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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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topping our news this morning, the katrina to the of castro. this morning we have reaction here at home and around the world. good saturday morning. thank you for being here. i'm paul mueller. lest check the forecast this morning with ed.
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almost warm morning at 68. 65 to the knot in zephyrhills. right now fog not that big of an issue but there will be fog developing through the morning. this afternoon still above average with temperatures at 59. 58 to start su humid. over .
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first communist nation in the western hemisphere and defied u.s. efforts to topple him, has died. his younger brother announced the death overnight. this morning we look 5:00 at the life of the man who built the communist state just 90 miles from u.s. shores. . >> cold war he delighted being a this morning in the side of u.s. presidents. fidel castro was born in the mountains of cuba, a brilliant tactician.
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soon preclaimed his marxist beliefs and would remain so for the cold war. in the 1961 invasion of the bay of pigs, castro personally led the resistance, and the u.s. failed miserably, embarrassment for president kennedy. after a tense standoff, the soviets pulled their missiles from cuba.
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insurgencies. as to soviet economy collapsed, so did cuba, asking for western investors. castro began to show the effects of age, breaking his arm in 2004. as his health turned over power to his brother raoul. now cuba faces an uncertain future. >> there is reaction from around the world this morning, including here in local communities. i know it's very early and the
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hours ago. is it safe to say we haven't gotten much reaction since the sun is not up.
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. >> a t around the world this morning. we'll be getting reaction as the sun comes up there. news of castro's death triggered celebrations in miami. people are banging pots and cars honking.
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years. we're free at last. i mean, the man that cast so much sadness in the country already passed way. >> we want to show you live scenes from miami there in the street. again, celebration after the news broke of the pass the communist country fidel castro. jean, you bring us a very interesting perspective from
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>> generations are celebrating the death of a dictator. not the death of a human, but a
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>> ma'am, we have been hearing from people in miami that they have been waiting for this news all their lives. that's why they're celebrating this morning in little havana.
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the last photo of fidel castro, taken november 15th during a vietnamese president. there is little reaction from cuba this morning but we are expecting to hear more as the sun comes up. keep it heartlet the day to monitor the situation and havana. we'll keep you updated here and at this morning gulf port police trying to determine if a teen arrested friday morning is part of a group responsible for kidnapping a teen on thanksgiving day. someone made it a few feet
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vehicle. . this morning a pinellas county boater facing criminal charges for authorities say 44-year-old robert hart drove around the bay, plowing into over vessels. he's charged with boating under the influence and leaving the scene of a crash. next we'll continue to track the story out of cuba this morning, the death of form per leader fidel castro.
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. across america this morning, a woman is now safe and found this morning after going missing november 22nd in
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she was seen. police are looking for two women who took her captive. last month the firefighters involved in this fire are just now talking about it. in order to save an 81-year-old man from a fifth floor apartment building. they had a perform a dangerous and rarely used rope in tucson, police shot and killed a man in a homeless sector. friday morning he reportedly grab add fire extinguisher and ran out of the building. an officer shot him and he later died at the hospital.
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passed away at the age of 81. thursday morning she went to sleep and never woke up. flowers were placed on her hollywood walk of fame on friday. she was best known as carol brady, an she was one of the original three hosts of the third hour of an amazing career for sure. we'd like you to share your favorite memory on our newschannel 8 facebook page. your saturday forecast is minutes away, and a reminder to support local businesses. how your dollars could help
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tropical storm otto is now in the pacific. cleanup efforts are underway this morning in costa rica after fallen trees and mud were
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thousand, were forced to evacuate the coastline after otto dumped more than a month's worth of rain near some areas of nicaragua. massive plumes of ash seen miles into the area. in mexico, the largest eruption took place our weather has been extremely quiet for the last couple of days here. we have been looking at dry skies, a great start to your saturday. overall we could see a stray shower later today but i think the forecast is mostly dry for us. new port richey, 62 degrees and
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for this time of year. we have a weak frontal boundary and could have a shot at a shower here. tomorrow beautiful weather with lower humidity and lots of sunshine. our next front next week could give us a better rain chance. by the afternoon, lots of sunshine and 79. 62 in apollo ac lakeland this morning, numbers still above where they should be this time of year. we could see patchy fog this morning. the moisture is increasing way above our heads here. we have seen moisture thanks to the easterly flow and this is going to have just enough moisture to give us a slim rain chance. if you're traveling today, the
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the pacific northwest. it is a weak front and behind it beautiful conditions with high pressure building in. may be a shower on the east coast but here at home, a nice start to your monday. low 80s next week then your next rain chance, 20 to 30% by next thursday. we are only 1/100th of an inch of rain this month. >> when we see 0%, that's not very promising. >> hopings are high. cuban leader fidel castro dead, and more on the celebrations going on this hour
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this morning fidel castro
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the age of 91. >> his brother raoul, current cuban president, announcing his death last night on television. with deep sadness, 10:29 p.m. he said he wanted to be cremated. we are just getting news in now, plans will be announced later today. we'll bring those to you as we get them. fidel led the 1959 revolution
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in cuba. again, this is live video you're seeing in miami, little havana, cuba. they are celebrating in the streets at this hour. those that survived know the pain of that journey well. this morning we are following this in havana. this is the video here, the scene there, quiet after the death announced at 10:29 p.m. not many people up at that time, out in the streets. most heard the news on television. they will be out in the streets this morning as they go to pick
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is next for the cuban nation. much more on castro's death in just a minute. let's get the forecast with ed. good morning this saturday morning >> our numbers are above average, hitting 79 for the average today. it will be before the cold
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dry air could come our way sunday and monday. those rain chances start to creep back up by tuesday and wednesday in advance of a stronger cold front. we are in knead of some rainfall. we'll break down the rain chances in greater detail, and we'll take a look at the forecast for all those college football games happening today, coming up in a few minutes. we continue breaking news coming morning. fidel castro, dead at the age of 90. cuba's government says his remains will be interred in santiago. cubans throughout the country
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his ashes will then make a cross country tour, retrace nothing reverse the route he took in 1979. he will be yes
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in tampa the sun comes up and we have reaction from local cuban americans. steve, what do you have coming out this morning? is anyone up yet and heard the
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. we are looking good on the river walk. perhaps you're taking the boat out later this morning, and the weather will cooperate. we have showers out in the atlantic and a cold front
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going to be above average again. we hit 83 yesterday. won't be that warm but we'll make it to 79. there will be a slim chance of rain. 59 where we stand now for zephyrhills, plant city 66, mild 68 in tampa this morning, 61 in venice. temperatures are above average, dew points locally above average look at the drier air to the north, dew points dropping there. the cold front is slowly working through. we have drier air to the north at the surface. we have had just enough added moisture, and now the upper
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today. slight chance of showers, nothing substantial for today. most of us stay dry. going into sunday, we'll call for a front coming through. today down in miami, they will host the blue devils showers during the game. here at home, sunny with clouds mixed in, breezy there. 57 degrees for the seminoles and gators in tallahassee. we'll keep our eyes on that one. locally upper 70s for the highs, low 80s coming in monday
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climb in advance of the next front with better rain chances. so you have to go and try and find the umbrellas. dust that thing off. we have reaction coming in from and the world this morning on the death president fidel castro. that's coming up after the break.
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. breaking news this morning,
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at this hour, leaders around the world are reacting to his death. the president of mexico tweeted that fidel castro was a friend of mexico. the prime minister of india says india mourns the loss of a great friend. and the president tweeted that he called castro to send his solidarity and love to the cuban people. the south african president acknowledged his leadership and friendship. of course we'll
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this morning and from around the world, and here in the tampa bay area as well. 6:52 this morning. stay with us.
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president fidel castro dead at the age of 90. there are celebrations in the streets of miami and we'll have reaction coming up from around the world as newschannel 8 this
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. good morning, topping the news, the death of former cuban president fidel castro. this morning we have reaction from here at home to world. good morning and thank you for joining us. before we get to the major story still breaking, let's get a quick check of the forecast with ed. >> good news weather wise this saturday morning, all is quiet this morning. just a little patchy fog in some areas. we have a weak cold front. that will be the story today. again, not much rain with this. in terms of temperatures,


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