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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  November 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a suspicious death investigation. pinellas park police finding a body behind a home depot. the latest investigation. plus, thanksgiving is four days away. if you don't have a turkey, you are in luck. we will tell you where hundreds will be given away free this morning. good sunday morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us here on news channel 8. the time now is 6:00. and we have ian oliver in with a look at the weather. >> good morning. we had a cold front come through last night. didn't bring rainfall with it but you will notice it. 52degrees right now in tampa.
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zephyrhills. and also 45 moving up towards crystal river and inverness. and it gets colder into the overnight hours tonight. and behind that front, we have wind gust, 20 to 30 miles per hour this morning. making it feel even more brisk outside this morning. again, notice that first step out the door and bring the jacket with you. this is the latest check of max defender 8, which again, i didn't have rainfall with that front that came through. just the chilly air working way into the tampa satellite picture. the last of the cloud cover with the front across the far southern section, dropping into south florida. so we are clear of the cold front. just dealing with the effects through this sunday. cool sunshine this afternoon, staying breezy. the high temperatures, about 10 degrees below average, the 67 today. tonight, clear skies and colder and low temperatures in the mid-
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upper 30s and could be talking about frost. and into the work week tomorrow, more sunshine, still cool with high temperatures in the upper 60s. >> all right. thank you so much. well, a juvenile is recovering after being shot in north port. the shooting happened in the 4800 block of aaronton road saturday night. we're told the victim was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. everyone involved has been identified but they continue to investigate. pinellas park police are investigatin behind a home depot. police telling us two men discovered the the body of a man near a dumpster behind a home depot on u.s. highway 19 north. the victim has not been identified. investigators are trying to determine exactly how he was killed. pasco county, the park was closed friday night after police received a tip to search for a body. after hours of searching and no body was found, the park re- opened.
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claims. this morning, there are no new additions to president- elect donald trump's team. mr.trump met with several leaders on saturday including trump critic mitt romney. the two met privately in new jersey. they had a conversation about world affair, national security and the future of the country. president-elect donald trump says the meeting went great. romney says he appreciated his chance to speak with trump. >> very thorough and indepth and appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect. and look forward to the coming administration and the things that he's going to be doing. >> mending fences there. however, no word on whether there was a job offer or if mitt romney would join the trump administration. today president barack obama will wrap up his trip to peru. he will attend the second day of the economic summit with
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australian's prime administer. the chinese president commended president barack obama for active efforts to grow u .s./china relations. >> we'll collaborated on key global challenges from supporting global growth to preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, we have disrated what is possible when our two countries work together. >> president barack obama called the two country's relationship the consequential in the world. and president barack obama urged people not to assume the worst about the incoming trump administration, in particular when it comes to trade deals. we have more on the last foreign trip while in office. >> reporter: president barack obama has spent a lot of time during the demonstration focused on the asia and pacific rim. so no surprise that the last foreign trip ends here in peru
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the president was asked about donald trump and what his demonstration will mean to america and its partners around the world. the president saying that not to assume the worst. >> wait until the administration is in place, it's actually putting policies together and then you can make your judgments. >> reporter: the president saying there's a big difference between campaigning and governing. in this part of the world, the big issue is trade. mr.trump has said that he partnership deal, the big trade agreement that the united states is trying to work out in this part of the world. and the president-elect said aggressive things about china. president barack obama saying that he is committed to a successful transition of power. also here at the summit, we expect that the president might meet with russian leader vladimir putin, someone he's had a difficult relationship with. issues like syria might come up
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hacking into the american election. so the president on the final trip overseas, wrapping it up and saying, again, give the president-elect a chance. now back to you. >> well, president barack obama is expected to arrive back at the white house early monday morning. happening today, thousands of people in tampa bay will get a free turkey for thanksgiving. we are live. and tell us more about the event. >> reporter: good like you said, tis the season and what a great way to kick- off the holiday season. more than 2,000 families will be able to receive turkeys who may not otherwise be able to have a nice thanksgiving meal. turkeys will be given out on a first come, firsted basis. over the last three year, the church has fed -- first served
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church has fed thousands of families. if you are thinking about coming out, it's recommended that you come out early because they'll probably be all out of turkeys by 11:00 this morning and maybe sooner. if you are hoping to come out, plan on getting here early. >> absolutely. time to get the ingredients ready. thank you. well changes in cuba, the country is now allowing residents to open small businesses. the impact it is having on the island's economy and relations with the u.s. >> more than a 100 people killed in india. the latest on the situation there and the search for
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cross america this morning, police in georgia are investigating a heart breaking double murder/suicide. detectives say they received a call friday afternoon from a man who came home to the find his wife, 26-year-old son and they believe the 26-year-old son may have killed the mom and sister before turning the gun on himself. in fairfax, virginia, a hour of domestic -- a horrible case of domestic violence there. a man set a woman on fire. the woman is said to be in critical condition this morning. police are looking for lewis edward reeder. investigators believe they got into an argument and that is
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believed to be trapped after a train derailment in india. 14 cars of the express train went off the tracks this morning. you see rescuers climbing through the wreckage to pull bodies out of the coaches. the cause of the derailment is under investigation. this morning, growing concern over temperatures in the north pole. scientists say it's a balmy 36 degrees warmer over most of the -- according to expert, the sea ice is not thickening. major changes in one of the last hold-outs of communism. from relations with the u.s. to new economic freedom a louing cubans to open small -- from allowing cubans to open small businesses of their own. >> reporter: welcome to burner
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>> good morning. >> reporter: i'm marcus. they started selling cookies out of their house in 2013. and now they have really taken off. with a retail space, several employees and a catering service. >> can i have a cafe? what did you do before this? >> i'm a dentist. >> you're a dentist? >> yeah. >> and you're selling sugar? >> yes. >> how much did that pay? month. >> reporter: that's about $50 a month. for a dentist. >> and you make more money selling doughnuts? >> yes. >> in one day? >> not in one day. >> pretty close. >> people probably think, this is just a bakery. no. it happens to be a thriving small business in the face of very strong head winds of regulation.
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new business landscape. >> the changes have been significant. but woefully insufficient. >> reporter: he told me that cuba is going broke. the price of socialism is just too high. >> you get house, education, you get health care and a job. there's a basic bottom below which people aren't allowed to sink. but that bottom has become frayed and it has holes in it. one of the reasons they are they need to relieve themselves of providing for people. >> reporter: desperate to boost the failing economy, the government has loosened the regulation on private enterprise. >> everything is made in cuba? >> yes. >> reporter: instead of working for the state, thousands are now working for themselves. cnbc. >> small business owners are hopeful but the election results have cast uncertainty over u.s. and cuban relations.
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still ahead this morning, naughty or nice? why santa is advocating for medical marijuana in the north pole. and breezy and brisk in the wake of last night's cold front. temperatures already in the the upper40s and low 50s this morning and tonight looks cooler. we will talk about it coming
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handle a new industry, many are opting out of legal marijuana sales. but in the north pole, legal cannabis has a component you might not expect. >> santa claus is spelled out an e. >> reporter: yes, that's his legal name. >> two words. >> reporter: this had is santa claus and he is not too happy with the state of north pole. the understand why, you have to understand him. the obvious. >> santa claus. >> reporter: santa >> reporter: he is a monk, in fact, and a child advocate. that's why he changed his name. >> sounds ridiculous but it's true and it helps. >> can i get a santa hug? >> yes. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> that's a picture of me on city council. >> reporter: a city counselor now. but before, he worked in law enforcement. maybe it's not surprising that
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new one. >> christmas lives north round in north pole. why did proposition 7s? >> reporter: residents just voted to outlaw the sell of marijuana in city limits. >> i am pro-medical marijuana. >> reporter: because santa claus is a cancer patient. >> so your viewer cans see, even though i'm a state registered marijuana cancer patient, this is the cancer site. >> reporter: and he uses marijuana to help symptoms. >> i think they are not in this particular instance embracing the spirit of love. i think what they're doing is engendering hate which comes from fear. >> reporter: for now, santa will have to grow his own. child advocate and marijuana proponent, there's no contradiction there for him. >> in fact, i'm using it for my medical purposes. i don't see any negative association. >> reporter: but when it comes
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naughty or nice this year -- >> cannabis users will not be getting coal in the stocking unless they have done some other thing that's considered wrong. >> reporter: there you have from santa yourself. but maybe come see him -- >> perhaps visit north pole. alaska's new homegrown capitol. >> all right. while marijuana can't be sold in north forth, alaska stores are set to open nearby. santa says he will continue to grow his own within the legal limits. max defender 8 sweeping through clear air this morning. did have a cold front come through last night. didn't bring with it though any rain. we could use some.
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air heading on through at least the next couple days, through the second half of the weekend and into the work week. here's how it looks right now from downtown tampa. a breezy and brisk morning. our temperature just 52 degrees right now and that north wind at 13 miles per hour. making it feel even cooler. check out some of the northern spots. er iser hill, 44 degrees right now -- zephyrhills, 44 degrees right now. and 45 in crystal river. and brooksville also. the 24 hour temperature change night's cold front, temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler right now than this time yesterday. clearwater 11 degrees cooler. the front showing up nicely. much drier air filtering in to the sunshine state. here it is at the surface. these dew point values, exceptionally low. 20s and low 30s. very dry air above us. we will enjoy it during the day today but it will give the air a bit of a bite with the north
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so you can expect plenty of sunshine. just not a whole lot of warmth. into the overnight hour, tonight it gets even cooler, northern spots could dip into the upper 30s. tampa, the forecast low of 45. last time we felt temperatures cooler than 50 back on march 22nd. and tracking the tropic, we have in90l. a 70% chance of developing into a tropical depression the next five this afternoon. kick-off at 1:00, a high of around 49. a lot of sunshine this afternoon. breezy and cool with the high temperature of 67. tonight, even colder. clear skies, a little frost possible across northern spots. low temperatures drop into the mid-40s here in tampa but northern spots dipping into the 30s. overall, it's still a really good extended forecast. sunshine into the upcoming week. and notice closer to
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>> yeah, all we need is a little bit of winter. that's it. >> not bad, just break out the light jacket. >> we have to find it first. thank you. lightning fans are celebrating another win. plus, big upsets in college football. paul ryan with the highlights
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huge, is sec match up. in the immediate aftermath, it looked as if the game wouldn't be made up. but eventually they set a date for november 19th. that was yesterday. the gators taking on the tigers in death valley. tempers running hot pre-game. you like nickel back, no, you like nickel back. she shoved a florida coach. eventually they put helmets on and decide this the usual deep shot to cleveland and from there, it's the cleveland show. 98-yard touchdown puts florida on top. it was 16-10 gators in the final seconds. lsu facing 4th and goal at the 1 for the win. and the gators go full, you shall not pass. florida hangs on to win 16-10 and clinches the sec east. usf needs to win out and have temple lose the finale to
6:26 am
game. 4th down, they need one but he is a greedy man. how about 60. mac ran for a walk 29. second half, bulls up, seven -- ran for a buck 29. second half, bulls up. one of two touchdown catches for him. the mustangs hung around though, down eight, looking to tie it up late in the 4th. but on 4th and short, he comes up with a huge stop. usf the bull's first nine-win season since 2007. that's tied for the most in school history. the acc, florida state at syracuse. the horns surrendered 89 points in the last two games and the seminoles had no problem. tosses a couple touchdowns and then time to kiss the cook. cook snaps the all-time rushing record at florida state, going
6:27 am
and four touchdowns. the seminoles smoother syracuse. miami hoping to win its third straight taking on north carolina state. he is the straw that stirs the drink for the hurricanes. he snaps a 3-3 tie with a 30- yard touchdown run. give up yet? thirsty for more? he puts it out of reach in the 4th, 19 carry, 120 yards and three second hafner touchdowns. miami takes it 27 dominating florida atlantic, 42- 24. but florida international picks up a win over marshall. orlando, the florida classic, a sixth straight year, the wildcats win 39-19. florida a andm finishes -- a&m finishes with a win. the bolts showing no
6:28 am
4-0 on this road trip. he post a 32-save shut-out, his second straight spotless outing. tampa bay wraps up the road trip tomorrow in nashville. the bucs taking on the chiefs this afternoon. be sure to check out buc's bonus tonight on news channel 8. i'm paul ryan. well, securing the president-elect, secret service increases security around trump tower in new york. how residents and tourists are reacting next. plus, a space. how will it change weather forecasting?
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good morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us. in our top stories this morning, a juvenile is recovering after a shooting in the 4800 block of atrigs road in north police are investigating a suspicious death after finding the body of a man near a dumpster behind a home depot on u.s. highway 19 north. the victim has not been identified. investigators are still trying to determine how he was killed. president-elect donald trump met with several national leaders saturday including 2012 gop presidential nominee and trump critic mitt romney. we're told they talked about world affair, national security
6:32 am
president-elect donald trump says the meeting went great but no word on any job offers. time now 16:31. ian oliver has a look at -- is 6:31. ian oliver has a look at the weather. >> we had a cold front come through last night. that will be evident this morning. the front didn't bring rainfall, we could have used that but it brought cooler air for sure. zephyrhills, just 44 degrees. 52 in tampa. and it's 56 in st. pete. still gusty in the wake of the front. pete. making it feel quite a bit cooler this morning. the latest check of max defender 8, that is sweeping through clear air. the front didn't have rainfall with it. it did have extra cloud cover. the last of that across southern parts of the tampa bay area. pushing down into south florida. so we have sunshine to go into our sunday afternoon. just not a whole lot of warmth. if forecast high temperature of 67 degrees. that's more than 10 degrees
6:33 am
the year. tonight, it's colder. clear sky, very chilly low temperatures, dropping into the mid-40s. northern spots could even see temperatures into the upper 30s. and heading into tomorrow afternoon, more sunshine, staying cool with high temperatures in the upper 60s. check this out. i had a chance yesterday to head out to cape canaveral where nasa blasted the nation's most advanced weather satellite into outer space saturday night. this is good news for all of us, especially here storm team 8 weather center because it means more accurate weather forecasts and i had the opportunity to see the goes-r satellite before it was prepared for launch. >> you think about how much has changed in the smart phone alone. we have these.. and now with the satellite and the technology, it's leaps and bounds ahead. >> in the first six months of operation, the the satellite will send back more data than
6:34 am
so next generation satellite, very exciting. this was really cool for me because i got to go in the clean room. one of the coolest experiences i've ever had to be up close and personal with something that's now flying 22,000 miles above us. >> and how soon will it send us information? >> about two to three months, they'll start doing quality control on it. and then the it will go into the full roll-out. it's a 20 year mission that will start next year. >> very interesting. thank you so investigating a possible stabbing. a 32-year-old died after a fight with another man in his front yard. the man struck him and then took off. the victim was rushed to the hospital. the investigation is ongoing. the victim in an excessive force case in pinellas county is speaking out. he was stopped by pinellas county deputy wayne wagner back in march. the video shows her taking the license and turning away and
6:35 am
ground. friday the sheriff fired wagner. she says she felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders but is still fearful when she sees law enforcement officers. >> i kind of like to be honest, i die inside and. just pull over to the closest stop and like try to get myself together. and hopefully there's a close stop so i can pull in. >> wow. and she believes that the former deputy should face criminal charges. her lawyer says a vi not out of the question. a santa was removed from a florida mall for telling a girl she was on the naughty list. it happened in sanford. he told her she was on the nice list. and then asked, do you know who is on the naughty list? hillary clinton. and he laughed. the girl's mother called management and the santa was
6:36 am
a couple cabinet positions now filled. president-elect donald trump has been working on the team, all the activities, meetings and comings and goings inside and trump tower in new york city, the building and the occupants are the center of attention for people around the world. nbc takes us inside and the famous trump tower. >> reporter: in midtown manhattan, this skyscraper, now the center of the political universe. ? money, money, money ? >> reporter: welcome to tr tower. >> you're fired. >> reporter: this place, once best known as the set for the apprentice became last sumter backdrop for the president- elect's campaign. >> i am officially running -- [ applause ] >> for president of the united states. >> reporter: hundreds of tenants in more than 200 apartments live above 26 floors of offices and a five-story public 80 yum. the lobby has always been a
6:37 am
never -- public a triumm. and there's now a live cam streaming on cspann so anyone can see who is coming and going. from the famous family to stop adviserrings, among them, maybe future cabinet picks. >> in a number of meetings with him. >> reporter: it's a who's who of potential administration vips which is why security is tight inside and and outside to zone until at least the inauguration. on the ground, sand-filled trucks and s.w.a.t. teams to protect against attacks. unlike the homes of other presidents, like george w. bush's western white house in texas, there's no wide open space for police perimeters. instead, barricades funnel pedestrians past police. >> this is across the street where a special press pen is et
6:38 am
there's so many interest in many the next commander in chief. on the sidewalks nearby, protesters. plus, regular new yorkers. and tourists too. >> feels like the 1920s, 1930s king kong film where we are waiting for him to fall from the empire state building. it's a spectacle. >> reporter: but not everyone is listening to the police. people from all over the world stopping for a trump tower selfie. getting around manhattan by car trump tower, it's now nearly impossible. >> seems like every taxi driver knows to try to avoid 5th avenue next to trump tower because traffic can be a nightmare, not just as rush hour, any time. >> reporter: the chaos and commotion should calm down when the action moves to the white house in washington, d.c. in january. but like president bush and his
6:39 am
elect donald trump will always have new york. >> on friday, mayor de blasio asked new yorkers to avoid the immediate area around trump tower. the nypd set up 24 hour coverage with snipers and radiation gear around trump tower. happening today, tis the season. thousands of people in the tampa bay area will get a free the turkey for thanksgiving. we are live this morning from the field. and tell the us more about this event. indeed. we have a community full of people who just want to help people who may not be able to enjoy a good thanksgiving meal. and joining me now live, a church member of the miracle center world outreach. and he is a volunteer, second year doing this. you told me. and you said one of the favorite events to help with. >> yes, yes. today we're going to give approximately 1500 turkeys
6:40 am
turkies on their own. we're maybe 3,000, 3500, if you include the family members. yes, this is our fourth year doing this. >> reporter: fourth year doing this. more than 6,000 families have been able to enjoy a good meal on thanksgiving. you told me earlier, i'm getting more than just a turkey today. >> yes, we're giving away bread that's been donated. giving away some condiments that go with the thanksgiving dinner. so trying to get everybody be a huge event. probably those turkeys will go really fast. so it starts at 9:00. should people get here right at 9:00? >> yes, absolutely. we are telling people to be here at 9:00 because there is a high probability we could run out of turkeys. so yeah, if you're coming, please come as early as possible. we will be ready to start giving out the turkies at 9:00. >> reporter: all right. thank you very much. great event. great to see the community
6:41 am
>> all right. live in tampa this morning. thank you. and the weather makes you really get in the holiday spirit. >> certainly feels like we're headed towards the holidays, especially this morning. morning, even colder. we have a cool photo. show told you about the goes-r launch. really cool shot. this was yesterday. a shot from victoria. very cool and breezy at the haven't felt since march. we will talk about it coming up. (einstein) hey! what's going on here? (becky) i've seen such a change in einstein since he started eating the new beneful recipe. the number one ingredient in it is beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic!
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others and zinged with the cal en -- enand sycded. this one can send gate changes and world meat can help find cheaper flights and hotels. free for ios and android. you looking for more information? i made it easy, go to screen. i've built in direct links to everything i just showed you. until next time, pc mike for nbc news. a clean sweep this morning on max defender 8 after a cold front came through last night. we are feeling the effects. this say live look from crystal river this morning.
6:46 am
north wind, at 4 miles per hour. very chilly. the first step out the door this sunday morning. 52 here in tampa. and 56 in st. pete and bradenton. and 57 in sarasota. just 45 degrees though moving up towards brooksville. this is the work of last night's cold front. the temperatures running about 5 to 10 miles per hour cooler right now than this time yesterday as the cooler, drier air filters in. showing up nicely behind the cold front in the water var dry air above us today. dew point values are in the upper 20s and the 30s. very dry air. that front is now well off to the south and east. breezy north wind throughout the day though. it will keep things feeling brisk. and high temperatures this afternoon staying well bow low average. and tonight get -- well below average. and tonight gets colder. the forecast low for tampa will drop down to 45 degrees. that will be the first time we
6:47 am
march 22nd. northern spots dropping into the upper 30s. can't rule out frost possible across the northern spots. and the forecast for the buc's game today. they are up in kansas city, sunny and chilly there. their high temperature just 49 degrees. our high temperature, 6 7 degrees. a lot of sunshine. breezy and staying cool. that's about 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. clear and colder. tonight, the frost is possible across northern spot, especially temperatures dropping into the mid-40s but upper 30s north. and still cool as we start off on monday. and as we get closer to turkey day on thursday, our temperatures really rallying hard there. in fact, they are above average by the time we get towards thursday. so heading out to see the family, not going to need the jacket but you will need it for the second half of the weekend. >> absolutely. thank you. casting call, the entertainment industry is booming and performers now have
6:48 am
circumstance desole yea are
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
welcome back. if you like to perform in front of large audiences, you may want to brush up on your resume. the entertainment industry is growing which translates to more opportunities for performers. how companies like cirque du soleil offer a new twist performer ashley has seen her life come full circle. >> i remember seeing it when i was 14. i remember walking out in awe. wondering how something like that was ever made. and thinking, i want to do that some day. and here i am. >> reporter: the 35-year-old gymnast performs chinese poles in las vegas, the show she saw as a kid.
6:52 am
>> reporter: performers will see more opportunities in the next decade as the entertainment industry is poised to grow by about 6%, creating nearly 46,000 new jobs. >> pay in the industry can vary widely from $50 a night for a small production up to six figures and a full contract with benefits with a major company like cirque du soleil which brings on around 450 new artists etch year. >> reporter: today's candidate is multi-talented. >> extraordinary talent. people who can do something that you do not see in the real life. many roles are actually going now into more of what we call a general profile, mlb-talented and discipline -- profile, multi-talented and disciplined. >> reporter: it gives them the opportunity to showcase their talents to a wider audience. out of every 100 applications,
6:53 am
company's talent database with the potential to one day receive a coveted contract. >> my hope is that all of them receive a phone call from us. the reality is like maybe less than a quart of them will receive a phone call. >> reporter: at auditions in new york, talent came in all shapes and sizes from clowns to gymnasts, jugglers er. >> it's projection, precision, and pr some have presence. some don't have. precision and projection, it's something that they learn in school. >> reporter: having found success, ashley says getting in is hard but well worth trying. >> i would say go for it. find what you love. find what you're good at. and if it's something you really want to do, just push for it. do whatever it takes to get there. >> reporter: but just make sure you are cut out for it. not everyone is.
6:54 am
hard. >> a lot of talent. there are only 35 days until christmas, believe it or not. and this morning, look, these cute dogs are spreading the holiday cheer. the holiday event that brought puppies and pet lover together just ahead. stay with us. i'll have that goat cheese garden salad. that gentleman got the last one.
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well finally, it's starting
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look at these cute pup -- friends. take a look at these cute puppies. the pictures were sent to us from the animal shelter in bradenton. they held their k-9 christmas festival yesterday. more than 25 dogs were adopted during the event which featured 16 rescues and over 60 vendors. a lot of dogs in cute costumes there for sure. president barack obama will wrap up his final trip overseas later today. he is meeting with china's president and other world leaders about the incoming trump administration just ahead.
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a suspicious death investigation. pinellas park police finding a body behind a home depot. the latest on the investigation. plus, thanksgiving is four days a if you don't have a turkey, you are in luck. we will tell you where hundreds will be given away free this morning. good sunday morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us here on news channel 8. the time now is 7:00. and we have ian oliver in with a look at the weather. >> yeah, tough bundle up a little bit. it's really chilly and breezy too. the flag blowing in the wind. this is a live look at hyundai of new port richey.


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