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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> breaking news right now about the zika virus spreading across our state. we're working to confirm two possible cases right now in lee county. that brings the total number of nine in our state because we talked about this before. we have at least one in hillsborough county. four in miami-dade and one up in the panhandle as well. also new information on how you can actually get the virus coming in. the cdc confirming this afternoon what could be the first case in the u.s. of someone getting zika through sexual conduct. this is happening in the dallas, texas area. typically zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes.
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are working on a vaccine right now. doctors at senofi are trying to figure out what they can do, learning about the vaccines for yellow fever and japanese encephalitis, hoping to create a vaccine at this time. normally it takes years to get a vaccine. the one to fight fever took 20 years and one billion dollars. but the mpany is hoping to collaborate with the world health organization to speed up that process. also right now, incredible pictures of a plane crashing into the water off of the coast of south florida. take a look at this video. amazingly everyone lived in this one. the single-engine plane you see submerged were water there, crashing off of the coast of haulover beach. people saw the plane nose dive into the water. people rushed to help the two people on board. we are hearing that they didn't
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also right now, tampa skyline is changing with billions of dollars worth of construction projects underway. you have seen them. as christie post is showing us, there aren't enough builders to build them all so companies are recruiting. >> reporter: five years in the construction business has its perks. >> i received a car, a house and everything. >> reporter: herbert davis is working on an apartment complex that just broke down on harbor island. a project that needs 800 workers. >> we need electricians and iron workers and plumbers. >> reporter: with $2.4 billion in construction permits issued last year in tampa, there aren't enough workers to build it all. >> we will become the city we had always hoped we would be. you can't do it if you can't build it. >> reporter: for high school students looking for a career path, the timing couldn't be better. >> these are the training
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is pushing them to build a future in construction. >> i like building things. i like cars, i like mechanics. >> reporter: 50 companies are hiring everything from painters to welders. electricians are also in demand. right now bti integrated innovations needs security cameras installed at hospitals and schools. these jobs pay about $25 an hour. >> when we hire you, we hire you and train you and develop your talent. >> reporter: the shortage is only expected to go. an opportunity some students plan to cash in on. least building structures. christie post. >> thank you, christie. 40 other non-construction companies are hiring right now for more than 1,000 jobs. another job fair was happening today over at steinburner field in tampa. just wrapping up right now but
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companies and try to get a job there. the story is posted on happy groundhog day. more line ground fog day. also ivan's birthday. >> ground fog day. >> i like that. >> that's producer liz. >> i like that. >> three different views of this morning. some people couldn't see five feet in front of them. north tampa and interstate 75 in tampa and st. petersburg. thank you for the pictures of the fog. >> absolutely. >> hopefully nothing like this tomorrow. >> a little bit. patchy fog. not as dense as this morning with visibility down to zero in some areas. it took a while to lift this morning. when you have dense fog like that, that's what happens. look at that. cumulus clouds out there. by the way, have you noticed today a florida feel outside. it feels like florida finally here. and we're talking about temperatures, yes, the lower 80s. feeling a little warmer than that with the humidity out there. we have the southeasterly wind that has taken over.
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fog but the higher temperatures and increase the rain chances over the next few days. temperatures look at this, only in the low 70s by 11:00. it will be a warm evening. certainly not going to need a jacket. we will be talking about that fog through tonight and big changes coming up through the middle part of the week with rain on the way and even thunderstorms. laura. >> thanks, ivan. right now a live look at bernie sanders up at the podium in new hampshire. fresh off that narrow loss to hillary clinton in iowa. it wasn't until just a few hours that hillary clinton was considered the winner in iowa. of course ted cruz won on the gop side. we're going to talk a little bit more how the caucuses played off and on to the next one in new hampshire. that's coming up in a little bit. well, getting back to florida right now. the fate of nearly 400 death row inmates is still up in the air, including a convicted
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taking up the issue after our state's death penalty system was ruled unconstitutional. carson chambers is live at the courthouse with where the debate is right now. carson. >> reporter: well, laura, it is a complicated issue and it is being played out in florida's highest court. it could affect trials that haven't even happened yet. the state of florida is set to execute lambricks on february 11th. at the time of the decision, the jury was split 10-2 and 8- 4. earlier this year, the u.s. supreme court ruled that florida's death penalty process is unconstitutional. it gives too much power to judges instead of juries. >> it's an interesting issue. the question is, what did their jury determine? if their jury was unanimous, they mayo owe their death
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be overturned by the supreme court. if their jury was 7-5, 8-4 for death and the judge imposed it, then we might have a situation where the supreme court says no. >> reporter: so it sounds like the u.s. supreme court may have the final say on this, right? >> reporter: right, laura. right. that's exactly right. and also florida may have to decide whether to commute sentences to life for folks already on death row or grant them new death penalty phases. we know legislators are scrambling to get legislation passed. that may only affect trials in the future. for the now, i'm carson chambers. back to you. >> thank you, carson. when we talk about the lottery, the odds are usually stacked up against you. florida students and schools are winning big right now
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story we brought you a couple weeks ago. it has sold $716 million in tickets last month. an all-time high. which means the money transferring to the educational enhancement trust in our state will be $213 million. that's an increase of 41%. it is driven in large part by i'm sure you guessed it the record sales in the last powerball jackpot. also right now, preps for super bowl 50 are well underway. what you are looking at is the man so many are talking about, cam newton, the quarterback of the panthers. we heard from their coach a little while ago. we have also been hearing from the broncos. unfortunately they have had to talk a lot about the almost perfect season that cam newton has been having. >> i played 18 years, played for five different head coaches. i played with a lot of
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the fact that i have been flexible and willing to learn take different styles of coaching, i think that has helped me. >> that's peyton manning. bowl history to get ready to start in his fourth super bowl he was talking about how he thinks that cam newton will be the mvp. how about that? broncos know they are considered the underdog for this one. but of course they are in it to win it. more from super bowl city in san francisco with andy choi later in the show. a story getting people fired up in tampa bay. somebody dumping these puppies on t the side of the road. the information that we're
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>> new developments out of flint, michigan. the u.s. attorney's office confirming the fbi is joining the investigation into the
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on bottled water every day. it's not clear if the fbi's investigation is criminal, civil or both. today a spokesperson says the role is to determine whether or not there have been federal violations. tomorrow, a house oversight committee will hold the first congressional hearing into the contamination in flint. people in ohio are on high alert as fears that some of the contaminated water made it to them as well. google, now the world's most valuable company. newsy showing us their rise to the top. >> reporter: for the first time in more than four years, apple is not on top. on monday, google's company alphabet became the most powerful company in the world. the two tech companies have been neck for neck for months. after record profits in the fourth quarter, shares of the company spiked in after-hour trading. the value of the company has
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to put that in context, apple is valued at about $535 billion. alphabet's rise to the top is impressive, considering the company is only about six months old. if you're not familiar, back in august, executives from google decided to do some restructuring to separate the company's money makers from the riskier business. as google rakes in the money thanks to advertising, the other arms of the company accelerate at generating a lot of buzz. what else would we talk about self-driving cars and internet balloons. that may be where apple is falling behind. some say the reliance on the iphone and lack of new products could be dragging the company down. for newsy, i'm katie link. watch newsy on your tv with your favorite streaming device. >> well, i want you to take a close look at this picture right here. it's making a lot of people upset online. who in the world just left that
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a good samaritan found the box and took it to the humane society on sunday. it was found at bush boulevard and 22nd. the dogs are just four to six weeks. they looked emaciated and had mange. hopefully, they're hoping that someone maybe saw something, saw what happened in that area, and you can give them information. they're also reminding people if you need help taking care of your animals, reach out first. if you know who did this, call police. well, could it be the future of farming? crops not in the field but rather behind closed doors with those weird, weird lights. the now's theresa takes us on a tour.
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>> reporter: bobby never set out to be a farmer. >> we there is never an off season. >> reporter: there is nothing wrong with your television. he designed the lights with a purpose to make photo synthesis more efficient. >> we mimic and reproduce wavelengths that the plants use that are in sunlight wavelengths, specifically reds and blues. >> reporter: he studied bioastronomics at cu boulder and combined with habitat design for this farm called infinity harvest. from the specialized lighting to the timed irrigation and the precise amount of nutrients for every part of the growing cycle, he says these plants get exactly what they need to grow. with the help of ten greenhouse technicians, infinity harvest produces crops every month. they are shipped locally to high-end restaurants and they say the taste is more saturated and consistent than greens
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for the now, i'm theresa marceta. >> many traditional farmers don't like this. but roman owe says it could be the answer in areas where fresh produce is hard to come by. thankfully the iowa caucuses are out of the way because today's weather didn't want to cooperate. candidates and media getting out just before this happened. people could barely see in des moines. >> what was that? that was a blizzard there, laura harris. incredible stuff. some got stuck back there. that is what is going on. we're in the middle of winter. it was a more tranquil scene but no less exciting in pennsylvania this morning. we're going to check in with punxsutawney phil. >> there is no shadow to be cast. an early spring is my forecast. >> well, there it is. it is now official. punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow in pennsylvania today. what does that mean?
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dins 1988, by the way, he has been right 13 times and wrong 15. 13 and 15. that is terrible, punxsutawney phil. he only gets it right 46% of the time. >> early spring, take your jackets off. you're not going to need them. get out the bermuda shorts. >> and of course we've been having more and more, you know, of these rats coming along. is it a rat? i always forget. what about the famous groundhog in georgia? atlanta. this is general lee. he concurs with punxsutawney phil. it's going to be an early spring. he was less excited. he wanted to high-tail out of there. i wouldn't blame him. also this morning, we had my own prediction here. i do this every year and see if i see my shadow. there it is. i did see my shadow. do you know what that means? our weather is going to vary
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oh, by the way, this is exactly how i start each and every morning. let's take you outside and show you conditions as we talk about this gorgeous day that has developed here after the morning fog that we had. well, now temperatures in the 80s. if you have been missing the humidity, if you have been missing the warm temperatures, you have gotten a gift today because they're both back. and look at this. temperatures in the low 80s right now. and it feels warmer with the humidity out there. partly cloudy skies. a couple of sprinkles trying to pop up. in polk county. that won't really bother us through the rest of the evening. we have to look northwest. take a look at this. three. one, two, three tornado watch boxes right now covering quite a chunk of real estate here. and we have tornado warnings as well. i'm showing you this because this will eventually push through our area. not with severe weather. it will weaken. and by the time we get into thursday, when it arrives, most
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i don't think we will get severe weather out of it but we will rain as a result. southeasterly flow out ahead of it. a couple showers. that's it. then this line rolls through. it's broken up. not impressive. that's because the logos well to the north. we're dealing with the tail end of the front. that is a cold front. by the time we get into friday, we cool off and starts to clear out. a close-up shot on futurecast. you can see the showers that begin to develop on wednesday. not much. but there is the line that comes through thursday morning through the midday hour. a line of heavier showers and thunderstorms as well. not looking for severe weather. and then everything begins to roll through and push off to the south and east. by the way, temperatures tonight, look at this, 70s for overnight lows. balmy start to the day. with that start, we're back in the low to middle 80s. i will be talk to talk about the conditions as we head through the weekend. again, changes.
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another storm is on the way. laura. >> thanks, ivan. how to trim your grocery budget by $1,500 a year. it's easier than you might think. >> you're eating doritos on my ultrasound. >> a sneak peek at one of the super bowl ads. this one a little weird. this was a fan choice as were the last nine doritos ad for the big game. it came to the man while his wife was getting an ultrasound for their second child, hence the baby grabbing the chip.
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>> right now, the cdc is saying the number of flu cases is increasing across the country.
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recent be map on your screen right now. only widespread in a few states, north carolina and california. only sporadic in florida. while the number is growing, it's not like what we saw this time last year. the cdc is getting reports of severe flu illnesses in young and middle-aged adults. it takes two weeks after the flu slot for it to work. flu season peaks between december and february but could go as long as may. well, $1,500 is how much an average family of four throws away each year. we're giving you ideas on how to waste your money right now. i love this one. do you have stale bread? why not make menu items that include croutons or french toast or bread pudding. nobody will notice. the expiration dates are not the all end be all.
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they say maybe you should check to see if there is mold on it also this one. have you ever thought of using them? use them to make potato pancakes out of them. the whole family will like and it makes a great meal. make catch-all dishes. do soups, stir fries. money. switching gears here. let's head to the friendly skies and go over to ivan on the unique way that some people are trying to help unregulated drones, get them out of the sky. >> yeah. and they're doing that in fact with eagles. real live birds. this is in testing. eagles actually trying to take them down as they think they're basically prey. this is happening with the dutch here.
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you see it going after the drone. there you go. good eagle. that's what is going on there. they're testing it to see if this is something that they can put as far as the program to make it more widespread to control the drones. interesting approach. laura. let's than 24 hours later and the presidential candidates from moved on from iowa and some are just plain on moving on. we are breaking down the closest iowa caucuses in history coming up. id thieves are stealing your social security number right now for a a new type of fraud.
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>> right now, presidential candidates pushing forward after last night's iowa caucuses. clinton officially named the winner of the democratic caucus in iowa. here is the now's todd walker with what is next. >> reporter: tuesday morning and iowa is already in the rear view mayoror for many of the campaigns. marco rubio was campaigning in new hampshire, surprised from his third place finish in iowa caucuses on the heels of donald trump that finished second behind ted cruz. >> what a victory last night. >> reporter: and even closer race for the democrats. hillary clinton in new hampshire today touting a win in iowa. but the race so tight it wasn't called until after noon today. >> i have won and lost there. it's a lot better to win. >> reporter: clinton eeked out a win that bernie sanders also thinks is a win. >> for those that didn't think we could compete against hillary clinton i hope that
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>> reporter: the front runners are the last to arrive in new hampshire. chris christie and jeb bush have been there for a while, christie taking shots at rubio. >> this isn't the student council election. let's see him play. i'm ready to play. i'll be ready to see him saturday night. >> the race in iowa so tight that two of the sites had to be settled by coin toss, those going to hillary clinton. huckabee and martin o'malley after dismal performances in iowa and the entire race announced they are dropping out. for the now, i'm todd walker. and the new hampshire primary is one week from today. also happening right now, bill cosby is in a pennsylvania courtroom trying to get the criminal charge against him dropped. here is what we're hearing right now. first you want to see that video from earlier today, him going into the courtroom. the judge will decide if the
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should be thrown out. his lawyer arguing that the former district attorney already agreed not to prosecute the case. but the former d.a. says that's not true. he testified that saying that he didn't prosecute ten years ago because of lack of evidence and credibility issues with the alleged victim. she has settled a civil suit with cosby. he is fighting a number of cases tied to claims that he sexually assaulted dozens of women. one of the women suing him in civil court dropped her case without explanation today. well, now to intense moments of a lightning strike that was a little too close for comfort. take a look. [censor] >> are you kidding me? a couple of guys recording a thunderstorm from an oyster bar in australia, barely getting missed by the lightning strike. the video making its rounds online right now. you can see why. lightning coming to our forecast in a couple of days. unfortunately it might be for
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>> yeah. hopefully not something like that. incredible video out of sydney. the fairgrounds of course open up on thursday. and we are trying to get some nice weather here, laura harris. but i just don't think it will happen. as we talked about the front coming in. the temps don't matter at this point. upper 60s to lower 70s but what does that matter when we have rain rolling through. by 9:00, we may tweak this a little bit and the rain will be done. getting close to closing time. friday looks better and the early part of saturday. by the way, if golf is your thing, well, then guess what, you can get back out there on the rocky point golf course. the last 7 months it has been under renovation. today a little celebration out there. why not. there's new greens, new tee boxes and new bunkers as well. the mayor buckhorn was there. this is one of three courses that the city owns. right now, president obama is making a big push to find a
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now we're learning that he wants to spend $1 billion throughout the next two years to make it happen. next week in his final budget proposal to congress, he will ask for $755 million. that's in addition to the $195 million already committed for cancer funds. that was part of vice president joe biden's efforts. it will research new treatments, helping early detection as well as immune immuneo therapy. a new thing that thieves are doing with your social security number. jackie callaway will join us with that. stick around. by the time we get back from the commercials, they have already stolen $100,000.
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>> welcome back. tackling identity theft. abc action news reporter jackie callaway is here with new numbers to give us an idea how big of a problem it is and how to protect ourselves. >> and we're learning what the bad guys are up to right now. the report shows that just more than 13 million americans were victims of identity fraud last year. that's up 3% from 2014. one bit of silver lining, the amount of money is down by 6% to $15 billion. that's the smallest amount in six years. now, this doesn't mean that you should let your guard down. the report found that identity thieves are changing their tactics and using social security numbers to apply for new credit cards. new account fraud more than doubled from 2014 to 2015. the hackers have stolen $112
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and just as we started talking, in the last 60 seconds, they have taken $35,000 in just two minutes. enough to buy groceries for eight years. >> thank you, jackie. 3d printing is the new norm for medicine. back in december we told you about two graduate students printing a prosthetic hand for a little kid. now it is being used to reconstruct an entire face. an arizona plastic surgeon using it on a teen that lost half of his face who was hit by a car crossing the street. >> we are taking the mirror image of his opposite side and projecting that on the devastated side. rock. >> it has two more surgeries to smooth out as he calls them,
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the changes coming to hillsborough county schools making them safer. don't forget our daytona contest. the question and right answer
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>> well, right now a powerful winter storm is pushing across the country. right now hitting the midwest with snow and ice from iowa today to parts of colorado getting more than a foot of snow. major airlines canceling a third of the flights out of denver. what you're seeing on the screen is the live misery map. as you can tell, it is pretty red when you're talking about the colorado area.
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luckily we don't have to deal with that. this is a time lapse video of one of off stations -- of one of our stations in colorado. >> 17 inches of snowfall. >> can you imagine. >> that's his van. has how tall the snow is. >> there are the snow mounds that you have to contend when you talk about a big blizzard like this. they have had many. we are going to check in with anne mcnamara and she will tell us why these blizzards are more common now. >> reporter: wipers up. you know what this means. a big snowstorm. if you feel you have been seeing this more and more often, a new study says you're right. this is the worst part about snow days. cleaning off your car before your drive to work. >> i actually had a big snow plow to get everything off. just getting ice off. >> reporter: across the west and midwest, folks are digging out in blizzard conditions. new research shows that the
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up until 1994 we averaged about nine a year. from '95 on, that number jumped to 19. this guy is getting used to his thankless task, snow blowing. >> it is therapeutic inequality to getting out here and moving it. >> you don't mind the snow. >> no. i grew up here. it's part of colorado living. >> reporter: and he may be on to something. researchers say this weather is cyclical. blizzards peak every 11 to 14 years and cover the size of the state of south carolina. this woman probably wishes she was in south carolina right about now. usually she bikes to work. >> it's hiking in -- stepping in other's footprints and their response, i think i saw ski tracks. >> reporter: let's not forget this is an el nino year. we will probably be seeing more of this sooner rather than later.
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you know, you just adapt when you get to those climates there or you do like me and you come back home to florida where we have sunshine and warm temperatures. we have our cold fronts roll through but it doesn't last long and then we warm things up. case in point, cool air over the weekend. now we're back into tropical air here. it feels muggy out there. temperatures in the low 80s earlier today. and look at this, 74 at 7:00. newscast. that is something there. a little more typical of, well, summer at this point. or at least late spring. so 67 is the overnight low tonight. here is the difference. we were talking about the fog and the big fog event last night. i think there will be enough of a wind here where we can have enough circulation at the surface where we won't have the dense fog developing. there will be patchy fog.
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visibilities amounting to zero, which is what we had this morning in many areas here. heads up for the morning. patchy fog but not as widespread. then temperatures recover nicely into the upper 70s to lower 80s once again. let's get to the extended forecast. we have changes coming up here. we talked about the front coming in thursday. showers and storms. that's why it will rain the first day of the florida fair. then we clear out. 64ment then we're in this very fast flowing pattern here. we have another gulf flow that will come in. heads up for saturday night. this one will have the potential unlike thursday to bring us severe thunderstorms. rotating storms as well. that would happen saturday sunday. denis will be back in the next hour and break that timing out for and you let you know what to expect. i'll see you tomorrow. >> thanks, ivan. we're learning the 13-year-
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to death the day she went missed. two virginia tech students charged with the murder. her parents say she climbed out her window. thousands were searching for her body and it turned up 80 miles from her house. >> our department, along with an impressive number of investigators from multiple agencies in this case are fully dedicated to seeing justice is done for nicole and her family. we will maintain that vigilance in the coming days, weeks, months, as we go from investigation to prosecution. >> nicole's mother talking judge university before the press, telling her media her daughter overcame health concerns as a problem. loved music and wanted to be on american idol. a 13-year-old and two other teenagers in jail accused of murdering two people at a homeless camp. the other teens are 16 and 17 years old. police arrested them after they
4:38 pm
search warrant. cops think this all has to do with drugs somehow. they even found a gun during the search. >> i think it's always shocking when young people are involved. when i heard the ages of all three, i was shocked by it. it's a tragedy on so many levels. >> the teens are suspected of shooting three other people at the homeless camp but those victims are expected to be okay. hillsborough county are getting five new resource officers. the board approved the measure as we speak. lauren rozyla is live to explain how these officers will be helping our youngest children. lauren. >> reporter: so this is one of the schools that does have a school resource officer. but a lot of elementary schools do not. and that's why the hillsborough county sheriff's office filed for a federal grant to try to fund more officers in our schools and improve safety. >> if they don't know the safe word, what do we do.
4:39 pm
working street crime, this is a bit of a different job for deputy james. it's one that he would never trade. >> if someone comes up to you when you're walking home. >> it's a lot of fun. it's interaction that probably would not have on the street with anybody. >> reporter: he's a deputy that works specifically with elementary kids, teaching them safety and that deputies are approachable. >> we want them to see us how we are. we're people here and this is the job that we do and we care about the kids. >> reporter: and more than just the bond with kids, the school resource deputies play a critical role in school security. >> because of everything happening in the world today, we want all of our children to be safe. >> reporter: each year, the hillsborough sheriff's office applies for federal money to get more resource officers in schools. parents we talked to say this is reassuring. >> if something does happen, it will be a lot easier for them to take action and save lives of these children.
4:40 pm
relationships. >> the problem that we've got here, we think that all police officers are bad. but they're not. you have your kid growing up with them and they get a chance to meet them. >> reporter: the sheriff's office will continue to ask for more resource officers in the next few years. and right now a lot of these elementary schools actually share one school resource officer. and so right now the sheriff's office is trying to figure out exactly where all of these new officers will be assigned. laura. >> lauren, how are these deputies being trained? will they have guns or tasers? what will it be. >> reporter: resource officers are armed but just like any other hillsborough county sheriffs deputy. they receive special training to work with the kids and the parents specifically on school issues. back to you. right now we want to head back out to the bernie sanders camp.
4:41 pm
after just a narrow loss to hillary clinton in the iowa caucuses yesterday. a fun fact, he will keep at least one staffer in iowa in hopes of snagging delegates from hillary clinton. let's listen in. >> get off of welfare, pay your workers a living wage. [cheering and applause] >> when we talk about what is going on in this country, when we talk about why we have one of the lowest voting turnouts than any country on earth, when we talk about how so many people have given up on american democracy, they look at washington and say i am hurting, i am struggling to keep my head above water, my kid can't go to college, i can't afford child care.
4:42 pm
i'll tell you. they are out hustling for large campaign contributions from the country. bernie sanders there campaigning in new hampshire. well, something to consider if you're planning a spring break trip to see family or maybe a summer vacation to grandma's united airlines that flies out of tampa all up and down the east coast and west coast for that matter from west putting family first. they're changing their policy to let families board early once again, starting february 15th. people with children two and younger can get on the planes first. united stopped letting families get on first years ago. but they have all started offering the service yet again. and speaking of airlines, we have all seen it. people having crazy outbursts on planes. there is a facebook page dedicated to the passengers and trying to shame them.
4:43 pm
flight attendants grounded when they got into a fist fight. no kidding. actually right now the number of unruely passengers is the lowest in 20 years. the f.a.a. saying today there were more than 80 cases last year. that's down more than 40% from 2014 and way down from the peak in 2004 when we saw more than 300 cases. so what is causing people to behave better. smart phones for one thing may be part of it. and then put on social media. there's also a lower tolerance for unruely passengers can face a fine of $25,000. it can cost an airline up to $200,000 if they have to change course because of those passengers. you know, we see robberies all the time here in tampa bay, especially at gas stations. a clerk proves you don't need a gun to defend yourself. take a look from independent. this shows a would-be robber
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the clerk throwing his coffee in the guy's face and running into the back room. looks like he had good aim. oh, my gosh. right in the face. and then that guy ran out. well, right now, the moment that many of you have been waiting for, your chance to win daytona speed pack that we have been promising you. go to my facebook page right now, click on the tab at the top. you're going to listen to today's question. because you're watching i will give you the right answer. put your name, e-mail address, postal code and right answer in there and hopefully you will win. what driver had the lowest starting position but still won the daytona 500? since you're watching i'll give you the right answer. matt. head to the facebook page to enter the correct answer for your chance to win. well, a day closer to the super bowl, people. sporting event in the u.s., the are some things about the
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you. here is the first thing. i need to see you tweeting, 28 million tweets during the big game. also while your fingers are not tweeting, you will probably be eating 1.3 billion chicken wings. not just you but everyone together. after all of that eating and celebrating or shul being or maybe some of you are indifferent, nearly 1.5 million of you are expected to call in sick the very next day. bad idea. the now's andy choi got the assignment we have all been wanting all year long. hanging in san francisco. showing us the super bowl vibe when the sub goes down. >> reporter: being the early bird is usually a good thing. here at super bowl 50, we want to flip the switch because everybody knows the real party starts at night. [music] >> i hear a lot of music and live d.j.
4:46 pm
>> getting ready for the super bowl. >> reporter: yes, we are. like every good touchdown, a nighttime demands a good end zone dance. >> i try to dance and they say no. he put them and i'm jealous. >> i know. we're sitting on the side lines here. >> man. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: this popular young man is 87-year-old charlie wall perfecting his own super bowl shuffle with thousands of his new friends inside super bowl city. >> where did you learn how to dance like that. >> how do dance. yeah. my style. >> your style. >> yes. just listen to the music. >> i see. >> i've got this. i've got this. >> reporter: if you're in the mood to move, interactive games keep the party alive as the clock clicks past your bed time. >> i'm not sleeping until after the super bowl. >> the sun goes down and
4:47 pm
you respect everybody and they respect you, you're good. >> a lot of sparkly lights and happy people. >> reporter: the smiles might outnumber the stars on an evening like this. >> charlie is the winner of the super bowl. >> charlie won. >> give him the trophy. >> reporter: for the bay area night owls, sleep is merely a suggestion. in san francisco, i'm andy choi for the new tampa bay. >> and i'm laura harris. thank you for joining us. abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> right now, we're helping you get the most out of your tax refund. tonight where you can go to get tax filing help for free. and the fate of nearly 400 death row inmates is on the line as florida's highest court tries to decide if the death sentences are against the law. tonight how the ruling could
4:48 pm
happened yet: i'm jamison uhler. florida's death penalty system
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