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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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hialeah. he said he has a new security plan in place? >> reporter: well, rick, the faithful at the christian school is stepping up security here through a variety of measures. the parents are concerned about the crimes. there are two break ins in the past week. > >> reporter: a church school become as crime scene. hialeah police respond to the lutheran christian school after the threefs break in, in the middle of the night. >> people have very little respect for anything or anybody. they are thieves and they will take from anybody. as the school, we have to do is better job to watch it. if they don't respect the school and churches, well they are going to come back. >> david everett has two daughters where police combed for clues after someone broke in through a window. >> pastor james ed said hewlett
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>> well, it is sad. it is very sad and now the items have to be replaced and it is tough on the kids. >> the church at 293 hialeah drive is open since the 1960s. 110 children go to the school. pastor edge is upset. >> any time thank you take from children and churches, you have to wonder about the character of the individual. we pray for them. and pray that god turns their heart around and see repentance. >> it is the second time it is broken into. it doesn't matter how many times it is still the same loss. no matter what. >> the pastor hoped someone can help. >> please contact the hialeah police department and let them know what you have seen. and the same way, if they see anybody suspicious around the school and in the neighborhood. >> now, pastor edge said
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break in and it is not known if the same burglar committed the crimes. they said there was no surveillance tape here and the church school is hoping the new security measures will serve as a deterrent. >> if you can't help them, call them and the crime stoppers at 305471-tips. >> peter d'oench cbs4 news. police are investigating a body found in the backyard of a home in miami gardens. the body was discovered this morning in the area of northwest 159th street and 41st avenue by the owner of the home. they tell police they have been out-of-town since last week and they recently returned. police were called to the area. they heard gunshot and nothing out of the ordinary was found and the identity of the victim is unknown. >> now to coom pain 2016. it is a busy one for election leadiers.
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and thousands of people are casting their ballots every day. >> cbs4 gaby pl has -- fleischman has more as they go into voting. >> i came early because it would make a difference. >> and the presidential primary race heats up and all eyes are on florida. they are cam campaigning hard. the winner takes all state with a million worth of attack ads and they are going down in miami ahead of election day. >> we are preparing for a record turnout and we will say somewhere around 40%. >> early voters in miami-dade can cast their ballot at any polling location up to sunday. march 1st. if you vote on march 15th, you have to go to your assigned precinct. >> since it is a closed primary state. you are only able to vote for candidates for the party you
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you must be a registered republican or democrat. >> you can pick one up at the elections office through election day. your absentee ballot must be turned in no later than 7:00 p.m. on election day for it to count. >> turnout indicates there is some interest increased interest in the election. >> so far. more than 35,000 voters have cast their ballot in miami-dade county and people voted absentee. in broward. 24,000 voted early and 57,000 have submitted absentee ballots. >> it is higher than 2,008 and 2,012 statistics to date which is good. >> the elections office is reminding everyone who comes out to vote. bring a valid id and if you want more information on polling location and times.
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>> gaby fleischman. better business bureau is taking on trump and the now defungts trump university. questions arose why the rate cgz were all over the map ranging from a d to an a. today the bureau's president tried to clear the air. >> trump university does not currently have an a rating with bbb. the bbb business review for this company has continually been no rating since september of 2015. >> prior to that, it fluctuated between a d minus and an a plus. >> she went on to say that trump university has never been a better business bureau accredited business. for more information on the presidential race. head over to the website at
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cbs : >> how many drunk drivers are on the streets. they uncover hundreds of cases in which suspected drunk of drunk drivers responsible for fatal crashes weren't immediately arrested. for more than a dozen families, the just tis they seek remains out of reach just like the causing so much pain. economy you wake up and see the sunshine coming into the room. she was like a ray of sunlight. >> today, her daughter christine was just 20 years and july 2011 in which the motorcycle she and her friend were riding and struck by a drunk driver. experience. it wasn't me. >> they said. your daughter is dead. i said how could she be dead. >> she died at the hospital.
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the driver of the van that hit him and whom they identified as guido survived. he wasn't arrested despite witnesses saying he appeared intoxicated and his prior history of dui convictions. almost five years and arrest warrant litter. he is a fugitive of the law. dead and no justice. >> daily news investigation said he is not the only suspect to the avoid prosecution. records show between 2,005 and 2014, 45 suspects accused of killing 57 people in dyou i manslaughter -- dui manslaughter cases are on the run. ramirez. and bartley gorman and davidson suarez and karl loases lucayo are still evading capture. >> there is high level proof we have to meet in a courtroom
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>> law enforcement must establish probable cause that a suspect was driving drunk and at fault before an arrest is made. if an arrest is made prematurely. a suspect's right to a speedy trial could be in jeopardy. >> if we go in with the frame of mind, we will make an arrest. because everyone is pressuring us to do it and now we have to build this case to meet the arrest, we are going to have problems. >> naples daily news stayed traffic homicide crash files and databases. found that more than 1500 decade. approximately 75% of the drivers weren't immediately arrested. and broward. it took longer for an arrest to be made. >> that is tiny fraction of the overall caseload. >> at the end of the day. the gauge is we want to do a
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we can ultimately serve justice with the family. >> this shows fhp believes he was behind the wheel in this crash on i-95 and claimed the lives of five people in march of 2011. his blood alcohol content was well above the legal limit four hours after the crash. >> fhp said she is to plame for crash that killed 25-year-old juan velez. it revealed her blood alcohol level is .2. twice what is allowed by law. they have managed to avoid arrest for years. >> how could you take a life and not, and hide. and run. >> i live with this pain every day and i wake up in the morning. i am like, oh, your daughter is not here. what is wrong with this picture. .
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is in south florida and she went with his picture asking people about him. his family still lives in home and like investigators she is has not had any help tracking him down. >> contact fhp, we have a list. >> so much pain for those families of the victims. hopefully someone watching the report will be able to help. >> and they can get the justice they seek. >> he is back on earth and started to feel the effects. >> what life is like now that he is back from his year in space. >> a reporter becomes the story and goes viral because of the close call on live television. his message to his viewers later on. >> kim kardashian went crazy on bette midler. the insider has the scoop. >> it is hard to tell. breathty breezy and one of
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how long is the wind going to stick around. i will let you know, coming up. i am eliott rodriguez in the newsroom. all new at 6:00. disturbing news out of broward. three underage girls who have been attacked in one city in the past few days. we will have the latest from police as to what is happening. the nuclear power plant.
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. life after living in space is more difficult than westlessness. >> he spent 345 days on the space station and he is being tested how it impacts the human body. he spoke with news correspondent manuel about the toll it has taken on him. >> my legs are still swollen with all the fluid that shifts up to our heads and space gets pushed back down. >> your body has been through some stuff. >> yes. >> it is currently still going through it. >> i will show you my legs later when the cameras get turned off. >> just so the viewers know, it is swollen and it goes back down there. >> yes. >> all those somersaults taken a toll.
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space is being away from his loved ones but he called the time in space enjoyable. close call turnpikes the reporter into the story. >> near miss that happened on live television and his message
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