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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  March 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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from miami-dade, broward and the keys, this is cbs four miami this morning. right now at 5:30, a big day in in the campaign. the candidates get ready to hold a debate. also kids and stranger danger in pompano beach. >> thank you for being with us this morning. we have your traffic and weather coming up. good morning, happy wednesday to all of you at home. windy and warmer day ahead. we are rain free, that's the good news. just a couple of clouds on the
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but wow look at these sustained winds. peak wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. that means a danger the rip currents so it's not safe to go swimming. -- as we head into the afternoon, it will be warmer and steamy. the winds will be light epiing up a bit later in the day. lets get a check of your traffic. it looks like that traffic alert on i 95 has cleared up a bit. so the crash was blocking i 95
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there are still some cones but it's mostly clear. we have an accident on i 95 and us 441, near the ramp. we are continuing to follow the breaking news, police are on the scene of a hit and run involving a police car. >> reporter: police are telling me that two people are in custody in connection with a hit and run crash involving a police cruiser. detectives said two people were in a black mercedes when they slammed into this police
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police caught up with them on i 95 near 395. the car involved has a flat tire on the front passenger side. the two men inside of the car were arrested. no word on what led up to the crash and what charges they will be facing. fortunately the officer who was in the car was checked out and he's expected to be fine. 2016. the presidential candidates are going head to head as they battle for the nomination. >> last night donald trump won three more states including
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hawaii. marco rubio came in fourth in michigan and mississippi. on the democratic side bernie sanders had a surprise win in michigan. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off in a debate tonight in south florida. it comes a day after bernie sanders beat hillary clinton in michigan. >> we are live at miami-dade college with more on the race. >> reporter: this is bernie sanders' time to campaign in miami. he had a big rally last night. it remains to be seen if last nights win will change his strategy.
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>> i want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan that repudiated the polls that had is down. >> reporter: hillary clinton talked about the general election. >> running for president is not about delivering insults it should be about results. >> reporter: hillary clinton has already earned half of the delegates needed to win. >> because of super delegates she's way ahead. >> reporter: donald trump defeated his rivals in
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hawaii and ted cruz won in idaho. marco rubio suffered a brutal night emerging with no new delegates. we have learned that marco rubio is engaged in serious conversations about the future of his campaign. thank you, stay with cbs four miami news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. now for a safety alert out of broward. deputies are looking for a third person involved in astring of attacks. >> reporter: this 13 year old girl is seen on video running away from a man. >> he asked me if i was on my
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kept walking. >> reporter: this happened in pompano beach last thursday. the victim said that the man tried to wrap his hands around her but she ran and got away. the sheriffs office is looking for the would be kidnapper, this man. this is one of three incidents like this. on saturday, michael walton jr. tried to pull a 17 year old girl into his car. the girl fought back and got walton locked up. a day later, lamont mayweather offered candy to a five year old girl. the girl refused but he
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the police said even though the incidents are not related there are lessons here. >> they need to be aware of groups. >> reporter: this 13 year old offers some wisdom. >> if it happens to you, feut and do not give up. >> reporter: if you know who the first attacker in this photo is, contact crime stoppers. a visitor has a story to tell when he gets home. he was picking up his girlfriend from his apartment and someone asked him for money.
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now new alarming information about the zika virus. it's spread through sexual transmission is more common than previously thought. the world health organization declared zika a world health emergency, there are 24 case in miami-dade. a lucky dog is back on dry miami-dade canal. firefighters saved the retriever from the canal. the dog was taken to animal services where they located her micro chip.
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it's not registered. we cannot locate her owners. >> luckily, labrador rescue of florida is taking her. when she recovers she will be put up for adoption. sea world orlando said the health of one of its killer whales is suffering. he's the killer whale that accidently drowned a trawper in 2010. just when things looked like they were getting better for chipotle, problems are happening again.
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car. >> look at all of those road. we going to look at all of the traffic coming up. >> beach goers, spring breakers, heads up, we have a high risk of rip currents continuing at the beach because
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it's looking dangerous but (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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as many as 400,000 people packed the streets of havana over the weekend. it was for the first concert by an american artists in years.
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reestablishedestablished relations. wednesday morning, south florida, we have the pick of the week. a live view from our biscayne bay camera. we are quiet with a few clouds. no wet weather this morning as you are getting ready to get to work and get the kids to school. it will be windy and warmer today. look at the sustained winds, 10 to 20 miles per hour. these are the peak wind gusts from 20 to 30 miles per hour. we could see some gusts up to 35 miles per hour. that is causing problems up and down the coast line.
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enjoying spring break. dangerous. in the keys it's milder. we are seeing the 40s in washington, dc, 60s in minnesota, 30s in denver, right there we are seeing the threat for severe weather from texas through portions of the golf coast states. in the midwest we could see damaging tornades and hail. but here in south florida, lots of sunshine and staying breezy into tomorrow.
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down but there could be afternoon storms towards the weekend. for today, a windy, warm wednesday ahead. a small craft advisory continues. for tonight 70 degrees and dpufty breezes continuing. we will see warmer weather through the weekend highs in the 80's we are starting to look better at pembroke rode and i 95. lets talk about the other issues, if you are heading out the door in miami-dade we have a hit and run crash near 441 but it should not cause any
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at 395 we have a police involved crash blocking the right lane on the ramp plus emergency construction at brickell avenue. a california highway patrol patrolman is being called a hero after saving a little girl from a moving car. check out this video, thankfully nobody was hurt. now cbs four miami sports. >> good morning, that dolphin defense makes another bug mario williams.
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two year deal worth about $8 million a season. his arrival can mean the departure of vernon. >> in the meantime the heat are going out on a three game road trip. the heat has been scoring a lot of points lately. i asked joe if the old guys can run with the young bucks. >> for the most part, it's fun and that's what it's about. >> it's been fun because they have been winning, lets see if they can keep it up on the road tomorrow night.
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live from the wqam studios, the dolphins decided to make all of these changes, landing mario williams, is he worth the big deal they are giving him? >> as i look at this deal, i did not see it coming. honestly last year, he complained a lot, his numbers were way down and he got paid pretty well. he has to play a lot better than he did a year ago. even if he has to take a pay cut, he just did not bring it last year. he's had great games against the miami dolphins and now they are counting on him.
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player because that effort he gave last year in buffalo was not that great. >> we will stay tuned to that. in other del fins news miller is heading out the door, is that a good idea. >> i i do not want to be too negative but i would like to see the dolphins keeping some of their own guys. miller is one of those explosive players that can run and catch. he has the extra gear too take it to the house on the offense. he had 10 touch down's last year much he had a great game against the texans last year.
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they are going to make a push, it looks like six to six and a half million dollars a year. the dolphins cannot afford that but i hope that the team keeps some of its players. >> thank you joe. in the health watch, if you are trying to fight off the sun's aging, we learned that aging begins in the womb. they founder mothers given antioxidants may be able to
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going through a bad brakeup is never easy but now there is a place that can help you forget your ex coming up.
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another big day in welcome back, on the money watch, craft is changing up it's ingredients plus a chipotle restaurant is forced to close. good morning. just when things seemed to be turning around for chip totally
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hospitalized for the norovirus. craft is changing its ingredients. >> hilton could be getting into the hospital business as part of a way to expand. all right, so we are hearing that there is a new way to turn a bad brakeup into something good, at least someone others can enjoy. >> you can put your bad brakeup on display. the museum of broken
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the exhibits are anone mos. -- anonymous, displays feature everything from old bras to old mix tapes. >> that is going to be one depressing museum. >> in the future it's going to be all smap chats and tweets, not mix tapes -- snap chats and not mix tapes. coming up next at 6:00, hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off at miami-dade college. >> plus ted cruz and donald trump speaking.
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good morning it's 6:00 a.m. wednesday march ninth. lets get our hour starting with lisette. happy wednesday. a view from our fort lauderdale camera. we have windy conditions with us, that's bringing us the windy conditions pt look at the sustained winds, 10 to 18 miles per hour and winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour. not a good hair day and dangerous conditions up and down the coast line. we will see the red flags flying indicating a high risk of rip currents. we have a warm afternoon ahead. highs around 80 degrees and the
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rain chance is increasing as we head towards the weekend. lets get a check of your traffic. >> i love talking about friday. so it's six a.m. there is the south bound side of 826, looking good on the palmetto. on i 95 you are going to see a crash involving a police officer and then at b rshes ickell -- brickell avenue you are going to see some cones as well. he became hoos tile two


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