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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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15 minutes from county line road to 75 and eight minutes from 75 to 275. shay, i noticed it was walked outside this morning. >> yeah, it is noticeably warmer and we have a warm breeze, visibility is good, rivergate tower tampa camera showing you just that. you can see it's shaking a little bit, wind speeds have been between 10 to 15 miles per hour but expect gusts in the today. the temperatures, wow oh wow, right? 71 in brookridge. spring lake 70. ridge manor 69. in hillsborough county the temperatures hit the 70s all across the county. 72 in tampa now. temple terrace, brandon, plant waking up to temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. haines city and frostproof now
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day. well above average for this time of year. as we reach those highs in -- around 80 degrees. now, i'll have the 7-day forecast for you coming up in a little bit. rain is unlikely today but things change a whole lot over the next 24 hours. coming up. 6:01. breaking overnight in pacifico county deputies still trying to -- pasco county, deputies still trying to find the person shooting. rodney dunigan with more. how are the victims doing now? >> reporter: dan, the last report we got from the sheriff's office, two of the men are in critical condition this morning, the third was not seriously hurt. he's expected to recover. investigators have been out here on the scene all evening trying to gather information and throughout this morning. let me give you perspective. we're a block from where all this happened and investigators have actually closed down about a two-block area surrounding this home.
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away, we have been able to get a bit closer to the shooting scene here. to give you an example of how wide the investigation is here, when we were a block away a home there actually got hit by a bullet. that is why investigators pretty much blocked off a large area of this neighborhood. investigators got word about all of this around 10:30 last night when the men showed up at a local hospital. after a bit of investigation deputies were led to this location here, where this investigation started. at this point we are still pretty early in this investigation but i was able to gadgary bit more information, investigators still trying to determine a motive however. it has been reported by the sheriff this could possibly be drug organic related. the names -- drug organic related. the names. victims not released at this point. deputies haven't yet made an arrest, they are still gathering more information and -- on a possible suspect in the case. two-block area of the neighborhood blocked down.
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we have not seen too many people come out of their homes this morning but investigators say it will be an ongoing investigation throughout the morning. hopefully in the next hour or so we'll get sound from folks in the community, maybe they heard something or can give us more information. we'll get you more as we get it. rodney dunigan, abc action news. terrifying video of a reported tornado that tore through western alabama. as you're waking up tornado watches are still in place in some parts of that state. no major injuries have been reported, still the severe weather caused a lot of damage. >> you saw that video, strong winds brought trees and utility poles crashing down in neighborhoods. also damaging homes there. the roof at a federal corrections facility was badly damaged but officials say all
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meanwhile, parts of five states are under blizzard warnings this morning. the conditions so bad in minnesota officials ordered plows off a major interstate because drivers couldn't see the road. the southern parts of the state couldn't see nearly a -- could see a foot of snow by the time the storm finishes moving through. 6:04. turning to democracy 2016 -- with the iowa caucuses in the rear view mirror the presidential candidates now focusing on new hampshire. with that primary just six days away. democratic hopefuls hillary clinton and bernie sanders are intensifying their efforts to swing voters after clinton claimed a very narrow victory in iowa. the republican side donald trump says he's confident about his chances in new hampshire but concedes skipping the last gop debate may have hurt his chances. in iowa. still regrets nothing. >> if i had to do it over again i would have done the exact same thing. you know why?
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>> the next debate is set for saturday night, donald trump is expected to attend, watch the debate on your abc action news station. 6:04. covering sarasota county, here's a scary thought -- a registered sex offender could be walking around among your kids and you may not even know it. that's why police need you to watch for this guy, william hinton. officers say he's facing charges for not registering his address. hinton is considered absconded, that means the florida department of law enforcement lost track of him. all officers know now is he could be in the northport area. we have shared hinton's photo on our facebook page. when you see it in your news feed take a second and share to it spread the word. one of tampa's most notorious convicted killers taking his case to the highest court today. dantsay morris is on adam rote for the murders of two -- on death row for the murders of
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he's also facing a death sentence for a third murder. we could watch a man accused of a horrisk child abuse -- horrific child abuse case take the stand against his ex-girlfriend as soon as today. cara o'connell and justin garwhacky are accused of beating her son so badly he died. investigators say they announced bite marks and bruises on john's body and believe garwacky hit john several times before he died. polk county detectives need your help to find this guy here. they tell us this man is stealing peoples' identities, opening credit cards under their names and spending thousands of dollars. we know of just one case in the bay area so far but deputies say they think this man has posed as several people in central florida and they are worried he could strike again if not caught.
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to keep an eye out for him and call the sheriff's office if you know anything that might help officers catch him. also reminding you to shred your financial documents to keep your identity safe. 6:06. still ahead -- would be robbers definitely picked the wrong store. the special training this gas station clerk had that turned out to be his secret weapon. the stunning social media post that got a day care worker
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6:09. a big step forward today for a rule that would let florida lawmakers pack heat on chamber floors. it's part of a controversial proposal that would allow licensed gun owners to openly carry their weapons. the full house takes up the measure today after it passed a small vote last night. national rifle association but opponents say more safeguards are needed. president obama's signature health care law is going to stay in tact during his final year in office. >> an attempt to override the president's veto failed last night. republican lawmakers were hoping to get enough votes to replace key parts of the affordable care act including a requirement for employers with more than 50 workers to provide insurance to employees. it also would have stripped parenthood.
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door this morning you may not want that extra layer. we've already hit 70s across much of the area, we'll be in the mid to upper 70s by noon and with clouds increasing this afternoon we'll top out near 80 degrees. very little if any rain will develop today but things take a big turn overnight and into tomorrow. i'll have more on the next cold front, timing out the rain, storms and our cooler air when that will arrive. coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. heartbreaking. i mean, it was not me. i just wish it was not me. >> you won't be able to familiaroth what is about to happen. a multimillion-dollar winning lottery ticket is hours away from being worthless. wait until you hear just how much money is quickly slipping away. >> in bradenton two people killed overnight in a crash on
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road 70. you can see the car there. more information on the crash and how to get around it coming
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breaking traffic look from manatee county. this is southbound u.s. 301 at 63rd avenue east in bradenton where there's a tragic scene here this morning. a double fatal accident involving that car there and a semi. not much coming from the scene so far except for that. there was a large presence of family members out here earlier, very tragic scene but u.s. 301 is shut down in both directions now. janelle, not much info coming out of what exactly happened. you can see it was a very violent crash. drivers this morning are going to be affected by this. do you know the best way to work around this accident scene
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those are some tough pictures to look at. here's a map of where the crash is, just south of state road 70, 301 closed now in both directions, your alternates 15th street east or 33rd street east to work your way around this. 15th street, if you can see here all in the green so that is probably your best bet, 33rd looking a little congested this morning. elsewhere across the bay area, we're in pretty good shape. no other crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. this is a live look at i-75, selmon expressway overlooking the interstate, all clear in all directions. and checking your average speeds on the bay area interstates, all in the green, 63 the average speed on i-4 heading into tampa. 70 the average speed on i-75 from the apex to i-4 and looking great over in pinellas county, 67 the average speed from bridge-to-bridge. nice and dry, visibility is good this morning. we're off to a very warm start
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it will be very warm through the afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. rain unlikely today if we do see showers develop due to this moist southerly flow. it's more likely to be inland across desoto, hardy into highlands county, even polk county may see an isolated shower this afternoon. but most areas will be perfectly dry today. it's this frontal boundary that is weakening as it's headed in our direction. that will give us our next widespread batch of rain. that will come tomorrow afternoon and even but we'll even have a slight chance of rain in the first half of the day tomorrow. so today enjoy the warm and dry weather, ahead, 72 now in tampa. inverness at 70. st. pete 68. bradenton 69. bartow, one of the coolest spots on the map at 66 degrees. most of us above the average high for this time of year. to start the day. we should be low to mid-50s but
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tomorrow still above average from start-to-finish but with the extra clouds and chance of rain and storms through the day that will at least keep our temperatures lower than what they are today. cooler air arrives early friday. dry from start-to-finish. and then the weekend comes. this is where there are a bunch of question marks about the timing, intensity and the temperatures. associated with this next area of low pressure that will roll across the state and bring possibly some slightly cooler air reinforced behind that system. so, again, we'll continue to fine tune this forecast but there is at least a chance there could be some strong-to- severe storms throughout the weekend. so we want to continue to update you on that and of course we will. this is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. find me on facebook and twitter. 6:18. caught on camera -- a clerk fights off an armed robber in this convenience store in brevard county in the space coast. that masked man walking into the store last week pointing a
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as the robber was taking money from the register watch what happens. the clerk ends up grabbing his gun and starts throwing punches. turns out that clerk is a military veteran of multiple tours in iraq. ended up taking the gun away, that robber ran off in his car. bremped county deputies -- brevard county deputies say that gun was a relatively harmless airsoft gun. imagine a winning lottery ticket worth $63 million but you don't know it, even worse that ticket is going to be worthless by tomorrow night. that is exactly what is happening in california now. time is ticking away for the owner to come forward. somebody bought that lucky super lotto plus ticket in august at a convenience store near los angeles. now that 180 days passed since the drawing and that person only has until tomorrow night to claim the winnings. california lottery officials are also still waiting to hear from last month's $1.6 billion powerball jackpot winner. 6:19. the only african-american woman
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actress is weighing in on how the diversity issue that has been grabbing headlines for weeks. her thoughts. speaking at a conference in california yesterday, halle berry said -- >> as we said some celebrities are boycotting the academy awards because no other minorities were nominated. most of the awards went to white actors. you're accountable. i trust my child with them each day. >> every parent knows that feeling of panic when you can't find your child:this couple was concerned a mistake might have left their special needs child hundreds of miles away.
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good wednesday morning. 6:24. thank you for joining us on this -- ooh, early mid-hump day, middle of the week. mild, 72 degrees, 75 degrees right now in -- 72 degrees in tampa now. we're looking at 275 at 38th avenue south and traffic is
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we have a traffic alert in manatee county. details coming up. a palm beach county family upset their special needs son was left on a school bus after the field trip. >> the school bus driver took off with the 9-year-old schlepping should in the back -- sleeping in the back. the students went on a field trip 250 miles away. jennifer and leslie derry went to pick up gauge who has a -- gage who has a form of autism. >> the mom says gage wasn't there and no one knew where he was. >> i stopped him. i yelled open the door, my kid is on the bus. he turned the lights on and right away we saw gage pop up. i saw him. and couldn't believe it. i was just like -- you got to be kidding me. >> the school principal released a statement saying the driver didn't follow protocol. the palm beach county school district says that driver is now facing disciplinary action.
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job after pictures surfaced on social media that seems to show her making a rude gesture toward a child. the snapchat photo shows the 19- year-old holding up her middle finger with the caption under it saying "swear i love kids." the sister station in phoenix says the owner believes the teen just made a dumb mistake but did fire her for it. it's not believed the teen will be facing charges. your kids may not want to wear that extra layer as they head out the door this morning to temperatures in the low 70s in tampa. most of the area is near 70 this morning. including citrus county. i'm giving today an "a plus," there's nothing to be really annoying unless you really don't like highs near 80. it's going to be warm and mostly dry throughout the day.
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shower coming up. still ahead -- new concerns over the zika virus as we learn millions of americans could be year. the new ways that the bay area leaders are working to keep you emergency. >> plus the surprise of his life for a bay area man, a lot of you know him as the good "cemetarian." >> i'm appreciative. i'm still coming off of my shock. >> only on abc action news, only we can take you there as we shine a light on the man who brightens the lives of so many others by cleaning veterans' grave sites by hand. >> i'm janelle martinez in the traffic center. we are following breaking news in bradenton, two people killed in a crash overnight on u.s. 301 south of state road 70. i'll have more on this and how it might affect your morning
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now at 6:30 -- zika virus alert. a spike in cases in florida has health officials scrambling now. the way local leaders are taking aim at this virus as concerns now grow over just how far it could spread. >> as you wake up with abc action news this wednesday we have a traffic alert to tell you about. deadly accident u.s. 301, janelle is going to tell us more about that. >> first we check with shay and the forecast. you're saying today is the best day to really get outside and get things done. grab it while you can, things get a little touch and go the next couple of days. right now you can see though the visibility is good, the roads are dry out there, the rivergate tower tampa camera shaking just a little because our wind speeds are up this morning, between about 10 to 15 miles per hour with some gusts in the 20 mile-per-hour range
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those will be warm breezes though. temperatures already are in the low 70s, all across hillsborough county. 72 tampa. 72 brandon. if you're wondering farther to the north, is it cooler? not really. we have 71 degrees now in wesley chapel, shady hills also 71. zephyrhills 70. and yes, citrus county, you also hit 70 already this morning. we're headed to highs in the low 80s. we are going to have those warm breezes continuing through the day. slight chance for a stray shower later on. i'll show you where in the florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. on the roads, it didn't take the weather to cause a problem. janelle, you have a -- a mess this morning already. again at least we have good visibility and at least we have dry roads. for most people heading out, there shouldn't be any trouble, but we codo have a
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bradenton, these are live pictures. corey dierdorff on scene. take a look at the car involved. that car and semi collided on u.s. 301, two people were killed, you can tell by the damage of that car this was a violent crash. this happened at, just south of state road 70 again in the bradenton area. i want to show you the location of this crash on a map because since it is closed in both directions you are going to have to find a way around this. your alternates here, 15th street east looking pretty good now. both directions in the green. a little slower on 33rd street east and depending on where you're coming from and where you're going you could always take a u.s. 41, that is looking good now as well. we'll let you know as soon as it clears. elsewhere across the bay area we're in pretty good shape. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about on the interstates. this is 275 right through downtown tampa. let's look at the drive times
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>> the veterans is still on the green for the moment. starts to slow a little at van dyke to 275. action air 1 is flying in front of the hard rock cafe there, i- see. it's just 22 minutes from county line road to downtown. back to you. to a global health alert we're closely following and putting women across florida and the world on high alert. >> it seems the zika virus can now be spread not just through mosquitos but also through sex. authorities in dallas say a person there became infected after having sex with someone who had recently become infected while traveling in venezuela. because of this the american red cross is telling possible blood donors who have been to zika outbreak zones to wait one month before donating blood to ensure the virus is not
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>> this as we're learning of two confirmed cases in hillsborough county. there could be thousands more before the year is out. abc action news anchor lindsay logue is live in tampa. what are local officials planning to do to fight back against zika virus? >> reporter: i can tell you a little later this morning the hillsborough county commissioners will meet to discuss the best ways to protect the public. 99.9% of the zika virus cases have been transmitted through mosquitos so battling them is the key. commissioners haven't outlined the details yet but we expect them to reiterate the guidelines set by the w.h.o. pregnant women shouldn't travel to central or south america. if you're where the mosquitos breed and live, wear long pants and use bug spray. and they are likely going to address mosquito control and
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the similar way -- they fight other viruses. the big concern is pregnant women now. the world health organization says at this point it's still another six to nine months before science either proves or disproves a clear connection between the ziti deceive and the babies born in the -- zika virus and the babies born in the affected areas with the be be a normally small -- abnormally small heads. breaking overnight in hillsborough county a family of three looking for a new place to live after an overnight fire damaged their home. it started before midnight at the home on dolphin drive west of north 50th street. all three people got out of the home safely. sadly a pet wasn't as fortunate. a neighbor says the family dog ran out of the house during the fire, then ran back inside for some reason where it died. the cause is now under investigation. there is something that
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in a few hours the tampa man who investigators say had pipe bombs and tear gas in his home will go before a federal judge. agents raided michael ramos' home monday after getting a tip from the owner of a company where he works. agents say they recovered as many as seven homemade pipe bombs inside. court documents show ramos admitted to buying the materials using his girlfriend's credit card, he also admitted he's a member of a st. petersburg militia. we have new information on this man accused of a deadly shooting in august, james rogers now out of jail on bond. hillsborough deputies arrested him monday. accused of killing eldred martin on east 139th avenue in tampa. deputies say before martin died though he shot rogers several times. investigate soars say it was a dispute over money. rogers now charged with murder. toyota is recalling 320,000 trucks and suv's, because the roof-mounted airbags can
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this recall affects several models, between 2003 and 2006. dealers will replace the computer at no cost to owners. toyota plans to notify owners by mail. find the complete list of affected suv's and trucks now on the abc action news mobile app. as you're getting the kids ready for school we're already starting near 70 degrees across all of tampa bay and the suburbs. we're headed to highs near 80. if the kids have after-school want the extra layer. they are going to want an extra bottle of water. 74. by 6:00 tonight. so don't think that we'll see any weather-related issues to cancel practice this afternoon. inland shower may be, maybe brief and light. i'll have the higher chances of rain just ahead.
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out here is a look at the brandon area, action air 1 flying over i-75 and brandon boulevard. no crashes here, you should have a smooth ride getting to where you need to be in the area. however, we are following a fatal crash in bradenton, i'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. it's 6:38 now. still ahead -- a warning every woman who hopes to become a mother needs to hear now. the one thing that health experts say you should avoid doing to make sure your baby is born healthy. >> plus horrifying case of road rage lighting up the internet as we speak. we'll explain why the man who pulled a gun on a motorcyclist says authorities have the wrong
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6:41. wednesday morning. the cdc is urging women of child bearing age to avoid alcohol unless you're using contraception. this can develop a developing baby before a woman even knows she's pregnant. the cdc says half of all pregnancies in the u.s. are not planned and even if planned most women don't know they are pregnant during the first month. currently doctors say there is no known safe level of alcohol consumptions at any stage of pregnancy.
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former model is now dropping her case against bill cosby. chloe goens was one of dozens of women that claimed the comedian drughtd and assaulted her. >> she said she was attacked at the "playboy" mansion at just 18 years old. while cosby is not commenting, new development he's due back in court today for a separate case. a judge could decide in hours whether to drop the charges against him. in that case cosby is accused of assaulting a temple university staffer 10 years ago. former prosecutor who did not arrest cosby in 2005 took the stand yesterday saying he believed the victim's story but didn't think she would be a good witness during trial. 6:42. still ahead -- terror in the sky. what may have caused a hole to be torn into the side of this
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breaking traffic alert out of manatee county. this is u.s. 301 at 63rd avenue east in bradenton where there was a two-car crash, that car there crashed into the semi slightly behind it. unfortunately two people perished in the accident. right now fhp has northbound and southbound u.s. 301 shut down as they are investigating what exactly happened out here. that is causing quite a traffic mess for people that usually use the stretch of 301 down here in bradenton just south of state road 70. janelle, what are the workarounds looking like? >> i can show you this crash on
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state road 70, 301 closed now all the way from state road 70 to whitfield. your alternates getting congested as well. 15th street east and 33rd street east. a little slow this morning, you might want to consider use 41 depending on where you're coming from or where you're going. either way leave yourself extra time if you're driving through the bradenton area. and reports of a crash with injuries in pinellas park. 49th street north at 78th avenue north. roadblock reported in the intersection, not seeing a huge slowdown. you may want to leave a few extra minutes. also reports fhp reports a crash on i-4 and 22nd avenue. 22nd avenue before you get to i- 4. this is right above it, not affecting traffic here on i-4, as you head into the downtown tampa area. let's check with action air 1 flying over i-75 and gibsonton drive. faces south you can see a lot
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out of the tampa area. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about there. you are in good shape if you're driving through brandon. back to you. you can see we have dry roads this morning. and the rivergate tower tampa camera showing us a mix of sun and clouds this morning as the sun is trying to come up. as we work our way through the morning hours we're going to be in the 70s. in fact we're already in the 70s across much of the area. we do have the upper 60s now in brandon and ruskin and zephyrhills. but brooksville at 72, inverness at 70. and tampa now at 72. tomorrow is when the changes really start to kick in to gear. we are going to have a slight chance of rain in the first part of the day but a much better chance of rain through the afternoon and evening. looks like we'll get some widespread heavy downpours through the afternoon so i think the evening commute will
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the morning commute. and the cooler air will move in on friday morning, pretty early because the rain comes to an end overnight thursday night. then we have that nice day on friday, looking pretty good but a whole bunch of question marks for saturday and sunday. you remember yesterday i was saying saturday would be dry? sunday we would have rain? the models have been terribly inconsistent so we know that there will be a front in an area of low pressure that works across the state between saturday and sunday. but the timing of the rain, the intensity of the storms, and, how much the temperatures will vary from saturday-to-sunday as a result of this system is still up in the air. a whole bunch of question marks for the weekend but as we get closer hopefully the models will get more consistent and we'll be able to help time this out for you. that is important when it comes to the weekend. this is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. back to you. 6:48. we want to show you scary new
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>> just posted saturday and already more than one million people viewed it. shows a pickup truck driver it started with a group of bikers heading into the desert outside las vegas, kicking up a lot of dust. that angered some men in a blue pickup. then three men in that red pickup on the other side of the road apparently got angry when one biker popped a wheelie and nearly crashed in front of him. tried to reason with the men in driver you see there pulled a gun on the biker. the truck driver says the posted video though only tells half the story. he says it doesn't show where he feared for his own life. >> undoubtedly it startled me, i pulled out my gun and was prepared for him. just that simple. i have a concealed handgun license, i've been trained to use it, and i will. if the same situation happened i would pull it again. >> both the truck driver and motorcyclist had each filed reports with local police.
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are being raised about the cause of an explosion that ripped a large hole in the side of a commercial airliner mid- air. the hole is nearly as large as the plane's doors. two passengers on the daalo airlines flight said they heard a loud bang suggesting an explosion caused the hole. initially tests of the damage came back positive for explosive residue but about an hour ago the somalia civil aviation authority announced they found no evidence so far of a criminal act. officials fear one passenger was sucked out of the hole to their death, at least two others were injured. we have some troubling new information on the 13-year-old virginia girl who police say was abducted and killed by a virginia tech student. a prosecutor now saysic cole lovell was stabbed to death and likely died the day she disappeared from her home last month. virginia tech student david eisenhower is charged with abducting and killing the teen. another virginia tech student natalie keepers, facing a new
6:38 am
the fact. at a news conference yesterday nicole's mom held a stuffed panda bear, one of her daughter's favorites as she talked about her little girl. >> nicole had a passion for pandas. music, dancing, dreamed of being on "american idol." some day. her favorite color was blue. >> if convicted both eisenhower and keepers are facing life in prison. so far police haven't released a motive. nicole's funeral is set for total. search and rescue teams in hawaii are working to salvage what is left of two military helicopters that crashed last month. just found out the teams found trace amounts of dna belonging to the marines killed. 12 marines were taking part in a nighttime training exercise when they crashed ooff the island of oahu. not clear now if the choppers collided first. he's gained worldwide
6:39 am
selfless good deeds. andrew lumish cleans veterans' grave sites by hand on his own time. the story viewed more than 18 million times since we first introduced you to andrew. i have recently caught up with the man affectionately known as "the good cemetarian." >> we all have a mission, all have a purposes in our lives. the biggest gift any of us can have is to find it. i think i found it. >> andrew says the last three years he's cleaned 400 headstones of veterans and their family members. he's had requests from as far as australia and united kingdom of people wanting to know how he does it so they can do it in their cities. there was much more to my recent day spent "the good cemetarian" than just catching up. our abc action news team had a big surprise for andrew. >> what do you think? i know you are just absorbing the news. >> i -- can't speak
6:40 am
can i give you a hug? so happy for you. >> what is it? what made "the good cemetarian" speechless? i cannot wait to share the full story with you only on abc action news starting new tonight at 5:00. plus a number of special guests will arrive to share in the big surprise. don't miss it. tonight starting at 5:00. it's 6:53 now. as your morning sprint counts you down to "good morning, america." >> abc action news bringses you news, weather and traffic before you head out. >> thunderstorms spawning several tornadoes moving across the u.s. now. in mississippi one twister severely damaged a convenience store with several people inside. it then continued to alabama, it damaged several homes and federal prison. in dade city, pasco county deputies are investigating a triple shooting and searching for the person that pulled the trigger. deputies say it started at the withlacoochee avenue but
6:41 am
once the victim showed up at a local hospital there. two are sid to be in critical condition. an appeal will be heard today from dante morris, on death row for 2010 murders of two tampa police officers. morris also facing a death sentence for a third murder that same year. northport police need your help to find this registered sex offender. william hinton is facing charges for not giving police his home address. fdle considers him absconded meaning they lost track of him. officers believe he could be in the northport area. new concerns this morning about the zika virus linked to birth defects that cause infants to be born with be -- abnormally small heads. there are two confirmed cases of the virus in hillsborough county. there will be a meeting today to talk about how to protect the public. the majority of the infections have been transmitted through mosquitos. two people killed in a crash on u.s. 301 in bradenton.
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janelle has been monitoring it the last two hours. what are conditions like now? >> you can see by the car this was a violent crash, again two people killed so 301 expected to be closed for quite some time from state road 70 to whitfield. your way around this, 15th street, 33rd street, getting a little busy now with people trying to avoid 301. you might want to try 41 as well depending on where you're coming from or going. either way just leave extra time. live look at the howard frankland bridge, coming off the howard frankland bridge at kennedy, just be aware fhp report a new crash in the southbound lanes just before you get to the bridge. so be aware of that if you're heading to the howard frankland this morning. check of the bridges coming across from pinellas into hillsborough. all under 10 minutes. live look now from action air 1 flying over i-4 around macintosh road, right in front of strawberry crest high school, a lot of students trying to get to school this morning but hey, no crashes or
6:43 am
i-4 getting busy, be careful out there. as you head out the door this morning roads are dry, it's warm 69 in largo now. 72 tampa. plant city 72 degrees. brooksville at 73. we are headed to highs near 80 degrees. we'll see a little more cloud cover later this afternoon, maybe an isolated shower inland. but not likely to see a lot of rain today. tomorrow completely different story, things totally go downhill. and them the temperatures remain in the 60s into next week. yesterday morning you saw punxsutawney phil live here giving his weather forecast. soon. but another rodent brought bad news. grady the groundhog who lives in north carolina predicted going to lose super bowl 350 to the denver broncos. 50. i have a sneaky suspicion grady
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>> a muplace to live? "good morning america" is next. >> keep up to date on our social media.
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