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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 17, 2016 3:42am-4:30am EDT

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>> there is one side that believes -- that this -- amendment refers specifically and only to militias. >> well, i know people say that. but it just can't be true. if you look at what the words say. >> yeah. >> it says the right of the people to keep and bear arms. it does not say the right of the states. or the right of the militias. it says the right of the people. >> the debate over the second amendment came to a head here at the supreme court in 2008. in a case filed over the capital gun laws, called district of columbia vs. heller. in a 5-4 vote the court affirmed an individual's right to keep and bear arms. striking down d.c.'s ban on handguns in the home. the inherent right of self-defense, justice antonin scalia wrote in the majority opinion has been central to the second amendment right. but scalia added, the right is
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also, leaving room for gun regulation. >> is that a continuing gray area. >> it is absolutely a continuing gray area. absolutely a continuing gray area. >> another gray area. is how the court might rule on future second amendment issues. after the sudden death of judge scalia in february. >> so. you know. a lot depends on, on -- on -- who replaces justice scalia. >> most people who live in urban areas can't imagine why anyone would need a room full of rifles and handguns. for millions of americans who live in the wide open spaces firearms are a way of life. here's ted koppel. >> reporter: if you ever wondered where the deer and the antelope still roam, this is it. it is still a storybook west,
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>> reporter: the big fellow, looks like he has been riding all his life and bears a striking resemblance to teddy roosevelt, that's bob modell. this is his moon crest ranch, a few miles outside of cody, wyoming. >> boys! >> those are some of bob's ranch hand getting ready to feed the horses. when they head up into the mountains they will be carrying rifles for, protection against wolves and coyotes or to put down a horse that's broken a leg. even down here, a couple of the men carry handguns. >> will you never know when you may need it. >> reporter: it is an enormous piece of land. modell owns 5,000 acres and then there is another 195,000 acres of public land surrounding his ranch. so you are sitting on roughly 200,000 acres of my land. >> i am. >> well you are welcome.
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good steward. i use it for grazing my livestock. and -- i am also, a licensed big game outfitter. and -- you're lucky to have me, you know, watching after your land. >> you know when -- when people who don't hunt look around a place like this and when you see all of the head up on the wall, they say, what the hell is that guy talking about? conservation, they're killing them. >> hunters played an important role in conserving not only wildlife, but, our resources upon which the wildlife live. >> there is no getting around it. guns are big in wyoming. more guns per capita than any state in the country. as for the residents of park county, that's where cody is located, well, here's the sheriff, scott stewart. >> if they have guns in the home. low end will be four to five. high end is going to be anywhere
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>> and how many people in those counties do not have guns? >> i would say that, a very minority. >> still when it comes to the rate of gun related murders, wyoming is below the national average. >> share stewart will tell you he is all right with all those guns out here. a handful of deputies. >> some times, you have a deputy on one side of the county. get a call. 40 miles away. chances are he is not going to get there to intervene in any conflict that is maybe going on. >> what you are telling me is people need to be able to take care of themselves. >> absolutely. >> guns are woven into the tapestry of all of the old wyoming families. that, of retired senator, allen simpson for example. >> how long have you simpsons been out here? >> great grandfather came to jackson in 1884. my grandmother lived to be 100.
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1874. two years before the custer battle. she always carried a derrigner in her -- purse. >> okay, mack, why don't you go ahead and take a few shots first. >> the senator's son. with his son. mack. they call him, big mack. does this sort of match what your dad did with you, i mean, what al did with you? >> absolutely, ted. >> what i am doing here with the boys is exactly what we did. >> there is a real effort to instill gun safety. >> people in other places don't understand how careful we are. how much we understand and how we learn from a young age. >> age 13. dillon ramero is a crack shot. an expensive sport. his father had him draft a contract outlining what he is prepared to do in order to keep shooting.
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not do any drugs or alcohol. ever, pretty much. and just stay out of trouble with the law. my teachers. respect him and my mom. >> dillon started shooting when he was 7. that's how old ella is now. but she and her dad bo allen have already been at this for a while. what is the first time you shot a gun? i think when i was 5. >> you are an old hand. doing this a long time. you like coming out shooting with your daddy? >> yeah. respect starts now. respect of life. respect of -- country. respect of game. everything starts now. that all starts. when they're impressionable. >> haley.
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see the camera. i want to know one thing. did you have a good time. did you enjoy this? would you like to do it again? >> at this point, some gun control advocates in our major cities may be shaking their heads in disbelief. folks out here though, couldn't care less. >> they don't give a [ bleep ] what people think about them back there. while they're killing each other here. why do we have to listen to that? >> out on a pheasant shoot says collin simpson, says people and their guns get along just fine. >> a community event. a family event. the memories that i have, with my father and my brother and my two boys, and my wife and my, my, i mean you name it. those are wonderful memories. >> to a great extent our perspective on guns is shaped by where we live. this is the view from cody,
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american college student faces 15 years of hard labor, convicted trying to get out of the country with a propaganda banner, yes, banner that he took from a hotel. seth doan is monitoring developments from tokyo. >> university of virginia student was paraded through the highest court, handcuffed shuffling past photographers.
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january as he prepared to leave north korea after visiting the reclusive country with the tour group. today was the first we had seen of the 21-year-old since his tear-filled apology broadcast on state media in late february. >> i entirely beg you and the government of dpr korea for your forgiveness. please, i have made the worst mistake of my life. >> reporter: in the bizarre rambling and likely forced confession he claimed to have tried to steal a political banner from his pyongyang hotel as a souvenir for a family friend. the latest american to be detained in the north. kenneth bay was sentenced to 15 years for attempting to overthrow the government. but was released in 2014 after serving less than two years. on the same day, another american, then 24-year-old, matthew todd miller was also
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he had been sentenced to six years for committing hostile acts. but served just two months. when we visited north korea, we had been closely monitored. and our bags had been carefully checked going both in and out of the country. in the statement, warmbier took the statement from an employees only floor at a hotel in pyongyang. i stayed in the same hotel. there are indeed floors off-limits to visitors. cbs news reached out to his family but we have not heard back. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. ng pc-17 f1 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12345 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 67890 cbs caption test !!! maint. testing pc-17 f1 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12345 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 67890 cbs caption test !!! maint. testing pc-17 f1 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12345 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 67890 cbs caption test !!! maint. testing pc-17 f1 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12345 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 67890 cbs caption test !!! maint. testing pc-17 f1 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12345 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 67890 cbs caption test !!! maint. testing pc-17 f1 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12345 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 67890 cbs caption test !!! maint. testing pc-17 f1 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12345 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 67890 cbs caption test !!! maint. testing pc-17 f1 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12345 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 67890 cbs caption test !!! maint. testing pc- cbs caption test !!!
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a team of salvage experts is celebrating historic discovery bottom of the indian ocean. they found the wreckage of a portuguese ship that dates back 500 years. it is believed to be part of a fleet led by the legendary explorer. our report from london. >> reporter: this goes back to europe's golden age of exploration, trade routes
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london. if this is the ship, it will make it the oldest shipwreck to be discovered from that era. they knew where to look. shallow waters off the coast of oman. they didn't know what they would find beneath the waves and dolphins and humpback whales. but it turns out a lot. we spoke with project director, david mearns, this morning, from oman. >> large stone, handcarved cannon balls about the size of a bowling ball. they weigh twice as much. gold coins, like any gold that you see, that's been washing around in a high energy environment, settles to the bottom. >> reporter: among the items they discovered and hauled to the surface, the ship's bell, intact if it in need of a polish. a unique silver coin, called an indio, minted for trade between portugal and india. so rare, there is thought to be only one other like it in the
3:58 am
and something, the team found even more exciting. >> much better than a portuguese gold coin. who found that? >> they're not sure what it is. but they think it my be part of an astro, navigational tool. for those who don't remember, de gama was the portuguese explorer the first to reach india by sailing east in the fierce race for the trade and exotic spices. about the same time, his competition, a guy called christopher columbus, went west. and happened to discover america. the ship sailed from lisbon in portugal around africa to india, a trade route established some years earlier. when he returned to lisbon, the ship, captained by his uncle made the way to an island off the southern coast of oman where it ran into a violent storm and was apparently dashed against the rocks. all souls on board were lost the
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this is the greatest honor of my life. >> a choice and now a challenge to the senate. >> i have fulfilled my constitutional duty. now it is time for the senate to do theirs. >> also tonight -- >> hillary! >> the front-runners are tasting victory, but trump has a warning about a challenge to him at the convention. >> i think you would have riots.
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working in a hospital may have put 3,000 patients at risk of hepatitis and hiv and, norma at 90. having the time of her life. >> announcer: this is the cbs overnight news. president obama said his supreme court nominee would head to capitol hill today. but just a few hours after making that statement, the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell phoned nominee merit gar lnd to land to say don't bother coming i won't meet with you and the senate went act on your nomination. the president named garland a liberal to replace the late conservative justice antonin scalia. garland is chief judge on what is kidded considered to beat second most powerful court in the land. he was appointed by president clinton. garland is 63.
4:01 am
here is chief legal correspondent, jan crawford. >> nominating chief judge garland to join the supreme court. >> reporter: his experience as a federal appellate judge is deep. his credentials unquestioned. the president today said what sets garland apart is his temperament. >> to find some one who just about everyone not only respects but genuinely likes, that is rare. >> garland seemed a long shot. the oldest nominee in modern history, he has been on the short list for previous vacancies and passed over. today, finally was garland's moment. >> this is the greatest honor of my life. other than agreeing to marry me 28 years ago. >> reporter: his wife and one of his daughters were among 100 supporters in the rose garden. >> i only wish my father were here to see this today.
4:02 am
older daughter to be so adventurous that she would be hiking in the mountains out of cell service range when the president called. >> garland joined the federal appeals court in 1997. he is considered a moderate liberal who builds consensus. before becoming a judge, he spent much of his life in public service. his tenure at the justice department was defining. he supervietzed the prosecution of the 1995 oklahoma city bombing. >> we promised that we would find the perpetrators that we would bring them to justice and that we would do it in a way that honored the constitution. >> he says that's at the core of his believes. >> fidelity to the constitution and the law has been the cornerstone of my professional life. if the senate sees fit to confer to the position for which i have been nominated today i prop is to continue on that course.
4:03 am
not bring diversity to the court and he would be another justice who want to law school at harvard or yale. but with a rough senate fight ahead, scott, the president said he was focused on qualifications. >> jan crawford at the court this evening. thank you. as we said, that fight appears to be over before it began. and here's margaret brennan. >> reporter: i simply ask republicans in the senate to give him a fair hearing. and then an up or down vote. if you don't, then it will not only be an abdication of the senate's constitutional duty, it will indicate a process for nominating and confirming judges that is beyond repair. >> let's let the american people decide. >> reporter: within minutes. republican majority leader mitch mcconnell said no, congress will wait until a newly elected president picks a supreme court justice. >> our view is this. give the people a voice in filling this vacancy.
4:04 am
senator joe biden's recommendation to president bush back in 1992. >> once the political season is under way and it is, action on a supreme court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. >> but the white house thinks the american public is on its side. and hopes garland's sterling credentials and record will persuade some republicans. president obama singled out senator orrin hatch, one of seven sitting republicans who backed garland's 1997 nomination. >> i believe mr. garland is a fine nominee. i know of his integrity, legal ability, i know of his honesty and his acumen. he belongs on the court. hatch said today times have changed. >> there is a whale of a difference between being on any circuit court of appeals and being nominee for the supreme court of the united states. where you have ultimate decision making power.
4:05 am
republicans have agreed to meet with garland. and, senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley will kid it. scott, this is a political gamble. republicans want to appear strong but not obstructionist, which could backfire to the benefit of democarts. >> margaret brennan at the white house. thank you. today the nation's second busiest subway cyst temperature was shut down so problems could be inspected in its electrical system. the d.c. metro serves about 700,000 riders a day. and jeff pegues is following this. >> reporter: emergency inspections have been under way since early this morning. in all, 91 stations have been closed as two dozen teams fanned out among 100 miles of track. looking for damage to third rail cables that could lead to smoke and fire. manager paul wedifield. >> since we began.
4:06 am
where damaged jumper cables and booths exists. >> on monday a cable fire led to major delays during the morning commute. >> now open the doors. >> reporter: similar to a serious incident last year that killed a woman and injured dozens. the safety concerns are not new for the 40-year-old metro system. casey dinges with american society of civil engineers says the real issue is funding. >> the fundamental problem that we are having here is a lack of the investment. but like most infrastructure in this country we tend to take it for granted until it is suddenly not there. >> metro officials say the tracks will be inspected overnight. and they expect a system to be back up and running again by 5:00 a.m. scott, commuters are warned to expect delays. >> thank you, jeff. change may be coming at arlington national cemetery. late today, the acting army
4:07 am
allow burial at arlington for world war ii merchant marines and so-called wasps, women air force service pilots. we reported a week ago that some of their families have been pushing for this honor. >> allegations that a hospital worker tampered with syringes triggers an urgent hunt for
4:08 am
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cbs overnight news will be right well the presidential election overshadows the supreme court battle. last night. republican front-runner donald trump won at least three more contests. the states in orange are trumps wins to date. blue, are ted cruz. two term governor. john kasich won his first only
4:10 am
his home state ohio. but apparently, the show-me state, missouri, didn't see enough last night. they cast 1.5 million votes. both trump and cruz and clinton and sanders are separated by less than 2,000 votes each. too close for an official result yet. even so, cbs news estimates that trump now has more than half the delegates he need for the nomination. here's major garrett. this was an amazing evening. >> reporter: the swing state split decision witled the field to three candidates. >> while we are on the right side this year. we will not be on the winning side. >> reporter: after losing in his home state. marco rubio dropped out. trump is on pace to win. ted cruz and john kasich said they will fight for delegates to the end. >> only two campaigns have a plausible path to the nomination.
4:11 am
nobody else has any mathematical possibility whatsoever. >> it is unlikely that anybody is going to achieve enough delegates to avoid the convention. >> the gop front-runner issued this predicts if he doesn't get the nomination at a contested convention. >> i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think you would have riots. i think you would have riots. >> reporter: this morning, former house speaker john boehner floated another idea. draft current speaker, paul ryan. his spokeswoman shot that down quickly saying he will not accept a nomination. and republican national committee chairman rechlt ince preibus told us. >> there isn't going to be a game played where some one goes into the convention with majority of delegates and some how now that person is not the nominee. i dent see that happening. >> reporter: delegates are bound to their candidates for the first ballot. preidus acknowledged the party can rewrite the rules at its
4:12 am
>> i can imagine that the nomination rules would have to be looked at. obviously. second, third ballot type rules. you wouldn't have contemplated in the last convention. >> the now three-man race was headed for a primetime debate monday. trump and kasich pulled out forcing its cancellation. scott, that debate was to occur the night before contests in utah and arizona. with 98 delegates at stake. >> major garrett, thank you. you probably remember the tense moment saturday when a man rushed donald trump. well today that man, thomas demassimo was charged with a federal crime, entering a secret service restricted area. now to the democrats, hillary clinton won at least four more states last night. she now has nearly 2/3 of the delegates she need for the nomination. here is nancy cordes. >> thank you, florida! thank you, north carolina! thank you ohio! >> clinton had more thanking to
4:13 am
expected. she swept four states by as much as 31 points. a feat sanders did not acknowledge at his rally. >> next week, arizona has a very important election. we will win. >> reporter: in a statement the vermont senator insisted he is still on a path to win the nomination. and that the primary calendar favors us in the weeks and months to come. but, that's also what he said before last night's blowout. >> in a memo today, the clinton campaign laid out the odds against sanders. nearly half of the remaining pledge delegates are in just three states. california, new york, and pennsylvania. senator sanders would have to win them by 20 points. and rack up a string of victories just to pull even. in short they argued, clinton's delegate lead is nearly insurmountable.
4:14 am
securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november! >> the clinton camp knows there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. they say they will not be calling on sanders to drop out but it is his decision. scott when she faced a similar choice in 2008, clinton stays in all the way to the end. >> nancy cordes, thanks. now with confidence and not a hint of arrogance we'll turn to john dickerson, our cbs news political director and anchor of "face the nation." >> trump lost a big one in ohio last night. how damaging was that? >> well not winning the 66 delegates mean trump has to do better in the future. before last night he had won 44% of the delegates now. he need to win 52% of the remaining delegates. up for grabs. but, rules in later contests give winners a greater share of the delegates. that will help him and there was evidence last night,
4:15 am
he got 48% of the vote, that his results improve as the field shrinks. so he has shown capacity to do better in the future. >> now if republicans wanted to deny trump the nomination is there a way they could do that in the coming contests? >> they have to win enough delegates to deny him the majority of delegates. that means beating him outright in the state's where they are winner take all. he may be weaker, montana, nebraska, south dakota. in the states where he is strong. that distribute delegates proportional. they have to come in close second to shrink the delegate prize. that is going to be hard to do. kasich and cruz, keep splitting the nontrump vote. >> maurko rubio dropped out last night. the face of the new republican party. hispanic, young, what happened. >> he was selling the wrong product. that youth, that outreach expan tugs new voters and that optimism. it was a year when voters wanted a champion for their anger. and also, his greatest
4:16 am
a comprehensive immigration reform bill, that's part of what had stirred up that voter anger in the first place. >> john dickerson, we'll be watching you sunday on "face the nation." john, thanks. today north korea sentenced a university of virginia student to 15 years of hard labor for what amounts to a college prank. otto warmbill. er arrested in january for stealing a propaganda banner while visiting with a tour group. the sentence came one day after president obama approved new sanctions against north korea for recent missile launch and nuclear test. the "cbs overnight news" will be
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been urged to get test ford hiv and hepatitis. after a hospital worker was charged with stealing pain medication. here is ben tracy. 28-year-old rocky allen was a surgical technologist at swedish medical center outside of denver. he was arrested last month on federal charges of stealing and tampering with syringes of fentanyl, a painkiller more powerful than morphine. court documents say allen removed syringes and replaced them with similar ones containing an undisclosed substance. because hospital officials don't know what allen may have done with replacement syringes, 3,000 former patients are being tested for possible exposure to hiv and hepatitis hepatitis. attorneys say two people have tested positive for hepatitis-b. holland hoskins represents some patients. >> patients who had surgery at swedish medical center at the
4:21 am
surgical test. tested by labcorps and positive for blood born pathogens. 1,500 patients are tested in the seattle area where allen worked. allen banker is representing allen's potential victims. >> lying about his resume where he had been. know he had been fired for the same thing at facilities. >> allen has been fired at three homes in three different states. including, scripps green in la jolla. a spokesperson for the hospital. >> he was witnessed by a colleague attempting to divert medication, switching out a -- a -- a -- a syringe of, of fentanyl for saline. >> according to his termination letter, allen admitted swapping syringes and planned to inject the drug. rocky allen also served in afghanistan and was court martialed by the navy in 2011 for stealing the same drug. the records of that would have been available to an of these
4:22 am
but, scott they either did not do a thorough enough background check or they ignored it. ben, thank you.
4:23 am
thunderstorms in are in the forecast in flood soaked southeast texas along the louisiana border. deweyville and orange seeing the worst floods in 130 years. hundreds of homes have been swamped. last month. virginia mcloren danced with the obamas, yesterday celebrated her 107th with the harlem
4:24 am
where she volunteers. did tricks, magic circle, spun the ball wind auz given her own jersey. 107, of course. norma bowerschmidt is having a ball too.
4:25 am
4:26 am
we end with a lesson in living life to the fullest. every minute, every mile. here is david begnaud. >> were you ever a beach girl before this? >> no. >> reporter: the story of
4:27 am
end of life decision. >> they wanted to operate and everything right away. i says, no. we'll just leave it be. >> reporter: it was uterine cancer. two days after that diagnosis, norma's husband of 67 years, leo, died. >> i know went up here some place. >> her son, tim and ramie, the family they had left. they live on the road in the rv. >> tim was you either come along with us or we have to put you in a nursing home. because i couldn't stay by myself. >> she just sat there quietly for a minute. i think i would like to come along. >> ready to roll. >> so began the road trip with the fab 4. tim, norma, raimie and ringo the dog. they left michigan and made it to rushmore. she saw the presidents. and then, old faithful at yellowstone. gazed into the grand canyon. looked down on florida from a
4:28 am
had her first pedicure in georgia and indulged in more beer and cake than she can remember. >> did you think you would have this much fun at 90? >> no. no. >> want to pop a wheely for him, mom? >> sure, why not. >> i have never seen her smile this much. >> tomorrow i will be teaching my kids about you. >> ramie posting about their trip on facebook. now more than 200,000 people are getting to know norma. >> you are a sensation. >> her own son is getting to know her too. >> this allowed me to have discussions i never thought i would have with my mom. to find out things you found out. she and my dad met. >> you didn't know your parents met at a bar until she told us? >> no. >> they have logged more than 7,000 miles so far. there is still a lot left on her to do list. >> that have given me a new lease on life i should say. >> you think you will live the rest of your life on the road. >> yes, i probably will. >> hi, norma. >> hi, norma. >> if you see her along the way, wave.
4:29 am
david begnaud, cbs news, driving ms. norma in saint augustine, florida. >> that's the "cbs overnight news" for thursday. for some of you, the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm scott pelley. captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, march 17th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." supreme court showdown. president obama introduces his nominee to replace antonin scalia but senate republicans
4:30 am
high court. ducking the debate. donald trump says he won't attend the next scheduled showdown and fox news ends up pulling the plug. kicking off the future. taking a cue from hollywood, nike unveils self-lacing sneakers. a big league ballplayer chooses family over fortune and walking away from a multimillion dollar deal when he is told to spend less time with his son. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, reaction to president obama's nomination of merrick garland to supreme court was fast and furious. republican leaders dug in their heels refuse to go hold confirmation hearings or a vote. garland is generally respected and considered a moderate jurist


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