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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  November 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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the holiday season. volunteer all year-round. >> you'll get more out of it than you give. >> absolutely. >> the news is next. >> see you next time, bye-bye. ? a man charged with dui manslaughter for hitting and killing a tow truck driver made his the state asking for a $300,000 bond. >> plus a house fire in hillsborough county. one person is dead, another in the hospital. we'll tell you all we know coming up in just minutes. >> and could this be the busiest and most profitable cyber monday ever? amazon cements to be the leader. well, good morning. we
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nbc news is reporting that 7 people have been injured at ohio state university. take a look this a live look where it is an active shooter situation. we're learning that 2 of those injured are in stable condition but no word on the others. the college tweeting out just an hour ago telling students to run, hide and if necessary to fight. this happened just before 10 this morning so it's still a very fluid situation. we're continuing to monitor. once we know more we'll bring it right here. the time now is 11:01 and we have a look at our weather. >> good morning, it is warming up quickly out there. started off complete sunny and with light winds but we've seen a big change in the past couple of hours. now, we're seeing clouds out there. you look at the flag there's a steady breeze. southeast winds averaging 10 to 15 miles per hour with temperatures in the mid-70s but no rain as of yet. that could also change later on today.
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for apollo beach, 78 there for bartow. and these numbers will continue to slowly warm up here. the other number that will rise this number, it's already rising the due point and we're expecting this to continue to climb it's going to become much more humid. you'll start to feel that. that's ahead of a nasty system right now producing rain and thunderstorm activity. temperatures today going to climb to 81 degrees. the outlook is warm and some small rain chances. we'll t now, to some more breaking news, one person is dead and the other is in the hospital after a house fire this morning. this video was shared with us. you can see that the house is fully involved with flames taking over it. investigators are on scene to determine the cause of the fire which was very hard for hillsborough county fire rescue to fight. they tell us they had to use several tankers of water
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>> it was really hot, very hot. and it just went up really fast. it burned quick. >> we are working with hillsborough county fire rescue as they try to figure out the cause of the flames. we will also let you know when we know more about those victims. also breaking this morning citrus county deputies are investigating a death this morning. around 3:30 they responded to a brush fire in crystal river. they and a dead person inside. this was the only picture provided to us. right now detectives along with forensic units are investigating that scene. new this morning the suspected drunk driver accused of hitting and killing a tow truck driver received a hundred thousand dollars bond in court this morning. troopers say perez hit and killed tow truck driver rayhan on interstate 275.
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emergency lights activated on the side of the road. he was helping a stranded motorist. the state originally asked for 250 to $300,000 bond but perez's lawyer successfully asked the judge to have mercy. . >> judge, also he's not a threat to society, not a threat to himself. he's -- judge, he's not a risk of flight. and, judge, we're talking about working people, 250,000, 300,000 might as well make it no bond, judge. >> well in addition to the bond he cannot drink alcohol or visit any establishment that serves alcohol. perez cannot drive a vehicle and must wear a gps bracelet while the case is still pending. right now the island nation of cuba has become a 9-day mourning period after the death of fidel castro. a much different story in miami where a
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dictator's death. miami's cuban community is planning a formal march on wednesday. we were in miami when news of castro's death broke. . >> reporter: the rally for democracy is set to happen wednesday at the bay of pigs memorial. you see it behind me. this meant to honor those who dn a failed u.s. backed invasion of cuba back in 1961, but wednesday's march and rally is to honor all who have died or suffered as a result of the castro and couldn't see the happiness that i'm experiencing says cuban exile tores carrying a portrait of his parents. news of castro's death stirred many emotions. >> my mom died 2 years ago and wasn't able to see this. the first thing that we did my sister and i today was go to the cemetery and put her a little cuban and american flag.
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generation gathered exile leader began planning an event to reflect on the suffering of cuban people asking all to come forward wednesday. >> our community comprised of the old like us, and of the young of the men and of the women of the black and of the white all united behind an idea, a dream, and a commitment for the freedom of cuba. >> reporter: i already plan to answer. >> even though i've been here since i was very little, i feel like a cuban and i have to get together, and be strong. >> reporter: with the death of fidel castro and political changes here in the united states there is renewed optimism brewing in miami's cuban community. >> it's a sign of hope. it's the beginning of a change in cuba that is so necessary for the people in cuba. >> reporter: as for more
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preparing for what could be the mass migration of cubans to our florida shores because uncertainty is growing on the island. well in havana cuba's capital a much different scene. the country is officially in mourning for 9 days. no one is celebrating in havana. he hasn't held power in 20008. on saturday students at the university of . >> he was not only an example to cuba he was an example to american latino. >> castro roadways cremated on saturday. mourners will have a chance to view his ashes for 2 days before they're taken east where his funeral will take place. american airlines launched their first flight to cuba this morning, it is the first flight
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southwest and jet blue. american airlines has been flying to 5 other cities but this is its first flight to havana. the city of st. petersburg has a new bishop. gregory parks, parks will be the 5th bishop of the diocese. earlier this morning the church made his he replaces robert lynch. today is cyber monday after spending the weekend scouring the stores millions are could see seeing up to their computers to score some big holiday deals. we got a look inside the fulfillment center where workers pick, pack and ship your orders. we have the online shopping scoop. >> reporter: here they amazon fulfillment center it's kind of
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lot noisier because the conveyor belts are working overtime this cyber monday. >> forget black friday today may be one of the biggest shopping days of the year. workers and robots right here in the bay area are helping make it all possible. . >> the robots will help maximize the storage space so we have robots carrying stacks of products to the associates and then they pick from that and then they'll put it in the tote and then they pack it. >> reporter: last year on cyber monday amazon customers ordered more than 54 million items worldwide, and expected this year will be even bigger. the online retailer can be a one stop shop for customers with toys and electronics among the most coveted items. >> we scour for deals every day to meet or beat all of the prices for our customers. >> reporter: if you're looking for something you can't find in
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rachel is a local artist and business owner based in sarasota who hand crafts items that can be shipped directly to you. >> you're supporting a local artist, small business, definitely able to shop small even on amazon. . >> reporter: now, another new feature that amazon is introducing is package x-ray using the amazon app you can scan the shipping label of a box to see what's inside before actually opening it. tampa is one of the select markets in the united states that has prime now which delivers items in 2 hours or less. well today isn't even halfway over so you still have plenty of time to take advantage of some of the awesome cyber monday deals but first you have to find them. we have a comprehensive list of where the
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this morning. and playing for gold, beer gold that is, up next how a gold beer could win you super bowl tickets for life. stay with us. . >> it was a beautiful evening last night. this picture was sent to us even got a shot of venus there. more clouds coming into the picture tonight. we've got your complete forecast
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back to that breaking news where 7 people have been shot at a shooting on campus of ohio state university. we've learned that 2 men have been taken into custody. we saw them come out in handcuffs but swat is still on scene. this is still an active shooter situation. no word if all have been taken into custody. as for the 7 people that are injured all are in the hospital right now. 2 are in stable condition no word on the others. this happened just
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over an hour ago. still a very fluid situation. we are continuing to monitor, of course as soon as we get information into our news room we will bring it to you right here on wfla. so far so good out there, a dry start here, but breezes really starting to pick up. this is the view from veterans ford out in tampa. winds averaging 10 to 15 miles per hour. temperatures at 74 degrees and general wind direction will east and southeast for the remainder of today. crystal river a few degrees cooler winds a little bit lighter out of the east here. not stopping folks from getting out on a pretty nice looking day. max defender 8 scanning the skies not much out there right now but we could see a stray shower later on today other than that scattered high clouds as your temperatures top off around 81. 76 now in tampa, 76 for brooksville and 74 in zephyrhills. the breezes
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southeast around 10 to 15 and we've had some occasional gusts exceeding 20 miles per hour. so a bit breezy, gusty for the rest of the day but the breeze is also helping to ramp up the dew point as well. that's a measure of the moisture. that is starting to climb here. that's ahead of a pretty powerful weather system bringing some heavy snow to the dakotas and then southeast we've got a lot of rain coming in. this is good news for drought aof it is that flow affecting us at home. the models painting out decent coverage of a couple of spotty showers. we'll be keeping our eyes on that. we too are in desperate need of rain here. the afternoon tomorrow that flow continues, keeping the moisture levels high and again we're going to keep your pattern very warm as well. so expect those low 80s to continue through next couple of days. lows will be in the
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for this time of year. a slightly better rain chance on thursday at 20%. in our consumer watch this morning major retailers began offering cyber monday sales earlier this month in an effort to grab customers. still there are plenty of bargains to be had today and we have deals that you can scoop up this afternoon. >> i've scanned multiple resources to come up with a list retailers offering the best bargains today and all of t agreement with one mother. walmart is rolling out new items all day long. the best seller so far gaming systems, televisions and home appliances. target is offering deals on tvs, tablets and fitness trackers plus sales on toys and games. additional naturally you'll get 15% off of online purchases and free shipping. mace see an
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highlighting sales on clothing electronics and beauty items. advertises up to 70% off plus door buster sales, bedding is the big seller right now but you can also score deals on furniture and home decor and some electronics, and dell is releasing new items throughout the day featuring online exclusives on lap tops. >> the same recommends aplay for today. happy shopping, back to you. this cyber monday is expected to be the large electronics or expensive items online shopping day in history with a projected $3.3 billion in sales. now, before you log on for those screen buster deals you should take precautions online security experts say before you start your shopping take some steps to probing yourself.
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for online shopping if hackers get your information the rest of your accounts will be safe and pay attention to your statements after your purchasing for any unusual micro charges, hackers hope you won't notice one or $2 missing from your count. unfortunately you need more than digital protection. if you have items delivered to your home be aware of porch bandits. an estimate one billion packages are expected to be delivered at homes across the u.s. thieves are looking to steal so time the delivery when someone is at home or ask a neighbor to be on the look out. or put out a fake package. >> we decided to put out the bait pack. i stuffed it full of a reprocessed dog choy. >> they probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it, you know, . >> i like how he put that
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afternoon rolling up in a green car to steal the bait package but as you heard they probably didn't like what they saw when they opened the box. well, if you're shopping for toys this season the consumer product safety commission has tips to keep children safe all year long. choose age appropriate toys by reading the label on the toy for kids younger than 3 avoid toys with small parts that can be choking hazards. if you will be purchasing a scooter or riding toy to give to the child be sure the child helmet as well and be cautious when buying high powered magnetic sets. these si fy sneakers from back to the future 2, 27 years ago go on sale today. what's so special? well, they are self lacing. the price is not so special try just $720.
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the nike plus app. going for gold not the golden ticket but the golden beer can. starting today a gold can in a pack of bud light can win you super bowl tickets for life. they'll randomly put 37 gold cans in select packs of bud light. if you find one you can he want for a chance to win super bowl tickets every year for up to 51 years. . >> somewhat of a continues to be king of the box office and star war news to bring you but the newest film gets its first screening tomorrow. we'll give you the
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks.
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a mainly update to breaking news that we're following out of ohio, nbc reporting the suspected shooter on the campus
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of injured has risen to 8. 7 are in stable condition one is in critical condition. about 15 minutes ago we saw 2 men in handcuffs in the custody of swat officer. nbc reporting the suspected gunman is dead. all classes are cancelled for the day. the story continues to -- it's a fluid situation. we will bring you updates right here on news channel 8 as soon as we get them. disney had an awesome weekend at the box office taking it should come as no surprise first place went to disney's newest hero. . >> you will journey. . >> that is moana from the movie. the an mated film took the number one spot bringing in more than $55 million. fantastic beasts and where to find them came in second and dr. strange a
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$13.4 million. an early christmas present for star war fans ticket for rogue 1 a star wars story go on sale today. it's a spin off of star wars and re involves around a group of rebels. . >> i'd like to say love, and i think people are going to absolutely enjoy every minute of it. . >> the movie also stars oscar winner whitaker. score scorses new
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it will be screened for more than some 400 guests. the pope will not be in attendance. president elect donald trump rubbing some yet the wrong way again with his tweeting plus recounts in washington, michigan and pennsylvania. . that's coming up on news channel 8 today at 11.
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z25ehz z16fz y25ehy y16fy . [audio difficulty] this time instead of being focused on florida it's on 3 northern states. more on this just ahead. plus violence rocks the big easy during the holiday celebrations, what investigators think sparked gunfire that left one person dead and 9 other injured. and the nuclear disaster from 2011 just got a new price tag.
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what experts are projecting coming up. good morning. time now is 11:30 and ed is here with a look at our weather. many getting back to work today. >> as you step outside especially later this afternoon you're going to notice it's going to be a lot more muggy as the humidity is on the increase so are the temperatures, 76 right now at lakeland ranch note ago few clouds but you can see the breeze blowing around at this time. let's go over to max defender 8 because right now there's not much happening but when we zoom the looking at our various network of radars i am tracking rain right along alligator alley these are sliding towards our area. it is just beginning of what we could see maybe an isolated shower or 2 for our area this afternoon. other than that temperatures again above average. 76 wesley chapel, and tampa, 73 in crystal river. those temperatures hit 81 this afternoon and we look to stay above that average line right on through thursday.
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the temperature come down a few degrees also better rain chances ahead. well, we are continuing our coverage of that breaking news in ohio. nbc now reporting that the suspected shooter on the campus at the university of ohio is dead. we are learning the number of injured has risen to 8. 7 are in stable condition, one is in critical. earlier we saw 2 men that were in handcuffs being led out of an area there, but again, nbc reporting that the suspe all classes are cancelled for the day and of course this story continues to be fluid and develop. of course we will bring you every single detail as we get them into our news room right here on news channel 8 and , happening today we expect to find out if wisconsin can finish its recount before the electoral college deadline. they're challenging election results in 3 states and the clinton campaign is joining them. president elect trump
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. >> reporter: the green party is requesting recounts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. . >> this is not about helping one guy appeared hurting another guy. this is about providing a system that we the voters can believe in. >> reporter: president elect donald trump's denouncing the effort on twitter allegedly voter fraud in states hillary clinton won, claiming without proof that he won the popular vote because millions voted illegally. he calls the recount a fundraising scam, the green party denies that. . >> this is a total and complete distraction and a fraud and something that they should drop. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign lawyer says they found no evidence of hacking they're not behind the recount but will participate. meantime there is dissension inside the trump transition over possibly appointing mitt romney as secretary of state
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that he'll be given the most significant cabinet post. >> reporter: after the death of castro there are questions about whether mr. trump will embrace or reverse president obama's renewed relationship with cuba. . >> well mr. trump's senior advisor says he's open to doing business with cuba if the u.s. gets something in return. well, it's not just president elect trump facing a challenge. an ohio congressman is challenging pelosi. battled it out since the election. ohio congressman tim ryan says he believes that to regain the majority democrats need a new message and messenger. house democrats are expected to vote on wednesday as to who will serve as the minority leader. around the world this morning iraqi military forces stepped up their fight against ice success. helicoptering were
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the offensive to free mosul of militants is now in its second month and as progress has slowed as troops tried to avoid mass fallian casualties. police in the philippines detonated a bomb. no one was reported hurt. a street sweeper says she called a police after finding a cell phone attached the device was found was about 65 feet from the embassy compound. the price tag to clean up the nuclear disaster in japan is expected to top $179 billion nearly double the initial estimates. the $17 billion initially projected for the decommission reactors it now seen reaches $53 billion and it
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every original outlook is up across the board. you willy the money is expected to come from higher prices for electricity. across america a shoot out in new orleans french quarter. one person is dead and 9 others are injured. it all started with an argument between 2 men saturday night. someone pulled out a gun and started shooting. a 25-year old was killed in the cross fire. 9 other people were injured. investigators believe that the 2 suspects the new orleans area. . >> we believe they ran into each other in the street and an argument ensued at the time. at which point the argument turned to a shoot out after that they both fled the scene. >> the shooting happened during the classic which is 4 days of festivities that including a parade, a saturday football game and the saints game on sunday. lots of questions this
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found alive 3 weeks after she disappeared in northern california. the mother of 2 who disappeared while on a run on november 2nd, the only items found were her ear buds and hair. last week she was found on the side of a rural road 150 miles south of where she disappeared. investigators say she was bound by restraints but was able to flag down a driver. investigators are tight lipped about the case but are looking for 2 women they believed kidnaped her. a march was heldn washington d.c. this weekend to support the dakota pipeline protest. several activists held a slow moving water is life march. protesters have gathered in north dakota to protest against an undergrown oil pipeline. protesters say that the nearly $4 billion pipeline would threaten drinking water appeared cultural sites. or damage some farm buildings in nebraska sunday as it moves across a mostly rural area of the state. the funnel cloud was caught on camera.
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the tornado was reported around 4:30 sunday afternoon. the storm knocked over a farm out building and self irrigation systems but didn't damage the home. the storm caused minor damage in the area and knocked down some power lines. the buccaneers get a victory on sunday versus the nfl's best but about the falcons also got a win. plus smokers whether you are trying to quit or you quit 15 yearsgo why doctors are saying early screening can save your life. and family gatherings and holiday parties sometimes it's hard not to gain weight during holiday season. coming up we'll introduce you to a unique work out that can help you burn all those extra calories. not seeing too much in the way of rain right now but tracking some showers south of our area. i'll tell you where they're headed and what our rain chances look for week ahead.
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. an update on the shooting at ohio state university. the suspected gunman is dead and the shelter in place order has been lifted. just before 10 this morning the alert of an active shooter went out to students. 8 people were injured and hospitalized. we understand that 7 are in stable condition one is in critical. earlier we saw 2 men in handcuffs in the custody of swat. it's not clear if they're connected to the shooting. again the suspected gunman is dead and autti of course all classes are cancelled for the day. we'll continue to follow this and bring you the latest. well, we do want to remind you that our teddy bear round up is underway partnering again with the rough riders that continues through december 19th. you can drop them off here at the news center or head over to for a complete list of those drop off locations this year. beautiful
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high clouds but other areas are seeing more cloudiness out there, also noting the breezes really starting to pick up. there's a look at max defender 8 scanning the skies and we're finding a lit bit of rain not in our area but south of our viewing area. there it is. there's our view again with thes , really not looking any kind of heavy rain here but a few more of these showers could develop as we go through the course of the afternoon. so we're going to keep a 10% rain afternoon and early this evening. temperatures in the meantime warming quickly getting into the low 80s, 79 now at brooksville, zephyrhills and tampa already 73 and clearwater. those winds coming in out of the east southeast now averaging around 10 to 15 but we have seen some occasional gusts at or exceeding 20 miles per hour. it's going to be a breezy afternoon for us here. we're sitting ahead of this new storm system bringing much needed rain
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thunderstorms. in fact, an enhanced risk of severe weather damaging winds and tornadoes possible across portions of the deep south for today. very humid for us this afternoon again an isolated shower cannot be ruled out with this deep southeasterly flow developing here and it's going to stay humid and muggy for us over the next couple days. you'll notice it during the mornings and afternoons as well. looks like this, temperatures low 80s, morning lows into the 60s and we'll be looking at the 10 to 20% rather as we head towards your thursday. that will be with that cold front sliding in but doesn't get too much cooler behind it. back to average temperature wise by friday. >> all right. thank you so much. well, in our medical report nearly 40 million americans smoke cigarettes and now more than ever they're being encouraged to quit. doctors are urging smokers to get a lung cancer screening which could save their life. it's sailed at
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last 15 years between the ages of 55 and 77. lung cancer is often not detected until it's at a later stage the screening can be lifesaving. >> they don't know it until it's at a bad stage and because there's no pain there's no signs. >> patients need to be referred by their primary doctor to get the screening. if you meet the criteria and the results show any type of growth referred to the appropriate care. stuffing ourselves with stuffing, turkey and all the trimmings thanksgiving is over but now it's time to burn the calories. we check in with fitness experts about their secrets to dropping pounds and a coach that sees them through a work out designed to shred fat away. >> i gave myself time to cool down but i just took a class dubbed the best work out in
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crazy for this cardio. it's a combination of a number of different workouts wrapped up into one. kelly's crazy cardio classes earned her all 3 best of the bay fitness categories, group train that youer and gym. >> i'm like out of everybody, this is awesome. >> in the warehouse district of downtown st. petersburg work out experts combine cardio sports like boxing. and ladies, believe it or not weight lifting is key to burning fat. >> i'm a huge believer everybody needs weights women and men. we rely on it. >> and now advice from the people seeing results. >> i was 30 pounds heavier. >> so you lost 30 pounds? >> um-hum, yes. it's never easy but get better. first you can not do it and then you can do it and everybody is like yeah,
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>> create a buddy system. >> it's encouraging. >> so you had to do it. find a work out that is ever changing. >> every class is different. >> and like i learned the hard way just when you think you can't go on another minute z. what's a matter your shoulder sore? >> the mind gives up way before the body. >> we've got to give you a shoot out you made it through the whole class. >> thank you, it was not easy. >> you not to wait until the new year. you're far less likely that you'll throw in the towel after just a few weeks. also today the annual tree lighting at tampa general hospital. this is a picture from last year's event. lighting is at 5:00 this evening. they say this tree in the garden is a peaceful place for patients appeared
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glimpse of the holidays. the hospital is giving us a first look inside the nearly completed tampa general healthplex in brandon. it's off of i-75. it's tampa general's first outpatient medical center. it will have emergency services and outpatient center, a pharmacy and offices. the ceo chase choosing brandon was a no-brainer. >> it's close to the interstate and the expressway making people of southern hillsborough county. same high quality care and much closer to where you live and work. choosing brandon was an easy decision. a lot of our patients live in the area and so do many of our employees. >> certainly is a growing area. it will be open in february. bucs fans are celebrating this morning not just the big win against seattle but the
11:49 am
the defense shut down seattle's offense. the bucs are now 6 and 5, one game behind first place. they're now in contention for the playoffs. what happened. well, the bolts need some of that good luck. they had a horrible second period in boston sunday night. boston wins this game 4-1. the lightning are now 13 and 9 and 3rdn coming up we found out -- find out if a $40,000 gold bar can be crushed and what a spa themed amuse am park may look like. >> plus we'll show you where animals will be delivering
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. a russian family has turned an injured baby deer into a pet. >> they found it and rescued it. she was happy to show how it lives like a pet demanding clothes and having the run of the house. the 4-month old has recovered from her injuries thankfully, the family decided to adopt her as a domestic pet after nature preserves and zoos refused today take her. >> i bet the folks who run dominos pizza in japan are taking a page out of santa's book >> they're trying to use a reindeer. take a look at this. you'll see a delivery case of pn the animal's back. it looks like they're strugglin. this isn't just a marketing video by the way, it's real. the reindeers will be carrying gps devices for customers to track their location on smart phones or
11:54 am
safety and well-being of the animal by limiting the maximum weight they deliver. if i was the deer i would take the pizzas and go to the forest. >> if i was the deer i'd be distracted by the smell of pizza. >> a company expects to open a spa themed park with hot tubings and roller coasters. the mayor of passes one million views construction will begin. >> apparently japan is the place to be right now. >> reindeers and who had tub roller coasters. and a pretty interesting video from the folks over at the crush it youtube channel. >> they use a press to crush things but this time around its -- it's actually something
11:55 am
well, that was oddly satisfying to watch. that, ladies and gentlemen, is a $40,000 gold bar. you can see just how it folds over on itself never breaking or smashing but it maintains its worth. >> that's what's important, right? >> yeah. absolutely. >> well neither ed or i have a dog or pets for we know you have them. >> this is darwin and this is his first time at the beach up in new york. >> check him out. >> he's not quite sure about it barking and trotting around but then he just goes for it. that's how you have to do it. you can hear his owner screaming with joy even the moment brings her to tears. >> he needs more beach time like we all do, right? >> the family moved from new
11:56 am
>> and our water is warmer. speaking of the warm temperatures it's going to be nice beach wise the next couple days. but this is the good news we've got rain chances 10 to 20%, a lot of folks asking us when are we going to see substantial rain? at least there's a chance spotty showers could develop into the afternoon otherwise breezy and you'll notice the humidity is climbing. temperature right around 80 degrees for this afternoon. the mornings areoi normally be in the upper 50s this time of year, highs will stay in the 80s right on through thursday. >> all right looking good. thank you. and thank you for joining us this morning. we'll see you back here on news channel 8 first at 4. >> have a great day everyone.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from and a fun day monday to you, everybody. november cyber mop. hope you had a really fabulous and blessed thanksgiving with your friends and family. it is all about shopping, it seems to me today. >> so was friday. so was saturday. when saturday was small town -- small business saturday. you're right.


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