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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  March 23, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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arrested in brussels. authorities believe two other men and brothers blew themselves up in yesterday's act . when at the airport and the other possibly on the subway. these details coming from
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try to put this puzzle together.>> reporter: authorities continue to search the suburbs overnight looking for suspects connected to tuesday's deadly terrorist attacks. one of them seen here with two of the suspected airports identified as possible isis bomb maker. belgian prosecutors say he vanished leaving his luggage at the scene. while the man next to him died while they detonated explosives hidden in their backs. least rated the house and found chemicals and explosive devices containing nails and an ice as flag. -- isis flag. security teams locked down brussels yesterday when isis terrorists set off
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stations. a memorial is now growing. many mourners are reminded of the isis terrorists of four months ago. >> these guys are going after soft targets on the inside of the perimeter. we have to push that perimeter out. >> reporter: this can days after the paris attack's prime suspect was arrested. a 37-year-old mother of two from peru is the first victim to be named. he is traveling with her 40- year-old twin daughter. doctors treating the wounded say some victims have lost limbs while others suffered burns or gaseous from shattered glass or nails. tina krause, live in london for us this morning.
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resonated. we have more from miami international airport where security has been stepped up. >> reporter: these passengers on an odyssey from brussels. like to 17 but the brussels airport just minutes before the bombs went off. >> nobody knew. we only knew when my family told me what happened. >> reporter: they flew all -- all of the way across the atlantic without a clue of what happened. family members new and watched all day wondering if loved ones had caught their flight. they flew out of brussels just- in-time. >> it was really just a few minutes short and i was sitting in that same spot.
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be here >> reporter: bristling with security, have a security. -- heavy security. >> our department has increased security at some spots. >> reporter: it is the same at fort lauderdale hollywood international. dogs and deputies are on heightened patrol. >> it keeps you on your toes and you look around and you make sure everybody is doing what they are supposed to do here -- to do.>> reporter: concern about another attack. >> i'm still worried about things that happened in europe and belgium. that airplane that flew in last night from mia the
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heading back across the atlantic new belgium brussels airport closed. cbs 4 news this morning. last night, the empire state building remained dark in memory of those lost. keep it here for coverage of the bill to my tax on air and online at of the bill to my tax on air and>> reporter: walter, miami-dade police are telling us that three of their officers shot and killed a man who was reportedly at erratically and attacked them with a pickax. enforcement is investigating. there have been officers out here all night into this
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we are told police responded at around 1930 last night after getting multiple calls from neighbors about a violent man with a pickax. he reportedly damaged about half a dozen cars. police have identified that man . they say he turned 25 just a few days ago. when officers got to the scene, they tell us the locked himself inside the home family members say he did not have permission to go inside.>> once inside, there was a confrontation with the individual with a pickax where officers discharged their firearms. >> it was multiple pops like somebody emptying out a clip >> reporter: we are told that officers tried to resuscitate him but he was pronounced dead on the scene.
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arrested back on february for battery. he had a hearing set for april your the three officers were 18, 20 and 21 year veteran departments. live from palmetto bay, gaby fleischman, cbs 4 this morning. now six, the president and first family have arrived in argentina after their historic trip to cuba. obama is expected to meet with the argentinian leader this morning and have a state dinner tonight. >> the president has taken off on air force one at about four deck 15 yesterday afternoon. castro did farewell to the president and his family. >> the last event was an exhibition game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team castro company the president as he watched along with 15,000 fans. >> the president acknowledged
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give it to have an opinion.>> president obama met with several at the us embassy. there are -- there were about a dozen activists. they noted there has been no change in cuba. cbs 4, elliot rodriguez, we are in havana with the president's historic visit. >> the president took his case directly to the cuban people. >> and with role castro looking on, the president told the cuban people to look to miami to see what cubans can achieve. >> i am global -- hopeful because i believe the cuban people are as capable as any people in the world.>> reporter: [ technical difficulties ] and exile, the united states calling for reform freedom in cuba. >> in a global economy powered by ideas and information, a
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people. in the united states, we have a clear monument as to what the cuban people can build and it's called miami. here in havana, we see that same talent. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: the president also try to bridge the gap. >> for the cuban-american community that i have come to know and respect, this is not just about politics but about family.>> reporter: the president telling cubans they share more with cuban-americans then they may realize. >> i know how they have suffered more from the pain of exile. they have worked hard to make sure their children can reach
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the president rejected the motion that he should have a tear down this wall type moment while standing at the berlin wall. >> reporter: the president vowed to continue negotiating and he challenged the people of cuba not to fear change and to chart their own destiny. >> as the cuban people say goodbye to the first family, they are repairing for the rolling stones who are expected to arrive later today. they will host a free concert on friday and more than 1 million people are expected to attend. straightahead, western tuesday. it was a big night for the presidential front runner. we have a complete wrapup of campaign 2016. and then climbs on top of a large tree -- a man climbs a tree and refuses to come down and the internet is having a field day.
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manned rocket. something critical will happen once the job is done. you have a chance to catch that big, bright, beautiful moon copy warm moon when the
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and lift off. supplies for the scientists. >> some brush supplies are rocketing to the international space station. the unmanned rocket loaded with nearly 8000 pounds of food, equipment won't be returning to earth. instead, the craft will be deliberately set on fire. nasa wants to see what happens when a large scale fire erupts inside a space capsule turning zero environment -- zero gravity environment. nasa hopes to learn how much fire resistant material in astronaut.. -- here -- gear. we're humming along this morning. it's a lot milder than it was yesterday at this time.
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bright, full moon. you have to put her out there, as well. anyway, we have a nice, mild start to the day. 70 in miami. 71 in fort lauderdale. 10 to 50 degrees milder because the wind is out of the east and not out of the north like yesterday. no rain since midnight and the humidity is at 55%. temperatures across dayton and broward in the low 70s. i said earlier, homes that is missing. homestead is not missing. we just checked, it's still there so i had to go and verify. i have to be careful how things come out of my mouth in the morning. anyway, 40s up north. 60s and 70s. further down south, 70 in miami. and easterly wind because of high-pressure that was back up over alabama. yesterday, the wind was north
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the wind has turned to the east but there is more. now, the high will be shifting off to the atlantic and the winds will turned southeast and south through the rest of the week into the upcoming easter weekend which means warmer and humid weather is on the way. the moisture forecast, that is dry air holding tight today. but watch what happens as we go through thursday, friday and saturday. lots of easter egg hunt on saturday. we do notice a lot more green on the map which means higher humidity and that always means increasing chance of showers. we don't really have a trigger for storms. no cold front coming into the storm systems. enough moisture to get us the rain chances. on easter sunday, of -- a way to dry air moves in and that will reduce chances on easter, itself. east winds at 10 to 15.
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that is a look at your weather. it's time for traffic. it looks like more trouble on the turnpike. chopper for over the scene of this crash we have been talking about all morning. and northbound accident. a couple of left lanes blocked off. we take it up another lane in you can see the tow truck in place. the inside lane southbound is blocked, as well. things are a little intense. you definitely want to loot -- usurer alternate routes. -- use your alternate routes. back to you. this has just come in. we're learning that jeb bush will endorse ted cruz after senator marco rubio dropped out. in a statement, ted is a consistent principled conservative who has demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters and when primary contests here and --
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ted cruz says he is truly honored. joe rhodes is back from the studio this morning. >> reporter: good morning. i was walter doing? how is your partner is to max >> you had coffee today! we are all caffeinated this morning but let's talk about the dolphins owner. he is criticizing the former head coach, joe philbin, on how he did not develop ryan tannehill. >> reporter: that theme has been and we are starting to hear louder and louder that they did not do a very good job starting with ryan tannehill. everyone believes bates can be turned around.
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and chicago. will they be able to have success here? and get ryan tannehill turned around in year five as well as what they are doing all principally and defensively.
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cal news on your local cbs station and also on cbs this morning online this has been a cbs news special report. there will be more on the story from your local news on your local cbs station and also on cbs this morning and also on cbsn. i am and marine green -- i am annemarie green. local news on cbs this morning -- we want to take you to campaign 2016. donald trump and hillary clinton to calm winds. cbs 4's don champion has more on the race to the white house. >> reporter: on the heels of what appears to be a record voter turnout, hillary clinton and donald trump ground big wins in arizona on tuesday. afterwards, clinton reminded supporters what is at stake in this election. >> this is a contest between
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of our country, our values and our future. >> reporter: bernie sanders one democratic offices -- caucasus in utah and idaho and declares his campaign is a lot more now than ever. >> this campaign is doing as well as it is generating the kind of excitement here in san diego and all over the country.>> reporter: on the republican side, trump picked up all of the delegates and ted cruz won utah's presidential caucus. as the results for dan, the feud between the men escalated online when trump accused crews of using a racy picture of his wife in an attack ad. donald trump threatened, " careful line ted, or i will spill the beans on your wife." ted cruz later denied the claim saying "donald, if you try to
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coward than i thought. #classless." >> he finish with more than 50% of the votes in that state. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. time now 6:24. the infamous mayor loses his battle with cancer. he has all the buzz on social media. and then climbs up a tree and throws apples. these shows no signs of letting up and he has even begun to build himself a home of their. also training this morning,
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you welcome back. here's a look at the hot topics trending on social media this morning. we begin with the attacks in belgium. it is trending on our cbs miami facebook page. a terrorist attack comes less than five months after the deadly attacks in paris in november. a french newspaper published an illustration from the cartoonist . the dates below the image
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the dates of the paris terrorist attacks. it has gotten more than 12,700 views on our facebook page and you can read about people offering shelter and safety with the #, open door. the former mayor of toronto died yesterday. his career was highlighted by a drug driven. he was repeatedly intoxicated in public. >> this guy is definitely not afraid of heights. appropriately named man in tree and downtown seattle. during his time up there yesterday, he threw things at the least, hung upside down and waved at people. some locals recognize him as one of the homeless they often see downtown. leave it or not, he is still out there right now. if we
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adele, she twerk -- twerk as she sang on a ritchie all night long she admits she is not a very good twerk are -- gayle king is joining us live. well, a busy morning. >> i love everything about her and i don't know what is so bad there! i said it we have a team in brussels and the us covering the terror attacks. we are also talking to michael morel and john miller about the ice is flat and the
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, will be here in studio 57. the news is back in the morning and we will see you at 7 o'clock. walter, back to you in the studio. remember, cbs this morning kicks off at 7 am right here on cbs 4. now, let's get attack of our weather heading over to john gerard. it's definitely warmer from yesterday. >> you can leave the setters -- sweaters and jacket at home. this is where we are supposed to be at this time of year. the radar is clear. fort lauderdale camera from downtown is still dark out there and it will be for about another hour or so until the sun comes up at around 7 to 30. 71 in miami. the wind is east at nine and that is bringing in some milder ocean air. 84 at 10:00. 80 at 2 o'clock and 78 with partly cloudy skies. that's a quick check of the weather.
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been watching this crash on the turnpike for several -- for some time now. i can tell you, you probably want to take 95 instead. it's a northbound accident here there are starting to clear it up and get things opened up a little bit work they will open up those two left lanes shortly and the one southbound inside lane is blocked off, as well but heavy lanes in both approaches especially on the northbound side as you make your way through hollywood up in the fort lauderdale. but take a look. 95, much smoother and that is traffic. back to you. following a developing story out of palmetto bay where there was an officer involved shooting overnight. we are live at the scene with the latest details. >> reporter: miami dade police are telling us a young man is reportedly acting erratically and armed with a pickax.
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scene a short time ago. the man killed has been identified as the 25-year-old, ethan james [ indiscernible ]. we are told that officers responded here of our 9:30 last night after getting multiple 911 calls about an -- a man with a pickax going around flight and car tires and smashing windows. he reportedly damaged half a dozen cars and ran into his home and locked himself inside. when the officers got to the scene, family members gave cops permission to go inside the home and that is when they say he lunged at them with the pickax and three of the officers opened fire. >> once inside, there was a confrontation with the individual with the pickax where officers discharged their firearms. >> there were multiple pops like one after another, multiple.
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>> reporter: he was pronounced dead on the scene at his home work we are told he was arrested back in february for battery and disorderly intoxication. as for the three officers who fired their guns, we are told that they are 18, 20 and 21- year-old veteran said the department. the florida department of law enforcement state attorney's office is investigating the shooting. we are live, cbs sports this morning. now at 6:30, terror in belgium. isis takes credit for the brussels attacked and the statement promises dark days for the country allied against the islamic state threatening that what is coming is worse and more better. three famous european landmarks are lit up in the colors of the flag last night. the eiffel tower in paris was lit up in red, yellow and black. the mayor of paris sent out a tweet saying both countries are united. to stand in solidarity with
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bomb attacks, the flag was projected on one of the most iconic monuments.>> the brandenburg gate in berlin and also display the colors. the landmark is one of the best known in all of germany took>> here in the us, the building that symbolizes america's recovery was lit in the colors of the belgian flag. one world trade center was displayed in their colors. the new york governor said despite the attacks, global community will remain united. >> new this morning, a suspect has been arrested after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks killed dozens and injured hundreds more.>> cbs 4's kenneth craig is in brussels with the very latest. >> reporter: authorities continue searching the brussels schober -- suburban looking for suspects. one of them pictured here with two of the suspected airport attackers is being identified
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isis bomb maker. belgian prosecutors say he vanished leaving his luggage at the scheme -- at the scene. police raided the house in the area on tuesday and found chemicals and an explosive device containing nails and an isis flag. >> there are people so close to you that would do something like that.>> reporter: security teams locked down brussels when isis terrorist set off explosives at an airport and train station. emergency personnel treated many wondered on the street. >> you see it but you cannot imagine when you see people yelling that they are going to die. >> reporter: a memorial growing in the center of the city for those killed. any mourners were reminded of the isis terrorist attacks that struck paris just four months ago.
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soft targets. we have to push that security perimeter out number two, we need better intelligence. >> reporter: the assault on brussels came days after the prime suspect of the paris attack was arrested. so far, there has not been a direct link. caltran, cbs news, brussels. south florida-based brussels reaching out to their homeland and one is counting their blessings. dennis's mother left brussels on a flight to miami at 8:04 a.m. , right around the time the airport bombs went off. he describes the frantic exchange he had with his brother trying to ensure their mother had made it onto the plane before the blast. >> i woke up two hours later and i see my missed calls from my brother. and he texted me.
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heard from mom." >> his mother had texted him 20 minutes before the blast that she was on board. you could here for coverage on the delta my tax on air and online at cbs coral gables police are releasing a new sketch of the man they say sexually battered and robbed a woman. police say the victim was walking on granada boulevard last month when she was robbed, and drag toward a tree and assaulted. i take a look at the sketch of a man described as a white hispanic male driving a white suv or van. anyone with information is asked to call police. police are searching for a man who held up a subway restaurant in miami. serving it -- surveillance video shows the man walking up demanding money. the threatened with a gun
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cash. today, more deputies will be wearing body cameras as part of their standard uniform. right now, there are 50 body cameras in use throughout broward county and eventually, 5000 officers will be equipped with the new technology. the cameras showed the deputy perspective of something you cannot necessarily captured on surveillance footage fostering better trust in the community and will help with the investigation. your time is 6:38. coming up in consumer reports, the best smart phone it has ever reviewed and you may be surprised by the results. what is your favorite in the world? trip advisor is out with its list. >> we will find out what serena williams is saying as she shares her memories with us. it's much milder out there right now. 50 degrees warmer now than it
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on the money watch this morning, what is the number one place to visit and what can we expect to see at the auto show.
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york stock exchange with more. good morning, jill here >> the new york auto show opens this week. you will look for a lot of big cars as gas prices remain low. on the other end of the spectrum, honda is rolling out a new hybrid and toyota will be showing off a pre-oscar running on electricity alone. travelers rank new york city the number one place to visit the united states. this is based on reviews and hotels. vegas is second and florida and orlando is third. miami not in the top 10. i don't believe it. they have obviously never been here.>> clearly. >> samsung just got a big win against apple in the smartphone wars. this is depressing. i have an apple. >> i just got my new iphone.
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as -- as edge. they even work well in low light. they are waterproof. they are in 5 feet of water. that can come in handy in miami. vanessa. >> my phone once dropped in the water and i have a fear. walter would understand that. >> women issues. exactly. >> [ laughter ] >> that happens to me all the time when they get those minis and patties. to stay off the phone. i cannot tell you how many phones i have gone through. we don't have anything on the radar. lots of dry radar. just enough sprinkles to spritz the windshield and that's about
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otherwise, partly cloudy skies. 70 in miami. the wind is now out of the east at 9 miles an hour. temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees warmer now than they were yesterday at this time. number 50s. 60s and 70s. 70s in miami right now. if you 70s up in florida. otherwise, 50s for the centrals , 60s and 70s. winds have shifted to the east right now. that will pull in warmer air and much more humid air. indicating dry air through the day today into tomorrow and noticed the greens as we go through later tomorrow and friday and saturday beginning to build across the area which means higher humidity and increasing rain chances. not soaking rains but showers. on easter sunday, as well.
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it may be a little bit of a dry spot pulling in here. we will see a little bit more sunshine than we will on saturday. 33 in denver. 59 in st. louis. 33 in chicago. 46 in atlanta. here is your outlook through the day. 74 and mostly cloudy. much more milder. sun and clouds are breezy and warm up by 6 pm, 78 work mostly cloudy skies and very mild. for the borders, these are 2 to 4 feet. they water, a moderate chop. your sun comes up and about 7:25. it is a bit on the breezy side. forecast. easter sunday. they will be scattered. if you have those easter egg hunt, you might want to pay close attention. the big take away will be warm and humid once we get past today. that's a check of the forecast.
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roads are looking pretty decent here on 95, anyway and this will be your preferred route in broward county as opposed to the florida turnpike. and northbound crash earlier on the approach to hollywood boulevard, still the inside lane. both directions are blocked because of emergency vehicles. but they are clearing things out slowly but surely. hopefully, we will be open very quickly but it's still -- take 95, instead. >> and easter bunny getting into a brawl at a mall in new jersey. the floppy gloves came off as the shopper got angry when his child fell off the bunnies lap. both men were called -- charged with assault and both men had outstanding warrants.
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straight ahead, the miami open. sabrina williams. we will tell you why the facility is in jeopardy. we are watching the latest in the investigation in brussels. join us tonight for a full report and all of the day's developments. we will see you tonight right here at 11. coming up, we report from belgium on the terrorist suspect and heightened security.
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ted cruz, joins us. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for
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(mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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welcome back. sabrina williams responding to rumors. we have the story. >> reporter: serena williams took to the pages of the new york times to explain why tennis meets the miami open. her dad would take her and her sister to watch. they would go on to play in the miami open across three decades. >> coming here when i was a
6:51 am
will never forget your following the loss, one of the miami attorneys insinuating that organizers may look into moving the tournament. >> it's really sad but it's here for another couple of years. so i love it here and i have done well here in miami.>> while serino -- while her concern may be heartfelt, the same agency that owns the miami open. >> reporter: a call to the miami organizers for a response. issuing a statement that says in part, the miami open has always been a place where players continue to come back year after year and diverse -- and enjoy the diverse energetic an international crowd like no
6:52 am
nowhere else in the world. >> seal of these great players. >> reporter: we happened to run into the tennis association. and he says miami open is
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here's a quick wrapup of your morning headlines. a young man is dead after an officer involved shooting in palmetto bay. >> miami dade police officers were forced to fire at easton james when he lunged at them with a pickax. police responded to 88 plays and 1/83 terrace at around 9:03 last night. we're getting several more calls from neighbors about a man going around smashing windows and cutting car tires up. we are told that three officers fired their guns during a confrontation. he died at the scene. the fdle is investigating. breaking this morning, authorities have reported they
6:56 am
suspects in the terrorist attacks in belgium. more than 30 people died yesterday when explosions were set off at an airport and a train station. isis has claimed responsibility. the family -- the president and first family have arrived. obama is expected to meet with the argentinian president later this morning and he will attend a state dinner later tonight. we're learning that jed bush will endorse ted cruz. the endorsement comes after marco rubio dropped out of the presidential race. sources say the endorsement was crews says he is truly honored to earn bushes support. donald trump and hillary clinton inch closer to the presidential nomination following victories. the win gives trump all 58 delegates while delegates will be awarded proportionately for democrats. ted cruz be donald trump in utah and one all 40 delegates there. a time -- a final check of the weather.
6:57 am
upper 50s and lower 60s today. perfect weather for the miami open, i am a big tennis fan. i will try to catch some of that . it will be some good tennis and some good weather throughout the weekend. here's our outlook coming into the upcoming was easter weekend. -- upcoming easter weekend. we will start to gradually increase a chance of showers. 88 out there today. a lot nicer than yesterday at 57. partly cloudy skies and we will see a few showers tomorrow, friday and saturday for some of those easter egg hunt's. and maybe sunday, as well as moisture begins to build them. to cut those temperatures, well into the 80s as we had the upcoming good friday. it looks like some of those chocolate bunnies may melt. did you ever see the one with the chocolate bunny and he can't area because somebody bit off his ear?
6:58 am
let's talk to joe with the sports wrapup. i guess that is called talking your ear off. it looks like things are still moving along pretty well here. i-75 and the turnpike extension. not very bad on either one of these routes. it will get easier later on in the morning approaching the asset to the turnpike extension, trying to gain access, that usually gets logjams in the morning. so far, not the case. it has backed up from the north and heading southbound but still getting through. nothing unusual. nothing other than what we had before and we showed you out on the turnpike of hollywood boulevard, inside lanes are still taking up. pretty heavy stuff. use this. i-95. still looks terrific north and southbound.
6:59 am
eastbound from pine island over to university. no accidents along the way which is fantastic. that the latest look at the traffic. back to you. member, we are going to have those live reports from elliot rodriguez. still in cuba. the president left yesterday after that historic visit work and we have cbs this morning on captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the heart of the european union today is rocked to its core. right now a manhunt is under way for the bombmaker suspected in the brussels and paris terror attacks. >> yesterday's bombing killed more than 30 people and injured more than 200. we share the stories of several
7:00 am
>> police in the u.s. step up security at so-called soft targets. we will talk with nypd commissioner bill bratton and deputy commissioner john miller. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. it is believed that the third man, the one that didn't die, who has been on the run since yesterday morning, has now been arrested. >> a potential breakthrough in the belgian terror investigates. >> raids yielded what is a bomb making factor. >> it is remain closed as the forensic teams go through the wreckage looking for throughs. >> people realize just now vulnerable the transport network remains. >> the site is becoming all too familiar to these individual. another terror attack and another city in shock.


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