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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  March 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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numbers.>> if the poll today is to be believed, donald trump will challenge marco rubio in florida's primary. if donald trump has been something of a braggart on his chances, he could argue today it's not bragging if it's true. a poll out today shows trump trouncing marco rubio in tuesday's primary. trump with 45% of the likely vote to rubio's 22% with ted cruz and john kasich bringing up the rear. among likely voters, the don wildman, 39% to rubio's 27%. with the men, the poll has trump trouncing rubio 50%-17%. 66% say they view trump as the strong leader candidate.
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clinton continues command -- to sanders despite coming off a win for sanders and michigan. today's poll shows hillary with a two-one lead in florida, 62% test sanders 32. let's get back to donald trump and marco rubio in florida. a university poll showed donald trump's lead over rubio dwindling. trump with just 38% to a gaining rubio's 30%. both polls were conducted over about the same period of time.>> someone wants said the only poll that counts is the one taken on election day. marco rubio and john kasich remain confident they will win
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and ohio. stay tuned. we're live in the control room. gary nelson, cbs4. god bless miami. [ cheering and applause ] >> ted cruz made a campaign stop in south florida this morning following a win and three second-place finishes in last night's primary and caucus is. there was a surprise visitor to support cruz. gaby fleischman is live downtown with more.>> reporter: that's right, former presidential hopeful carly fiorina was here to support ted cruz and she told the crowd she herself voted for cruise -- cruz in the virginia primary. >> sen. ted cruz pushing to get a step closer to his campaign motto,
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>> reporter: fresh off his win in idaho, cruz is heating up his fight in florida tuesday. cruz insisting he is the only republican who could stop donald trump and beat hillary clinton. >> there are only two candidates have any plausible path against this.>> reporter: cruz has put up the toughest fight against trump in the primaries. he is aiming to become the last challenger standing if rubio in case he can't win their states on tuesday.>> people are uniting with us, coming together with us. if this continues, head-to- head, donald trump loses.>> reporter: cruz touched on getting back to constitutional fundamentals, flat tax, and a health care overhaul.>> in
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abolish the irs.>> reporter: former giant carly fiorina endorsing cruz.>> ted cruz has always been a constitutional conservative. he is a fearless leader in reform.>> reporter: cruz supporters opening the republican party unites. >> i think if the other people like rubio and kasich, if they would drop out and make it a true two man race, which i think it is anyway, i think ted would definitely win.>> participating in the republican debate tomorrow night. live from miami, gaby fleischman, cbs4 news.>> all eyes will be on south carolina -- lorded tonight. bernie sanders and clinton in
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florida primary.>> reporter: in light of the latest poll numbers, bernie sanders may need a strong performance as he is hoping -- if he is hoping to win florida. he is coming off a big upset win in michigan and a rally in miami last night. and hours, clinton and sanders will debate in the gym of miami dade college of kendall campus. students feelings range from pride to annoyance.>> it kind of ruined my breakfast.>> reporter: sanders held a rally with mostly young voters in miami tuesday night and sat down with cbs4 news with a one- on-one focused on immigration and cuba. >> it has been pretty praising that as an american citizen you can go all over the world but not this island 90 miles away. >> i am pretty sure i'm going
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because of free education for students like us.>> reporter: clinton has strong poll numbers tonight. a poll released this morning puts her ahead of sanders by 30 points in florida. castro says she is not taking florida for granted.>> i know she is focused on making sure that campaign runs strong through next tuesday in florida and also of course for the general election. this is a swing state.>> reporter: clinton shrugged off a surprise michigan loss and is proud of democrats professionalism. >> running for president should not be about delivering insults. it should be about delivering results for the american people. >> reporter: students at miami dade college say they plan to
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they make decisions about who they would like to see win the nomination. however, the question is will young people turn out to the polls? many of the same students who are so very interested are not registered to vote. natalia zea, cbs4.>> here's a recap of what we expect today and in the next few days. marco rubio will hold a rally in hialeah. tonight, the democrats debate. tomorrow night, gop candidates will debate at university of miami. it builds up to our primary, held on tuesday. complete coverage will be right here on cbs4. stay with cbs4 and cbs for complete coverage of campaign 2016. following a traffic alert from west miami-dade. trapper four over the southbound lanes of palmetto expressway.
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rollover accident. no word on the extent of injuries. if you're heading out the door avoid 826 southbound where it meets 836. today marks nine years since robert lamberson disappeared. the state department issued a statement on behalf of john kerry pledging the government's commitment to locate him and bring him home. where he is is mystery. he disappeared on a cia mission. if he is alive, he is the longest american held captive ever. the family says this nine years has been harder for our family than anyone could imagine. but as difficult as it has been, we know bob is living a nightmare 100 times worse. this afternoon, miami-dade police officer is okay after
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effective say the driver of a black sadie slammed into a patrol unit on first avenue and 12th st. and took all. police caught up with the car at the northbound entrance ramp to 395. two man inside were detained but later released. new details following the robbery of two teens at gunpoint. police have arrested 18-year- old jonathan balance whale of. they say he is one of three robbers responsible for the crime. it happened yesterday at flagler sweet -- street and 21st. he was taken into custody and faces two counts of armed robbery. two other crooks are on the run. a pack of ponies make a break for it.>> reporter: and exciting morning. a neighbor tells us the ponies were able to make a run for it
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they are all okay. after an hour and some help, they were able to make their way back home. it was quite a sight from up above. five miniature horses on the run. from this home in miramar near the turnpike.>> we had a high speed chase donkeys on the highway. i would like to appreciate everyone for helping us out.>> they aren't actually donkeys, we're told they are miniature horses. many spotted the heard wednesday morning. >> i was out for a jog and i saw them. rep back the jog turned into a workout. he and others helped fhp corral the horses. err it took about five minutes, i took the cops 40 minutes.>> reporter: at one point they were running on a side street after taking off.>> there's a whole is offense. they ended up on the highway
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with a little help, they found their way back home, causing no major damage or serious injuries.>> nobody is hurt. we're good.>> reporter: the ponies, miniature horses, they are back home this morning. we spoke with the homeowner. he did not want to comment. we can only assume if they broke away through that broken fence he will fit's -- fix it. marybel rodriguez, cbs4 news.>> that is the story of the morning by far. fast. caught on camera, a deputy finds a woman sitting in a car on i-95 with a toddler in the backseat. we will show you what happens next that landed the woman in handcuffs. millions of people get to witness a rare total solar eclipse. several
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a big blast in seattle. windier this wednesday. the winds out of the east southeast gusting up to 31 miles an hour, leading to trouble and danger at the beach
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beachgoe nine seattle firefighters are hurt after a gas explosion. it happened after firefighters responded to a natural gas leak the explosion damaged buildings. investigators are trying to figure out if there is an issue with gas leading to the building or something inside. the firefighters suffered mainly cuts and abrasions. no words on any other
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schools police officer under suspicion after us -- a video surfaced showing him slapping a child. the eight second clip serve -- surfaced last week. officer standing by were put on administrative leave while the amazing pictures pouring in from a rare celestial event. people in southeast asia experienced a total solar eclipse.>> don champion reports millions of people in the united states will get the same opportunity next year. >> reporter: 40 million people cheered last night as they watch the solar eclipse. the rare phenomenon happened when the moon moved in front of the sun, casting a shadow on
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in some places the total solar eclipse lasted four minutes. nasa scientists were on the ground and use the opportunity to study the sun's atmosphere and solar storms, which affect the planet. >> they can also impact our technology, satellite, gps, and even be harmful to astronauts in space. it's critical that we understand the corona, which is where all the action is happening. this video was taken on board an alaska airlines flight to hawaii. the airline adjusted the flight plan so passengers could taken the site. for the parts first time in 30 years, on august 31, 2017, millions of us will get to experience a total eclipse. the temporary path of darkness will begin in oregon, slicing carolina. don champion, cbs4 news. weather.
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how's it looking out there?>> i went out for a break in my hair was all over the place. no, it wasn't that bad. i am being dramatic. it has been really blustery. the main concern will be people heading to the beach for spring break. allied -- live view from the windjammer resort. you can picture me hanging on the that palm tree. my hair is blowing in the wind. the winds have increased today. it is much stronger in terms of the offshore flow. look at this view from our windjammer resort camera. interestingly enough, we don't have a whole lot of people out there even laying out on the sand. i'm really happy to see we are not dealing with any swimmers out there, because right now it is not safe to go in the water. there is alive view from our sun and clouds. keep in mind with that strong
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bringing in cloud cover. look at these sustain winds, hour. gusting 30, 31 miles an hour out of the east southeast. the red flags flying at the beach means that dangerous high risk of rip currents will continue through tomorrow. again, you'll want to avoid it. we are dealing with clouds off the atlantic and continuing to precipitation. there could be an isolated shower. we are seeing the upper 70s. temperatures will climb by a few more degrees. in miami, 77 in key west. it feels like spring across much of the eastern half of the country. we're talking upper 70s in new orleans. upper 60s in atlanta. in new york city and boston, probably running around in shorts and what flops.
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frontal boundary makes things messy. we're talking about flooding, possible tornadoes, winds, and hail. stretching from texas across the gulf coast states and even up to the tennessee river valley. here in south florida, high- pressure providing sunshine through the end of the week. into the weekend, finally the winds will line up a bit. warm and steamy and a better sunday. today we are talking a high of 80 and with the strong winds, that will lead to a small craft advisory for voters. the water. gusty breeze continuing tomorrow likely through friday and warmer with a better chance of afternoon's this weekend. caught on camera, video of a dui stop and arrest on i-95.
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a deputy says he was driving along when he noticed colene lockman pulled over on the side of the road. he approached her vehicle and found her sitting in the car with the engine still running and a toddler sleeping in the backseat. the deputy board camera reported the encounter.>> stay right there. what you're going to do, put your hands behind your back. >> no, no, no. why?>> do not resist.>> oh, my god, no, why? i just passed all the tests. oh, my god. no, no, no. no. no.>> ma'am... >> no, no. [ expletive ] get off me, get
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charged with dui and child abuse. a chipotle restaurant chain is forced to shut down. we will give you the reason behind the closure and what's
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result. a sneak peek at the a consumer alert for you. chipotle has shut down a boston location after four workers called in sick. one tested positive for norovirus. no customers appear to be infected. as part of new guidelines, employees get paid sick leave. health inspectors will be there later today. tonight is the night the sexiest swim show of the year takes place right here on cbs4. we're talking about the victoria's secret swim special. the show comes to us from st. bart's in the french west indies, combining hot musical acts including demi lovato and nick jonas. it will also give us a behind-
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is like to be a victoria's secret model. lily aldridge will be on the show tonight. >> there is a sisterhood and friendship between us. they are my best friends. i speak to candace literally every day. we lift each other up and bring each other up. that's what women should be doing. >> you can watch the victoria's secret swim special tonight on cbs4 starting at nine.>> i will be watching. we will be right back.
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the dow that will do it for cbs4 news at noon. join us later today for the
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. >> sage: i mean... >> chelsea: i know. [ both laugh ] >> sage: oh, my gosh. are you sure you want to give me all this stuff? what if you and adam decide to have another baby? >> chelsea: trust me.
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i may or may not have a slight shopping addiction. [ laughs ] especially when it comes to connor, so there' s like three of everything for him. >> sage: oh, god. thank you so much. really. >> chelsea: yeah, of course. i know! it' s my pleasure. seriously. i' m sure, you know, it' s been overwhelming with how fast everything' s happened with the adoption. >> sage: not for me. i' ve been ready to take this little boy home ever since i heard he could be ours. >> chelsea: mm. i' m really thrilled for you and nick. no one is more deserving of a happy ending than you guys. sage. sage. >> sage: yes? >> chelsea: what' s going on? >> sage: what do you mean? >> chelsea: i don' t know. you just >> sage: [ sighs ] yeah, it' s just, um... you' re right about all that overwhelming stuff. it' s,' s a lot. >> chelsea: i feel like it' s something more than that. something' s obviously bothering you.


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