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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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rain chance is increasing as we head towards the weekend. lets get a check of your traffic. >> i love talking about friday. so it's six a.m. there is the south bound side of 826, looking good on the palmetto. on i 95 you are going to see a crash involving a police officer and then at b rshes ickell -- brickell avenue you are going to see some cones as well. he became hoos tile two
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-- hostile two weeks ago and it did not work. hostilitiy only work for some people. we are going to invest for our young people in jobs and education, not jails and incarceration. >> bernie sanders on stage in miami, the senator hitting his usual talking appoints criticizing wall street and calling for tuition free college. last night four states were up for grabs. donald trump won in hawaii. in isolatedda hoe ted cruz won. in michigan trump was the big winner. rubio only received 9% of the vote. in mississippi trump won as well.
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victory in michigan. he won with 50% of the votes but hillary clinton increased her percentage of the votes with a big mississippi win. the democratic nominees go head to head at a debate in south florida tonight. >> we have a preview. >> reporter: tonight we will see if last nights election results will have an effect on the debates. bernie sanders is coming off a win in michigan. thousands of people lined up to see bernie sanders speaking. his voters pledged support for him.
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>> reporter: the rally covered the gamut of his signature issues. the event felt like a pep rally. >> lets show the world that democracy is alive and well with a huge voter turn out. >> reporter: prior to the rally sanders spoke with us about immigration reform, an issue that was a focus of president obama's campaign but he could not get it through congress. >> the american people are going to have to stand up to the united states congress and demand that congress starts to represent all of us rather than wealthy campaign contributors and within that context, the american people understand we are not going to throw 11
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>> reporter: as far as cuba is concerned sanders supports restoring relations. >> it's crazy that you can go all over the world as an american but not to this little island. >> reporter: reports show sanders has an uphill battle. >> i suspect that if the election were held today we would lose but it's not held today, we have the momentum and we will do fine. >> you will hear interest hillary clinton and hear bernie sanders' reaction to that win coming up.
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with elliot with the latest on donald trump. >> reporter: trump appeared before a crowd at his golf club in jupiter before being declared the winner in michigan. >> only one person did well, donald trump. >> reporter: he said that the win is due to voters being unhappy with politics as usual. >> it's the single biggest story in politics today, it's what is happening at the booth, the tremendous number of people coming out to vote. >> reporter: trump predicted his next big win will come in florida. >> i will do great here and in oa -- ohio. >> reporter: his speech was about his products.
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that. he said steak company, we have trump steaks. steak. we have trump magazine. new in jacksonville, marco rubio has a prediction he may regret. >> i believe that the winner of the florida primary will be the winner of the primary. >> this poll yesterday showed the gap in florida between marco rubio and donald trump. there was a 20% lead for donald
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this morning ted cruz will be at miami-dade college. then tonight the democrats debate at miami-dade college's kendall campus. it all builds up to the primary on tuesday. we have complete coverage on cbs four miami. police are on the scene of a hit and run in miami. >> reporter: we knee two people are in custody -- we know two people are in custody involving this hit and run involving a police car on north east first avenue and 12th street in downtown miami. two people were in a black
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a police cruiser and took off. police were able to catch up with the car near 395. we saw that the black car involved with the crash had a flat tire. the men in the car were arrested. police tell us they are still investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a role. i am told that the officer in the patrol eupt was checked out -- patrol unit was checked out and expected to be okay. plenty to talk about tonight in little havana. cops swarmed into an ally way this afternoon.
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>> one of the three robbers held the two at gun point while the other two got away with backpacks cell phones and money. >> reporter: miami police set up a perimeter and took down the guy with the gun. police tell us there is a lot of traffic that goes down this ally way off flagler street, an i deal place to stage a robbery. >> he was my neighbor, i saw them when they took him. >> reporter: so he's your neighbor? they took him away. >> yes, i saw him get arrested. they said that there were three people but they only captured one.
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the suspect as john jonathan valenzuela. this morning the other two suspects are on the loose, if you have any information call crime stoppers. miami-dade commissioners voted unanimously to require some police officers to wear body cameras. the police direct osh said it will improve community relations and will help to solve crimes. a new miami-dade county study shows radio active water is leaking into biscayne bay. the report said the florida power and light cooling canal are cooling the bay with a
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they are going to modernize the plants cooling technology. we have new information about the death of former beatles manager gorge martin. he was at the controls for all of the beatles iek iconic albums . a terrified cabby gets held up at gun point but guess who shows up in time. >> look at this time lapse video of a total eclipse.
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we are going to continue we have new video this
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seen last night. -- solar eclipse seen last night. people in australia will also see the event. each eclipse is viewable from a different location. cool. speaking of the sun, the sun is rising. right now clouds in the mix sweeping in with that strong offshore breeze. you can see the clouds on the radar and satellite. it's quiet and dry for your commute to work or school.
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16 miles per hour. it's blustery, you may want to put your hair this a pony tail. you know the drill. up and down the coast many of you may be heading to the beach, you are going to want to avoid swimming with the high risk of rip currents. so tomorrow we are waking up to the low 60s. much of the rest of the country is dealing with warm temperatures except for the west, where we are dealing with contrasting air mass.
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possibility of gusty winds and hail through the tennessee valley. for us, plenty of sunshine with a southerly breeze. highs in the 80s. we are windy and warm with a small craft advisery in place, not a good day for boating. tonight lows around 70. the gusty breeze is staying with us tomorrow and as we head into the weekend, highs into the 80s a possibility of storms. >> this is i 95 on sterling road, there is though accidents
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from overnight. lets talk about miami-dade, an accident just popped up on galloway and coral way. way. >> . now it's time for talking with joe. how is it going. >> welcome back, what did you do the last couple of days. >> i was at work, i was working at night, the 5:00 p.m. and 11 p.m. i had two cuban coffees and an american coffee. >> that's tough. i do not think news directors understand that that's a tough
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>> i know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. so calvin johnson is retiring, is that a good move? i think it's a great move. he played nine years and made more than $100 million plus endorsements. why not. he has seen what is going on, guys breaking down, players cannot get around in their 50s. i like it. i think it's refreshing. he's retiring at age 30, he wants to do different things, he had three months to think about it. i think that losing is detroit
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losing, even when you are making money is difficult. but he did okay for himself. >> now former dolphins wide receiver wallace saying so long to the vikings, why is that happening. >> he was supposed to be the deep threat. everyone said that he was a great teammate but for the amount of money that he was making, he did not catch a lot of deep passes and his numbers were down. minnesota ended up running the ball more than they threw it, just too much money against the cap. i understand that they would like to resign him for a lot less money. he's only 29 years old, they
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for less money. >> while it's a game on the field it's also a numbers game. lets see what deal he can work out. thank you joe. >> thank you. check this out. video of a dui stop on i 95. a broward sheriffs deputy said he was driving along when he noticed a person pulled over on the sued of the road. he found her in the car with the engine running. here's video of the encounter. >> what are you going to do is get out of the car, do not resist. >> why, why, i just passed all
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>> do not resist. >> no no no. i just passed the tests. >> the woman has been charged with dui and child abuse. look at this, a gunman jumped into a cab and asks for money, what he does not realize is that there is a sheriffs deputy behind the cab. >> check out this video. >> a moment later the gunman hears someone saying what is the problem, it was the deputy.
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the right place at the right time. >> coming up, the candidates going head to head. >> also ahead a social media blunder, a gop senate group's
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congress woman who lost her tonight is the big night. the sexest swim suit show takes place on cbs four miami, it's the victoria's secret special. it will give us a behind the scenes look at what it's like to be a model. >> there is a sister hood and friendship. these girls are my best friends. we just lift each other up and
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that's what women should be doing. >> you can watch the swim suit special here starting at 9:00 p.m. >> we are going to have to watch on the dvr because i am img to sleep -- going to sleep. lets talk about a social media blunder, the national senate republican commission deleted a tweet that they put out, they accused a military veteran for not standing up for
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selena gomez got stuck in an elevator, she live tweeted it and got rescued. a close call for a reporter in san francisco. take a look. that was reporter alex savage. he was nearly hit by that car. the station he works for let their followers know he's okay. he also took to twitter to thank emp for their concern -- everyone for their concern. >> i do not know how selena gomez tweeted from an elevator.
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good morning, what are your plans for today's show. >> i think there is something that our producer does not like about my outfit. he never comes in during a news break so i thought that there may be something wrong. >> nope. >> it's good to see you. so we are going to talk about john about bernie sanders' upset and whether marco rubio can make it to the florida primary. plus new crash test video and
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company that did not deliver in medicine plus we look at the death of gorge martin. >> do you like my shoes? >> i always love your shoes. >> all right. thank you, remember cbs this morning kicks off on cbs four miami. lets get a check with the weather with lisette. >> her shoes match perfectly with her outfit. gail keeps it real. love that behind the scenes peek.
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would love to say here comes the sun, but we have more clouds. we some rough surf and dangerous rip currents. the wind are blowing at 16 to 18 miles per hour. so not a good hair day, not a safe day to go swimming. spring breakers it's best to stay out of the water. mild and muggy, highs will climb to the 80s this afternoon. we see a better chance of wet weather towards the end of the week and the weekend. i will have more on that coming up. lets get a check on the traffic. >> we have a busy palmetto expressway towards the dolphin expressway.
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if you are head heading out on 24th street, we have an accident in the middle of the intersection. then i 95, plus -- police activity near the ramp. last night four states were up for grabs on the republican side. donald trump won michigan mississippi and hawaii. marco rubio came in fourth with less than a week before his must win contest in florida. hillary clinton increased
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>> the democratic candidates face off tonight. >> reporter: a just released poll shows hillary clinton coming in 30 points ahead of bernie sanders here in florida but sanders may have a lot of confidence on tonight's gawt stainl after a big rally at the james l knight center. >> i want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who repudiated the polls that had us down. >> reporter: clinton brushed off the loss. >> running for president should not be about delivering insults it should be about delivering ruls.
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race is an uphill climb. the former secretary the state has already received half of the delegates she needs. >> she's way behind in terms of super delegates. >> reporter: billionaire front runner donald trump defeated his rivals in michigan, mississippi and hawaii, ted cruz won in idaho, marco rubio ee -- emerged with no delegates. analysts have long said that marco rubio must win florida if
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thank you, we are following a developing story, police are on the scene of a hit and run involving a patrol car. we are live in downtown miami with more. >> reporter: two people are in custody as a result of this crash on north east first avenue and 12th street. earlier this morning two people were in a black mercedes when the driver of the car slammed into a police cruiser. we saw the car that was involved, it had a flat tire. debits said two men inside of the car were detained for questioning. it's not clear what lead up to
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police are investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a role but right now crews are working on clearing this out of the underpass. we are being told that the police officer in this unit was checked out and it expected to be okay. >> thank you. for an important safety alert, in less than a week there have been three incidents involving strange danger in pom upon oa -- pompano beach.
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jr. tried to assault a girl, in the second incident, lay -- lamont mayweather tried to attack a five year old. we spoke with a girl involved in one of the snepts. >> if it happens, run away. a visitor to south florida has a story to tell, he was shot in l ushes, d eshes -- lauder hill when he was walking to his apartment, he's expected to be okay. breaking news, alarming new information about the zika virus. the world health organization
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dozen cases where the virus was passed from person to person through sexual contact. there are 15 cases of the virus here in south florida. a lucky dog is back on dry land after being saved from a miami-dade canal. the dog was spotted in a canal struggling to stay above the water. the dog was rescued and taken to miami-dade animal service. >> she has a micro chip but it's not registered. it's important to register your dog, unfortunately we can flot locate her owners. >> labrador rescue of south
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her owner comes forward or she can be put up for adoption. a trooper is credited for savings the lives of two children trapped this a burning car. more of this dramatic video after the break. >> now there is a place that can help you forget about your ex. >> we have windy weather all week long. the weather pattern has not changed and today we have a
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welcome back. craft is changing up it's ingredients, also a chipotle is forced to close.
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be turning around for chipotle, a restaurant has to be closed down because a worker came down with the norovirus. >> craft changed their res -- res -- recipe for mack and cheese and nobody noticed. >> new hotel rooms for millennials, bare bones, no chairs.
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way to turn a bad brakeup into something good. >> now you can put your bad brakeup on display. the museum of failed relationships is opening in california. the exhibits are anonymous, the di plays feature everything from bras to mix tapes. >> all right thank you, i would like to listen to a few of those mix tapes. >> when you say mix tape its all about the 80s. i miss those.
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in terms of music, the weather is music to your ears. we are going to continue with the winds out of the east strong with that gusty breeze today and tomorrow. look at this dangerous rip current at lauderdale by the sea. it's a glorious sun rise on or cameras on biscayne bay. you see the clouds streaming in. peak wind gusts 29 to 30 miles per hour. you will see the red flags flying. that means the high risk of rip
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low 70s in broward and dade. it feels like spring across the eastern half of the country. cooler with the 40s across the midwest and 20s and 30s for the western half of the country. there could be severe weather for texas and the midwest today, more possible tornades and damaging hail. in south florida we have breezy conditions. as we head towards the end of the week and the weekend the wind will lighten up. for today we are talking about a high of 80 with a mix of sun and clouds. it's windy at times, not a good day for boating. tonight the breeze continues
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highs in the mid to upper 80s this weekend with some storms. traffic is slow near i 95 and whurn third street. express lanes are opened up. there are no accidents but it's going to be a slow one because of the typical miami-dade traffic. we have an accident on dixie highway and coral way. then the turnpike is slow this morning. lots of red arrows from 288th
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look at this video. girl. glad everyone is okay. straight ahead, the trailer for the new season of game of thrones has finally been released. >> plus the new season of bay watch. we have more coming up next.
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day for politics in south world wrestle entertainment is bringing wrestle mania back to florida. it's scheduled for april 2 of
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so here's zac, ephron, he's filming the new bay watch in south florida. he said it took him months the training to get to this point. winter is coming for all of you game of thrones fans. the trailer for the n new season was released. >> you are in the great game now and the great game is terrifying. order your man to step aside or there will be violence.
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season six debuts welcome back, bernie sanders and hill face off in a debate tonight in south florida. it's happening at miami-dade college. a jest released poll shows hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders by 30 points in the sunshine state. republican senator ted cruz is expected to hold a rally at miami-dade college's south town location this morning at 10:00 after donald trump dealt a blow to the other candidates last night. there was a crash involving a miami-dade police officer. the driver slammed into the car
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cops caught up with the car and detained the two men inside. detectives are investigating whether or not drugs or alcohol played a role. former beatles manager died tonight. he was at the controls for all of the beatles albums back in the 1960s. we are talk being with joe, le bron james is possibly leaving cleveland. it seems like his deal was made for this possibility. >> he cannot wait to go back home and all of that. he is playing with the guys that he wants to play with, he
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time yet he's complaining. people close to him are saying that he might leave. what else do you want le bron? you are calling all of the shots. he's complaining about a group play with. >> okay joe, we will talk to you tomorrow, have a great day. >> lets get your morning forecast. >> it's cloudy out there but still the sun is trying to peek out. low 70s across the board but the wind is the big story today.
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highs in the mid to upper 80s. afternoon storms are possible this weekend. >> a busy day on 95. we have an accident on west beaches. that intersection is partial blocked off. >> i love captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning."
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upset over hillary clinton in michigan. and donald trump calls for the republicans to unite after his three victories. breaking news. a building explodes in seattle injuring several firefighters. we are on the scene. and saying good-bye to the fifth beatle, legendary producer george martin. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. a huge voter turnout and i'm talking about a huge voter turnout. >> bernie sanders pulls off a major upset in michigan. >> we have our differences. but those differences pale in comparison to what is happening on the republican side. tonight, donald trump. i will tell you. listen. donald says a different entertaining thing every day. >> buckle up your seat belts. it's a wild ride. >> a huge explosion in seattle. >> the building was leveled.


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