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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now, here iss deal,temperatures are starting off again near the 70s and we top out midday at mid-70s. temperatures don't move a lot andthey'll start to fall beginning to sunset and the rain comes to an end. the even commute is going to be more in dated. >> this means good news for janelle >> yes, i have great news. >> a few crashes throughout but not causing any roadblocks. i posted that on twitter so make sure you check it out before you head out the door. >> here is what it looks like i- 275 right at ashley. >> take a look at whied opening , no problems here. up i-4around the tampa bay area passing right through the city. all traffic indicators in the green and right here in the junction. that's some good news there. that drive is onlygoing to take you about seven minutes to
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>> right now from the apex to i- 4, five minutes if you are starting off at bush and five minutes down to the howard franklin bridge. 6:01 this morning. deputyssies are looking at what happened moments after the 86 years old driver hit and killed. >> she hit the man who was crossing the middle of the block. >> jackie lewis died minutes lat r. no word on the charges. governor rick santorum is coming to tampa. themosquito born virus is causing a concern because of a link in increase of birth defects that could cause babies born with small brains.
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we wentand talk with the u.s. health infection disease experts who tells us don't panic. only a fraction of the people willget the virus will ever even know they have zika. >> so 80% of the virus don't have the symptoms and don't even know they have the infection. >> nine reported cases here in florida so far and two of them are in hillsboro county. the place where the zikavirus is hitting the hardest is in brazil right now. ithad a lot of people questioning whether female athletes can travel there safely for r the olympics. >> some are arguing the summer limbics should be cancelled. people organizing the bubble event are reassuring athletes that this area is safe for the game. austria is tellingathletes to
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kneelland will new zealand supporting any athletes who's staying home >> united and delta says the safety of their employees prompted that decision. a debate in new hampshire tonight of presidential hopefuls are battling over how progressive they are. >> so you can pay a little bit more in taxes but you will no longer have to pay private health insurance premiums. >> it is hard to see how any of his proposals could ever be achievable. >> new hampshire holds the nation's first presidential primary in less than a week. >> sanders has the advantage in the polls. >> coming up at 6:30. we turn to the republican side andwe are going to show you the new war of words and what cause
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an update to bring you on an disturbing sex case coming to us from zit tourist county. citrus county. >> diane day's relationship with that teenager lasted about a year t. housewife had sex with the teen at her home and inside a car and in her motor home. >> in late december, the boy reported the crime to e. we have this crime alert for the sheriff's office are looking at three women distracting people in stores and stealing their wallets. >> the thieves spent more than $1500 at an office max with stolen debit cards. if you recognize these women, callcrime stoppers at 1888-any tips. 6:04, prepare your nerves and stomachs. we are kickingoff the 112th annual for your state fair
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>> new rides and new food and a lot of new events. >> lindsay logue is live right now at the florida state fairgrounds. we all think about the fair and we think of the rides and the fact that there is fried food. you haveto look at th morning with how these things are stuck. >> deiah, this is what it looked like of 112 years ago the florida state fair was about agriculture and it is a place where traders came to buy and sell their livestock. whilethey are doing that, other visitors were out betting on the races. >> a lot has changed over those 112 years. >> to talk to us about this, thank you very much and we got some friends with us as well this morning. >> agricultures still profitable here in the state of florida >> absolutely. we have some of the best agriculture goingdown the road >> we have our industry and it is a wonderful state to have agriculture. >> talk to me about some of the
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fair this year. >> we had beef and dairy coming in and of course, connie have this wonderful here, we have a lot of different animals here and baby chicks and baby goats as you can see here. >> and the bunnies here. >> it is also very hands on. i hear you can milk a cow and what else can you do. >> i am glad to have you milk one of the cows and you can make your own butter and squeeze an orange over there. >> reporter: you guys have a rodeo coming up next week, tell us about that. >> we have al ranch rodeo, they work on ranches here and they come in and compete in the ranch rodeo, we have the finals in october so they all come back and compete. >> you can come to your hometown
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do daily. >> we'll keep our eyes on the cow over there that's pregnant and ready to give birth any minute >> we'll keep you posted and we'll be out here running down the best of the best from the rides to the must have, absolutely cannot pass up fair food. the gates are openedthis morning at 10:00 and the fair runs until february 15th, we are going to post all the information, ticket prices and times and you can see it right now. we got acomplete run down on our abc action news, live at the fair, abc action news. we know so many of you cannot wait to get out to the fair. we want to know what you are looking forward to the most this year, food, rides or events or exhibits? >> dana and i are streaming live right now. you will seeall the booipd the scenes fun or frenzy. thousands of patients
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dangerous disease. the mistake that a hospital worker may have made that had people worried about their health. >> we have learned a shooting that left a deputy hurt and how
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for you. that honda isrecalling more than 2 million cars over takata air bags. some popular cars that are impacted from 2007 and 2011. hondas and crv's. and acura rls's. we'll have a link to our facebook pages so you can share this important alert with friends. achlt denver area hospital is warning nearly3000 former patients that they could be infected with hiv or hepatitis or c. >> the hospital says there are no known cases of exposure but it is now offering free testing to former patients. the colorado department of public health says those patients might have been
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>> i want to check in with shay with a look at the forecast today >> of course, tomorrow is the student's day for hillsboro county. we are looking like a decent day today as we start off. temperatures ton mild side and we are mostly dry for the morning. through the afternoon as you are picking upthe kids from school, the rain is going to start settling in with high in the mid-70s. i will show you more of the timing of the rain and what's ahead for the fair coming up in flsa's accurate seven-day forecast. >> still top security for the biggest football game of the year. >> extreme measures going into
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right now an intense line of storms making into the bay area. >> check out some of the surveillance video of a tornado ripping through a high school classrooms there in jackson tennessee. all class are cancelled because because of damages and power outages. >> those intensive storms dropped several inches of rain. >> take an a look, you barely see this on top of the car. >> that same system ton course as i mention, they are likely not to be severe
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it. great part of it. a lot of rain. >> we are going to see the frontal system losing its punches that's moving closer. >> we'll get heavy downpours. >> there is a possibility that we can have some ponding or minding as this rolls through. >> i keep an eye out for that and the timing is unfortunately right during the evening commute while we are going to see those heavier downpours and thunderstorm in the mix. it could create some snarls later on thisafternoon and evening. check it out right now, the morningcommute and rain free if you are headed out the door right now, you are in good shape. >> a mostly dry start for the day. a few showers possiblefor the afternoon. it is afternoon that the rain start tobuild in and it becomes more widespread. it is going to move further south. we are all warm as we start our day in tuper 60s to about 70
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>> 70 in tampa right now. >> ruskin at 68 and bradenton at 69. highs in the mid-70s. it will level off midday and once that rain moves in, we'll either be about steady or gradually starting to fall. overnight tonight with clear and dry conditions, low in the 40s all across tampa bay and even in the low 40s in citrus counties. our rain chances for the weekend starting tobecome a little better now and looking more consistent. we'll start off ton dry side and sunday is the reverse. itis not a wash out for this weekend. the coverage isgenerally low during our daytime hours. again, prettydecent weather over the next couple of days but definitely on the cooler side into the middle of next week. >> janelle, how are things looking for the commute.
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looking very well right now. this is what it looks like on i- 275 in kennedy. >> less than ten minutes getting across all three bridges this morning. >> since it is a little quiet out there. let's have a chatabout some construction on everyone's favorite. >> you're alternates, pretty easy, 301 or i-75. both ofthose are looking pretty good right now. >> and just a reminder for folks in the san antonio area, state road 52 right under i-75 will be closed over night and from 9 p.m. to 6 p.m.. the good news is you will be able to get on the interstate. you will just not be able to get through >> dan, back to you. police officer in the
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taking puppies. >> police officer, marcus montgomery says when he heard about the puppy's story, he had to take him in. that puppywas left in a box with temperatures in the 30s. montgomeryhopes that his story is going to inspire others to adopt animals from their local animal shelter. sthoo thismorning, a special honor for the bay area man known as the good share tan whose good needs took the internet by a storm. >> the today we are proud to present the be more positive award to andrew. ahead of today's ceremony, we gathered a grouptogether to honor him at the cemetery for volunteering his time. everyone from his family to the air force space to the tampa bay lightning came out.
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am not going to change anything. i am still going to come here on sundays quietly with all my supply and i am going to look and find the veterans that need the most detention and i am going to take them in >> congratulations to andrew. he will receive his awardtoday at the ceremony. >> don't go anywhere, we are live right now at the florida state fair. it is opening day today and take a look at all that yummy delicious fried food out there. fried ting wis,and friday everything basically. we'll show you the ridesand the events and everything that's brand new at the fair this year. >> first, this morning a computer problem forced the irs shutting down its e-filing system. >> in today's tech byte, if you had trouble filing your tax last night, it was not you. it was the irs system. >> the where is my refund
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>> the tax agency does not think the problem will delay your refunds. >> a group engineer putting a concept of a new-- >> these images posted in his mirror. >> and for those of us who need caffeine to get through the day or night, this wearables will keep feeding drugs directly. >> there will be no need running into the coffee maker called the jewel. you will have to be 18 to buy one. >> those are your tek bites. have tech bytes, have a great
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welcome back, 6:25. a live look on the howard franklin. >> 70 degrees right now in tampa. plans are in place tomake super bowl 50 safe and secure this weekend. >> the department of homeland security says there is no specific credible threat against the super bowl. as aprecaution, homeland security will recognize all 70, 000 spectators at the game. if you see something, say something campaign >> the message will be visible to fans at airports and transit systems and billboards. >> it is 6:25 right now.
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group cancel ed cancelled hundreds of rallies across the world. >> return of kings facing widespread criticism for the event men would have called for rape to be legalized. >> one of the rallies have been set this saturday. >> bob buckhorn blasted the plan saying quote, as a father of two girls and a mayor of this city have no room for this wild rhetoric, it disgusted. i am disgusted. all right, if you are getting the kids ready for school this morning, things seeing a lot lighter than yesterday. temperatures are mild at 70 degrees. if you are planningfor after school activities and they happen to be outside. 3:00, we'll see some widespread rain and heavy downpour storms.
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today and heads up for coaches. we are still looking at scattered rain. >> certainly, i want to be aware of this after school activities. i will show you what's ahead with our next couple of cold fronts and how the temperatures are going to come together in florida's most accurate seven- day forecast. >> 6:27. still ahead, pumping money into poorneighborhoods. the program one community hopes to make theproblem safer for everyone. >> i am janelle martinez in the traffic center. ru lookinglive right there starting to backup as it usually dose on i-275 and fowler. we'lhave more on this coming
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you are looking at live at the state fair. >> take a look at this, this is a live radar, you can see rain moving in, look at tampa bay, we are dry right now. always a but, shay said that rain is headed our way >> she says we are looking for cooler weather the next couple of days. >> let's start with what's happening as you walk out the door thg morning. mostly dry. you can see river gate tower camera this morning is looking good. visibility isgreat so you don't have any weather related issues as you head out the door. >> you see the rain that's on the way and grab the umbrella morning. bridges. whendoes the rain come. around 8:00, we could see an isolatedshower.
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bynoon, we start to see a higher coverage of rain in our northern counties and right along the coast. >> that rain is coming in from north to south. by 4:00,all of us is getting wet. we are going to see the push of rain becoming widespread through the afternoon and impacting the evening commute with heavy downpours. >> good news for the morning commute, how are things looking right now. >> at least the roads dry so we cannot complain about that >> i-275 and fowler, traffic is stanging up a little stacking up a little bit. >> eight minutes to get from here into downtown. traffic is in a backup here and hopefully they'll get these cars pushed off to the side. in the meantime expect delays hereon i-4. >> i will keep an eye on it and
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of course on twitter. >> also, a crash in bradenton of a serious crash in injuries right at cortez road >> we are hearing of some roadblock in the westbound lane. traffic indicators still in the green which shows me that cars are still able to get through here >> all right, let's check in with captain al. how arethings where you are? >> hey, well, this is a little better of i-4 westbound. three vehicles right in the middle of the road there. >> traffic is creeping by on both sides o f this. >> as we go up in a little bit, you will see traffic backing up all the way up in the blk >> just a little bit of blockage here >> we'll continue to follow this and now back to the desk. >> 6:32. breaking over night,ing man shot at a marioncounty deputy at an ocala gas station.
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deputies were called to that station around 7:00 last night. they encountered the manarmed with two guns. that man raised one of the guns tohis head. when deputies tried to negotiate with him, hepointed one of his guns at them and firing once. >> deputies returned fire and the suspect is in critical condition. the injured deputy was shot in his leg and should make a full recovery. bradenton man accused of killing couple for rejeng veng just indicted on murder charges. >> dwayne cummings for the death of carl tux ford, he's been shot five times and finland stabbed more than 30 times. the second suspect is also charged in this case. they tell us a third person may
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>> covering pinellas county, for years south st. petersburg had been the area of the city's long neglected. thatappears to be changing. >> a plan of redevelopment. the plan will give $500, 000 to ten different program to rehab homes and growing businesses in some areas >> the plan is just the beginning. st. pete is hoping tocreate a 30 year of a $70 million. the fun cite siderevitalization project. we are one minute away from lighting up the mid way opening the 112 annual state fair. >> did you know this is the first state fair in the country every year. action news reporter and anchor
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you can expect this year. what are yougoing to see new this year, lindsay? >> reporter: dan, a lot of new stuff this year from the food and the rides and the events, it is jammed and packed. flipping the switch to kickoff the 2016 florida state fair. >> cheer xheer [ cheering ] >> the lights are on and they are getting ready for this awesome annual event there. they are expecting thousandsof people. terry is here with us to talk about some of the awesome things. we were talking that this is the 112annual event.
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get all the new rides and attractions and new foods, new rides and atransactions. we talk a lot about the new foods this year. can you tell usabout some of the rides people can expect. >> we have one of the largest my way in the country. wehave 115 rides. we have the stampede and disco and we have the blan wheel. we have a lot of rides and they are not just for adults and teenagers. we have a lot of new family rides, too. >> we want everybody in the family to come out and enjoy >> talk to me about the gold access vip pass. >> this is something new this year >> brand new, we are starting it on saturday. i amdebuting it here. you get a gold pass. you get a gold armband and you would put that with your regular arm band. what it does is it gives you special access ton the ride as well as 10% on select food and beverage. it is a greatopportunity for people on the weekends.
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we wish you a great startthis year. the official start of 2016 fair, gates openedtoday at 10:00. live at the fair, lindsay logue, abcaction news. if you are planning out to head out to the fair, you probably want to bring some rain gear. the gate is openedfor the weekend. 10 a.m. today and 9 a.m. friday throughsunday. and look at this forecast, today will be the wettest but we are still starting off on a dry note. it isnot a complete wash out. try to get out there as early as you can after the gate is opened and into the weekend, we are going of hit or miss rain but none of these days are looking like a wash out. boy, are those temperatures cooling down to the 60 frs friday on through sunday. >> all right, i will have your seven-day forecast for you with more details on those rain chances for the weekend, coming up in just a few moments. janelle. yeah, hi good morning
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flying over the state fair. you can see flights there are looking great. it is not all fun and games on the interstate right now. we have a crash on i-4 westbound atmlk. more on that coming up in just a few minutes. >> 6:38 right now. >> still ahead, a couple on a crime spree like bonnie and clyde. the reason why this dangerous
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20 minutes until 7:00. we have new information of the virginia tech woman accused of killing a 13 years old girl. >> david eisenhower had an inappropriate relationship. nicole was about to expose that relationship so iesenhower killed her. >> natalie keepers is charged with being an accessory of the murder to fact. investigators believe that nicole met eisenhow were through an app. >> predators can use the kick app to lure victims under the radar. >> parents need to closely
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kick app. >> that's part of your practice as a parent even when your children don't like it >> it has confirmed it is cooperating with the nib on this case. >> keeping calm on the global health emergency of the three things that you need to do right now of concerns over the zika virus. >> abc action news has brought to you by tv bank. america's boast convenient
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good morning everybody, if you are heading tout door on pinellas county, no crashes out the door. >> pushing 70 right now from bridge to bridge. takeinglook at your drive through downtown tampa bay. still ingood shape there. traffic is still light, six minutesgetting from the howard franklin. >> we have this crash that we are following. we have some roadblocks on the westbound lanes. but cars are able toget through. the big story right now, a crash on i-4 westbound and take a look at what it is doing to your drive time. 40 minutes in the lakeland area to downtown and 24 minutes just to get from 75 to 275 and that typically takes about seven minutes. >> captain al has a much better view of what's going on out
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janelle, that accident was right in the middle of those three lanes looped over to the right shoulder. westbound is getting by of all three lanes. itis backed up all the way to i- 75 and sort of crawling. again, we do have that third lane now. we are going to keep an eye on this because it certainly has a for i-4. otherwise, it is >> here is shay with the forecast >> that's all going to change throughout the day now. as you head tout door this morning. >> the tower camera is showing some sunshine breaking through the clouds. downtown tampa is nice and dry and rain free at the moment. temperatures near 70 degrees and we warm up to 75 today.
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midday as that rain starts to settle in from north to south. >> before noon, may see some rain north of the coast. >> after noon and through about 8:00 tonight. that's wherethe rein becomes widespread all across the area. we'll getheavy downpours and thunderstorms in the mix and could get some ponding o the roads. after 9:00, we start drying out from north to south. again, this is going to move throughwithin a couple of hours and much cooler behind it we are dry over night and waking up to temperatures in the upper 40s to and topping out in the mid-60s. for the fairforecast here, things are looking pretty good here as we head through the weekend. we'll have rain chances again on saturday and sunday but it is not a wash out >> friday, student's day in hillsboro county, it is looking
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again, into nextweek, we still have plenty of dry day s. >> certainly not at wash out this weekend. >> that's florida accurate seven days forecast, you can find me on twitter and facebook. senate eric scott will give us update on the zika virus. >> three ways you can help protect yourself from the zika virus. >> reporter: good morning, we are taking action for you to keep you safe this morning >> here is what we know so far, we are learning more and more every single day. >> there are nine confirmed
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the zika virus is primary transmitted through ski mosquito bites. >> health experts tell us about 20% of people affected have the virus to concern with. most people fully recovered from the virus with symptoms resolving in about a week. >> most experts say prevention is key. make sure you getrid of standing water and if you are pregnant, wear long sleeve shirts and pants and everything you need to to know is always on our website on abc action news and you can count us to bring you thelatest from the briefing. >> abc action news, back to you. 11 minutes until 7:00 right now. >> things are getting personal between donald trump and ted cruz.
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supporters spreading rumors that cruz will be dropping out after the race. >> cruz said he apologized to carson. >> he insulted ben carson by doing what he did to ben carson. that's a disgrace. >> that's a new story that our team passed on was true and accurate. >> cnn reported it and ben did go to florida instead of new hampshire or south carolina. >> you got to understand it. >> cnn denied it publish the story. . trump wants a full investigation as to what happens. >> the faa is investigating after the billionaire's private boeing 757 force to make an emergency land ng nashville tennessee.
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engine problems. right now the noble prize committee is staying tight lifted of who is nominating trump for its prize. the othernominees including greek island groups. breaking over night, a bomb threat at the sheriff's office made famous of the netflix documentary making it known >> the tv series suggests he's innocent because deputies planted evidence. the bombs were in the sheriff's officebuild sdg in a car outside. >> officers evacuated not only building but surrounding neighborhoods and precaution while bomb squad searched the area. the hunt is on for bonnie and clyde.
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asking for information about fitzgerald and bethany harper. these two are accused ofrobbing a convenient store on monday and abducting a teenage clerk. they are connected to a rash of othercrimes including kidnapping a hotel clerk and briefly abducting an alabama woman and taking the sufficient. >> fitzgerald and harper is believed to be heading south and traveling in a silver 2010. one of the victims ishoping get married. and start a new life here in florida. >> the sheriff's office near orlando is look forget the man who robbed two dollar stores wearing a bat man mask. >> it is 6:52 right now. >> abc action news bringing you the news and weather and traffic you need to know. >> the ex-boyfriend of a woman
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stand today. >> he watched o' connell choking his three years old son. murder. wacky has pleadedguilty. making pipe bombs will go to >> ramos's court date was pushed back a day >> agents raided the home and found as many as seven homemade bombs. >> police are trying to figure out what caused a crash and sent two paramedics and patient to the hospital >> last night, a woman in the 70s--the two paramedics and driver in the truck were take ton the hospital. morearrests could be come ng a burglar spree that targeted dozens of homes. >> two people had been charged so far. >> deputies are working get on more than $200, 000 of stolen items back to their rightful owners.
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fair. >> lindsay logue is joining us live again. she's at the fairgrounds right now. she's got a look of what you canexpect today as you are heading out today. >> deiah, you can expect a lot of new things. new food andrides and old favorites. check it out behind me. the giant fer reus wheel led up and marking official start of the fair. the food vendors are here and firing up the grill. the rides are going to be inspected and that's about another hour or so. >> it opens today at 10:00 to the public and i was told that it is free access from day-to- day for our heroes. >> firefighters and military or active duty veterans, you get in the state fair today for free. we'll post the listof times and ticket prices, you can check it out on our website on live at the fair with my bag of cotton candy that's still pretty full. i may have some left for you.
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>> good morning everybody if you are heading out the door, you are in great shape. >> you are looking at just seven minutes to get across and less than ten minute to get across. >> let's look at some of your drive time. starting offwith u.s. 19, this is southbound from tampa bay road to east bay. >> starting to slow down in the looking slow right now at 70 minutes from fletcher to water. >> captain alice still flying on that crash on westbound i-4. >> it is creating a problem still at i-4. >> you can see all three lanes are getting by. now,rescuers are on either side of the road. >> certainly creating a visual delay. >> traffic backed up to all the way to i-75 but it is coming slowly.
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>> here is shay with your forecast. >> this morning, we are starting off with some sunshine out there and dry roads. so the rain is on its way. but itwon't make it here until midday. again, we are startingoff on the dry side. you may see a shower or two and some isolated spots before noon. it is really afternoon that it start to build in from north to south. we'll be becomewidespread for the even drive. >> temperatures are going to top out in the mid-70s today. not a lot of movement with our 70 degrees temperatures right >> tomorrow, nice and dry, wow, quite a bit cooler and it stays that way for days on end. >> pretty nice. >> barry manmailou, you can get froo tickets to the show. allyou have to do is donate new or gently used instruments.
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[laughter ] >> good one. >> good morning america is coming up next. >> keep us on your mobile app and facebook and twitter. we'll see you back here at 9:00.
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