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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 29, 2016 12:05am-1:07am EST

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all members of the academy who are eligible are invited to vote their nominations for best picture. in most other categories, the nominations are decided by a vote of the members working in that specific category. then the entire membership chooses from those nominations the recipients of the oscars. and finally, the results of all the secret voting are known only to the independent accounting
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until the sealed envelopes are opened on the air. tt2watu#@m4 bt@qu)d tt2watu#@m4 "a@qe% tt2watu#@m4 bm@qn., tt4watu#@m4 " dztq ]:h tt4watu#@m4 " entq ->( tt4watu#@m4 " gzt& 49p tt4watu#@m4 " hnt& $7< tt4watu#@m4 " iztq n^d tt4watu#@m4 " jntq \.$
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this is abc action news. hollywood's golden knight lives up to all of the hype. in one of the most memorable moments. some surprising when we are breaking down all of the off for exciting -- all of the oscar excitement. we have complete coverage of all the moms who have been talking about your heat finally got his
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watch party. she joins us live from there. sounds like it was a good night here in it we also have to talk about leonardo cap group who was the statue. he was indicative when they gave him a standing ovation. he talks the on his 45 seconds allotted. also turning. she did not win in her best supporting role in nomination. the pair was a smashing hit nearly two decades ago. and what a moving moment.
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took the stage to being a standing ovation. in introducing the nominee. who lost to sam smith. that was a bit of a surprise. they still look under and really that was the surprise of the night. over what has been described as a broken promises on the diversity. including best actor and actress. some even call her a boycott.
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we want the black actors to get the same opportunities that's it. i can relate to that. those are some of course with the main highlights. you cannot talk about the oscars and the one big loser this year. the best picture award. it goes to spotlight. ac there. so many predicted leo dicaprio would win. getting his award.
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by the way he was nominated six times before he finally won. we're here at the social media wall. these are the moments we been talking about all night long he has a serene that mentioned chris rock turns the oscars into
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we have a photo gallery together. the most accurate weather team in florida. they do not pull it out for the best supporting actor. it was sunny all weekend long with temperatures in the low 40s right now. and yet that is so warmer than it was last night. and a lot warmer across most of the court metro-area. and anybody near 80 degrees. it's on the way. it's all coming up in just a couple of minutes.
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voter killed after his boat flipped over last night. investigators say the 21-year-old tried to subdue short your he didn't make it. the other man in the boat was not injured. they are jailed in tonight. she is the cousin of the mother. detectives found her safe 17 hours later in orlando. after flames tackled a mobile home park. it appears to dogs died in a fire. they are paying their respects to one of their own was killed
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roger perez was killed earlier this month. 52 truck operators. it's very overwhelming i think it's a very beautiful thing. and how everybody has embraced us. it's really nice to have that. there is a go for three pages of it. tow truck drivers hopes that it reminds people to move over. or at least slowed to 20 1 miles or below. police say his own brother got him down in the middle of a church service.
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authorities say he was shot at was singing. he died at the hospital. the churches in younger brother for that. he may be mentally ill and has a history of violence they are emotionally describe the terrifying moments. i just got everybody out of the church. we just kept hearing that. he is expected to appear in court tomorrow. turning now to democracy 2016. the presidential candidates are taking advantage of the final hours before super tuesday. for massachusetts to georgia to texas. they have been crisscrossing the country setting their sights on the big riser. i doesn't state will hold primaries or caucuses of this tuesday.
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nation. they are hoping to cement their status as a front runners. clinton isn't running on momentum. she have a huge win yesterday in south carolina. they will bring you complete coverage of all the results. some big changes are coming to a very popular parks. a third for a new part. can't. all of this is the same as the modern equipment. with all of those changes doesn't only going to come some sacrifice. on a warm sunny day.
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they often bring their son aaron in the west chase community development is spending one half-million dollars to overhaul that. the first full facelift in decades. or be closed temporarily. we will try to make it as minimally invasive for the residents as possible. it will be a more unique with the first of its kind play structure. pope well not make any cap so slow. he will miss coming here and the construction of phase but is
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we can't wait to see if they have any ideas. work should begin here in about a month from now. he will be able to look for signs at the entrance. all of the work should be done by the middle of the summer.
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tonight of the oscars. even before the first award was handed out. we're talking that fashion. and of course a few misses.
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they were talking about that tonight. we want to talk about the big trends. that was a horse sequence into pockets even act or sis and pockets to keep their homes and update the social media. we certainly saw a lot of great fashion this year. she was in a beautiful armani gown. she didn't win an oscar but she carpet. in an absolutely stunning. $3.7 million. year. look at this. and not a lot of thumbs up for getting rave reviews.
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get an oscar this year. heidi :-colon in her lavender down you apparently not. there is so much going on with that flowing dress. they actually set the fashion trend. they are making it comparable guns to get into stores at a much lower price. it is a south tampa store donated at my job to do is go into a girl need. that teenager can wear this dress. a great night here.
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the community was the one that came together. one of the dreams was to have a big birthday bash. they came up to support that. so what is it just came out of the goodness of their heart. they heard about the events. they're just here. that is just huge. his mom said it was something for him to look forward to. ere as already have four surgeries. businesses. and now the most accurate weather team in florida. and the weather was perfect for party. weekend.
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i give something for everybody. speaking of that. look at this title. with a palm tree over in the foreground. you can see right there nothing but blue skies as we have on over to sunset even though there is a cold front. we will look at the radar. continues to show. pleasant conditions across the area. and as we had on him to to sing in the can on wednesday. even with upfront commitment. friends. especially in the wintertime. speaking of cool temperatures as we said. upper 40s. so mid to upper 50s. it will definitely be waking up to 40s across the northern counties.
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change later tomorrow as we get closer to 80 degrees until the next front rolls and by wednesday. 58 degrees in clearwater. should be about so before this time of year. we are not going to break a record tomorrow or tuesday. there is a satellite excerpt. it can sit with a cloud cover coming in from the west. if that were to give us a ring. it will unveil a sentient person in the morning. and as a little bit of a blanket to keep temperatures from dropping. really i think where we are right now is where you are quick to wake up later this morning. partly cloudy skies. as you go through the
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folks up north would probably trade with us. those temperatures are good to be closer to the 80-degree mark. was there front is coming through. check out the overall rate forecast. at this point not even a predicting any measurable rain. maybe a quick shower. maybe a sprinkle. and that is it. bottom line this week up near 80 degrees. i think we see 80 degrees on wednesday as well. that is when things begin to change. what the front coming through. on the national picture of the raid into the snow is up north. they're giving us a nice little break from all the cool air that we've seen over the last couple of days.
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the front comes in with maybe a few showers on wednesday. a bit cooler behind you-the low 70s. the lightning continues to take up the standings.
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thanks for stopping by. they have lost four of five and many thought the season was over. they have now run loftus six. division only could tie that one here. they finish off for the night :-colon the year. they actually give up the loose
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they have a 3-1 lead you they have the penalty shot. the seven-game career high. they said back in 2010. they have now won six straight. and the rangers for the second seed in the east. less than 15 hours and counting. with the lightning. so never want her to. the iowa senators. the bolts have multiple offers on the table. the ducks in the wild eyed if they go by the 3:00 p.m. deadline.
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his team isn't stressing about monday's deadline. we're not really even thinking about it. really happy with our group. we discussed touchback. working of coming into her own little bit here. it's easy to say that when you want a few in a row. day three of the nfl might. they have a disappointing workout. they ran a discouraging four-point 80. he has black and his workout.
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essential. it all has to do with what goes on. whether it's a character issue or a mental issue. just been passionate about football. it comes out of indianapolis. the colts have already named josh friedman their backup quarterback. that is according to mike silver. the scanty bit to josh friedman. and finally the spring cup series. for the first checkered flag.
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stay tuned we are back after
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it's going to be going up in about four hours. not as cool. it warms up to 75 later on today can't complain about that you the news continues on her
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live after the oscars"! >> how do you think it went? what did you think of j-law's dress? which white people did you go after, bro? >> chris, over here, did you to us! >> jimmy, jimmy kimmel, what are you doing out here? >> jimmy: my mom got me this camera, i figured i'd get a few shots. >> don't you have the "after the oscars" special tonight?
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get a gift basket? can i get some of that nourishing lotion? yo, chris. did leta rock it tonight? chris, who are you wearing? chris! wearing! i need to know who you're wearing! " oscars" ! tonight - ben affleck, tracy morgan, henry cavill, jesse isenberg, j.k. simmons, will arnett, nathan lane, matthew broderick, mike tyson, and less. plus we go live to the governors ball. presented by samsung. with cleto and the cletones. and now -- lights, camera, action - here's jimmy kimmel!
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>> jimmy: thank you. i was not expecting it. thank you. i'm jimmy. thanks for watching. thanks for staying up. i know it's late for a sunday night but welcome to our 11th annual after the oscars special. the statues have been handed out, the speeches have been spoken, and once again i was not invited to any of the after parties so here we are together. [ cheers and applause ] making the best of it. it was a night of controversy. it was a night of awareness. it was a night of a lot of uncomfortable famous white people trying to make sure they clapped when the cameras were on them. as you know there were no black nominees in the acting categories. tonight's oscar hopefuls were whiter than the line to buy t-shirts at a michael bolton
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the only way a black or hispanic or asian octoberer was going to win an oscar was if they let steve harvey announce the winner and that didn't happen. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] as expected, there weren't a ton the biggest surprise was learning there's actually a movie called "the 100 year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared." it was an interesting show. the sound cut out on one of the guys who won best sound design. true. i think the person -- the kid who introduced best short was short. so that was good. costume design showed up dressed like this. >> this is the second oscar and tenth nomination for jenny bevin. the first oscar in this category -- >> jimmy: she looked like sammy hagar in sturgis.
12:48 am
work home with her. "spotlight" won best picture. brie larson won best actress. [ cheers and applause ] leonardo dicaprio won best actor. leo had been nominated six types. until tonight he never won but everyone kept saying, this is his year. and it was. but you know, the man has had sex with a different victoria's secret model every night of -- every year of his year. from 1991 on has been his year. and it was a special night whether you're a fan of movies, movie stars, or the ryan seacrest men's wear collection. we still have many great moments in store yore rou. ben affleck is here. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: bad man versus superman." he's batman. yesterday was ben's 4-year-old son's birthday party and guess what costume his son made him wear to entertain the kids at the party. that's right. we'll find out how that went. it's not all glamorous, this hollywood stuff. one day you're on the red
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are beating you with pinata sticks. right now the stars are heading to the governors ball, the post-oscars party across the street. our man guillermo is there standing by live via our big cisco screen. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we'll get go to him now, guillermo, what's it like, are there any big stars around? >>. >> yes, there's a lot of the big stars around here. beautiful women too. >> jimmy: why don't you have any of them? >> oh. they at the bar right now. >> jimmy: they're at the bar, all right. see who you can russell up for us and we'll check back in later. how many drinks have you had? >> about 40 shots of tequila. >> jimmy: okay, great. perfect. so he's ready to go. that's actually less than he typically has on a sunday night. thank you, guillermo. we'll check back in with you later at the governors ball. one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year this year that was not nominated for best picture was "cred," the story of rocky balboa training
12:50 am
stallone was nominated for an oscar. it would not be a movie without a sequel. the world premiere trailer for the much-anticipated followup to "creed." >> i will have a choice. this is my one shot. i was born to do this. can't nobody stop me! >> you got no business being here. >> the other fighters are fighting for their lives. look at you. eating a hero sandwich. >> it's a hoagie! >> get the hell out of my gym! >> look at this. your first fight with clubber. you got caught with a right uppercut. you're sounding like a dolphin with an itchy blow hole. hee hee!
12:51 am
hee hee! hee hee! hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! >> how do you know so much about >> that was my pops. >> junior. >> that's what marty povis told us. i need you to train me. >> train you to do what? >> what do you think i'm talking about, fool, to fight. >> you don't look like a fighter. >> i been fighting my whole life. the people who said i couldn't fight -- >> ha ha ha! >> fighting my demons. >> hey, baby. >> fighting that lady in the wendy's drive-through because she wouldn't give me extra dipping sauce. >> quheerls my dipping sauce? >> all i asked for was extra honey mustard! aahhh! >> i'll teach you to fight, kid. let's get some shorts on you because we got work to do. come on. >> all i asked for was extra
12:52 am
mustard. >> come on! come on now! >> oohh! >> one. >> come on, chicken, come over here! >> boxing isn't just about strength and conditioning. it's about heart. brains. >> and fowls and wings! >> over, under, round and through. meet mr. bunny pull it through. you're not focusing. you've got to focus. beat that meat like you mean it! harder! harder! you've got to kill him! give it to him! what the hell are you doing? whoa, whoa, whoa! hey, hey, no! no! no! got it?
12:53 am
you've got it! [ cheers and applause ] >> it's the fight nobody thought would happen. >> this is a fight nobody thought should happen. this is a disgrace to the sport of boxing. but i can't wait to see it. >> this is our last round, you need this one. >> i keep thinking it's gum. >> focus, kid, you need your edge out there! >> rrrow! hey, get me some. honey mustard, you remembered! >> that's right. now go get him. >> that was clubber. >> i know, i know. mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah. love you so much. i got hair in my teeth. go get him! >> pop?
12:54 am
fool! >> how am i doing? >> good. yeah. there will be a sequel. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have to take a break but it will be worth it, stay there. we have many stars and many surprises on the way. it's our biggest show of the year. our 11th annual " after the oscars" special - we'll be right [ cheers and applause ] why can't i buy this weird, shaved-meat sandwich with my phone? why can't my battery last me through these ugh. eh, probably fine though. [lightning strike] why can't my phone have all a hundred and forty-five of my movies, like that one with the action and the martial arts. why can't my phone take photos instead of this big, expensive camera?
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why don't you come down from there sir? you got it! why doesn't my phone work after i pour this expensive champagne all over it? how am i 'sposed to show people how rich and carefree i am? why did i have to wait so long in this commercial to do a celebrity sports person cameo? [scoreboard buzzer] why don't i ever get asked to be the spokesperson in the commercial? ha, ha. good question. introducing the only water-resistant, fast, wireless-charging, best camera having, memory expandable, pay almost anywhere, samsung galaxy s7 edge. vr experience ended. man, i would have made a great spokesperson. [sigh] the new, do everything,
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hi, i'd like to make a dep-- scanner: rescan item. rescan, rescan. rescan item. so often you almost get used to it. phone voice: representative. representative. representative. vo: which is why being put first... relax, we got this. vo: ...takes some getting used to. join the nation. nationwide is on your side representative. so my kids don't have to forage, got two jobs to pay a mortgage, and i've also got a brain. life's short, talk is cheap. i'll be working while you sleep. still don't think i've got a brain? you think a resume's enough? who'll step up when things get tough? don't you want that
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a degree is a degree. you're gonna want someone like me.
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>> jimmy: hello and welcome back to our 11th annual " after the oscars"
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batman is on the way. first let's check in with guillermo on the wall of america at the governors ball happening across -- look at this, guillermo, you did it! i asked you to get us a big star, you got us a big star, sacha baron cohen, hello! [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, america. >> jimmy: hey, you had a pretty quick costume change there, i guess. >> i don't know what you're talking about that wasn't me. >> jimmy: oh, that's right. i forgot. >> the academy would never let somebody like ali g. come out. i went to the toilet, it was done. >> jimmy: is it true that sacha -- you were supposed to present and instead ali g. wound up filling in as a surprise? >> that is true. that is true. i was very displayed because i was getting ready -- nature called. i went into the bathroom. next thing i knew, i had been usurped by ali g. and made a
1:00 am
>> jimmy: ali g. presented by olivia, did she know ali g. was coming out instead of you -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm sorry -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm real sorry. >> i'm not aware. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: sacha, i apologize, there's some idiots in the back. >> yeah, there's a lot of complete pardon my french [ bleep ] walking around. >> jimmy: yeah, there are people jumping around in the back like -- >> they're just trying to get famous. a lot of people are here upset they didn't win tonight. >> jimmy: you know, this is really a shame that we put so much work into the show and then people just show and up they ruin it like that. >> bad losers. >> jimmy: well, you know -- sacha, you have a movie "the brothers grimsby" coming out. >> that's right, that's right. march 11th. >> jimmy: and again, i apologize for what's going on here, very unprofessional.
1:01 am
should be watching for what's going on. get the guy behind you out of the shot! >> who is -- >> jimmy: thank you very much. >> dim wit. >> jimmy: i'm so sorry. >> stay away, please. >> jimmy: there's no excuse for that. i apologize again. some people are just gross. but thank you very much. >> yeah. >> jimmy: sacha baron cohen! [ cheers and applause ] >> stay away. >> jimmy: thank you so much, guillermo. >> stay away next year. >> jimmy: thank you. keep rounding people up, will you, guillermo? no -- >> hey, jimmy -- >> jimmy: thank you very much. much. [ cheers and applause ] it just really pisses me off, that's all. so back to the movies. this is the reason why we're watching television tonight. is on car night is a night to celebrate great films. if you're at all familiar with the movie "the producers" you know it is one of the best comedies ever. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the producers" is a classic, won an oscar for mel
1:02 am
awards when mel made it into a broadway musical starring nathan lane and matthew broderick. it's been almost 15 years. now they're back with a diabolical new scheme to unleash their most spectacular disaster yet. >> they were a pair of political consultants on needed a break. >> that's it! we're finished, through, kaput! >> don't say that, max. >> let's face it, bloom, we haven't had a winning campaign in years. >> max, do you realize under the right circumstances it might be possible to make more money from a losing candidate than from a winner? >> what did you say? >> first we find a bad candidate, then we raise money like crazy and promise all the donors ambassadorships to italy or sweden or armenia. then when the public figures out what a nut case our guy is he drops out of the race -- >> and we keep all the dough! oh, darling bloom, glorious
1:03 am
you bloody genius you! >> max, don't. >> but wait, wait. this candidate. he's got to be the worst candidate in history. a real train wreck. schmuck, putt z, gold-plated nincompoop. where would we find a buffoon like that? >> and now a message from the board room. >> people have been asking about my desk and the fact that i have so many papers on my desk. it's actually very neat. but if you look around, i mean, there's a lot of stuff. i've noticed over the years -- people have a lot going on on their desk. >> hand me the phone! the phone! >> my desk is a very important part of me -- >> yes, yes, yes. hello, hello, operator? >> -- that's a good thing -- >> get me the board room. you know which one. innocence thens they had a foolproof plan. >> there's a new horse in the race for the white house.
1:04 am
can he beat the establishment? who will support him? fiscal conservatives? the religious right? or crazy old semi-racist white people? >> they're sure he can win? >> oh, mrs. comisky, donald trump is the very definition of a winner. >> just read the pin. >> oh. >> bless you, mrs. comisky, bless you. thank you. thank you. yes. i keep the checkie, thank you. thank you, mrs. comisky. yes, good-bye, mrs. comisky. here we go. that's a girl. oh, oh! beautiful, beautiful. we're going right out the door. all right, easy now. easy, we don't have time for that. easy. all right. don't worry, it's only six flights. bye! >> bye. >> thank god for citizens united. >> 22 ambassadors to france so far.
1:05 am
i have to tell you, running trump was smart. but your idea about building a wall across the mexican border? brilliant. >> not as brilliant as your idea about making the mexicans pay for it. >> he won't last the week! >> oh, look, max, this is it. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. we're in the money we're in the money >> announcer: but they pick the wrong fool. >> good news for donald trump. the whole world has gone stark raving mad for him like these two looney birds, these numb skulls, even in whack a doodle. >> you ready for someone who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis' ass? >> he's still in the lead, max. >> how could this happen? >> well, i hear he's a proven
1:06 am
things done. >> yeah, he'll stand up to the mexicans. >> i can't believe this it's not possible. >> where did we go right? >> i don't know. >> wait a minute. wait a minute -- did he question john mccain's war heroism? >> yes. >> did he say we should kick out 11 million immigrants? >> yes. >> did he propose banning all 1 billion muslims from entering the u.s.? >> si! >> did he say heidi klum was no longer a 10? >> yes, yes! >> nothing is working, max, nothing. >> oh, no! no! >> announcer: just in time for the election, it's a story that starts off funny and then gets really, really depressing. [ cheers and applause ] we needed a chump to put on the stump a frumpy grumpy named donald j. trump
1:07 am
thousand feet tall don't worry cause the mexicans will pay for it all >> announcer: from the producers of "the producers" comes a movie that will make america great again. nathan lane, matthew broderick, and cloris leachman star in -- you've been trumped >> maybe he won't be such a bad president. >> bing bing bong bong bing bing bong bong. >> whoa, what have we done? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have a lot to come including we have tonight on the show never before seen footage from "batman versus superman." [ cheers and applause ] the "after oscars post show." we'll be right back with ben affleck! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: jimmy kimmel after the


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