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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the rain chance remains low at 10%. the breeze out of the east, and temperatures comfortable. upper 60s in ft. homestead. 69 degrees is the deal, basically, and 64 in kendall. always a little cooler in lynn. highs will climb to the upper 70s and we could see a stray shower. lots of sunshine. beautiful this evening. 75 degrees. p.m. what the rest of the week holds in store for us. let's check your traffic right now with joel brennan. >> reporter: looks good on the roadways in dade county. not bad at all. expressway, coming northbound approaching the dolphin. you can see the headlights. plenty of room and really no issues that we are seeing so far on the palmetto that run from the shula headed north to the dolphin.
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can see the headlights we are looking at, from the big curve passing right underneath i-75. headed for okeechobee road. accident-free and everybody getting by easily. broward county good news as well on the earlier crash entering 95 southbound from koeppen road. all lanes have reopened on that ramp. we are continuing follow breaking news this morning out of davy, where a car crashed into a canal. this happened at orange drive just after 4:00 this morning. police are telling us there was one person in that car. that person was taken to the hospital. right now orange drive from 441 to the florida turnpike is closed. no word yet on what caused that crash or when the road will reopen. now at 5:30, a 1 yelled boy is found -- a 1-year-old boy is found thousands of miles from home after authorities issue an
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he was found in texas. the mother may face charges. gaby good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 1-year-old logan hernandez found safe with his mother. he lived on southwest 37th avenue and coral way, with a caretaker. police say they were sleeping when his mother abducted him. the miami police department did issue an amber alert after the caretaker woke up and realized logan was missing. police suspected logan's mother, 29-year-old lady hernandez had taken him. hours later they were both found safe in laredo, texas. logan's mother recently lost custody or feared she would lose custody of her son for reasons that are still unclear. those who live at the home logan was taken from would not say much about what happened. >> i don't know nothing.
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how the baby is doing? >> i don't know nothing. i just got here. >> reporter: hernandez's ex mother-in-law said she is a hardworking person. she was surprised to hear all this happened. we are told the u.s. marshal service will extradite americans back to miami. right now charges against -- extradite her back to miami. right now charges against her are pending. police are searching for a driver who struck and killed a pedestrian in north miami beach. this happened at the intersection of northeast 19th avenue and 177th street. the victim appeared to have been walking across the street when he was struck by a car traveling northbound. former first lady nancy reagan is being remembered as a fierce protecter of her husband. mrs. reagan died yesterday at her home of congestive heart failure.
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she will be laid to rest at the reagan presidential library museum in simi valley, california. a jury will begin deliberations today in erin andrews civil trial. she is demanding $75 million against a nashville hotel. she has experienced depression since a new video of her went viral in 2009 taken by a stalker in an adjoining room. to campaign 2016, the democratic candidates for president square off in michigan two days before voters head to the polls. bernie sanders and hillary clinton debated in flint, michigan last night. the two presidential hopefuls also squared off over trade, wall street and the 2009 bailout of the auto industry. >> i voted to save the sought tow industry.
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ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy. >> clinton holds a major delegate advantage and is leading in the michigan polls. but sanders hopes his weakened caulk us is wins in maine, kansas and nebraska will change voters's minds. the florida primary is 8 days away. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in another debate this wednesday, march 9th. at miami dade college kendall campus. march 10th the republicans will go head to head at the university of miami. the florida primary will take place on tuesday march 15th. for continuing coverage of campaign 2016, stay with cbs4 and cbs police are investigating a shooting at a miami shores motel that left one man dead. authorities say it happened at a hotel near northeast 105th
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officers discovered the body of anyone with information is asked to call police. new details this morning on the search for a man who fell from a cruise ship off key largo. their church. 46-year-old david hoffman fell from the 10th deck of the royal caribbean navigator of the seas ship. he fell about 100 feet off the ship. the coast guard says despite their best efforts crews were unable to locate him. the justice department will drop a lawsuit against ferguson
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its court. the city council voted last month to accept the decree, negotiated with the doj last year, but only if it included several amendments. and authorities are investigating an incident off the track at the daytona national speedway in which four people were injured. 43-year-old abby kinney of cocoa beach was drunk when she plowed her pickup into campers saturday morning. it happened at the infield where many fans and families camp out. kinney failed several field sobriety test. a breathalyzer found she was more than two times the legal limit. north korea is yet again threatening nuclear strikes on the united states and south korea. this comes after joint military drills between the united states and south korea again. north korea says they will respond to what it considers aggression on the part of its enemies.
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north korea with harsh sanctions after its nuclear test in january and long-range rocket test last month. three years have passed since the malaysian airlines flight disappeared in mid flight. hundreds gathered to remember the 239 people on board. the boeing 777 was en route from kuala lumpur to beijing. no distress signal or message was sent. today is the last day families have to file claims against the airlines. 5:38. coming up a major investigation is underway following a possible brake defect involving thousands of ford pickup trucks. what you need to know after the break. there is a battle brewing between two major coffee chains. what dunkin' donuts is doing to starbucks customers who are upset about rewards programs. digital devices we use for hours every day can have a
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of the a look at the dangers, plus how you can protect your sight, all new at 6:30. the heat is on. miami goes for its fifth straight win. highlights and more next in sports. thankfully it was not too hot yesterday because of the breeze making it feel a lot more pleasant. more of the same today and dry air in place. high pressure is providing for a relatively quiet day ahead. boy it is active around the rest of the country. severe weather possible in fact
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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lots of dry air in place the rain chance remaining low at 10% since we have high pressure over much of the eastern half of the u.s., except for all this moisture just off to our west in texas and oklahoma. the central u.s. dealing right now with potential for severe weather. look how quiet it is across much of the eastern half except for the rain pushing across the tennessee valley and the great lakes allegiance. however on the west coast the big story is there could be flooding and snow in the higher elevations, stretching from california through the pacific northwest into the four corners
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we are seeing the greatest potential for severe weather will be across texas into oklahoma and even into portion of the northern plains due to a couple of storm systems there. freezing boston. 30s in dc, cincinnati, and atlanta. chicago and minneapolis 60s stretching from kansas city through texas. 50s through new orleans and on the west coast 40s up in the pacific northwest. here in south florida, plenty of sunshine, breezy, beautiful, 7, winds out of the east 15 to 20. i have to warn you, small craft advisory, hazardous marine conditions. choppy conditions on the bay. dangerous rip currents could be extended throughout the entire week. avoid swimming, not safe. low 60s inland, breezy, cool. a couple of showers could sneak in with the onshore breeze and we will continue with more of the same the rest of the week.
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the low 80s, windy and warm, even through friday. right now vanessa is off. let's check your traffic with joel brennan. >> reporter: slowly but surely building up on the palmetto. a little more action, a few more cars hitting the highway. all and all not a bad ride for you from the big curve down to okeechobee. northbound between the shula and the dolphin plenty of room to work with there and no accidents. in broward county we are the earlier crash on 95. we had the issue earlier with the entrance ramp to i-95 southbound from koeppen road that was completely closed. we had a bad crash there, roll over, that has all been cleared
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paperwork and get everything completely out of there back to you. the sheriff gets ready to ride off into the sunset. the heat go for a fifth straight win. >> reporter: good morning south florida. the heat have been one of the hottest teams in the nba this month. even the little ones getting jacked up for the heat and first quarter sean whiteside says get that out of here. his defense turning it into offense. knocks down three of his 23 points. big night for the pointed guard. skip to the fourth and whiteside -- for the point guard. skip to the fourth and whiteside does it again. dwayne wade in transition shaking the building. miami takes a 4-point lead. whiteside smash heat wins their
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>> you know we are a really good team, we can't come in here and disrespect them just because of their record. them guys play extremely hard. you know we knew we had a fight on our hands. broncos quarterback peyton manning is retiring. the 5-time mvp made history at every turn. manning is the only starting quarterback to win a super bowl with two different teams. tom brady, his biggest rival posted this message on facebook congratulating him on a hall of fame career. and hey there is the donald at the final round of the cadillac championship. the real action was on the golf course. bubba, you are making us all look bad man. from 60 feet out he finishes second at 11 under. adam scott two bogeys on the front nine.
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birdie on 14. not bad. yesterday's leader, rory mcilroy, having technical difficulties. three bogeys on the day would knock him out of contention. that left the door open for scott. avoiding the playoff with bubba. adam scott takes home his second win in as many weeks. >> it was a battle out there today. to survive felt so good. to win this championship here has been something i have been dreaming of for a long time. an amazing day for plea today. that is going to do it for -- for me today. that is going to do it for sports. joe rose is live from the studio this morning. good morning. the big storery of the morning peyton manning officially announcing later today his retired. -- his retirement. what is your reaction to that. >> you can't beat leaving on
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he got his second championship and it is a perfect time to 18 years. nobody has been more productive. i'm glad to see him leave the way he did. he is not even close to the quarterback he has been throughout his great career. plus those neck surgeries, he makes so much money off the field, one of the top endorsers we have in pro fedex al sports. professional sports. front office. he is committed. i think he has done everything there is to do. five mvps. that is hard to do. in 18 years and all the records for touchdowns and yards, man >> incredible. >> wow. >> that is huge i would say. where does he rank in the list
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all time would you say? >> that is a great question that everybody is going to be on the debate over the next few days. i still have tom brady ahead of him just because of what tom brady continues to do. there will be the debate of joe montana still the greatest of all time. but manning goes right in there with a whole bunch of guys. definitely top five for me on just doing it for so long. he won 200 games in his career. he has done so much he's got to be right there at the top of the list. and i know today's rules are a lot different, you can't hit the quarterback as much as you could back in the old days. but just so smart, so good. and even when he lost his arm strength a little bit, he adjusted his game, he still went out and had three or four real productive years. >> absolutely going out a champ. i want to throw another number
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539, that is how many passing touchdowns he has had. overall. >> reporter: you know it is funny when you were reading those numbers, 71940, you almost read it twice like what? he threw a lot. he was productive every sunday and monday night there was. boy he put up monster numbers. and you know what? there is going to be some young guns coming up behind him. i have learned not to say nobody will break those records down the road, watch out, somebody else will get them. >> going down as a legend. all right joe, we'll see you in a little bit. thanks. coming up, we are talking about pricey pads. it cost big money to live in a big city. but where are the most expensive zip codes? coming up. we'll introduce you to
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welcome back on the money watch this morning. check your frazier, there is a
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and the government is -- check your freezer, there is a recall for chicken nuggets. and the government is recalling ford f150 pickup trucks after receiving more than 30 complaints that the brakes can fail. four drivers said the problem was so bad it caused their vehicle to crash. this covers more than 400,000 trucks from the model years 2013 and 2014. apple farms is recalling chicken nuggets because there could be plastic pieces in them. and rents are on the rise, especially on the two coasts. a data company crunched numbers to find the most expensive zip codes in the nation for renters. the top 20 most expensive were in two states, sadly, new york and california. the number one is the times
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where the median rent is more than $4700. and unlike miami's, does not come with a view. walter? >> no surprise that san francisco and new york city were going to be at the top that have list. you know what i want to talk to you about though, has to do with something we are all familiar with. drinking coffee. starbucks customers have been upset over changes to the company's rewards program and now dunkin' donuts is taking advantage of this right? >> that's right. dunkin' donuts is going after starbucks customers. the ceo says they are going to be giving out $5 gift cards to encourage them to give dunk incoffee a -- dunkin' donuts coffee a try. >> i'm a dunkin' donuts gal.
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>> we'll see you here in the next hour dogs in the city this week, we meet beast a terrier mix in search of a loving home. here's lauren pastrana with more. >> reporter: it is time for another dogs in the city. this is beast but there is nothing like beast about him. >> he is definitely the beauty, he is a 3-month-old terrier mix and just a delight. he is getting along great with other dogs at the shelter, wonderful with people as you can see how nicely he is sitting on your lap. i think there were a few others in the litter but he is the only one we still have and i don't think that he will last too long, because he is a darling dog. >> and a puppy.
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>> he will grow until at least a year. >> who could resist his little face? he is wonderful. let's talk about the second chance fund and what it means for the animals. >> what it means, it is a fund that was set up awhile back to help with things we are not equipped to do. anything we can do to help helped the animal, extra maybe shots and things we can't take care of this our normal routine of taking care of the dogs, we'll help fix them so they can be adoptable and go to their forever families. >> looks like this one is not going to have any trouble finding a forever family. >> no he is in great shape. absolutely adorable. we look forward to getting him adopted very, very soon. >> absolutely. i think he wants lauren to take him home. >> right? how cute is that?
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begins right now. next at 6:00. safe and sound. a little boy is found hours after authorities issue an amber alert. where he was located and who police say took him. we are live. then democratic showdown. hillary clinton and bernie sanders square off in michigan. the major issue that was a focus for both candidates. and reagan remembered. the country is mourning the loss of nancy reagan. this morning the legacy left behind by the beloved former first lady. good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. on this monday march 6th. i'm walter makaula. >> and i'm marybel rodriguez. lauren pastrana will be in later today. let's begin with cbs4's meteorologist lissette gun. when a gorgeous weekend it was my friend. >> reporter: it was -- lissette gonzalez. what a gorgeous weekend it was, my friend. >> it was. we have the dangerous high-risk of rip currents, but we are


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