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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> ellen: anyway. now the headlines of 4:00. number one, raging wildfires here? have the latest burning from east tennessee in cuba right now. >> i am jeff patterson in havana cuba. the funeral procession has begun for fidel castro. coming up how this country and cubans are reacting to his death. number 3, bad monkey: it has been 2 weeks since this crash the why hasn't anyone been arrest. >> and number 4, tornadoes the same line that caused this
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first of 4. think you for joining us. we want to begin with a quick update to those massive wildfires burning in east tennessee. >> the mayor is calling this the worst fire in 100 years. wind whipped flames are causing the damage. there were 8 new flareups and now firefighters have no problems from mother nature. >> a new challenge that the weather is creating r after the fire mary spearing some small mudslides and rock slides. there is no longer that foliage that is holding everything together. >> the mayor of gatlinburg, the city that draws up to $11 million a year says his time will pull together and recover. it has been pretty dry in the bay area. we saw little rain today, a little bit is there any significant change coming?
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chances -- we don't have any huge chances in the forecast so much like we saw today some of us have seen some real life stuff but as far as real measurable rain to help out, we're not going to see a whole lot. tomorrow we do bring in about a 20 percent rain chance but behind that it is looking dry with slight chances into the beginning of the week. we have only picked up one 100 inch -- 1/100 of an inch of so far it is still the 2nd driest november on record for us. we will have to see if you do pick up measurable rainfall at the airport. we haven't done so just yet. out at the lake club a lot of clouds have cleared out of this location now we are looking at partly cloudy skies sitting at 80 degrees and we have not seen measurable rainfall at this location neither at the plantation and crystal river. it is 76 degrees and we picked
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defender 8, we're seeing some of those light showers right now. take a look at that light blue color. you can see that is some very light precipitation, sprinkles or incredibly light showers as this area most from south to north across the tampa bay area we have seen a little bit more extra moisture around today. overnight temperature stay mild near 70 degrees. we will talk about tomorrow's cold front coming up in your full forecast. convicted killer trevor is going was convicted of murdering his neighbor. he asked for a bond while appealing his convention -- conviction . he shot and killed james during an argument over a skateboard. as part of his $100,000 bond he is not allowed to leave hernando county were his family now lives. you must also give up his passport and cannot have contact with the victim's family. tonight at 5, the victim's widow talks to news channel 8
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find the driver of this car right here, the man that more -- mow down a man in ybor city and then plowed through the bar. it happened 2 weeks ago and even with this dramatic audio police still searching for answers. the man hit with the car refused treatment and isn't interested impressing charges. the car you see in the video is a rental. >> that complicates things a little bit. it might be a beat -- should be driving park but that does not mean that that is who was driving the car. it also means that the driver could be from out of town. >> police say after the crash people scattered and they were not able to get many details from the whitson says -- witnesses. people that live in hudson are fighting for a traffic light as an intersection tonight at an intersection. drivers make a legal turns and it has caused several crashes.
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on sunday, his family has started a fundraiser. and now to cuba where we have news channel 8 fun -- crew on the ground right now covering fidel castro death. we sent news channel 8 jeff patterson from tampa and -- to the van on monday and this is what he found. >> this is here. this is the 3rd time we have been on the street. the one thing that is striking about being here right now is that on our previous piglets -- visits we have noticed vibrant music. as you are walking to the streets of old havana people would play radios, standing on their balconies, just enjoying the music. it is a major part of cuban culture. but right now because of the official 9 days of
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like this one. normally they are trying to sell small musical instruments to tourists, right now those musical instruments are silent. they are not standing on the streets as they normally are giving you the feeling of what is normally like to be in havana . that is striking not only to me but a lot of people we have interview. visitors have all noted the fact that as you are standing in the tourist district right now it is very silent, very somber fidel castro. it is one of the striking things that we have noticed about our visit as we have come to cover the debt the fidel castro. again, jeff is the only bay area reporter in cuba right now. he will be reporting from that island nation all week long in the wake of castro's death. the state is holding more than $150 million in cash to pay out if companies meet employment goals after
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calling a corporate welfare. might want to find out. governor rick scott says enterprise florida is one of the reason drops have grown in the sunshine state. but when scott asked for $250 million last year, lawmakers gave him nothing, and if he wants more money this year you will have a fight on his hands. scott will still back his request for next year, but house speaker calls the payouts -- >> it is a horrible use of tax payers dollars. >> if he gets his way there will be nothing for efi. >> people in this case, the top one percent of the world's wealth gets this money. that is nothing less than socialism and we don't believe in socialism. >> they prayed on a full-court press to try to bring general election to the shunned trying -- general electric to the sunshine state . instead he chose high tax which has proved
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reporting from the state capital i am mike. >> we have an important announcement from frontier communications subscribers. frontier communication contract to carry news channel 8 expires today at 5:00. as a right now, a new agreement has yet to be reached. by law frontier communications cannot carry our television stations without an agreement. please know that we have tried hard to reach an agreement with frontier co without fair and equitable treatment, local tv stations will not be able to continue to provide top-quality news, sports, and -- entertainment and other local programming that is most important to you . we thank you for your tremendous support. please know you have many choices. you may continue to watch over the air via antenna or by switching to an alternate pay- tv provider. for further information on this story, and to learn more about alternate pay-tv providers had
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there is a government agency that wants you to complain more. we are going to show you where you find the information to get in touch with the feds coming up next. our fit dietitian is in the house -- favorite dietitian is in the house to talk about a meal without meat. that is
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now your consumer watch: your safety regulators want you to complain more with help from your car's sun visor. the national traffic safety administration is proposing oral requiring automakers to replace labels on sunrises of new vehicles. the labels show you how to file a safety complaint. it plans to take online comments about this proposal until january 27. advance ticket sales for the new star wars, wrote one are out of this world.
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universal. they said they had their best first-day pre-sale of the year. they had to open up a waiting room because so many people rush to score the tickets. the movie opens december 16 and is expected to bring in $130 million in just it's opening weekend. your next long-haul flight might be more interesting. netflix will allow more users to watch shows off-line. er means you can watch shows while on a flight or even stuck in the subway. the features free with all netflix memberships. you have to make sure you have the most recent netflix app. that is a good feature. how about some dinner with that movie? today we want to talk about vegetables and how to create a balanced meal without using any meat protein. it can be done. today we have answers and joining me now is abigail. thank you so much for being with us. people like to have meat added
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but if you take it out we should not fear? >> do not fear you can get a traditionally adequate diet without the meat. >> how you substitute the meat protein? >> the cool thing about -- with a few 80 a vegetarian diet or meatless meal you could actually get the benefit from all of these things. to start off i have an easy way to remember. if you start with vegetables, vegetables actually do have protein in them. hears about 2 cups of if you add more vegetables you could be close to 5 or 7. then you can add on plant-based protein. beans are a great way -- here are some pinto beans . you can do some black beans. here are some lentils or even some hummus which is another thing to add on to those greens and the whole-grain. quinoa has protein in it. it has a good amount. it actually has a balance
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another one -- in there . oatmeal is another one. brown weiss -- rice has protein in there . make sure to add on those fats because all those things together, friday is key when you're looking at a vegetarian type of eating. you want to get one of these to make up what you are missing out on. >> humans are creatures of habit we like to have everything the same way all the time try something different because the taste may be something they were not expecting. >> you might find that you love something that you didn't know you liked. they have some really great flavors of hummus now. if you take away that meet maybe it will make you try some different things. it does take some time for your taste buds to really start to understand, but if you give yourself a week and try some of the things i think you will really start to like it, and you will miss a big piece of
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package vegetation like veggie burgers. still look at the labels. it doesn't mean it is healthy. a lot of times they don't have a lot of protein in it but this kind of stuff is where that -- is where it is at . thank you so much. >> a couple of hours ago strong storms blew through atlanta prompting a tornado warning. a heavy band of rain drenched the area bringing down one giant tree. th place. right now there is no word on any injuries. here's what is left in alabama after that same storm system rips through there last night. 5 people were killed. 6 more injured after escaping from the stake here. what you can see his flat in try flattened. at least 25 homes instructions
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we're tracking the same store system headed for the bay area. will not arrive until tomorrow and it will weekend before it gets here. max defender 8 is showing us some light rain. this is enough to maybe pick up 100 or 200th of an inch of some rain at your house may be a little bit more but most of the stuff is pretty light. the majority of the light rain not east of i 75. nothing heavy expect for the re shower a definite possibility. as we take a step back and see where that line of storms is rolling through. george are already experiencing the strong to severe storms. today we had some breezy winds and have video to show you of choppy water on the sarasota bayfront.
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sarasota highland park . even though temperatures were one maybe it is not one of the best days to be out on the water but not bad arsenal. we are going to be seen partly cloudy skies through the rest of the evening with the chance of some light showers. st. petersburg 76 degrees with no measurable rainfall. as we head into the overnight hours it will stay warm. where likely not going to drop below 70 degrees 70 degrees when you wake up tomorrow morning. as we head into the afternoon hours that is when the cold front arrives, temperatures will be my other topping out in the mid-to upper 70s and we will see more clouds coming in throughout the day. it is not widespread rain but we could see a few showers role through. 78 in tampa, 80 wiki watching. as we head throughout the rest of this evening just a very
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front as we head through thursday afternoon with the chance to see a few showers. as we head into friday this clears out. winds will pick up and we will see dry -- drier air moving . for a little while temperatures will drop back into the 50s on saturday. you can see friday and saturday look gorgeous, mid-to upper 70s . you can see we quickly rebound back into the 80s for as you are getting all your christmas decorations up a maybe a little bit of -- it may be a little bit to see tonight . >> we are putting up our christmas lights tonight, little hot chocolate and the rockefeller christmas spectacular will be on in the background. >> the weather is perfect for christmas. if your movie is going to debut at the vatican you probably need to meet the pope. that is exactly what happened to martin scorsese. his film called silence makes
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it is a persecution of the jesuit missionaries in 17th century japan. presented the pope with 2 paintings and he offered martin scorsese and his family rosaries . new information about the upcoming star wars film: wrote one on twitter. we had that story and music news in the hollywood minute. more wrote one news as twitter announces it will hold a live stream event for the film the people magazine and disney it will feature never before seen footage from wrote one along with the question and answer session. the event takes place fridays -- friday, december 2 . [ video playback ] the weekend has set a record . spot if i says the weekend has broken the record for largest number of single day streams on the music -- music service. they have not released the
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was. tonight in new york city as i mentioned, the rockefeller center christmas tree is going to be lit. thousands are expected to watch it happen in person. it will also be shown live on news channel 8 at 8:00. here's a fun fact: the first rio rockefeller center was put up by construction workers back in 1931. did you know that the hurricane hunter planes are stored right here in the bay area? th -- big changes for one airport . some thieves take off with an atm by dragging is through a class tranix glassdoor. more of this -- glassdoor.
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing.
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papa john's. this game ball goes to all of the fans for doing an amazing job. i hope that is in our future every sunday at the stadium. >> i hope your mother has taught you how to share bucs fans because there isly starting the news conference with a little love. it is the old field of dreams philosophy, build it and they will come to said raymond james stadium was as loud as he is ever heard on sunday and that is because bucs team is giving fans reason to put their butts in the seat. winston is a big part of that as the guy he loves giving the ball to even more than the fans, evidence. winston has thrown 22 touchdown passes equaling last year's
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tied with most of the nfl and franchise record through 11 games. that qb wide receiver combination has already accounted for over 1000 yards of offense and the scary part is: they may just getting started. we have a huge tendency and that is to throw to a great player. i like that tendency. that is what you should do. i know what mike is capable of and he is just scratching the surface. i really believe that. good at so many different things . he can run past you, go up and get a ball. he can make you miss when it's just a short pass. the skies definitely the limit. i have to continue to give him the ball. >> it looks like winston will have another weapon at his disposal sunday in san diego. defensive tackle corey did not practice but he is optimistic
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safety chris was out with a chest injury. they signed major right to add death to that position -- depth to that position. he is eager to get back to the field and has been sitting out since the bucs cut him . >> it is tough. it is mentally tough mentally and physically. with me, i am very private. i felt like i still have a lot of ball left in me. whatever they need me to do, i am in pretty go numbers called i will be there . everything is coming up roses for flowers who has been named the american conference offense of player of the year. the quarterback is the first in cool -- school history to earn that distinction . you racked up 3976 yards and scored 37 total touchdowns leading usf to the pope -- their first ever season. offense of tackle and running back marlon mac got the first
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consecutive season. do we know where the bulls might wind up all lies? >> we don't know yet we have to wait until after the american championship games. >> very good. stay close. we will be right back.
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now 4 headlines at 4:30. strong storms move through atlanta. or weather service warning. twisters are a possibility. no word on any injuries. never 2 criminal charges will not be filed against the charlotte north carolina police officer who shot and killed a man. you might remember seeing the video of the shooting of keith scott back in september. it sparked days of protest. police claimed scott had a gun and refused to drop it to extract donald trump tweeting today that he is drawing up documents that will take him out of his business operations
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. the president-elect plans to hold a news conference to give details on december 15. and never 4, nancy pelosi reelected as the house democratic leader. pelosi from san francisco beat tim ryan of ohio. this will be the 76-year-old progressive's a the term leading the democratic caucuses. melissa marino tells >> reporter: at afternoon i am standing at the hangar that will be their new home. inside of here they will have offices and operations built. construction has already started . back there will be a brand- new hangar. for months know of's hurricane hunters have been looking for a new hangar to call home. lakeland linder fit the bill. there is enough room for their 9 state-of-the-art aircraft, long enough runway and it is with and 50 miles of mcdill air
4:33 pm
of mcdill air force base. they will be one if not the biggest tenant at the airport. this means more revenue for the airport and the county for the next 10 years. >> we have turned to this corner and made the airport and economic provider. the goal is to have the movement by may 2017. today is the last day of hurricane season. celebrate. here is our storm team 8 meteorologist. we are grad -- it was a long season. max defender 8 is showing you what we are dealing with, very light rain moving through. you can see these lift from south to north across the tampa bay area. most of the activity in the eastern portions of the viewing area. you can see some of the showers moving toward arcadia for don't expect to see anything too heavy for the rest of the evening.
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point for us. for the next several days we will see some changes. the cold front rose through tomorrow. we briefly get back to normal but then the heat is on as we head back into next week. as we prepare for the holidays is not going to quite feel like it. only 21 days left until winter, 25 until christmas, 32 until new year's day. if you don't have your plans already set and of course next week is kind and stay. you can bring food, donate blood or bring in the toys or teddy bears for the rough riders. you can do that from 6 pm until 7 pm women safety is back in the headlines in a major way. the terrifying abduction california where mom was grabbed by kidnappers in broad daylight, she was out for a run . her family said she had her cell phone with her but how can your smartphone protect you when you are out there alone. jeff reports a new apps and
4:35 pm
today he is trying them out. >> you are walking alone, no one else around and that is when an attacker could strike. >> you hear about it all the time. i always wonder, could that be me? there are a lot of times right to be defenseless. baker is a waitress who leaves work late at night. tonight she is trying out new popular apps and gadgets that >> of first where safe. >> the cool thing about it is it is wearable. if i feel in trouble i hit the button and it audio records. it even backtracks the seconds. >> it is recording audio real- time and what happened in a few seconds. >> exactly an instance that to my friends to know my exact gps location wedding them know i am in trouble or need help. i give them the prescription --
4:36 pm
with dark denim and then i hit the button. >> across down lindsay. >> i just got the word from her. >> her precise gps location pops on the screen and the audiophile. >> i'm being followed by a tall man in a red jacket with dark denim. >> this next one goes further, an app called the safe recording video is soon as you trigger an alert. >> now going to hit the alarm butt countdown 3, 2, one and it starts recording. >> so it starts recording me. and alarm goes off as well. if i was a real attacker you would follow me around with the camera in this gets texted to our friends and it actually calls want your friends to let them know what is going on. this app has gps cordons as well. that is kind of cool. apt number 3 may be the most advance of all called lifeline
4:37 pm
screen. if you come comes off it sounds the alarm. >> we are going to test this in real-time. right now we're standing in a random parking lot here in a chicago suburb. we should mention, the local police have no clue where we are right now. were going to try this out. >> your thumb is on that button . take it off like you are being attacked. automatically starts counting you down. you have 18 seconds to type in your personal pin number that no one else knows. the alarm is going off. obviously don't type in attacked you wouldn't.>>[ video playback ] >> within moments, lifeline response tracked her location and calls the police. >> you can hear the sirens.
4:38 pm
>> this is crazy. that took less than a minute. >> that was so fast. that is crazy. >> you guys know exactly where to come? >> exactly where to go. >> what you think of this? >> i love the app. 911 doesn't give me this. it gives your radius. >> if i was really in an emergency situation, this really could've saved my life. >> that was jeff reporting. here's good news, they work on iphone and android devices and they are all pretty cheap. the wearable one and the one that calls police are about $5 a month. the one that takes video is completely free. right now whistleblowers who tried to cover up some issues in the state department are giving -- getting a heyday out of your pocket . florida department of correction settled a lawsuit with 3 investigators that claim
4:39 pm
inmate those investigators will not be getting $800,000. they claim that the death of inmate randall jordan up our own in 2010 was caused by guards gassing him. they listed as natural causes. the 3 employees said they were retaliated against the tried to work out a compromise last year that would've cost the department around $25,000. theirs lawyer says doc refused. >> they were hoisted on there own petard. they were tr tarnished with bogus internal affairs investigations, and nobody wanted them. >> now the $800,000 will be paid with both insurance and taxpayer dollars with more than $300,000 of the settlement coming from the state trust fund. now making news across america, stealing a bulky heavy
4:40 pm
pennsylvania did it. you can see the entire rope around the atm, go outside to the car and pulled the thing through the glass door. they even got away with that but only for now. state police are still looking for them. >> more than a dozen drivers in utah are pretty angry after they ran over hundreds of nails left on a snowy roadway. one driver claims he had to replace all 8 tires on their family's 28 cars. it is the only road in and out of the neighborhood. >> the city is in the process of investigating whether this was on purpose was accidental. >> if this is a deliberate act it could result in felony charges. posted a home, rescuers just pulled a stuck manatee from a storm drain. is on -- it is unclear how the manatee got stuck but there -- but officials spotted it and pulled it 3 -- free just after
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it is a things. i will show you how to make it in today's dls guide to pinterest -- gayle's guide to pinterest. just how badly did the area bar goers behave over the number one when it comes to the big bar night to go out. here's a hint.
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there is a sweet craze popping up on pinterest. spent believe it or not it is healthy. >> looking for gluten-free
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>> it may sound crazy, but sweet potato toast is trending on pinterest. people are toasting the tasty route and finding cool ways to top it and serve it up. >> you slice it in late. you don't have to take this get off. i take off the ends and slice. here's one slice of toast, sweet potato toast. this dietitian shows me is just that easy, u toaster. it takes a little longer than regular toast but it will brown like the real deal . >> that is perfect. you can pick this up and have it just like toast. >> and, you can topic just like toast with anything you want. i tried the peanut butter combination and it was delicious. >> we need to point out that sweet potato toast doesn't taste exactly like toast you
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enthusiast it is close enough. you can find out more ideas like this one on gail -- unheard guide pinterest board on max defender 8 this afternoon we are tracking light rain rolling through. a lot of you probably drain -- drove through this around your lunch hour and we are still tracking some of these light showers across the tampa bay area lot of rainfall but we will take anything at this point. here's a look at as we head into de soto county. we're tracking some decent showers. a lot of us have likely only seen a couple hundreds of an inch at best. no measurable rainfall out at freedom plaza, sun city center 78 degrees. we see a little bit more sunshine at this location now and at the lakeland automall. you can see darker clouds lingering but
4:47 pm
marks the end of the 2016 hurricane season. glad to see this wrapup. we had 15 named storms, 7 hurricanes this season so it was quite busy starting june 1. hurricane season officially and today november 30. as we head into the overnight hours temperatures are going to stay mild. we fall back to around 70 by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon we will top out in the upper 70s and the coldfr evening hours. that will bring in milder air as we head into the weekend. the cold front moves in thursday. behind it we drop back to seasonal averages. as we head into next week expect warm and muggy conditions with temperatures jumping quickly right back up into the 80s. even with the clouds around today some people have made it into the 80s. we're sitting at 80 and plant city. 79 brooksville.
4:48 pm
few light showers around. we won't see anything too heavy but with the front rolling in on thursday we could see a few showers throughout the day. we will call for a 20 percent rain chance. this front will weaken by the time he gets to the tampa bay area. dry conditions will move in for friday and saturday our temperatures will be comfortable. the warm front brings us warmer weather into next week. if you are looking for the real cool down, another front is set to roll through next thursday. that will likely be the real deal as well pick the countdown is on. we found a couple of free apps to help you keep in touch with santa in the days before christmas. first an app called a call from christmas. you can have the big man call your phone with a personalized message for your child for the child can call and leave a message and then there are santa call and tracker. kids can record wishlist that santa can access. we put
4:49 pm
check them out . we will be right back here with more first
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this is national premature birth awareness month. did you know that premature birth is the leading cause of death in children under the age of 5 worldwide. babies born too early may have more health issues that face long-term health problems. researchers may have found a way to predict a premature birth. 8 on your side has some answers today. joining me now ur thank you so much for being here . >> it is something you hear about a lot but don't think about her talk about a lot which is premature birth. how big of a problem is it and what is it? >> it is a pretty big problem. one in 10 births are delivered prematurely. the definition of preterm birth is delivering your baby between 20 weeks and 37 weeks. we consider term 37 weeks but ideally anytime after 39 weeks is the best.
4:53 pm
>> exactly. >> one of the common signs? >> pay 50 percent of women who delivered preterm -- 50 percent of women who deliver preterm are asymptomatic so they did not know. other signs are contractions, pelvic pressure, discharge bleeding and releasing a fluid. sometimes that can be signs of a labor. >> there are risk factors such as underweight, overweight, smoking, certain health conditions. the most common reason is if you have had a prior preterm delivery you are most at risk for preterm delivery again. >> other tests that could tell you this? >> it is the first and only test available, it is a blood test you can do it your doctors office between the 19th and 20th week of your pregnancy looks at protein to see whether you are at risk of delivering prematurely which is pretty
4:54 pm
patients before., now if we can identify the patient's then we can potentially prolonged their delivery. >> let's talk about when patients want to girly, they think they are ready to go -- goal early , they think they are ready to go. march of dimes has this big push, 39 weeks is the best. even if you deliver between 37 and 39 weeks there are risks to the baby, feeding issues, breathing troublyo you want them out especially in the summertime in florida. >> those pregnant women are like i'm gonna -- savannah guthrie looks like she is ready to be done . thank you. coming up: what in the world are these pink blobs on the beach? right now no one is sure. we will get a closer look at these mysterious disappearing creatures when first i 4 returns.
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z26htz z16fz y26hty y16fy let's take a look at what is trending online today. >> beginning with fake we have been showing this video on news channel 8 and now it's trending. this is what police in kansas, gartner found when they check a camera by a park trail. two guerrillas are frolicking for the camera. police put them on the department facebook page and then there is this. >> i decided i think my shorts or good luck. i'm going to wear shorts as long as they keep winning.
4:59 pm
until his beloved team wins. now it sounds like he will be wear shorts until -- he will wear shorts until the playoffs. the high today in green bay is 43 degrees. and mysterious jellylike creatures are copping a california beach and stumping scientists. these were pictures have been posted online. witnesses say tens of thousands along huntington beach and then disappeared. the scientists best guests, -- guess, see burrowing cucumbers. >> to see what's trending, check out our website right now on news channel 8 at 5:00: >> a convicted killer released but for how long? >> andy barr crash caught clearly on camera. two weeks later, 8 on your side
5:00 pm
and cuba mourns castro. news channel 8 is in havana with reaction. i am keith cate. >> i am jennifer leigh. thank you for joining us. a convicted killer will be released as he appeals his conviction. trevor dooley shot and killed a man on a basketball court after an argument over skateboarding. today, a judge decided he can stay home while waiting for a new trial. rod carter is live right now at the hillsboro county jail. the judge signed the order this afternoon granting trevor dooley a 100,000 dollar bond. still no word tonight on exactly when he will be removed -- released from the jail here. i just checked inside and they say they have not received the paperwork but once they do it will probably be sometime late tonight. in the meantime, that judge's order came with a lot of restrictions, one of which is he cannot have any contacts,


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