalist and talk traffic and what it's like to be on a morning show and so we got to experience that together. it was really a fun time. and i'm not the great american teach-in. >> i visited the kids at tampa day school and that's the hillsborough academy of math an science. i went to 5 classrooms. i ran into one of my old coaches at plant high school. she works at one of schools now. >> i saw her yesterday. it was fun. >> i saw that picture. you both looked great. >> and ie pleasure of speaking with 5th graders. the class there lots of good questions obviously talked a
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go on the air and of course we talked about the green screen and eagle 8 actually flue to collins elementary so really a great great event. >> and get the chopper. . >> they usually go. . >> it was his first time in eagle 8 hd. >> i did this event last year and it's a great time, and it's a great way for us to appreciate what the teachers do in >> thanks for what you do. >> controlling all those kids. . >> all right. turkey time is right around the corner but there's also stuffing, pumpkin kin all the fixings. >> and coming up the handy kitchen cop pan i don't knows to help with cooking everything. how these talkers will ease your
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some new good gets are hoping to take stress out of thanksgiving. alexa wants to help you out in the kitchen. she's a smart home device. she can set timers, answer questions appeared link to smart appliances. check it out. >> 5 minutes starting now.
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350 degrees. >> then there's jewel it's an app controlled device that claims to gently cook your turkey in water promising the juice seest bird in town. all right. weather and traffic on the 8s 3 minutes
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it's a beautiful morning with bright, clear stars out there, 60 degrees a humid which means it's a touch warmer this morning than it was yesterday, but still get that chill in the air and a nice warm up to 81 by the afternoon. a pleasant evening overnight lows around 62, but big changes coming this weekend. i'll rundown those numbers and the rain chances coming up. just a little bit of construction remaining in sarasota right now. everything around university has picked up. so keep that in mind.
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and bradenton. we do have a crash over here i'm seeing some westbound lace on hillsborough avenue and the accident is at 56th street. i want you to keep that in mind as your passing
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an 8 on your side safety alert thieves targeting bay area vehicles but it's not your change or sunglasses they're after. they're looking to steal how ahead. >> also the search is on for a hillsborough firefighter believed to be in a dangerous biker gang. the incriminating video and new accusations against him next. >> plus it's an app popular with the kids but could it be putting them at risk. 8 is on your side with all you need to know about musically and the steps you need to take to keep your kids safe. well, good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. happy friday. >> yes.


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