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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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to have to slog it out, state after state. it is obvious sanders has a big following and they are willing to turn out a at the polls to support him. she is the heavy favorite. with sanders winning delegates the way he is, it looks like a race that could go on for a while longer well in to the spring. it will be interesting to see how she approaches things at the debate tonight. we have team coverage of the debate and the campaigning in south florida. we kick things off with gary released. what do they show? >> reporter: if the poll released today proves accurate, donald trump will beat marco rubio and the rest of the gop field going away in florida's republican primary. if donald trump has been
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chances he would argue it aint bragging, it's true. a quinnipiac poll out shows trump trouncing marco rubio on tuesday's florida primary, trump with 45% of the likely vote to rubio's 22%. ted cruz and john kasich bringing up the rear. among likely women voter, the don woos them, 39% to rubio's 27%. among men, the poll has trump in a knockout, 50%, to rubio's 17. quinnipiac shows leadership motivating a third of those asked, 66% saying trump is the strong leader figure. hilary clinton continues to command a dominating lead over bernie sanders, up the win in michigan. the polls show hill hill with a 2- -- hilary clinton with a 2-1 lead in florida, 62% to sanders 32.
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marco rubio, in florida where some might invoke the axiom of lies, lies and statistics. a poll two days old, showed donald trump's lead over marco rubio dwindling, trump with just 38% to. a to a gaining rubio 38%. it has been famously said, that the only poll that counts is the one conducted on an election day. rubio and kasich remain confident, predicting they will win their home states of florida and ohio. now that quinnipiac poll released today, one of three dumped on the campaigns, we will see what the other two have to say for the various candidates coming up at 6:00.
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hank. >> reporter: lots of folks and here doing cheering, getting ready for marco rubio to show up, this is a little home cooking for marco, because he needs a boost, that's what he is going to be getting from them over the next 6 days as he primary. let's take a look. marco rubio soldiers on, on home turf. this is fiu, where he pretaped a town hall to be broadcast on a cable news outlet. rubio with big challenges, his campaign sputtering, down in the home state florida primary, 2-1 against dom trump in the latest quinnipiac poll. there have been calls for him to drop out to support ted
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establishment now favorite to stop the trump. students at fiu ready to question rubio if the town hall. >> i'm hoping for a clear vision of what the republican party can provide from him, from the future that he can offer for the next 4-8 years. >> has the genuine spirit and energy you can't find in any other candidate. >> reporter: rubio has come from behind the four but never faced the attacks from a billionaire media star that plays for keeps. for rubio, tuesday is critical. >> i believe the winner floof flay primary next tuesday -- florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. >> reporter: i bet marco rubio know whose that should be and he will be here shortly. nice crowd here, mylander park. they turned out for the
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should be speaking in a few moments. back to you. we will keep our eye on hialeah. our team coverage focuses here at miami-dade college, the democratic debate. david sutta is here with more on that. >> reporter: very excited times. coming live from the filing center for the media. take a look, all the hundreds of scenes where everyone will be filing the reports. local media, state media, national and international,ly swing around here though, give you behind the scenes tour of what is going on. a good window spot. rick, i can see you on the horizon, rick and jim, there, right outside, the arena where the debate will be taking place. beyond them is the satellite trucks, attention on the debate, people focused on what these candidates are going to be saying tonight. >> reporter: stage is set for
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october, it's down to 2, bernie sanders and secretary of state hilary clinton. >> running for president shouldn't be about delivering insults, it should be about delivering results for the american people. >> reporter: clinton pointing out the democratic debate have been drastically different front the republicans. clinton leads by 30 points in florida. sanders saying he is not worried about it. >> 2-1 margins, what do you say to that. >> every state icon tested. we were 0 points behind in iowa in new hampshire we were 30 points behind and by 20 points, in michigan, we were 30 points behind, two weeks ago. >> reporter: sanders won
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tied to young voters. >> reporter: you keep hearing how facebook is sponsoring this stuff, see the logos in the background. they are collecting data. this is a facebook section they have set up in the press media center. they have been collecting data for the last 30 days. this is the conversation in florida. see the map, the darker colors. conversations being had. i want to show you since we are talking about hilary clinton and bernie tonight. see lighter tone on the colors here, on the map. he is not a part of the conversation as much as hilary clinton has been in florida. of course we have been talking about donald. i have to do that to show you how that is going. entire state of floridas good
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trump. interesting conversation at miami-dade campus and its going to be great to see how this plays out tonight in the debate here in miami. now across the parking lot to you. >> reporter: joining me here on the campus, jim defede. what do we expect tonight? >> i think hilary clinton going aggressively at bernie sanders and he hits her on free trade. it worked well in michigan and hammering home. >> reporter: we heard about the polls showing marco rubio behind in florida. is he going to regret made the prediction. >> if he loses, what is the argument for him to cup continue in the race, he is probably behind by single digits. it's an uphill fight.
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having had a bad night last night, that people are now beginning to think to them zest, is voting for marco rubio a wasted vote. marco is trying to say, if you want to stop donald trump, the only thing to do is vote for me so i can stop trump trump. >> reporter: speculation maybe jeb bush would endorse marco next tuesday. any indication tonight. we had news there is going to be a meeting. >> we have been able to report today, jeb bush is meeting with marco rubio today and in the meeting with kasich and cruz tomorrow, those candidates all, paying tip of the hat to jeb, being this is his hometown. donald trump did not have for a meeting with jeb. the people in jeb's world say they doubt jeb will make an endorsement any time soon, he feels he did what he could to stop trump, set that in motion,
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for him to come in at this point, attack trump again by going behind marco rubio, i'm not sure how much it helps. >> reporter: we will be there for the republican debate. seems the candidates that go the hardest after donald trump end up paying the most consequences. you think we will see a shift in tactics from marco rubio. >> his legacy maybe the fact he did such damage to trump. he did do damage to trump. ted cruz is -- it didn't benefit christy. i think it's one of these things, marco's legacy maybe to ding donald trump but don't expect him to continue that path. >> reporter: democrats debate tonight. you think hilary clinton comes out aggressively towards bernie. >> hillary has a problem what
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are appealing to the same populous message. hillary is not connected with it. she is doing well, doing well with women, not doing well with young voter whose are worried about their future. donald trump is not back in the state of florida yet. he left jupiter where he was for a rally in fayetteville north carolina, that's scheduled to get underway around 7:00. ted cruz is in miami holding a rally where he welcomed endorsement from carly fiorina. stay with cbs 4 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016, now through election day. for headlines, go to our 2016. we have a live blog we have set up for tonight's debate, you can get on line and participate
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know what you are thinking, head over to our website, we will see you at 5:30, back to you rude lewd rudabeh shahbazi and eliott rodriquez. >> thank you for that report from miami-dade college. cbs 4 news at 5:00 is just getting started tonight. miniature horses are on the run, creating quite the scene off of a local highway. a update on first ever uterus transplant, what went wrong after the break. nine years after bob levinson disappeared , the push to bring a coral springs resident back home. windy weather at the beaches, see that live look from the resort camera at lauderdale by the sea. how long before the winds simmer down and when we see the
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coming up in next few minutes. live pictures from hialeah where florida senator marco rubio is expected at a campaign
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. a mother accused of taking
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in a miami county jail, amber alert for logan hear inn dez was issued -- hernandez was issued this weekend after taken from his legal guardian's home. he was found with his mother and grandmother in texas. a homestead high school student is accused of targeting girls and extorting them for sex. 18 year old terry fin lynn convinced girls to send nude pictures of themselves using an app called kick. he threatened to expose them if they didn't perform sex acts with them. they came forward to police and school officials and he is charged with two counts of sexual battery by coercion and extortion. the latest in a change in relations between united states and cuba. cuba has issued a strong editorial less than two weeks before president barack obama's visit to the island. in that long editorial, published in the communist party newspaper, cuba's government said it will welcome president obama to havana, but
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the policies, it called for the u.s. to stop meddling in internal affairs. cbs news is headed to havana to cover the visit to cuba. look for the live reports, march 21st and 22nd on cbs 4 news. today marks nine years since robert levinson disappeared in iran. the state department issued a statement on behalf of secretary of state john kerry, pledging commitment to locate levinson and bring him home. he disappeared while on a mission in 2007. today florida senator bill nelson called for the u.s. to negotiate the release with both government and religious leaders in iran. >> if the government of iran, mainly the president, as told to us by his foreign minister, do not know anything about him, well somebody in iran does.
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all of this in iran, and that is the leader and he should know. >> his wife released a statement saying the past t 9 years, 3288 days have been harder for our family than anyone could ever imagine. as difficult as this has been for uses we know bob is living a naight mire that's 100 times worse. we need the united states government and a country of iran to together to resolve what happened to bob, and return him safely to his family. if levinson is still alive he is the longest held american captive ever. thousands will pay respects to the former first lady. a short while ago her casket was carried in to the ronald reagan presidential library for a public viewing. she will forever be by her husband's side, buried inches from him on friday. michelle obama and other surviving fist ladys are
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beetles producer george martin died. his management team says he passed away peacefully at his home last night. ringo star tweeted condolences martin's family, paul mccartney said he was like a specked second father to him. he was 90 years old and had a long list of credits but none bigger that his work with the fab four . the cleveland clinic announced the nation's first uterus transplant failed. the hospital says the 26 year old woman who reed the transplant in -- received the transplant in february received the sudden complication. doctors removed the organ, the hospital is exploreing what went wrong, the treatment might offer a option for women bon without a uterus who -- born without a uterus or lost it to disease. >> little bit on the windy side. a big problem again for one more day. checking out a live view from
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right to the rip current advisories in effect for now. very dangerous situation down at the beaches with the sunny warm weather lately, everybody has been headed to the beach, it's quiet now. not too many people there, they have gone home, back tomorrow, be careful, stay close to those lifeguard stations. 77 in miami. 76 in key west. the winds east at 18. that's at the airport, gusts close to 30 by the beaches. we have a very high risk of rip currents tomorrow. still a high risk on friday. hopefully things will simmer down a bit more as we head in to saturday and sunday. temperatures around the state, 70s and 80s, very warm march day today. not much in the way of cloud cover, a few high thin whispies. the area of rain across the country, down to texas and old mexico is going to be a persistent pattern there, we are being blocked from seeing that by an area of high pressure to the east, that rain
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with continued flood threats there, especially texas and louisiana. drier air holds here, put this in to motion, the rain and the flooding continues to push off to the east, it gets weaker as he head towards saturday. under the drier air, sundays the rain weakens, pushes east as well. we begin to see the first rain threat of the week. that won't be until later in the week and weaker by the time it gets here than it is now out there. breezy and mild overnight. ts down to 72, for tomorrow, mostly sunny ax windy and warm day -- a windy and warm day. afternoon highs in the 80s. southeast winds at 15-25, bumpy for the boaters, 20-25 knots, 6- 9-foot seas. small craft advisory, for one more day. thursday and friday, windy to breezy weather with highs in the 80s, mostly dry this weekend. a few showers on sunday. we go ahead an hour this
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in to next week. we have breaking news to tell you about now, chopper 4 life over a whole foods in pine crest, this is at u.s. 1 and 117th street. authorities responding to a suspicious incident. that is at whole foods in pine crest. a father on trial for leaving his children inside a car while he went to a casino, what happened in court in our next half hour. a florida mother shot and investigators say the gunman was her 4-year-old son. a chase pretty unusual by any standards, little horses on the run. how they were rounded up at 5:30. presidential hopeful ted cruz is heating up the fight for florida. tomorrow on cbs 4 this morning, a new edition of taste
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petrillo takes us to coral gables, serving up from classic seafood dishes to quail eggs. see why the local hot spot is
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day and see the suv smashed in to a utility pole. the driver ran off after the crash, but was later found. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. a miami-dade police officer is okay, after being involved in a hit and run crash, detectives say the driver of a black mercedes slammed in to a patrol unit, and took off. the police caught up with the car at the i-95 entrance ramp from 395. the driver and passenger detained but released. miami-dade fire rescue responded to a snakebite at a west miami-dade jail. the snake was not poisonous and nobody was taken to the hospital. it's not clear whether the snake bit an inmate or a worker at the facility. a jacksonville woman is in the hospital after shot by her 4-year-old son. her son managed to get ahold of
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the backseat and the toddler fired a 45 caliber gun at his mother's back. >> one of our deputies was on patrol on state road 20, near the intersection, when he came across a truck towing a horse trailer stopped partially in the roadway. as he began to slow to check on the vehicle he noticed that the lady in the driver's seat was motioning to him as if she needed assistance. >> the woman was taken to a hospital and now in stable condition. the florida department of children and family services is investigating. authorities in jacksonville are searching for the gunman that opened fire at a police officer. it happened during a traffic stop while the detective was taking his son to school. he was not in uniform and was in an unmarked car. he was shot in the head and upper body and listed in critical condition. now at 5:30, the big story of the day, campaign 2016, the
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dade college, democratic presidential candidates, hilary clinton and bernie sanders will debate tonight. >> republican candidates are in town as well. ted cruz received endorsement from former candidate carly fiorina at a rally in miami this morning. we have got cbs 4 news team coverage of the big night in campaign 2016. >> rick is anchoring live in kindle. >> reporter: wouldn't you know it, florida is fronts and center in the race for the white house, few hours away from the democratic debate between hilary clinton and bernie sanders, journalists here from all over the world. they come here to watch the front runner and to resilient challenger, go head to head in what is turning out to be a competitive race than people imagine going in to this thing.
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of course, all of this comes days before florida's march 15th primary when voters will have their say in who should face off in the general election. secretary clinton, go after sanders, the debates have been less raucous than the republican debates. all eyes on south florida as we await that answer. ted scouten has more on what a big moment the democratic debate is for the host, miami- dade college. >> reporter: this is getting play around the country. now we are in the file room, the area where the reporters and photographers, some from other parts of the world are to file for stories. for years and during the the election cycle, miami-dade college has been a key focus many times of the candidates. the stage is set for democrats, hilary clinton, and bernie sanders, here at miami-dade college, students are ready to welcome them.
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the school and to be part of this event today. >> i'm excited about it. >> reporter: johnathan and his friends understand they play a key role in this whole election process. >> it's an event we are the future, start of the next future that's coming up are miami-dade college is a popular stop for candidates. >> for us to host the debate, doesn't get much better than that. it's education at its best. >> reporter: college president says for years, all the big names have made visits including presidents and heads of state, even in this election psych 8, cycle this is where it began. we will get a close look at what is gaining traction, facebook will be monitoring


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