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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  November 25, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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donation to the american heart association. on the next daytime, we're going to tell you what holiday foods you should be piling on your plate. the news is next. well, the turkey is eaten and now it's time to gobble up the black friday deals. we'r the good deals out there. >> and you may have seen this video that's thanksgiving holiday traffic in los angeles but for us when is the best time to travel? is it today, tomorrow? well, we'll let you know what the experts say and brady bunch mom florence henderson has passed away. and good morning. we're going to head over to leigh
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we've been having. >> the blue skies, warm day for anything you were doing outside. today you're at the mall or putting up the holiday decorations. the lakeland mall already reporting 77 degrees and a touch more humidity, but when you look at max defender 8 we're certainly not finding any rainfall, it's just adding a couple more clouds to the area. november is typically our driest november exceptionally dry one day back on november 9th thank we had any rain a sprinkle. so now we're warming up, 81 in plant city, 79 in lakeland, 81 in sarasota. moving forward there will be a cold front coming through tomorrow. not going to bring much rain and not going to bring much cooler air. so back in the low 80s again monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week but after that a stronger cold front with better
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black friday is upon us. many up bright and early to grab bright bargains at stores all over the area. ryan hughes show us die-hard shoppers didn't even sleep. >> the tampa premium outlets opened at 6:00 thanksgiving night and won't close until 10 tonight. of course many walking away with a whole lot of deals. the flow of >> i buy a lot of stuff going back and forth to the car and just drop off the bags there. >> when we talked he had already spent 2,000 bucks on christmas gifts. the outlets were packed all night and into the morning. this is video from eagle 8 hd. these sisters started their shopping around 9 thursday night. we caught up with them 9 hours later as they made their way through the
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saving a few bucks. >> we door this every year as a memory maker. i guess and our mom. we're crazy like that. >> amanda man the counter at the starbucks. the line was filled with die-hard shoppers who needed a pick me up. >> you've got to have a positive attitude then they'll have a positive attitude. >> which many did as they looked for clothes, jewelry and footwear all on sale and walked away with great deals as the shopping season is now ofci and if you do shop today be careful in those parking lots because thieves are on the principal. stay alert when walking to your car. there will be officers in marked patrol cars and in some cases plain clothes patrol officers also going around the lots today. shoppers we spoke with really appreciate that increased police
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>> i think it's an awesome idea. i think that the whole society today i think malls are nothing but big apartments for people who are wanting to just thief. >> and here is another 8 on your side tip if you leave the mall with purchases and plan to go back in you might want to think about moving your car to a different spot. as always the roads are going to be very busy this holiday weekend. we have some thanksgiving weekend driving tips. >> well, we do have over 46 million people traveling this weekend, what does that mean? that means there's going to be a lot of cars on the roadway, a lot coming back to the bay area. google maps has sent me their data just on the tampa bay area and apparent the best time to return is today. now, the worst time to return with the most traffic would be saturday also some things to keep in mind
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roads a lot of traffic near're n the parking lots make sure you look behind you, it gets really really congested. in fact, i've got a nice stat from the national transportation and highway safety backing up crashes they did a 4-year study the average injured in in those crashes where people were backing up 13,000 a year and usually backing up in parteds or driveways. so definitelye careful. and we have breaking news this morning, a south carolina judge has found charleston church shooting suspect roof competent to stand trial. he's facing the death penalty in the fatal shooting of 9 black worshippers back in 2015. he had been federally indicted on 33 counts related to the murders. jury selection will begin on monday. and developing this morning
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answers from florida fish and wildlife about an boating accident hit an run last night. fwc tells us a small fishing boat crashed through a dock, in pinellas county. the driver of the boat actually ran from the scene on foot but authorities did catch up with him at a nearby marina. the owner of that dock describes hearing the impact. . >> i couldn't imagine the sound something like i've never heard before. just imagine the crack toothpicks. and you can here snap, bang, boom, what the hell is that? >> the driver was taken in for questioning. it is unclear if he will be arrested. we have a call into florida fish and wildlife and let you know when we hear more. a man stabbed his own parents during an argument over thinking dinner right in front of friends and family.
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they say he got into an argument with his mom and stabbed both of his parents. his 76-year old father is in critical condition, his mother is in serious condition. . >> don't you think holidays sometimes brings out the worst in people, and perhaps whatever the argument was if there was an argument it just got out of hand. . >> he is now facing 2 counts attempted murder and is being amazing new information to pass along this morning, a california mother who had been missing for 3 weeks has been found alive. she vanished while jogging on november 2nd. police say she captors released her and she was available to flag down a driver. . >> it was just a rush of relief
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possible sense. >> right now the sheriff is looking for 2 hispanic women in a dark colored suv who may be armed. president elect donald trump may be spending thanksgiving with family in palm beach but still hard at work tweeting out this morning working hard even on thinking trying to stop the carrier air-conditioning company from moving 1,400 jobs to mexico. he added that soon. >> they confirmed that they did speak with the incoming administration but nothing to announce at this time. well, hollywood is mourning the loss of an iconic tv mother. actress florence henderson has passed away at the age of 82. they passed away last night from heart failure where she was surrounded by loved ones. henderson came from a very simple background but reached
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. >> here's the story of a lovely lady. >> that lovely lady is florence henderson who played america's favorite mom carol brady on the 1970s hit sit come the brady bunch but her real story, she grew up poor with an alcoholic father and a mother who left when she was just 12 years old she used her singing talent to entertain the family and help make ends meet. >> i d singing, and i would sing and pass the hat and i'd sing for groceries. . >> her big break came in 1951 when she landed a starring role in oklahoma. the singer turned actor then took her talents to tv. in 1959 she was nbc's today girl and became the first woman to guest host the tonight show in 1962. then in 1969, henderson became carol
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. >> i created the kind of mother that i wished i'd had, and i think that everyone longs for. i get so much fan mail from all over the world and everybody wants a hug from me and i hug everybody. i get so much affection. . >> henderson continued to act and sing on tv for decades after the brady bunch. she even was on dancing with the stars in 2010. henderson had 4 children with her first husband, she met her second husband while undergoing treatment for stage fright and a fear of flying. >> people used to kid john and say you hypnotized her. >> the treatment worked so well she became certified herself. henderson became a patient of a different kind when she started to lose her hearing.
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sudden don't here that instrument it is the most terrifying feeling in the world. >> doctors discovered she had an ear disease but after multiple surgeries henderson's hearing was restored. >> i have stainless steel in both ears. i can cook in my ears nothing sticks to them. >> she seemed to always look on the bright side. >> if you're not having fun you shouldn't be there.>> >> good night florence. good night everyone. a grandmother's accidental thanksgiving invite goes viral and coming up the chance meeting of that invite. >> i have updates to some of my most talked about better call behnken stories including this house which has turned into a dangerous eye sore. >> and it certainly was a colorful sunrise on this black friday brought to us by jen.
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. after an accidental text 2 virtual strangers a grandmother and a teenager had thanksgiving together after all. >> i like virtual because it's happening via text. it started when grandma sow to a text message thread inviting her family to dinner but even after they figured out the mix-up her incompetent have a takes remained and the story went virtual. they hoped their chance meeting inspires some love this holiday season. . >> people are saying i have faith in humanity again and i'm just thinking wow. >> wow, yeah. the story got stove top stuffing's attention. they tweeted they were giving
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you would still invite a stranger just because they're no longer a stranger any more. you've had a text conversation. come over invite your whole family. >> that's one way to stretch out your 2 minutes of fame. >> it also helps so you don't have as many left overs. >> i told you what i had for breakfast. >> mom's homemade banana cream pie. pie. it was a frying a turkey or playing football absolutely beautiful out there. however, check out this, a truly awesome shot to share with you it's a white rainbow or a fog bow. it was caught on cam camera. it's described as a colorless rainbow. made up of tiny water droplets. you think about a rainbow and breaking you know,
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light but all being white like that is very uncommon. and today we have nothing but sunshine locally, right. there are a few passing clouds but it is already 77 degrees outside. not really holiday like, but i don't hear too many complaints. veterans ford camera in tampa got a few clouds already 76 degrees the humidity level is coming up as well but max defender 8 of course a million watts of power appeared not finding rainfall change we might be able to ring out a sprinkle or 2 tomorrow. today is the beginning of the teddy bear round up so starting today please donate a new bear, we always partner up with the rough riders in memory of our colleague john winter. it will go through december 19th. look at for all the drop off locations. we just got them in the weather office. so the forecast center is now very lit
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they're not just given out during the holiday season they're given out all year long to kids in the hospital. thank you so much. some patchy clouds around 1 p.m. 79 degrees, a little bit more humid by 3 and a warm 81 degrees then slowly cooling back down to 72 by 7 this evening. we've already got plenty of 80s on the map. toasty in plant city at 82, 81 in sarasota, not a lot going on across the country as weather is concerned. so everybody is enjoying this black friday with nice calm weather. for us a few passing clouds. higher humidity, mild. now, this forecast model says maybe a sprinkle i'm not putting that in there i think it's an indication that humidity level is increasing out ahead of an approaching cold front. so tomorrow morning the front still not with us. going to be a very mild start to saturday. we might be able to squeeze out one or 2 sprinkles behind this cold front not much cooler either.
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sunday. so a little lower humidity, you may notice but not a lot of cooler air. then right back into the low 80s, monday, tuesday and wednesday. i am tracking a stronger cold front its exact timing still a little bit up in the air at this point but looks like mid to late week next week we may be able to get some real rain in at least a few spots about a 30% chance. it's been nice for the sunshine but the ground is dry. if you've been side, better call behnken. . >> when you have tough to solve problems you know that you better call behnken and shannon doesn't give up. this morning she has updates to some of her most talked about stories. >> this eye sore of a house has to go. neighbors pinellas county officials even the homeowner all agree the best course of action is demolition
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foreclosure for more than 5 years. residents who live near the home turned to better call behnken in august after years of fighting on their own. i found bank of america and a third party loan servicer couldn't get the okay from the local homeowner. so i tracked her down and kept on the banks and now crews have marked the home to be demolished. the tear down is expected within the next 2 weeks. . >> i think property value will increase and we are going to be very happy. . >> this next story is among the more bazaar better call behnkens. >> it's going to be black with red metal in it. >> jim turned to me for help after waiting for 9 and a half years for a car restoration. he paid $11,000 for some body work at a complete paint job but the car was still not painted. i paid the shop fred's body works a visit and work quickly resumed but now 5 months later things
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but never assembled because the owner suffered a severe illness. jim picked up the car this week and plans to put it back together himself. i spoke with fred this afternoon and he tells me he regrets the way that this all turned out but glad that he was able to get the car painted before he became ill. well, what began as a coaching report turned into a full fledged soap get you caught up on the lsu coaching search and what it
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. well, looks like florida state fans can breathe a sigh of relief it appears that fisher is staying put. a report has lsu close to hiring houston head coach herman.
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statement saying that's just speculation. fisher reportedly took himself out of the running late wednesday night. he's hinted to re cruelties as well as listeners that he intends to stay at florida state. and with him evidently staying put fans can focus on the big game tomorrow against florida. in terms of rank and record this match is even up. florida is ranked 13th, the gate eggs have an 8 and 2 record. this is a prime time game. kick off at 8. florida leads the all-time series record at 34-24 and 2. but before florida, florida state there is also the biggest game of the weekend that's ohio state and michigan, number 2 versus number 3. the biggest game since 2006 when they were number one versus number 2. both teams right now stand at 10-1. the winner can pretty much guarantee themselves
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the selection committee. kick off for this huge game is noon tomorrow. and across the country thousands of volunteers served thanksgiving meals to less fortunate families among them mike alstadt. here he is with his wife cooking dinner for parents and children at the ronald mcdonald house. as you can imagine cooking was the last thing o thinking about their children's recovery at the hospital. . >> that's what thanksgiving is all about thanking our blessings and health and what not, but again you know and praying for each other and being together. . >> and here's one example of how appreciative the families are. this is a 10-month old, she's doing a great job recovering from a heart transplant. her parents so appreciative of the
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its support. well, how about when talk shoes turn into brawls? coming up what caused a fight to erupt on this russian tv show after this. . >> and here's a tower cam shot of our beautiful day, check it out gorgeous skies if you're headed to the beach that's not a bad idea. just being outdoors perfect for anything. huge savings on stylish pieces. plus you'll get thirty-six month, no-interest financing. hurry, the after thanksgiving sale ends november 28th. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. the after thanksgiving sale at havertys.
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. it's the annual unofficial launch of the holiday shopping season also known as black friday. we'll talk to some bay area bargain hunters about the deals that they found. >> and is obama care on life support? we'll take alook at what the affordable care act could be like under president elect trump. and television with a punch. we're going to show you why a russian talk show turned into a brawl. good morning.
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on your weather. it's beautiful. so if you have plans to be outside anytime the rest of the day today, saturday or sunday, pretty much bet that it's not going to be raining. 78 degrees at the lake club in lakeland ranch. now, it is warm and a little bit more humid. we haven't gone back to july or august levels but we start out the week very dry. in fact, we had some burn concerns because it was so dry. so now the humidity is justre any rainfall, just a couple of extra clouds. temperatures though really starting to warm up. at the air force base already at 80, 73 in palm harbor. 79 in riverview. dade city also at 80 and 83 at bartow. high temperature today of 81 degrees above the average of 76. tomorrow is 79. there is a cold front coming thh but it only knocks us down to 77 on sunday before we're back up
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this is why i'm talking about rain chances slim to none. black friday is here. the tampa premium outlets opened at 6:00 last night and the flow of shoppers was non-stop. so was the spending. many people are walking away with a whole lot of deals and enjoying some family time as well. >> i buy a lot of stuff going back and forth to the car bags there. >> we do this every year as a memory maker us and our mom we're crazy like that. >> the tampa premium outlets by the way are opening until 10:00 tonight. and with talks of president elect donald trump replacing obama care, what does the future hold for the affordable care act? . >> reporter: republicans have been promising to repeal and replace the affordable care act
11:33 am
president elect's donald trump's to do list but won't be easy especially with more than 20 million americans depending on it for health coverage. >> the administration owns obama care for the next 2 years. they're going to have to implement it as it is because the plan they're talking about is so significantly different you can't pull little pieces out of this. >> reporter: speaker's paul ryan's a one replacement road map. it includes proposals endorsed by president elect like tax credits and allowing insurance to be sold across state lines to increase competition. >> they have stressed that they want to have freedom of choice. so as you know the plans have been very structured so what they offer and not. there's a desire to change that to create more freedom of choice. >> they keep the
11:34 am
discriminating against those with preexisting conditions for those who maintain insurance coverage. they'd drop health plan requirements to cover things like annual screenings and birth control to allow more basic plans but could charge older sicker patients more and instead of a cadillac tax on expense sieve employer health plan they would cap how much companies can deduct. >> you need $87 billion, that's what's projected that you would pay for many of the provisions in the plan. now, with congressman ryan's plan it is essentially a way of reducing the tax level and getting more revenue. >> reporter: as for the tax subsidies a plan by georgia representative price would replace them with tax receipts ranging from 1,300 to
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. >> any repeal bill will likely include a transition period because as one consultant notes even when you move slowly it's a lot easier to mess up health care reform than it is to get it right. well, making news across america police in louisville kentucky are searching for the person or people responsible for shooting and killing 2 people at a park on thanksgiving day. . >> dramatic cell phone shots rang out. you see people falling to the ground to avoid getting shots. it hospitalized 4 people. no arrests have been made. wildfires across the southeast are not taking a break this thanksgiving. fire has burned through more than 100,000 acres and in hot spring north carolina dozens of trail through hikers had to stop in
11:36 am
place meaning hikers cannot light any kind of open flame or campfire to stay warm on cold nights. so their hike came to an end in a small mountain town but at least they they did get a hot holiday meal. families in tennessee continue to mourn the 6 children who were killed in that awful school bus crash monday. the mother of one of those children visited the site thursday. her brother says despite their awful pain >> she lost a child thanks god that my nephew he's going to be all right. made it out of icu okay. >> he's referring to an 8-year old who was one of the dozens hurt. that's the bus driver on your screen, 24-year old walker. he was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide reckless
11:37 am
struck off the coast of el salvador. no reports of injuries or damage there was however warnings of a tsunami. video showed people evacuating buildings after the quake struck. emergency services ordered evacuationses a wildfire has authorities say more than a thoe been reported in israel over the last week and so far only minor injuries. and watch this chaos, a brawl broke out during the taping of a russian tv. a talk show.
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polish journalist insulted the living conditions in russia. the host challenged the journalist and others chimed in. the program didn't air but the russian tv channel did upload this video to youtube. u.s. troops stationed in afghanistan celebrate thanksgiving with their any way tow partners the soldiers stood in line for a traditional turkey dinner. this key base is 40 miles from the last isis stronghold in iraq. well, as the song says there is no place like home for the holidays. and while that is traditionally a christmas song it certainly will forever be associated with thanksgiving for one orlando family. >> what? oh my god, oh my god? are you kidding me? . >> let's rewind here 19-year old
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she's home for just 25 days meaning she will miss christmas, her boyfriend met her at the airport and no one but her dad knew she was coming. what a great holiday memory. and if you're looking to inspire your little scientist this holiday season we'll show you some hot interactive toys that can do that without breaking the bank. >> also who needs bumper cars when you can >> and we did get this beautiful shot of bright jupiter in the sky last night as she wished all of us a happy thanksgiving and we hope that you had a nice thanksgiving and now head into black friday the weekend. i'll have more on the forecast for
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z25ehz z16fz y25ehy y16fy . what do you get when you mix one nfl hall of famer and 5
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scene during the first intermission at the hockey game in buffalo between the sabres and the red wings. so former football player buffalo bill and running back thomas was taken out at the start by former say better brad may and rob ray and peters also in the mix. the grudge match it looked a little more like butcher cars. that is what every hke >> it looks like some skinned knees. >> yeah, they were flying. >> of course the nhl guys would have an advantage. they're used to being on ice. >> yeah, even in shoes. well, we have -- well other than the ice rink no ice locally. it has been an extremely warm couple of days. we start the week out chilly but
11:44 am
this is the life 77 degrees, winds at 5 miles per hour. when you look at max defender 8 scanning the skies for you million watts of power this has been bone dry in fact, dry almost all of november. we've only had one day with even a sprinkle. so patchy clouds they're going to continue but a nice warm 79 by 1 p.m. you also may notice it's a touch more humid. 81 degrees at 3 p.m. so it will s down after sunset to about 72 by 7 p.m. 82 in plant city you just keep warming up. a little cooler right along the coast like in st. pete you're at 73 versus 78 in brooksville. cross the country we're relatively quiet. we do have this system kind of developing in the pacific northwest if you do have any travel plans or plans to go there or family coming home from there. so that's really the only major impact just some light sprinkles up across the
11:45 am
it's warm and sunny. so why isn't everyone coming here, right? long-term forecast mild today, a slight uptick in the humidity which means that tomorrow when i do bring this cold front through i left in about a 10% rain chance. being generous with that but might be able to get a sprinkle or 2. you do cool things down for a short period of time. notice the clockwise winds around this his to be warm and humid again for monday and tuesday. now, a stronger cold front which may bring some much needed rainfall to portions of the southeastern united states with all the fires going on it's finally going to get closer to us late wednesday. and that's why we'll begin to increase the rain chances late wednesday and into thursday, but not today. another warm day with a few passing clouds and a high temperature of 81 degrees.
11:46 am
weak cold front approaches us. so here's a break down for the next 8 days, 81 today and 79 tomorrow, like i said, it's not a huge cool down, yes you might notice that there's less humidity around on sunday. sunday is going to be a beautiful day. right now 20% rain chance on wednesday, 30% on thursday the better news is that the entire southeastern united states which needs some rain with this next cold front next week mayet side alert for you this morning as you head out for black friday shopping there are some toys experts say you should avoid, air rockets, darts and sling shots are not recommended for kids any age but definitely dangerous for young children. hover boards are back after some caught fire last year. the safety commission says shoppers should be sure that the product
11:47 am
that means it's passed all safety protocols. and if electronics are on your list keep an eye out for these with these button batteries. each year more than 28,000 children visit the er after swallowing them. jewelry or deck corporations that contain button batteries should be kept away from small children. and the holidays are a great way to equip the laboratories of our little scientists are a bunch of toys on the market to learn about stem. . >> stem toys are all about interactive play. i found out what the best buys are and the good news none of them will break your budget. . >> this christmas robots rule they give children of all ages hands-on experience with technology. the 4 m tin can
11:48 am
bucks. you can get kids started programming early, the $60 fisher price codeapilar is a programmable toy for kids as young as 3 and $50 makey circle board connects your computer to anything conductive. >> you can create a banana piano, you can create a game controller. >> building sets combine engineering, technology math and art. also on amazon's top toys list connects swing ride set for kids 8 and up is $30. sets for younger kids boost fine motor skills and problem solving.
11:49 am
construct, engineer, and experiment. also scientific explorer it's for children ages 6 and up and $10. microscopes are a great idea. this one connects to a tv for big screen exploration it's a bigger investment at $130. >> it's a great tool and it will grow along with the child. >> a few additional tips read product reviews. learn to you how to use the toys yourself and if science center for a quick refresher. back to you. and while some people will be shopping for deals others will opt out and spend the day outdoors. for the second year in a row rei is closed and encouraging americans to opt outside and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. more than 2 and a half million people have joined in on the idea. some national and state parks
11:50 am
today. and happening today it's the first day of buy a tree change a life. the plant city church of god is once again selling trees to help children in need. last year sales helped raise more than $26,000, that sale runs until 9 every night. also in plant city christmas lane opens this evening on the florida strawberry festival ground and run each night through christmas. admission is $5 for adults and $3 for plenty of family friendly activities to enjoy of course santa will greet visitors each night as well. for those in the plumbing industry today isn't black friday it's brown friday and here's why: today is the busiest day of the year for plumbers and drain cleaners. every year the day after thanksgiving they see a huge
11:51 am
kitchen sinks, and sewers. to make sure that your pipes stay clear don't poor fats or cooking oils down the drain. don't flush cotton balls or wet wipes down the toilet. j.k. rowling is grant ago special wish this holiday season, up next how she's
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11:54 am
. a young girl in syria is getting a lot of attention. she uploaded this video of her walking around the tests trucks of her city and caught the attention of j.k. rowling. she was featured in a video showing her walking around the bombed out ruins in her city. . >> i am sad it's so bad. . >> she put the video on her
11:55 am
of her life in that city . >> child also tweeted harry potter author j.k. rowling telling her she enjoyed one of the films and asked if she could get a book. wednesday she uploaded a thank you picture saying she had received the books. she had received all of the b reading them immediately. it's amazing the power of social media. >> sure is. >> you put that out there. you can be heard by so many people including someone like j.k. rowlings who can jump to action. well, thank you for joining us this morning. let's get a quick peek at the weather before we sign off. >> warm one, 81 degrees this afternoon which is above the average. the average is 76. so obviously much warmer than ts not uncomfortable.
11:56 am
you may get some water on your lawn, not many though. a slightly cooler sunday the time we head into next week back into the humidity ahead of a secondary cold front and that's the one that's really going to have a little bit better impact on us as far as rainfall is concerned late wednesday and into thursday. the timing may have to switch a little bit some of the models are bringing it in later so -- but know that toward the end of next week we have a little better boy november has been excessively dry. . >> we need some. >> yes. >> just not this weekend >> right. >> thanks for joining us i'll see you back here first at 4 and tonight again at 6. have a
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, it's black friday. november 25th. hope y had a fantastic thanksgiving. >> oh. >> i had a house full. it was fantastic. hope you're spending it today exactly the way you want. >> absolutely. hope you are -- probably still with your family, enjoying this. the holiday entertaining season, we've got a great show getting your home ready for guests and


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