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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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. right now on news channel 8 today. >> well the turkey is eaten, the football games are over, and now yep, it is time to many already in stores this morning. we're finding out the best deals people found overnight. >> and you may have seen this video, that's thanksgiving holiday traffic in los angeles. but for us here in the bay area when is the best time for you hit the road? today, tomorrow. we'll tell you what the expertsd breaking overnight brady bunch mom florence henderson has passed away. we'll have a look
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career coming up. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> happy black friday to you. time is 5:30 and leigh is here with a look at our weather. >> you may be going out and buying holiday gifts but doesn't feel like the holidays. max defender 8 is on the job keeping us nice and dry this morning but even warmer than we were on thanksgiving morning. clearwater you're 64, cooler spots up north at 54 in inverness but that's still warmer than yesterday. lakeland a difference in tampa and in brandon you're 7 degrees warmer than yesterday and you thought yesterday was warm. 4 degrees warmer in brooksville and plant city. let's take you through the rest of the day. the sun is going to rise 8 a.m. we'll be at 65 degrees, there may be a few low clouds around but generally blue sky. so we warm up to 78 at noon and a beautiful afternoon as well just a toasty one at 80 at 4 p.m. at 5:38 i do have an hour by hour look at your forecast and the 8-day
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in the meantime we're going to let you know that you can sleep in for a bit. >> i'm still going to be hanging up my christmas stuff outside. hey if you're heading out on the roads maybe you have to work today or doing some shopping it's going to be a great drive for you, absolutely no accidents on our interstates 75 in the green, 275, veterans expressway, let's take a look at our outlet malls, no problems there along 75. and then we're going to wrap area just to the west of i-75 the tampa premium outlet's again no problems there on 56 or 54. any delays are all related to traffic signals there. back to you. well breaking news overnight tv actress florence henderson has passed away at the age of 82. >> henderson's agent confirmed she passed away thursday night from heart failure at a southern
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she came from a simple background but reached for the stars. . >> here's a story of a lovely lady. >> that lovely lady is florence henderson who played america's favored mom carol brady on the brady bunch. but her real story went so ideal. born in 1934 henderson grew up poor with an alcoholic father and a mother who left when she was just 12 years old. henderson used her singing talent to entertain the family and help make ends meet. >> i don't ever remember not singing. and i would sing and pass the hat and i'd sing for groceries. . >> her big break came in 1951 when she landed a starring role in oklahoma. the singer turned acre then took her talents to tv. in 1959 she was nbc's today girl and became the
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tonight show in 1962. then in 1969, henderson became carol brady. >> i created the kind of mother that i wished i'd had, and i think that everyone longs for. i get so much fan mail from all over the world, and everybody wants a hug. >> yeah. >> from me. >> yeah. >> and i hug everybody. >> yeah. >> i get so much affection. . >> henderson continued to act and sing on tv for decades after th dancing with the stars. henderson had 4 children with her first husband, she met her second husband while undergoing treatment for stage fright and a fear of flying. >> people used to kid john and say you hypnotized her. >> the treatment worked so well she became a certified therapist herself. henderson became a patient of a different kind when at the
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>> you can imagine for someone who makes their living to music and when you all of a sudden don't hear that piano, instrument says it is the most terrifying feeling in the world. >> doctors discovered she had an ear disease. but after multiple surgeries henderson's hearing was restored. >> i have stainless steel in both ears, i can cook in my ears nothing sticks to them. >> henderson seems to always look on the shouldn't be there. >> say good night florence. >> good night florence, oh, good night everyone. >> such great advice. >> what a class act. what a career she had. it was so amazing. >> it's crazy we're just learning some of the stuff that we didn't know. she just had such a dynamic career. >> the broadway part that voice of her. >> she will be missed. right now many bay area malls and stores set to open.
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friday. >> thousands of people are packing local stars right now to get their hands on bargains. ryan hughes has more from west shore plaza. >> good morning. the doors just closed at 1 a.m., only set to reopen a few hours later at 6:00 this morning. when we actually were here around 2:30 we saw a worker leaving the mall and she remarked to a security guard i'll see you in a few hours. so you that that the folks here will certainly have their hands full with a lot of shoppers today. hundreds if not thousands of people expected to pack west shore plaza. let's go to video that shows stores from last year from last black friday, walmart, target, other area malls and outlet's packed to the brim as people were looking for bargains like $299 tvs and bicycles for the kids. but again here at
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should be a really busy day here and certainly all over the bay area. back to you for now. . >> yeah i saw people hitting the malls when i came in at 1:30 this morning. if you do shop today be careful in those parking lots, thieves are on the prowl. stay alert when walking to your car especially if you park in a parking garage or far away from the entrance. there will be officers in marked patrol cars and some in plain clothes patrolling the lots today. shoppers we police presence watching over their presents and other valuables. >> i think it's an awesome idea. i think that the whole society today i think malls are nothing but big parking lots for people who are wanting to just . . >> they certainly are. another tip if you leave the mall with purchases and plan to go back move your car to a different spot.
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watching you he'll think that you've left the mall. you probably should put your stuff in the trunk before you move the car so they don't see you transferring things over. that one i just came up with myself. certainly no safety expert but it made sense. >> that's a tip that i've never heard before. it makes sense although you're right you may have to spend 10 or 15 minutes looking for a spot but if it saves your gift definitely worth it was chilly in the beginning of the week but it has warmed up significantly. 64 by 7 a.m. but then 73 at noon. 78 -- 73 at 10, 78 at noon, 81 degrees at 3 p.m. and even this evening at 6:0075 degrees. here's some good news look coast to coast basically dry on this black friday which of course airport delays reporting no delays across the country. so that's some good news, but you
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which is typically or dry east month of the year this has been compels naturally dry one day of rain and that was a sprinkle on wednesday the 9th. today's high 81, above average and 79 tomorrow, less humid and a little cooler on sunday but right back into the low 80s for monday, tuesday an wednesday. so we check in now with traffic on the 8s. i see my role today is to you that you have nothing to worry about if you're heading out right now traffic is very light. good morning to you in the brandon riverview area. i-75 looks fantastic. no problems with state road 60. any delays are related to traffic signals. we'll move you over to i-4 looks great, no problems there. veterans expressway the construction projects that we see regularly during the week, well, they have
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off of work today too. so you're not going to have to worry about that and pinellas county no problems on 275 between the howard frankland and the sunshine skyway bridge. another update in just a couple of minutes. now, back to you. well, a lot of giving on thanksgiving here in the bay area. a local deli owner opened her doors to feed those less fortunate for free. the staff cooked up thanksgiving dinner for the community. the fa dozens were treated to thanksgiving fixings turkey, potatoes and of course you can't have thanksgiving without the pie. afterwards they packed up the food to drop it off to others needing a holiday meal. and for the 30th year donatella restaurant gave 1,000 families a first class dining experience. it welcomed families with a meal plus gifts for the children. the line
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families waiting for their table. >> tampa institution it's been around forever. that is definitely one of the top spots to go. >> looks like they had a big crowd yesterday. coming up violence at a russian talk show. >> yeah, a fight breaks out during a taping. we'll tell you why fists started flying. . >> and heartbreaking thanksgiving in louisville, we
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a boat hit and run happened last night. take a look at the damage.
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driver of the boat ran from the scene on land but authorities caught up to him at a nearby marina. the owner of that dock describes hearing the impact. . >> i couldn't imagine the sound of something like i've never heard before just imagine cracking those 2 by 6s like toothpicks. and you can hear snap, bang, boom. what the hell is that, you know? >> well the driver of that boat was taken in for questioning and unclear if heil we do have a call into florida fish and wildlife. amazing new information to pass along this morning a california mother missing for 3 weeks has been found alive. she vanished while jogging on november 2nd. police say she was able to flag down a passing driver still in her restraints. right now the sheriff is looking for 2 hispanic women in a dark
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donald trump may be spending thanksgiving in palm beach but still hard at work. he tweeted out working hard on thanksgiving trying to get the carrier air-conditioning company from moving 1,400 jobs to mexico. he added he is making progress and will know soon. carrier confirms it spoke with the incoming administration but nothing to announce at this time. police in louisville are searching for the person or people responsible for shooting and killing 2 people at a louisville park on thanksgiving. . >> that was dramatic cell phone video capturing the moments that gunshots range out and you can see people falling to the ground. the shooter was hospitalized, it happened about 200 yards from the annual juice bowl football game an event attended by the city's mayor.
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southeast are not taking a break on holiday. it has burned more than 100,000 acres. dozens of hikers had to stop in their tracks. a burn ban is in place meaning hikers are not allowed to light any kind of flames or camp fires to stay warm on cold night so their hike came to an end. they got a great holiday meal. most say they plan to finish the trail in the spring. well, further north in new likely brought tear to the eyes of firefighters, an onion farm went up in flames. no one was inside, and there are no injuries. the cause of the fire is unknown. but fire officials say it does not appear to be suspicious. they say the facility is a total loss and the fire caused more than a million dollars in damages. the 87th annual kansas city plaza lighting ceremony kicked
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of 15 blocks were decorated with lights that line the buildings there. more than 280,000 lights are used to light up the plaza. they stay on through the middle of january. well checking out news around the world watch this chaos, a brawl breaks out during the taping of a russian tv talk show. the fight erupted after a polish journalists insulted the living conditions in russian. the host challenged the journalist and other guests on the show they chimed in. the russian tv channel did upload the video to youtube. well u.s. troops stationed in afghanistan celebrated thanksgiving with their partners at the support headquarters. soldiers stood in line for a turkey dinner. this key base is 40 miles from the last isis strong hold in iraq.
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place like home for the holidays. >> well, that is a christmas song it will be associated with thanksgiving for one orlando family. take a look. >> what, oh my god, oh my god, are you kidding me? . >> all right let's rewind. 19-year old tara returned thanksgiving day from boot camp in texas. she's home for 25 days. so she'll just miss christmas. her boyfriend met her at the airport and no one but her dad knew that she certainly a great holiday memory. and you know, so emotional for those families and just appreciate not just those who serve but the sacrifice of their families. >> can you imagine how hard it must be to know not if your loved one is avenue and you're at home and the pleasure of having them come home for the holiday. leigh is here with a look at our black friday forecast. >> yes, really beautiful out there. we have our max defender
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but a million watts of power still can't find any rain i am bumping up the humidity a touch so i was thinking we would see some patchy fog. so far that has not been the case but certainly no holiday chill in the area. 65 degrees at 8 a.m. partly cloudy, 78 at noon, 81 at 3 p.m., so above average feeling a little more spring like. right now it's 63 in plant city, 61 in lakeland, 68 in sarasota. other places do chill 19 in rapid city, but actually across the country not a lot going on weather wise. pacific northwest is going to have some rain and some sprinkles up across the northern tier of the country. for us just another mild day. now, tomorrow technically a cold front comes through. it's not much rain with it maybe a sprinkle and only slightly less humid on sunday. right back to warm conditions for monday and tuesday, but actually as we head into wednesday this cold front is going to get a little closer
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up to 30% by thursday. let's check on traffic. >> well, we have an accident now on northbound 75 at big bend road south of the riverview area. fhp on scene. they say everything is off to te shoulder and we're not seeing any delays. in fact, no delays on any of our major roadways. very quiet for your commute early on this friday morning. and your bay area bridges are up to speed. back to you. well, black friday shopping is a crazy day especially if you're a parent. >> yeah, so many choices it can be a little bit overwhelming up next the toys that are in this year and the toys you may want to steer clear of for the safety
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as you head out for shopping there are some toys experts say it's best to avoid rockets, darts and sling shots not recommended for any age but dangerous for young children. hover boards are back after a home caught fire last year. the safety commission says shoppers should be sure the product carries the ul certified symbol meaning it has passed all safety
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packing new technology under the hood. hot wheels is rolling out the next generation of super charged with artificial intelligence. play-department of health has an app and barbie is getting an upgrade. it's the dream house. >> the toilet flushes and you can manipulate things by using an app on your phone. >> does the toilet back up. hatchables and of many this year. the surprise pet hatches right in your hands if you can get your hands on one of hatchables. aim saying it right? fortunately my kids don't want one. if your hoping today is the day you get those toys you'll have to jump into the fray of black friday shopping. >> some scary words for some people here in america.
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rushing to get the deals but how are things looking here in the bay area? we'll take a look at some local malls ahead in our next half hour. let's take you live outside to the beautiful downtown tampa on this black friday. it looks like it's
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a mild day after thanksgiving, 68 at tampa international airport. a few passing clouds and tomorrow a cold front arrives. a stray sprinkle about a 10% chance and 79 slightly less humid down to 77. a whole 2 degrees cooler by sunday. well, i checked with fhp i do have an update that accident northbound at 75 at big bend they're saying the left lane is blocked but the good news is
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through that area. in fact no delays on any of our interstates, a whole lot of green. so if you do have to work today or maybe you're going shopping not much to slow you down. you're watching news
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right now on news channel 8 today. >> remembering florence henderson the brady bunch mom passed away overnight. a look back >> plus black friday shopping, thousanding of people will pack area malls looking for those deals, how this could impact traffic in some areas and some of today's hot deals. >> and 8 is on your side with a toy suggestion that could prepare your little ones for a science career. >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. . >> happy black friday to you. i hope you had a great thanksgiving. time is 6:00 and


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