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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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told him that at least three neighbors heard shots being fired. police came here to check it out and found nothing. but things changed abruptly. that's when the owner of the home behind me told me that they discovered that they had indeed a body in their backyard and they called police. now, cbs was here this morning when the miami-dade medical examiner's office took the body away. miami gardens police homicide detectives have been combing the area for clues, as we see in our video here. a police source tells cbs-4 that the victim was 30 years old and was found in the backyard of the home whose owners had been overseas since last week. i just spoke with them and they told me they discovered the body in their backyard and they called police. it's not known how this
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body ended up in their backyard. that's what miami gardens police homicide detectives are looking at. officially they have not released any statement about this case. now, if you can help them, call them or miami-dade crime stoppers. we're live in miami gardens, cbs-4 news. >> following another developing story. one person has been shot at northwest 56th avenue just a short time ago. police tell us this was an attempted robbery that ended in a shooting. the victim was taken to broward health medical center. no word on their condition. the elementary schools were placed on lockdown as a result of the shooting. we're following breaking news this chicago. this is a flea market on fire. you can see fire crews putting the fire out. one person was rescued from inside the building. we have seen much of the roof
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chicago fire reports there are no injuries so far. but it's believed that not only is the building going to be a total loss, but there will also be nearby cars lost as well. a live look outside right now on a windy tuesday afternoon. the whipping winds causing problems for people at the beach. lissette gonzalez is joining us with a look at that. >> it is blowing out there. and the winds are even stronger than yesterday. anywhere from 14 to 21 miles and peak wind gusts anywhere from 24 to 30 miles per hour. and that's leading to the dangerous risk of rip currents. we have breezy high pressure in place and also carrying in clouds. it has produced a few light sprinkles here and there. but really the big concern is if you're heading to the beach, avoid swimming as we will continue with dangerous
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the winds will remain persistent and strong. we're seeing the mid to upper 70s right now. with the breeze, it feels fairly comfortable. again, the breeze will stay with us through the evening. there could be a few stray showers overnight. lows in the upper 60s. i will let you know what is store the rest of the week and when the winds will settle down. get ready for a warm-up. details ahead. voters head to the polls in several states in another big day in the race for the white house. michigan and mississippi hold primaries for both parties today. while republicans will also vote in idaho and hawaii. kenneth craig has the latest in campaign 2016. >> reporter: voters are already heading into the booths in michigan. it's the big prize for both democrats and republicans. >> the numbers i just got from michigan are tremendous -- tremendous numbers. >> reporter: donald trump leads the polls in the great lakes state.
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it's been a bad week for the businessman as all of his opponents continue their attacks against him. >> so far every single person that has attacked me has gone down. is that true? >> reporter: one person who has made up ground in the michigan polls is john kasich. the ohio governor has campaigned extensively in the state and says he is going to do better than expected. >> we're going to get momentum out of michigan and win ohio. campaigning all across the country. it will be exciting. >> reporter: but texas senator ted cruz is urging kasich and sides. >> you don't want to see donald trump as our nominee. i ask you to join us. open arms. >> reporter: hillary clinton has a big lead over bernie michigan. the two states holding democratic primaries today. >> the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans.
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to ohio for a rally there tonight. kenneth craig, cbs-4 news. >> ohio and florida are the next big prizes on the election calendar. and the fight for florida is heating up. we're one week from the primary. that has some candidates converging on the sunshine state this morning. marco rubio made a stop at a coffee shop in kissimmee. he greeted voters and spoke to reporters. he reiterated he is the only in florida. and speaking of trump, the tonight. it is scheduled to take place at 9:00 tonight at the trump national golf club. in the meantime on the democratic side, senator bernie tonight. sanders will hold a rally. doors open up at 4:30. he will take the stage later in the evening.
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hundreds of thousands of people have cast their ballots in early voting ballots. more on what you need to know if you're headed out to vote. gabby. >> reporter: walter, take a look at this. it's the election day countdown clock. we have six days, 18 hours and 53 minutes until primary election day in florida. and so far miami-dade county has seen a record number of voters cast ballots earlier. people have shuffled in and out of the doors all day to cast their ballots. the supervisor of elections says so far early voter turnout is 20% higher than it was during the 2008 primary. south floridians lining up to cast ballots. >> i thought it would make a difference to avoid the lines by coming earlier. >> reporter: as the race heats up and all eyes are on florida, candidates are campaigning hard
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with millions worth of attack ads. the next republican and democratic debates are also going down in miami ahead of election day. >> we're preparing for a record turnout. we're going to say somewhere around 40% for this election. >> reporter: early voters can cast ballots at any polling location up to sunday, march 13th. if you vote on election date, march 15th, you have to go to your assigned precinct. >> you're only able to vote for candidates in the party that you're registered in. you must be a registered republican or democrat. >> reporter: you can pick a ballot at your election office through election day. it must be turned in no later than 7:00 p.m. on election day for it to turn out. >> turnout indicates that there is some interest -- increased interest in the election.
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$35,000 voters have cast county. in broward, 24,000 voted early and 57,000 have submitted absentee ballots. >> the turnout is actually higher than the 2008 and 2012 statistics to date, which is good. >> reporter: and the elections office reminding everyone to bring a valid id with them when they vote. for more information on polling locations and hours, head to our website, >> thank you, gabby. stay with cbs-4 news and now through election day. the family is mourning the gunfire. the family says that it simply growled at the officer and it was shot and killed. police say they were serving an arrest warrant. joan murray joins us live where
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how is the family doing today. distraught. it happened here in this yard on northwest 18th place when police moved in yesterday. the family still doesn't know how and why it had to happen. they have gone to an attorney to look at their options. the garcia family is still in shock and grieving. american bulldog charlie. a miami-dade police officer shot charlie on monday. police say they were serving a warrant on a prior tenant. dog. no. i wanted to scare him. blood is all over my porch. oh, i must have hit them. >> reporter: they warned officers about the dog. he barked and growled but never charged at the officer. >> my mom repeatedly said don't there's a dog.
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>> reporter: afterwards police could be seen searching the grounds, possibly for shell casings. >> you don't walk into a house dog. them. >> reporter: so we did question miami-dade police. we have yet to hear back from them on whether this officer had any other alternative to using a firearm. and did he feel that it was necessary to shoot the animal. again, the family has gone to an attorney's office. we will have an update beginning at 5:00 tonight. live in northwest miami-dade, joan murray, cbs-4 news. still ahead, cell phone use may not only be a problem for drivers. we have a surprising report coming up. a commuter train derails and plunges into a creek. the latest into the investigation after the break. caught on camera, bold bandits storm a store with a
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>> investigators on the scene searching for clues after a commuter train derails in northern california. at least nine people were hurt. four of them seriously. >> amazingly no one was killed. george blackstone reports from niles canyon where the train went off the tracks. >> reporter: the morning after the train derailed in northern california. >> we hope to get these rail lines cleared out by the end of the day. >> reporter: 214 people were on
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through the canyon during a heavy rainstorm. a mudslide may have caused a tree to fall on to the tracks. >> it was jolting. it was a fairly wild ride. >> we felt a couple sharp jerks and then we suddenly slowed down. >> reporter: one of the ace train cars slid through the mud into the creek. water rushing around it. the car came to rest on its side. mackenzie was in the car behind and went to look for help. alameda county firefighters launched an urgent rescue operation. >> you have people screaming and people who are panicking. they don't know if the rest of this train is going to tip over. >> considering there's 205 people on this train and we've had nine people that went to miracle. >> reporter: the express pays
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union pacific is on scene checking the tracks now. >> the ntsb was notified of the accident but typically they do not send teams to non-fatal derailments. you can see these crooks tie a pickup truck to the front doors of the store to get inside. with united states that doesn't work, surveillance video shows them smash through the front doors. they pull the atm on to the bed of the truck and take off. detectives believe they knew the layout of the store and were fully prepared to pull the machine from the bolts drilled into the floor. take a look at this, a wild scene in illinois. police pull over a woman with a tree sticking out of her car. you can see that the tree was upright in the grill. the driver told police that she didn't remember striking the tree. she has been charged with drunk driving. >> that is the craziest thing that i have ever seen.
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>> unbelievable. >> maybe the wind. maybe the wind carried the tree to her car. >> that is crazy. >> that is really incredible. that has to be one of the -- >> good thing no one was hurt. >> thank goodness. let's talk more about the winds. >> quite windy out there. >> yeah. maybe good weather to go fly a kite. not good weather to go swimming. and not good hair days. the rough surf, you can see it from the wind jammer resort camera. i'm looking around, looking around. i don't see anyone swimming. okay. that's good. that's the way it should be. for those in from out of town, maybe on spring break or just taking a nice vacation, keep in mind that when you see the red flags flying, you want to avoid swimming. we just see some folks soaking up sunshine but the camera is
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miami, look at the sustained winds. we're talking 14 to 22 miles per hour with high pressure just hanging on and providing for these peak wind gusts. anywhere from 26 to 36 miles per hour. and mainly out of the east/southeast. the radar and satellite is showing -- look how cool this is. you can see the clouds east/southeast breeze. morning. the rain chancery mains low today as there's a lot of dry air in place. comfortable. mid to upper 70s across the board in broward dade and the rest of the keys. it is feeling like spring into much of the south and portions of southern texas. 60s from d.c., new york city and atlanta, cincinatti, st. louis. we're seeing the upper 70s in new orleans right now. 73 in houston. 66 in kansas city. even 65 in minneapolis. in sharp contrast, the colder
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western half of the u.s. and that's courtesy of a strong front that is leading to some severe weather across the plains and the central u.s. you can see those dangerous thunderstorms sweeping in around texas and oklahoma. we're also dealing with another storm system bringing wet weather to the west coast. but the big story today is that we will see the threat for tornadoes, damaging gusty winds, hail and flooding stretching from texas, especially southern texas, and into portions of oklahoma and even pushing towards portions of the southeast and the gulf coast states. for us, we will continue with the gusty breeze tomorrow with sun at times. slightly warmer. as we head to the end of the week, breezy at times with warm sunshine. on the weekend is when the winds will calm down just a little bit. we could see spotty storms ahead of a cold front. highs in the 70s today. breezy to down right blustery
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a risk of rip currents. a small boat visely. not a good idea to head out on the water. the rest of the week, warm with highs in the low to mid 80 and weekend. >> lissette, thank you. 400,000 people packed the streets of havana over the weekend for a concert. diplo tweeted out video where he performed with may lower laser. it is the first major act since the u.s. and cuba reestablished diplomatic relations. president obama will be in cuba two weeks from now and we will be there as well. look for our live reports on march 21st and 22nd from havana on cbs4. a civil case between hulk hogan and the popular website gawker has resumed in st. petersburg. he is suing for $100 million for publishing a sex tape of him and the wife of a tampa radio person. he took the stand yesterday and
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was wrong and even asked if they were being taped. >> tmz called me and said, hey, there's a rumor that there might be a tape out there, a sex tape. it was the first time that i heard a rumor. >> hogan who says the tape was made without his knowledge is claiming it has caused him emotional distress. a jury has awarded erin andrews $55 million in the case against her stalker and the hotel. barrett and the owner and former operate of the marriott hotel for barrett recording her back in 2008. she says she suffers from depression as a result of the incident. next at noon, a surprising new report shows cell phone use is not just dangerous for users. more fallout for maria
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the companies cutting ties with
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cbs-4 news at >> now new at noon, a new report says the growing use of cell phones distracting people walking may be partially to blame for the surge in pedestrian deaths. the report released said that pedestrian deaths surged by an estimated 10% last year as the economy improved the price of gas plunged and more motorists wheel. nike is suspending the deal with maria sharapova following the failed drug test. they are putting the relationship on hold until investigators clear things up. sharapova admitted she failed the test during the australian open in january. meldonium.
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for health reasons. and apple has to pay $450 million to settle a case over price fixing after the supreme court declined to hear the company's appeal. most of the money will go back to customers. apple was found guilty of conspiring with five major publishers to inflate eba prices. how does breakfast all day for free sound? it's national pancake day and ihop is giving away free pancakes all day long. customers are asked to leave a hospital. they have raised $20 million since 2006. >> breakfast for lunch and dinner, i like it. >> me too.
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>> and that will do it for cbs-
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thanks for watch >> summer: i can' t believe that they want to vote you out. i mean, we are family. we need to act like it. you would never abandon one of us, so we shouldn' t abandon you.
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made up their minds, my darling. you' re the only one who showed up for me, and i' ll never forget that, okay? >> summer: maybe i can convince minds. grandpa. we need you. >> victor: word has it that revenues. how the hell is that possible? >> billy: "yeah, i slept with victor newman." what? she' d say it, drop the mike, and leave the room? >> phyllis: yeah, basically. but you know what? i think it' s incredibly liberating. she' s out from under the control of victor. i mean, except for the part of her business being out there and being a walking freak show. >> billy: no, i don' t see it that way. i see her as a strong woman. it' s never easy coming forward. [ sighs ] >> phyllis: you gave me the push i needed. >> billy: you ran with it. >> phyllis: so did moxley. she ripped up her whole family just to get away from victor' s control. >> billy: yeah. chalk it up another casualty to the black knight. >> phyllis: well, he will not be using her to get himself acquitted, that' s for sure.


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