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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news. a smash and grab at tampa gun store. is the deadly inventory in the wrong hands? the latest is next in a live report. >> a former polk county teacher who admitted to a student will ask a judge to slash her sentence. why she thinks she should serve less time. >> paying for child care. parents digging deep into their pockets to cover skyrocketing costs. 8 is on your side with affordable options. >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. thanks for joining us.
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leigh. how is it looking. >> mild. it doesn't feel like we are closing in on december. temperatures about 10 degrees above average. middle to low 60s in a lot of locations. 66 in clearwater and st. pete and down in bradenton thanks to the southeast wind. it turns more southerly heading into the afternoon hours. it gets muggy this afternoon. we don't have to worry about the sprinkles we saw around later in the week. the forecast high temperature, 83. it's better than half a dozen degrees above average nor this time of year, a few degrees shy of the record. max defender 8 is quiet after a few sprinkles yesterday. a cold front on thursday. that will be the best rain chance through the rest of the workweek. we will talk about that coming up. first we check in on the
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live look at i-75 in the new tampa area. looking fine. we have an accident to tell you about in eastern hillsborough county. mulberry area state road 60 at county line road. florida highway patrol is on scene. all lanes are clear. no delays. breaking news. a brazen smash-and-grab burglary in tampa at a gun store. >> sheriff's deputies are working to find out how the thieves broke in and if they got away powered guns kept at the store. this is happening at the tampa arms company off west waters and dale mabry at the northwest plaza. mary mcgwire joins us live. what do we know. >> >>reporter: one of the owners just arrived on scene. they tell deputies that the brick wall that we have been showing this morning that is empty had firearms on it so we know that the thieves were able to get away with a couple of
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ammunitions on the street. they sell a variety of guns and ammunition here at the northwest plaza near dale mabry. deputies were alerted to the situation after the alarm went off at this business. they arrived and the entire front window of the business was gone. the store appeared to be ransacked. another big question that law enforcement has is how many peop burglary. the stories not gigantic but it is sizable. it appears to have a lot of inventory. you would think that more than one person would have to be involved to pull off this burglar rei. they are still reviewing surveillance camera on scene to figure out how many people were involved, what was stolen and how they were able to smash through the window. there were surveillance cameras inside the store and in the
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they are surveying the damage. they should be able to give deputies a better idea how many guns were inside the store, what sort of ammunition was in there to figure out what was missing and what could be on the street. this is a severe and dangerous situation when you thing about all of those items that could be in the hands of dangerous criminals, gene. >> unsettling. it sounds like the investigators have their work cut out for them. we will check back in with yo teacher will be in court asking for a judge to reduce her sentence. jennifer if i can 2er was seven -- fichter was sentenced to 22 years in prison for having sex with students. she will go before the same judge that sentenced her. >> reporter: exactly. she will be at the courthouse for an 8:30 hearing to ask the judge to reduce her sentence, the same judge that sentenced
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prison. jennifer fichter admitted to having sex with three teenage boys. the judge called the former aerospace academy english teacher a predator. she was remorseful but given a harsh sentence. she plans to ask for a significant reduction. she will claim that the victims were willing participants and she needs to be out of prison in toward get suitable treatment. listen to judge shelby admonishing her year. >> you have a long time to let your faith work in your life so that when you come out, you are a different person. >> detectives said fichter had sex with one student 20 to 30 times in her pickup truck. news channel 8 will have a crew in the courtroom for the 8:30 hearing. >> a lot of parents and students and folks in the
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one, thanks, ryan. federal investigators are trying to figure out why an ohio state university student went on a rampage driving his car into a crowd and stabbing multiple people on campus. investigators are looking at abdul razak ali artan's social media profiles and posts. the somali immigrant injured 11 people were before shot and killed by an officer of the university. >> he engaged the eliminated the threat. >> the officer, an ohio state university graduate, is being called a hero for stopping the attack. the event is causing campuses to review security procedures. plant city police continue to investigate a deadly stabbing. a woman was stabbed to death monday afternoon. police tell us she died at the scene. investigators have not released the identity of the victim and no arrests have been made.
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police. convicted killer trevor dooley may be free on bond this week. he was convicted of murdering his neighbor. he is asking for bond while a waiting trial. he shot a man over a skateboard at a valrico park. there is no hearing or ruling scheduled for today but the judge said he will make a decision in the coming days. right now some in cuba tell castro. preparations are underway for castro's final send off. a four day funeral procession across the island. for a second day in a row, you see hundreds of thousands of cubans expected to pass through revolution square. these are images from the massive lines on monday. that's where many stood in the hot sun for hours clashing flags and photographs. there will be a mass gathering
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luges. -- revolution. his ashes will make a cross country procession from havana to santiago. this morning president- elect donald trump threatening to cut off relations with cuba. mr. trump announced on twitter if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate deal, end quote. th the obama administration to open up the island nation for trade and tourism. being in miami the past couple of days, that statement from donald trump well received within the exile community. let's turn it over to ian. >> hey, ian. >> a mild start to the tuesday. breezy south wind during the day makes things warm, muggy heading into the afternoon. not feeling like a couple of
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look moving through tuesday. well above average by lunchtime. later on a forecast high temperature around 83 degrees. here is where we stand across the tampa bay area right now. 68 in tampa. 66 st. pete and down in bradenton. farther to the north, upper 50s moving to inverness. 24-hour temperature change. these temperatures are 5 to 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. that's the case across the southeast in brought severe weather to parts of the southeast will bring us rain chances over the next couple of days. the front arrives in an almost entirely diminished state. could see a stray shower wednesday afternoon. our best rain chances are thursday as the front comes through but it's a 20% chance. the cold fronts have under achieved. not a lot of rain. >> the poor folks delivering the packages that we ordered
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>> hot this afternoon. >> let's take you to the maps. they will appreciate this. not a lot to slow them down this morning. courtney campbell, howard frankland, gandy look great. no problems with the veterans, 275, 75 or i-4. fhp working a crash in the mulberry area, county road 60 and county line road but no lanes are blocked. a popular christmas is creating problems. lawn chairs are already set up on the parade route. lakeland's message to residents. >> paying for child care. many struggle to cover the
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8 on your side alert. the cost of child care in this country is staggering. for many working parents it's hard to get ahead in life because so much money goes into finding quality care for our kids. i explore what hillsborough county is doing to help parents and how you can join the initiative. children are making stone soup. with hands on teaching and a
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child care facility it is something that this single mom thought she would never be able to afford. >> this is an amazing child care facility. so, i'm really lucky to be able to afford it because it's helped out like tremendously. >> reporter: but now she and other parents can find affordable quality care thanks to an ongoing partnership wi 13 counts fall under the agency's umbrella and receive port down to training teacher and staff. >> we have the quality counts program. they helped us design the quality program that we have at the early center. >> the early coalition is running on a 2001 state budget. private donors are filling the gap. now a push to find support from corporate sponsors. steve noble and his board are
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investing in quality child care centers will lift the burden for parents birth to 5 but help children from one day falling through the cracks of the public school system. >> they lag behind in reading skills, socialization skills. it's a deal breaker for a lot of families. >> today the early learning coalition is taking part in giving tuesday, a day to encourage people to donate to any cause they are operating on the 2001 budget and they need help to supplement the high cost for families in need and it is done through scholarships and earning centers like the one we explored in the story, they can get donors by having the high quality care, people say i give to it. >> people need this kind of service. for some they have to consider whether they quit their jobs because the money they make is
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>> for single parents it's not even an option because they go in debt. clearwater city council gets a look at imagine clearwater, the plan to revitalize the downtown waterfront. they hosted several meetings this summer asking for feedback to make downtown clearwater a destination for residents and tourists. it will include renovations to coachman park and boardwalk. lakeland's christmas day parade is two days way. we spotted lawn chairs already set up. it's becoming a tradition for families to put out chairs in advance despite warnings from city officials to discourage the chair clutter. >> don't cover sidewalks. whatever you do, don't chain them to light poles and city fixtures. we will cut the lock. >> the christmas parade is
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people not to put chairs out until tomorrow night. a look across america. texas health officials are confirming that they have the first locally transmitted case of the zika virus. health officials say lab results confirm that a texas woman contracted the mosquito- borne illness. the patient lives in brownsville near the mexico border. florida is the only other u.s. state where the viru a passenger is in custody after pulling open the emergency exit door and jumping out of the plane. this happened at bush intercontinental airport in houston. what is going on in texas. the plane arrived from new orleans and was waiting for the final taxi to the gate. you can see the video where the person runs across the tarmac toward the terminal. it's unclear why the woman
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they called for psychiatric assistance. >> she was in a hurry. weather and traffic on the 8s with ian oliver. >> clear skies across the tampa bay area. tracked a few sprinkles on max defending 8. that was about it. we are waiting for rain chances arriving later in the week. max defending 8 had little work to do throughout the november. officially .01. a deficit of almost an inch and a half. november is typically the driest month of the year. this is exceptionally dry, tied for the second driest on record. i believe st. pete experiencing a top three dry novemberment today breezy and warm. muggy this afternoon. high temperatures around 83. the next rain chance arrives with the cold front to the north and west. that doesn't get here until thursday. warm and muggy conditions while
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temperature of 83 degrees. partly cloudy, mild overnight tonight. low temperatures drop to the upper 60s. a stray shower chance possible wednesday afternoon. the best rain chances are thursday as the front moves through and we dry out heading to the weekend. >> it's about that time. starting to see more folks hitting 275 southbound near fowler. as you can see, no one is tapping the brakes yet. another 30 minutes or so picture will be different. westbound i-4 into downtown looking all right. out the door in pasco, a report of a hit and run southbound 75 between 54 and 56. i'm not seeing delays but this is generally a trouble spot in the morning. that is something that i will keep my eye on. i will update you as i get more information. now back to the desk. >> all right, thanks, so much, mer. it's something that we all get in the mail.
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for most of us, it's a waste of
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8 is on your side to help you put a stop to the junk mail that you are getting from political mailers during the election to magazines for the da many call it magazine overload. earth estimates we get about 40 pounds of junk mail a year. >> it sucks. annoying. it's like the worst thing ever. >> sometimes you get so many junk mails that you spend part of your day trying to get rid of them. >> if you are frustrated with junk mail like these people are, you can do something about it. the federal trade commission
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sites including dma or catalog you fill out the forms and it will take 30 to 90 days to take effect or you can call the magazines directly and tell them to take you off the mailing list. head to to put a stop to junk mail. >> i like what i get. >> you can get coupons on lines and mobile devices. >> i like the pretty wildfire in tennessee burning out of control. >> new in the next half hour, the tourist destinations under evacuation orders. >> a gun store break in in tampa where investigators are trying to determine what some brazen thieves stole. >> let's take you outside live to the beautiful downtown tampa. ian oliver will have the forecast and mer has a look at
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2016 john winter memorial teddy bear round up is underway. help us and the rough riders distribute teddy bears out to children in need. it runs until december 9th. a list of the drop off breezy and warm. mild start. we are above average at lunchtime. extra humidity. high temperatures way above average around 83 degrees. we are seeing delays on 275. this is fletcher. you will be slow florida fletcher to about sligh. starting to see the typical morning heavy traffic. i-4 westbound from past the selmon connector you will see
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i-4 and 275 or accident free. no problems yet on the howard frankland. getting a little busy on the clearwater side of the courtney
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breaking news. brazen thieves drive a truck through the front window of a tampa gun store. now investigators want to know if they got away with any of the gu campus. what we are learning about the teenage refugee that police say went on a rampage with a car and butcher knife injuring 11 students. >> cuba is in mourning. news channel 8 is in the island nation as thousands remember fidel castro. >> good morning, welcome. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. let's check in with ian oliver in for leigh. >> mild as we kick off tuesday.
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the upper 50s. today in the upper 60s. 6 in tampa. 66 in st. pete and bradenton. 64 in venice. 59 moving up to inverness. a southeast wind kept things mild through the overnight hours. warm and muggy heading into this afternoon. our forecast high temperature, 83 degrees. you can see the average high temperature down a half a dozen degrees below that, 75. temperatures are above average through the the week. max defending 8 had a few sprinkles yesterday. that is about it until we get to the second half of the coming work weak where we are tracking a front. that comes through thursday with the best chances of rain for the week. heating up in the forecast and the roads. hit and run southbound 75 past 54. that is not causing delays but we are seeing generally slow
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interstate. 275 southbound from fletcher through sligh you are slow there. southbound 75 heavy from fowler in through i-4 and westbound i- 4 from before the selmon connector in through downtown slow there. gene and gayle, back to you. >> thanks, mer. investigators are on the scene of an apparent snatch and grab burglary. >> it happened at the tampa arms company on near dale mabry. mary mcguire joins us from the scene. do we know if any of the guns are missing from the store at this point? >> reporter: one of the biggest concerns for law enforcement is figuring out what was stolen from the store. the tampa arms company sells a variety of firearms and ammunition. one of the owners just arrived. they said the brick wall that you can see that is now empty had a few firearms on it before this happened so we know
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couple of guns. this could be a very potentially dangerous situation with a lot of illegal weapons on the street. detectives are reviewing surveillance video from inside the store and from around the complex to figure out what happened. deputies responded after security alarms at the tampa arms company went off early this morning. when they arrived they found the entire front window gone and a wall completely empty. there are about a doze seven stores in the complex. this was the only hit. another big question that law enforcement has this morning is how many people were involved in the smash-and-grab burglary. the stories not that big in size but it has a lot of inventory or it used to have a lot of inventory. you have to believe that at least two people were involved in this to pull the whole thing off. we are told the store was ransacked. detectives are trying to figure out how the thieves got through the glass window in front of
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other stores in this complex have bars over the window but deputies tell me there were no bars over the windows of the tampa arms company. that raises questions about the security measures that were in place. we know that they did have surveillance cameras inside the store. hopefully that will leave some clues for detectives about what happened here this morning, gene. >> hopefully sparking a conversation about how gun stores safe and secure in the store and not on the streets. thanks. more breaking news. rescue crews are on the scene of passenger plane crash in columbia. 81 people were on board the jet including a top brazilian soccer team. at least five people survived. there is no word on what may have caused the crash which happened as the plane was preparing to land. questions this morning
6:35 am
investigators are trying to determine if the attack by an 18-year-old somalian refugee was an act of terror. police say it began when 18- year-old artan art -- abdul razak ali artan drove his car and then started stabbing people. >> there was a guy that crashed his car into people with a knife. >> you can hear the deaths super raise in his voice. a campus police officer shot and killed artan ending the attack. 11 people were taken to the hospital. investigators are looking into the suspect's background. he recently posted comments on social media about the treatment of muslims. a former polk county teacher that admitted to having sex with a student more than 20 times and two other teenagers
6:36 am
this morning jennifer fichter will ask a judge to shave off some of the 22 years she was ordered to serve in state prison. ryan hughes is joining us live from the polk county courthouse. why is fichter asking for a lighter sentence? >> reporter: well, good morning once again. reports show she wants a reduction in her sentence because she claims the victims were willing participants and there are more suitable treatment options outside of jennifer fichter was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison for having sex with three teenage boys. the judge called the teacher a predator. she was remorseful but still given a harsh sentence. today she plans to ask for a significant reduction. more details will come out in court. here is her last year in court when she apologized to the
6:37 am
[ inaudible ]. >> detectives said fichter had sex with one student 20 to 30 times in her pickup truck. we will have a crew in the courtroom when the hearing gets underway at 8:30 this morning. >> a lot of folks will be watching this case. thanks, ryan. right now in cuba, thousands are lining up to pay their respects to leader and dictator fidel castro. you can see the scene. people of all ag out. jeff patterson is there in havana. he has a look at the final farewell. >> today tens of thousands of cubans are coming out to pay respects to fidel cass vow. later today -- castro. later today there will be a service. this line is amazing snaking its way through the city streets of havana and up the
6:38 am
remains of fidel castro who was cremated several days ago. later this week a funeral procession will wind through the entire nation as hundreds of thousands of people come out to pay respects and fidel is laid to rest in cuba where he grew up. in havana, cuba, jeff patterson, news channel 8. >> jeff patterson will be there for it all. he is reporting from cuba all week. the funeral for fidel presenting a predicament for world leaders. neither president barack obama or vice president joe biden will attend. he is controversial figure. world leaders have to be careful -- >> sends a strong message. >> without a doubt. let's turn it over to ian oliver to find out how the weather is shaping up. >> a couple of days out from december. you would never know it. out the door, it's muggy already. temperatures are mild.
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eventually heading for a high temperature of 83 degrees. that is almost 10 above average and a few shy of the record high temperature for today. temperatures are already about 10 above average. 68 in tampa. 66 in st. pete and down in bradenton. these numbers are a 5 to 10 warmer than this time yesterday. that is the case across the entire southeast in advance of a cold front that br southeast. that front will head our way later in the week. as is the case with most of our fronts, decaying. not a lot to it. a 10% chance of a stray shower tomorrow afternoon as the front moves through on thursday. about a 20% shower chance. not a big rain chance. the best we can do. november is a tough one getting rainfall into tampa bay. >> mixed reaction on twitter. some are enjoying the warmer temperature, others not so
6:40 am
with these temperatures. >> welcome to florida. let's take a look at the maps. we have an accident approaching the sunshine skyway northbound at the toll plaza. one lane is taken up. i am not seeing delays yet. on the other bridges, courtney campbell, howard frankland looking fine. in tampa, delays southbound 275 from fletcher in through hillsborough avenue. southbound 75 from fowler to i- 4 and westbound i-4 into to >> thank you, mer. three people are dead and some are wondering if a thanksgiving meal is to blame. >> still ahead, why investigators think food poisoning may be to blame. >> the trump supporter's rant that got him banned from the
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mcdonald's employees are joining a nationwide protest calling for better pay. this is the scene outside of the mcdonald's on hillsborough avenue in tampa. you can see quite a lot of folks holding up signs. restaurant workers in more than 300 u.s. cities are demanding 15-dollar per hour pay. this morning you can see they are chanting and a lot of supporters out there. the protest is planned for st. pete city hall and noon and a rally in ybor city centennial park later today. president-elect donald trump may be close to filling a key cabinet spot. he is expected to announce the pick for health and human services later today. nbc news reporting that trump
6:45 am
he has been a leading critic of obama care which trump pledged to overhaul during the campaign. the race for a secretary of state is heating up. today donald trump is expected to meet with senator bob corker of south carolina and expected to meet again with former massachusetts governor mitt romney. this is the second meeting between the president-elect and romney. some of his own team oppose romney getting the job. another candidate is david petroleum. he met -- david petraeus. he was forced to resign from the cia over an affair and mishandling of classified information. that is interesting because trump criticized hillary clinton for her own e-mail server scandal and alleged mishandling of information. so. a passenger who launched a pro trump rant at fellow travelers is banned for life
6:46 am
after his political comments went viral on social media. it happened on a flight from atlanta to allentown, pennsylvania. he yelled and cursed at passengers who are clinton supporters. >> you can't hear me, donald trump, baby. >> he went off on the plane for 15 minutes, delaying the flight. he came back on and said this is what you get for being a patriot loud di for the whole flight to hear then sat down. >> the video more than 2 million times. at first delta did nothing about the situation and the video earned the #boycott delta. now the ceo is apologizing and promising to give every passenger on that flight a refund. let's take a look across america. the driver accused in a deadly school bus chase in chattanooga, tennessee is hiding to court today. johnthony walker is facing several charges. he was behind the wheel of a
6:47 am
killing six elementary school students and several others were hurt. an investigation into a thanksgiving dinner linked to the deaths of three people. eight elderly people became sick after eating a holiday meal at the american legion in the san francisco bay areament three people died. hospital officials say they had victims consistent with a food- borne illness. some of the food was prepared by volunteers and some came from restaurants that donated so this morning a desperate situation in the smoky mountains. wildfires are forcing the evacuation of the popular tourist destinations of caitlynburg and pigeon forge. there are reports of buildings on fire making it worse for fire crews bone dry conditions there. it's terrible this time of year. they depend on the tourism. >> a lot of people go there to
6:48 am
year. you mentioned bone dry conditions. that is the issue. exceptional drought across a better portion of the southeast. good news for those fighting the wildfire, on the satellite and radar this morning, we did get rainfall in here. light to moderate rainfall moved into the smoky mountains assisting them but that is still going to be an ongoing fight over the next day or so. hopefully they can continue to get the wildfires put out protect pigeon ford, caitlynburg. fair conditions a -- gatlinburg. >> we had a few sprinkles yesterday afternoon. the entire month .01. a deficit of almost an inch and a half. this is tied for the second driest month on record.
6:49 am
1800s. dry this afternoon. muggy. you will notice that. breezy with a high temperature around 83 degrees. the next rain chance will be with the same front bringing the rainfall to east tennessee. it doesn't catch up with us until thursday in a greatly diminished state. this afternoon a high around 83. hilled tonight with lows in the upper 60s. 20% rain chance as the front moves through thursday. drier to the weekend. a new accident in harbor area, u.s. 19 at curlew. florida highway patrol is on scene there. getting busy on the veterans southbound near van dyke. starting to see the typical morning delays. 275 southbound from north of fletcher in through about hillsborough avenue. 75 southbound from north of fowler through about i-4. westbound i-4 from 50th in
6:50 am
near branch forbes. no accidents along i-4 and a crash northbound 275 on the manatee side of the sunshine skyway bridge taking out one of your toll plaza lanes. now back to the desk. move over santa. dominoes is getting in the holiday spirit. they want your reindeer. a dominoes franchise in japan just released this video. they say the staff at the location is trying out winter weather including putting a delivery case on a reindeer's back or pull the pizza on a shred. train -- sled. trainers say thy can go fast, 50 minutes or less. they are not bothered by the snowy conditions no northern japan. >> he dropped the pizza. >> he is new at this.
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we continue following breaking news overnight. an apparent smash and grab at a tampa gun store. >> mary mcguire joins us live from the store on west waters avenue. >> reporter: good morning. after crashing through the front window of the tampa arms company off dale mabry, thieves made off with multiple firearms. we are told this empty brick wall did have firearms on it before this happened. deputies responded after the security alarms at the tampa
6:55 am
the entire front window gone and a brick wall used to display merchandise empty. there are about a dozen stores in the complex. this was the only one hit. detectives are reviewing surveillance video infrom inside the store and around -- from inside the store and around the complex. mary mcguire, news channel 8. rescue crews are on the scene of a plane crash in mountains. 81 people were on board including a top brazilian soccer team. five people survived the crash. many more are feared dead. today a former polk county teacher convicted of having sex with students will go before a judge this morning. jennifer fichter is expected to ask the court to reduce her sentence. she is serving 22 years behind bars. a convicted killer could
6:56 am
murdering his neighbor over an argument of a skateboard. he is asking to be released on board as he awaits a new trial. investigators are trying to figure out if a students rampage at ohio state university was an act of terror investigator. abdul razak ali artan drove his car on a sidewalk full of pedestrians and stabbed several people with a butcher killed by a campus police officer. thousands are lining up in cuba to pay respects to fidel castro. a mass rally will take place at revolution square. jeff patterson is in cuba. you can watch the special reports from cuba beginning today on "first at 4:00". a may day tower evacuation order is in effect for portions of the smoky mountains including the popular vacation
6:57 am
pigeon forge. gatlinburg officials say businesses are burning and there are reports of damage at dollywood theme park. an american bald eagle rescued in clearwater will be released into the wild this morning. good news. a car hit the bird last month. it underwent surgery at busch gardens. it is fully recovered. they will release the eagle at 10:30 a mild start to our day in tampa. this is a live look from veterans ford. middle to upper 60s across the area. 63 apollo beach. 66 st. pete and bradenton. into the afternoon, expect a breezy and warm second half of your day. muggy with a high temperature around 83. warm and muggy waiting for the next cold front that gets here
6:58 am
the afternoon. the front will make its way through on thursday bringing a 20% shower chance. like most of the cold fronts in november, not a lot of rain with that one. getting busy on howard frankland. crash southbound memorial approaching 275. delays 275 and 75 out of north tampa and westbound i-4 into downtown. >> all right, mer, thank you. up next on today, more on the deadly plane crash in the country of columbia as well more on the trump transition. >> we will be here all morning long with the latest news, weather and traffic updates. catch the updates during "the
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good morning. breaking news. a charter plane crashes in colombia. 81 people on board, including a professional soccer team. this morning, five survivors pulled from the wreckage. wildfires raging out of control in the great smokey mountains. mandatory evacuations ordered in two resort towns. flames now at the edge of the famous dollywood resort, and this nearby hotel where guests appear to be trapped inside. officials believe arson is to blame. we'll be there live with the latest. is he a terrorist? new images emerge of the man behind the attack at ohio state university. >> there's a guy crashed his car


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