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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. the search for a hit and run driver who left a tampa boy lying hurt on the side of the road. . >> he didn't even get up to help then he ran. >> still ahead his parents's plea for help to catch the culprit. >> and a message to americans from president elect donald trump, a new video outlines his agenda for the first 100 days he's in office. >> also another cold morning as you wake up. we'll show you how low it goes and how much you can executive for it to warm up today. good morning. >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday. let's check in with leigh spann for the latest on the weather. a little chilly. >> it is.
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mornings where you had to bundle up. you might have some frost on your car. zephyrhills you're at 34, clearwater 46, 41 plant city, 49 sarasota. a little warmer than yesterday. in tampa you're 5 degrees warmer, plant city 2 degrees warm but max defender 8 once again confirming that we don't have any rain out there. we don't really have any clouds during the afternoon, look for a fast warm up. we make it all the way to 75 this afternoon. to the average of 77 and then tonight certainly not as cold only down to 59 which does happen to be the average, but coming up at 6:08 i'm tracking tropical storm otto, a brand new topical storm. what's going on on the roadways this morning? all right. folks, well, we've got a pretty good drive out here. we have a couple little issues southbound on the veterans expressway right at hillsborough avenue a disabled
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avenue we do have an accident so i want you to be aware of that one. we've got a pretty good drive on the bay area bridges but we do have a little problem out in polk county westbound i-4 by the remembers area a crash over to the right. right now a tampa family pleading for help after a driver slammed into their son leaving him in the hospital with multiple joined live now from tampa general hospital where the 6th grader is recovering this morning. do police have any idea who this hit and run driver is? >> reporter: while that boy is recovering here tampa police detectives are searching for a newer model ford fusion vehicle. they believe that it's silver in color and they want to find the driver of that car. the 12-year old and his family will spend thanksgiving week in the hospital after he was hit on
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with a friend when a car hit him from behind and witnesses said he pushed that friend out of the way. he doesn't remember seeing or hearing a car, but he has wounds to remind him . >> he didn't even get up to help me. they said he hit me and then he ran. >> reporter: now, it might be a few months before he can walk again but he tells us that he's anxious to get back to being a regular kid again. now, he is expected to be okay. he terrible road rash and also broke almost every bone in his left leg, now, his family wants justice and they want to find the driver of that vehicle. so glad to hear that he will eventually be okay. but the road to recovery will be a long one for this little boy. >> they sure do have lots to be thankful for this thanksgiving. thank you. new information this morning on that tragic school bus crash, 5 children are dead after their school bus flipped on its side
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dozens more are hurt. and new this morning the driver is now facing homicide charges. the school bus slammed into this tree and solicit it apart. it was packed with 35 elementary school students at the time of the crash ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade. 5 of those children died and at least 23 were taken to the hospital. the police chief is praying no more children die. . >> i hope as deeply and as passionately as i can that there are no i do not know the status of those kids. >> as for the driver he's charged with multiple counts of vehicular homicide reckless endangerment and reckless driving. police will be taking a look at the black box on the bus to see how the crash happened. a 4th robbery in an area of clearwater in just the past 24 hours. you're looking at a live picture from the latest robbery scene. this happened just after 2 this morning. the
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weapon and demanded cash. he grabbed the money from the register then got away in a car he'd parked nearby. police are now investigating if this and the other robberies could be connected. we'll keep you update as we learn more. breaking from tradition, president elect donald trump has not held a press conference since he was elected but he's now released a video via social media outlining what his first 100 days will look like. the key messages weren't obama care or illegal immigration. >> yeah, that's true instead the key message on the voluntarily was job creation. the rode is about 2 minutes long and it was released on youtube. it outlines a list are list of executive action he plans to implement on his first day in -- as president. mr. trump says he'll signal the united states
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negotiate other deals that would be he claims better for american workers. he also says he plans to roll back energy regulations to create jobs. . >> i will cancel job killing restrictions on the production of american energy including shale energy creating many millions of high paying jobs. that'll what we want, that's what we've been waiting for. . >> mr. trump says he also plans cyber attacks and implement rules against members of his administration from becoming lobby yes, sirs. mr. trump also says he plans to crack down on abuses of visa programs but did not bring up his signature campaign promise to build a wall along the u.s. mexico border. and no, there was no mention of health care reform either. again this is just his steps for first 100 days. and you can
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. >> it's clear that he's priority advertising jobs for the first 100 days. >> absolutely. >> all right. thanks. and it appears president elect trump has a favorite to become secretary of defense. we're talking about marine corps general james mattis. trump is quote supremely impressed. he now the leading candidate to run the pentagon. he's known as mad dog by some of the men who served. he held key commands in both afghanistan and iraq. well, the president elect is planning to escape the cold in the northeast by spending the thanksgiving holiday right here in florida. trump will be at his palm beach home and as a result the coast guard is setting uptight security zones there beginning today. the extra security will last for several days. protecting trump and his family is costing new york city nearly one million dollars a day.
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because his wife and 10-year son were reportedly continue living at trump tower and the president elect plans to return home to his new york home on a regular basis. new york city mayor hopes the federal government will reimburse the city for some of the costs. the time right now is 6:08. step outside it is nice and chilly but it's going to warm up. >> we'll call it brisk. the skies still dark and clear but we'r seeing that sun beginning to pop up. 47 degrees there, clear skies and we'll go from the 40s quickly through the 50s, in fact 65 by 11. so really a fast warm up today. 74 at 2, 3 p.m. a high temperature of 75 back down to 9 by 7. so again a fast warm up through the day into the mid-70s and tomorrow upper 70s,
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and then there's the tropics, tropical storm otto drifts toward central america. it has winds of 60 miles per hour. forecast has it becoming hurricane otto. so we check in now with traffic on the 8s. i know people want to get up and get going this morning. >> a great thanksgiving to have it outside. >> really all right. well traffic is not perfect. we've got a couple issues but not too bad. let's take a look at wha we have an accident just east of the poke city area you can see we've got the right lane taken away. this is westbound i-4. again east of polk city right by the rest area. let's take a look at southbound on the vets right at hillsborough avenue disabled vehicle but no delays sun here at the sun coast area 139th avenue an injury accident
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and a new one roosevelt right here at that across so we want to keep a good eye on that crash. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. it's been nearly 3 months since hurricane hermine did some major damage to cedar key. >> coming up residents are recovering and rebuilding why they say they have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. >> plus this neighborhood eye sore. 8 on your side finds out whether a man can legally keep all this stuff
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. well, this morning residents in cedar key are still recovering and rebuilding nearly 3 months after hurricane hermine caused major damage on the tinys many tell us it was made easy by help of neighbors. ryan hughes was in cedar key during the storm. he's back there live this morning. good morning. everyone pulled together quickl. . >> good morning. they knew they had to because this town depends greatly on tourism businesses rebuilt homes like this one have been propped up and prepared for stilts after a 9-foot storm surge pushed water inside many helped each other after much of
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sweeping views of the gulf of mexico on a crisp fall day can cause residents and visitors on cedar key to pause. so can the sights and sounds of the constant construction in the aftermath of hurricane hermine. >> it was pretty bad. i don't think we expected this -- the surge to be what it was. >> lynn who didn't want to give her last name host her house in the hurricane but she gained something, faith in her community. . >> and everybody all over the town came together within again. >> slowly but surely cedar key is getting back to normal after hermine battered the tiny island in early september. resorts have been rebuilt, apartments are being restored city hall is still closed due to water damage. >> but this by far was i'll say probably the worst storm we've seen especially in my lifetime. >> the police chief is working out of the fire department until his office reopens. he tells
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the town, but everyone pulled together and will continue to do so until things are fully back on track. >> we have so much to be thankful for . >> and some businesses at this point are still waiting to rebilled. the chief tells us the main holdup at this point is insurance. >> that can take a while. so important for the businesses to get back on track. good to see that they're along. thank you. it's 6:15, and 8 on your side is working to get to the bottom of what neighbors are calling this a tampa eye sore. they're living next to a home where there are vehicles and other items left in the yard. noble claims he have collects the used items to sell at a yard sale to people who can't afford retail prices. neighbors are frustrated but noble doesn't
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it's to the point where we cannot take it. >> i understand that these people have had a problem, okay. but i really don't give a damn. >> there you go. code enforcement apparently they don't either they told him what he's doing is illegal and find him $264,000. last month deputies arrested noble on felony illegal dumping. he's expected in court on monday, of course we're going to stay on top know what happened. well, a former nba star could face charges in a manatee county courtroom. francis best known for his time with the make and the rockets admitted in june to bradenton police quote i just robbed somebody take me to jail i'm turning myself in. are, end quote. police couldn't find a case of a reported theft so he allowed him to leave. now, there is a warrant out for his arrest. police say he entered a
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arrested in texas on a dwi charge. former nba star rodman is charged in a hit an run crash. police say he was driving the wrong way on a freeway in california in july. he's also charged with causing property damage. and this morning rapper kanye west is hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation. it came after a week of bazaar incidents in which he retroactively endorsed donald trump and cancelled the rest of his national tour. a source familiar with the the los angeles police responded today a medical welfare call at his house and took west to the hospital for his own health and safety. a former doctor for usa gymnastics and michigan state gymnastics is under arrest. he's charged with criminal sexual conduct against a child. records show the allegations go back almost 20 years. he was the doctor for usa gymnastics from 1996 to 2015. he's also
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team usa gymnasts. time for weather and traffic on 98s. >> still 45 minutes from sunrise but the first glimpses of daylight. obviously no clouds in that picture. no rainfall out there and i don't expect any anytime soon. going lieu the day today 49 degrees chilly this morning then up to 70 by noon. much warmer. and a pleasant 75 at 3 p.m. i mentioned expectly any rainfall today. november is typically our driest day of the year. so far one day with we had rain. extremely dry. chilly in zephyrhills right now at 33. it's 46 in clearwater, 43 in apollo beach and 48 in bradenton. clear and chilliest, that's going to give us that fast warm up. mostly sunny. tomorrow a good bit warmer in the morning as we also
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prove to be a travel headache because it's going to be a big storm system affecting a lot of the midwest and even into the western portion of the south eastern united states. something to keep in mind. locally looking good. 78 today -- excuse me 78 on wednesday, 80 on thanksgiving. how's traffic? >> we had a little problem that was tying up the right lane westbound i-4 right near the rest area it looks like they have cleared it from the roadway. so that's some great news. it was neverau delays but nonetheless it was in lanes. southbound 275 around hillsborough avenue we've got reports of an didn't here. i can see some activity here but i don't see any lanes blocked and this is southbound traffic of course. it's starting to build as you move towards downtown. so a collision a little bit of activity in the median but no delays there. all right. let's move down here and check e sun coast area. we still have an accident at 139th avenue injuries involved and
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look out for. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. a travel warning this holiday season. >> still ahead the isis linked plot that triggered the warning and what you need to know as you travel overseases. >> and changes at starbucks that
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. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. . as americans travel this week the u.s. state department is issuing a travel alert for anyone headed to europe. the u.s. says there's a potential for terror attacks in europe appeared it goes beyond just this week. they want people to be cautious at festivals, events and outdoor markets. the alert comes after french security
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morning want something sweet to go with your latte. starbucks is hiking prices. they bumped up prices on select cold drinks. the increases range from 10 to $0.30. starbucks claims prices on 90% of its drinks did not change but this isn't the first price hike this year. you see starbucks raised the cost of some drinks back in july so apparently they're doing it in well a heart wrenching story of survival a teen girl trapped in a house of horrors in polk county. >> new how the teenager escaped and how she was found hiding in the woods. >> first a live look outside a chilly morning but things are warming up quickly. we have weather and traffic on the 8s
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. it's tuesday morning time for weather and traffic on the 8s here at 6:28 the sun is coming up. lakeland ranch shows crystal clear skies and chilly, 48 degrees so, yeah you might be a little like emoji man this morning, you but may be like him this afternoon, sort of a split personality. it will be so much warmer sunglasses on maybe some short sleeves. 75 degrees just tomorrow is 78, 80 on thanksgiving, 81 on black friday and just a touch cooler at 78 on saturday. all right. well we still have this issue in the median southbound hard to see because the lights are making it look weird here but southbound 275 at hillsborough avenue accident off in the median. travel time 15 minutes but starting to get
6:29 am
also this is where the crash is at again in the median appeared we've got slow and go traffic. not necessarily a back up but just residual congestion that's typical at
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a heartbreaking scene after a school bus flips on a winding road, this morning 5 elementary en are injured now, parents are asking questions and the bus driver is facing homicide charges. >> also tampa parents seeking justice for their little boy after their son was critically hurt by a hit and run driver. >> my baby was laying on the ground. in a pool of blood, wasn't saying anything, wasn't moving. >> this morning tampa police need your help to track down the person who did it. >> plus we're shivering again this morning. leigh spann will tell us how long this chill in
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good morning. and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for joining us. 2 days to thanksgiving. >> yes. >> day. >> can't wait. >> feels like fall this morning but by thanksgiving things are warming up a bit. leigh's got what i'm calling the bad news this morning. >> you have 36 hours where it was kind of chilly. so now we can enjoy the warm up. 34 in brooksville so another chilly morning, 46 in clear with water, 49 in sarasota but even outside right now we'reli than we were at 6:30 yesterday morning. tampa, clearwater, st. petersburg 5 degrees warmer about 2 degrees warmer in plant city. now, that the sun is coming up metro cast shows 49 at 8 p.m. sunny but chilly in the morning it doesn't take as long to get to 70 by your lunch break. at 6:38 i'm tracking the topics, tropical storm otto is
6:32 am
closer to rush hour folks. let's take a look at what's going on southbound 275 at hillsborough avenue we have an accident in the median not tying up any lanes. this is just sort of already adding to typical delays. so let's go ahead and take a live look, you can kind of see it there in the medium and another look at the congestion around in the area. so as we move over travel times going to take you 16 minutes right now into downtown south on 275. new information this morning about a tragic school bus accident that killed 5 elementary school students and left many more badly injured. >> it's a fear every parent has when they put their child on the bus each and every morning that the driver won't keep the kids safe. we're joined now from the news center. the bus driver is now charged in the deaths of all those kids. >> yeah, that's right.
6:33 am
as reckless driving and reckless endangerment and more charges pending. >> school bus flipped off the roadway. they believe there's ejections. >> that call went out around 3:30 monday afternoon in tennessee. the school bus was carrying 35 children ranging from kindergarten through 5th grade. 5 children died at the scene. more than 20 children were rushed to the hospital some in grave condition. . >> takin that are injured is our number one priority, taking care of the families who are looking for, caring for and grieving for children is our second priority, investigating this incident is our third . >> this is the man charged, 24-year old walker, he is the school bus driver. investigators have obtained a warrant to remove the black box from the bus as they try to determine exactly what caused
6:34 am
walker is in jail this morning. and again, additional charges could be filed as this investigation continues. . >> hard to watch that image with the tree right through the middle of that bus. >> it is. >> has to have been horrifying for those kids. thanks for the update. right now 2 tampa parents are pleading for help after their son was hit by a car and the driver left the scene. the hospital for almost a week and the driver still hasn't turned up. we're joined live at tampa general hospital where the 6th grader is recovering. how is he doing this morning? >> reporter: well, he is still healing here but doctors say that it could be months before the loyal boy can walk again. he and his family will spend thanksgiving week in the hospital after he was hit on thursday along hannah avenue. he was playing outside with a friend when a car hit him from
6:35 am
car but witnesses say that he pushed the friend that he was playing without of the way. while his parents are by his side they haven't forgotten the person who put him here in the hospital. >> i'm very god fearing, but obviously they're not god fearing. . >> reporter: now, he is going to be okay, he's got a broken collar bone, road rash and every bone in his left leg is shattered but he is recovering. as for the dride fusion vehicle that's silver in color. they say they're not sure how much damage that vehicle did sustain in this crash. if you have any information that could lead to an arrest please give them a call. certainly not the way that any family wants to spend thanksgiving holiday in the hospital but thankfully they are altogether and now they just want justice for their little boy. >> that poor child in the hospital with a shattered leg, driver nowhere to be found but what a hero he was to push
6:36 am
well, breaking news this morning a 4th robbery in an area of clearwater in just the past 24 hours. this is a live picture from the latest robbery scene at a 7-11 on drew street. this happened just after 2 this morning. the robber told the clerk he had a weapon and demanded cash. he grabbed money from the register then got away in a car that he had parked nearby. police are investigating if this and the other robberies could be connected. of course we'll update you as we learn more. an arrest detective. police say 31-year old mccain shot and killed detective marconi as he sat in his patrol car. he told reporters he did it because he was upset over a custody battle. take a listen. >> i've been through several custody battles. i was upset in the situation i was in and shot at somebody that didn't deserve it. >> do you have anything to say to his family? >> i'm sorry. >> witnesses say the killer shot
6:37 am
while he was riding a -- writing a traffic ticket. this happened outside police headquarters. marconi who you see here a 20-year veteran of the police force was 50 years old and leaves behind 2 children. meanwhile here in florida police say they've captured the man who shot a sanibel island police officer. police arrested a 49-year old after a shoot out. he's now charged with attempted murder. the officer was writing by and open fire. he is recovering and will be okay. as for hey he's a realtor with a hear of calling police for various issues still no word on a motive for this shooting though. he'll be in court this morning. well, she was horribly abused and clinging to life. it's a disturbing story a teenager found wandering in the woods with a broken shoulder
6:38 am
now, chris and melissa peters are behind bars. the man who helped save her life tells us he spotted the girl tangled up in bushes in the woods across from his house. >> she's got stabbed by something and her feet are messed up, in shoes on and dirty. she says she can't go back to where she came from. >> according to court documents the 17-year old girl weighed only 86 pounds. really chilly outside but it's going to warm up nicely. >> yes, just starting to see the sun coming up. this means this is the chilliest part of the day. it's really going to warm up fast. here our look from the bedding center in brandon where it's 44 and crystal clear skies. look at this up to 54, 10 degrees warmer at 9:00 then 70 at noon, 75 at 3 p.m. and that pleasant 70 at
6:39 am
to 78 tomorrow, 80 on thanksgiving, 81 on black friday. slightly cooler as we head into the weekend. let's focus in on thanksgiving we have the turkey trots going on on thanksgiving morning 63 degrees and clear, 76 for your lunch just a quick lunch to tide you over until the big dinner when it's 73. tropical storm otto 60-mile per hour winds now. could actually be a hurricane before crossing over into the pacific ocean. we check in now with traffic o not going to affect us here locally. we've got decent traffic i mean it's pretty typical a couple issues going on. let's take a look southbound 275 to i-4 about a 20-minute commute and a little issue and this is in the median it's not tying up any lanes but this is southbound traffic. typically gets busy here but sometimes people tend to slow down check out what's going on and that's what's happening. roosevelt not seeing
6:40 am
this one still working but trying to clear up at 139th avenue. in clearwater i just got word of a crash on harrison right by pinellas. so i'm going to have more on that coming up in my next report. all right. well, president elect donald trump has released a new message to the american people. >> in a video he outlines his agenda for his first 100 days. >> it will be based on a simple first. >> in this video he lists several points to his plan, he addresses several issues including trade cyber attacks and immigration. >> i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> not addressed in the video a wall along the mexican border or any sort of discussion on trump's campaign promise of repealing obama care.
6:41 am hurricane hermine hit months ago but residents are still feeling the damage, coming up how they're working together to rebuild this popular tourist town. >> and florida sunshine is paying off for bay area beach communities, still ahead a look
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. it's been 3 months since hurricane hermine pounded the gulf coast of florida. one of the hardest hit areas cedar key. ryan hughes joins us from there live this morning. it's just before thanksgiving and even though that small town was lashed by hermine many have a lot to be thankful for. >> good morning. they do, many homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed by the storm. some people are even preparing to put their homes on
6:45 am
after water got inside. everyone here has pulled together to recover and rebuild quickly. . >> there are plenty of signs that show how a small town can rebound after a trying time. >> tore off the back wall and we got 4 feet of water in the store. >> market at cedar key was one of the hardest hit businesses when hurricane hermine battered the island in early september. >> i was told the fruit was the water. >> the market is back in business just in time for the busy holiday season. >> everything from this point right here out was all blown out in the street. >> hermine caused roughly half a million dollars in damage at the beach front motel a 9-foot storm surge battered the buildings, we rode out part of the storm on the second floor, rooms on the first floor were obliterated. every piece of furniture was
6:46 am
and it's going quick now. >> it was shut down for 2 months, 3 rooms damaged had been renovated and all are expected to be finished soon. back here live on cedar key this morning where you can see the sun is starting to come up. the sentiment around town when we were here yesterday is everyone here seems very thankful even though the construction and rebuilding continues. >> good to hear that they feel that way and well, there's some good news this morning about florida's biggest business tourism hit record numbers in the first 9 months of 2016 despite 2 hurricanes and the zika virus. new numbers show 85 million visited the state during the first 9 months of the year that is the highest 9-month total ever. good news for pinellas county and its beaches, tax collections are expected to top $50 million this year.
6:47 am
beaches, pays for the field, the spring training facilities a lot of things that we take for granted. >> they estimate taxes paid by tourists save each taxpayer about $700 per year. and from sunny florida to this, here's another reason people like florida, look at what people in the northeast are waking up to 3 feet of snow and blowing wind that's creating drifts that are this is video from loraine new york which is north of syracuse. you can see the lake effect snow has blanketed everything, and if you thought it was a lot of snow the area is bracing for more snow before this holiday week is over. . >> you know the kids have as to love this. they're home for thanksgiving, out there probably playing if the parents let them. >> yeah, they must just love that blistering snow. >> dad who has to shovel the driveway.
6:48 am
on the weather. you know you don't have to shovel sunshine though right. look how beautiful it is from the veterans ford camera in tampa, 46 degrees, chilly but pretty. and this will be just a short lived little cold snap this morning. jackets needed 49 at 8 a.m. but then warm sunny 70 by noon, 75 at 3 p.m. and it should be very pleasant during the afternoon. although it's chilly now rich checked in with me, myea 37, 37 also in brandon right now about 59 in st. petersburg and 34 in inverness. here's the perspective we need it's 24 in detroit and 39 new york city. what i want you to notice is this warm air right here that's where the storm system is beginning to develop already starting to see more snow in the upper midwest and that may cause some travel concerns. look at the long range forecast as we
6:49 am
for a breeze and a nice mild afternoon. look at the storm system as it pulls up toward the great lakes on wednesday the big travel day going to be bringing a lot of rainfall. the cold front really never comes through here so we don't see much of any rain shall, we don't see much of any change in our forecast locally. have your friends and family come here. 75 today, 78 tomorrow and 80 on turkey day. how's traffic? >> just remember the house early. of course it is the busiest travel day of the season. so remember that when you're heading out and again the earlier you leave the better it's going to be especially after 2:00 it gets really bad. here we go we're looking at traffic right now southbound 275 see that truck another vehicle off to the left here in the median and it's not tying up any lanes but adding to a slow and go ride. it's already slow here any way but you can see it in the distance.
6:50 am
22 minutes to i-4, all right let's talk about clearwater i mentioned this crash harrison avenue at pinellas street to be on the look out for that just outside of the downtown area. up to speed on highway 60, drew it actually looks pretty good too there. over here this didn't no longer a factor at 139th avenue. i just want you to be on look out for it and some travel times through ybor starting to busy now westbound i-4 but the vets hanging onto a nice ride. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. lakeland firefighters heating things up with a calendar. >> the fire department just released the rescued pets 2017 calendar here a sneak peek for you. >> where are the pets? >> they're coming. some adorable rescued pets along with some buff lakeland firefighters. it benefits the spca florida.
6:51 am
oxygen mask and you can buy the calendar online. >> you're going to need the mask when you pass out flipping through the pages of the calendar. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including breaking news out of clearwater where another convenient store is robbed. >> and a deadly school bus crash in tennessee why investigators arrested the driver.
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6:54 am
. a training i can school bus accident in tennessee killed 5 elementary school students and left many more badly injured. >> now, the bus driver is facing vehicular homicide charges and many more. the 24-year old was the driver of the school bus when it slammed into a tree and split apart. 35 elementary school students were onboard. investigators say at the very at least speed was a factor. tampa police are searching
6:55 am
leaving him in the hospital with multiple broken bones. >> we're joined now from tampa general hospital where that boy is still recovering this morning. >> well, doctors say it could take months before this little boy could walk again and now his parents are pleading for help from the community to find the driver that hit their little boy. the 12-year old was hit thursday along hannah avenue in tampa. he was playing outside with a friend when a car hit him from behind. he says seeing the car but witnesses say that he pushed his friend out of the way. detectives with the tampa police department are still searching for the driver of a newer model ford fusion silver in color. they're not sure how much damage that car sustained in that crash. 4 robberies in the same clearwater neighborhood in just 24 hours. this latest one happened just after 2 this morning at a 7-11. the robber
6:56 am
money and got away in a car. police are investigating so see if this and the other robberies could be connected. a teenager was found wandering in the woods horribly abused. a resident spotted her tangled up in the bushes. now, these 2 are behind bars accused of abusing the giver at their home. texas police catch up with an accused cop killer. mccain murdered veteran police detective marconi as he sat in his principal car. he was writing a traffic ticket when it happened. he confessed on camera telling reporters he did it because he was upset over a custody battle. president elect donald trump released a video where he outlines his agenda for his first 100 days in office. he addressed issues like trade, cyber attacks and immigration. he did not address the mexican border wall or obama care. and the tampa lightning
6:57 am
predators. the match up was nasty at one point nearly everyone on the ice was fighting. they're home for a game tomorrow against the philadelphia fliers. beautiful start to tuesday from the freedom plaza in sun city center, a little chilly at 44 degrees but 33 in zephyrhills. so definitely need the coat. 46 clearwater, 45 in apollo beach. if you don't like wait long, warm at 70 by noon, tomorrow it will not be as chilly in the morning and make it to 78 in the answer, thanksgiving looks great at 80 and 81 on black friday. traffic is a little bit lighter than normal. we still have our typical slow and go, look at that south 275, just barely any slowing coming away from plant city overall. it's a lighter drive and so who can't appreciate that today. all right checking out clearwater at
6:58 am
cameras. see that activity off there in the middle of the roadway, that's actually on the left shoulder of the median at this point southbound on 275 around hillsborough avenue and moving over to the other cameras we've got a little bit of slow and go action right around sly so it starts to slow and then it goes no downtown tampa but really that's our slow west part of the interstate and a little bit on westbound i-4. but not too bad. the bay area bridges school. next on today a closer look at donald trump's plans for his first 100 days in office. stay with us here on news channel 8. >> i'll be here all morning long
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. tragic accident. >> school bus flipped off the roadway. >> a horrific bus crash in school children. more than two dozen others injured. the 24-year-old driver arrested overnight. we're live on the scene as authorities try to figure out exactly what caused the crash. setting his agenda. donald trump posting this video laying out what he plans to do as soon as he takes the oath of office. >> my agenda will be based on a simple core principle -- putting america first. >> the campaign promises that made the cut, and the ones that may have to wait.


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