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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  March 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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good morning. we are waking up to some dense fog so heads up as you head to work. you can actually -- let's zoom out the camera. we are seeing some fog from the camera. visibility is down to zero in west kendall and only 1 mile in homestead. 5 miles in pompano beach. drive cautiously and part of risley see the fog is because winds are calm across the area. and we have mostly clear skies. if we look at the radar we are rain free so the weather is cooperating. muggy 70s to the coast and now 65 in kendall. 66 homestead. highs will sort the upper 80s. could feel like the 90s because of the humidity.
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95 at sterling road this is broward on the southbound. and northbound side. looking good no construction or accidents. miami dade we have construction. 86 northbound lanes shut down. also at sw. 8th st. lanes closed. big portions of the palmetto blocked this morning 836 toward a 26 westbound on the dolphin all right lanes are blocked. voters head to the polls and will could be a turning point. complete coverage of what you need to know coming up. >> the presidency is not
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is not the political version of survivor. >> we're going to have a great day. florida is looking fantastic. >> in fort i'm the only one -- >> one last chance to sway voters and change the course in the run for the white house. it is primary day in florida. the winner take all state is the biggest price for the gop. >> today is also do or die for marco rubio and ohio governor john kasich were trying to win their home states. his mental battle for rubio in florida. a pull this weekend had them fall into third place. donald trump has 33% and rubio 24% and ted cruz at 19%. marybel rodriguez is at hialeah fire station where voters will cast their ballots in less than two hours. >> reporter: this is one of the many polling places ready for boaters at 7 am. regardless of the polls marco rubio remains optimistic.
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in jacksonville started -- he started in jacksonville and then made several stops. there were a few problems that he did not stop him. he arrived home in west miami 28 roaring crowd. the senator was optimistic he can win florida. >> i wanted to be part of this and i cannot wait to stand tomorrow before you and give thanks for helping us win florida. >> reporter: he judges that will could be his last night as a candidate blocks away from where his political career started. at the west miami commissioner. his homecoming to not come without drama. first south park producer kenny holtz to to his truck to announce he had no chance of winning. he was escorted out of the rally by police.
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>> in his dropped out his sound system dropped out and he went old-school with a bullhorn. >> i announced my candidacy for president. >> 11 months ago when he announces candidacy at the freedom tower he joined the field of 16 women candidates. opponents dropped out and then in new hampshire had a meltdown during the debate. an attack by chris christie seem to spell the beginning of the end. he would recover but the damage had been done. the question remains now can he pull off a miracle in florida? >> everyone needs to get out. we don't know how close it will be. everyone needs to get out and vote. >> reporter: here's a live look at the fire station in hialeah. one of the many polling stations ready for boaters at 7 am.
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get ready for the voters. it comes down to florida. rubio remains optimistic. he says regardless of what happens tonight he will stay in the race. you'll of the watch party tonight at -- from one donald trump will hold a news conference at his mar-a-lago sort in palm beach tonight. rick scott is not endorsing anyone in the primary but on monday attorney general pam bondi through support to the inner. >> there is one more reason i always listen to my mom. and my mom is for donald trump and so am i. >> the she introduced trump at a rally yesterday.
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candidate sarah palin. trump left florida and had to ohio. protesters at donald trump rallies have been in the spotlight. a protest in the realm attention for turnout outside the canceled event but for its message. hank a tester has more. >> reporter: it was business as usual at donald trump's rally monday in tampa. emotions running high at these events. now because of what trump calls the disrupters. with him in tampa today, sarah palin electrified the crowd this way. >> what we don't have time for is all of that petty punk [ bleep ] thuggery stuff going on with these "protesters. >> reporter: monday in miami trump canceled a major event at the trump national to because protesters not get the message
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and they were organized. >> in a day or two we were able to mobilize dozen people on facebook to stop busy to for "supremacist rhetoric that he keeps displaying in his rallies. >> reporter: it was a minor verbal scuffle with the trump supporter across the street. 50 demonstrators showed up. >> he canceled his speech and chickened out. he was supposed to come tomorrow and he canceled tomorrow as well. >> reporter: donald trump canceled the rally because he thinks he has a florida soda. ohio not so much. john kasich could win his home state. >> this is the place i want to win. this is the place -- this will do it. it's also a critical day for governor john kasich. he will be in ohio today at his home state. he received support from former
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they peered at a rally in westerville ohio. romney has time for any candidate but he says he wants to see anyone but trump win the nomination. john kasich is a real shot in his home state of stopping the trump juggernaut. he slightly had in multiple polls. the average has him with 30% with trumpet 44%. ted cruz comes in at 18% and marco rubio at 5%. senator cruz will be in houston tonight for election night watch party. he's placing third in most polls in florida. he campaigned yesterday in illinois. he believes it can do well there along with missouri and north carolina. hillary clinton will hold a primary night event in west palm beach night. on monday she made campaign stops in chicago including a rally at the facility. illinois has recent polls showing her trailing bernie
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sanders will be in phoenix arizona tonight. he had a long day yesterday. he made a campaign stop in chicago last night hours before that he made a stop in missouri. afternoon he spent time in north carolina where he focused on the economy. campaign finance and criminal justice system. before that he visited ohio. the fight for florida will play out across the state. it could be a busy day in what has been a busy early voting period. >> reporter: out election workers that monday night preparing the 575 precincts in the county. they carted voting machines signs of equipment into polling places like coral ridge mall. the marco rubio supporter says she's disturbed by the campaign season. >> how sad it is we had sink so low that it becomes personal rather than what is good for the people.
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57,000 -- 103 7000 people in broward county voted early. it's hotly contested campaign that appears to be galvanizing voters. the gop dogfight promises to boost turnout elections officials say they are expecting big numbers. >> the trends hold to we're looking at turnout between 35%- 40%. >> everything is set up for the voters and if they remember to bring with them their picture id with signature. >> reporter: that means long lines should not be a problem. efficiency electronic check-in system is supposed to speed up the process provide you have your id. voters are making their last- minute appeals for people to stand up and make their votes count >> if you think about what previous presidents have done and whether the future is heading it's essential for you to go out and vote.
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it's our duty and a privilege. >> reporter: election workers here in broward county will take this election equipment and transform this corridor at coral ridge mall into a polling place. polls open at 7 am and close at 7 pm. marco rubio is making his last stand at home in miami. he will be live in our studio after 6:30 this morning. then he went back on our air during the special 9 am primary day newscast. we have coverage for you all day today on air and online. has all the information you need and the results tonight. three officers have been shot in chicago. it happened as five police officers were investigating drug activity. the officers observed a man and
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when he approached them the man ran in between buildings and began shooting. one of the officers returned fire killing the man. the woman was taken into custody. the officers are being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. this morning the president is defending his plan to visit cuba next week. he says wanted dissidents and hoping to expand business activity on the island. during his visit he will meet with cuban leader raul castro. he will attend exhibition baseball game between tampa bay rays and cuban national team. expanding us presence in cuba is the best way to promote american values. where had to cuba for the historic visit. our live report next week on cbs 4. we're learning more this morning about a man who broke and robbed a woman -- groped and robbed woman in coral gables.
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skies are mostly clear and we have fog developing. visibility is actually down to zero in the row -- dorrell. i noticed the fog was so thick you want to drive safely especially for the inland areas and use your low beams. visibility is down to 1 mile and opa-locka. reduced visibility across the board except for pembroke pines. winds are fairly calm which is on the reason we see the fog. and it feels muggy when you step outside. we have cooler temperatures inland. 65 in kendall. 70s everywhere else along the beach and through the keys. it's a huge day for the entire state of florida. the weather is looking quiet.
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jacksonville. no excuses to get out and vote. there could be a few showers later this afternoon but nothing widespread. you can see some green popping up around 3 pm into 6 pm. the polls are open from 7 am until 7 pm make sure you have your umbrella in the backseat of the car because we have a spring summer pattern with the heat and humidity. it's domestic across the mid- atlantic. rain and snow for the pacific northwest and rockies. here in south florida it's going to be warm and steamy. upper 80s with a few stray showers this afternoon into the evening. boaters no problems on the day.
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warm with the mid-80s through st. patrick's day. better chances for rain this weekend. 95 in stirling road there are no accidents out. everything has cleared. look at all of these cones. these drivers are cones are set up on the right hand of 95 northbound in stirling road. all the right lanes are blocked. it's a slower drive than usual but there are no delays because of the light traffic. 826 northbound at sw. 8th st. always are shut down for overnight construction. 836 heading westbound approaching 826 you will see the right lanes reduced one by one and to get to a 26 when you will be detoured to continue on the dolphin westbound. right now it's on the
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a man groups a woman as she goes for a walk in coral gables and this time he rocked her. the woman was walking along grenada boulevard one of the busier residential streets. that is where the men groped the woman and took her belongings. the man was about 35 years old and hispanic with a medium complexion. between 5'8" and 5'10" about medium build bold with brown eyes and bushy eyebrows. he drove off in a white van. call crimestoppers if you have information. firefighters battle a basset house fire in maryland this morning. eight of the firefighters are recovering after the front part of the house collapsed on them. video shows them trying to put out the fire when house tumbledown. everyone inside the home was able to escape. some of the stories that are trending coming up.
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mountain goes viral. she's now sharing stories. what could be the cutest happy birthday stephon curry -- stephen curry has ever heard. here's what's coming up in south florida today. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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the red carpet mayor for the movie miracles of heaven. jennifer garner is the star. her daughter develops premier incurable illness. she tells us what to expect from the movie. >> it was very emotional to do this film. i don't think you have to be a mom to see the emotion. i think anyone who sees a child suffering or a child in pain those you have a natural
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>> miracles from heaven opens in theaters tomorrow. this might make you cry. but laughing tears. cosick warriors stephen curry turns 20 yesterday. he got a special rendition of the happy birthday song. take a look. >> happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear daddy. >> his daughter riley has been international star for nearly a year now. it was only a matter of time before she dropped her first single and it was a good one. have you seen the photo of the angry splash mountain lady? she looked like this. while going to looks to be considered a fun ride. she speaking out about the picture. her name is jordan alexander and a recent visit to the magic kingdom has made her a viral sensation.
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>> it was a long day. i had a crying baby and my husband informed me he did not have in him to ride my favorite ride. >> that husband. because her husband stephen decided to sit this one out she decided to get a humorous but harsh stare directly to her husband and her husband posted it online. her face up in photoshopped ever since. she's been in a bernie sanders rally and went skydiving and her face was replaced by the infamous grumpy cat. for more trending stories, like our facebook page. i think most husbands can see a familiarity between that face. >> they know they are in trouble when they see that lock. >> they also know not to say a word. >> and don't post on social media.
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i'm trying to put on my most grumpy face. it's difficult for me because i like to smile. we have a lot to smile about this morning. the weather is cooperating for election day and for work and being out. the only concern at the bus stop forecast is we have some patchy dense fog. to those especially of the western suburbs of the deal with. a hot one today with highs in the upper 80s. the full forecast coming up. a high-stakes day in florida as voters head to the polls. we have results and analysis tonight on the cbs evening news.
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station as we tally the it's a critical day in campaign 2016. campaigners are making their final push for voters in florida and for other states. president obama defiant or criticism about his historic visit to cuba. it is 5:31 on tuesday, march 15.


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