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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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dangerous thieves caught on camera this morning. reward that leads to their arrest. efforts to put a band on dispensaries in cities across the bay area. and tennessee raging wildfires, high winds fueling the flames forcing the evacuations of thousands and threatening many tourist attractions. good morning, welcome to news channel 8 today. time now is 5:00 and we are here with the look at our wins morning weather. good morning, we will wrapup november today just like
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and very warm. these temperatures already way above average this morning at 71 degrees in tampa. the average low temperature is in the upper 50s. with humidity levels like this, that is how we stay still warm. dewpoint in the mid and upper 60s. you really notice that increase in mugginess during the day yesterday. it is because of that southeast trend or. over 20 miles-per-hour, very similar to what we experienced yesterday with extra cloud coverage. yesterday max defender 8 was quiet and today may be a few stray showers possible. temperatures back up in the lower and mid 80s close to 10 degrees above average for this time of year. coming up we will talk about tomorrow's cold front. it looks like we have better chance to bring us rain. we are only at about 20 percent
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my backyard is starting to melt. let's take a look at the maps. there is not a lot of traffic to be slowed at this hour but it is on southbound 275 as you approach the exit ramp to bierce avenue. florida highway patrol is on scene. i-4 in your bridges looking good . do you recognize anyone in this surveillance video? this gr emptied it tampa gun store in just 2 minutes and now authorities need your help to catch them -- thieves emptied a tampa gun store in just 2 minutes and now authorities need your help to catch them. do detect is think we are dealing with an organized gun ring? >> reporter: if you take a look
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can tell this was no mistake. these guys were deliberate and determined, cleaning the store out in less than 2 minutes. check out this wild surveillance video inside the store. they crashed their truck into the store shattering the front window. they run into the gun store grabbing everything they see. after seeing this surveillance video, friends of the gun store's owner are in shock. >> ey front window, backed the truck out and then about 11 people rushed in and strip the racks in took all the guns. >> now the atf in the firearms industry are offering a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that turns to these bad guys in. we're told detectives are following strong leads in this case. another question we have this morning, where exactly are all of those stolen guns? we spoke
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. they are often times sold illegally and often shipped across the state and to south america. did not just affect the front of the building. i had the chance to speak with one of the owners and they said they have 3 employees that work here who are all out of jobs just in time for the holiday season as they clean up this mess and sort things out. >> talk about a coordinated crime to get in and out in unbelievable. the use of medical marijuana was just given the green light by florida voters, but at least one bay area city is saying not so fast. zephyrhills city leaders passed a band preventing marijuana dispensaries from opening within city limits. ryan hughes is live this morning. ryan, eat is this even legally -- is this even legally possible ? >> reporter: good morning, city leaders here in zephyrhills say it is. they put a temporary
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and -- into it further and determine where dispensaries can be built. the band can stay in place for a year -- ban can stay in place for year. supporters say it is a health issue in summary need of miracle wanna -- marijuana use . >> the citizens of the state of florida were have also spoken. it is a big thing for them to, and say trying to come in and say we're not going to do this and ignore with the stay put into law. >> this is the only city. hillsboro county -- hillsborough county has just presented a six-month and -- ban. >> a lot of people will be watching this one. thank you.
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office needs your help to find a missing teenager. she is 15 years old and believed to have run away from her home without medication monday. if you have seen her or know where she is, please, contact the manatee county sheriffs office. new information on a stabbing death in plant city. 31-year-old rocio was stabbed to death on monday. investigators believe her attacker left the scene in the victim's van, 2007 . the van was later recovered, but her killer has not been caught. clearwater's effort to improve the downtown waterfront got their first clear today. they want to hear from you. they are holding a community forum at 6:30 p.m. at the downtown clearwater main library. leaders say they want to revitalize the downtown waterfront making it a destination for all.
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destinations. you have to look at this video. it is unbelievable. you can see these pictures of the wildfire burning at this hour in tennessee. more than 250 homes and businesses were either destroyed or badly damaged as winds fueled the flames. at least 3 people killed , and more than 14,000 people have been forced to evacuate. the flames did, extremely close to dollywood, but spared any damage . visitor say they never want to see anything like this again. . >> you go get dinner and groceries for the week in you head back and find out you can't get back to your family, our 4 children. those are our babies and we still are not sure . there is so much continue fires and they are having such a hard time battling them.
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those fires. take a look at the destruction in some places, entire neighborhoods charred. authorities are beginning to assess the damage this morning. officials are investigating what started the fires. they have not ruled out arson, but you look at that video and it is almost hard to take in that that is real and it is happening right now to our friends in tennessee. >> it is heartbreaking to see that especially this time of year. there is good news and the country. first i want to show you a look at the united states's drought monitor. this was a recipe for the wildfire to breakout. everything in red is the extreme and exceptional drought across the southeast. the remedy would be rain but not like this. it is a strong front making it 's way through the southeast. all of the red shading is a tornado watch in effect this
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at this hour. you need the rain but not all at once and not with strong in severe thunderstorms but at least it is raining across the southeast at this point. for us another breezy, warm, muggy day today. high temperatures are way above average, low and mid 80s. we will see temperatures right now already running about 10 degrees above average. it is 71 degrees right now in tampa, 68 clearwater had run through the low 80s but a front comes through tomorrow. this will knock our temperatures back down close to average by friday. we want to take your life to show you 275 near bierce avenue. north of they are we do have an accident. i have another camera on scene but it is not wanting to cooperate, but what i can tell you is we have vehicles on either side of 275. if you're heading out the door
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in that area because we do have folks on both sides of the roadway. otherwise, no delays. in fact, 75 also looks good. i-4 all the way through hills -- hillsborough into polk county . 8 on your side's special coverage: cuba mourns castro. his ashes will start a cross- country tour starting in havana to santiago de cuba. together. the us national security advisor and the cheese -- chief us diplomat were among world leaders attending the event. many cuban residents praised their leader. >> that legacy we have not forgot that, never, never, never . and we fight for that, defended that idea.
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chanting, waving flags, and even crying as they remember the life of castro. his ashes will start the crisscross procession from havana to santiago de cuba later today. his ashes will be interred sunday in the city where he started his revolution. keep it here news channel 8 today for the latest updates. patterson will update all week in the wake of castro's death. after a few seconds and swipes it can be done, yes, there is an app for that. coming up: how technology is changing the way we plan our funerals. tonight the biggest of all the christmas trees will be glowing. stays tuned. you are watching news channel 8 today. storm team 8 weather
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in this digital age seems like you can do almost anything on your smart phone or computer. now it funeral company is giving customers the option to make and pay for cremations
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on how right choice cremation is giving consumers this new option from grabbing him were -- ordering a right, consumers have the power to do anything with this weapon their cell phone. this is aimed for folks above ground but now things are taking a turn 6 feet under. >> you are able to do all the arrangements online from selecting earn or keepsake items that your family may want to ping and filing all of the necessary documents >> bay area families can now make and pay for cremation arrangements for themselves or a loved one online at right choice cremation in brandon. you go to right choice and you can start planning -- taking the old- school funeral business and bringing it front stage. 2000 shop online every month than one person does so each week. it appears the time has come this concept. >> everyone is more tech savvy nowadays.
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own cremation may sound morbid but those in the business say it could be a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. >> prayer ranging your funeral is a gift to your family and the funeral so they don't -- in the future so they don't have to worry about it . it is already taken care of. families can also visit the right choice cremation facility in brandon if they prefer to make arrangements in person. it also offers a full refund if customers are not satisfied with their services difficult time easier for families. happening today an important vote for the democratic party. democrats in the house of representative will elect party leaders. nancy pelosi has been house democrat leader for 12 years. today she faces a challenge by tim ryan of ohio. he says it is time for a change in party leadership. he says the losses of dozens of democratic congressional seats over the past 6 years as the
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hillary clinton made a surprise appearance. she presented -- introduce katy perry. the unicef has raised over $27 million for the past 11 years. a national christmas tradition, rockefeller center christmas tree will be late tonight in new york city. thousands are expected to watch it happen in person. the 84th annual tree will be shown my right here in news channel 8 at a pm. >> that'll be something to see . >> the time right now is coming up on 5 -- 5:18. it doesn't feel like christmas at all. >> it certainly doesn't but the rockefeller tree is
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has fallen the last 7 days in breckenridge. that is where they are preparing for the men's world cup racing. all of the snow should make for a great event. a lot of skiers are smiling from ear to ear as they get their first turned into the season, maybe some local meteorologists are trying to get out there in january due a little skiing -- and do a little skiing . no snowflakes to track here. some rain would be nice. we could really us could see a stray shower 2 headed into the afternoon but for right now just a few clouds passing through the tampa bay area. all the activity is off to the north and west. we have strong cold front pushing off to the southeast. the red shading is only back from east tennessee to louisiana. attorney to watch is in effect. -- a tornado watch is in effect. wiese -- we need some rain .
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november, tied for that at least if we don't see any showers today. the front will drop in headed into the day tomorrow. for today, stray shower chance, breezy, warm and muggy with a high around 83. a few showers possible. we have 20 percent chance for showers as the front moves through tomorrow. just one accident to pass along. it is on 275 southbound as you are porch -- approach bierce avenue it will take you about 6 minutes to get down to that point. it is not slowing traffic because traffic is very light but you do have vehicles on either side of the roadway. if you are out the door in the next several minutes leaving wesley chapel just a heads up on that one. it will take you another 8 minutes to get from bierce avenue in through downtown, pretty light travel time west on i-4 into downtown, under 2 minutes to make that
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bit of construction on the crosstown. is started at 8:00 last night. the crosstown should be reopening at any moment. for now traffic heading eastbound needs to exit at falkenberg then take animal over to i 75 -- adamo over to i 75. all trade in cars toward the purchase of a new car from january through september had negative equity. that is the highest rate on record. so-called upside down car shoppers had an average of 4832 of negative equity at the time of the trade and, also a record high. dolly parton is everywhere this week it seems. >> she just performed in tampa making an appearance on the voice last night, and tonight we get another look into the
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more on her new christmas
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she was just here over the weekend, but if you you haven't gotten enough of dolly parton -- but if you haven't gotten enough of dolly parton, the circle of life airs tonight. it is another chapter in the life of young dolly parton. olivia alan lynn plays the
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musical skills can help her dad by her mom christmas chris. -- gift . >> is what the kids are ultimately willing to do so that there mom and dad can have a good christmas. >> the story and the message may strike some as old- fashioned but dolly says she would not have it any other way . >> mark your calendar, news day on december 9. it is an annual tradition right here at our studios. you are welcome to drive by to drop off a toy. we're also excepting teddy bears for the rough riders food donations for feeding tampa bay and blood donations. make sure you stop by. strecker brazing group of burglars cleaned out a gun shop in tampa. now deputies are offering a hefty reward for their arrest. plus if you thought the
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marijuana ended on election night think again. some counties are already trying to put a ban on some dispensaries. checklist take you live to downtown tampa. you won't believe tomorrow is december 1. it is so warm out there. weather and traffic on the 8s
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feeling more like the beginning of october than the end of november. just got a report in from oldsmar, our weather watcher says 66 degrees this morning. these temperatures close to 10 degrees above average. that is where we are headed again this afternoon. extra clouds, breezy, muggy with the stray shower possible. high temperatures around 83. we have live picture of an accident i have been talking
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we have vehicles on both sides of the interstate -- bierce avenue . the interstate is moving just fine but stay to the middle and keep everyone
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popular tourist towns left to pick up the pieces. wildfires leave a trail of death and destruction in gatl we will show you the damage done . a wild scene inside of a tampa gun store. crooks caught on camera grabbing dozens of guns. there is a hefty reward to catch the thieves and get the guns off the street. fidel castro still sparking controversy even in death. news channel 8 is the only local station in cuba so you can hear for yourself what the cuban people have to say about the fallen dictator.


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