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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  March 22, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EDT

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history and havana peer president obama officially welcomed in communist cuba. >>this is a moment filled with great emotion. >>as well as business opportunities and at least one wild claim. >>he gave me a list of the political prisoners and i will release them. >>tonight we have those names from raul castro as we kick off our team coverage of the president historic visit. good evening,. tonight we're also hearing from the president about the possibility of meeting with fidel castro as well as local community activists. ellie rodriguez is live and havana. >> reporter: good evening, from havana.
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night here in urbana -- havana. it has been a historic day , the first us president and 80 years to step foot on cuban soil here key was greeted like a rock star here in havana. people were lining the streets. the streets blocked off and many young people also rejoicing. many of them were american flag t-shirts. >>a lot of ceremony surrounding the.-- presidents' day but he also got down to some pretty serious business discussing the democracy and freedom in the same room with cuban leader raul castro. tonight the president is attending a state dinner -- attended a state dinner hosted by royal khosrow -- raul castro. it was less formal than we were seeing -- than we're used to seeing at the white house. no plans speeches are toast. meantime while that was happening at the dissidents in cuba they reported were more -- more arrest since the diplomacy begin between cuba and united states including one
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smack the group ladies in white one of the most vocal dissidents groups report that their leader and her husband were arrested and taken to an undisclosed location and havana. she spoke to me just on sunday and she told me she is not helpful that the presence trip will result in any definitive reforms in cuba. the last time we heard from the ladies in white they said they were surrounded by state police at a vigil. all of this is happening on a day that role castro dodged the question about political prisoners. the president started his day at the was a martmn memorial in havana. he signed the guestbook of a man who fight for cuban independence from spain. later, the us national anthem played in the palace of the revolution as president obama
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leader role castro. the big event of the day came in the afternoon. >>president castro always jokes with me about how long castro brother speeches can be. >>obama and castro side-by-side at a news conference. the president declared this a new day. >>america believes in democracy . we believe in freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and freedom of religion. is not just american values for universal values. >>castro talked about democracy and human rights. >>in our view human rights are civil, political, economic, social our individual tonight is a -- individual -- divisible through [
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>>the president knew the dialogue between the us and cuba would be difficult -- >> but the 2 leaders surprised everyone saying they would take questions. >> he gave me a list of the political prisoners and i will release them immediately. just mention the release -- the list of what political prisoners. give me a name or names.>> moments later castro said reporters were asking him to many questions and they should direct the questions to president obama. >>later in the day the president was asked about a list of political prisoners in cuba. he says the white house is given a list to castro government many times in the past. >>in miami their activists who say they have plenty of names for raul castro. for more on that list turn it over to hank hester. >> role castro certainly got a
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today when he was questioned about political prisoners it. at the end of the exchange -- we are going to show you a lot of the exchange. he said well, give me some names and we will release them tonight. well, groups in miami got right on top of that compiled list and they say their sending them to the international press in havana. let's take a look. >> you asked if we had political prisoners, i wanted to know if you had cuban political prisoners. give me a list of the political prisoners and i will release them. >>release prisoners? within moments miami pro- democracy groups released list of political prisoners known to the. at the directorial not only list, they have pictures, biographies of about 50
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video of the alleged prisoners protesting the castro regime in the streets. >>he is not used to being challenged. he presented himself in a very cumbersome way.>> nvidia looks like this one from the cuban american national foundation quickly dispatched to the international press in havana. >> many such list with the current government over the course of my 2 1/2 years of dealing with them, their belief that they are not political prisoners. they believe that they are in prison for various crimes and offenses against cuban law. will castro release prisoners? >> you probably could give him a name or 2 or 3 and if he feels like it it is like they are chickens. they had these chickens in the cage -- let me see which taken
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happy.>> let's put some of this in context, tomorrow barack obama is set to meet with dissidents, but tonight some of them have been rolled out by the state police. obama has hung his hat on the ability to speak directly to the cuban people. earlier tonight the president gave abc world news and exclusive interview. the anchor they are asking the president if he would ever meet with fidel castro and here's the answer.>> you know, if his health was good enough that i could meet with him, i would be happy to be with him. >>white house officials say the president was answering a hypothetical question and say there are no plans to meet fidel castro during this visit. >>today the president spoke at a meeting with cuban entrepreneurs where he spoke about capitalism in a country
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he vowed to help businesses in cuba by listing the trade embargo on the island. help spread the message, the president brought an entourage of ceos from 11 companies including marriott ceo. he spoke with us today. >>i think we're making progress . i think it is the first steps of engagement between these historic adversaries. there are profoundly different cultures and profoundly different economic environments so the change will take some time, but i think there is an eagerness on both sides to see whether or not that change can evolve anyway that works for both countries. roughly a half-million cubans today are small business owners. miami-based carnival corporation announced cuba granted approval for the company to begin traveling to the island starting on may 1. carnival will fail for miami to cuba with this newest brand fathom. marks the first time in over 50 years a crew ship is approved
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the tampa bay rays are in cuba. they are preparing for the exhibition game against the cuban national team tomorrow. one of their players, david marana is back in cuba after defecting 3 years ago to the us. today he was training at the latin american stadium along with other tampa bay stars. in the meantime, legendary figures in the baseball world like derek cheater also in cuba for tomorrow's -- jeter also in cuba for tomorrow's game. >>i think there are so many differences in the countries but the one common thing is we speak the same language of baseball. >>fidel castro son, antonio castro who is one of the most powerful men in cuban baseball was also at today's workout. cbs4 news crews will remain in havana for the rest of the president visit. look for live team coverage tomorrow. >>we're following a developing story. a missing child has just been found.
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disappeared for 24 hours. where live with for a new details on her whereabouts next. >>plus the presidential candidates take their stance on foreign-policy, their message
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we're following a developing story right now. we have just learned that a child who had gone missing was found. >>the 13-year-old disappeared for 24 hours. we're live at the miami police department with more. >> reporter: hi guys. this is good news. almost 24 hours after 13-year- old jasmine went missing, police now telling us that she has been found and she has been reunited with her great- grandmother. >>let me show you video we shot just a few hours ago. we were at the home office this and northwest 17th were jasmine disappeared and we watched as great-grandmother beverly was put into a police car and taken
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reunited with jasmine. the 13- year-old was last seen last night at about 1030 at about 1031 great-grandmother put her to bed this morning, her bedroom window was found open and there was no sign of jasmine . a statewide police missing persons alert was issued. police handed out flyers, greyhounds and helicopters were used to assist in the search. we got word at about 930 tonight that jasmine had been found. we're told she loves playing with dolls and of course she loves making jewelry. she has a mental capacity of a 6-year-old and that is why police were concerned. we're told she is doing all right. as far as how she disappeared and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance are all still unknown. when we know more we will let you know. new tonight, the fbi says it may have found a method to unlock the san bernardino attackers iphone. federal prosecutors say an outside party has come forward
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by one of the shooters. authority say they need time to determine if the method won't compromise data on the phone. if it works, the government said it will eliminate the need for apples is distanced -- apples assistance. >>although one remaining presidential candidates addressed the pro-israel lobby group. for donald trump it was a chance to spell his views on israel in a way he had a really done before.>> my number one priority is to dismantle they disasters -- disastrous deal with iran . >> donald trump slammed president obama deal with iran while pledging his support with your real -- israel. >>when i become president the days of treating israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one. >>aipac as a group is known aims to foster better ties between the us and israel. although one of the presidential candidates, bernie
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hillary clinton called out donald trump campaign rhetoric without mentioning him by name. >>america should be better than this and i believe it is our responsibility as citizens to say so. if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, condemn it it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >>a group of rabbis opposed trump plan to silence -- planned a silent demonstration during his remarks. one of the rabbis said the rabbis were unswayed by donald trumps word of support for the jewish state. >>the american juice killed by israel passionately, that is not the only thing we care about. we care about the tone of life in america itself. >>another candidate who got a great response, john kasich. >>the case it -- the john kasich administration will work to block any form of tolerance,
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-- anti- sets -- anti-somatic. >> florida senator marco rubio now out of the race rejected the idea of joining a unity ticket with ted cruz as a way to keep donald trump from getting the nomination. rubio would have been the vice presidential candidate if he had said yes. >>key west police are telling us there was a domestic dispute -- dispute between a man and a woman. 3 people try to defend the woman. police say derek david took out a gun and started shooting. 3 innocent bystanders were struck and taken to the hospital. david is in custody and facing several charges. >>arrest were down this year at the ultra music festival, however, there were 2 disturbing incidents that once again put the festival in the spotlight. adam levine transported from ultra to the hospital where he
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is still unknown. meantime police are investigating the sexual assault of a woman at a metro molestation. ultra organizers say they will now sit down with safety officials to make next year is event safer. >>people who lost personal items at all truck are in luck because the festival now has a lost and found. dozens of passports, keys, ids and cell phones are all waiting to be claimed. the lawsuit -- the lost and found will be open tomorrow from 10 am to 4 pm at the ultra security trailer in the park. >>we have i -- our eye on the storm were people are dealing with a spring snowstorm. it won't last long. temperatures could reach as high 60 degrees in new york by wednesday. >>our meteorologist -- we are making you stay up late and we appreciate it . >>this is way past my bedtime. i daughter sophia is thinking what is happening, why started
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it is great to be here. -- but it is great to be here. for the next few nights i will cover for crack. we have cool weather for most of south florida. here's a live view from our at this game camera in miami -- biscayne camera in miami. it is drying quiet. major sweater during the break. i stepped outside and had to grab a jacket and a shawl because it certainly -- i had to grab a jacket and a shawl because it's on the chilly side. 57 degrees in fort lauderdale. deny miami and homestead. -- 59 in miami and homestead. already in the 40s in the panhandle. the winds are flowing anywhere between 9 and 10 miles per hour. we're still dealing with high
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golf -- the gulf. forecast models indicate that overnight temperatures will continue to tumble. we will see the mid to upper 50s and even the low 50s possibly in broward and date county. some inland areas do dip down to the 40s. the keys you are staying in the 60s. temperatures will start to creep up in the morning hours but it will still be on the comfortable and mild side tomorrow afternoon. rain chances are remaining load tomorrow and wednesday as we have stable air. thursday and friday we will see the return of moisture indicated by the green and temperatures will rebound and warm-up. ahead of that spring snowstorm, we're dealing with some lingering wintry precipitation across portions of the northeast area but here in south florida we will be dipping down to the mid-fifties near the coast. you won't need the ac. inland areas are around 47 possibly. it will be colder there with doctor 25 miles per hour . it
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sunny tomorrow and a dangerous high risk of recurrent. heads up spring breakers it is not safe to go swimming. it is choppy on the base -- base. 80 degrees as we get into your wednesday. 84 thursday with return of the wet weather. showers and storms friday into saturday with the upper 80s. still ahead: the new
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>>and james gordon reveals
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earlier today apple ceo unveiled a new 4 inch iphone during a product launch event in san francisco. the iphone sd -- se after some users complain that bigger is not always better. it has a smaller screen but just as fast as the iphone 6. it will cost around $400. they also introduced a small ipad pro as well as new bands for the ipad watch. >>james corden revealed his carpool karaoke wishlist. you have seen him ride with adele, one direction, and others.
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beyonci, prince, and [ indiscernible ]. he said the guess that the price from the most was stevie wonder. remember, you can watch the late late show with james corden tonight at 1237 after the late show with stephen colbert. tonight's guest include ryan reynolds and katie holmes. >>i believe tim berry is going to do karaoke sports coming up. he is going to seeing about the dolphins quarterback hill who
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tim berry here with sports. in the big apple, the panthers never quite recover from a slow start. second-period they are already down to - zero. -- 2 - zero. look at this, they are right out front with an open opportunity but he hits the post. in the 3rd, a critical mistake, the panthers failed to clear the puck. rick nash makes them pay for that and they fall for - to -- 4 - 2.
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second-period was a little better and in the 3rd period we started to play when we were desperate. >>tampa bay takes on the cuban national team tomorrow. for one player this trip literally hits home. verona defected from cuba to pursue his dream. he never thought he would set foot on the island again so when family greeted him the tears of joy just flowed freely. he was granted special permission to join the team for this trip. what a moment. >>and jupiter, [ indiscernible- name ] looks great. look at him here. that was a nasty curveball. not much offense in this one so the marlins are glad to take dips. that throw by new york. the marlins wins 2 - one this afternoon. the coach says he is all in with the teams new regime.
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freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage. he did not get such latitude under joke but the new head coach says he will check and i trust his qb to audible if need be -- -- he will trust his qb to audible if need be. >>[ indiscernible ] >> the main thing for ryan of course if he has to have some blocking so he has time to make a play when there is one. >>it has to be nice to know his new coach trusses him -- trust
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back here in urbana -- havana, very brief . it is very chilly here. tomorrow the presence they will include a meeting with cuban dissidents. >>then he will give a speech directly to the cuban people. that is what so many people have been waiting for. this is really the pivotal part of his visit. after that, a baseball game with raul castro. that is how he is going to end his trip. the tampa bay rays plane the cuban national team. >>let's take it back to the studio. >>thank you very much. we will have live coverage of all of those events beginning at the 10 o'clock hour. another event at the 11 o'clock hour so keep it right here in cbs4. that will do it for us tonight. the late show with s >> announcer: the following is a
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generators brought to you by generac power systems. [ wind howls ] >> when the power goes out, even if it's just for a few hours, life is disrupted. but when it goes out for days or even weeks, life can be unbearable. no heat, no air-conditioning, no refrigeration -- phones and internet stop working. and for some, no running water. all of the necessities of modern life... gone. >> the power was out in this area for approximately 2 1/2 weeks. >> we were out of power for about four or five days. >> the basement flooded because the sump pumps went off. >> it was very hard to get food. it was hard to get gasoline. >> life changes drastically. >> without power, you're just kind of cut off from the world.
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the mercy of mother nature. >> i do not want to be the victim of a powerless house. >> we're all aware of catastrophic storms that knock out power to millions, record snowfall that brings down trees and power lines, maybe even something as innocent as a squirrel knocking out a power substation. but no matter where we live, the nation's antiquated electrical grid affects us all. it's an aged and overloaded system that's due for a $2 trillion rescue. a rescue that nobody has plans to make. rolling blackouts, cascade failures, they're only gonna get worse. >> the development of the grid dates back over a century. most of it was built up a half a century or more ago. a lot of the equipment that we rely on in the grid infrastructure was designed for a 40-year life expectancy. a lot of that equipment is operating a decade or two beyond its life expectancy. and that makes quite a statement


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