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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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brandishing a knife. but we know about the attack. and death of a dictator. cuba remembers fidel castro and looks to the future. it's the third time this year a tow truck driver was killed as he stopped on the side of the road to help someone. i'm jennifer lee. >> and i we begin with breaking news. we are learning more about the attacker who sent 11 people to the hospital at ohio state university. sources tell nbc news that the man was a student and of the united states. what was first reported as an active shooter situation turned out to be a bizarre and violent scene. command driving his car into a crowd, getting out, and then started stabbing people with a knife. respa loan is in columbus with the update. truck midmorning, calm and then chaos in one of the nation's largest college campuses, ohio state university.
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saw people running. i was nervous. >> reporter: it was originally reported as an active shooter situation when witnesses say a fire alarm caused a fire outside an engineering building. that's when a car hops the sidewalk and plowed into them. >> somebody was hitting people with a car. >> reporter: police say the man got out of the car and attacked bystanders with a butcher knife. >> we heard chaos, shouts, screens, shots. >> reporter: an officer confronted the attacker and shot and killed him. >> he engaged th >> reporter: law enforcement says the attacker was an 18- year-old somali living in the u.s. legally. a student at ohio state named abdul razak ali artan . they believe attack was intentional and now they are trying to find out why. >> this was done on purpose, to run them over over a curb and then start stabbing them with a nice. >> reporter: emotional wounds me take a long time to heal.
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>> reporter: classes at ohio state have been canceled for the day as the investigation continues. crisp alone, nbc news. >> the motive is still under investigation. terrorism has not been ruled out. initial reports mentioned other people involved in the attack but investigators searched the campus and found no other suspects. tens of thousands of cubans are paying to be to fidel castro, the dictator who rolled cuba for nearly half a revolution. peoples -- posters of castro were mounted alongside flowers with soldiers standing at attention. troops at morro castle honored him with a 21 gun salute. services for castro are expected to last through the week. on wednesday, castro's ashes will begin a procession across cuba. they will be insured on sunday in santiago. the obama administration is standing by its ongoing effort to normalize relations with cuba in the wake
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that he would "terminate renewed relations between the u.s. and cuba." that is, if the countries can't "make a better deal. " after weekend long street celebrations following the news, miami's cuban community is planning a more formal march and rally. >> gene ramirez was in miami when the news of his death are reacting. >> reporter: the rally for democracy is set to happen wednesday at the bay of pigs memorial. this memorial, meant to honor those who died and i feel u.s. backed invasion of cuba in 1961. wednesday's rally is meant to honor those who died of the castro regime. they died and couldn't see the happiness that i am experiencing says this cuban exile, carrying a portrait of his parents.
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stirred many emotions. >> my mom died two years ago and she wasn't able to see this. the first thing that we did, my sister and i today, was go to the cemetery and put her a little cuban and american flag. >> reporter: as cubans and younger cuban-americans of different generations gathered outside of the famed for side restaurant, an event began planning to call for democracy in cuba, asking all to come forward wednesday.>> if you want to see a community comprised of the old winning, of the black and of so white. all united behind an idl, a dream, and a commitment for the freedom of cuba. >> reporter: a call many plan to answer. >> even though i have been here ever since i was very little, i
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get together and be strong. >> reporter: with the death of fidel castro and political changes in the united states, there is renewed optimism bring in miami's community. >> it's a sign of hope. it's beginning of a change in cuba that is so necessary for the people in cuba. >> reporter: asked for more immediate effects, local officials are planning for what could be the mass migration of cubans to our florida shores because uncertainty is growing on the island. reporting in miami's little havana, gene ramirez news channel 8. 8 on your side will be reporting live from cuba. jeff patterson is in cuba right now and we will check in with him as soon as we can. for the third time this year, a tow truck driver has been hit and killed while working on the side of the road and a suspected drunk driver is to blame. this latest case left driver danny ray dead and a sister of another one of those victims is on a mission to stop these deaths. candace mccowan spoke with her
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>> reporter: it's like the nightmare that won't end. >> it's like reopening those wounds. people are saying here we go again.>> reporter: she lives in way -- in miami but rushed to tampa when her brother was hit and killed while helping a stranded driver along the howard franklin bridge. the driver didn't even stop. >> you now, i've been pretty close to the tow truck family. they did so much when roger's accident happened. >> reporter: south hard when driver troy mcguire was killed in october while working and then again this weekend when danny ray hand was helping stranded motorists when he was hit and killed. the drivers in each case, suspected of dui.>> i haven't seen the severity of it until now. >> reporter: she tells me she is now calling for a change. she wants to see florida laws crack down on drunk drivers.>> getting behind a wheel and killing someone is not
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i think it should be treated as one and you know what you're doing. >> reporter: doing whatever it takes, she tells me her brother's daughter is a constant reminder about why the reckless driving has to stop. >> she still cries. >> reporter: candace mccowan, news channel 8. >> leandro corrales perez is accused of killing him over the weekend. angela hoffman is accused of killing randall draws moderato. from a brayden schenn laundromat. >> on the customer can get help, she knew she better call behnken. she sorts out the dirty laundry. a recount of presidential votes will take place in at least one swing state. coming up, the president-elect accusatory tweets of voter
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you by your local suncoast hyundai dealers. visit your local hyundai dealer today or visit >> new tonight, president-elect trump tweeting that he was very impressed by his meeting with former cia director david petraeus. petraeus is one of several names being floated as secretary of state. trump is also set to meet with rudy giuliani, bob corker. petraeus who heads unit -- central command between 2008 and 2010 in tampa after an affair and mishandling of classified information. elections officials in michigan officially declared donald trump the winner of the states 16 electoral votes but the fight may not be over. and party candidate jill stein is fighting for a recount in michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. wisconsin performed -- confirmed there will be a recount. the president-elect lashed out on twitter bashing efforts for the recount claiming they won
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proof. >> no findings with regard to fraud. it was very clear that fraud was not widespread. >> the president a locked also claims series -- president- elect also claimed voter fraud in california and several other states. syrian government troops now have control of nearly half of the rebel held city of aleppo in a new offensive. hundreds of thousands of civilians are trapped by if the government is able to retake the city, it could be a turning point in the bloody years long battle against islamic state forces. dramatic video from australia shows the storm that caused six people to die from something called thunderstorm asthma. you are looking at saint killed a beach in melbourne. you can see how strong the winds were. the condition called thunderstorm asthma happens when pollen explodes and disperses over a populated
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asthma before. five people are still on life support. now, max defender 8 the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> seven inches of snow and still following. this is video from bismarck, north dakota. people shoveling sidewalks, having fully on the roads. needless to say, the wind combined with snow is not a good combination. bismarck. they expect that weather but it is difficult to get around it and once it's on the ground, to move around. max defender 8 picking up on a few light showers. they have been breezing across hillsboro county. i was looking at our camera from freedom plaza at sun city center. i sailyn barlow that indicated a little bit of precipitation. very light showers moving from south to north across the area. not widespread rain but it's nice to pick up something on max defender 8. and lakes 73
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coming from the south and southeast throughout the day, some areas have seen lots of sunshine. most areas have not seen much sunshine. north winds at six meet me. that's the way it has been throughout the day with a 63% relative humidity. at veterans ford, so many four degrees with mostly cloudy conditions and a southwaste wind at 70 to meet me. that observation platform is little bit of clear skies at this location. plantation crystal river, 75 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. plenty of weather conditions but the temperatures and conditions are fairly warm. teddy bear roundup is on. the storm team 8 forecast center, in memory of john winter, this is going on from now to december 19. kindness day coming up next friday where you can drop off teddy bears, food, give blood and toys for tots. a list of locations are on
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you can reserve a brand-new toy for those folks. we're looking for brand-new bears for the teddy bear drive. it has been kind of dry in november, no surprise to most of you. an inch and half of rain. this is what we have seen this month so this may be one of the driest on record. the 1978 was the second driest on record. high jump just the next five days could be kind of warm. there is our average line of 75 degrees. we have at southeast flow that helps lift temperatures. rain chances remain fairly low. we will see on the eighth day forecast those numbers are relatively low. at 7 am, 67 degrees, 83 degrees at 4 pm. artemisia right now 74 degrees. 76 degrees in clearwater beach. and pinellis park, same number. mostly 70s so it could be a mild evening, low 70s in most locations and wind speeds coming in from our wind direction southeast and even
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moisture. you can see the clouds breezing up from the south to the north. what a few showers with a cold front on the map. most of that rain will stay to the north of us. there is our forecast the next couple of days. partly cloudy skies throughout the day tomorrow. probably a little more sunshine and we saw tomorrow but our share of clouds as well. wednesday morning, mostly dry and muggy. temperatures really warm th in the afternoon wednesday, a 10% chance of showers berken fortunately, rain chances are kind of low. 10% for wednesday, 20% for thursday and then we get that cold front effect on saturday. a little cooler and drier. might see the rain chances come up with the next front of the road. if you've j -- if you've been cheated, when you need help, she is on your side.
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>> special performance clothing done. a bring to musician says she drop of 38 pounds of clothes at a laundromat and got just back -- got back just 4 pounds of clothes. when the business owner blew her off, she knew she better call behnken. shannon behnken joins me now. >> something is definitely wrong. this is how this woman makes her living. these clothes are how she makes a living. she wears them for her work and now she is hoping that someone who knows where they are will see this story and rern clothes. >> reporter: cindy's closet is a collection of hat he considers costumes for her work as a musician.>> i could never replace these wild things. >> reporter: must everything she wears is one-of-a-kind clothes from her travels as a piano player and singer. now, half of her wardrobe is gone. after she dropped of clothes to be cleaned at manatee laundry. >> i have a lot of entertainment type boutique
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around to find that i just couldn't replace and i was devastated. us absolutely beside myself. >> reporter: she has used manatee laundry numerous times with no problems but when she dropped off her expensive performance clothes, she had an uneasy feeling. >> they didn't write down any of the items. they didn't pull it out. they just put it on the scale, we need it and gave m dropped of 38 pounds of clothes. but when she picked them up -- >> 90% of the stuff is not fine. >> reporter: only 4 pounds of her clothes were returned.>> i ended up talking to the rohner to start to go over the things and he was like you know you have nothing in writing. you can't prove it.>> reporter: so i paid a laundromat a visit. i wasn't greeted warmly. >> i >> out, out. >> reporter: is the owner here,
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me?>> out. >> reporter: the owner called me back and was polite but insisted he doesn't believe her story. >> why would anyone make up a story like this and go to this extreme cracks>> reporter: that leaves cindy with little hope she will ever perform in her special outfits again. this problem does not have a simple solution but there is a big lesson here. don't tromp off important clothes without an item idle -- happens you have proof. >> to this business follow its own protocol but not itemizing?>> i ask that because when you go to the dry cleaners, you get an itemized list. this is the way they do it. they way everything. you pay by the pound. they don't itemize anything and usually it's just regular clothes, t-shirts and jeans but after this they are considering changing the policy. if you have something expensive, they might itemize that. but as a consumer, you should make sure you know what you have dropped off.>> thank you, shannon.
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this year's kindness day is coming up. we will be accepting toy donations for toys for tots, food donations for feeding tampa bay and blood donations for oneblood. that's all coming up december 9
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dollars a barrel. oil producers will talk about taking about $1 million -- in million barrels of market a day. there is currently a plus, about 3 billion barrels and if the oil price dips lower it could severely impact the global economy. uber drivers are planning to join a national protest tomorrow for a $15 per hour minimum wage. the group fight for 15 says of uber drivers will idle cars and ch uber has said drivers in its top 20 was markets average more than $19 an hour but drivers complain of aggressive fare cuts and no accounting for expenses like gas, repairs, and insurance. just in time for the holidays, nike is releasing its first self lacing shoes. they are called the hyperadapt 1.0. on thursday, the shoes will have a limited release at select
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things people were hunting for on black friday. why shoppers added guns to their wish list this year in a pretty big way, coming up. a veteran fought the va for nine years over his benefits. >> it was the va's mistake. >> reporter: she had to pay a medical bill that should have been covered by school insurance until mark douglas, in the case. >> thank you for being on my side. >> reporter: i hospital makes up for make it right until you got involved. >> all november long, news channel 8 was on your side, getting results. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30 pm: >> a changeup and leadership in the catholic ur one diocese in florida. >> i am jennifer leigh and i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us. >> after serving the pensacola- tallahassee area, pope francis called bond bishop gregory parkes to come to the bay area and service senior bishop of the second largest diocese in the state. anthony allred joins us now live from the diocese of st. petersburg and i understand she parks -- bishop parkes is no stranger to the tampa bay area.


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