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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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reliving a risky rescue. good evening. i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us tonight. new tonight a bay area dad counting his blessings after a thief steals his car with his young son in the back seat. this happened in gulfport where the thieves have been traveling the streets looky for easy targets. chip osowski is live in clearwater tonight at the pinellas county jail. chip, i hear of these thieves. >> reporter: absolutely, keith. police in gulfport believe it's part of that same group you mentioned that has been trolling the streets, the same group responsible for that thanksgiving dakar theft and kidnapping. >> -- day car theft and kidnapping. >> i heard my son's stroller fall off the side of the car, so i knew something was going on. he's only 18 months old, so he couldn't be out here. >> reporter: sean rodriguez
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car seat for the blink of an eye. i started screaming my baby is in there, my baby is in there! >> reporter: the young man only made it a few feet before crashing the car. he took off on foot. thankfully his son chase was not hurt. the police chief robert vincent tells me these young men are trolling the streets of gulfport looking for opportunities. >> just within the past few days we've had these cases wherun or two wherever they see a car unlocked or running with the keys in it. they run up real fast, take it when they can. >> reporter: but the group picked the wrong house when they spotted a workman's van at this jersey street residence. the van's owner spotted 18-year- old cedric chritton rummaging through the vehicle and held him at gun point till officers arrived early friday morning.
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me this is one thanksgiving he won't soon forget. >> they got my wallet. but my kid's the most important. that's all i care about. >> reporter: police are telling us this is just another reminder for folks to lock their car doors and, of course, do not leave your car running with your child inside. sean rodriguez as you just heard learned that the hard way. >> chip osowski live in clearwater, thank you for that. now to some breaking news, po murder in highlands county where a man was found dead on howard street in sebring. no details yet on who killed him, how or why, but investigators are all over this scene and the search for a suspect is underway. we'll update this story later on meanwhile shoppers flock to malls around the country for black friday. many are looking for the best deals on holiday gifts while others are simply there for the social aspect. bay area shoppers were up late
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shopping into this evening to get the very best deals. here at the supertarget in clearwater it was certainly no different. we talked to a lot of shoppers, some of whom love marathon shopping. meanwhile others know exactly what they're looking for and they're going for it. 137million are expected to shop this holiday weekend. while you are shopping local law enforcement wants you to know they're doing whatever they can to keep you safe. extra officers are out patrolling area. a lot of officers will be on the ground going through parking lots. some will have a sky tower. they'll keep a bird's eye view out for any trouble happening in the area. >> with an elevated platform it gives you a better opportunity to be able to see people behaving suspiciously operating in between cars, prying door handles. >> law enforcement is reminding shoppers to be sure to lock those car doors before you go
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area. things turn ugly and violent in a california shopping mall where a brawl broke out. cell phone video captured the black friday fight at modesto mall, several people involved, no word on what started fight which was broken up by security. in georgia shoppers going on a towel frenzy. dozens of people caught on security grabbing all the towels they could hold. they cleaned out the bins in no time flat. towe w commodity? some breaking news now just as the holiday travel season gets underway, french officials say they have thwarted a major and imminent isis terrorism plot. a couple targets included paris police hubs and disney land paris. france has remained under a state of emergency since the november 2015 paris attacks. those attacks killed 130 people
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as breaking news last night, a pinellas county boater is now facing criminal charges for what police call a drunk enjoy ride in boca ciega bay. authorities say 44-year-old robert hart was heavily intoxicated as he boated around the bay plowing into other vessels, even a couple of dogs. the one you see here is an example. he is charged now with boating urge the influence and leaving -- under the influence and leaving the scene of a crash. california woman who has been missing three weeks says she's thankful for the return of her sibling. sherri papini went missing november 22nd while jogging in northern california. thanksgiving she was freed by her captors and left on the side of the road in shackles about 140 miles from where she was last seen. today her sister thanked everyone for their support and gave an update on her sister's condition. >> i've seen her and it was a
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joyous reunion and we were very, very excited to see 1 another. it's been a range of emotions, sadness, anger. right now it's joy that she's here with us. >> a motive is still unknown. police are searching for two women believed to be her abductors. we have lost one of america's favorite tv moms tonight, florence henderson. she passed away at age behind son82. henderson's family said she wasn't -- henderson's family said she wasn't feeling well and they took her to the hospital. she laid down and reportedly never woke up. flowers were placed on her hollywood walk of fame star. henderson was best known for her role as carol brady in the brady bunch. she was also one of the original three hosts of the
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what was your favorite roam of hers? share your favorite memory of florence henderson on our news channel 8 facebook page. a miracle onnight93rd street is what firefighters are calling a daring rescue in order to save an 81-year-old man from the fifth floor of an apartment building. they had to perform a dangerous and rarely used rope rescue. one firefighter was through a window and they both slowly lowered to the ground. >> he was burning. at 1 point you could hear him yell i'm burning and i see him looking up at me with that hood up and i just said to him let's go. >> it was close, too. that rope snapped moments after they reached the ground. the fire was caused by an overloaded electrical cord. the building will have to be torn down. apparently a thief in minnesota really wanted some
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whipped a worker mopping the floor. as you can see in the video, things got slippery very quickly for both men as they continued to struggle. the worker was able to grab a piece of the thief's clothing before he got away and it's now in the hands of dna investigators. watch this close call. an out of control driver on the run nearly plows over a pedestrian. australian police were led on this high speed melbourne earlier today by an erratic young driver. you can see him here driving through traffic, even stopping at a gas station. the chase became too dangerous and was called off. tropical storm otto finally moved into the pacific, but it called plenty of problems as it swept across central america. in costa rica people were crossing a rushing river to get to safety. thousands were ordered to
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the wind and driving rain. otto dumped more than a month's worth of rain in some areas. massive plumes of ash spewing 16,000 feet into the air that could be seen for miles. this volcano was 43 miles south of mexico city. it's been fairly active in recent months. a young tampa boy is now on the road to recovery. >> coming up next just weeks after being badly hurt in a surprise of a lifetime. >> plus it's more than just a christmas lights display, the annual christmas lanes spectacular comes alive tonight with the flip of a switch. >> we've been on a warm dry streak as of late. rain chances increase going into next week.
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trying to make the best of a bad situation, today the tampa bay buccaneers surprised the victim of a hit and run accident. 12-year-old darryle ortega and his family were invited to buc one place and he was given tickets to sunday's game with the seahawks and a sign with a mike evans jersey. overwhelming his mother who came away filled with gratitude. >> encouraging him to want to reach the next step even if it's just two steps more today. the buccaneers have really played a huge part in his recovery and i will be eternally grateful. >> darryle has a tough road ahead. he brock every bone in his leg from the average -- broke every bone in his leg from the ankle up. he'll be in a cast for a while before going through another surgery, then another cast. tampa police are still looking
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the start of a very large bay area tradition, dozens of local christmas light shows. this year christmas lane is in plant city. it is celebrating the major milestones. paul mueller is in hillsborough county with what you and your family can expect if you go. >> reporter: everything may be sparkly and bright, but what you might not see is a child's fascination that head into a bay area tradition. oh, it wouldn't be christmas without the tree, lights and oh, yeah, lane wetherington. >> you start out way few rows of lights. >> reporter: a few rows of lights three decades ago has turned into this, christmas lane, lane wetherington the brain child of this holiday spectacular as a child was fascinated by the lights. >> i was always getting shocked because i was messing with something i shouldn't have been messing with, but the fascination of lighting and
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the event from his family's farm in dover to the strawberry festival. >> it's about family and christmas and old tradition. it's not commercialized to us. >> reporter: every year this family comes from alabama to see their grand parents. >> spending time with my grandma and papa and just seeing santa claus and all that. >> reporter: every year they all take the drive to christ you enjoy the whole theme, the scenery and everything, it's great. >> reporter: what about that big christmas tree over there, what do you think? >> it's really cool. >> reporter: 35 feet tall. >> i 15 a christmas tree that big. >> reporter: for lane -- i never seen a christmas tree that big. >> reporter: for lane seeing a child in awe. >> it's every age, they're amazed and intrigued by the
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>> reporter: just how many lights does it take to illuminate this case. lane said he really can't count. what's the power bill? he said it's about $10,000 and worth every penny. paul mueller, news channel 8. >> christmas lane runs through christmas night at charles grimes family agricultural center on the strawberry festival fairgrounds. admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children. it is a special time of year for the rough riders. they kicked off their the rough riders will collect new teddy bears now through december 19th. they distribute the bears throughout the year to children who need their spirits lifted. >> every year we give out thousands and thousands of teddy bears to children in hospitals, centers for abused women and children, the family court system, special olympics and veterans hospitals and we wouldn't be able to do it without the generosity of the public donating bears for the rough riders in order for us to
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bear dropoff locations, check out and 7 for the teddy bear roundup. you can drop off the teddy bears any time at the news center and at this year's kindness day december 9th this year. on kindness day we'll also accept toy donations for toys for tots, food donations for feeding tampa bay and blood donations for one blood. storm team 8 forecast. >> certainly warm by november standards, your average high for thanksgiving and today 77, but we topped off at 83 both days, a full 7 degrees above average here. you look at the temperature trend here. you can see the big dips in the jet stream, these troughs, where we generally have the cooler temperatures. you'll notice a lot of green and yellow on top of us
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above average temperatures. there will be a deeper trough that comes in by next week midweek, but overall the temperatures not cooling down significantly even over the next week or so. it looks like this la nina winter is starting to set up for us. we typically see warmer than average temperatures and drier than normal conditions. max defender 8 showing bone dry conditions as we speak across our area. we don't expect any rain tonight, just a slight ch earlier from tony looking back from lakeland. there's a nice start to the day in bradenton. 8 a.m. we're at 64 degrees, 74 at noon, 79 for saturday afternoon. we'll have a general mix of clouds and sunshine. 66 for odessa and pinellas park, 67 in apollo beach, 62 in wednesdayly chapel and brooksville and 60 in crystal
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with those numbers coming together that gets us near 100% humidity, can't rule out some patchy fog to start the day tomorrow. right now light easterly wind at the surface, above a lot of dry air. tomorrow coast to coast travel conditions not too bad whether you're flying into the northeast or back towards the west coast. conditions should be fairly decent. of course, always check with your air carrier to see if you may experience delays. here's our ca bit of patchy fog during the morning. a weak cold front will be on the way, not too much moisture ahead of this thing. about a 10% shot at getting a rain chance there. sunday gorgeous as high pressure moves back in, humidity drops and absolutely if you want to get outside. now south winds return early next week. that will really allow our temperature to warm up.
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looks to be a stronger cold front. here it is. it enters the southeast. by wednesday and thursday our rain chances increase. here in camp a usf has -- tampa usf has a noon kickoff and the gators take on the seminoles. here is your forecast through the weekend, not to that bad. out on that, but sunday looks gorgeous. so get outside and enjoy it. that is before that 20% chance of showers here. we've only had .001-inch of rain for the month of november. coming up next in shorts the lightning play perhaps
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when a coach begins a press conference with all right, a leash, you have they said both bishop and vasilevskiy could have played at the same time tonight, it wouldn't have mattered. the lightning were sloppy. cooper was chomping on the gum. blue jackets were chomping on lightning mistakes and turnovers. that was a power play goal 2-0. there were some good points tonight. tyler johnson, nice give to nikita kucherov, his 11th goal
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are we in for a miracle? no. another turnover. it's a killer and the bolts pay, 5-3 the final tonight. nine bay area football teams have a chance for the state finals. one of them victory christian hosting university christian from jacksonville. the storm dalton jenner, beautiful catch, slides in, 7-0 , victory christian, but here comes university. clayton boyd on the keeper ties the game 7-7. next possession otis anderson, not the famous otis anderson. maybe he will be famous one day. smooth sailing for the lineman, easy touch, then another strike. they call him down at the 1,
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class 7a play at panthers hosting vieira from melbourne on the east coast. this is a 3rd down plame just cluck it up there for christian watt -- play, just chuck it up there for christian watson. self-0 panthers. 2nd quarter -- 7-0 panthers. 2nd quarter watson again. nice game. panthers go right on down the line, 14-0. the final play of the half, the panthers have already blocked one field goal attempt tonight. how about another? big bryce jenkins was right up the middle. 35-7, plant wins big. hosting the clay blue devils from the jacksonville area. that faked out everybody.
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for the night mike webster adds three points to make it 10 high 10-0 -- 10-0, looked good and then clay takes the lead, never looks back. hawks want this one back, intercepted. wonderful season in pasco county, but they lose 39-17. northside christian fell 14-3. berkeley prep fails to trinity christian. jesuit moving on in 5a. lake gibson moving on to glass 6a and a bay area match-up venice, big win. venice and plant are opposite sides of the bracket.
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time. congratulations to everybody who got this far! >> we'll be right back with
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and in the morning, ed? >> a little patchy fog out there, but other than that we'll be expecting a pretty decent saturday, just a slim chance of a shower, 79, beautiful sunday. we start warming up ahead of our next big rain chance by midweek next cap, christmas coming early for some of the animals at tampa's lowry park zoo, the orangutans enjoying a couple presents filled with their favorite treats. merry christmas was also spelled out in carrots until the elephants snacked on those. this is to kick off christmas in the wild event at the zoo. check it out. good weather for it, too.
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jimmy fallon is coming your way next. >> our next newscast is at 4:30 a.m. have a great night, everybody!
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[ cheersnd applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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